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Business Auto Insurancemade simpleWhat’s inside: How to read an Allstate Business AutoPolicy Declarations Understanding business auto insurance:CoveragesDeductiblesCoverage limits Frequently asked questions What to do in case of an accident

Knowledge is power.We created this brochure to help you feel more knowledgeableand confident about business auto insurance.Your personal auto insurance won’t cover yourAt Allstate, we take pride in the service we provide our vehicles. That’s why it’s important toBusiness Auto Insurancehave the protection of a business auto policymade simpleAnd with our range of innovative insurance and financial products,we can help you protect your lifestyle.from Allstate.What’s inside: How to read an Allstate Business AutoPolicy DeclarationsIf you’re an Allstate customer, you can readAllstate offers a rangeof products to help youprotect your lifestyle. Understanding business auto insurance:CoveragesDeductiblesCoverage limits Frequently asked questions What to do in case of an accidentthis brochure along with your Business AutoPolicy Declarations and the Allstate BusinessAuto Insurance policy. Then, if you have anyPersonal Auto Insurance Your Choice Auto Featuring:Accident Forgiveness, Safe DrivingBonus Check, Deductible Rewards and New Car Replacement Standard autoquestions, please contact us.If you’re not an Allstate customer,this brochure can help you better understandbusiness auto insurance. If you have anyquestions, call your local Allstate Agent.You can also download this guide to reach us 24/7. Call, visit or e-mail your Allstate agency Call 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) Log on to create an account at Download the AllstateSM Mobile app at Insurance House Condo Renters Manufactured home Landlords Package PolicyPower Sports Insurance Your Choice Motorcycle Featuring:Accident Forgiveness, DeductibleRewards , New MotorcycleReplacement and Rider ProtectionPackage Snowmobile Boat Motor home ATV There’s more – call us!Business Insurance Business auto Business Owner Policy Commercial Package Policy Inland marineFinancial Protection Life insurance IRAs and retirement AnnuitiesOther Protection Options Personal Umbrella Policy Scheduled Personal Property Identity Theft Restoration Allstate Motor Club Good Hands RoadsideAssistance Specialty insurance programs Supplemental insurance forthe workplaceCall your Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE to find out about productavailability and qualifications in your state.

Your Declarations PageHow to read yourBusiness Auto PolicyDeclarations.Your Declarations PageForm of legalbusiness entity.This shouldaccurately reflecthow your business ororganization is set up.Policy period.Typically covers aone-year period.Coverage limits.This shows themaximum limitAllstate will payfor each coveredaccident,* for eachtype of coverage.When you purchase an Allstate Business Auto Insurance policy,you’ll receive a Policy Declarations. This document “declares”the choices you’ve made for your business auto policy, such asdeductibles for some coverages as well as optional protection youmay have purchased. It's important to note that the PolicyDeclarations is not a bill.You’ll receive a new Allstate Business Auto Policy Declarations everyrenewal period, which is typically every twelve months. You shouldTotal premium.Each vehicle andadditional coveragehas its ownpremium. The totalshown here is forall the vehiclesand coverages onyour policy.For more about limits,see page 13 of thisbrochure.Premium.This shows theapplicablecoverages, limitsand premiums foryour policy.always read through your renewal each year to make certain you’reup-to-date on the latest features of the policy, any changes inpremiums or other vital information.The following page is an example of an Allstate Business Auto PolicyDeclarations and shows you where to find some of the importantinformation. It’s always a good idea to check your own PolicyHired or borrowedcoverage.This sectionincludes detailsabout coveragesfor vehiclesyou rent on ashort-term basis.Covered autos.This column willinclude symbolsthat correspondto different typesof vehicles towhich eachcoverage applies.**Declarations to make sure all the information is correct.Sample of Business Auto Policy DeclarationsQuestions? Want to make changes? Call your Allstate Agent.* What does “covered accident” mean?It’s an insurance term that means an accident that falls within the bounds of the policy.Throughout the rest of this brochure, when we refer to an accident, we assume it is acovered accident.** See the “Description of Covered Auto Designation Symbols” section of your BusinessAuto Insurance Policy for information about covered vehicles.23

CoveragesCoveragesWhich vehicles are usually covered by an Allstate Business Auto policy?About coverages.Business auto insurance protects you and your business in all The vehicle(s) listed on your Policy Declarations orany vehicle you replace it with by notifying us within30 days of replacement Any vehicle you drive while yours is being repaireddue to an accidentkinds of situations involving a vehicle. This section of theIf you injure someone inan accident, Allstate can helpprotect you from losing yourbusiness assets to pay forthose damages.brochure summarizes common coverages. Some are optional.Others are required in certain states. If you’re an Allstatecustomer, you can check the coverages you have purchased bylooking at your Policy Declarations under “Schedule ofCoverages and Covered Autos.”Automobile liability insurancecan help protect your assets.If you or one of you employees is at fault in anaccident while driving your business vehicle, youcould be held legally responsible for injury ordamage caused by the accident. All drivers arerequired by law to have both of these liabilitycoverages:Bodily Injury Liability helps protectyou from paying medical costs, loss of incomeand funeral expenses of other people involvedin an accident.If you damage another person’s caror other property in an accident,Allstate can help protect you frompaying for those damages.Property Damage Liability helpsprotect you from paying for the repair orreplacement of another driver’s car.Who’s covered under an Allstate BusinessAuto policy? You, the policy owner Anyone you give permission to use your vehicleQuestions? Want to make changes? Call your Allstate Agent.45

CoveragesCoveragesThere’s a coverage available to protectyou from drivers with no insurance.There’s a coverage that can also helppay for your injuries from an accident.There are a lot of drivers out there who may not have car insurance.If you’re in an accident, whether it’s your fault or someoneWhat if one of them crashes into you or one of your drivers?else’s, paying for medical care can be a concern. That’s whereMedical Payments Coverage comes in. In some states, thisUninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage can help.coverage may be known as Personal Injury Protection and mayIt’s divided into two parts:cover additional expenses such as loss of wages while you’rerecovering from an accident.Bodily Injury Coverage includes your injuries or death,or those of your drivers or employees driving yourvehicle if it’s hit by a driver with little or no insurance.Automobile Medical Payments Coverage can helppay for some of your medical costs or funeral expenses if you oranyone in your vehicle is injured in an accident.Property Damage Coverage includes damage to yourvehicle or property if you’re hit by a driver with little or noinsurance. (Not available in all states.)If you’re injured in an auto accident,Allstate will help pay for medical servicesyou receive within one year of the accident.This coverage also applies if you’re apedestrian struck by a car.If you are hurt in an accidentby a driver with little or noinsurance, Allstate will helppay for medical expenses.If your vehicle is damaged in an accident by adriver with little or no vehicle insurance, Allstatemay help pay for repairs or replacement.Your coverage may include hospital bills,surgeries, x-rays, dental, pharmaceuticals,nursing services and more due to an injuryfrom an auto accident.Questions? Want to make changes? Call your Allstate Agent.67

CoveragesCoveragesWhat about damage to your vehicle?There are other coverages you canbuy to protect your vehicle.If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, your business autoinsurance can help to repair or replace it so you can get back toAllstate offers other coverages for additional protection for youbusiness again quickly. There are two types of coverages to consider:and your vehicle. If you have selected these coverages, they willappear under “Item Two” or “Item Four” in your Allstate BusinessCollision Coverage pays for damage to your vehicle ifyou collide with another car or something else such as a building,bridge or tree. If someone hits your parked vehicle, this isconsidered a collision as well.Auto Policy Declarations or by endorsement to the policy.Towing and Labor Costs reimburses you for towing andbasic roadside-assistance expenses if you’re stranded on the road.Comprehensive Coverage pays for damage or lossto your vehicle caused by something other than a collision suchas theft, fire, vandalism, windstorm or hitting an animal.Rental Reimbursement repays you for the cost ofrenting a vehicle while yours is in the shop being repaired dueto a covered accident — up to 30 days.For each of these coverages, you may be responsible for the deductibleamount you’ve selected. (See page 12 for more about deductibles.)If you’re in an accident,Collision or ComprehensiveCoverage can help pay forthe repair or replacementof your vehicle.If you’re stranded on the road,Towing and Labor Costs can helpreimburse you for towing and otherbasic roadside-assistance expenses.Sound System Coverage protects your investmentfrom theft or damage if you’ve installed a high-end soundsystem in your car. Call your Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATEto see if your system qualifies.Non-Owned Automobile Liability Coverageprotects you for injury or damage caused by your employeeswhile driving their own vehicles for your business operations.Hired Automobile Coverage extends liabilityor physical damage coverage for vehicles you rent on ashort-term basis.Questions? Want to make changes? Call your Allstate Agent.89

CoveragesCoveragesBusiness auto coverages at a glance.Extra coverage, no extra cost.The chart below summarizes key business auto insurance coverages.The following coverage features are included at no additionalcharge under your Allstate Business Auto Insurance policy.*Type/Nameof CoverageRequiredor Optional?Bodily InjuryLiabilityMost CommonAdd-onsDeductibleMay ApplyCoverage featureDescriptionRequiredBroadened InsuredProtects any subsidiary and newly acquiredcompanies with liability coverage.Property DamageLiabilityRequiredBlanket AdditionalInsured CoverageUninsured/Underinsured MotoristVariesby stateYesProvides liability coverage to other persons ororganizations that you perform services forand that require you under contract to protectthem. NOTE: Does not apply to organizationsfrom whom you lease vehicles.Collision CoverageOptionalYesYesBroad SupplementaryPaymentsIncreases bail bond and loss adjustmentexpenses from standard limits.ComprehensiveCoverageOptionalYesYesFellow Employee CoverageProvides limited coverage if one employeenegligently injures another in an auto accident.Automobile MedicalPayments Coverage/Personal InjuryProtectionVariesby stateYesCollision Waiver /Other Allstate DriverDeductible is waived in collision loss withanother Allstate-insured driver.Temporary Substitutes /Leased VehiclesTowing & Labor CostsOptionalProvides limited physical damage coverageextension to temporary and short-termleased vehicles.Lease / Loan Gap CoverageRental ReimbursementOptionalIn a total loss of vehicle, any amount owedon a lease or loan is also covered.Sound SystemOptionalGlass Repair DeductibleWaiverIf you’re in an accident and have to get glassrepaired, the deductible is waived.Non-Owned LiabilityOptionalYesBlanket Waiverof SubrogationWaives subrogation (recovery process) againstany person or organization you have agreedwith by contract to waive the right of subrogation.**Hired Auto LiabilityOptionalYesHired Auto PhysicalDamageOptionalYesYour Allstate Policy Declarations shows the coverages you’ve chosen, alongwith deductibles and limits — which is the maximum amount Allstate will pay.(See page 13 for more about limits.)10* Not all coverages available in all states. Check with your Allstate Agent orrepresentative as to what coverages are applicable in your state.** For example, you and Bob have a contract that states that you will not seekpayment from Bob for any injuries or property damage caused by yourbusiness vehicle. This coverage ensures that Allstate will also honor yourcontract. We will not attempt to recover from Bob any payments we maketo you for an accident or damages.11

DeductiblesCoverage limitsFrequently asked questionsAbout deductibles.About coverage limits.Frequently asked questions.A deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay to helpEach coverage has a limit. If you have an accident claim coveredrepair or replace your car if you have a claim covered by your policyby your Allstate policy, Allstate agrees to pay for damages up toQ: Will my auto insurance policy pay for a rental vehicle untilmy vehicle is repaired?A: If you have Allstate Business Auto Insurance with comprehensiveand collision coverage, you can select rental reimbursementas a coverage option which reimburses you for a car rental forup to 30 days after a covered claim, up to the dollar amountper day that's shown on your Policy Declarations.that coverage’s limit.Example: A driver causes an accident in which someone is injured.The case goes to trial and there is a verdict to compensate theinjured person with 57,000.Tear this page out and keep it in your vehicle.Example: A driver damages his vehicle in an accident, and it will cost 5,000 to repair.Choosing a higher deductible means you might pay less foryour insurance premium now, but you should be prepared topay more out of your own pocket later if you have an accident.Q: Are my tools, equipment and products covered under myAllstate Business Auto policy?A: No. However, Allstate does offer Inland Marine Insurancewith affordable coverage options for tools, equipment andmerchandise while they are in transit, in the business vehicleor at the job site.Q: Will my auto insurance policy provide protection in anaccident when my employee is driving their own vehiclefor my business proposes?A: If you have Allstate Business Auto Insurance with Non-OwnedAutomobile Liability coverage, it protects you for injury ordamage caused by your employees when they are driving theirown vehicles for your business operations. This coveragewould be excess over any liability coverage that is carried onthe employee’s vehicle.Choosing a higher limit means you might pay more for yourinsurance premium now, but it could help protect you fromhaving to pay other people’s expenses later.Questions? Want to make changes? Call your Allstate Agent.12Q: The accident wasn't my fault. Shouldn't the other driverpay my deductible?A: We will work aggressively to attempt to recover money paidon your claim, including your deductible. The recoveryprocess, which is known as subrogation, can typically takeseveral months to complete.13

Are you in Good Hands ?What to do in case of an accident.For more than 80 years, Allstate has been there when peopleneed us most.1. Stay calm. Determine the extent of injuries or damage. If needed, obtainmedical assistance.Because we want you to stay with us a lifetime, service is our2. Call the police to file an accident report. Don’t leave the accident scenetop priority. If you’re happy with Allstate, please tell someone youunless your physical safety is at risk.know. If you’re not, please let us know right away so we can3. Limit discussion of the accident. Talk only with the police and youraddress it. We want to deliver on our promise of keeping you inAllstate Agent or an Allstate claim representative. Don’t admit fault at thescene or at any help gather information.5. Report even a minor accident to us immediately. Allstate is available24/7/365. Call your Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828).6. Check the status of your claim. To check your claim’s status, contactyour Allstate claim representative or your Allstate Agent. For more informationabout claims, go to InformationDate and timeLocationName of other driverPhone (home/mobile/work)AddressCity, State, ZipLicense plate number/stateTear this page out and keep it in your vehicle.4. Get the facts and essential details at the scene. Use the space belowGood Hands . Call, visit or e-mail your Allstate agency Call 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) Visit allstate.comPlease note that this brochure is only a summary of business auto insurance, written toillustrate in general terms how auto insurance works. The Allstate Business AutoInsurance Policy is the legal contract that contains the terms and limitations of yourAllstate policy. You should carefully review the contents of your policy. All products andcoverages are subject to availability and limitations. Whether an accident or other loss iscovered is subject to the terms and conditions of your Allstate policy.Allstate Your Choice Auto, Accident Forgiveness, Deductible Rewards, Safe Driving Bonus Check and NewCar Replacement are optional and subject to terms and conditions. NOT AVAILABLE IN EVERY STATE. Patentpending. Deductible Rewards apply to collision coverage. In NY and PA, deductible amount will not go below 100. Safe Driving Bonus Check is not available in every state and may not be available for renewal customersuntil next policy period. Amounts less than 5 will be applied to renewal bill. Safe Driving Bonus is optionaland subject to terms and conditions. Policy issuance is subject to qualifications.Allstate Your Choice Motorcycle , Accident Forgiveness, Deductible Rewards , New Motorcycle Replacementand Rider Protection Package are optional and subject to terms and conditions. NOT AVAILABLE IN EVERYSTATE. Patent pending. Deductible Rewards apply to collision coverage. Accident Forgiveness is an enhancedversion of an existing feature. Policy issuance is subject to qualifications.Driver’s license number/stateInsurance companyPolicy numberName of witnessPhone number of witnesslTo print out additional copies of this page, go property and casualty insurance offered through Allstate Insurance Company, Allstate IndemnityCompany, Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Allstate Fire and Casualty InsuranceCompany: Northbrook, IL; Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company: Irving, TX; Allstate New JerseyInsurance Company: Bridgewater, NJ. Life insurance and annuities offered through Allstate Life InsuranceCompany and in NY, Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York. Please contact your Allstate Agent,call 1-800-ALLSTATE or visit for complete information on other products and services. 2013 Allstate Insurance Company. 06/13D10785-1

And with our range of innovative insurance and financial products, we can help you protect your lifestyle. Personal Auto Insurance Your Choice Auto Featuring: Accident Forgiveness, Safe Driving Bonus Check, Deductible Rewards and New Car Replacement Standard auto Property Insurance House Condo Renters Manufactured home

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