Amendments To The Louisiana Constitution Of 1974

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Amendments to the Louisiana Constitution of 1974Article IArticle VIIIArticle IIArticle IXArticle IIIArticle XArticle IVArticle XIArticle VArticle XIIArticle VIArticle XIIIArticle VIIArticle XIVArticle I: Declaration of RightsElectionBallot #AuthorNov. 3, 20201Rep. K. JacksonNov. 6, 20181Nov. 6, 20182Nov. 6, 20122Nov. 2, 20108Nov. 2, 201010Nov. 4, 20086Sept. 30, 20064Sept. 30, 20065Sept. 30, 20066Nov. 2, 20041Oct. 4, 20033Oct. 4, 200312Oct. 3, 19984Bill/Act #HB 425/Act 4472019 R.S.Sen. AppelSB 31/Act 7192018 R.S.Sen. MorrellSB 243/Act 7222018 R.S.Sen. RiserSB 303/Act 8742012 R.S.Rep. LegerHB 276/Act 10522010 R.S.Rep. Montoucet HB 940/Act 10532010 R.S.Sen. MurraySB 295/Act 9362008 R.S.Sen. DupreSB 27/Act 8532006 R.S.Sen. McPhersonSB 1/Act 8512006 R.S.Rep. FarrarHB 707/Act 8592006 R.S.Sen. McPhersonSB2/Act 9272004 R.S.Rep. PitreHB 424/Act 12952003 R.S.Rep. DevillierHB 604/Act 13042003 R.S.Sen. Dardenne SB 330/Act 14871997 R.S.AmendmentSec.Votes for% For62.058%VotesAgainst779,005%Pass orAgainstFail37.942% PassAbortion right/fundingAdds Sec. 20.11,274,167Convicted felon in public officeAdds Sec. 10.1Unanimous jury verdict in allnoncapital felony casesRight to keep & bear arms isfundamentalSale of expropriated propertyDec. 9, 20201,090,50074.662%370,08525.338%PassDec. 12, 2018Amends Sec. 17(A)938,18264.351%519,73135.649%PassDec. 12, 2018Amends Sec. 111,332,89373.456%481,64626.544%PassDec. 10, 2012Amends Sec. 4(H)(1)569,08251.367%538,80148.633%PassDec. 1, 2010Waivers of jury trials for criminaldefendantsRe-sale of certain expropriatedpropertyHurricane protection liabilityAmends Sec. 17(A)621,34555.053%507,29344.947%PassDec. 1, 2010Adds Sec. 4(H)(5)771,13249.491%786,99950.509%FailAdds Sec. 4(G)380,59860.776%245,63539.224%PassOct. 31, 2006Limits on expropriation of privatepropertyProcedures to transferexpropriated propertyFreedom to hunt, fish & trapAmends Sec. 4(B)333,61954.782%275,38045.218%PassOct. 31, 2006Adds Sec. 4(H)302,17750.283%298,77549.717%PassOct. 31, 2006Adds Sec. 271,195,44581.027%279,92618.973%PassDec. 7, 2004Coastal restoration liabilityAmends Sec. 4(F)626,93560.537%408,69139.463%PassNov. 6, 2003ContrabandAmends Sec. 4(C)574,30755.157%466,91444.843%PassNov. 6, 2003Crime victims' rightsAdds Sec. 25372,05469.157%165,93030.843%PassNov. 5, 1998House Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021Eff. Date

Oct. 3, 19986Rep. BruneauOct. 3, 19989Sen. MaloneOct. 3, 199811Sen. JordanOct. 3, 199814Sen. LentiniNov. 18, 19951Rep. WindhorstOct. 7, 19894Sen. DecuirHB 667/Act 14981997 R.S.SB 321/Act 14921997 R.S.SB 295/Act 14941997 R.S.SB 282/Act 15021997 R.S.HB 78/Act 13221995 R.S.SB 52/Act 8401989 R.S.Bail denialAmends Sec. 18369,27768.309%171,32131.691%PassNov. 5, 1998Felon in public officeAmends Sec. 10342,90964.038%192,57135.962%PassNov. 5, 1998State sovereigntyAdds Sec. 25295,94156.474%228,08643.526%PassNov. 5, 1998Jury requirementsAmends Sec. 17314,97861.934%193,59538.066%PassNov. 5, 1998Jury instructionAmends Sec. 16747,29559.539%507,84440.461%PassDec. 23, 1995Drug property seizureAmends Sec. 4(D)422,18167.835%200,18732.165%PassNov. 7, 1989Bill/Act #AmendmentSec.Votes for% ForVotesAgainst%AgainstPass orFailEff. Date%Pass orAgainstFail54.299%FailEff. DateArticle II: Distribution of PowersElectionBallot #AuthorArticle III: Legislative BranchElectionBallot #AuthorBill/Act #AmendmentSec.Votes for% ForOct. 24, 20153Rep. StokesFiscal sessionsAmends Sec. 2(A)(4)(b)452,62545.701%Nov. 4, 201414Rep. JamesHB 518/Act 4722015 R.S.HB 131/Act 4352013 en. E. GuilloryAmends Sec. 2(A)(3)(b) &(4)(b)(introductoryparagraph)Amends Sec. 2(A)(2)538,530Nov. 6, 20121,101,31764.460%607,19835.540%PassDec. 10, 2012Nov. 6, 20129Sen. ClaitorTax rebates, incentives &abatements in regular sessions ineven-numbered yearsPrefiling & notice ofretirement billsCrime prevention districtsAmends Sec. 13924,56056.434%713,73943.565%PassDec. 10, 2012Nov. 2, 20101Sen. McPhersonAdds Sec. 4(G)845,94472.534%320,33127.466%PassDec. 1, 2010Oct. 2, 20101Sen. RiserSalary increases for electedofficialsLegislative session dates370,47162.612%221,21837.388%PassJan. 1, 2012Nov. 4, 20082Sen. AdleyAmends Sec. 2(A)(3)(a) &(4)(a) & 19Amends Sec. 2(B)952,14059.752%641,35040.248%PassDec. 8, 2008Nov. 4, 20083Rep. Lorusso981,57761.760%607,77138.240%PassDec. 8, 2008SB 21/Act 8722012 R.S.SB 410/Act 8762012 R.S.SB 67/Act 5392009 R.S.SB 5/Act 5372009 R.S.SB 296/Act 9372008 R.S.HB 183/Act 9312008 R.S.Calling special sessionTemporary successors for legislatorsordered to military dutyHouse Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021Adds Sec. 4(F)

Oct. 4, 200314Nov. 5, 20021Oct. 23, 19991Oct. 23, 19993Oct. 21, 19952Oct. 21, 19958Oct. 16, 19931Oct. 3, 19924Oct. 19, 19918Oct. 6, 19901Oct. 7, 19899Nov. 6, 19844Rep. LeBlancHB 576/Act 13062003 R.S.Sen. HinesSB 4/Act 12312001 R.S.Sen. HinesSB 245/Act 13911999 R.S.Rep. LeBlancHB 663/Act 13931999 R.S.Rep. VitterHB 1044/Act 13261995 R.S.Rep. Roach &HB 598/Act 1318Rep. Patti1995 R.S.Sen. KellySB 83/Act 10411993 R.S.Sen. KellySB 27/Act 11391992 R.S.Rep. MorrellHB 36/Act 10711991 R.S.Sen. Osterberger SB 1/Act 10951990 R.S.Sen. KellySB 60/Act 8411989 R.S.Rep. BruneauHB 86/Act 9621984 R.S.Legislative auditor’s politicalactivityLegislative sessionsAmends Sec. 11498, 20548.010%539,49951,990%FailAmends Sec. 2(A)560,34855.395%451,19944.605%PassLegislative sessionsAmends Sec. 2(A)383,17646.228%445,70453.772%FailBiennial state budgetingAmends Sec. 16(A)303,72035.933%541,51864.067%FailAdds Sec. 4(E)842,65975.655%271,15324.345%PassLocal hunting or fishing lawsAmends Sec. 12(C)453,85142.871%604,79657.129%FailLegislative sessionsAmends Sec. 2(A)266,56765.505%140,37334.495%PassNov. 18, 1993Effective date of lawsAmends Sec. 19335,97651.352%318,29048.648%PassNov. 5, 1992Notice of local/special billsAmends Sec. 13384,09338.693%608,56661.307%FailRegular legislative sessionsAmends Sec. 2(A)862,36177.641%248,33822.359%PassJan. 1, 1992Organizational session; vetoesAmends Sec. 18 & addsSec. 2(D)Adds Sec. 2(D)346,85958.099%250,15341.901%PassNov. 7, 1989542,15045.502%649,32554.498%FailSec.Votes for% For392,97629.854%VotesAgainst923,354%Pass 6%PassDec. 1, 20101,129,89969.439%497,28330.561%PassDec. 8, 2008412,68268.558%189,26031.442%PassOct. 31, 2006Term limits for legislatorsOrganizational sessions of thelegislatureJan. 1, 2004Nov. 23, 1995Article IV: Executive BranchElectionBallot #AuthorBill/Act #Nov. 4, 201411Rep. HarrisonNov. 2, 20101Sen. McPhersonNov. 4, 20081Sen. MountSept. 30, 200612Rep. BeardHB 341/Act 8742014 R.S.SB 67/Act 5392009 R.S.SB 232/Act 9352008 R.S.HB 716/Act 8582006 R.S.AmendmentMaximum number of executiveAmends Sec. 1(B)branch departments increaseSalary increases for electedAmends Sec. 4 & addsofficialsSec. 21(F)Term limits of boards &Amends Sec. 21(A) & addscommissions membersSec. 22Vacancy in statewide electedAmends Sec. 15 & 16officesHouse Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021Eff. Date

Nov. 20, 19991Rep. WindhorstOct. 23, 19993Rep. LeBlancOct. 23, 19998Sen. MaloneSept. 27, 19867Rep. DastugueHB 424/Act 14011999 R.S.HB 663/Act 13931999 R.S.SB 214/Act 13981999 R.S.HB 29/Act 10821986 R.S.Bill/Act #Board of Pardons approvalAmends Sec. 5(E)(1)376,78559.127%260,46040.873%PassDec. 27, 1999Biennial state budgetingAmends Sec. 5(G)(2)303,72035.933%541,51864.067%FailFirst-time felon pardonsAmends Sec. 5(E)(1)473,90153.667%409,13646.333%PassNov. 25, 1999"Lame duck" period for statewideelected officialsAmends Sec. 3(A) & AddsSec. 3(D)501,57958.901%349,98641.099%PassOct. 30, 1986AmendmentSec.Votes for% ForBoard of Tax Appeals jurisdictionAdds Sec. 35700,21757.881%VotesAgainst509,530%Pass orEff. DateAgainstFail42.119% PassNov. 18, 2019Judge’s retirementAmends Sec. 23562,79041.837%782,39358.163%FailJudgments of workers’compensation claimsNew family & juvenile judgeshipsAmends Sec. 8(B)634,78157.347%472,12542.653%PassDec. 1, 2010Adds Sec. 15(A)499,54360.620%324,51139.380%PassJan. 1, 2007Qualifications for judgesAmends Sec. 24423,84670.344%178,69029.656%PassJan. 1, 2008Judge's retirement ageAmends Sec. 23(B)572,69053.297%501,82946.703%PassJan. 1, 2004Livingston Parish coronerAmends Sec. 29436,82344.513%544,51755.487%FailiJury exemption for eldersAmends Sec. 33(B)444,11269.515%194,76230.485%PassMandatory retirement for judgesAmends Sec. 23(B)413,39237.693%683,33262.307%FailJuveniles tried as adultsAmends Sec. 19515,14774.420%177,07125.580%PassNov. 3, 1994Family court jurisdictionAmends Sec. 16(A)450,96467.277%219,34832.723%PassNov. 3, 1994Family court jurisdictionAmends Sec. 16(A)554,66745.521%663,80754.479%FailArticle V: Judicial BranchElectionBallot #AuthorOct. 12, 20193Rep. DwightNov. 4, 20145Nov. 2, 20109Nov. 7, 20066Sept. 30, 200613Oct. 4, 200315Nov. 5, 200212Nov. 20, 19996Oct. 21, 19954Oct. 1, 19943Oct. 1, 19944Nov. 3, 19926HB 428/Act 4462019 R.S.Rep. EdwardsHB 96/Act 8752014 R.S.Sen. MurraySB 42/Act 10512010 R.S.Rep. R. CarterHB 206/Act 8622006 R.S.Rep. GreeneHB 13/Act 8602006 R.S.Rep. FrithHB 19/Act 12962003 R.S.Sen. Fontenot & SB 163/Act 1230Rep. DeWitt2001 R.S.Rep. LeBlancHB 641/Act 14061999 R.S.Rep. MurrayHB 234/Act 13171995 R.S.Rep. WindhorstHB 73/Act 152& Sen. Barro1994 3rd E.S.Sen. BankstonSB 25/Act 10401993 R.S.Rep. McMainsHB 74/Act 11441992 R.S.House Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021Dec. 27, 1999

Oct. 6, 19905Sen. EwingOct. 7, 19895Sen. KellyNov. 21, 19871Sen. CaseySept. 27, 19866Sen. CaseyOct. 22, 19831Rep. BruneauNov. 4, 19801Sen. WindhorstOct. 27, 19792Rep. FaucheuxSB 64/Act 10981990 R.S.SB 63/Act 8421989 R.S.SB 7/Act 9451987 R.S.SB 50/Act 10811986 R.S.HB 87/Act 7281983 R.S.SB 86/Act 8431980 R.S.HB 120/Act 8011979 R.S.Workers' compensationSupreme Court justicesAmends Secs. 10(A), (B)& 16(A)Amends Sec. 4 & AddsSec. 35Amends Sec. 5(A)Appointment of temporary lowercourt judgesClarify authority of Supreme CourtAmends Sec. 5(A)to appoint temporary judgesFewer special elections forAmends Sec. 22(B)judgesAppeal of criminal casesAmends Secs. 5(D) & (E),8(B) & 10Adult trials for certain juvenileAmends Sec. 19offenders645,33259.175%445,20840.825%PassNov. 8, 672,00569.791%290,88030.209%PassNov. 23, 1983725,04866.638%362,99333.362%PassJuly 1, 1982502,24169.371%221,75230.629%PassDec. 1, 1979%Pass orAgainstFail57.931%FailDec. 24, 1987Article VI: Local GovernmentElectionBallot #AuthorBill/Act #AmendmentSec.Votes for% ForNov. 13, 20213Sen. ConnickLevee district millage rateAmends Sec. 39172,54542.069%Nov. 4, 20146Rep. Leger672,04851.156%641,66448.844%PassDec. 9, 2014Sept. 30, 20063Sen. Boasso513,18080.767%122,20619.233%PassJan. 1, 2007Sept. 30, 20064Sen. Dupre380,59860.776%245,63539.224%PassOct. 31, 2006Sept. 30, 20065Sen. McPhersonSept. 30, 20069Sen. QuinnNov. 5, 19963Sen. HainkelOct. 21, 19957Oct. 1, 19942Sen. Bean &Rep. JenkinsRep. Theriot &Sen. FosterSB 87/Act 1322021 R.S.HB 111/Act 8702014 R.S.SB 9/Act 432006 1st E.S.SB 27/Act 8532006 R.S.SB 1/Act 8512006 R.S.SB 296/Act 8552006 R.S.SB 25/Act 461996 R.S.SB 74/Act 13291995 R.S.HB 66/Act 481994 R.S.VotesAgainst237,605xivOrleans Parish fire & policeAmends Sec. 26(E)protection millage rates increaseRegional flood protectionAmends Secs. 38(A)(1) & 39authorities& adds Sec. 38.1Hurricane protection liabilityAmends Sec. 42(A)Eff. DateLimits on expropriation ofprivate propertyState mandates on schoolspendingSales tax exemptions local, stateor bothLimit local tax votesAmends Sec. 21(A) & AddsSec. 21(D)Amends Sec. 14333,61954.782%275,38045.218%PassOct. 31, 2006305,22050.549%298,58949.451%PassOct. 31, 2006Amends Sec. 29(D)825,97460.789%532,79239.211%PassDec. 11, 1996Amends Sec. 30733,95569.065%328,75430.935%PassNov. 23, 1995Louisiana Recovery DistrictAdds Sec. 30.1437,45064.217%243,76035.783%PassNov. 3, 1994House Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021

Nov. 3, 1992Oct. 19, 1991CC-1992 ConventionProposal RevisioniiiCC-1992 ConventionProposal Revision1Rep. ThompsonOct. 6, 199013Rep. LandrieuOct. 7, 19896Sen. BaresOct. 7, 198910Rep. MelanconApr. 29, 19891Rep. GomezSept. 27, 19862Rep. LabordeNov. 3, 1992CP 5iv/HCR 7CC-1992CP 6/HCR 7CC-1992HB 125/Act 10661991 R.S.HB 142/Act 11031990 R.S.SB 68/Act 8441989 R.S.HB 23/Act 271989 2nd E.S.HB 1/Act 11989 1st E.S.HB 181/Act 10191985 R.S.Local sales tax exemptionsAmends Sec. 29(D)441,65837.711%729,51162.289%FailLocal occupational license taxAmends Sec. 28441,65837.711%729,51162.289%FailState mandates on localsAmends Sec. 14607,40458.024%439,41541.976%PassNov. 21, 1991New Orleans property taxAdds Sec. 26(E)500,33055.570%400,03644.430%PassNov. 8, 1990District & appeals judgesAmends Secs. 8(A) & (C), 9,14, 15 (C) & 22Amends Sec. 27(C) & addsSec. 27(D)Repeals Sec. ends Sec. 42(A)344,91641.905%478,17358.095%FailSec.Votes for% For%Against51.83%Pass orFailFailEff. PassDec. 20, PassDec. 9, 202055.344%885,30444.656%PassDec. 9, 3%FailMunicipal property tax1989 First Special SessionamendmentLimit levee district taxesArticle VII: Revenue & FinanceElectionBallot #AuthorBill/Act #Nov. 13, 202112Rep.SchexnayderSen. AllainHB 199/Act 1312021 R.S.SB 159/Act 1342021 R.S.4Rep. EcholsHB 487/Act 1572021 R.S.Nov. 3, 20202Rep. HuvalNov. 3, 20203Rep. G. CarterNov. 3, 20204Rep. BeaullieuNov. 3, 20205Sen. AbrahamHB 360/Act 3682020 R.S.HB 267/Act 3672020 R.S.HB 464/Act 3662020 R.S.SB 272/Act 3702020 R.S.xivNov. 13, 2021xivNov. 13, 2021xivAmendmentState & Local Streamlined SalesAdds Sec. 3.1199,291& Use Tax CommissionReduces maximum individual income tax Amends Sec. 4(A) 223,269rate & eliminates mandatory federalincome tax deductionIncreases deficit reduction percentage toAmends Sec.112,930statutory dedications & constitutionally10(F)(2)(a) & (b)protected fundsIncludes presence of oil/gas in fair market Amends Sec. 4(B) 1,158,766value of oil/gas well for ad valorem taxesBudget Stabilization Fund use Amends Sec. 10.3(C)(3) & 4 & 1,097,196for declared disaster expenseAdds Sec. 10.3(A)(5) & (C)(5)Expenditure limit calculationAmends Sec. 10(C)(1)856,559Ad valorem tax exemption when owneragrees to cooperative endeavorrequiring payments in lieu of taxesHouse Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021Adds Sec. 21(O)727,372

Nov. 3, 20206Rep. HilfertyNov. 3, 20207Sen. FesiOct. 12, 20191Rep. MiguezOct. 12, 20192Oct. 12, 20194Rep. SteveCarterSen. CarterNov. 6, 20183Sen. ErdeyNov. 6, 20184Sen. CortezNov. 6, 20185Sen. PerryNov. 6, 20186Sen. MorrellOct. 14, 20171Sen. WalsworthOct. 14, 20172Rep. GarofaloOct. 14, 20173Rep. ThibautNov. 8, 20163Rep. LegerNov. 8, 20164Rep. MikeJohnsonNov. 8, 20165Rep. LegerNov. 8, 20166Sen. AllainHB 525/Act 3692020 R.S.SB 12/Act 382020 1st E.S.HB 234/Act 4442019 R.S.HB 62/Act 4452019 R.S.SB 79/Act 4482019 R.S.SB 263/Act 7172018 R.S.SB 59/Act 7202018 R.S.SB 163/Act 7212018 R.S.SB 164/Act 7182018 R.S.SB 140/Act 4282017 R.S.HB 145/Act 4272017 R.S.HB 354/Act 4292017 R.S.HB 31/Act 312016 1st E.S.HB 505/Act 6782016 R.S.HB 603/Act 6792016 R.S.SB 201/Act 6812016 R.S.Income threshold for specialAmends Sec. 18(G)(1)(a)(ii) 1,225,682homestead exemption assessmentUnclaimed Property Permanent Adds Sec. 10(F)(4)(i) & Sec. 28 1,267,414Trust FundAd valorem tax exemption of rawAmends Sec. 21(D)(2)575,542material to property destined for the& (3)Outer Continental ShelfEducation Excellence FundAmends Sec. 10.8(C)(3)(b), (c),612,257& (g) & Repeals Sec. 10.8(C)(3)(d)Ad valorem tax exemptions inAmends Sec. 21(O)442,998xiiiOrleans ParishPolitical subdivision donation ofAmends Sec. 14(B)791,714public equipment & personnel useTransportation Trust FundAmends Sec. 27 (B)(1)792,97262.164%746,02137.386%PassDec. 9, 202064.325%702,93035.675%PassJuly 1, PassDec. 12, 201855.935%624,69144.065%PassDec. 12, 2018Property tax treatments ofAdds Secs. 18(G)(6), 21(K)(4), 1,013,722property in trust& (M)(4)Phase-in of property taxAmends Sec. 18(A) & (F)809,381increasesProperty tax exemption forAdds Sec. 21(N)266,133construction work in progressAd valorem tax exemption forAmends Sec. 21(M)(1)272,042surviving spouses of first responderskilled in the line of dutyEstablish a Construction Subfund ofAmends Sec. 27 (B)213,433the Transportation Trust FundDeduction of federal income taxesAmends Sec. 4(A)790,430when calculating corporate income taxAd valorem tax exemption forAdds Sec. 21(M)1,298,327surviving spouses of military/lawenforcement killed in the line of dutyRevenue Stabilization TrustAdds Secs. 10(F)(4)(h), 10.15 949,796Fund& 10.16Reduction of constitutionallyAmends Secs. 10(F)(2)(b) &743,232protected expenditures &Adds 10(F)(4)(h), (i), (j), (k)dedications& (l)71.504%403,98928.496%PassDec. 12, 201857.553%596,95042.447%PassDec. 12, 201865.601%139,54934.399%PassNov. 16, 201767.379%131,70432.621%PassJan. 1, 201853.133%188,26346.867%PassNov. 16, 20171,009,718 56.091%FailHouse Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 202143.909%Nov. 18, 201971.798%509,99028.203%PassDec. 1, 201653.604%822,07146.396%PassDec. 13, 20161,019,109 57.827%Fail42.173%

Oct. 24, 20151Sen. AdleySB 202/Act 4732015 R.S.Oct. 24, 20152Rep. St. GermainOct. 24, 20154Rep. ChaneyNov. 4, 20141Rep. KleckleyNov. 4, 20142Rep. KleckleyNov. 4, 20143Rep. BerthelotNov. 4, 20144Rep. St. GermainNov. 4, 20147Sen. AdleyNov. 4, 20148Sen. AllainNov. 4, 20149Sen. MorrellHB 618/Act 4712015 R.S.HB 360/Act 4702015 R.S.HB 533/Act 4392013 R.S.HB 532/Act 4382013 R.S.HB 488/Act 8712014 R.S.HB 628/Act 8732014 R.S.SB 96/Act 4332013 R.S.SB 128/Act 4342013 R.S.SB 56/Act 4322013 R.S.Nov. 4, 201410Rep. WilliamsNov. 4, 201413Rep. BishopNov. 6, 20121Sen. BuffingtonNov. 6, 20124Sen. AmedeeNov. 6, 20126Rep. BarrasNov. 6, 20128Rep. RobideauxNov. 19, 20111Rep. NowlinHB 256/Act 4362013 R.S.HB 489/Act 8722014 R.S.SB 82/Act 8732012 R.S.SB 337/Act 8752012 R.S.HB 497/Act 8692012 R.S.HB 674/Act 8712012 R.S.HB 135/Act 4252011 R.S.Budget &Amends Sec. 10(D)(2)(d), 10.3(A)(intro.Transportationpara.) & (A)(2)(a)(intro. para.) & (b),Stabilization Trust10.5(B) & Adds 10.3(A)(2)(c)State infrastructure bankAmends Sec. 1,98947.14%PassNov. 25, 2015Ad valorem tax application forpublic entities in other statesMedical Assistance Trust FundAmends Sec. 21(A)510,10251.42%481,90448.58%PassNov. 25, 2015Adds Sec. 10.14776,900056.160%606,47543.840%PassDec. 9, 2014Hospital Stabilization FundAdds Sec. 10.13770,60256.208%600,39043.792%PassDec. 9, Dec. 9, 2014757,20857.161%567,48942.839%PassDec. 25, 1,283,54570.835%528,47629.165%PassDec. 10, 20121,265,72473.508%456,15526.492%PassJan. 1, 2013694,92742.459%941,78157.541%FailTax sale fees for authorizedAmends Sec. 25(A)(1) & (E)agents of tax collectorsInvestment of public funds in aAmends Sec. 14(B)state infrastructure bankProperty tax exemptionAmends Sec. 21(K)(1) & (3)eligibility for disabled veteransArtificial Reef DevelopmentAdds Sec. 10.11FundAnnual income certification for disabledAmends owners applying for the special18(G)(1)(a)(iv)assessment levelRedemption period for certainAdds Sec. 25(B)(3)property sold at tax saleSale of property in the LowerAmends Sec. 14(B)Ninth Ward of New OrleansMedicaid Trust Fund for theAdds Sec. 10(F)(4)(g)ElderlyProperty tax exemption for disabledAdds Sec. 21(K)(1)veterans and surviving spousesProperty tax in New IberiaAdds Sec. 21(L)Jan. 1, 2015Property taxes on businessesAdds Sec. 21(L)849,25351.676%794,17648.324%PassDec. 10, 2012Costs associated with the sale ofimmovable propertyAdds Sec. 2.3476,93880.801%113,32619.199%PassNov. 30, 2011House Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021

Oct. 22, 20111Sen. AlarioOct. 22, 20112Rep. PearsonOct. 22, 20114Sen. ChaissonOct. 22, 20115Rep. LegerNov. 2, 20102Rep. GallotNov. 2, 20103Rep. PopeNov. 2, 20104Rep. ArnoldNov. 2, 20105Sen. MurrayNov. 2, 20107Rep. LegerNov. 4, 20084Rep. GallotNov. 4, 20085Rep. RitchieNov. 4, 20087Rep. DownsOct. 20, 20071Sen. FontenotOct. 20, 20074Rep. Jack SmithNov. 7, 20061Sen. NeversNov. 7, 20062Rep. GallotNov. 7, 20063Sen. AdleyNov. 7, 20064Rep. ArnoldSB 53/Act 4232011 R.S.HB 384/Act 4222011 R.S.SB 147/Act 4242011 R.S.HB 30/Act 432011 1st E.S.HB 765/Act 5412009 R.S.HB 246/Act 10492010 R.S.HB 903/Act 5422009 R.S.SB 21/Act 10502010 R.S.HB 509/Act 5402009 R.S.HB 420/Act 9322008 R.S.HB 461/Act 9332008 R.S.HB 584/Act 9342008 R.S.SB 2/Act 4832007 R.S.HB 260/Act 4862007 R.S.SB 89/Act 5112005 R.S.HB 714/Act 8642006 R.S.SB 32/Act 5102005 R.S.HB 187/Act 5122005 R.S.TOPS & Health CareAmends Secs. 10.8 (A)(1)(c), (A)(2),Excellence Funds(3) & (4) & Adds Sec. 4.1Unfunded accrued liabilityAmends Sec. 10(D)(2)(b)672,42969.596%293,75930.404%PassNov. 21, 2011531,55158.703%373,94541.297%PassNov. 21, 2011Rainy Day FundAdds Sec. 10.3(C)(5)433,20449.405%443,63450.595%FailTax sales in New OrleansAmends Sec. 25(A)(2)424,39748.488%450,86251.512%FailSeverance tax allocationAdds Sec. 4(D)(4)663,03258.139%477,38441.861%PassApr. 1, 2012737,58864.785400,93135.215%PassJan. 1, stead exemption forAdds Sec. 21(K)disabled veteransProperty tax millage rateAmends Sec. 23(C)increases by non-elected bodiesPost-disaster occupancy graceAmends Secs. 18(G)(5) &period20(A)(10)Tax sales for delinquentAmends Sec. 25(A)(1) & (E)property taxesState severance taxes toAmends Sec. 4(D)(3) & AddsparishesSec. 4(D)(4) & (5)Transfer of special property taxAmends Sec. 18(G)(6)assessmentsSupplemental payAmends Sec. 14(B)Jan. 1, 2011Supplemental payAmends Sec. 10(D)(3)(a) & (c)675,77559.031%469,00640.969%PassProperty tax for consignedjewelryProperty tax assessment freezefor military & disabledAmends Sec. 21(C)(19)490,46044.336%615,78155.664%FailAmends Sec. 18(G)(1)(a)(i),(iii) & (2)(a) & Adds18(G)(1)(a)(iv)Amends Sec. 4(D)578,39567.572%277,57632.428%PassJan. 1, 2007496,88058.867%347,19841.133%PassDec. 11, 2006Amends Sec. 21(B)(1)(a)498,83659.474%339,91140.526%PassJan. 1, 2007Amends Sec. 21(E)512,99660.689%332,29339.311%PassDec. 11, 2007Parish severance tax allocationProperty tax exemption forleased medical equipmentMunicipal property taxexemption for motor vehiclesHouse Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021Nov. 19, 2007

Nov. 7, 20065Sen. BajoieNov. 7, 20067Sen. DuplessisSept. 30, 20061Sen. DupreSept. 30, 20062Sen. DardenneSept. 30, 20067Rep. DanielSept. 30, 20068Rep. AlarioSept. 30, 200610Rep. CazayouxSept. 30, 200611Rep. TricheNov. 2, 20042Sen. DupreNov. 2, 20044Sen. NeversOct. 4, 20031Sen. DupreOct. 4, 20032Sen. DardenneOct. 4, 20036Sen. BarhamOct. 4, 20037Sen. HeitmeierOct. 4, 20038Rep. PitreOct. 4, 200311Rep. LeBlancOct. 4, 200313Rep. FaucheuxNov. 5, 20022Rep. StellySB 200/Act 509Property tax exemption forAmends Sec. 21(C)(19)451,3412005 R.S.consigned artSB 141/Act 863Consolidation of the NewAmends Sec. 24672,7652006 R.S.Orleans assessorsSB 27/Act 69Coastal Protection &Amends Secs. 10(D)(2)(e),525,7342005 1st E.S.Restoration Fund10.2 & 10.5(B) & (C)SB 229/Act 854Consolidation of coastal fundsAdds Sec. 10.2(F) & Repeals505,6962006 R.S.Sec. 10.11HB 406/Act 857 Medicaid Trust Fund investmentAmends Sec. 14(B)386,6322006 R.S.HB 34/Act 70Homestead exemption & specialAdds Secs. 18(G)(5) &482,964st2005 1 E.S.assessments for damaged homes20(A)(10)HB 345/Act 856Higher education investmentsAmends Sec. 14(B)352,7412006 R.S.HB 389/Act 852Homestead exemption forAmends Sec. 20(A)(3) & (5)402,7632006 in revocable trustsSB 806/Act 929Homestead exemptionAmends Sec. 20(A)1,129,1862004 R.S.SB 44/Act 928Agricultural & Seafood FundAdds Sec. 10.12996,4912004 R.S.SB 214/Act 1302 Wetlands Conservation Amends Secs. 10.2(B)& (C) &10.5(B)731,6622003 R.S.& Restoration Fund& (C), & Adds Sec. 10(D)(2)(e) & (f)SB 213/Act 1300 Louisiana Coastal RestorationAdds Sec. 10.11737,5432003 R.S.FundSB 223/Act 1301TIMED projectsAmends Sec. 27 (B)636,9732003 R.S.SB 177/Act 1299State infrastructure bankAmends Sec. 14(B)449,0052003 R.S.HB 425/Act 1297 Offshore drilling rigs tax breakAdds Sec. 21(J)589,3552003 R.S.HB 637/Act 1307Budget Stabilization FundAmends Sec. 10.3(A)(2)(a)599,1472003 R.S.& 10.5(B)HB 370/Act 1303Leasing local propertyAmends Sec. 14(B)425,6152003 R.S.HB 31/Act 88Income/sales tax swapAmends Sec. 4(A) & Adds534,9852002 R.S.Sec. 2.2House Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 202154.474%377,19645.526%PassJan. 1, 200778.247%187,03521.753%PassDec. 11, 200681.754%117,33418.246%PassOct. 31, 200679.246%132,43520.754%PassOct. 31, 200663.159%225,52736.841%PassOct. 31, 200678.768%130,18721.232%PassOct. 31, 200658.935%245,78841.065%PassOct. 31, 200666.195%205,68233.805%PassOct. 31, 200678.039%317,77021.961%PassDec. 7, 200467.139%487,72332.861%PassDec. 7, 200467.135%358,17732.865%PassNov. 6, 200367.874%349,08832.126%PassJan. 1, 200460.957%407,98139.043%PassNov. 6, PassJan. 1, 200458.488%425,24641.512%PassNov. 6, PassJan. 1, 2003

Nov. 5, 20023Nov. 5, 20025Nov. 5, 20026Nov. 5, 20027Nov. 5, 20028Nov. 5, 20029Nov. 5, 200210Nov. 5, 200211Nov. 7, 20002Nov. 7, 20003Nov. 7, 20004Nov. 20, 19992Oct. 23, 19992Oct. 23, 19993Oct. 23, 19995Oct. 23, 19996Oct. 23, 199910Oct. 3, 19981Rep. DanielHB 507/Act 1236Budget adjustmentsAmends Sec. 10(F)2001 R.S.Rep. ThompsonHB 68/Act 89Retirement communities taxAdds Sec. 21(J)2002 R.S.breakRep. ToomyHB 485/Act 1234Supplemental payAmends Sec. 11(A) &2001 R.S.Adds Sec. 10(D)(3)Rep. HebertHB 58/Act 87One-time filing for senior taxAmends Secs. 18(G)(1)(a) &2002 R.S.break2(a)Rep. DanielHB 508/Act 1235 Higher education investmentsAmends Sec. 14(B)2001 R.S.Sen. EllingtonSB 240/Act 1232 Medicaid Trust Fund investmentAmends Sec. 14(B)2001 R.S.Sen. MaloneSB 244/Act 1233Groundwater conservationAdds Sec. 10.112001 R.S.Sen. RomeroSB 18/Act 86Offshore drilling rigs tax breakAdds Sec. 21(J)2002 R.S.Rep. DanielHB 73/Act 48State personal income taxAmends Sec. 4(A)2000 R.S.changeRep. ThompsonHB 98/Act 49State food & utilities sales taxAdds Sec. 2.22000 R.S.repealRep. FaucheuxHB 9/Act 152Donation of public fundsAmends Sec. 14(B)st2000 1 E.S.Rep. John Smith HB 647/Act 1402Wildlife Trust FundsAmends Sec. 14(A) & (B)1999 R.S.Rep. DownerHB 640/Act 1392Tobacco Trust FundAmends Secs. 10.8, 10.9,1999 R.S.& 10.10Rep. LeBlancHB 663/Act 1393Biennial state budgetingAmends Secs. 10(B) & (C)(1),1999 R.S.10.1(C)(1), 10.4(A)(1), 10.5(C),11(A) & (C), & 27(B)Rep. SmithHB 601/Act 1395Donation of surplus propertyAdds Sec. 14(E)1999 R.S.Sen. CainSB 116/Act 1396Donation of asphaltAmends Sec. 14(B)1999 R.S.Rep. MurrayHB 617/Act 1400Orleans blighted propertyAmends Sec. 21(H)1999 R.S.Sen. DardenneSB 1/Act 170Community college systemAmends Sec. 10.1(C)(2)-(4),st1998 1 E.S.(D)(1)(c), D(2)(a) & (c)House Legislative Services. David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library – updated November 30, 2021581,08657.669%426,53942.331%PassDec. 11, 382,26037.135%PassDec. 11, 2002677,60668.063%317,95631.937%PassDec. 11, 946.678%PassDec. 27, 1999584,29470.314%246,68929.686%PassJuly 1, 425,45648.641%PassNov. 25, 1999522,38359.322%358,21040.678%PassNov. 25, %177,27834.491%PassNov. 5, 1998

Oct. 3, 19982Oct. 3, 19985Oct. 3, 19987Oct. 3, 19988Oct. 3, 199810Oct. 3, 199812Oct. 3, 199813Oct. 3, 199815Oct. 3, 199816Oct. 3, 199817Oct. 3, 199818Nov. 5, 19962Sept. 21, 19962Oct. 21, 19956Oct. 21, 199510Oct. 21, 199511Oct. 21, 199512Oct. 21, 199514Rep. DupreHB 720/Act 14991997 R.S.Rep. DownerHB 873/Act 15011997 R.S.Sen. EwingSB 215/Act 14901997 R.S.Sen. LentiniSB 320/Act 14911997 R.S.Sen. Heitmeier SB 290/Act 14931997 R.S.Rep. Schneider HB 196/Act 14961997 R.S.Rep. Jack Smith HB 852/Act 15001997 R.S.Sen. BagnerisSB 29/Act 751998 R.S.Sen. MaloneSB 32/Act 761998 R.S.Rep. MurrayHB 857/Act 14951997 R.S.Rep. HammettHB 77/Act 741998 R.S.Sen. RobichauxSB 175/Act 971996 1st E.S.Sen. GreeneSB 6/Act 471996 R.S.Rep. Gunn &HB 320/Act 1324Rep. Jenkins1995 R.S.Rep. StineHB 1034/Act 13251995 R.S.Sen. Nunez &SB 298/Act 1330Rep. Jenkins1995 R.S.Sen. Nunez &SB 299/Act 1331Rep. Jenkins1995 R.S.Rep. Clarkson & HB 974/Act 1319Sen. Bagneris1995 R.S.Parish severance tax allocationAmends Sec. 4(D)278,52352.305%253,97247.695%PassNov. 5, 1998"Rainy Day" Fund & uses ofnonrecurring moneyState infrastructure bankAmends Secs. 10(B) &(D)(2) & 10.3Amends Sec. 14(B)267,56851.413%252,86548.587%PassNov. 5, 199825,5218.745%266,30491.255%FailHomestead assessment forseniorsCourt-ordered taxesAmends Sec. 18(A) & AddsSec. 18(G)Adds Sec. 1(B)374,97368.630%171,39231.370%PassJan. 1, 2000328,50662.023

Amendments to the Louisiana Constitution of 1974 Article I Article II Article III Article IV Article V Article VI Article VII Article VIII Article IX Article X Article XI Article XII Article XIII Article XIV Article I: Declaration of Rights Election Ballot # Author Bill/Act # Amendment Sec. Votes for % For Votes Against %

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May 02, 2018 · D. Program Evaluation ͟The organization has provided a description of the framework for how each program will be evaluated. The framework should include all the elements below: ͟The evaluation methods are cost-effective for the organization ͟Quantitative and qualitative data is being collected (at Basics tier, data collection must have begun)

Silat is a combative art of self-defense and survival rooted from Matay archipelago. It was traced at thé early of Langkasuka Kingdom (2nd century CE) till thé reign of Melaka (Malaysia) Sultanate era (13th century). Silat has now evolved to become part of social culture and tradition with thé appearance of a fine physical and spiritual .

On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

̶The leading indicator of employee engagement is based on the quality of the relationship between employee and supervisor Empower your managers! ̶Help them understand the impact on the organization ̶Share important changes, plan options, tasks, and deadlines ̶Provide key messages and talking points ̶Prepare them to answer employee questions

Dr. Sunita Bharatwal** Dr. Pawan Garga*** Abstract Customer satisfaction is derived from thè functionalities and values, a product or Service can provide. The current study aims to segregate thè dimensions of ordine Service quality and gather insights on its impact on web shopping. The trends of purchases have

Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

Constitution of Kappa Kappa Psi.) 3.06 This Constitution is superseded by the National Constitution of Kappa Kappa Psi unless otherwise stated and approved by the National Council. 4. Constitutional Amendments 4.01 Proposed amendments to this Constitution shall be presented in writing at the regularly-called District

Constitution to be considered duly elected Under Constitution b. Swearing in of Newly Elected President on April 12, 1985 and coming into Forces of Constitution c. Convening of Newly elected Legislature d. Position of Persons Appointed Prior to Coming into Forces of Constitution 95. a. Abrogation of Constitution of July 26, 1847 b.