Car Insurance This Booklet Covers:Car Rapid Bonus Business

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Car InsuranceThis booklet covers: Car Rapid Bonus Business

2Contacting UsInsight:The rubber-vulcanising process, essential in tyremanufacture, was discovered by Charles Goodyearin the 1850s, but he couldn’t find a use for it.Now that you’ve chosen us for your car insurance, you can be sure that we’ll bethere for you whenever you need us: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.We pride ourselves on our claims service. If it’s 3am, pouring with rain, your carhas been stolen or has been in an accident and you’re miles away from home,all you want is help as quickly as possible.Useful Phone NumbersOur promiseCustomer Services:To give you quality cover at a competitive priceFor all general enquiriesTo make sure that our people are professional,pleasant and helpful0800 404 7516Opening hours are Mon-Fri 8am-10pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm,including bank holidays.Claims Helpline:If you need to make a claim with RAC Direct Insurancesimply call one of the following numbers:If you are an Insurance Member call0800 404 6342If you are a Membership Plus member call0800 404 8777Claims are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for both an insuranceclaim or a breakdown.To deal with your claim or any enquiry speedilyand efficientlyTo send you simple, easy to understand informationNot to pressure you to buy any of our services youdo not want.

ContentsContacting Us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Your car is now protected with RAC Direct Insurance . . . . 4Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-7Definitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-12Table of Cover Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Terms and Conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-28General Exceptions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29-30General Conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31-33Our Promise of Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-35People behind people behind the wheel3

Your car is now protected withRAC Direct Insurance4Insight:The first automatic windscreen wipers wereintroduced in 1921 and called “Folberths”after their inventors, Fred and William Folberth.By taking out this insurance you are now an RAC Direct Insurance member and will shortly be provided with aMembership Number & Card. Insurance Membership alone does not provide you with RAC Breakdown cover.If you have existing RAC Breakdown Cover or have selected RAC Rescue on your new insurance, you are anRAC Direct Membership Plus customer. This entitles you to the following benefits:Membership Plus Discount off your insuranceFree Physiotherapy cover in the event of an accidentLegal Services limit increased from 50,000 to 100,000 if selectedA Membership Plus Card with a single telephone number for accident claims or breakdown.You are only entitled to these extra benefits whilst you have RAC Breakdown or Rescue cover.When you get in touch, please make sure you have your Insurance Reference Number or Membership Number to hand.Please also be ready to give us your vehicle registration number.The following pages are designed to answer your questions about your insurance and to help you get the most from yourinsurance should you need to make a claim.This booklet applies to insurance covering Car, Rapid Bonus and Business Car.

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat should I do if I need to make changes tomy insurance?Contact us on 0800 404 7516 and we will make thenecessary changes and send you our updateddocumentation in the post.What type of changes do I need to tell you about?You must tell us of changes to all material facts. By materialfacts we mean things like change in your name, changein your mileage, modifications to your car, any drivingconvictions you have received. If you are in any doubt,please let us know of any changes.Can I drive other peoples’ vehicles under myown insurance?The short answer is no. The Driving Other Cars extensionhas historically allowed, Policyholders only, to drive cars thatdo not belong to them and are not hired to them under a hirepurchase agreement, subject to the owner’s permission. Thecover provided is Third Party only cover which does notcover damage to the car they are driving, but does coverliability for damage and injury to third parties. This coveroperates only whilst the Policyholder is driving and wasdesigned to be used in emergency situations only.Our experience has shown that many drivers do not fullyunderstand the extent or purpose of this cover and thatmany are utilising it without fully understanding the truecover this extension provides. To support initiatives toreduce deliberate and inadvertent uninsured driving we haveremoved the extension from this insurance.This means that you and any named drivers are onlyinsured to drive cars clearly identified on either yourCertificate of Motor Insurance or your InsuranceSchedule, which should be kept with your Certificate.If you want to add an additional temporary car or anadditional driver to your policy you can contact us andwe can arrange for the vehicle or driver to be added toyour policy, subject to normal restrictions. We will thensend you an amended schedule showing the additionalcar or driver detail.If you need to be added to a family or friend’s car in order tobe able to drive it they can contact their insurer who will beable to arrange this for them, subject tonormal restrictions.To add temporary cars or additional drivers to yourinsurance please contact us on 0800 404 7516.5

Frequently Asked Questions continued6I have heard that if I leave my keys in the car that I amnot covered on my car insurance. Is this true?I am taking my car off the road for a period of time– do I still have to pay my insurance premium?Yes, that is correct. If you leave your keys in your car evenif it is only to pop out and pay for your petrol or drop off aletter and your car is stolen your car will not be covered.So remember always take your keys with you or make suresomeone stays with the car or it could prove an expensivecouple of minutes!If your car will be out of use for a continuous period of28 days or more, and this is not as a result of any lossor damage covered by this insurance, we may suspend yourcover and refund part of your premium for the laid-up period.We will pay this refund when you ask for the cover to startagain. If you want us to suspend your cover, please call uson 0800 404 7516 and return your RAC Direct Insurancecertificate of motor insurance immediately.My child has just started driving and I want to getinsurance for them. What is the best way to insure them?It is always best to insure young drivers on their ownpolicies. This way they will earn their own no claims bonuswhich will help lower their insurance premiums. RAC DirectInsurance offers a great young driver policy please call0800 404 7647 to find out more. Often parents insure theirchildren as secondary drivers on a policy with themselvesas main driver when actually the child is the main driver ofthe car. Parents often think that this is the cheapest way toget their child on the road, but this isn’t normally the caseand, more importantly, it could invalidate the insurance ifthe young driver is the true main driver of the car.During the period when cover is suspended, we will continueto provide cover for loss or damage caused byfire or theft while your car is in a locked private garage.

If I have maximum no claims discount and I buy asecond car can I add my no claims bonus to both cars?I have been involved in an incident but am unsure of mylegal position – what help can you provide?The short answer is no. You must earn another no claimsbonus for a second vehicle. However, we can give ourcustomers an introductory discount equivalent to the noclaims bonus that they currently hold, subject to normalrestrictions.If you have taken the Legal Services option (which will beshown on your insurance schedule) we will give youconfidential advice over the telephone on any personal legalmatter in relation to the use of your car.How can I insure my car for driving abroad?If you pay an extra premium, your insurance can beextended to provide the same level of cover in the EuropeanUnion and some other European countries asyou have in the Territorial Limits. If you want to extendyour insurance, you must contact us at least two weeksbeforehand and we will provide the necessary documents.We do not provide a courtesy car outside the TerritorialLimits. However, you may buy our European Breakdowncover so that if there is an accident, breakdown or theftabroad, we will pay for up to 14 days’ self-drive car hire.We will also arrange car hire for the part of your journeythat is in the Territorial Limits.We will tell you what your legal rights are, what course ofaction is available to you and whether these can be bestimplemented by you or whether you need to consult witha lawyer.There are no consultation fees and lines are open 24 hoursa day, 365 days a year.For confidential legal adviceCall us on0800 404 6344Please have your insurance reference number to hand asthis will be requested when you call.If you would like more details of this cover, please call uson 0800 404 7516.Insight:Right-hand drive cars are illegal in Portugal.7

Your RAC Direct Insurance Car coverThis Car insurance booklet forms part of your legal contractwith us and explains exactly what you are covered for.Your schedule shows the level of cover you have chosen.The contract of insuranceThis Car insurance booklet is a contract of insurance betweenyou, the policyholder, and us, RAC Direct Insurance.This Car insurance booklet, the information you haveprovided, the schedule and the RAC Direct Insurancecertificate of motor insurance form the contract of insurancebetween you and us.In return for you paying your premium, we will provide thecover shown in the schedule for any accident, injury, loss ordamage that happens within the territorial limits during theperiod of insurance.Choice of LawThe law of England and Wales will apply to this contract unless:you and we agree otherwise; orat the date of the contract, you are a resident of (or, inthe case of a business, the registered office or principalplace of business is situated in) Scotland, NorthernIreland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. In whichcase (in the absence of agreement to the contrary) thelaw of that country will apply.8Your 14 day cancellation periodYou have a statutory right under Financial Services Authorityrules to cancel your policy during a period of14 days after the day of the purchase of the contract orthe day on which you receive your policy documentation,whichever is later.If you wish to do so and the insurance cover has not yetcommenced, you will be entitled to a full refund of thepremium paid.Alternatively, if you wish to do so and the insurance coverhas already commenced, you will be entitled to a refund ofthe premium paid subject to a deduction for the time forwhich you have been covered. This will be calculated on apro-rata basis for the period in which you received cover.To exercise your right to cancel, please contact RAC DirectInsurance on 0800 404 7516.You should also return your Certificate of Motor Insuranceimmediately following cancellation.If you do not exercise your right to cancel your insurance,it will continue in force and you will be required to paythe premium.For your cancellation rights outside the statutory coolingoff period, please refer to the General Conditions sectionof this booklet.

Use of LanguageUnless otherwise agreed, the contractual terms andconditions and other information relating to this contractwill be expressed in the English language.Administration ChargeWe reserve the right to apply an administration charge of upto 12 (subject to Insurance Premium Tax where applicable)for any adjustments you make to your insurance.Additional covers - refund of premiumsWhere you have purchased additional cover options withthis policy, there is no refund available on these additionalcovers if they are subsequently removed after the statutorycancellation period.9

10DefinitionsWhenever the following words or phrases appear, they will have the meanings described below.YouThe period of insuranceThe policyholder named in the schedule.The period of time covered by this insurance, as shownin the schedule, and any further period that we agree toinsure you for.We, usLondon and Edinburgh Insurance Company Limited(unless otherwise stated in any policy section).Your partnerThe partner or husband or wife of the policyholder, living atthe same address as the policyholder and sharing financialresponsibilities. This does not include any business partnersor associates.Market valueThe cost of replacing your car with one of a similar typeand condition.ExcessThe amount you will have to pay towards any claim.Territorial limitsGreat Britain, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands(and the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland forholiday purposes only).AccessoriesParts of your car which are not directly related to how itworks as a vehicle. This includes in-car entertainment,such as radios, and communication equipment whichform part of your car, as well as portable phones whilethey are connected to a power source in your car.

Your carEndorsementAny vehicle described in the schedule which is kept at anaddress within the territorial limits. Any other vehicle forwhich you have a valid RAC Direct Insurance certificate ofmotor insurance showing the registration mark of thatvehicle, as long as you keep it at an address within theTerritorial limits.Changes in the terms of your insurance. These are shownin your schedule.Any vehicle loaned to you, or to a permitted driver shown onyour RAC Direct Insurance certificate of motor insurance, bya supplier we have nominated following a claim under thepolicy. (Please check your insurance schedule to see if youhave courtesy car or hire car cover).Any vehicle loaned to you for up to seven days by a garage,motor engineer or vehicle repairer while the vehicledescribed on your insurance schedule is being serviced orrepaired, or having an MOT test.Green CardA document that you will need in certain countries that arenot members of the European Union to prove that you havethe minimum insurance cover needed by law to drive inthose countries.Road Traffic ActsAny acts, laws or regulations, which govern the driving oruse of any motor vehicle in Great Britain, Northern Ireland,the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.Accidental injuryRAC Direct Insurance Certificate of motor insuranceThe current document that proves you have the motorinsurance you need by law. The certificate shows who candrive your car, what you can use it for and whether you areallowed to drive:This does not include any sickness, disease ormedical disorder.Loss of sightaa loaned vehicle from a garage during a service,repair or MOT, for up to seven days;This means permanent and total loss of sight in one orboth loaned vehicle from our nominated supplier followinga claim under the insurance.Loss of limbIt is proof that you can use your car on a road or in anyother public place, as required by the Road Traffic Acts.This means total loss, or permanent and total loss of use,of an entire hand or foot.The certificate does not show the cover you have.11

12Definitions continuedScheduleInsured personThe document which gives details of the cover you have.ayou;bThe following definitions only apply to the Legal Servicessection of the insurance.any person entitled to drive, as described under‘Permitted Drivers’ in the RAC Direct Insurancecertificate of motor insurance; orcany passenger carried in your car.Appointed representativeProspects of successThe lawyer or other suitably qualified person appointedby us to act on behalf of an insured person.In respect of all claims it is always more likely than notthat an insured person willAdditional Definitions for Legal ServicesCosts and expensesaAll reasonable and necessary legal costs charged by theappointed representative and agreed by us.bLegal costs which an insured person has been orderedto pay by a court or other body which we have agreed toor authorised.arecover damages or obtain any other legal remedywhich we have agreed tobmake a successful defencecmake a successful appeal or defence of an appeal.Prospects of success will be assessed by us or anappointed representative on our behalf.

Table of Cover SummaryCoverComprehensiveThird Party,Fire & TheftPage NoSection 1Loss of or damage to your car – if your car is lost,stolen or damaged Fire & Theft only14Section 2Liability to third parties – covering other peopleand their property. 16Section 3Injury to you or your partner 18Section 4Medical expenses and emergency treatment 19Section 5Courtesy carIf shown on yourscheduleIf shown on yourschedule20Section 6Physiotherapy coverIf shown on yourscheduleIf shown on yourschedule22Section 7Personal belongings & child seat cover 22Section 8No-claim discount 23Section 9Replacement locks 23Section 10Suspending cover 24Section 11Continental use and compulsory insurance requirements– minimum insurance while driving on the continent 24Section 12Legal services and adviceIf shown on yourscheduleIf shown on yourschedule2513

14Terms & ConditionsSection 1Loss of or damage to your car –if your car is lost, stolen or damagedWe maypay for your car to be repaired;replace your car; orpay you a cash amount equal to the lossor damage.When we settle claims, we may take off an amount forwear, tear and loss of value. The same cover also appliesto your car’s accessories and spare parts while they are inor on your car or in your private garage. We will also pay forloss of, or damage to, your car’s audio equipment orsatellite navigation system up to 500, unless it was fittedby the manufacturer. The equipment will also be coveredwhile it is away from your car or private garage if it:has been designed to be totally orpartially removed;cannot work without being attached toyour car; andhas been temporarily removed forsecurity reasons.the cost of repairing any damage covered by theinsurance is more than 60% of your car’s UK list price(including car tax and VAT) when you bought your car;oryour car is stolen and not recovered.We will only replace your car if:you or your partner own your car or are buying it undera hire-purchase agreement (not a leasing, contract-hireagreement, or other type of agreement);the hire-purchase company agrees; andyou or your partner are the first registered keeper ofyour carExcessesIf your car is lost, stolen or damaged, you are responsiblefor paying the excess shown on your schedule, no matterhow the loss or damage happened.The excesses shown below will apply as well as any otherexcess for damage claims, while the person driving your caris:Excess AmountA aged 20 or under 250B aged 21 to 24 150

The most we will pay will be the market value of your car atthe time of the loss.If you cannot drive your car as a result of damage coveredunder this insurance, we will pay the reasonable costs of:protecting your car and removing it to the nearestRAC Direct Insurance approved repairers; anddelivering your car back to your address in the BritishIsles after the repairs have been carried out.If we know that you are still paying for your car under a hirepurchase or leasing agreement, we will pay any claim to theowner described in that agreement. Our liability under thisinsurance will then end.Accident recoveryIf your car is not safe to drive after an accident, phone usand we will arrange for someone to come out and help you.Glasss in the windscreen, sunroof or windowIf you are claiming for loss of, or damage to, the glassin your car’s windscreen, sunroof or windows, or for anyscratching of the bodywork as a result of broken glass,you will only have to pay the first 60 of the cost ofreplacing the glass. This excess will not apply if the glassis repaired rather than replaced.Any payment we make for repairing or replacing glassin your car’s windscreen, sunroof or windows (or for anyscratches on the bodywork caused directly by the brokenglass) will not affect your no-claim discount.Exceptions to section 1of your insuranceYour insurance does not cover the following:If your car cannot be made roadworthy within a reasonabletime, we will take it to a RAC Direct Insurance approvedrepairer. We can take your car to a repairer of your choice ifthis is nearer, but this may lead to delays in arranging forrepairs to your car.aLoss or damage arising from theft while the ignitionkeys of your car have been left in or on your car.bLoss of use, reduction in value, wear and tear, ormechanical, electrical or computer breakdowns,failures or breakages.Our employees and contractors will use reasonable careand skill when providing the accident recovery service.However, they can cancel services or refuse to providethem if, in their opinion, your demands are excessive,unreasonable or not practical.cDamage to tyres by braking or by punctures, cuts orbursts.dLoss or damage directly caused by pressure wavescaused by aircraft or other flying devices travellingat, or above, the speed of sound.eLoss of value following a repair.fConfiscation or requisition or destruction byor under order of any government or public orlocal authority.New car replacementWe will replace your car with a new car of the same makeand specification (if one is available in the UK) if, within12 months of you or your partner buying your car from new:15

16Section 2Liability to third parties –covering other people and their propertyExceptions to Section 2of your insuranceYour liabilityThe cover under this section will not apply in the followingcircumstances.a If any person insured under this section does notkeep to the terms, exceptions and conditions of thisinsurance. The cover will also not apply if the insuredperson can claim under another insurance policy.b If the death of, or injury to, any employee of theinsured person arises out of, or in the course of, thatemployee’s duties, unless we must provide coverunder the Road Traffic Acts.c For anyone we insure who claims under this section,if the claim relates to loss or damage to property thatbelongs to them or is in their care.d If the damage being claimed for has happened to anycar covered by this section.e While any vehicle is being used on:part of an aerodrome or airport used for aircrafttaking off and landing;aircraft parking areas including service roads;ground equipment parking areas; orany parts of passenger terminals within thecustoms examination area;unless we are liable under the Road Traffic Acts.We will insure you for all amounts which you may have topay as a result of you being legally liable for:aa person’s death or injurybdamage to their property up to a maximum amount of 20,000,000 (excluding claimant’s costs and expenses)and up to 5,000,000 for claimant’s costs and expensesand any other costs and expenses incurred with ourwritten consent in relation to damage to their a result of an accident caused by the following:Your car.Any trailer being towed by a car for which cover isprovided under this section.We will also pay any expenses you have our permission inwriting to claim.Liability of others driving or using your carOn the same basis that we insure you under this section,we will also insure:any person driving your car with your permission, aslong as your RAC Direct Insurance certificate of motorinsurance allows that person to drive;

any person using (but not driving) your car with yourpermission for social, domestic and pleasure purposes;any passenger travelling in or getting into or out of yourcar; andthe employer or business partner of the person coveredunder this section while your car is being used forbusiness purposes, as long as your RAC DirectInsurance certificate of motor insurance allows businessuse. This does not apply if:your car belongs to or is hired by the employer orbusiness partner; oryou are a corporate organisation or firm.Legal personal representativesIf anyone who is insured under this section dies, we willprotect his or her legal personal representatives againstany liability that the person had, which is covered under thissection.Legal costsWe will pay the following legal costs if they relate to anincident which is covered under this section:Fees of solicitors we ask to represent anyone weinsure under this section at a coroner’s inquest orfatal accident inquiry, or to defend any proceedingsin a court of summary jurisdiction.Fees for legal representatives we ask to defend anyonewe insure under this section when proceedings are takenfor manslaughter, dangerous driving or careless driving.fExcept to the extent that we are obliged by theRoad Traffic Acts to provide insurance, to:(i) any direct or indirect consequence of an actor acts of terrorism, whether or not suchconsequence has been contributed to by any othercause. Terrorism includes but is not limited to:(a) the use or threat of force and/or violence and/or(b) harm or damage to life or to property (or thethreat of such harm or damage) including but notlimited to harm or damage by nuclear, chemical,biological and/or radiological meanswhen any such act is committed by any person(s)or group(s) of people in whole or in part for political,religious, ideological or similar purposes, or is claimedto be committed in whole or part forsuch purposes:(ii) any action taken in controlling, preventing,suppressing or in any other way relatingto (i) above.In respect of exception (f) where we are obliged bythe Road Traffic Acts to provide insurance, themaximum amount we will pay for damage to propertyas a result of any accident or accidents caused by avehicle or vehicles driven or used by you or any otherperson and for which cover is provided under thissection will be:(i) 5,000,000 in respect of all claims resultingdirectly or indirectly from one originating cause; or(ii) such greater sum as may in the circumstances berequired to meet the minimum insurancerequirements of the Road Traffic Acts.17

18Section 3Injury to you or your partnerIf you or your partner are accidentally injured in your car,or while getting into, out of or travelling in any other privatecar that does not belong to you and is not hired to youunder a hire-purchase agreement, we will pay 5,000 if,within three months of the accident, the injury is the onlycause of your or your partner’s:The most we will pay any one person after any accidentis 5,000.The most we will pay any one person during any one periodof insurance is 10,000.If you or your partner have any other insurance policies withus for any other vehicle or vehicles, you can only getcompensation under one insurance policy.death;permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes; orloss of any limb.Exceptions to section 3of your insuranceThis personal accident insurance does not coverthe following:aCorporate organisations or firms.bDeath or injury arising from suicide orattempted suicide.

Section 4Medical expenses andemergency treatmentIf you, or any other person in your car, are injured as adirect result of your car being involved in an accident,we will pay the following:Medical expensesThe medical expenses arising in connection with thataccident. The most we will pay for each injured personis 100.Emergency treatmentWe will refund payments any person using any car coveredby this insurance has made under the Road Traffic Acts foremergency treatment.If we make a payment under this section, this will not affectyour no-claim discount.Exceptions to section 4of your insuranceAny physiotherapy treatment.19

20Section 5Courtesy CarA courtesy car is supplied to reduce your inconvenienceand where possible ensure you remain mobile throughoutthe duration of your claim. A courtesy car is not intended tobe an exact replacement for your own vehicle. All courtesyvehicles will have comprehensive cover under your existinginsurance for the period of the loan, regardless of what levelof cover you have requested for your car. (Please note thata courtesy car cannot be provided until your claim has beenaccepted and cover has been confirmed).The flow chart below tells you what type of courtesy car youwill receive according to your insurance cover and situation.This should be read in conjunction with the importantinformation.Courtesy car coverRAC Direct Insurance offers two levels of courtesy car;standard and enhanced. Your level of cover will determinethe kind of courtesy car you will receive in case of a claim.A standard courtesy car is a small 3-door, 1 litre hatchbackcar.An enhanced courtesy car is a 5-door car with a 1.6 litreengine and room to seat 5 people.Important informationIf your vehicle is immobile or unroadworthy we aimto provide a courtesy car within one working day(however, if an incident occurs during a weekend itmay not be possible to provide a courtesy car untilthe following Monday).In order to avoid undue delays, please advise usduring the early stages of your claim if an automatictransmission courtesy car is required. Automaticcourtesy cars can be supplied, providing the carbeing repaired is an automatic.A ‘grey’ import is a vehicle that does not comply withEuropean Union vehicle type specification and whichis imported from outside the UK (usually Japan).If you have chosen not to have either of our courtesycar options you will not receive a courtesy car in anycase. You should refer to your insurance schedule tocheck the level of cover you have requested.

Do you have Comprehensive cover orThird Party Fire & Theft cover?Third Party Fire & TheftComprehensiveMy car isbeing repairedby an RACDirect InsuranceapprovedrepairerMy car isbeingrepaired by arepairer ofmy choiceMy c

Car Insurance This booklet covers:Car Rapid Bonus Business RAC Direct Insurance is a trading name of London and Edinburgh Insurance Company Limited. Registered in England No 924430. Registered Office: 8 Surrey Street, Norwich NR1 3NG. Member of the Aviva Group. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. RAC052(V27)-1971-06.06 .

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