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IC32 - Pre-Instructional Survey1. What is the primary function of a firewall?a.b.c.d.Block all internet trafficDetect network intrusionsFilters network trafficAuthenticate users2. Inter-network connection device that restricts data communication traffic between twoconnected networks is called a(n).a.b.c.d.IDSFirewallRouterAnti-virus software3. The process of securing a system by reducing its attack surface is known asa. Threat Modelingb. System Hardeningc. Intrusion Detectiond. Whitelisting4.Policies, procedures and technical controls that govern the use of system resources areknown asa.b.c.d.Data Flow ControlsSystem Integrity ControlsAccess ControlsSystem Hardening Controls5. Which of the following is an objective of cybersecurity acceptance testing?a.b.c.d.Verification of cybersecurity specificationsRoot cause analysisCyber risk determinationVerification of system functionality ISA, IC32 (v4.0)1

IC32 - Pre-Instructional Survey6. What are the three main phases of the IACS Cybersecurity Lifecycle?a.b.c.d.Assess, Develop & Mitigate, MaintainDesign, Implement, MaintainAssess, Develop & Implement, MaintainDesign, Mitigate, Maintain7. Which of the following is the correct risk equation?a.b.c.d.Risk Threat x Asset x ConsequenceRisk Threat x Vulnerability x CostRisk Threat Agent x Threat x VulnerabilityRisk Threat x Vulnerability x Consequence8. The desired level of security for a system is known as?a.b.c.d.Target Security LevelAchieved Security LevelCapability Security LevelProtection Level9. Which of the following is the correct formula for Cyber Risk Reduction Factor (CRRF)?a.b.c.d.CRRF Unmitigated Risk / Tolerable RiskCRRF Mitigated Risk / Tolerable RiskCRRF Tolerable Risk / Unmitigated RiskCRRF Tolerable Risk / Mitigated Risk10. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is an example of what method of treating risk?a.b.c.d.DetectDeterDefendDefeat ISA, IC32 (v4.0)2

IC32 - Pre-Instructional Survey11. Security service system that monitors and analyzes system events for the purpose offinding, and providing real-time or near real-time warning of attempts to access systemresources in an unauthorized manner is called a(n).a.b.c.d.IDSFirewallRouterAnti-virus software12. What is the name of the firewall feature that analyzes protocols at the applicationlayer to identify malicious or malformed packets?a.b.c.d.Stateful inspectionDeep packet inspectionPacket filterLayer 3 check13. A three-tier network segmentation design that prevents direct communication betweenthe enterprise network and the process control network by creating a buffer is alsoknown as a(n).a.b.c.d.Zones and conduitsPerimeter firewallICS firewallDMZ14. Which of the following represents the recommended process of firewall planning andimplementation?a.b.c.d.Plan, Configure, Test, Deploy, ManagePlan, Configure, Deploy, Test, ManagePlan, Deploy, Manage, Test, ConfigureDesign, Configure, Test, Deploy, Document15. What are the main types of intrusion detection systems?a.b.c.d.Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Network Intrusion DetectionHost Intrusion Detection & Network Intrusion DetectionHost Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention SystemsIntrusion Prevention & Network Intrusion Detection ISA, IC32 (v4.0)3

16. What is the desired outcome of the Initiate a CSMS program activity?a. Conceptual diagrams that show how an AD forest can be attackedb. Obtain leadership commitment, support, and fundingc. Identify software agents used by threat agents to propagate attacksd. Conduct periodic IACS conformance audits17. Which of the following is NOT a network device hardening best practice?a. Install latest firmware updatesb. Shut down unused physical interfacesc. Enable logging, collect logs (e.g. Syslog) and review regularlyd. Use Telnet for remote management18. Which of the following is an example of dual-factor authentication?a.b.c.d.Username and passwordDigital certificate and smart cardFingerprint and retinal signatureFingerprint and smart card19. A network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure such as the Internet toprovide remote networks or computers with secure access to another network is known asa.a.b.c.d.VLANVSATVPNVNC20. If a virus shuts down an industrial network by overloading the Ethernet switcheswhich basic information security property is affected?a.b.c.d.2019, ISAIC32 y4

IC32 - Pre-Instructional SurveyAnswer Key1. c2. b3. b4. c5. a6. c7. d8. a9. a10. a11. a12. b13. d14. a15. b16. b17. d18. d19. c20. c ISA, IC32 (v4.0)

c. Plan, Deploy, Manage, Test, Configure d. Design, Configure, Test, Deploy, Document 15. What are the main types of intrusion detection systems? a. Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Network Intrusion Detection b. Host Intrusion Detection & Network Intrusion Detection c. Host Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention Systems d.

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