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CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70Capacitive switchSee below:Approvals and CompliancesDescription- Capacitive touch sensor as momentary push button (NO or NC) or aslatching switch (LA)- Protection against unintended switching- Multicolor illumination- Floating switch connections- Laser lettering possible- Vandal resistant- Wires (8 wires for Multicolor, 4 wires otherwise)²Unique Selling Proposition-Variable supply voltageConstant LED intensityInputs protected against overvoltageGalvanic separated outputsCharacteristics- Housing made from stainless steel- Various illumination colors and color combinations possible- Touch surface made from scratch-resistant ceramics with area illumination or made from stainless steel with ring illumination- Ring or area illumination- Wearless, no moving parts- Attractive design with or without finger guide availableWeblinkshtml-datasheet, General Product Information, CAD-Drawings, ProductNews, Detailed request for product, MicrositeImportant information- The CPS is not suitable for use in sanitary or other applications exposed to water or other liquids.- The housing is connected to gnd.Technical DataElectrical DataSwitching FunctionSwitching VoltageSwitching CurrentElectrical RatingSwitch Resistance OFFSwitch Resistance ONSupply VoltageCurrent Consumption all LEDsoff Current Consumption 1 LEDon Current Consumption 2 LEDon Current Consumption 3 LEDon Reverse Polarity ProtectionShort Circuit ProtectionOutput Typeconnection typemomentary (NO¹) or latchingmax. 42 VAC /  60 VDCmax. 100 mA1W 10 MΩ 16 Ω5 - 28 VDC2.5 mA (switch is open)8.5 mA (switch is closed)8.0 mA (switch is open)14.0 mA (switch is closed)14.0 mA (switch is open)20.0 mA (switch is closed)19.0 mA (switch is open)25.0 mA (switch is closed)yesyesOptoMOS RelayWires (8 wires for Multicolor, 4 wiresotherwise)²Mechanical DataActuation TypeActuating ForceShock ProtectionMounting Depth Tightening Torque Plastic NutClimatical DataOperating TemperatureStorage TemperatureIP Protection Class Front SideSalt Spray Test (acc. to DIN50021-SS)MaterialHousingsActuator Illuminated Ring (Ring Illumination)Seal RingcapacitivenoneIK 09with Finger Guide: 30.3 mmwithout Finger Guide: 30 mm2.5 Nm-40 to 60 C-40 to 85 CIP 67 acc. to IEC 6052924 h / 48 h / 96 h Residence TimeStainless SteelArea Illumination: CeramicsRing Illumination: Stainless steelPMMANBR70¹ on request also available as NC / ² on request also available with cable or connectorApprovals and CompliancesDetailed information on product approvals, code requirements, usage instructions and detailed test conditions can be looked up in Details aboutApprovalsSwitches1

CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70Application standardsApplication standards where the product can be usedOrganizationDesignStandardDescriptionDesigned for applications acc.IEC/UL 60950IEC 60950-1 includes the basic requirements for the safety of informationtechnology equipment.DetailsInitiatorDescriptionRoHSSCHURTER AGEU Directive RoHS 2011/65/EUREACHSCHURTER AGOn 1 June 2007, Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 on the Registration,Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals 1 (abbreviated as"REACH") entered into force.CompliancesThe product complies with following Guide LinesIdentificationDimension [mm]CPS with ring illuminating, with finger guideDECBmax. 64A1.6(28.7)30.3CPS with ring illuminating, no finger guide4A1.5(28.5)302SwitchesEDCBmax. 6

CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70CPS with area illuminating, with finger guideDEDEBCmax. 64A1.6(28.7)30.3CPS with area illuminating, no finger guideBCmax. 64A1.5(28.5)30A illuminating areaB CPS16: 19.5 mmCPS19: 23.0 mmCPS22: 25.5 mmC CPS16: M16x1CPS19: M19x0.75CPS22: M22x1D CPS16: 14.7 mmCPS19: 14.5 mmCPS22: 14.5 mmE CPS16: ø20 mmCPS19: ø24 mmCPS22: ø27.6 mmSwitches3

CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70For multicolor configurationsFor all other configurationsConnection wire assignmentConnection wire assignmentWire-numberWire colorfunctionWire-numberWire 1Wire 2Wire 3Wire 4brownblackwhitewhiteVin 5 VDC.28 VDCGNDOUT1OUT2Wire 1Wire 2Wire 3Wire 4Wire 5redWire 6greenWire 7blueWire 8blackWire colorbrownblackwhitewhiteLED redGND ONOpen* OFFLED greenGND ONOpen* OFFLED blueGND ONOpen* OFFGND* internal pull-up resistor to vcc 3.3 VDimensionCPS16CPS19 0.1 0.10 0.050Ø22.10Ø19.10 0.10Ø16.1015.154CPS2218.15Switches 0.05021.15 0.5functionVin 5 VDC.28 VDCGNDOUT1OUT2

CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70Diagramsexample for system controlled colorsCPSSystemwire 1 vinwire 8 gnd5V . 28Vwire 2 gndMicrocontroller 3.3VPower Supplygndwire 4 out 2wire 3 out 1IN LED RIN LED GIN LED BRGB InputGPIOGPIOGPIOuC IN LED RuC IN LED GuC IN LED BGPIOGPIOGPIOuC OUT LED RuC OUT LED GuC OUT LED BRGB Outputvcc 3.3 Vwire 5 RTouch InputuC IN TOUCHOutput DriverADCGPIOwire 6 GOUT 1uC OUT SIGNALOUT 2when out 1 gndwhen system is in sleep modeLED yellow: R G gnd, B: openelseLED blinking green:toggle between {G gnd, R: open, B: open}and {R: open, G: open, B: open}endelseLED red: R gnd, G: open, B: openendwire 7 BMulticolor variantIllumination options for MulticolorLighting typeWire redMulticolor SinglecolorWire greenxMulticolor SinglecolorGreenxMulticolor RGB Additive 2xMulticolor RGB Additive 2xMulticolor RGB Additive 2xResultingColorRedxMulticolor SinglecolorMulticolor RGB Additive 3Wire bluexBlueYellowxMagentaxxCyanxxWhiteLettering Colour of Laser LetteringMaterialLettering ColourStainless SteelblackFilled lettersCeramicblackFilled lettersSwitches5

CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70Order Index LetteringLaser Marking001 A021 U041 061 EIN002 B022 V042 062 AUS003 C023 W043 063 AUF004 D024 X044 #064 AB005 E025 Y045 065 ON006 F026 Z046 066 OFF007 G027 0047 067 UP008 H028 1048 068 DOWN009 I029 2049 069 HIGH010 J030 3050 070 LOW011 K031 4051 %071 ON/OFF012 L032 5052 072 START013 M033 6053 CTRL073 RESET014 N034 7054 RETURN074 015 O035 8055 SHIFT075 016 P036 9056 LOCK076 017 Q037 057 STOP077 018 R038 -058 ENTER019 S039 .059 BACK020 T040 x060 LINE6Switches

CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70Configuration code for configuring customized variants (example)For customized variants a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces has to be 7-SIllumination TypeRI Ring IlluminationAI Area IlluminationActuator StyleWF With fingerguideNF No fingerguideActuator materialSNC For ring illuminationCWT For area illuminationSwitching FunctionNO Normally OpenNC Normally ClosedLA LatchingDiameter16 16 mm19 19 mm22 22 mmsingle0RD0GN0BL0CY0MA0YL0WT tricolourRGB RedGreenBlueCyanMagentaYellowWhiteSymbol000 None001 - 077(see table for laser lettering)please contact us for customer specificlaser letteringLettering0 No lettering(Symbol Code must be 000)1 Laser letteringMulticolourbicolour (active color / inactive color)0RG Red/Green0RB Red/Blue0RC Red/Cyan0RM Red/Magenta0RY Red/Yellow0RW Red/White0GR Green/Red0GB Green/Blue0GC Green/Cyan0GM Green/Magenta0GY Green/Yellow0GW Green/White0BR Blue/Red0BG Blue/Green0BC Blue/Cyan0BM Blue/Magenta0BY Blue/Yellow0BW Blue/White0CR Cyan/Red0CG Cyan/Green0CB Cyan/Blue0CM Cyan/Magenta0CE Cyan/Yellow0CW Cyan/White0MR Magenta/Red0MG Magenta/Green0MB Magenta/Blue0MC Magenta/Cyan0MY Magenta/Yellow0MW Magenta/White0YR Yellow/Red0YG Yellow/Green0YB Yellow/Blue0YC Yellow/Cyan0YM Yellow/Magenta0YW Yellow/White0WR White/Red0WG White/Green0WB White/Blue0WC White/Cyan0WM White/Magenta0WY White/YellowSwitches7

CPSMetal Line Switcheshttps://www.schurter.com /PG70All VariantsDiameter [mm]IlluminationIllumination Color active / inactiveFinger GuideFunctionActuator MaterialAccessoriesOrder Number16Backlightedred / greenwithlatchingCeramicKnurled nut3-101-398 16Backlightedred / greenwithoutlatchingCeramicKnurled nut3-101-395 ed nut3-101-394 16Ring Illuminationred / greenwithlatchingStainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-413 16Ring Illuminationred / greenwithoutlatchingStainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-401 16Ring IlluminationmulticolorwithoutlatchingStainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-400 16Backlightedmulticolorwithmomentary (NO)CeramicKnurled nut3-101-397 16Backlightedmulticolorwithoutmomentary (NO)CeramicKnurled nut3-101-403 16Ring Illuminationmulticolorwithmomentary (NO)Stainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-412 16Ring Illuminationmulticolorwithoutmomentary (NO)Stainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-399 19Backlightedred / greenwithlatchingCeramicHexnut3-101-418 19Backlightedred / greenwithoutlatchingCeramicHexnut3-101-416 t3-101-415 19Ring Illuminationred / greenwithlatchingStainless SteelHexnut3-101-423 19Ring Illuminationred / greenwithoutlatchingStainless SteelHexnut3-101-421 19Ring IlluminationmulticolorwithoutlatchingStainless SteelHexnut3-101-420 19Backlightedmulticolorwithmomentary (NO)CeramicHexnut3-101-417 19Backlightedmulticolorwithoutmomentary (NO)CeramicHexnut3-101-414 19Ring Illuminationmulticolorwithmomentary (NO)Stainless SteelHexnut3-101-422 19Ring Illuminationmulticolorwithoutmomentary (NO)Stainless SteelHexnut3-101-419 22Backlightedred / greenwithlatchingCeramicKnurled nut3-101-428 22Backlightedred / greenwithoutlatchingCeramicKnurled nut3-101-426 ed nut3-101-425 22Ring Illuminationred / greenwithlatchingStainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-405 22Ring IlluminationmulticolorwithlatchingStainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-404 22Ring Illuminationred / greenwithoutlatchingStainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-431 22Ring IlluminationmulticolorwithoutlatchingStainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-430 22Backlightedmulticolorwithmomentary (NO)CeramicKnurled nut3-101-427 22Backlightedmulticolorwithoutmomentary (NO)CeramicKnurled nut3-101-424 22Ring Illuminationmulticolorwithoutmomentary (NO)Stainless SteelKnurled nut3-101-429 Common parameters for all standard variants:- Housing material: stainless steel- Switching current: 100 mA- Illumination supply voltage: 5 V - 28 V (variable)- IP protection: IP 67- IK protection: IK 09- Terminal connection: wires (8 wires for RGB, 4 wires otherwise), standard wire length is 200 mmLatching and momentary NO switch are open after power-up (protection against unintended switching)NO: normaly open Most Popular.Availability for all products can be searched Stock-Check-SCHURTERMinimum order quantity for standard variants with or without laser marking is 10 pieces.Configurations which are not listed as standard in the table above can be requested as customized variants. The configuration code can be used for customizing this product.Please contact us in case more detail information is needed.10  ST25.07.2018Packaging unit8SwitchesThe specifications, descriptions and illustrations indicated in this document are based on currentinformation. All content is subject to modifications and amendments. Information furnished is believedto be accurate and reliable. However, users should independently evaluate the suitability and test eachproduct selected for their own applications.

black black white white white white red green blue black Wire 3 Wire 3 Wire 4 Wire 4 Wire 5 Wire 6 Wire 8 Wire 7 Wire 2 e 2 Wire-number Wire color Wire-number e color For multicolor configurations For all other configurations * internal pull-up resistor to vcc 3.3 V Dimension 15.15

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