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Universityof South FloridaLibrariesNew DegreeProgramfor the Departmentof MassCommunicationsMaster'sDegree- verviewof USFLibraries,Associationof theSouthernisaccreditedbytheCommissionon CollegesTheUniversityof ndSchoolsto awarddegreesat the baccalaureate,of Collegesin creditedincludingtheDoctorof Medicine.of accreditationto receiveits next reaffirmationand reaffirmedin 2005.The institutionis scheduledreviewin 201"5.library,locatedon the TampaconsistmainresearchThe Universityof SouthFloridaLibrariesof USF'sHinksHealthSciencesLibraryandthe Louisde latwo speciallibraries,theandElaineShimbergCampus;the charealsolocatedon the rysystemadvancingknowledgethroughOur visionis to becomea s,research,and instruction.Together,the collectionof electronicaccessto morethan 2 millionvolumesand an criptionsand 800 s,In ndDVDs.over45,000audio/visualto primaryofferuniqueaccessIn additionto extensiveelectronicandprintresources,the archmaterialsthroughthe Specialand lHolocaust& ibraryendeavorsto developandmaintaina researchcollectionthat satisfiesthe resourceneedsof thein allof the subjectandalsomeetsthe specializedthe ltyfor advancedresearchmaterials.studentsdegree,a Masterof Artsin MassTheSchoolof MassCommunicationscurrentlyoffersa singlegraduatewhich providestwo study tracks,Media Studiesand StrategicCommunicationCommunicationsThe mediastudiestrackconcentrateson he strategicresearchmethods,sports& media,women & media,and municationfocus.intoa rarythe Masterof Artsin as:advertisingmethodology/psychology,by ,publicrelationsandwomen& media.managementandtheory,sports& media,resourcesfor the entireCollegeof Business,The USFTampaLibraryhasalsobeenactivelycollectingwill be awhichincludesthe MarketingDepartment.The proposedMaster'sDegreein Advertisingandin the Collegeof Arts& Scienceseffortbetweenthe Schoolof MassCommunicationscollaborativeDepartmentin theCollegeof Business.the Marketingof outh FloridaLibrariesUnrversityAnalysisfor the n partrnentof in Advertising

USF[ibrariesCollectionsjournalsaandin developingof electronica robustcollectionandmaintainingison acquiringEmphasisandthe nalpresses.stretchesthe library'sexpendableAn extensiveeBookcollection- frommaterialsthat areavailableto the mostrecentresearchfacultyand graduatestudentsaccessnot availableon thematerialshaveaccessto researchat ices.LoanandDocumentInterlibrarythroughthe Library'sTampacampussubjectmaterialsin all subjectareaswithinthe Libraryof ,and telecommunications.advertising,relatingto the nges.of Congressin the H, P,andT LibraryshelvedBooksin theseareasaregenerallyLibraryof Congresscallnumberareasfor n thesesubjectareas:isa briefsummaryof the USFTampaLibrary'scollectionsThefollowing) Numberof& TelecommunicationsBooksin Advertising, 6,4t2Palgraveand seBook CollectionseBooksinMedia& Culture;SpringerBusinessConnect:Connect:& Managemen ary.& Economics,MassCommunications,& TelecommunicationsD Numberof Journalsin lude:Notableonlinejournals*,ownedby the USFLibraries,thosethat are highestratedin their respectivealsorepresentTitlescollectedby the usF Librariesprovidesto 1.5of the 20electronicaccessfields. Forexample,the USFTampaLibraryresearchjournals(lslThes er a t i n gds o n o tinmarketingandadvertising.h i g h e srta t e d i m p a cfta c t o r )true journalvalue,but the USFTampaLibraryseeksto obtainvirtually allyof outhFloridaLibrariesUniversityof MassCommunicationsAnalysisforthe DepartmentCollectionMaster'sDegreein AdvertisingProposed

JournalTitleJournalof MarketinglSl Journallmpact Factor*5.472ResearchJournalof Consumer3.101Marketingof InternationalJournal2.900Journalof Retailing2.750of MarketingScienceJournalof Academy2.67rJ o u r n aol f M a r k e t i n gR e s e a r c h2.5t7M a r k e t i n gS c i e n c e2.360Journalof AdvertisingInternational1.903MarketingJournalof Interactive1,679in MarketinglnternationalJournalof ResearchL.662J o u r n aol f P u b l i cP o l i c y& M a r k e t i n g1.595of ngManagementIndustrial1.530Q M E- Q u a n t i t a t i v Me a r k e t i n g& E c o n o m i c s1.500ResearchJournalof Advertising1.403*Figuresfrom lSlJournalCitationReportsfor the SocialSciences(2011)The ationEBSCOhostservice;ProjectArchive 8a3-20071;electronicFull-TextCollection.Studies:a SAGEprovidedandtheand managedby the USFLibrariesThereareover800 .Severalof keyresourcesavailable,withfurtherbreakdownby typeand/orsubjectproposedinclude:in Advertisingfor theMaster'sDegreeresourcesthatwouldbe mostrelevantrA8l Inform- Vendor: ProQuestT h i s d a t a b a sien c l u d eAsB I / I N F O RGMl o b a lA, B I / l N F o RTMr a d ea n d I n d u s t r ya,n dA B I / l N F o R e.featuresthousandsof full-textjournals,Times,as well as country-andnewspaperssuchas The Wall StreetJournaland The Financialreportsanddata.industry-focusedrBusiness& CompanyResourceCenter: ess& Industry (RDS Business Suite); Gale Groupindustry,market,andto company,A multiindustry,internationaldatabasethat mier(L922-l: EBSCOduetoscholarlydatabasesin the fieldof businessBusinessSourcePremieris oneof the definitiveitsdepthandcoverage.Universityof SouthFloridaLibrariesfortheDepartmsntof 'sDegreein Advertising

.D0a:t a m o n i t o isprovidesdeliveringinformation,Datamonito1360rl B l S W o r l d l:B l S W o r l dresearchon the entiresectorprovidesenablingreportsfor all of the 723USindustrieslBlSWorldthe updatedeveryfour months,ensuringInformationof the ;modules:Reportsaredividedintothreesearchablea n db u s i n e sesn v i r o n m e n t .rLexisNexiAs c a d e m i c :l e x i s N e x i sr e w si,n d u s t r ya,n dm a r k ent e w sa, n dl e g anl e w sR e s e a r c ha r e a si n L E X I S - N EAXcIaSd e m ci co v e n& ha currentsnapshotof an etshare,marketforecast,oMarket ShareReportenGaleGroupthe databasePartof sby 4-digitSICcode)for companies,comparativebusinessandservices.rMintel oxygen(Mintel reports):Mintel nteloxygen(Mintelreports)is oneof the leadingmarketingfor timelyanduniquelt hasbecomeoneof the bestresourcesby 120of the top the businessto consumereSRDS(formerlySRDSMedia Solutions):SRDSversionsof the followingSRDSprint publications:SRDSOnlineprovidesaccessto azinePublicationsConsumerMedia;BusinessRadioM e d i aa: n dC a b l &e T VM e d i a .oTableBase(RDSBusinessSuites):GaleGroupin tabulardata dealingwithexclusivelyTableBaseis an internationaldatabasethat specializesTablescover market share,rankings,companies,industries,productsand for TheservicedataresearchDataServicesisa web-basedbusinessWhartonResearchof n thesocialto heUSFLibrariesthe lSl Web ofeJournaland eBookpackages,includingseveral comprehensiveand business,S c i e n cdea t a b a s( we h i c ihn c l u d et hs e S o c i a lS c i e n c e sC i t a t i o n I n d e x a n d t h e J o u r n a lC i t a t i o n R e p o r t s ) , U s eo f a l lo f t h e s er e s o u r c ei sse x t r e m e lhyi g h ,w h i c hh e l p st o j u s t i f yt h eThemarketing,and masscommunications.levelresourcesin business,for researchspendingbuyingwithpayover 0 millionannuallyconsortialfor estoensureandofdata,providingDataServiceis the de factostandardfor businessWRDS- TheWhartonResearchdatathoughaand marketlngeconomic,to financial,worldwidewith instantaccessresearchersBank dinterface.CurrentSubscriptionsUniversityof South FloridaLibrariesCoilectionAnalysisfor the Departmentof Mass CornmunicationsProposedMaster'sDegteein Advertising

FederalEventus;staff,researchto standingfaculty,full-timeWRDSis only availableTRACE.SECOrderExecution;of the merRoomwasnamedin honorof the lateJamesA. Clendinen,VirtualReadingTheClendinena gatewayto openRoomprovidesVirtualReadingTheClendineneditorof the TampaTribune.Accessrelatedto the studyof masscommunications.databasesandto o the databasescenterfor the USFasa resourceby the USFLibrariesRoomwascreatedand is complementlt servesasaSchoolof MassCommunications.Campus'buildingon the ementSummaryto itslimit. Therisingcostof continuingmaterialsbudgetis pushedIn anygivenyear,the USFLibrariesfor accessto aterials,the needfor newresearchthemillionbudgetsupportspartof thedailylandscape.A largeportionof the USFLibraries'6.3masscommunications,of business,resources.Thesubjectdisciplinesof the electroniccontinuationelectronicthe municationsadvertising,collections.of Massdisciplineswithinthe academicandteachingof researchthe duateandalliedandindisciplineslevelresearch theseforsupportlevelof supportfor thesedisciplines,wouldbe for a continuedWithinthe nextfiveyears,the expectationjournalwith typicalannualwouldbe anticipated,subscriptionsin the costof the library'sAn increasethe researchagainstwouldhaveto be balancedresourcesof additionalof 3-6%.Theacquisitionincreasesthat therestraintsof anybudgetarydisciplineson campuswithinthe confinesneedsof otheracademicuniversitycouldfaceduringthe nextfiveyears.Preparedby:o f C o l l e c t i o n sU,S FT aDare: 7/24/2012Email: cmccoy@usf.eduUniversityof South FloridaLtbrarie CollectionAnalysisfor the Departmentof Mass CommunicationsProposedMasteasDegreein Advertising

Reviewed& f'7-Email: tchavez@usf.eduAs of Jufy20t2, the collectionsof the USFTampaLibraryand affiliatesare sufficientto supporttheMaster'sDegreeof Advertising,which will be a collaborativeeffort betweenthe Schoolof Massin the Collegeof Arts & SciencesCommunicationsand the MarketingDepartmentin the CollegeofBusiness.Sustainedannualinvestmentsto maintainthe recurringelementsof this collectionand topurchasepublishednewlymaterialsare requiredto preservesufficiency.With escalatingcosts,typicalannualincreasesof wfacultyarehiredandareasof emphasisevolve.Certifiedby:WilliamGarrison,Deanof USFLibrariesUniversityof outhFloridaLibrariesforthe DspartmentCollectionAnalysisof MassCommunicationsProposedMaster'sDegreein Advsrtising

r LexisNexis Academic: lexisNexis Research areas in LEXIS-NEXIS Academic cover news, industry, and market legal news & research. r MarketResearch.comacademic:MarketResearch a current snapshot of an industry including market overview, market definition, market share, market forecast, distribution, and demographics.

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Academic libraries loaned some 10.5 million documents to other libraries in fiscal year 2012 (table 1). Academic libraries also borrowed approximately 9.8 million documents from other libraries and commercial services. The majority of academic libraries, 2,417, were open between 60-99 hours during a

The Annual Florida Equity Report is required under Florida statutes as follows: The Florida Educational Equity Act (Section 1000.05 F.S.) and the Florida Board of Governors Regulation 2.003 Equity and Access. The Uni-versity of South Florida System (USF System), which is comprised of three institutions USF Tampa, USF St.

No Training Hurdles: Fast Training-Agnostic Attacks to Infer Your Typing Song Fang University of Oklahoma Ian Markwood University of South Florida Yao Liu University of South Florida Shangqing Zhao University of South Florida Zhuo Lu University of South Florida .

Unit/College: Libraries Responsible Roles: University Libraries Mission Mission Statement: Mission: The Smathers Libraries partner with UF faculty, students and staff, as well as the University's collaborators and constituents, to facilitate knowledge creation that contributes to UF's standing as a preeminent public research university.

University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Ave., CPR 107 Tampa, FL 33620 e-mail: ACADEMIC POSITIONS Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of South Florida, 2012-present. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of South Florida, 2005-12. . “On-Track for STEM Careers: Access to Rigorous and .

the study were as follows: C. Colleen Cook, Texas A&M University Libraries; Terri Fishel, Macalester College Library; Kit Keller, ALA Consultant; Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries; William Miller and Rita Pellen, Florida Atlantic University Libraries; Kenley Neufeld, Santa Barbara City College; Patricia Profeta, Indian River .

Tip 1: How to use Agilent 82357B USB/GPIB converter in NI’s MAX or LabVIEW? Figure 2. Typical setup for Agilent IO Libraries Suite. 1 Agilent I/O Libraries Each Agilent IO product is bundled with the Agilent I/O libraries. There are four I/O libraries included in Agilent IO libraries Suite: Agilent