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Your Window To The FutureIf you were unconstrained by technology,imagine what the future could be for yourairline’s passenger service system. Perhapsyou envision an airline customer sales andservice solution that gives you the freedom to: Extend your passenger service systeminto a customer sales and servicesolution that helps you generate morerevenue,Use rich, real-time operationaldata at every point of customerinteraction to differentiate yourproduct, Deliver future-ready, services-basedcapabilities that free you to do businessthe way you want, to partner with anyairline or to join any alliance, Implement new technology that evolveswith your business (and erases the needfor painful generational changes).Now, imagine that it can start happeningtoday. Welcome to SabreSonic CustomerSales & Service.It’s the solution that leading carriers likeLAN Airlines, JetBlue, WestJet, Volaris,Aeroméxico, Alaska Airlines, Aeroflot, EthiopianAirlines and Vietnam Airlines rely on.In addition, many SabreSonic CSScomponents are used by British Airways,Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and BrusselsAirways to enrich their sales and servicecapabilities.Why? Because they know the game haschanged. And it’s time for a game-changingsystem. More than 300 leading airlines useSabre Airline Solutions to better markettheir service, sell their products, servetheir customers and operate efficiently.SabreSonic CSS lets your airline bettermerchandise and differentiate its products,boost customer loyalty and increase the useof partnerships and alliances. It’s thesolution that helps grow revenue andensures that you aren’t leaving money onthe table.3

The Complete SolutionCustomerAcquisitionAnd RetentionShoppingAnd PricingReservations,Inventory AndTicketingCheck-InAnd AirportRevenueRecognitionAn end-to-end solution focused on revenue growth, enhanced customer experienceand future-ready technology.What Is SabreSonic Customer Sales & Service?SabreSonic CSS provides all the essentials ofa “passenger service system” plus dynamicand configurable new capabilities. You’ll findpowerful direct distribution, sales andfulfillment, merchandising, e-commerce,reservations, inventory and departurecontrol, all designed to enhance the overallcustomer experience. It is a fully functional,end-to-end solution that complies withall regulations and mandates. With itscombined capabilities, it equals theindustry’s only true customer sales andservice solution.With it, you can create a complete customerfocused, revenue-generating environment foryour airline and redefine how you interact withyour customers. SabreSonic CSS is ready forthe future . but delivers results today.100 airlinesfrom all regions and alliances useSabreSonic CSS c

Advanced Capabilities Like No OthersSabreSonic CSS delivers unique, proven,revenue-generating and customer-focusedcapabilities. At its core, you’ll find reservations,the world’s most popular departure controlsystem and the leading Internet bookingengine, supported by pricing and shopping,inventory, ticketing, reaccommodationand loyalty.This comprehensive system has allowedour customers to realize increased revenuethrough merchandising, codeshareagreements and alliance partners, plus costsavings of up to 40 percent from bettermanaged inventory and schedules, andshopping and reservations capabilities.“ ”“[JetBlue selected SabreSonic CSS because it allows the airline] to offergreater revenue-producing codeshare and interline partnership opportunities,which will expand network choice for our customers; provide additionalancillary revenue and marketing opportunities; and will help us gain moreinsight into our customers. We chose Sabre in order to keep the JetBlueexperience strong and unique in the industry.”— Rick ZeniVice President of Customer Sales and Service, JetBlue5

Core ComponentsReservationsDeparture ControlOnline DirectReservationsYou’re in the business of growing revenue.And with our advanced customer management tools, you can make the experience moreprofitable for your airline and more consistentfor your customers.As the heart of your airline, your reservationssystem presents multiple revenue-generatingopportunities. Our solution provides advancedcustomer management tools that help yourairline market more efficiently, increase salesand effectively manage every channel ofdistribution. This fully integrated solution givesreservations and check-in agents access to thesame information across all points of serviceenabling you to better serve your customers.Key Benefits Enhances customer recognition withcomplete and consistent customerinformation at all touchpoints, Offers a consistent customer experienceby distributing your merchandisingstrategy across all your channels, Provides flexible and customizablefunctionality that supports alliancesand partnerships, Delivers timely fares to market to optimizecompetitive position, Improves understanding of market trendsand customer behavior, Provides an integrated, end-to-end loyaltysolution with the tools necessary foryou to effectively use your frequent flyerprogram, Improves market insight with access tocomparative market data that helps youmore effectively execute your strategy.“”“We chose to renew with Sabre for another five years to extend our nearly10-year relationship. We were impressed with their superior graphical userinterface, as well as the Web and kiosk check-in functionality. Both systemswill allow First Air to provide superior customer service to Canada’s north.”— Chris FerrisVice President, Marketing & Sales, First

Departure ControlOnline DirectThe airport is where a customer “meets”your airline in person, sometimes for thefirst time. Make a great impression byhaving airport systems that are reliable,fast and comprehensive. And when youremployees can focus on the customer(instead of their systems), they can tailorservices accordingly for optimal customersatisfaction.It’s about choices. To maximize your onlinebooking engine efforts, you need topromote and sell your airline’s products(along with those of your partners) directlyto customers online, anytime, anywhere.With our Web solution, you’ll find acost-effective, flexible, online bookingengine that lets you do just that.Our new check-in solution, which uses theindustry’s leading user interface, enablesyou to have a complete view of yourcustomer at each point of service withsuperior data. We help you know yourcustomer better at every touchpoint fromWeb, mobile and kiosk to airport customerservice.Key Benefits Offers enhanced customer profile anddata capabilities, Supports the best GUI (also usedfor reservations) for betterproductivity, team member efficiency,faster adoption, reduced training costsand increased targeted merchandisingopportunities, resulting in more revenue, Complies with government security andindustry mandates,Key Benefits Delivers the most complete andconfigurable Web solution with thebest return on investment and value inthe marketplace, Provides the platform to execute acomprehensive e-commerce strategythat serves the end-to-end lifecycleneeds of the customer, Offers easily implemented, flexibleworkflows and customer-centric controls, Provides increased targetedmerchandising opportunities throughancillary services via all check-inchannels, Offers a cost-effective group bookingtool to maximize revenue, Provides multiple check-in channels,including kiosk, Web and mobile, socustomers can be processed away fromthe airport and check-in counter,reducing airport-related staff andequipment costs, Creates a unique, economicalrelationship with the customer,increasing loyalty and lifetime value. Provides an integrated weight andbalance application ensuring efficientflight loading and safety, Provides accurate departure data toupdate internal and external systems, Supports all major airline alliances.287,590,773revenue passengers boarded in2009 through our departure controlsolution.7

Advanced, ConfigurableCapabilitiesPricing And ricing And ShoppingInventoryWhat’s an airline without pricing andshopping? When you need to be able togenerate the right product at the right time,our solution delivers a highly configurableset of direct-distribution shopping andpricing capabilities.Wouldn’t you want an inventory solutionthat meets the needs of real-time revenuemanagement practices? We have a comprehensive solution that leverages ourleading revenue management capabilitiesto protect and grow revenue.Key BenefitsKey Benefits Increases bookings through creative,advanced low-fare search capabilities, Enables both extensive point-of-salecontrol and business-rule capabilities, Communicates the value of products andincreases revenue, Offers flawless, real-time exchange ofinventory data and optimal controls, Increases brand awareness, Improves website conversion rates andcustomer loyalty,Provides multiple nesting structurecapabilities, Increases yield on a per-ticket basis, Enables direct fare loading for timelyand cost-efficient distribution throughall channels.Supports latest O&D revenuemanagement techniques including bidprice curve, advanced fare qualificationand interline proration, Offers a high-performance databasethat sources availability for all /sabresonic

TicketingReaccommodationSelect with confidence our best-in-classticketing solution that meets your businessdemands and delivers accurate and securetransactions. Over 150 airlines around theglobe are partnering with us to provideaccess to a full suite of electronic ticketingsolutions.For passengers waiting in an airport, timeseems to stand still. And when you’restruggling to get back on track, time flies!But with our automated reaccommodationsolution, you’ll be able to promptly takecontrol of those disruptions and get eachpassenger back on track and on his wayagain. You can even use customer valuesettings driven by business rules to helpyou make the right decisions.Key Benefits Replaces paper-based voucherprocesses with automated electronicdocuments, or EMDs (electronicmiscellaneous documents),increasing team member efficiency,improving customer responsiveness andeliminating paper-related costs,Delivers a robust exchange and refundsprocessing solution backed by the powerof CAT31, CAT33 including automatedcapabilities for irregular operationsand Web services enablement,Supports revenue-generating interlinepartnerships through a fully functionalelectronic ticketing hub, Provides comprehensive reporting andreconciliation tools allowing airlines toefficiently track, monitor and accountfor all sales activities, Enables multiple forms of local andinternational payment optionsincluding credit cards, PayPal, Bill MeLater, e-Bank, etc.Key Benefits Helps you make timely decisions withthe use of impact analysis results, Offers scheduling improvementsthrough impact analysis, Improves efficiency with automatedrebooking of passengers, Reduces call volumes for reservations, Results in fewer disrupted or strandedpassengers for ticket and gate agents tohandle, Reduces overnight hotel costs, Decreases compensation costs resultingfrom unsatisfactory actions.9

LoyaltyWith our corporate, agency and frequentflyer loyalty solutions, you’ll have the toolsto build those customer relationships, nomatter whether your customers are flyingfor business or pleasure. And the size ofyour airline doesn’t matter either, becausewe have solutions that range from basic(and easy to access) to sophisticated andcustomizable.Key Benefits Manages information about your loyaltyprogram members, Facilitates administration of yourpartnerships (both airline and non-airlinepartners), Assists in the creation of loyaltypromotions to influence member behavior, Provides a well-integrated process withreservations and other related solutions, Helps identify your most loyal andvaluable customers to concentrate onyour high-return revenue opportunities, Provides the facility to reach out to newcustomers and make them loyalcustomers to your airline, Assists in selling your loyalty currency toyour partners.“”“SabreSonic CSS delivers new business capabilities and flexible technologythat Aeroméxico requires to better understand our customers and providethe best possible travel experience.”— Andres ConesaChief Executive Officer, nic

Our Infrastructure Is Tested, Mature And In ProductionTask-OrientedUser onsWith the Sabre ASx Airline Services Exchange, you will get real-time transactions, anatural-language rules engine, local or regional deployment and real customer value.TechnologyYour technology shouldn’t be a constraint.With our service-oriented architecture andSabre ASx sm Airline Services Exchangeplatform, you have the flexibility to adaptyour business to meet changing requirementsand more efficiently incorporate newtechnology.Consistent Innovation We provide your airline withpowerful applications, Software asa Service delivery and high-performanceenvironments. All this gives you themost robust, integrated platformavailable.Data Distribution WithYou G Realtrans Naturrules Localdeplo RealvalueOur platform enables you to distributedata throughout your organization. Withour natural-language rules engine, youcan create business rules to help youuse data in the same manner regardlessof how your customers interact with you.Data Availability Data needs to be available throughoutyour airline so you can action itconsistently. With SabreSonic CSS,real-time customer data is availableat all points of sale and service.Customer Solutions Our SabreSonic CSS solution also givesyou the industry’s leading customerexperience solutions, including the simplestand most intuitive graphical user interfaces.And if you need it, leverage our developertoolkit to build your own GUIs for yourunique needs.11

A Focus On The CustomerBy focusing on your customers at each pointof sale and service, the SabreSonic CSSsolution enables you to have a deeperunderstanding of their preferences, habitsand previous experience with your airline.With this information available at everytouchpoint, you can better differentiate yourservice, make targeted offers and betterserve your most important customers.

Give your employeeseasy-to-use access tocustomer information for aconsistent customerexperience.Provide self-serviceat the airport toenhance the airportexperience.Provide self-serviceonline for a moreefficient airport experience.Enable your productmerchandising strategythrough your directchannel.Reaccommodate your customersand notify them of flight changes viatheir mobile devices.

Customer AcquisitionAnd Retention Customer profiles Offer management Customer loyaltyRevenue Recognition Data analytics Reporting Loyalty accrualCheck-In And Airport Self-service check-in Mobile tripmanagement Flight trackingShopping And Pricing Shopping and pricing Merchandising AncillariesReservations, InventoryAnd Ticketing Electronic ticketing Traveler notification Group booking Payment and fraud managementThe Power Of E-CommerceOur integrated e-commerce capabilitieswill help revolutionize your onlinebusiness and empower your customers.This fully functional solution with acomplete set of capabilities delivers revenuegrowth, cost reduction and customerloyalty. From customer acquisition torevenue recognition, we offer a platformupon which you can execute a comprehensivestrategy that serves the end-to-end travelneeds of the customer.Part of our e-commerce solution is a best-inclass Internet booking engine that drivesdirect distribution. It combines the flexibilityof a custom solution with the stability andspeed to market of a standard off-the-shelfproduct.By applying customer-centric business rulesto shopping and merchandising, airlinescan increase online sales conversions andrevenue per order, positively impactingprofitability. Airlines benefit from acommunity investment model that lowersdevelopment costs, while the Software asa Service model lowers overall hardwareoperating y Benefits Increases fare uptake by over 5percent through branded fares, Increases online conversion ratesby more than 3 percent to drive addedrevenue and customer loyalty, Improves promotional sales andreduces revenue dilution with targeteddeal management, Generates incremental revenue withmultiple points of merchandizingintegration within the sales process, Maximizes revenue opportunitiesthrough expert e-commerce consulting, Increases cash flow through a uniqueand exclusive economic relationship withyour customers, Reduces costs through automatedpassenger compensation, Reduces costs through fully integratedself-service group shopping, bookingand fulfillment.

The Power Of Multi-Channel MerchandisingThrough SabreSonic CSS, you can distributeyour products and services across allchannels — unlike other solutions that onlyfocus on the direct channel. A total-channelapproach enables you to maximize revenueopportunities. And our end-to-end solutionintegrates industry-recognized capabilities(such as ATPCO OC and EMD fulfillment)together with inventory controls, diverseshopping and reporting analytics to create,sell, deliver and account for all products andservices.Maximize Revenue Opportunity Revenue and yield optimization.By including merchandising serviceswith SabreSonic CSS, you can remaincompetitive while creating anopportunity to generate incrementalrevenue through the sale of ancillaryproducts and services. Operational efficiency. Gain efficienciesacross your operation with configurablesolutions that integrate with yours moreeasily. Your products and services canbe designed and delivered quickly withmulti-channel workflows maintainedby the airline connected to a leadingrules engine.Offer Customer Choice And Value Enhanced brand value. With completeflexibility and control in the delivery ofyour merchandising offering, you candifferentiate yourself from yourcompetitors and align your brandwith a broader customer base. Traveler choice. With the ability toefficiently merchandise more choice inthe levels of products and services youoffer, you can provide a unique valueproposition to all customers, enablingthem to choose the products andservices they value most.Reach Customers Everywhere Multi-channel consistency. With themerchandising tool offered throughSabreSonic CSS, you can seamlesslymerchandise and distribute yourproducts and services across directand indirect channels, offline andonline, while maintaining a consistentcustomer experience and maximizingthe total incremental revenue opportunity. True global reach. Complement yourdirect channel and connect yourmerchandising strategy to the largestglobal travel marketplace with access tomore than 55,000 agency locations,3,000 corporations and 250,000 points ofsale in 113 countries.15

Availability %100806040200120754530208Before using our solution40Days BeforeDepartureUsing our real-time solutionDemand for seatsAs demand spikes, we return the most seats to inventory.The Power Of Real-Time Revenue IntegrityRevenue integrity means optimizing revenuewhile protecting your inventory from badbookings. You can better utilize the seatsyou’re flying without the increasedoperating costs of adding more flights orbuying more aircraft.Why is our solution different? Because realtime data takes your revenue integrity to awhole new level. Our SabreSonic CSSsolution receives bookings as soon as theyare created or changed and searches forpotential quality problems. Our solutionthen acts on those problems either byautomatically challenging them orcancelling them, releasing the seatsfor re-sale to other passengers.Our solution finds more problems andopportunities than any other. It also findsthe problems earlier and resolves themquicker, releasing the seats for re-sale whilethere’s he strengths of real-time revenue integrityinclude: Real-time processing. Bookings areprocessed within seconds after creationor changes, finding and solving problemsas fast as possible. Flexibility and responsiveness. Theairline can quickly set up new processesand change the configuration of theexisting processes, all through a simpleto-use user interface. Exceptional value. The solution willdeliver outstanding value from thebeginning and more value than anyother solution.

The Power Of Real-Time Revenue OptimizationAnd GrowthOur SabreSonic CSS solution unifies therevenue management, inventory controland pricing functions in a way that lets yourairline quickly respond to changing marketdemands. It delivers dynamic interactionand coordination of decisions in thesecritical areas. That means you maximizethe value of each seat sold.Real-time revenue management gives youoptimal inventory control. You can immediatelyupdate your fares in the marketplace withoutthe wait for either the nightly download ormanual analyst intervention. That meansyour airline can react faster than ever beforeto changes in your inventory.17

“ ”“We are encouraged by the strengthening revenue environment as wecontinue to develop additional revenue streams with Sabre, our newcustomer service and reservations system. With some of our biggestchallenges behind us — including the closure of JFK Airport’s principalrunway and the implementation of Sabre — we are optimistic about therest of the year.”— Ed BarnesChief Financial Officer, JetBlueYour Business PartnerWe offer the world’s broadest portfolio andthe industry’s largest Software as a Serviceplatform, giving you more choices and thegreatest flexibility. More than 300 airlinesaround the globe rely on us to help increaserevenues, decrease costs andimprove customer service.We believe the relationship begins, notends, when you select us as your partner.We have a unique delivery methodologythat is unmatched in the industry. With ourexperience in large-scale system cutovers,you can rest assured we will deliver yoursolutions on time and within budget withthe least possible disruption to your operation.Our unmatched expertise and value givesyou world-class delivery and customer careto create faster ROI and lower total cost onicAnd after delivery, we provide complete24/7 customer care. Our global customersupport facilities are available for you whenyou need them. We also provide self-helptools online through our one-of-a-kindcustomer portal.We offer your business much more thanjust a software application. You can chooseadditional services that ensure you realizethe most value from your solutions, such asconsulting to help train your staff and alignyour business with industry best practices.We perform regular health checks to ensurethat your systems are optimally used.We will also help you measure the valueyou receive from the system to validateyour return on investment.

Join The Largest Airline CommunitySabre CommunityPortal HubAirline ExecutiveAdvisory BoardConferencesProduct PlanningAnd UsabilityStudiesSabre CommunityPortalYour airlineImplementationFeedbackAnd TrainingCustomerCouncils380 Airlines CollaboratingCustomer CareSabre Airline University www.SabreAirlineSolutions.comAscend MagazineOur community is the voice of the customer driving collaboration, knowledge and shared insight.Multiple online and offline channels provide interaction at all levels for 380 airline industry companies.A Solution Like No OtherIt’s not just our solutions that make usexceptional. Our community is the industry’slargest offering both online and offlineopportunities to interact with our expertsas well as industry peers. Through ourcommunity, you can learn from the experienceof other airlines and collaborate to set theagenda for future solution enhancements.The community provides you with a voiceand enables a spirit of partnership thatdrives collaboration, knowledge and sharedinsight. Our community provides opportunities for engagement at every level ofthe organization from front-line analyst toC-level executive.When you are ready to extend yourpassenger service system into a trueairline customer sales and service solution,SabreSonic CSS is the only choice. Withnew technology, real-time operational dataand a true business partner invested in yoursuccess, you’ll have a solution that givesyou the freedom to operate your businessthe way you need.Contact your account director or regionalsolution partner to learn more about theindustry’s only customer sales and servicesolution.19

About Sabre Airline SolutionsAs a complete business partner, we canoffer you the right solution no matter yourairline’s size, complexity, region or busnessmodel. Industry leader in all major travelchannels — we can create global reachand partnering opportunities better thanany other company,Airlines, airports and aviation organizationspartner with us to create a more successfulbusiness. Sometimes we help enhancehow they sell travel or build new revenuestreams. Other times, we help them streamline operations into an integrated, well-oiledmachine. Whatever your vision of success,we can help you with solutions for the keybusiness challenges you face daily. Innovative, industry-leading solutions— our community is the largest; wecollaborate to innovate, know theindustry and bring those insights to you, 1,400 professionals dedicated to the airline business — we are close to ourcustomers in how we deliver andsupport, offering expertise when youneed it.Sabre Airline Solutions is a part of SabreHoldings , the world leader in the travelmarketplace. This combined power bringsseveral advantages to serve you

How Our Portfolio Works For YouIt helps you better, market, sell, serve and operate fromplanning to execution.MSMarketSellSOServeOperateOffer the best schedule, Sell, upsell andEnhance theprice and service tocross-sell more customer experiencegenerate thethrough all of yourthroughout themost revenuepreferred channelstravel lifecycleManage dailyoperations toefficiently flyyour scheduleIt helps you increase airline revenue, decrease costsand enhance the customer ServiceE-CommerceReservationsMaintenancewhat yourcustomer encehow we enableyour airlineFlightConvenientShopping &BookingAirportDepartureControlCargoCrewcustomer & marketintelligence21

Compelling Reasons To ChooseSabre Airline Solutions As YourBusiness PartnerComplete SolutionsPartnerA trusting relationship — developed through our deepunderstanding of customer needs and the airline industry, our continual investment, innovation and financialstrength — providing you with freedom and assuranceto transform your business.The BroadestPortfolioEnd-to-end, cohesive software solutions that span yourentire organization, including commercial planning,customer sales and service, and enterprise operations.Future-ReadyTechnologyHigh-performance Software as a Service — and robustcapabilities — power your airline with flexibility, reliability, scalability and seamless integration today, tomorrowand well into the future.Unmatched AirlineExpertiseOur experts around the world — with a passion for the industry — help you identify problem areas and determinethe best solutions to generate optimum results.The Largest AirlineCommunityCollaborate and innovate with more than 380 airlineand airport customers — of all sizes and businessmodels — to leverage unmatched wealth of knowledgefor your business.World-Class DeliveryAnd Customer CareImprove Total CostOf OwnershipClient services professionals take a holistic view ofyour airline to deliver solutions on time and in budgetwhile providing around-the-clock, award-winning,global customer care 365 days a year.Value from fast solution adoption and unrivaledcapabilities helps dramatically lower your costs,grow your revenue and enhance your customers’experience.

Visit our Web site atwww.sabreairlinesolutions.comWorldwide HeadquartersSabre Airline Solutions3150 Sabre DriveSouthlake, Texas 76092 USAPlease contact our nearestregional office for moreinformation:Europe, Middle East, AfricaTel: 44 208 538 8539E-mail: / PacificTel: 65 6215 9500E-mail: contact.apac@sabre.comThe AmericasTel: 1 682 605 6750E-mail: contact.americas@sabre.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at

2010, 2011 Sabre Inc. All rights reserved.Sabre Airline Solutions, the Sabre Airline Solutions logo, SabreSonic and Sabre Holdings are trademarks and/or service marks of an affiliate of Sabre Holdings Corp. All other trademarks, service marks and trade names are theproperty of their respective owners.

profitable for your airline and more consistent for your customers. As the heart of your airline, your reservations system presents multiple revenue-generating opportunities. Our solution provides advanced customer management tools that help your airline market more efficiently, increase sales and effectively manage every channel of distribution.

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