Designing Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCED)

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Cisco 500-440Designing Cisco Unified Contact CenterEnterprise (UCCED)Cisco 500-440 Dumps Available Here xam/500-440-dumps.htmlEnrolling now you will get access to 93 questions in a unique set of 500440 dumpsQuestion 1Which three features or functionalities does Cisco Unified Communications Manager provide for CiscoUnified CCE and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal? (Choose three.)Options:A. transfer call routing from agent to agentB. CTI data on Cisco Agent Desktop screen popC. Courtesy CallbackD. Cisco Mobile AgentsE. Cisco Extension Mobility for agentsF. call queuingAnswer: A, D, EQuestion 2Which three features does Cisco Unified Border Element provide when Cisco Unified CCE and CiscoUnified Customer Voice Portal are used? (Choose three.)Options:A. Silent Monitor inbound voice callsB. secure communication using flow around modeC. NAT for address hidingD. normalize SIP messages using SIP profilesE. record calls by forking the media using .com

Cisco 500-440F. demarcation point between networksAnswer: C, D, FQuestion 3Which three options are valid when Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal comprehensive call flow andsurvivability service handles SIP REFER? (Choose three.)Options:A. SIP REFER label and SigDigitsB. SIP REFER with ICM router requeryC. SIP REFER with ICM script Send To VRU nodeD. SIP REFER with custom SIP headerE. SIP REFER with routing label "rfxxxx" and standalone Cisco Unified CVP with ICM LookuplabelF. SIP REFER with ECC variable user.sip.transferAnswer: A, C, DQuestion 4In the congestion control feature of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, which four options handle thecalls that are to be throttled? (Choose four.)Options:A. Treat the call with Dialed Number Default Label.B. Queue the call and play a message, then release the call.C. Treat the call with System Default Label.D. Terminate the call with a Dialog Fail or RouteEnd.E. Transfer calls to an available IVR port.F. Send a Release Message to the routing client.G. Offer Courtesy Callback to the caller, then terminate the call.H. Transfer the call to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager hunt group.Answer: A, C, D, F

Cisco 500-440Question 5In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment, which two options are the roles of theAdministration & Data Servers? (Choose two.)Options:A. administration serverB. real-time data serverC. analytical serverD. recording serverE. static serverF. performance serverAnswer: A, BQuestion 6Which three features does Cisco Finesse provide as an out-of-the-box agent desktop? (Choose three.)Options:A. basic call control (answer, hold, retrieve, end, and make call)B. advanced call control (consultation, transfer after consult, conference after consult)C. agent historical reportsD. ready and login reason codesE. phonebooks and workflowsF. desktop for third-party ACDAnswer: A, B, EQuestion 7The JTAPI communications between the Cisco Unified Communication Manager cluster and Cisco UnifiedContact Center Enterprise include three distinct types of messaging. Which three options are thosemessages? (Choose three.)Options:A. SIP call control messagesB. routing control (Cisco Unified CM cluster request instructions from Cisco Unified CCE)

Cisco 500-440C. service controlD. device and call monitoringE. subscription controlF. device and call controlAnswer: B, D, FQuestion 8Which three components are required in a Cisco Unified CVP VXML "standalone" server deploymentmodel? (Choose three.)Options:A. Cisco Unified CVP Call StudioB. Cisco Unified CVP VXML ServerC. Cisco Unified CVP reporting serverD. load balancerE. ingress voice gatewayF. egress voice gatewayG. VRU peripheral gatewayAnswer: A, B, EQuestion 9Which type of traffic from the peripheral gateway to the central controller is considered high priority in theCisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution?Options:A. configuration requestsB. skill group dataC. routing and DMP control trafficD. Real-Time MonitoringAnswer: CQuestion 10

Cisco 500-440Which attribute can be created in Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Precision Routing?Options:A. Boolean or proficiencyB. string or integerC. Boolean or integerD. proficiency or arrayAnswer: AWould you like to see more? Don't miss our 500-440 PDFfile

Which three features does Cisco Unified Border Element provide when Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal are used? (Choose three.) . H. Transfer the call to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager hunt group. Answer: A, C, D, F Cisco 500-440

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Cisco Business Edition, in combination with Cisco Unified SRST or Unified E-SRST, which is embedded in the Cisco IOS Software, helps provide high-availability IP telephony to remote locations. When access to Cisco Unified Communication

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