Dell EMC Entry And Midrange Storage

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Dell EMC Entry andMidrange StoragePartner New Hire Training – Oct 2018

Agenda Modern Data Center Criteria PowerVault Overview SC Overivew Unity Overview Product Positioning Q&A2 of 45

Next GenAppsTraditionalAppsReal lashScaleoutSoftwaredefinedAI60-70%OF COMPANIESwill have realtime analyticsworkload(s)IoTMobile AppsCloudenabledModern Data Center3 of 45BY 2020TrustedAI/ML

DELL EMC Enterprise Class ArchitecturesSingle ActiveControllerType 1:Active/PassiveBlock Only4 of 45Dual ActiveControllersFederatesperformance ofup to 10 arraysUnity All FlashAll Flash SCType 2:Dual ActiveUnifiedType 3:Dual ActiveFederatedAggregatedperformancescale-up or scaleoutPowerMaxXtremIOType 4:Active/ActiveScale Up/Out

Dell EMC PowerVault5

PowerVault ME4 Series familyIt doesn’t need to be big to be powerfulME4084Product Name:ME4012ME4024Configuration:2U12 drives2U24 drives5U84 drivesMax Raw Capacity3.1PB3.0PB4PBMin/Max Drives2/2642/27628/336MediaProtocolsME4 Expansion EnclosuresME484ME412ME4242U12 drives2u24 drivesHybrid (0-100% Flash)8/16Gb FC, 1/10Gb iSCSI, 12Gb SASData ProtectionPerformanceIntegration12Gb SAS BackendVirtual Copy, Snapshots, Async Replication, SEDsTiering, Read CacheVMware Vcenter Plugin, SRM PluginManagementME Storage ManagerArchitectureThin provisioning, Adapt, Internal Key Manager (encryption) Dell Copyright 2018. Confidential Internal. All Rights Reserved.5U84 drives

Your “Go To” entry level storage arrayIncreased Performance Read IOPS: 320K1 (4X increase)EOL Date: 2/1/19PlannedEOL Date: 2/1/19AnnouncedEOL Date: 7/31/18AnnouncedEOL Date: 1/31/18Announced Backend Interface: 12G SAS (100% increase)PowerVault MD3 Sequential Writes: 5500 MB/s1 (2.6X increase)Improved ScalePS ModelsSCv2000/2020Start yourtransitiontoday Raw Capacity: 4PB (122% increase) Total System Drives: 336 (75% increase) Dense Expansion: 5U84 drives (40% increase)More ConnectivityVNXe1600 Connect: 4 ports 1/10G iSCSI SFP , 4 ports 1/10GiSCSI BaseT, 4 ports 8/16G FC, 4 ports 12G SASSimple Management Web-based GUI: ME Storage ManagerImprovements are in comparison to the MD31 AD# G18000167 Based on Seagate Technology's LX-3 Performance Characterization report, 2018 (Virtual Test Results) Dell Copyright 2018. Confidential Internal. All Rights Reserved.

PowerVault ME4 software is all-inclusiveNo separate licensing – everything to store, manage and protect dataBUILT-IN SOFTWARE FEATURESADAPT(Distributed RAID)Improved DDP-like functionality enablingaffordable capacity expansion and fasterdrive rebuild times.Thin ProvisioningSSD Read CacheAllocate and consume physical storagecapacity as needed in disk poolsIncrease execution speed of applicationsby caching previously read dataIP RemoteReplicationFC RemoteReplicationReplicate data to any globallocation that includes mirroringthin provisioned poolsReplicate data to any globallocation that includes mirroringthin provisioned poolsSnapshots3 Level TieringEasily recover files afteraccidental deletion oralteration with point-in-timecopies of dataImprove performance andefficiency with less hardwareexpenseVolume CopyEncryption (SED)vCenter/SRMSeamlessly clone volumes forre-purposing on differentspindles and drivesRender data useless to unauthorizedusers with drive-level encryption,even if the drive has been removedfrom the enclosureVMware vCenter Server &SRM integration to movelive VMs at scale betweensites Dell Copyright 2018. Confidential Internal. All Rights Reserved.

Simplified web-based managementManage ME4 Series storage from anywhere HTML5 Single-array intuitive element manager Use common management tasks fromconvenient locations Manage storage profiles, networkconnections, alerts, more Configure in 15 minutesME Storage Manager Login Screen Dell Copyright 2018. Confidential Internal. All Rights Reserved.ME4 Series supports CLI &REST API management

Dell EMC SC Series10

SC Series Family1PB2PB1222 drives222 drivesSCv3000/3020 SC All-Flash3PB3PB2PB500 drivesSC7020256GB2x 8c/2.5GHzFC, iSCSI, SASData reductionCompressionMulti-arrayFC, iSCSI2500 drivesSC9000SC5020F512GB2x 8c/3.2GHz128GB8c/2.4GHzSC7020F256GB2x 8c/2.5GHzAll-FlashFC, iSCSI, FCoEFC, iSCSICompression DeduplicationFederation (Live Migrate), Snapshot Mobility, Volume Advisor, ReplicationBusiness continuitySync Replication, Auto-Failover (Live Volume), Metro DR, RecoverPoint for VM, D@RE3ManagementHTML5 Unisphere4, CloudIQ4, Dell Storage Manager, Openstack, QoS, VvolsArchitectureDynamic RAID Tiering, Always Thin, Virtualized Page Pool, Distributed Sparing41 - SCv3xxx max capacity may beincreased to 2PB using 4MB page sizes.112 – With 2MB page size. For maximum flash performance, 512K pagesizes are recommended. See Release Notes and Sizer for details.2222 drivesHybrid (0-100% Flash)Protocols3PB1024 drives3 – External keymanager4 - Planned for Q1-2018 v7.3 release

Give each workload the love it deservesAuto-tieringHybridHDDAFALike having 3arrays in one box Pin volumes to any tierWorkload1Workload2Workload3 or let Data Progressiondistribute automaticallySize flash tier as needed– but /GB remainslowest at any mix** Source: Based on Dell internal analysis, March 2017, compared to majorvendor midrange products. Net effective capacity after applying datareduction. Customer’s price and reduction ratio may vary.12

SC Software ID tieringVVOLs,QosBest-in-Class Dedupeand ultiprotocolBusiness Continuity /Disaster RecoveryVLAN taggingFederated scale,mobility, availabilityReplicationover FCor IPCloud-based AI/MLEASY to purchase, maintain – no matter how your business evolvesCloudIQ support coming 1H 2018.13

Industry’s most advanced auto-tieringDrive TieringRAID TieringSub-LUNgranularityRAID 10RAID 5/6Tier 1Tier 2Multiple RAID levels on same drivesTier 3Option topin volumesto any tierexpand and contract as neededALL writesRAID 10Auto-convertsto RAID 5/6FAST! Same read speed 50% space savingsGet great performance with less hardware expense14

Store LESS with Intelligent Data ReductionDedupe & CompressionEven on volumes that autotier across media types!SSDsHDDsOn both SSDs and HDDsSelect by volumeOptimize automaticallyDedupe CompressionCompression only15Targetedat a subLUN level Designed forperformance Cost-reduceANY config* Note SCv3000 Series includes compression only, but it can still be applied to both SSDs and HDDs.Deduplication AND Compression are available on SC9000, SC7020, SC5020 and SC4020 arrays.

QoS (Quality of Service)Map storage resources to match your business prioritiesDefine resource limits for individualvolumes or groups of volumesEnsure top performance for yourmost important workloads Set relative priorities among volumes Eliminate “noisy neighbor” problems5,000IOPS10,000IOPS 16MissioncriticalworkloadOtherworkloadsPrioritize by IOPS, MB/s or LatencyWorks on standard volumes or VVolsEasy to customize and apply User-defined alerts Scriptable via REST Include in Storage ProfilesQoS reporting Track impact of QoS settings over timeIdeal for enterprise departments,private cloud, multi-tenancy(service providers)

Data-at-rest encryptionFailsafe security and compliance solutionsData Progression SecurityVM Hosts and VLANsExternal KeyManager optionsWorks withexisting SChardwareSecureeraseSeparate page pools forlocked/ unlocked foldersUnique Dell Storage Encryption features SED/non-SEDs in same arrayIncremental SED roll-out – no forklift upgrades requiredKey FIPS 140-2 Security level 2 certificationExternal Key Manager protects data against loss or theft ofdrives, enclosures or an entire arrayGrowing SED market among Government, Health CareEcommerce/RetailService ProvidersFinancial InstitutionsNow availablewith re-keyfunctionalitySelf-Encrypting Drive (SED) supportNonSEDs17SSDSEDsHDD “Data at Rest” encryption (DAR) External Key Management via Key Management InteroperabilityProtocol (KMIP) v1.0

SC Series “storage hypervisor” featuresVirtualized LUN mappingsincrease flexibility and ryNo need to re-map serversBalance workloads on demandAlways in sync: RTO/RPO 0LUNLive Migrate, DSM18 Volume AdvisorPrimaryBackupLUNLUNLive Volume

Live Migrate: Move workloads transparentlyData movement withinfederation does NOTaffect applicationsRebalance your datacenter arrays in minutes!1. Volume Advisor sends alertFederated cluster3. Click “complete migration”LUN192. Start Live Migrate wizard,accept recommendationsVolume AdvisorLive MigrateMonitors cluster,recommends idealload balancingMove volumesanywhere withoutremapping hosts Standard SC feature 100% storage-side controlOffer a consistent, highly-availablestorage service for your IT clients

Live Volume: Built-in business continuityMPIOto singleLUNRead /write oneither pathHostsRTO 0RPO 0LiveVolumeZERO workload downtimeduring unplanned outagesNo admin interventionAuto-repair (resync)Autofailover3rd site replication support LUNLUN100%SyncSite 120Native SC array solutionStretch Cluster supportSite 2

Built-in migrationPS SERIESTHINIMPORTSC SERIESMD SERIES21Migrates LUNs (no snaps) from PSand MD series to SC seriesOffers both offline and online thinimport depending on use caseBuilt-in solution: self-service withoutrequiring any third party toolOnline minimally disruptive:requires unmount and mount

Dell EMC SC Series SCOS 7.3FREE software update provides quantum leap forward inPerformanceSimplicitySimplicityHuge IOPS boostacross all platformsWeb UI (HTML 5)Increased max capacityCloudIQ support SC9000 now 6PB (2X) SC7020/F now 4 PB10X faster networks With 100Gb iSCSINow manage anywhere!Easier upgrades andexpansion DIP upgrades (SC4020) Full federation for SCv2000EfficiencyDistributed SparingHA enhancements Live Volume ALUA: lowerlatency, less network traffic Up to 500 Live VolumesLowest /GB for Flashand Hybrid FlashIncrease value for every SC All-Flash and Hybrid model: SC9, 8, 7, 5, 4, v3, v2* 2MB pages22

Dell EMC Unity23

Dell EMC Unity: Investment ProtectionGrow with Dell EMC Unity All-FlashONLINE DATA-IN PLACE UPGRADEDell EMC Unity 350FPROCESSORCAPACITYLUNFILE SYSTEMVVOL246c / 1.7GHz96 GB Memory150 Drives2.4 PB1000256 TB100064 TB 256 TB900064 TBDell EMC Unity 450F10c / 2.2GHz128 GB Memory250 Drives4 PB1500256 TB150064 TB 256 TB900064 TBDell EMC Unity 550F14c / 2.0GHz256 GB Memory500 Drives8 PB2000256 TB200064 TB 256 TB1350064 TBDell EMC Unity 650F14c / 2.4GHz512 GB Memory1000 Drives16 PB6000256 TB400064 TB 256 TB3000064 TB


Expandable Dynamic PoolsMaximize performance & efficiently save space and budgetTRADITIONAL POOLDYNAMIC POOL Flash drives – as needed Flash drivesRAIDWidths &SparesADD SINGLEDRIVE TO POOLHIGHER SPACEUTILIZATIONFASTERREBUILD TIMESIMPLER ANDLOWER TCODistributed sparing and flexible pool size

Dell EMC Unity Inline Data Reduction0000000000000000000000000000Compression &% & # %@ % 0Zero Detect &% #@DeduplicationMultiple technologies supportingDell EMC 4:1 Efficiency GuaranteeInline: Data reduction in memorybefore being written to flashUnified: Data reductionapplicable to both file and blockSimple: Single on/off setting –enable per LUN/filesystem

DellEMC Unity Data at Rest EncryptionController-based encryption for maximum protection and flexibilityEncrypts all user data on the array—at the drive level Drive vendor and type agnosticAll Dell EMC Unity data services supported Allows use of any drive typeEmbedded internal key manager Eliminates drive vendor specific overheadKey Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) compliant No impact to data servicesAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES) - 256 encryption No performance impactExternal Key Management

Dynamic All-Flash File4X more file power for transactional and traditional NAS256TB SCALE-UPFILESYSTEMINLINE DATAREDEUCTIONFILESYSTEMSHRINKScales to 256TB usablecapacity per file system with10M sub-directories and filesPointer based snaps withsimple space reclaim andlow IO impactReclaim free blocks andshrink file system to reflectnew IEDQUOTASIndependent VMDK cloneswith up to 256 clones acrossmultiple levelsPointer based snaps withsimple space reclaim andsnap mobility to remote siteUser and Tree Quotas withability to change onlineu64 File System

Simple, Seamless Built-in Data MigrationIntegratedMigrationVNX1 & VNX2Dell EMC UNITYFC, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS/SMBmigration from VNXMigrates LUNs, file systems,quotas, ACLs, and exportsBuilt-in solution: self-service withoutrequiring any third party toolTransparent to file applications,minimally disruptive for block


Simple, Intuitive Management from AnywhereEase of use; ease of management; ease of deployment; the GUI is very user-friendly.” Allen Riviera, Data Center Architect, Iron Bow TechnologiesUNISPHERESingle array unified managementUNISPHERE CENTRALCentralized managementUNIFIED CLI & REST APIManage from the console Compatible with most modernbrowsers Remotely monitor up to 1000Dell EMC Unity arrays Easier app integration Easy navigation, simpleworkflows View/analyze aggregatedmetrics for managed systems API access from CLI, browser,app and script Modern look and feel Launch Unisphere forindividual systems Simple http commands

Manage your entire storage infrastructure fromanywhere, via the webCloud-based storage analyticsIncluded with every midrange array:NO ADDITIONAL COST &NOTHING TO INSTALLEfficiency RatiosFlash GaugePerformance Anomalies SW Update NotificationsPurpose-built for the cloud Native cloud applicationDell EMC Unity Built on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Applied machine learning Proactive monitoring, predictive analytics, remediation Comprehensive health scores for your arraysStorage Array Health Scores New features added non-disruptively in the cloud Independent secure portal per customerSC Series

Dell EMC Unity OE v4.4 LDAP Enhancements LDAP Domain Look-Up Forest Level Authentication Support for Multiple LDAP servers SAN Copy Pull: integrated block migration from 3rd party arrays MetroSync- Synchronous File replication Snapshot shipping/replication Async replication to 3rd site Cabinet level DR w/advanced snap scheduling 342-way NDMP

Synchronous File ReplicationNASServerANASServerBNASServerC-DRFile ServersFile SystemsVMware NFS rverCBidirectionalSYNC FILEREPLICATION35Sync file replication to mirror sitewithin metro distanceSnapshots (scheduled or userinitiated) replicated to mirror siteZero RPO solution for NAS data andfile-based applicationsExtension/shrink of sourcereplicated to mirror

2-Way NDMPBENEFITS Transfer data directly between Storage Array & Tape LibraryUnit (TLU) Direct attached eliminates backup data on the network Improves backup times Offsite backup for disaster recoveryDMAMetadataDataLAN or WANMetadataDataDataPrimarySystemDataDataFC ConnectivitySecondarySystem(TLU)

Async Replication to a 3rd SiteFS1Site ASite BNAS 1NAS 1FS2SyncFS3FS1Site CNAS 1FS137FS2FS3FS2FS3

Third-Party Block Data Migration Leverage SANCopy – nothing toinstall on hostsSupport Planned for: Manage with CLI or REST API Support Migration functionality likepause/resume, create, delete,rollback, throttle Ability to test destination beforecutover Migrate multiple volumes at the same Report real-time migration metrics.HP EVAHPE 3PARHITACHI HDSNETAPP FASPlus: Dell EMC VMAX, SC Series & PS Series

Snapshot Backup and on period 7 daysRetention period 90 daysRetention period 50 years

Cloud Tiering ApplianceFree up capacity with the benefits of cloud economics No cost RTU License includedReduce your backup windowsImprove your TCOFlexibility with Physical, Virtual, HA optionsFILE TIERING &SNAPSHOT ARCHIVEMove your ‘cold’ data to cloudPublic CloudsPrivate IVEON DEMANDRECALLPUSH OUT SELECTED DATABASED ON POLICIESNO CHANGE TO APPS; NOIMPACT TO USERSEASILY RECALL DATAWHEN NEEDED

Midrange Product Positioning41

Price Bands & Primary Storage PositioningMarketOpportunity**Lead Product 12.6B8: 150K- 250K(PB 7 – 10)Midrange9: 250K- 500K7: 100K- 150K PowerMaxAll Flash6: 50K- 100KSC/Unity5: 25K- 50K SC/UnityHybrid 12.9B3: 10K- 15K(PB 1– 6)PowerVaultPowerVault2: 5K- 10K1: 0- 5K*Price Bands Based on Product Only – DO NOT USE FOR PRICING AND QUOTING;**IDC External Storage Forecast for CY19Velocity /GBe4: 15K- 25KEntryPowerMaxValueService Levels /CapabilitiesXtremIO10: 500K Product Capability/ValueXtremIOHigh EndPrice Bands*

Dell EMC Unity & SC Series benefitsCustomer installable andserviceable with CloudIQTMFederatedInlineCompressionInline data reduction forbalanced cost/performanceCompression &DeduplicationPost-process compression/dedupefor flash & hybrid max cost savingsUnifiedTransactional and traditionalfile workloads with blockSAS Front-endOption to connect using SAS interconnectFlexibleConverged, software defined orcloud enabled. DIP upgrades.Dell EMC Unity43Scale-up block with the ability tofederate arraysSimpleMetro DRTransparent Metro DR for blockwith Live Volume Auto FailoverSC Series

Dell EMC Unity: Investment Protection Grow with Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Dell EMC Unity 350F Dell EMC Unity 450F Dell EMC Unity 550F Dell EMC Unity 650F ONLINE DATA-IN PLACE UPGRADE PROCESSOR 6c / 1.7GHz 96 GB Memory 10c / 2.2GHz 128 GB Memory 14c / 2.0GHz 256 GB Memory 14c / 2.4GHz 512 GB Memory CAPACITY 150 Drives 2.4 PB 250 Drives 4 PB 500 .

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Grow with Dell EMC Unity All-Flash More firepower Dell EMC Unity 350F Dell EMC Unity 450F Dell EMC Unity 550F Dell EMC Unity 650F DATA-IN PLACE UPGRADE PROCESSOR 6c / 1.7GHz 96 GB Memory 10c / 2.2GHz 128 GB Memory 14c / 2.0GHz 256 GB Memory 14c / 2.4GHz 512 GB Memory CAPACITY 150 Drives 2.4

“Dell EMC”, as used in this document, means the applicable Dell sales entity (“Dell”) specified on your Dell quote or invoice and the applicable EMC sales entity (“EMC”) specified on your EMC quote. The use of “Dell EMC” in this document does not indicate a change to the legal name of the Dell

EMC: EMC Unity、EMC CLARiiON EMC VNX EMC Celerra EMC Isilon EMC Symmetrix VMAX 、VMAXe 、DMX EMC XtremIO VMAX3(闪存系列) Dell: Dell PowerVault MD3xxxi Dell EqualLogic Dell Compellent IBM: IBM N 系列 IBM DS3xxx、4xxx、5xx

Dell EMC Networking S4148F-ON 2.2 Dell EMC Networking S4248FB-ON The Dell EMC Networking S4248FB-ON is a 1-RU, multilayer switch with forty 10GbE ports, two 40GbE ports, and six 10/25/40/50/100GbE ports. Two S4248FB-ON switches are used as leaf switches in the examples in this guide. Dell EMC Networking S4248FB-ON 2.3 Dell EMC Networking Z9100-ON

Table 3. Dell EMC PowerVault MD-Series storage array rules for non-dense, 2U models only (MD3200, MD3220, MD3200i, MD3220i, MD3600i, MD3620i, MD3600f and MD3620f) Rule Dell EMC PowerVault MD3200 series Dell EMC PowerVault MD3200i series Dell EMC PowerVault MD3600i series Dell EMC PowerVault MD3600f series 6 Gbps SAS 1 Gbps iSCSI 10 Gbps iSCSI 8 .

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14g! R640, R740, R740xd, FX2 with FC430, FC630 All flash, hybrid Dell EMC PowerEdge R730xd All flash, hybrid Dell EMC PowerEdge R630, R730xd All HDD, all flash, hybrid Dell EMC PowerEdge R930 24x 2.5″ SSD plus 8x NVMe Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 16x 2.5″drives, 8x 3.5″ drives VMware-certified configurations

Nov 08, 2019 · Dell EMC Dell EMC Boomi API/EDI/MDM Dell EMC Nautilus Pravega Dell EMC Nautilus Flink EdgeX Foundry Dell EMC Nautilus Zeppelin From edge to the cloud: Digital Cities vision. Dell Customer Communication 30 - Confidential Every Digital City has a unique jour

2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website,, or contact ASTM Customer Service at For Annual Book of ASTM Standards volume information, refer to the standard’s Document Summary page on the ASTM website. 1