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An Epic JourneyEpic Wave 3 ReadinessMarch – October 2018Presented by -Joseph Stein, MDDavid Wetherhold, MD& Beth Reed

About the PresentersJoseph Stein, MDDavid Wetherhold, MDExecutive Medical DirectorInpatient EpicExecutive Medical DirectorAmbulatory EpicClinical Cardiology, CardiacElectrophysiology andCritical Care MedicineChief Division of Internal MedicineScripps Clinic

Agenda Epic Outreach Goals & ServicesKey Issues for Offices Access Options & StrategiesEpic Case SchedulingCharge CaptureWave 3 Outreach Process & Timeline Epic Outreach Points of ContactAccess AgreementsTrainingTown Halls

Epic Wave 3 Outreach GOALThe Epic Outreach Program: Assist IndependentPhysicians with Epic Wave 3 Readiness Communication – stay informed of choices, timelines, opportunities Support – individual Physician and Office Manager Liaison – contact for: Training, Super Users, Data Verification, Security LoginIDs, Access, Device Readiness and Activation Support Leverage – partnerships with established Physician Groups

Outreach Readiness ServicesTrainingEpic Access PhysicianPhysician Office Staff eLearning Classroom Personalization Billing Access contract(office staff only) Non-employeeAccess RequestForms Practice LabsStaff eLearning or ClassroomLocal Classrooms!Charge Capture/ Reporting Epic StandardCharge Capturereports can beemailed toScripps emailScripps will notprocess yourpractice billingThird partybillingcompanies willneed a separateEpic agreementDevices Specificationsfor Epic access 24-inch monitorsrecommended Personaldevices High speedinternetconnection Printing

Accessing Epic from MD OfficeEpic ViewOnlyEpic LinkEpic via CitrixEpic ConnectResults OrdersøAmbulatory &ReferralsInpt/Outpt as atHosp.AllPeriOpøø DocumentøØ Scan;HospitalAllTrainingWhenCost2018 - PDFeLearneLearn½ day6-12 hoursNowNowWave 2-3Rollout startslate 2018øScripps ACOSubsidizedSubscriptionøø

Epic Access in Independent Physician OfficesDo you perform scheduledprocedures in Scripps facilities?NOYESProvider: Epic via CitrixDesignated Staff: Epic via CitrixDo you provide care for patientsin Scripps Acute Care Facilities?YESProvider: Epic via CitrixDesignated Staff: ReadOnly Epic AccessNODo you refer patients toScripps Med Staff membersand/or diagnostic services?YES******DO NOT share PASSWORDSEpic Link

Health Information Exchange Carequality and Sequoia Project Common interoperability frameworkVendor-neutral collaboration of healthcare communityLink data sharing networks via Provider organizations Pharmacy, imaging, lab organizations Select EHR vendorsContinuity of Care Document (CCD) Allergies, Problems, Procedures, Medications,Results, etc.

Epic Wave 3 Outreach by Physician PartnersDustin BrownExecutive OversightScripps Mercy Physician PartnersChief Operating Officer(619) 359-6600dustin@partnersdocs.comBeth ReedProgram DirectorScripps Mercy Physician PartnersCommunity Director(619)

Epic Wave 3 Outreach by Physician PartnersAna EstradaCoordinator (phone & field)Scripps Mercy Physician PartnersExecutive Assistant(619) 359-6600ana@partnersdocs.comNatalie NelsonCoordinator (phone)Scripps Mercy Physician PartnersPhysician Services Director(619)

Epic Wave 3 Outreach by Physician PartnersMary Kay BatesCoordinator (field)Scripps Mercy Physician PartnersFinancial & Administrative Assistant(619) 359-6600marykay@partnersdocs.comAshley HeldCoordinator (project manager)Scripps Mercy Physician PartnersProject and Marketing Director(619)

Readiness Outreach Approach & TimelineMarchthroughJuly 2018Meet and greet with practice office managerDesignate a practice office leadMeet physician lead, review practice verificationquestionnaireInteraction for Preparations, Status Report AccessAgreements for Office Staff, Training RegistrationMonthly Town Hall meetings for practice office leads,alignment, knowledge-sharing, Q&A

Epic Outreach Process - Practice AssessmentTo plan this transition, we are conducting a Practice VerificationQuestionnaire to gain mutual understanding of your privatepractice needs Update physician demographics Verifying NPI, SPI, DEA numbers, etc. Office, clinical, and specialty needs Epic access for office staff Epic training for office staff Charge capture options for office billing

Epic Outreach ProcessDesignated Office Expert: Review Scripps Access AgreementRequest office end-user IDsNotify Scripps of change in personnel, terminationsWork with Scripps on network and access policycompliancePrimary liaison and/or super-user to supportunderstanding of Epic, access, and its useImmediate notification to Scripps Service Desk (858678-7500) of any data breaches of protected healthinformation, legal requirements for disclosure

Epic Case SchedulingGoal:Develop the process and workflow for independentphysician offices to schedule cases and enter pre-operativeorders at Scripps. This includes OR, Hospital ASC,Endoscopy, Interventional Cardiology, and OB.Requirements: Office staff agreement signedCompletion of training / proficiencyOngoing maintenance for access

Epic Case SchedulingProvider office staff access includes: View their physician’s schedule using multi-providerscheduleView the snap board and see surgeon block time (ifapplicable) on the scheduleUse case entry to update case informationPatient lookupInBasket to communicate case information andregistration information with ScrippsUse order entry to place a case request, PSE, and preop orders using a saved OrderSet

Epic Case Scheduling - Training RequirementsOffice staff training for entering case requests:Required for office staff who currently submit case requestsfor surgery or procedures at Scripps Mercy Hospital SanDiego and Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista. 4 hours of in-person, interactive classroom trainingRegistration REQUIRED (begins in August, and needsto be completed by early September)Evenings / weekends / during business hours availableRequires successful completion of posttest

Physician Readiness Checklist Readiness office manager / office lead tasks complete Super user selection and early training Physician and staff enrollment and training complete Charge capture readiness tasks complete Confirm device readiness tasks complete Encourage Epic practice sessions, login days and skills checks Participation in Workflow and dress rehearsals

Town Hall ScheduleScripps Mercy Hospital San Diego, West Auditorium (Lower Level) Thursday, May 3 (5:30 – 7:30 PM) Thursday, July 12 (noon – 1 PM) Friday, May 11 (noon – 1 PM) Thursday, August 16 (noon – 1 PM) Friday, June 8 (noon – 1 PM) Thursday, September 6 (noon – 1 PM)Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista, 495 H Street Conference Room Friday, March 16 (noon – 1 PM) Friday, June 1 (noon – 1 PM)Friday, August 17 (noon – 1 PM)

Frequently Asked Questions(Click to Download)

Outreach Points of ContactPlease reach out to a representative at Scripps MercyPhysician Partners if you have any questions.Beth ReedProgram Director(619) 359-6600beth@partnersdocs.comNatalie NelsonMain Coordinator (phone)(619)


Thank you forattending today’swebinar!

The Epic Outreach Program: Assist Independent . Provider: Epic via Citrix. Designated Staff: Epic via Citrix. Provider: Epic via Citrix Designated Staff: Read-Only Epic Access. Do you refer patients to . Immediate notification to Scripps Service Desk (858-678-7500) of any data breaches of protected health

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