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IFA (AIR FORCE) MANUAL2008Controller General of Defence Accounts,West Block-V, R.K. PuramNew Delhi

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe following officers have made valuable contribution in collectionof material and drafting of the manual:(i) Shri Rajnish Kumar, IDAS, IFA (Air HQrs.)-Army Portion(ii) Shri S.L. Singla, IDAS, IFA )Naval HQrs.)-Navy Portion(iii) Shri Rakesh Sehgal, IDAS, IFA (MC) Nagpur -Air Force PortionVarious other IFAs contributed by way of suggestions and inputs forincorporation in the Manual. Officials in the Pr. IFA Wing have finalized theManual.This is the first Manual on IFA System in Defence Services. Attempthas been made to cover all aspects of the IFA System including ServiceSpecific intricacies.The exercise was elaborate and complex. It taxed the intellectual andprofessional skills of the officers who had first hand experience in handlingthe subjects.The department acknowledges the painstaking effort of all theofficials who have contributed to the exercise.

TABLE OF of the ChapterAbbreviationsGlossary of TermsOrganization Structure: IAFOrigin and Evolution of IFA SystemIFA System: Historical PerspectiveNew Management StrategyIFA System in Air ForceEnhanced Delegated Financial Powers: GuidelinesDecentralisation of Provisioning and Procurement: IAFRole of IFACapital PurchasesBudgeting in IFAPoints to be included in SOC/ProposalsOther Duties of IFAObject and dutie4s of Pr. IFA WingCGDA Instructions on IFA SystemProvisioning in IAFWhat is ProvisioningCategories of ProvisioningTypes of Provisioning ReviewsImportant Terms used in Provisioning ReviewProvisioning ProcessResponsibility for ProvisioningProvisioning Procedure for 1st and 2nd line SparesProvisioning Procedure for 3rd and 4th line SparesCheck List: ProvisioningProcurement Procedure and Post ContractManagementStages of ProcurementTypes of Tender EnquiryIssue of STE,PAC and LTERegister of Approved ContractorsReasonable Tendering TimeGeneral Points to be seen for vetting ofProvisioning/Procurement ProposalsAcceptance of NecessityVetting of Draft Tender Enquiry & Selection of SourcesParticipation in Tender OpeningScrutiny of CSTParticipation in TPC/PNCExpenditure Angle SanctionVetting of Draft Supply OrderMonitoring Post Contractual 76970727376

re IAnnexure IIAnnexure IIIAnnexure IVAnnexure VAnnexure VIMajor Types of Proposals and their ScrutinyDirect Purchase OrderRMSOLRMSOLocal ManufactureLocal Purchase CasesDevelopment Orders : Tendering and ContractingProceduresScrutiny of civil works casesIndigenisationIntroductionWhat is Indigenisation ?Sources of IndigenisationIndigenisation OrganizationAirworthiness ApprovalCriteria for Assessing FeasibilityItems/Ranges covered by IndigenisationPrioritisation of RequirementsRevalidationExercising of Financial PowersBudgetary ProvisionsIMMOLSObjectivesProcesses InvolvedMajor FeaturesRole of IFA in IMMOLSIMMOLS: The ImpactAnnexure I: Online Approval ProcessAnnexure II: Provisioning and Procurement Design inIMMOLSInspection of Field IFAs OfficesIntroductionInspection ProgrammePeriodicity of InspectionScope of WorkOrganising InspectionDelegation of Administrative Powers toService Headquarters and IFAS RoleMaintenance of Registers and Rendition of PeriodicalReportsAnnexureData/Information to be submitted in Narrative Form byIFAPoints to be seen by Inspection TeamRegistersQuarterly Financial Concurrent ReportFormat to render Quarterly Expenditure ReportCoordination – Air Force -110111-112113-143114117119132134135

APPENDIXAppendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix DMarket Research1. Acceptance of necessity (AON) Stage – General2. AON Stage – Why and How Much3. Advanced issues at AON StageTendering StageAdvance issues at Post-Contract Management StageChecklists for SchedulesDo’s and Don’ts for IFAsGeneral PointsOffice Note/Top list for AON concurrence casesChecklist for Opening of Tech Bids/TECOpening of Commercial Bids: Preparation of CST/TPCChecklist for extension of DP casesChecklist for Schedule IChecklist for Schedule IIChecklist for Schedule IIIChecklist for Schedule IVChecklist for Schedule VChecklist for Schedule VIChecklist for Schedule VIIAdditional Points to be seen from SCH IV to VIIChecklist for Schedule VIIIChecklist for Schedule IXChecklist for Schedule XChecklist for Schedule XIChecklist for Schedule XIIChecklist for Schedule XIIIChecklist for Schedule XIVChecklist for Schedule XVChecklist for Schedule XVIChecklist for Schedule XVIIChecklist for Schedule XVIIIChecklist for Schedule XIXChecklist for Schedule 1333345350358367

ABBREVIATIONSAbbreviationAAPacAcqADAAddl. SCCNCCSCEMILACCFACFRCIFCIPCIRCKDCLPCCMDCNCFull FormAnnual Acquisition Planair CraftAcquisitionAeronautical Development AgencyAdditional Financial AdvisorAeronautical Development EstablishmentAir Defence Ground Environment SystemAir Field Tape Recorder SystemAnnual General MeetingAirCraft General StandardAuthority Holding Sealed ParticularsApproval in PrincipleAviation-electronic Standardization Development AgencyAcquisition ManagerAnnual Maintenance ContractAirCraft on GroundAcceptance of NecessityAeronautical Research & Development EstablishmentAutomatic replenishment storesAdditional SecretaryAir Store ParkAmerican Standard for Testing MaterialsAir Craft Specialist vehicles.Air Traffic ControlAcceptance Test ProcedureAnnual Usage ValueBank CommissionBuyer Furnished EquipmentBank GuaranteeBrought on ChargeBase Repair DepotComputer Aided Design/DraftingComputer Aided EngineeringComputer Aided ManufacturingComputer Aided MachiningCarrier Bomb Launching SystemComputer Code NumberCabinet Committee on SecurityCentre for Military Airworthiness CertificationCompetent Financial AuthorityCost and FreightCost Insurance FreightCarriage and Insurance Paid toCargo Integration ReviewCompletely Knocked DownCentral Local Purchase CommitteeChairman & Managing DirectorContract Negotiation Committee1IFA Manual (Air Force)

DCFASFBSUFCAFEFFFMEAFMECACentral Ordnance DepotCommercially off the ShelfCritical Production RequirementCarriage paid toChief of Quality AssuranceChief Resident EngineerCentral Servicing Development OrganisationComparative Statement of TendersComplete Transfer of TechnologyController of warship production and AcquisitionDefence Acquisition CouncilDelivery at FrontierDirect Bank TransferDiscounted Cash FlowDepot Code NumberDelivery Duty PaidDesign, Development, Production and inspection ofElectronic EquipmentDesign Development and production of Military Aircraftand Airborne storesDelivery Ex-Ship frontierDelivery Ex-QuayDirector GeneralDirector General Aeronautical Quality AssuranceDirector General Quality AssuranceDefect Investigation ReportDirector Maintenance AdministrationDistance Measuring EquipmentDistributed Message Switching SystemDepartment of DefenceDefence Procurement BoardDefence Procurement ProcedureDefence Public Sector UnitDefence Research and Development OrganisationDesk Top-Switching SystemElectronic Component Standardization OrganisationEquipment DepotExpenditure Finance CommitteeEquipment Induction CellElectro Magnetic CompatibilityEarnest Money DepositElectro Magnetic InterferenceElectro Magnetic PollutionEconomic Order QuantityEnterprise Resource PlanningExchange Rate VariationElectronic Testing and Development CentreFree Along Side ShipForward Base Support UnitFree Carrier AlongForeign ExchangeForecast FactorFailure Mode Effect AnalysisFailure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis2IFA Manual (Air Force)

ALHISHQMCHUIAPICCIDSIGAIMIMMOLSINDG OILRMSOLRULSCLSWLTBLTCCLTPPLTRMCLIMCMFinancial Management SystemFree on BoardFree Over haul TaskFree on Rail/RoadField Programmable Gate ArrayFixed Price QuotationFunctional TestFollow the Air CraftFollow the EngineGround EquipmentGeneral Engineering DivisionGeneral Engineering SectionGlobal Index GalleryState Committee for the introduction of AdvancedTechniqueGround Servicing EquipmentGeneral Staff Qualitative RequirementHindustan Aeronautical LimitedHorizontal Situation IndicatorHead Quarters Maintenance CommandHelicopter UnitIndian Air PublicationInternational Chamber of CommerceIntegrated Defence StaffInter Governmental AgreementIndigenously ManufacturedIntegrated Material Management Online SystemIndigenisation and Substitution Squadron/FlightIntermediate Overhaul taskImmediate Operational RequirementIntellectual PropertyItemized Price ListIndigenisation and Substitution CellIllustrated Spare Part ListJoint Receipt InspectionJoint Services GuideJoint Service Qualitative RequirementLowest BidderLocal CertificationLocally Controlled HeadsElectronic Component Logistic InstructionsLocal ManufactureListed Non- ARS SparesLetter of IndentLocal Repair & Maintenance Supply OrderLine Replaceable unitLocal Service ContractLogistic Support WingLast time BuyLocal Type Certification CommitteeLong Term Perspective PlanLast time ReviewMaintenance Command Logistic InstructionMost Critical Material3IFA Manual (Air Force)

ARFIRFPRMRMIRMSOSAESCAPMaintainability Evaluation TrialMain Hangar LineMissile on GroundMinimum Order QuantityMaximum Potential EstablishmentMaster Part List (Items within Production range of HAL)Maintenance Planning & Technology TransferManufacturer Recommended List of SparesMean Time Between FailureMinimum Time Before OverhaulMean Time Between Unit ReplacementMean Time To RepairMaintenance War ReserveNew Financial Management StrategiesNaval HeadquartersNot Indigenised Feasible (Under Indigenisation)Norm of ConsumptionNot Indigenised Feasible Pending (not loaded forIndigenisation)Not Indigenised Not FeasibleNot in VocabularyNet Present ValueOriginal Equipment ManufacturerOpen Tender EnquiryProduction AgencyProprietary Article CertificateProduction Acceptance TestPerformance Bank GuaranteePrinted Circuit BoardPre Dispatch InspectionProduction Hold UpPublic Investment BoardPetrol, Oil and LubricantPriority Procurement PlanProvisioning ReviewProcurementProgrammable Read Only MemoryProvisioningPrincipal Staff OfficerPreliminary Staff RequirementPublic Sector UndertakingRequisition for internal Repair & ManufactureQuality AssuranceQuality Assurance ServiceQualification Test ProcedureReview Action FigureRegional Centre for Military AirworthinessRequest for InformationRequest for ProposalRaksha MantriRadio Magnetic IndicatorRepair and Maintenance Supply OrderSociety for Automotive EngineersServices Capital Acquisition Plan4IFA Manual (Air Force)

TGETTLTTLEURRUSRWANWEWLRWWRYORService HeadquartersSemi Knocked DownStorage Module DeviceSpecial Maintenance ToolSafety of Flight TestStandard Operating ProcedureSchedule of requirementServices Qualitative RequirementShort RefitSpecial ReviewSideways Random Access MemorySelf Reliance CommitteeStock Record SectionShop Replaceable UnitSpecial SecretaryShort Stock FigureSingle Stock Record CardSpecial Test Equipment, Single Tender EnquirySignals UnitSociety for World Inter Bank FinancialTelecommunication.Type Approval (Related to Air borne items)Tactical Air NavigationTelephone Administration GrantTime Between OverhaulTechnical Collaboration AgreementTechnical Evaluation CommitteeTechnical ManagerTechnical Negotiation CommitteeTechnical Offer Opening CommitteeTransfer of TechnologyTable of Tools and EquipmentTransportable Radar UnitTools Testers and Ground EquipmentTotal Technical LifeTotal Technical Life ExpiredUrgent Repair RequirementUrgent Stock RequirementWide Area NetworkWar EstablishmentWeapon Locating RadarWar Wastage ReserveYield Off Repair5IFA Manual (Air Force)

GLOSSARY OF TERMSAGGREGATE - It is a component of a sub-assembly. This sub assembly is a partof the major assembly.AIRBORNE STORES - Airborne stores include all items of equipment, materialetc., used in the development / production / maintenance of aircraft, aeroengines, systems, equipment, flying clothing etc. All airborne items are to becertified and approved for airworthiness before use on military aircraft. Airbornestores, procured only from approved sources are to be used on aircraft.AIR FORCE LIAISON ESTABLISHMENT (AFLE) - It is normally co-located withvarious Divisions of HAL. It is responsible for the following: Liaise with HAL for overhaul and repair jobs Receipt of rotables/aircraft/engines Store and induct Cat D rotables for repair/overhaul Raise LRMSO on HAL Monitor production progress Monitor defect investigation and submit Defect Investigation Reports Receipt after repair/servicing Issue and despatchAUTOMATIC REPLENISHMENT SYSTEM (ARS) ITEMS - The IAF follows anAutomatic Replenishment System (ARS) for 1st line and 2nd line consumables.Under this system, the stock of 1st line and 2nd line items available with differentunits is topped up once a month by the ASPs/EDs upto pre-determined stocklevel to replenish the concerned quantities as per scale. Non-ARS items are theitems which are obtained on demand by the units from ASPs/ EDs.AIR STORAGE PARK(ASP) - It is an intermediate storage point for aircraft items.It performs the following functions: Forward storage for ARS items, POL, MT and clothing items closer to theoperating units in its geographical area. Issue of material to user groups(e.g. units) Transcription of unfulfilled demand to ED.6IFA Manual (Air Force)

ASSETS - Stores available or likely to become available as a result of provisioningaction already taken, i.e. stocks physically held of serviceable and repairableitems plus dues-in expected against outstanding orders, including ‘Repair’ orders.BASE REPAIR DEPOT - They are the IAF agencies that carry out major repairsand overhaul. Since the BRD is responsible for repair, it does its materialplanning and storage of spares required for repairs. A BRD carries out thefollowing activities to support its primary task of repair : PR of 3rd and 4th line spares Receipt and storage(3rd and 4th line) and also 1st and 2nd line in a few cases Issue of material to user groups Transcription of unfulfilled demands to HQ MC/Air HQ. Rotable movement to and from BRD/operational unitsBULK PROVISIONING - The assessment of requirement and centralisedprocurement of equipment in the service.COMMON USER ITEM - An item of equipment in use by two or more fightingservices.CONSUMER UNIT - A self-accounting unit, other than a stock holding depot,authorised to demand and hold the equipment necessary for the efficient workingof the unit and its dependent non-self-accounting unit.CONSUMPTION DATA - Record of consumption of an item of equipment for agiven period.CONSUMPTION RATE - The recurring consumption over a given period after anyknown anomalies have been adjusted.CONTRACT - An agreement specifying equipment which may not be issuedwithout the permission of the provisioning authority.CONTROLLED ITEM - An item of equipment which may not be issued withoutthe permission of the provisioning authority.7IFA Manual (Air Force)

CURRENT ANNUAL RATE (C.A.R) - This is the past recurring consumption of anitem during the twelve months preceding a provisioning review, which is taken asthe base annual rate of consumption for provisioning of future requirements.DIRECT PURCHASE - Procurement of stores, which are required for stockpurposes, direct from trade instead of through the central procurement agency.Direct purchase sanctions are issued to the stock holding depots/units whoobtain the stores by following the procedure prescribed for local purchase ofequipment.DISPOSAL - The process of dealing with stores, which are surplus to therequirements of the service, to the best advantage of the State in accordance withprescribed procedure.DUES-IN - Quantities of equipment due for delivery against indents, supplyorders, RMS orders or direct purchase sanctions.DUES–OUT - Quantities of equipment recorded on Provisioning Record Cards orDues-out cards as being the unfulfilled requirements for which stock is awaited.EQUIPMENT DEPOT(ED) - They are bulk storage points for spares required for 1stand 2nd line servicing. These depots also store non-technical items like clothing.An ED is involved in : Bulk receipt and storage(1st and 2nd line) Preservation Issue of material to user units(e.g. Wings) and forward storage points(e.g.ASPs) Transcription of unfulfilled demands to Air HQ/HQ MCFIRST AND SECOND LINE SPARES - These are the spares used at Wings forregular flight servicing and minor repairs. The provisioning formula for 1st/2nd linespares is based on the principle that the annual rate of consumption isproportional to the number of operating hours per year.FORECAST FACTOR - The ratio between the forecast future strength and / ofeffort and the actual strength and / or effort.8IFA Manual (Air Force)

INABILITY - A requirement which cannot be met immediately by stockholdingunits.INDENT - A formal order, prepared on prescribed forms, for supply of equipment,placed on procurement/supply agency.This term also includes RMS orders,supply orders, purchase orders placed on public sector undertakings and alsodirect purchase orders.INITIAL ISSUE - A term denoting:(a) An issue of equipment, generally to a pre-determined scale, to enable anew unit to function, or an existing unit to change function or fulfilspecific commitments, OR(b) The first issue of an item made against authorised scale, e.g initial issueto recruits.INITIAL PROVISIONING - Provisioning for the first time of spares and equipment,required for an aircraft or major equipment newly introduced in the service, onthe basis of recommendations of Initial Provisioning Committee, MaintenancePlanning Team or Board of Officers, if constituted, or on the recommendations ofthe manufacturers.IN LIEU ISSUE - The issue of an alternative item in place of the one originallyrequired.INTERCHANGEABLE ITEM - An item which can be used in place of anotherwithout involving structural modification of the main equipment.INVENTORY - A list containing the description and quantities of all equipment(other than consumable stores) issued to a flight or section commander inconnection with his stated duties and for which he is personally responsible. In awider sense, this term is also used to denote the entire assets of plant, machinery,tools and spares held by an organisation.LIFED ITEM - An item susceptible to deterioration with a definite shelf life, onexpiry of which it cannot be used unless its serviceability is confirmed byinspection and test.9IFA Manual (Air Force)

LOCAL PURCHASE - Purchase from trade sources of authoriseditems ofequipment which are urgently required and are not available or cannot beobtained expeditiously from normal source of supply. Commonly available stores,which are not centrally provisioned, are also procured by local purchase byconsumer units.MAJOR ASSEMBLY - Major piece of equipment comprising more than oneitem/sub-assembly each of which has a distinct reference or part number.MANDATORY SPARES - These are spares that have to be replaced compulsorilyevery time an assembly is opened for servicing. Thus all items havingconsumption norm 0.9 are categorised as mandatory items.MAXIMUM POTENTIAL ESTABLISHMENT (M.P.E) -It is the level upto whichvarious types of stores/equipment are authorised to be provisioned at any giventime. This is expressed in terms of so many months requirements and denotesthe period ahead for which requirements of equipment must be provisioned inbulk. This is also known as the forward ordering, period.MOVEMENT CONTROL UNIT (MCU) - MCUs also known as the ‘Gateways to IAF’are the nodal points for receiving and despatching material to the consignee.These are 31 MCU (Palam), 32 MCU(Mumbai) and 33 MCU (Guwahati). Theydischarge the following activities: Handling export and import of cargo on behalf of the IAF(except 33 MCU) Acting as nodal agency in transportation(domestic cargo) Forwarding cargo to various IAF units Handling domestic couriers as well as couriers going abroad.MODIFICATION - A design change to an item of equipment, which is introducedto :(a)Correct a fault.(b)Facilitate production.(c)Reduce servicing requirements.(d)Improve operational efficiency or reliability.10IFA Manual (Air Force)

MODIFICATION SET - A modification set consists of parts required for theincorporation of a modification.NON-MANDATORY SPARES - These are spares which are replaced based on theircondition at the time of servicing. Their replacement will therefore be based on theappreciation of the technical staff servicing the assembly. These spares will haveconsumption norm less than 0.9.Consumption of some spares may increase overa period of time and these could become mandatory spares if consumption normtouches 0.9.NON-RECURRING ISSUE - An issue to meet a requirement which is not expectedto recur.OBSOLETE EQUIPMENT - An equipment or stores will be declared obsolete whenapproval has been given to its withdrawal from the service on any of the followinggrounds:1. Technical inefficiency to carry out its required and intended role and nonjustification for its retention in the service.2. Its required role has disappeared and it is no use for any other role.3. It has been completely superseded by an improved equipment or store.OBSOLESCENT EQUIPMENT – An equipment or stores will be declaredobsolescent when it has been decided that no further provision of that item will bemade, because,1. The prototype of a successor equipment has been formally accepted, or2. An equipment or store which although obsolete within the definition above,is required to be retained to meet tactical/technical training or otherspecial requirements within the service.a) An equipment or store in this category will not qualify for automaticprovision of spares but existing stocks will continue to be used untilexhausted.b) In certain cases it may be necessary to make provision for spares ofobsolescent equipment until its replacement is available in sufficientquantities.11IFA Manual (Air Force)

PER OFF - In case of mandatory spares, some spares are required to be replacedcompulsorily. The number of such spares requiring replacement in the aggregateis known as Per Off.POSTING SHEET - A statement of transactions of equipment submitted to theprovisioning authority by Equipment Depots and Air Stores Parks in respect of allstock items and by Overhaul Spares Depots (EDs)/BRD Support wing in respectof rotables falling within the repair responsibility of the respective Base RepairDepot.PROVISIONING - The process of calculating and obtaining the probables oractual requirements.PROVISIONING OFFICER - A commissioned officer or civilian gazetted officerwho is entrusted with duties pertaining to any of the various processes involved inprovisioning, e.g. stock recording, review of requirements, indenting etc.,PROVISIONING SECTIONS - Sections within the various Directorates of AOM’sBranch of Air Headquarters, responsible for the provisioning of specified ranges ofequipment.RATE CONTRACT - An agreement concluded by DGS&D under which acontractor agrees to supply stores at stipulated rate against supply orders placedon him by Direct Demanding Officers designated in the contract during the periodof its operation.RATE OF EFFORT - The flying task per aircraft per month, as authorised by theGovernment.RECURRING - An issue to meet a requirement which is expected to recur.REPAIRABLE – A term used to denote equipment categorized on inspection asrepairable either within the maintenance organisation or by civil repair agencies.12IFA Manual (Air Force)

RETENTION PERIOD - The period, laid down by Government, for which storescan be retained in stock. Quantities held in excess of requirements for this periodare to be considered as surplus.REVIEW - The process of comparing assets with liabilities for the authorised MPEperiod of an item with a view to determining deficiencies for provisioning orsurpluses and for fixing or emending various safety levels of stock.REVIEW ACTION FIGURE (R.A.F) - A pre-determined stock level, expressed interms of so many months requirements. When the depot stock of an item reachesthis figure, a special review is under taken and supplementary indent placedwhere necessary.R.M.S. ORDER (REPAIR, MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY ORDER) - An orderplaced on a civil repair agency for the repair, overhaul, modification etc. of AirForce Equipment or for the manufacture and supply of Air Force technicalequipment in respect of ad-hoc requirements.ROTABLES - These are items which are capable of being repaired and re-used.This term is used in the Air Force to denote those items which(a) Have had or are expected to show turn over at the flying units as aresult of normal usage.(b) Are considered economical to repair for re-use. And(c) Which can be replaced by a flying unit and, when beyond the capacityor authority of the flying unit to repair, must be returned to theappropriate repair agency for repair/overhaul.RUNNING CONTRACT -An agreement concluded by DGS&D under which thecontractor agrees to supply stores at stipulated rate and upto specified quantitiesagainst supply orders placed by the Direct Demanding Officers designated in thecontract during the period of its operation.SALVAGE - Equipment which has been conditioned as beyond repair and not fitfor further use in the IAF.13IFA Manual (Air Force)

SERVICEABLE - The condition of equipment when it has no known defect and isfit for immediate use.SHORT STOCK FIGURE (S.S.F) - A pre-determined stock level on reaching whichdues-in are hastened and further issues from stock holding depot are controlledby the provisioning authority, except against AOG/IOR demands and all prioritydemands for indigenous items. Issue below SSF is also authorised againstdemands of ASPs but restricted to 50% of available depot stock.SPECIFIC TO TYPE EQUIPMENT - Equipment required either solely for one typeor mark, or in varying quantities for different types or marks of airframe, aeroengine or other major assembly.STANDARD PARTS - Wide range of spares used by OEMs to reduce inventoriesand to repeated design requirement. Most of the details viz drawing, materials,acceptance criteria and testing procedures are given in the governing standard. Inall cases, the respective standard invariably forms part of the part number.STATION LOGISTICS SECTION(SLS) - It is the storage location at the Wings. Itreceives items from ED,BRD,ASP or the local market. It discharges the followingfunctions: Issue of material to users at Wing Storage of material required at Wing Raising of demands to EDs for replenishment Despatch of repairable to repair agencySUPPLY ORDER - Orders placed by the provisioning sections and DirectDemanding Officers and DGS&D Rate or Running contract-holding firms forsupply of centrally provisioned items:TASK - A consolidated issue instruction originated by the provisioning authority.Tasks are issued to Equipment Deports for special issues of equipment to unitson formation or re-equipping and also for issue of overhaul spares to repairagencies, except where such requirements are catered for by overhaul sparesdepots.14IFA Manual (Air Force)

THIRD AND FOURTH LINE SPARES - These spares are used at BRDs for majoroverhauls/repairs.‘TITEM’ CONTROL - Control exercised by the provisioning authority on specifieditems of equipment. This control also extends automatically to normal issues ofany item for which depot stocks have reached the Short Stock Figure.TRANSACTION – Receipt or issue of an item of equipment.TYPE RECORD – Type Record is a document giving a description of the store, itsfunctional and performance characteristics, summary of strength / othercalculations along with reserve factors, environmental envelope of operation,where applicable,and storage of the store, results of all tests includingenvironmental, functional and performance tests, weight data, list of applicabledrawings and includes the Certificate of Design.UNIT EQUIPMENT (U.E) - A term used to denote:(a) The total number of aircraft with which a unit or formation isestablished. And / or(b) Equipment which is required for the functioning of a unit, and whichaccompanies that unit on change of station.WASTAGE - Equipment rendered beyond economical repair in the course ofnormal use or during the process of repair.YIELD OFF REPAIR - The actual quantity rendered or likely to be renderedserviceable through repair out of given number of repairables. Percentage of yieldof repair for an item represents the quantity likely to be rendered serviceable ifone hundred repairables of that item are taken up for repair.15IFA Manual (Air Force)

Chapter 1ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE: IAF1.1The IAF organisation structure can be broadly divided into four mainbranches. Air HQ, Operational Commands, Maintenance Command and TrainingCommand.At the top of the organizational hierarchy is the Chief of Air Staff(CAS). Commanders-in-Chief (C-in-C) of Operational Commands, TrainingCommand and Maintenance Command directly report to him.

(i) Shri Rajnish Kumar, IDAS, IFA (Air HQrs.) - Army Portion (ii) Shri S.L. Singla, IDAS, IFA )Naval HQrs.) - Navy Portion (iii) Shri Rakesh Sehgal, IDAS, IFA (MC) Nagpur - Air Force Portion Various other IFAs contributed by way of suggestions and inputs for incorporation in the Manual. Officials in the Pr. IFA Wing have finalized the Manual.

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CDA (BR) contributed inputs especially regarding implementation of IFA System in projects/formations below DGBR in Border Road Organisations and corresponding checklist. This is the first Manual in IFA system in Border Roads Organisation. Attempt has been made to cover all aspects of the IFA system including

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