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BBC AUDIENCESEGMENTATIONTHE PREMIUM SOLUTION BBC PROVIDES A UNIQUE AUDIENCE TARGETING SOLUTION:i) EXCLUSIVITYYou cannot buy the BBC’s audience anywhere else. We do not offer ouraudience data through any indirect sales channel.ii) CAMPAIGN EXTENSIONComplement a high-impact contextual ad campaign, such as a sectiontakeover, by adding an audience segment that fits your campaign goals.iii) SUPERIOR EDITORIAL ENVIRONMENTThe BBC is the world’s most trusted and high quality international newsorganisation. Our audience is engaged and passionate about our contentwhich makes it the perfect advertising environment for your brand.Target your audience better than ever before, across any device, with the BBC’spremium audience segments. Select one of our most popular audience segmentsbelow or contact us for a custom-made solution.- BUSINESS AND FINANCE- SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY- CONSUMERS- SPORT- GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS- TECHNOGRAPHIC- LEISURE AND LIFESTYLE- TRAVEL- NEWSWe can also segment our audience by demographics such as age, gender,income, socio-economic group or parental status.

BUSINESS AND FINANCEBUSINESS SAVVYOur Business Savvy users are acrossall aspects of business and finance- personal, corporate and the widereconomic picture - for both the UKand global markets. They know thatstaying on top of the latest businessnews puts them one step ahead of thecompetition.FINANCIAL DECISION-MAKERSFinancial Decision-Makers areinterested in financial and businessnews across the board, from marketdata to thought leadership. Theyare looking for a trusted source ofinformation to help broaden theirknowledge and inform businessdecisions.BUSINESS LEADERSThis sought-after segment capturesaffluent, senior, business decisionmakers who are highly engaged withBBC Capital’s content and value itas a trusted source of information.Business Leaders are instrumental ininfluencing the opinions of the peoplearound them.CAREER BUILDERSWhether it’s a rising star looking forthe next step on the career ladder or asenior executive seeking a board levelposition, Career Builders are in themarket for a new position and haverecently searched recruitment-relatedcontent.INVESTORSAND MARKET TRADERSWith serious financial clout, Investorsand Market Traders are focusedon getting the data they need tounderstand the state of the globaleconomy. Their world revolves aroundstaying up-to-the-minute with the latestfinancial share prices, stock indices,currencies, commodities and gilts.

CONSUMERSCAMERA BUYERSWhether it’s a compact, superzoom,DSLR or instant camera, CameraBuyers are in the market for newequipment to fuel their passion forphotography.FASHION BUYERSFashion Buyers are on the pulse ofwhat’s hot and what’s not. They’rescouring our BBC fashion relatedcontent for the latest news and trendswith a keen interest in style, highfashion, clothing and luxury brandapparel.JEWELLERY AND WATCHBUYERSWith an eye for the finer things in lifeJewellery and Watch Buyers are on thelookout for and are drawn to jewellery,watches and fashion accessories.LUXURY GOODS CONSUMERSLuxury Good Consumers are highspending fashionistas interested inshopping for luxury brands. Theylike to shop for brand names in thebig department stores purchasingcosmetics, fashion or jewellery.

GOVERNMENT AND POLITICSPOLITICALLY SAVVYThe Politically Savvy are hungryfor breaking political news and eatup special reports, comments andanalysis. They want to get beyondthe events - to the why and the how- to truly understand what keeps thepolitical machine rolling.LEISURE AND LIFESTYLEAUTO ENTHUSIASTSUpmarket, influential andpredominantly male, ourcar-obsessed Auto Enthusiastsare passionate about the internalcombustion engine. They eagerlyconsume all the motoring content weoffer, including BBC Autos, Top Gear,F1 and motorsports.BOOK LOVERSBook Lovers are always seeking outliterary-related content. They lovenothing more than in-depth interviewswith authors and putting prose - pastand present - into context. Educatedand passionate about reading, BBCCulture is their favourite hangout.CULTURE ANDLUXURY INTENDERSWith eclectic tastes from high artto pop culture, Culture and LuxuryIntenders like to keep up with thelatest trends by visiting BBC Culture.They are fashion and designconscious, happy to pay more forquality and are looking to engage in awide variety of cultural activities.

LEISURE AND LIFESTYLEEDUCATION ENTHUSIASTSEARTH LOVERSEarth Lovers are an adventurousglobal audience with a naturalcuriosity that needs to be fed on adaily basis. The BBC’s heritage andexpertise in natural history connectsthis inquisitive audience with wildlyinteresting content, allowing them towitness the planet’s most amazingmoments.Our Education Enthusiasts are drivenby a desire to be better informed. Theyvalue knowledge and are themselveshighly educated and focused on theircareer goals. They’re always looking toadd to their own personal experience.ENTERTAINMENTAND ART LOVERSEnjoying a wide range ofentertainment and art content, fromcelebrity gossip to gallery openings orchecking out video content, Entertainment and ArtLovers are highly engaged with theBBC’s art and entertainment news.ENERGY ANDFUEL CONTENT READERSEnergy and Fuel Content Readers arenews hungry, searching out contentacross the site for related articles,comment, analysis and video contentto keep them up-to-date. They are wellinformed, globally aware and highachieving.ECO-WATCHERSEco-Watchers search for storiesrelating to the environment and find ahome in the science and environmentpages of Educated andthoughtful, they are interested in theworld around them, green issues,sustainability and the future of ourplanet.

LEISURE AND LIFESTYLEPHOTOGRAPHYAND FILM LOVERSFOODIESFoodies are passionate about foodfrom fine-dining to family meals.Upmarket, forward-thinking andtechnologically literate, they useapps, mobile and the web to searchfor gastronomic inspiration acrossthe BBC Good Food platform. Theirappetites stretch beyond simplycooking to include stories aboutnutrition and health.HEALTH DEVOTEESHealth Devotees believe that a healthybody creates a healthy mind. They arekeen to keep up-to-date with the latesthealth and medical breaking newsfrom around the world, and in-depthfeatures relating to wellbeing andlifestyle.A strong sense of the visual unitesPhotography and Film Lovers; they’reswitched on by BBC Culture andlove our slideshows across the site.They are a naturally curious, affluentaudience who enjoy the latestgossip and news from major filmfestivals and are constantly lookingfor inspiring images that capture theimagination.SOCIAL SHARERSThe BBC has an ever-growing socialfollowing. Social Sharers are activeon social networks and they come from Facebook, Twitter andTumblr.

NEWSAFRICA NEWS SEEKERSEngaged with the news in all itsdifferent forms, our Africa NewsSeekers are deeply engaged with theAfrican continent. They look to us fornews in all its forms, from breakingnews to comment and analysis,video and audio.ARABIC CONTENT SEEKERSA sought-after audience of educated,affluent users, consuming contentin Arabic and English. Every day,Arabic Content Seekers find whatthey are looking for in the unique andindependent perspective deliveredby NEWS SEEKERSChina News Seekers are after dailyupdates on the news from China.They are engaged with video andaudio content as well as comment andanalysis on the country.ASIA NEWS SEEKERSEUROPEAN NEWS SEEKERSThis audience devours Asian contentfrom breaking news to in-depthanalysis of this vast continent includinga wide array of localised content.Asia News Seekers are highlyengaged, spending considerable timeon News Seekers are highlyengaged with getting the latestEuropean news from;headlines, features and analysisfrom BBC correspondents acrossthe European Union and the rest ofEurope.AUSSIE NEWS SEEKERSAussie News Seekers stay up-to-datewith what’s happening ‘down under’by consuming’s dedicatedlocalised Australia news contentacross desktop, tablet, mobile andapps.INDIA NEWS SEEKERSOur India News Seekers heavilyconsume the latest news and analysisfrom South Asia. They come for our dedicated localisedcontent, comprehensive coverage andanalysis.

NEWSJAPANESE NEWS SEEKERSJapanese News Seekers turn for breaking news relating toJapan. They love our features, analysisand special reports including videocontent.LATIN AMERICAN NEWSSEEKERSThis audience engages with our highquality Latin American news contentin both English and Spanish. LatinAmerican News Seekers turn for content that offers atrusted viewpoint on what’s happeningin Mexico, Central and South America,and the Caribbean.NORTH AMERICAN NEWSSEEKERSNorth American News Seekers frequently to find a trustedsource of independent news on theUSA and Canada.UK EXPATSUK Expats are frequent users fromoutside the UK who are very engagedwith UK news content. We’ve foundthat this outperforms other third-partyexpat segments in terms of reach.SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYGADGET AND TECHNOLOGYLOVERSGadget and Technology Loverssearch BBC Future,’stechnology pages and the pages forthe BBC’s technology programmeClick to consume trusted informationthat keeps them ahead of the crowd.Active on social networks, mobile andtablets, this is a forward-looking andaspirational audience segment.SENIOR BUSINESS TECH SAVVYCombining an interest in both businessand technology, this highly sought afterdemographic is technologically aware,affluent and in a position of influence.Senior Business Tech Savvy devourtrusted content from across, BBC Capital and BBC Futureand help shape the opinions of thosearound them.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYSCIENCE AND TECHENTHUSIASTSScience and Tech Enthusiasts take fulladvantage of the wealth of science,environment and technology contentacross and actively seek out thisnews. They are highly engaged, social andinterested in all kinds of innovation.SPORTCRICKET FANSF1 FANSStats-loving Cricket Fans are morelikely to be in senior management.They are fanatical about sport andfrequently attend sporting events eachyear. This affluent audience has a tastefor luxury; they love a bottle of bubblyas much as the sound of leather onwillow.Formula 1 is a truly global and elitesporting event, and’sF1 Fans mirror this. They are eager forthe latest F1 news, video and enjoyour infographics. Only the best willdo for these jet-setting, influential,technology lovers.GOLF FANSFOOTBALL FANSFootball Fans are obsessed with thebeautiful game and visit dailyto see the latest scores, news, gossipand in-depth analysis. Football newscoverage has a massive following andaccounts for nearly 20% of all traffic This male dominatedgroup is passionate, influential,and will pay more for luxury.This global sport attracts a passionateand affluent international audience whoenjoy frequent travel for business andpleasure. Golf Fans turn to for the latest on the day’s play atmajor international tournaments, fromthe Masters to the Open.

SPORTSPORTS LOVERSWith a passion for life on two wheels,MotoSport Fans are highly engagedwith all aspects of the sport, gettingtheir fix of moto-action in words,pictures and video on tennis to rugby to PremierLeague football, Sports Loversvisit daily. They areloyal, passionate readers of ouraward-winning coverage. Sport fillstheir lives and they follow at everyopportunity, on Twitter, online and viathe BBC Sports App.RUGBY FANSTENNIS FANSRugby Fans are high earners who helpto shape business opinions. They’reeager for all the action on and off thepitch, from live scores to pre- andpost-match analysis. They findthe complete rugby experience Fans have a taste for the finerthings in life and come to for the latest results and newsfrom the international tennis circuit.Our coverage is high quality anddelivers not just all the match actionbut also the opinions that count.MOTOSPORT FANSTECHNOGRAPHICUK CITIZENS ABROADUK Citizens Abroad are users whoaccess outside of the UKwhilst using a UK-based IP address.They are most likely to be UKcitizens or UK business travellers.

TRAVELAFRICA TRAVEL INTENDERSOur well-travelled audience isinterested in travelling further afieldin the next three months and lovereading about Africa on Whether it’s the OkavangoDelta by dugout canoe, or investigatingEthiopia’s rock-hewn churches,Africa Travel Intenders are up for thechallenge.AUSTRALIA AND PACIFICTRAVEL INTENDERSAustralia and Pacific Travel Intendersare planning to make a trip in the nextthree months. Whether it’s swimmingwith whale sharks in Australiaor watching the sunset in FrenchPolynesia, our slideshows and videosbring the exotic closer to home.BUSINESS JET-SETTERSASIA TRAVEL INTENDERSWith sightseeing, city breaks andcultural trips topping Asia TravelIntenders list of favourite types ofholiday, our Asia content providesplenty of inspiration. From trekking inBhutan to eating street food in Hanoi,or following the old Silk Route inChina.Our handy Business Trip guidesprovide the perfect way to plan abusiness trip anywhere in the world.They are packed with travel advicefrom technology tips to how best tocounter jet-lag. Our upmarket andaffluent Business Jet-Setters also loveto travel for fun; they’re more likely tobe found experiencing the good life inbusiness or first class.

TRAVELEUROPETRAVEL INTENDERSCARIBBEAN AND BERMUDATRAVEL INTENDERSAn eco-lodge in the DominicanRepublic, a cocktail in one of Havana’sbars, or casino hopping in theBahamas, Caribbean and BermudaTravel Intenders plan to fulfill theirholiday wish-list in the next threemonths.They get a close look at theCaribbean through slideshows andvideos at is by far the most popularholiday destination for our travelaudience. Whether it’s sightseeingon a luxury beach holiday or trekkingin the great outdoors. Europe TravelIntenders want to experience all thecontinent has to offer in the next threemonths.LUXURY JET-SETTERSOur Luxury Jet-Setters combine ataste for fine dining, five-star hotelsand frequent travel with an interestin culture. We help them discovertheir next unique experience, whetherit’s an underwater hotel in Africa orcamping with penguins in Antarctica.CENTRAL AMERICA TRAVELINTENDERSCentral America Travel Intenders areconstantly seeking new experiencesand’s content opens up newavenues for adventurous travellerslooking for something different.Whether it’s glamping at the base of aMayan Temple in Guatemala or surfingNicaragua’s Pacific Coast, they’ll findplenty of ideas in our dedicated travelpages.MIDDLE EASTTRAVEL INTENDERSFrom a guide to shopping in Dohato taking the Bedouin trail throughthe ancient city of Petra. Our welltravelled and curious Middle EastTravel Intenders prefer to plan aheadbefore they travel and to find anew perspective from a source ofinformation they can trust.

TRAVELNORTH AMERICA TRAVELINTENDERSWith its epic scenery, culture, cities,beaches and snow sports, NorthAmerica is the ideal playground forour upmarket travel audience to relaxin. North America Travel Intenderslove our travel content and plan tovisit North America in the next threemonths.SOUTH AMERICA TRAVELINTENDERSThis audience are highly likely tovisit South America in the next threemonths to find new experiencesand become immersed in a differentculture. From discovering the recipefor a perfect caipirinha in Rio to seeingChile through Pablo Neruda’s eyes,South America Travel Intenders seekinspiration from our travel content.TRAVEL LOVERSTravel Lovers are affluent andprepared to spend a lot to get to theirdestination. They engage with BBCTravel’s trusted information as theyseek new experiences.

celebrity gossip to gallery openings or checking out video content on, Entertainment and Art . gossip and in-depth analysis. Football news coverage has a massive following and accounts for nearly 20% of all traffic to This male dominated group is passionate, influential, and will pay more for luxury.

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Internal Segmentation Firewall Segmentation is not new, but effective segmentation has not been practical. In the past, performance, price, and effort were all gating factors for implementing a good segmentation strategy. But this has not changed the desire for deeper and more prolific segmentation in the enterprise.

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