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Certification Examination forAIS Coding SpecialistsCandidate Handbook2022APPLICATION DEADLINE*TESTING BEGINSTESTING ENDSFebruary 9, 2022March 12, 2022March 26, 2022August 3, 2022September 3, 2022September 17, 2022*Late applications will NOT be acceptedApply online at www.ptcny.comAdministered by:1350 Broadway, Suite 800 New York, NY


CONTACT INFORMATION Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) 356-0660 Prometric 741-0934Association for the Advancement of AutomotiveMedicine – AIS Certification Board ale-ais/ Apply for examinationObtain general application policy and procedureinformationObtain information about testing policies andproceduresTransfer to a new testing periodRequest Special AccommodationsRequest Hand ScoreQuestion about score reportsMiscellaneous inquiriesSchedule test appointmentReschedule test appointment (within atesting period)Cancel test appointmentFind directions to test siteQuestions regarding testing sites andappointmentsTraining Course InformationAbbreviated Injury Scale FAQsDistributes certificates to passing candidatesATTENTION CANDIDATESThis handbook contains necessary information about the AIS Coding Specialist Certification(CAISS) Examination. It is required reading for those applying for and taking the Examination. Allindividuals applying for the examination must comply with the policies, procedures, anddeadlines in this Handbook and attest to this by signing the Candidate Attestation found on theapplication. Please retain this handbook for future reference. This handbook is subject to change.See for handbook updates.AIS Coding Specialist Certification (AISC.B) Examination – Handbook for Candidates 2

CERTIFICATIONThe Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) is the parent bodyof the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS)* and is the sponsor of the AIS Certification Board(AISC.B).The AISC.B endorses the concept of voluntary, periodic certification by examination forall AIS Coding Specialists. Certification is one part of a process called credentialing. Itfocuses specifically on the individual and is an indication of current competence in a specialized area ofpractice. Board certification is highly valued and provides formal recognition of AIS coding knowledge andapplication.*AIS is copyrighted by the AAAM and is used with its permission.PURPOSES OF CERTIFICATIONTO PROMOTE COMPETENCE IN USE OF THE ABBREVIATED INJURY SCALE BY:1.Recognizing formally those individuals who meet the eligibility requirements of the AISCertification Board and pass the Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists.2.Encouraging continued personal and professional growth in the practice of injury severity scoringusing the AIS.3.Establishing and measuring the level of knowledge required for certification in injury severityscoring using the AIS.4.Providing a standard of knowledge requisite for certification, thereby assisting the employer,public, and members of the injury scoring community in the assessment of the AIS CodingSpecialist.TARGET AUDIENCECAISS is vital to those who are responsible for the collection, reporting, analysis and use of injured patientdata, including trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, emergency physicians, medicalexaminers, coroners, advanced practice nurses, trauma program managers, trauma data managers,trauma registrars, county, regional and state researchers, and engineers to name a few.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 3

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTSIt is highly recommended that candidates have a minimum of one year of experience using theAbbreviated Injury Scale. Candidates must meet the following requirements:1.A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.2.Completion and filing of an Application for the Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists.3.Payment of required fee.In addition, it is suggested that candidates have taken some coursework on the following topics: HumanAnatomy, Medical Terminology, Uses and Techniques of Injury Scaling.APPLICATION PROCEDUREStep 1 – Complete ApplicationGo to to view examination testing periods, applicationdeadlines, and link to the online application. You must complete the examination application in full,entering your first and last name exactly as it appears on your current government issued photo ID suchas a driver’s license or a passport. Applications are not considered complete until all information andpayment has been provided. The completed application must be submitted online. Retain the link to theapplication and your login information.Please note, for new applications you will be asked to create a PIN number. This PIN will be used whengoing into your existing application.Step 2 – Submit Examination Fee and Application for ReviewReceive email from PTC stating that your payment and application has been received and under review.Step 3 – Receive Scheduling Authorization and Schedule Testing AppointmentWithin eleven (11) weeks prior to the start of the testing period, candidates will receive a SchedulingAuthorization from PTC via email from The Scheduling Authorization includes aneligibility number and information on how to set up your examination location, date, and time throughPrometric. Retain this document; you will need your eligibility number to access your score report.You must present your current driver’s license, passport, or U.S. Military ID at the testing center or to yourRemote Proctor at the time of your examination appointment or you will be refused admission. The firstand last name on the ID must exactly match the first and last name on the Scheduling Authorization.Applicants who are not approved to sit for the examination or whose applications are incomplete 21days prior to the first day of the testing window will receive a refund of their application fee minus the 75 administrative fee. Refunds will be processed approximately 30 days after the end of the testingperiod.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 4

EXAMINATION ADMINISTRATION AND SCHEDULINGThe Certification Application for AIS Coding Specialists is administered during an established two-weektesting window on a daily basis, excluding holidays, at computer-based testing facilities managed byPrometric.Scheduling AuthorizationPTC will send approved candidates an email called the Scheduling Authorization. These emails are sentout about 11 weeks before the first day of the testing window. The emails come from cannot make an appointment until they receive a scheduling authorization. If you don’treceive your email 3 weeks before the start of your testing window contact PTC.Scheduling Examination AppointmentsThe Scheduling Authorization will indicate how to schedule your examination appointment with Prometricas well as the dates during which testing is available. Appointment times are first-come, first-served, soschedule your appointment as soon as you receive your Scheduling Authorization in orderto maximize your chance of testing at your preferred location and on your preferred date.Candidates who wait until the last minute run the risk of missing out on their preferreddate, time, and testing center. Candidates unable to schedule an appointment will forfeittheir fees.After you make your test appointment, Prometric will send you a confirmation email with the date, time,and location of your exam. Please check this confirmation carefully for the correct date, time, and location.Contact Prometric at (800) 741-0934 if you do not receive this email confirmation or if there is a mistakewith your appointment.Note: International candidates may also schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment online at a Remotely Proctored Examination AppointmentIf you prefer to test via live remote proctoring in your home or another quiet distraction free location youmust provide a computer with a camera, microphone, and an internet connection to allow real-time videocommunication with a remote proctor.Please see our Live Remote Proctoring FAQs for more info: BE ADVISED: It is the candidate’s responsibility to be sure their equipment and workspace meetall the requirements for Live Remote Proctoring. If a candidate makes an appointment for remoteproctoring and is unable to test due to not meeting technical requirements or physical requirements ofthe workspace, the candidate will forfeit their examination fees and will need to follow the transferpolicies in place for their exam. Please see your exam’s transfer policies on page 8.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 5

Rescheduling Examination Appointments within a Testing PeriodCandidates are able to reschedule their examination appointments within the same testing period as longas the request is submitted within the timeframe described below. Reschedule within the permitted timeframe by calling or going to the Prometric website: FrameRequests submitted 30 days ormore before the originalappointmentRequests submitted 5 to 29days before the originalappointmentReschedule Permitted?StipulationsYesNoneYesCandidate must pay Prometric arescheduling fee of 50.Requests submitted less than 5days before the originalappointmentNoRequests to reschedule due totechnical difficulties during aLive Remote ProctorappointmentNoCandidates who do not arrive totest for their appointment willbe considered a no-show and alltheir examinations fees will beforfeited. Candidates will needto reapply and pay fullexamination fees for a futuretesting period.Candidates who have technicaldifficulties during their LiveRemote Proctor appointmentwill need to transfer to a newwindow following the policies inthis handbook.IMPORTANT!You MUST present your current driver’s license, passport, or U.S. military ID at the testcenter. Expired, temporary, or paper driver’s licenses will NOT be accepted.The first and last name on your Scheduling Authorization MUST exactly match the first andlast name on your photo ID.Fees will not be refunded for exams missed because of invalid ID.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 6

Transferring to a New Testing PeriodCandidates unable to take the examination during their scheduled testing period may request a ONETIME transfer to a future testing period. There is a transfer fee of 215.00. After you have transferredonce by paying the 215.00 fee, you will need to pay the examination fee of 350.00 in order to transfera second time; so, please plan carefully.Please note: requests to transfer to a new testing period must be received within 30 days of youroriginally scheduled testing period.Candidates wishing to transfer to a new testing period need to follow the steps below.1. Go to Click “Start New Application.”3. Choose AISC.B in the first drop-down menu; then choose the new examination period in thesecond drop down menu and fill out the rest of the information on the page.4. Fill out the application making sure you answer yes to the question asking if you aretransferring.5. When you have finished the application, click “Submit Transfer Request.”6. PTC Support will send you an email letting you know your transfer application was approved andthat you can log back into your application and pay the one-time 215.00 transfer fee.Call 212-356-0660 if you have any questions regarding the transfer process.If candidates are unable to attend the examination on the date for which they registered and elect notto transfer to another testing period, the application will be closed and all fees will be forfeited. Therewill be no refund of fees.The transfer fee is based on costs and is not punitive in nature. The transfer fee must be paid at thetime the request is approved. The candidate is responsible for contacting Prometric and canceling theoriginal examination appointment, if one was made.Exams may only be transferred to a new testing period once; please plan carefully.Please note: Transferring your Examination only refers to instances when a candidate is unable to taketheir exam during a testing period for which they have already applied. Candidates who did not passtheir examination and are retaking the examination need to pay the full 350 Examination Fee.Failing to Report for an ExaminationIf you fail to report for an examination, you will forfeit all fees paid to take the examination. Acompleted application form and examination fee are required to reapply for the examination.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 7

EXAMINATION APPLICATION FEESFee TypeAmountApplication FeeUS 350.00Details Transfer Fee(Moving to a new testing window; seepage 7)US 215.00 Test Center Rescheduling Fee(29-5 days prior to scheduledappointment; see page 5)US 50.00 Live Remote ProctoringRescheduling Fee(in cases of technical issues on theday of appointment)US 75.00 Non-refundable1Non-transferableIncludes testing center feesIncludes non-refundable 75administrative feeApplies to candidates who need tomove to a new testing periodMust submit new application & fee toPTCApplies to candidates who need tomove their appointment within theircurrent testing periodPayable directly to PrometricReschedule with Prometric online orover the phoneApplies to candidates who are unableto start their exam due to technicaldifficultiesCandidates can only reschedule if theyhave at least one week left in theircurrent testing window.Payable directly to PTC – contact PTCfor more informationThere will be no refund of fees unless applicants are ineligible for the examination.Ineligible candidates will be refunded their fees minus an administrative fee.No refunds will be issued for applying for the incorrect examination or testing period,for failing to make an examination appointment, or for failing to appear at yourscheduled appointment.Please be advised: Prometric does not have the authority to grant transfers to another testingperiod or refunds.1Applicants who are ineligible to take the examination or whose applications are incomplete by the applicationdeadline will have their examination fees returned minus an administrative fee.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 8

TEST ACCOMMODATIONSAISC.B and PTC support the intent of and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). PTC willtake steps reasonably necessary to make certification accessible to persons with disabilities covered underthe ADA. According to the ADA, an individual with a disability is a person who has a physical or mentalimpairment that substantially limits a major life activity (such as seeing, hearing, learning, reading,concentrating, walking) or a major bodily function (such as neurological, endocrine, or digestive system).The information you provide and any documentation regarding your disability and test accommodationswill be held in strict confidence.All approved testing accommodations must maintain the psychometric nature and security of theexamination. Accommodations that fundamentally alter the nature or security of the exam will not begranted.Testing arrangements may be made upon receipt of the Application, examination fee, and a completedand signed Request for Test Accommodations Form, available from or by calling PTC at(212) 356-0660.This Form must be uploaded with the online application no later than 8 weeks prior to the start of yourchosen testing period. Candidates who do not submit their Test Accommodations Form with theirapplication may not be able to test during their chosen testing period and therefore be subject torescheduling or transfer fees.Only those requests made and received on the official Request for Test Accommodations Form will bereviewed. Letters from doctors and other healthcare professionals must be accompanied by the officialForm and will not be accepted without the Form. All requests must be made at the time of application.Accommodations cannot be added to an existing exam appointment.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 9

PREPARING FOR THE EXAMINATION Check your government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport or U.S. Military ID) when youmake your examination appointment. Is it expired? Does the first and last name on your IDmatch the first and last name on your Scheduling Authorization email? Proctors at the Prometrictesting center will refuse admission to candidates with expired IDs, IDs with names that do notmatch their records, and temporary paper IDs. Candidates will be marked as no-shows and willforfeit their exam fees. Check your PTC Scheduling Authorization email and Appointment Confirmation email fromPrometric to make sure everything is accurate (i.e. your name, exam name, appointment date,time and location). Make yourself familiar with the location of your chosen testing site and any requirements theymay have for parking and check the weather and traffic conditions before you leave for thetesting center. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive as late arrival may preventyou from testing. In the event of inclement weather, check the Prometric website for site closures: Prometric’s website provides information on what you can expect on your test day, including awalkthrough of check in and security procedures: This Handbook provides the Content Outline for the Examination (see appendix). Use these tohelp you start studying for the examination. Review What to Expect at the Test Center and Rules for the Examination on the next pagesbefore your appointment.IF YOU ARE TESTING VIA LIVE REMOTE PROCTORING Be sure to check your system compatibility BEFORE you schedule and again before yourappointment.The check in process is about 30 minutes long and is not factored into your appointment. Besure to log into ProProctor to start your exam at least 30 minutes prior to your appointmenttime.There are no breaks permitted during the exam.You must alert the proctor when you have finished your exam and are ready to exit thesoftware.No scratch paper is allowed. Be sure your workspace is clear of any extra items and electronicdevices except for your government issued photo ID.Read the Live Remote Proctoring FAQs here: n Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 10

WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE TESTING CENTERPTC has partnered with Prometric Testing Centers to deliver examinations to candidates. Here is what youcan expect when you arrive at your Prometric Testing Center. Candidate Check-Ino Candidates will be asked to present their IDso Candidates will be asked to empty and turn out their pocketso Candidates will be “wanded” or asked to walk through a metal detectoro Inspection of eyeglasses, jewelry, and other accessories will be conducted. Jewelry otherthan wedding and engagement rings is prohibited.o Religious headwear may be worn into the testing room; however, it may be subject toinspection by a testing center administrator before entry into the testing room ispermitted.o Prometric provides lockers for candidates to store their purses, mobile phones, jackets,food, drinks and medical supplies. During the Examo No breaks are scheduled during the exam. Candidates who must leave the testing roomto take a break will not be given extra time on the examo Candidates who take an unscheduled break are subject to additional security screeningsbefore being permitted to reenter the testing roomo Accessing mobile phones or study materials during the examination is prohibitedo Smoking is prohibited at the testing centero All examinations are monitored and may be recorded in both audio and video formatPlease keep in mind: other exams will be administered at the same time as your examination. Therefore,examinees may hear ambient noises such as typing, coughing, or people entering and exiting the testingroom that cannot be avoided. Prometric is unable to provide a completely noise-free environment.However, headphones may be requested to minimize impact.Please see Prometric’s website for more information about what to expect on testing day.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 11

RULES FOR THE EXAMINATIONPlease read the information below carefully. You are responsible for adhering to the examination ruleswhile at the testing center. You must present your current, government issued photo ID (such asa driver’s license or passport) at the time of your scheduledappointment. Candidates without valid ID will NOT be permitted totest. Temporary or paper copies of your ID will not be accepted. No Electronic devices that can be used to record, transmit, receive, orplay back audio, photographic, text, or video content, including butnot limited to, cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, Bluetooth devices; wearable technology(such as smart watches), MP3 players (such as iPods), pagers, cameras and voice recorders arepermitted to be used and cannot be taken in the examination room. The test center may havelockers, or you may be asked to lock your personal items in your car. For this reason, we suggestthat you do not bring personal items with you, other than what is specifically needed for yourexamination. No papers, books, or reference materials may be taken into or removed from the testing room. No questions concerning content of the examination may be asked during the examinationsession. The candidate should read carefully the directions that are provided on screen at thebeginning of the examination session. Candidates are prohibited from leaving the testing room while their examination is in session,with the sole exception of going to the restroom. Bulky clothing, such as sweatshirts (hoodies), jackets, coats and hats (except hats worn forreligious reasons), may not be worn while taking the examination. All watches and “Fitbit” type devices cannot be worn during the examination. It is suggested thatthese items are not brought to the test center. No food/beverages are permitted inside the testing room. Leave these items in your assignedlocker.Contact PTC at (212) 356-0660 or with any questions about the ExaminationRules.Violation of any of the rules listed above may lead to forfeiture of fees,dismissal from the testing room, and cancellation of your test scores.Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists – Handbook for Candidates 12

TESTING CONDITIONS OR EXAMINATION FEEDBACKAny candidate who feels that the examination effort was negatively impacted by the test center conditionsshould notify the proctor immediately. The situation should also be reported to PTC within 3 business days of the test appointment. Any comments about the testitself should also be reported to PTC at within 3 business days of the testappointment.REPORT OF RESULTSCandidates will be notified in writing by PTC within four weeks of the close of the testing period whetherthey have passed or failed the examination. Scores on the major areas of the examination and on thetotal examination will be reported.Setting the Passing ScoreTo ensure that pass/fail decisions are based on sound testing practices, AISC.B uses a criterionreferenced standard setting methodology.The passing score for the CAISS Examination represents an absolute standard and is determined usingthe modified Angoff technique, a well-established, and widely adopted, consistent approach in thetesting industry. A panel of subject matter experts carefully evaluate each item on the examination andestimate the probability that each individual question will be answered correctly by a minimallycompetent/just qualified candidate. The recommended passing score is then reviewed and approved byAISC.B.REQUESTING A HANDSCORECandidates who fail the examination may request a hand scoring of their data file. Hand scoring is amanual check of the data file by the testing service to determine if there have been any errors in scoring.Although the probability of such an error is extremely remote, this service is available. Requests for handscoring must be received by PTC no later than 90 days after the date of the examination by completingand returning the Request of Handscore form on with payment of 25. Candidates whofail the examination will not be permitted to see the examination questions. For reasons of test security,no candidate is allowed to review the examination or any of its items.To ensure correct report

Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists Candidate Handbook 2022 APPLICATION DEADLINE* TESTING BEGINS TESTING ENDS February 9, 2022 March 12, 2022 March 26, 2022 August 3, 2022 September 3, 2022 September 17, 2022 *Late applications will NOT be accepted Apply online at .

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