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PUBLISHER’S LETTERDear Friends:Enclosed please find a copy of the 2006-07 media kit for Scholastic Teen Magazine Network.For over 85 years, Scholastic has published high quality, interactive magazines for tweens andteens that are purchased by schools and used in the classroom to engage students. Thattradition carries on today in the Scholastic Teen Magazine Network. The Scholastic TeenMagazine Network speaks directly to tweens and teens in their own language with compellingeditorial about the latest in entertainment, sports, current events, and real issues kids face everyday, all with the strong educational value that makes Scholastic “the most trusted name inlearning.”Reaching teens has become much more challenging in today’s media saturated world. Print,television, radio, the Internet, and mobile technology all compete for a piece of teens’ limitedtime and attention. But The Scholastic Teen Magazine Network breaks through the clutter of ateen’s busy day, reaching over 3.92 million tween/teen boys and girls* where trends start, rightbefore prime purchasing time. The Scholastic Teen Magazine Network further delivers onlypremium positioning along with a 20/80 ad-to-edit ratio. So without all the competing media,your brand will get more exposure and more focus. Simply put:Less Clutter More Impact for Your BrandThat’s why more than ever leading brands like Disney, Nintendo, Proctor & Gamble, CartoonNetwork, and Citibank look to the Scholastic Teen Magazine Network as part of their marketingstrategies.Thank you for your interest in Scholastic Teen Magazine Network. Please feel free to contactme at (212) 343-4696, Laura Dodd, East Coast/Midwest, at (630) 717-8585, or Jane Winslow,West Coast, at (310) 798-7011 for more information and to answer any questions about how wecan leverage the power of Scholastic Teen Magazine Network both in print and online to helpyou reach today’s teens.Best regards,Stephen LathroumPublisher, Scholastic Teen Magazine Network*MRI Teenmark StudyLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

OUR READERS.YOUR CORE CUSTOMERS. Leading Teen / Tween Reach3.92 Million Teens / Tweens Dual-Gender Audience53% Female, 47% MaleSource: MRI Teenmark StudyLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

LEADING TEEN CIRCULATIONCirculation of Teen Publications*2,031,466SeventeenScholastic TeenMagazineNetwork1,833,879DC ComicsTeen Group1,600,0001,371,108Cosmo Girl1,296,227Teen VogueElectronicGaming MonthlyGamePro536,600425,021* ABC AuditedLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

UNCLUTTERED: IN SCHOOLThe school environment is where: Teens / tweens spend nearly all their waking hours Trends start Purchasing decisions are madeOnly the Scholastic Teen Magazine NetworkReaches Teens / Tweens In SchoolLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

UNCLUTTERED: IN THE MAGAZINES Premium Positioning 20 / 80 Ad-to-Edit Ratio Focused Audience:81% of STMN readers spend 30-60minutes reading the magazines** MRI Teenmark StudyLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

COMPELLING EDITORIALJunior Scholastic Packed with high-interest,news stories and currentevents from around theworld delivered in atween friendly formatSpotlights on worldcultures via interviews withyoung people and theirfamiliesInteractive tools includinghistory plays, maps, andpostersScholastic Action Motivating featuresProfiles of today’s hottestcelebritiesRead-aloud plays based onnew movies, popular TVshows, and classic books“True Teen” nonfictionarticles highlighting teensthat have overcomechallengesScholastic Choices Addresses the real-worldissues that teens face ona daily basisFeatures developdecision-making in familylife, peer relations, school,health, and careersInspiring and motivatingarticles featuringcelebrities and positivepeer role modelsScholastic Scope Variety of celebrityfeatures and stories thatincorporate news andteen-oriented issuesRead-aloud Reader’sTheater plays based oncurrent movie and TVadaptations of classicsand excerpts from teenoriented literature“True Teen Stories” withinspiring real-life talesScience World Brings to life the latestbreaking news anddiscoveries in everyfield of scienceCaptivating features ontopics including health,technology, and theenvironmentVivid sciencephotography, hands-onactivities, andfree classroom postersThe New YorkTimes Upfront Combines the resourcesof The New York Timeswith a teen-friendlyperspective to bringcurrent events into theclassroomHigh-interest articles ondevelopments in media,technology, business,and scienceEssays by teens aboutimportant issues that areon their mindsLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.


ADVERTISING GUIDELINESScholastic is committed to the highest standards inmarketing in school to teens/tweens. That is why weask our advertisers to join us in respecting the schoolenvironment by refraining from using the following inadvertisements:Violence Weapons Sexual Themes or Innuendo Foul or Suggestive Language Alcohol or Illegal Substances Feminine Care Products LESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

RATES 2006-20076 Magazine BuyP4CB1x 49,5803x 47,4206x 45,2709x 43,6104 Magazine BuyP4CB1x 28,5003x 27,0756x 25,7219x 24,4352 Magazine Buy (Tween)P4CB1x 28,5003x 27,0756x 25,7219x 24,435ISSUE DATES:Sept 5 “Back to School”September 18October 2October 16 - Tween OnlyOctober 23November 13November 27 - Tween OnlyDecember 11January 8 - Tween OnlyJanuary 15February 5February 19March 12April 2April 16April 23 - Tween OnlyMay 7AD 21Contact Information:East Coast & Midwest Accounts: Laura Dodd at 630-717-8585 or lauradodd@scholastic.comWest Coast Accounts: Jane Winslow at 310-798-7011 or jwinslow-consultant@scholastic.comSpec Information: Amber Knowles at 212-343-6160 or aknowles@scholastic.comLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

TEACHER’S EDITIONSReach Grade 6-12 Teacherswith the Scholastic TeenMagazine NetworkTeacher’s Editions!The 8-page Teacher’s Edition is delivered as the top copy in thebundle of student editions, featuring editorial that guides theteachers on how to use the magazines in the classroom.Ask your rep about premium ad spots available in the Teacher’sEdition of all six publications in the Scholastic TeenMagazine Network.Scholastic Teen Magazine NetworkTotal Teacher’s Edition Circulation: 82,935** ABC AuditedLESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

ONLINE OPPORTUNITIESScholastic.com Kids’ SiteOne of the top 10 most visited kids’ sites on the Web!Traffic 20 million page views monthly1.2 million unique visitors monthlyTargeting Options Interactive Features Include:Age range — 6-18 years oldTime of day and day of weekGeo-targeting — region, state, or area codeAd Units and Specifications Games and Contest Homework Hub Book Central Downloads-2-GoLeaderboard (728 x 90)Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) 20 K max non-rich mediaRich media accepted on a per creative basisScholastic.com Kids’ Site Rate CardAd SpendCPM0 - 25 K25 - 50 K50 - 100 K100 K plus 15 14 12 10LESS CLUTTER. MORE IMPACT.

Dear Friends: Enclosed please find a copy of the 2006-07 media kit for Scholastic Teen Magazine Network. . But The Scholastic Teen Magazine Network breaks through the clutter of a teen's busy day, reaching over 3.92 million tween/teen boys and girls* where trends start, right before prime purchasing time. The Scholastic Teen Magazine .

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