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Cooling, Purification &Commercial RefrigerationInstallation & Out of WarrantyService Chargesw.e.f. January 2022

COOLING AND PURIFICATION APPLIANCES GROUP (CPAG)COOLING AND PURIFICATION APPLIANCES GROUP (CPAG)ROOM AIR CONDITIONERSROOM AIR CONDITIONERSCharges ( )CityCharges ( )Up-CountrySite Inspection400500Installation / Re-installation - Window AC / Portable AC650750Dismantling charges - Window AC / Portable AC475575Scope of Standard Installation:Installation / Re-installation - Split AC (Fixed Speed / Inverter)15001650INCLUSIONDismantling charges - Split AC / Inverter AC750900 Installation / Re-installation - Cassette AC / Vertical (Tower) AC /Floor Standing AC30004000Installation of IDU/ODU/Accessories supplied by Blue Star, routing of Copper Pipes andcable from IDU to ODU through brick wall, electrical cabling to power socket, testing,commissioning and demonstration of the air conditioner. Covering the wall hole used for routing Copper Pipe from IDU to ODU with white cement.Dismantling of Cassette AC / Vertical (Tower) AC / Floor standing AC9501100Additional Copper Piping provided by customer per RMT (labour only)200200Standard Installation Charges*Site inspection includes finalisation of IDU, ODU location and routing of Copper Pipes,Drain Pipe, Electrical Point, etc. Rs. 200 of Site inspection charges will be discounted ifcustomer opts for Standard Installation.*EXCLUSION Unit shifting from one location to another Core cutting of RCC wall or ceiling for cable / pipe routing Civil work like Chiselling / Masonry Work / Welding etc. Wooden Work / Grill Cutting / Metal WorkNitrogen Flushing / Nitrogen Pressure Testing of already installedCopper Piping600600Additional Copper Pipe with insulation per RMT950950Additional Drain Pipe (PVC) 1” Insulated Wire Mesh per RMT105105 Arrangement of Ladder / Scaffolding Nitrogen Flushing / Testing of existing Copper Pipes ODU stand installation supplied by customer Work not specified and/or required based on site condition4 Core Wire 1.5 sq. mm Interconnecting Cable IDU - ODU per RMT1501503 Core Wire 2.5 sq. mm for power supply per RMT125125Supply and installation of ODU Stand845845Installation of ODU Stand (labour only)300300

COOLING AND PURIFICATION APPLIANCES GROUP (CPAG)COOLING AND PURIFICATION APPLIANCES GROUP (CPAG)ROOM AIR CONDITIONERSWATER PURIFIERSSTANDARD INSTALLATION CHARGESOut of Warranty Service ChargesCovered under WarrantyCharges ( )CityCharges ( )Up-CountryStella / Regalus models500650Majesto, Edge, Prisma, Imperia, Clarita, Adora, Eleanor, Pristina,Eternia, Genia, Aristo, Excella, Cresto and other models300450OUT OF WARRANTY VISITING CHARGESCharges ( )CityCharges ( )Up-CountryWindow AC, Fixed Speed Split AC500600Air Cooler, Air Purifier400550Cassette AC, Verticool Tower AC, Floor stand AC, Inverter AC600700VISITING CHARGESWATER PURIFIER SPARE PARTS#PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICEWindow AC / Split AC - Dry Service500600Window AC / Split AC - Wet Service800900Split AC (Fixed speed) / Inverter28003000Window AC25002700Cassette AC, Verticool Tower AC, Floor Stand AC, Mega Split ACup to 2.5TR30003200Cassette AC, Verticool Tower AC, Floor Stand AC, Inverter AC,Mega Split AC - 2.5TR to 4.5TR45005000GAS CHARGING WITH NITROGEN TESTING#Prices (MRP) ( )Booster Pump4500Valve800Choke / Ballast750Pre / Post / Sediment Filter700RO Membrane2500UF Filter700LPS Switch450SMPS1400UV Lamp600Float Switch300QCC Connector (Elbow)50Flow Restrictor (FRT)200Pre Filter Element700Immuno Booster Cartridge (IBT)2000Aqua Mineral Infuser (AMI)300Spare parts prices inclusive of GST. Indicated prices not applicable for Stella / Prisma / Regalus models

COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BUSINESS GROUP (CRBG)COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BUSINESS GROUP (CRBG)REFRIGERATION PRODUCTSREFRIGERATION PRODUCTSCharges ( )CityCharges ( )Up-CountryWater Cooler700800Water Cooler with inbuilt RO/UV Water Purifier12001300Deep Freezer, Bottle-Water Dispenser, Visi-Cooler, Bottle Cooler600700Ice Cube Machine10001100Kitchen Equipment (Unitary Type) - Blast Chiller / Freezer, Reachin Cooler / Freezer, Undercounter, Saladattes / Sandwich Station,Back Bar Chiller120015002000300022003500Providing and fixing additional Copper Pipe with insulation perRMT for Retail Split Unit15001500Providing and fixing additional Drain Pipe (PVC) per RMT forRetail Split Unit150150 Installation of machine and its allied accessories supplied by Blue Star, levelling and testing ofmachine up to its desired temperature requirement.Providing and fixing 4-Core Wire 2.0 sq. mm interconnectingcable IDU - ODU per RMT for Retail Split Unit200200 Routing the copper pipe through the brick wall and covering the hole with white cement. Providing and fixing 3-Core Wire 2.5 sq. mm for power supply perRMT for Retail Split Unit125125Unitary products have pre-charged refrigerant in new machine. So, gas charging if required shallbe free of cost to customer. Labour charges for installation of stabiliser.Supply and installation of normal table-top having height 1 Ft/ Chair Type made up of MS Angle 35x35x5mm for ODU unit forRetail Split Unit 35003500Water Cooler installation includes installation of machine, levelling, fixing allied accessories, tankcleaning and removing the first lot of water to have safe drinking water. Danfoss / Emerson Drier 3/8”750750RO and UV testing include complete flushing of each filter and removing first lot of water to havesafe drinking water.Solenoid valve 3/8” assembly33503350 In case of re-installation, charges shall be applicable as above.Thermostatic Expansion Valve TES255005500 Calibration of temperature performance is not included. Unit shifting from one location to another, RCC core-cutting in ceiling / wall shall be extra.Installation including Visit ChargesRetail Refrigeration Unit:Plug InSplit TypeCharges ( )CityNitrogen Flushing, Leak Testing, Evacuation, Gas Charging R-404and Testing for Retail Split UnitCharges ( )Up-Country65006500Dismantling of retail refrigeration unit:Plug InSplit Type800150010001750Healthcare Refrigeration Product:Blood Bank Refrigerator / Medical Refrigerator ofVaccine Freezer (ILR) / Transport Refrigerator (2-8 C)10001500Medical Freezer -10 to -40 C15002000Medical Freezer -40 to -86 C45005000Scope of Installation / Re-installation:

COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BUSINESS GROUP (CRBG)COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BUSINESS GROUP (CRBG)REFRIGERATION PRODUCTSREFRIGERATION PRODUCTSOut of Warranty Service ChargesCharges ( )CityCharges ( )Up-CountryVisi-Cooler, Deep Freezer, Water Cooler, Bottle Water Dispenser650750Reach in Chiller, Under-counter, Back-bar, Reach in Freezer, SaladCounter, Blast Freezer9501050PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICEVISITING CHARGESVisi-Cooler, Deep Freezer, Water Cooler, Bottle Water DispenserCharges ( )CityCharges ( )Up-Country550650Ice Cube Machine, Ice Flake Machine850950200025001000200012002500Reach-in Chiller, Under-counter, Back-bar, Reach-in Freezer,Salad Counter, Blast Freezer750750Retail RefrigerationIce Cube Machine, Ice Flake Machine650750Retail Refrigeration8501000Cold Room:Positive TemperatureMinus TemperatureCold Room:Positive TemperatureMinus TemperatureHealthcare Products:Blood Bank Refrigerator / Medical Refrigerator ofVaccine Freezer (ILR) / Transport Refrigerator (2-8 C)750100010001500Healthcare Products:Blood Bank Refrigerator / Medical Refrigerator ofVaccine Freezer (ILR) / Transport Refrigerator (2-8 C)750850Medical Freezer -10 to -40 C10001200Medical Freezer -40 to -86 C25003000Visi-Cooler/Freezer, Deep Freezer, Water Cooler30003500550650Medical Freezer -10 to -40 C7501000Medical Freezer -40 to -86 C15002000Electronics components replacement (Solenoid Valve, PCB, PressureSwitch, Pump) of RO/UV Water Cooler13001300Bottle Water Dispenser15001800Filter replacement per Filter of RO/UV Water Cooler75075055006000RO Filter cleaning of RO/UV Water Cooler20002000Kitchen Equipment: Reach-in Chiller & Freezer, Under-counterChiller & Freezer, Back-bar, Saladatte Counter, Blast Freezer, IceCube / Flake MachineRetail Refrigeration60006500Healthcare Products Category (2-8 C, -10 to -40 C)50005500GAS CHARGING WITH NITROGEN TESTINGHealthcare Products Category (-40 to -86 C),Retail Refrigeration (Split Type), Cold Room MachinesTo be quotedby Blue Star directly

TERMS AND CONDITIONS GST extra as applicable. Upcountry - Areas outside the municipal limits of Blue Star authorised service centre location. Within municipal limit, gas charging rates are inclusive of to and fro transportation chargesof the unit from customer’s place to Blue Star authorised service centre. Or inclusive of toand fro transportation charges of gas charging kit from Blue Star authorised service centreto customer’s place. For upcountry locations, machine transportation charges (to and fro) 500/- or as peractual shall be applicable. Standard installation charges are for the AC and accessories supplied with the unit. Anyadditional accessories or parts like ODU stand, extra piping, cables shall be charged extraas applicable. Civil work / welding / wall chiselling shall be charged extra. Out of warranty visiting charges shall be applicable even if customer does not opt for repairs. Mentioned service charges do not include spare parts cost. The same shall be communicated to the customer post product inspection. Visiting charges shall be valid for 1 month from the date of visit. Visiting charges shall be waived off if the customer approves the gas charging quotation. In case of repeat gas charging within 2 months, only visiting charges shall be paid bythe customer. Gas charging / spare replacement quotation for cold room, retail and healthcare refrigerationproduct categories shall be submitted post inspection by Blue Star Service Team. The re-visitcharges shall be applicable if the customer approves the quotation after a week’s time. Channel partner has to submit GST invoice to customer towards all payments. These mentioned charges shall be effective from January 1st, 2022.BWD - Bottle Water Dispenser; DF - Deep Freezer; WC - Water Cooler; ESA - Expert Service Associates;SSD - Sales and Service Dealer; IDU - Indoor Unit; ODU - Outdoor Unit; RMT - Running Meter;ICM - Ice Cube Machine

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Commercial Refrigeration. Standard Installation . Reach in Chiller, Under-counter, Back-bar, Reach in Freezer, Salad Counter, Blast Freezer 950 1050 Ice Cube Machine, Ice Flake Machine 850 950 . 1000 2000 1200 2500 Healthcare Products: Blood Bank Refrigerator / Medical Refrigerator of Vaccine Freezer (ILR) / Transport Refrigerator (2-8 C .

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