Otero College Course Schedule 2022 - 2023 Summer Semester

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OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER          Course Sections: Sections distinguish the different offerings of each course.o   001 – 007: OJC face-to-face course offeringso   008: OJC hybrid course offeringo   00L: OJC Online course offeringo   C11: CCCOnline 16 week course offeringPage 2

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTERo   C21: CCCOnline 10-week course offeringM MondayT TuesdayW WednesdayR ThursdayF FridayCRN# COURSE ID SECTIONTBD To Be DetermindZTC Zero Textbook CostCOURSE TITLECREDIT START DATEEND DATEBUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)INSTRUCTOR11002 ACC 1001C11Fundamentals of Accounting305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11132 ACC 1015C11Payroll Accounting305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11003 ACC 1021C11Accounting Principles I405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11004 ACC 1022C11Accounting Principles II405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11164 ACC 1025C11Computerized Accounting305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11005 ACC 1031C11Income Tax305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11165 ACC 1035C11Spreadsheet Apps/ Accounting305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11211 ACC 2011C11Intermediate Accounting I405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11006 ACC 2026C11Cost Accounting305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11007 ANT 100111184 ANT 1001C11C21Cultural Anthropology: SS3Cultural Anthropology: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11180 ANT 100311185 ANT 1003C11C21Intro to Archaeology: SS3Intro to Archaeology: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11177 ANT 1005C11Bio Anthropology W/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPage 3

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11126 ANT 2125C11Anth of Religion: SS3305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11008 ART 111011151 ART 1110C11C21Art Appreciation: AH1Art Appreciation: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11009 ART 1111C11Art Hist Ancient/ Mediev: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11010 ART 1112C11Art Hist Renaiss/1900: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11011 AST 1110C11Planetary Astronomy w/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFCRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLECREDIT START DATEEND DATEBUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)INSTRUCTOR11012 AST 1120C11Stellar Astronomy w/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11013 BIO 1005C11Science of Biology w/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11014 BIO 1006C11Basic Anatomy and Physiology405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11015 BIO 1111C11Gen College Biology I/Lab: SC1505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11220 BIO 1112C11Gen College Biology II/Lab:SC1505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11016 BIO 2101C11Human Anatomy&Phys I CCONLINESTAFF08/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPrerequisite: C or better in BIO 1111 recommended11017 BIO 2102C11Human Anatomy&Phys IIw/Lab:SC1Prerequisite: BIO 2101 or equivalent or permission of instructor11018 BIO 2104C11Microbiology w/Lab: SC14Prerequisite: C or better in BIO 2101; C or better in BIO 1111 recommended11019 BIO 2116C11Pathophysiology405/31/2022Page 4

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11222 BUS 101511020 BUS 101511152 BUS 101500LC11C21Introduction to BusinessIntroduction to BusinessIntroduction to 208/06/202207/23/2022CCCONLINECCCONLINE11123 BUS 102011287 BUS 1020C11C21Introduction to E-CommerceIntroduction to 22CCCONLINECCCONLINESTAFF11021 BUS 2016C11Legal Environment of Business305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11022 BUS 2017C11Business 1023 BUS 2026C11Business Statistics305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11148 CCR 0092C11Composition and Reading505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFCRN# COURSE ID SECTION11171 CCR094C12COURSE TITLEStudio 121CREDIT START DATEEND 022CCCONLINESTAFFCorequisite: ENG 1021 C12 (CRN 10173)11024 CHE 1011C11Intro to Chemistry I/Lab: SC1Prerequisite: C or better in MAT 0250 or Co-requisite MAT 025011025 CHE 1012C11Intro to Chemistry II/Lab: SC1505/31/2022Prerequisite: C or better in CHE 1011 or permission of instructor11026 CHE 1111C11Gen College Chem I/Lab: SC15Prerequisite: C or better in MAT 1340 or co-requisite MAT 134011027 CHE 1112C11Gen College Chem II/Lab: SC15Prerequisite: C or better in CHE 1111Page 5

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11028CIS1015C11Intro to Computer Info SCIS10181018C11C21Intro PC ApplicationsIntro PC plete Word CIS1045C21Intro to Desktop S1055C21Complete 08CIS2040C11Database Design & 3CIS2067C11Mgmt of Information Systems305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11137 CNG 1001C11Networking 32 CNG 2011C11Windows Configuration: (OS)305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11281 COM 1150008Public SpeakingRequired Meetings: 05-31, then TBD305/31/202207/22/2022OHUCTR1139301200TBamberEND DATEBUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)INSTRUCTORCRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLECREDIT START DATE11033 COM 115011163 COM 1150C11C21Public SpeakingPublic CCCONLINECCCONLINE11034 COM 125011153 COM 1250C11C21Interpersonal Comm: SS3Interpersonal Comm: LINECCCONLINE11228 COS 105011228 COS 1050001001Laws, Rules, and RegulationsLaws, Rules, and 02211224 COS 1060001Intro to Infection Control205/18/202207/08/2022Page 09001500MFValdez

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER Adv StylingAdv ed Chemical TextureAdvanced Chemical MCDIV0900090015001500MFTWRValdezValdez11227 COS 205011227 COS 2050001001Bus Mgmt/Per Skills/EthicsBus Mgmt/Per /2022OMCDIV0900090015001500MFTWRValdezValdez11229 COS 206011229 COS 2060001001Inter II: Infection ControlInter II: Infection MCDIV0900090015001500MFTWRValdezValdez11230 COS 206111230 COS 2061001001Adv Infection ControlAdv Infection CONLINEEND DATE BUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)STAFFINSTRUCTOR11224 COS 1060001Intro to Infection Control205/18/202207/08/202211231 COS 106111231 COS 1061001001Inter I: Infection ControlInter I: Infection Control1105/18/202205/18/202211223 COS 201111223 COS 2011001001Adv ColorAdv Color2211232 COS 202111232 COS 2021001001Adv CuttingAdv Cutting11226 COS 203111226 COS 203100100111225 COS 204111225 COS 204111035 CRJ 1010C21Intro to Criminal Justice: SS3CRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLE306/13/2022CREDIT START DATE11036 CRJ 1025C21Policing Systems306/13/202207/23/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11214 CRJ 1027C11Crime Scene 037 CRJ 1035C11Judicial Function305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPage 7

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11038 CRJ 1045C11Correctional Process305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11135 CRJ 2005C11Principles of Criminal Law305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11039 CRJ 2010C21Constitutional Law306/13/202207/23/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11288 CRJ 2020C11Human Rel/Social Conflict305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11040 CRJ AFF11140 CRJ AFF11142 CSC 1005C11Computer Literacy305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11041 CSC 1060C11Computer Science I: (C )405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11042 CSC 1061C11Computer Sci II: (Language)405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11187 CSC 2030C11C Programming: Platform305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11043 CSC 2040C11Java 4 CWB 1010C11Intro to Web Authoring305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11289 CWB 1030C11Web Editing Tools: (Editor)305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11044 ECE 1011C11Intro to Early Childhood Educ305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11045 ECE 1031C11Guidance Strategies Yng Child305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11274 ECE 1045C11Intro to ECE TechniquesCRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLE305/31/2022CREDIT START DATEPage 808/06/2022CCCONLINEEND DATE BUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)STAFFINSTRUCTOR

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11046 ECE 1111C11Infant/Toddler 11047 ECE 2051C11ECE INESTAFF11050 ECE 2381C11ECE Child Growth & 1 ECE 2401C11Admin of ECE Programs305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11052 ECE 2411C11Admin:Human Relations ECE305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11053 ECE 2601C11The Exceptional Child305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11048 ECE 2621C11Curriculum AFF11049 ECE 2641C11Creativity and the Young Child305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11054 ECO 200111188 ECO 2001C11C21Prin of Macroeconomics: SS1Prin of Macroeconomics: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11055 ECO 2002C11Prin of Microeconomics: SS1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11166 EDU 2211C11Introduction to Education305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11292 ENG 0092C11Composition and Reading505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11293 ENG 0094C12Studio 121305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11058 ENG 1031C11Technical Writing I: CO1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11243 ENG 1021008English Composition BamberRequired Meetings: May 31, June 14, July 12Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, CCR 0092 or 0094)11056 ENG 1021C11English Composition I:CO1305/31/2022Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, CCR 0092 or 0094)11170 ENG 1021C12English Composition I:CO1305/31/2022Page 9

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTERCorequisite: CCR 0094 C12 (CRN 10174)CRN# COURSE ID SECTION11154 ENG 1021C21COURSE TITLEEnglish Composition I:CO1CREDIT START DATE306/13/2022END STAFFCCCONLINEAppropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, CCR 0092 or 0094)11244 ENG 102200LEnglish Composition II:CO2305/31/202207/22/2022Litle, /23/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPrerequisite: C or better in ENG 1021; ZTC11057 ENG 1022C11English Composition II:CO2Prerequisite: C or better in ENG 102111155 ENG 1022C21English Composition II:CO2Prerequisite: C or better in ENG 102111058 ENG 1031C11Technical Writing I: CO1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11059 ENG 2021C11Creative Writing I: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11060 ENV 1111C11Environmental Sci w/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11235 EST 201011235 EST 2010001001Advanced Skin CareAdvanced Skin 1 FRE 1011C11French Language I505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11183 FRE 1012C11French Language II505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11062 FRE 2011C11French Language III: AH4305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11119 FRE 2012C11French Language IV: AH4305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11063 GEO 100511189 GEO 1005C11C21World Regional Geography: SS2World Regional Geography: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11128 GEO 1006C11Human Geography: SS2305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPage 1009000900OMCDIV15001500MFTWRValdezValdez

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11064 GER 1011C11German Language I505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11118 GEY 1111C11Physical Geology w/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11144 GEY 1112C11Historical Geology w/Lab: SC1CRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLE405/31/2022CREDIT START DATE08/06/2022CCCONLINEEND DATE BUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)STAFFINSTRUCTOR11129HIS 1110C11The World: Antiquity-1500: HI1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11136HIS 1120C11The World: 1500-Present: S 1210HIS 1210C11C21US History to Reconst: HI1US History to Reconst: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF1117311190HIS 1220HIS 1220C11C21US History since Civil War:HI1US History since Civil CCONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11065HIS 1310C11Western Civ:Antiquity-1650 HI1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11066HIS 1320C11Western Civ: 1650-Present: S 2135HIS 2135C11C21Colorado History: HI1Colorado History: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11294 HPR 103900LMedical Terminology205/31/202207/22/202211286 HPR 1080001Phlebotomy BollackerOrientation 5/31/2022 12:00-17:0011134 HUM 101511181 HUM 1015C11C21World Mythology: AH2World Mythology: AH23305/31/202206/13/202208/06/202207/23/202211297 HUM 102111068 HUM 102100LC11Humanities: Early Civ: AH2Humanities: Early Civ: AH23305/31/202205/31/202208/05/202208/06/2022Page 11CCCONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFFCCCONLINEStorkSTAFF

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11298 HUM 102211069 HUM 102200LC11Humanities: Mediev-Mod: AH2Humanities: Mediev-Mod: LINEStorkSTAFF11070 HUM 1023C11Humanities: Modern Wrld: AH2305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11278 HWE 105011158 HWE 105000LC21Human NutritionHuman 2CCCONLINERootSTAFF11071 LIT 1015C11Intro to Literature I: AH211182 LIT 1015C21Intro to Literature I: AH2CRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLE305/31/2022306/13/2022CREDIT START DATE08/06/2022CCCONLINE07/23/2022CCCONLINEEND DATE 2LIT2001C11World Lit to 1600: C11World Lit After 1600: C11Amer Lit to Civil War: C11Amer Lit Aft Civil War: C11British Lit to 1770: 022C11British Lit Since 1770: 025C11Intro to Shakespeare: TLIT20552055C11C21Children s Literature: AH2Children s Literature: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11192 MAN 102811193 MAN 1028C11C21Human Relation-OrganizationsHuman 202207/23/2022CCCONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11075 MAN 2000C11Human Resource Management I305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPage 12

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11194 MAN 2000C21Human Resource Management I306/13/202207/23/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11076 MAN 201611195 MAN 2016C11C21Small Business ManagementSmall Business 22CCCONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11077 MAN 202611196 MAN 2026C11C21Principles of ManagementPrinciples of 22CCCONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11078 MAR 101111197 MAR 1011C11C21Principles of SalesPrinciples of ONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11079 MAR 201611198 MAR 2016C11C21Principles of MarketingPrinciples of 2CCCONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11216 MAT 0030C12Algebra Lab105/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFCorequisite: MAT 1340 C12 (CRN 10225)CRN# COURSE ID SECTION11168 MAT 0200C12COURSE TITLEAlgebraic Literacy LabCREDIT START DATEEND NLINESTAFFCorequisite: MAT 0300 C12 (CRN 10172)11146 MAT 0250C11Quantitative LiteracyAppropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, or Self-placement)11147 MAT 030011169 MAT 0300C11C12Algebraic LiteracyAlgebraic CCONLINESTAFF07/23/2022CCCONLINESTAFFCorequisite: MAT 0200 C12 (CRN 10171)11080 MAT 1120C21Math for Clinical CalculationsAppropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250 or 0300)11172 MAT 1140C21Career Math:306/13/2022Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250 or 0300)Page 13

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11081 MAT 1160C11Financial ate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250 or 0300)11087 MAT 1220C11Integrated Math I: MA1305/31/2022Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250)11087 MAT 1220C11Integrated Math I: MA1305/31/2022Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250)11088 MAT 1230C11Integrated Math II: MA1305/31/2022Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250)11082 MAT 1240C11Math for Liberal Arts: MA1405/31/2022Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250)11280 MAT 126000LIntro to Statistics: MA1305/31/202207/22/2022BeyerlAppropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250)11086 MAT 1260C11Intro to Statistics: CONLINESTAFFAppropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0250)11290 MAT 1320C11Finite Mathematics: MA1405/31/2022Prerequisite: C or better in MAT 1340CRN# COURSE ID SECTION11083 MAT 1340C1111217 MAT 1340C12COURSE TITLECollege Algebra: MA1CREDIT START DATE405/31/2022END CCCONLINESTAFFAppropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0300)College Algebra: equisite: MAT 1340 C12 (CRN 10224)11085 MAT 1400C11Survey of Calculus: MA1Appropriate placement (SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, Self-placement, MAT 0300)11084 MAT 1420C11College Trigonometry: MA1305/31/2022Prerequisite: C or better in MAT 1340Page 14

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11089 MAT 1440C11Pre-Calculus: INESTAFFPrerequisite: C or better in MAT 134011090 MAT 2410C11Calculus I: MA1Prerequisite: C or better in MAT 1340 and MAT 142011091 MAT 2420C11Calculus II : MA1Prerequisite: C or better in MAT 241011092 MAT 2430C11Calculus III: MA1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11199 MAT 2540C11Linear Algebra305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11200 MAT 2560C11Differential Equations: MA1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11124 MGD 1002C11Introduction To Multimedia305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11125 MGD 1011C11Adobe Photoshop I305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11130 MGD 1012C11Adobe Illustrator I305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11138 MGD 1013C11Adobe InDesign305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11201 MGD 1041C21Web Design I306/13/202207/23/2022CCCONLINESTAFFCRN# COURSE ID SECTION11249 MLT 108000811251 MLT 2032008COURSE TITLECREDIT START DATEEND DATEBUILDINGROOMInternship I / Blood tTarrantRequired campus meetings 5/31 8-12, 6/27 12-4, 7/18 12-411250 MLT 2082008Internship IV / Microbiology2Required campus meetings June 6-10 from 8:00-16:30Page 158001630MTWRFTarrant

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11093 MUS 1000C11Music Theory Fundamentals I305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11094 MUS 1020C11Music Appreciation: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11212 MUS 1021C11Music Hist Mdvl-Classical: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11291 MUS 1022C11Music Hist Romantic-Prsnt: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11139 MUS 1025C11History of Jazz: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11240 NAT 101011240 NAT 1010001001Intro to Nail CareIntro to Nail 1 NAT 101111241 NAT 1011001001Inter I Nail CareInter I Nail Care2205/18/202205/18/202211239 NAT 201011239 NAT 2010001001Advanced Nail CareAdvanced Nail Care2211242 NAT 201111242 NAT 2011001001Nail EnhancementsNail Enhancements11255 NUR 106900111266 PED ValdezValdezTransition into Practical ness Concepts105/31/202207/22/2022OFITWise11270 PED 1010001Fitness Center Activity I105/31/202207/22/2022OFITWise11265 PED 1011001Fitness Center Activity II105/31/202207/22/2022OFITWiseEND DATEBUILDING07/22/2022OFITCRN# COURSE ID SECTION11268 PED 1020001COURSE TITLEAerobics ICREDIT START DATE105/31/2022Page lo

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11095 PHI 101111159 PHI 1011C11C21Intro to Philosophy: AH3Intro to Philosophy: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11096 PHI FF11097 PHI 101311215 PHI 1013C11C21Logic: AH3Logic: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11178 PHI 1014C11Comparative Religions: AH3305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11121 PHI 1015C11World Religions-West: AH3305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11122 PHI 1016C11World Religions-East: AH3305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11167 PHI 2005C11Business Ethics: AH3305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11202 PHI 2014C11Philosophy of Religion: AH3305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11179 PHI 2018C11Environmental Ethics: GT-AH3305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11098 PHY 1105C11Conceptual Physics w/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11099 PHY 1111C11Physics Alg-Based I/Lab: INESTAFF08/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPrerequisite: C or better in MAT 134011100 PHY 1112C11Physics Alg-Based II/Lab: SC1Pre-requiste: C or better in PHY 111111203 PHY 2111C11Physics Calc-Based I/Lab: SC1Pre-requiste: C or better in MAT 2410 or co-requisite MAT 241011219 PHY 2112C11Physics Calc-Based II/Lab: SC1505/31/2022Pre-requiste: C or better in PHY 2111 or co-requisite MAT 2420Page 17

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTERCRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLECREDIT START DATEEND DATEBUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)INSTRUCTOR11102 POS 101111205 POS 1011C11C21American Government: SS1American Government: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11103 POS 1025C11Amer State and Local Govt: SS1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11104 POS 2005C11International Relations: SS1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11101 POS 202011204 POS 2020C11C21Intro to Political Science:SS1Intro to Political 022CCCONLINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11273 PSY 100111105 PSY 100111160 PSY 100100LC11C21General Psychology I: SS3General Psychology I: SS3General Psychology I: 6/202207/23/2022CCCONLINECCCONLINEJ. CollinsSTAFFSTAFF11106 PSY 100211206 PSY 1002C11C21General Psychology II : SS3General Psychology II : LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11107 PSY 222111207 PSY 2221C11C21Social Psychology: SS3Social Psychology: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11108 PSY 244011161 PSY 2440C11C21Human Growth & Developmnt: SS3Human Growth & Developmnt: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11272 PSY 244111120 PSY 2441008C11Child Development: SS3Child Development: LINEJ. CollinsSTAFF11109 PSY 2552C11Abnormal Psychology: 8/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPrerequisite: C or better in PSY 100111110 RUS 1011C11Russian Language IPage 18

OTERO COLLEGE COURSE SCHEDULE2022 - 2023 SUMMER SEMESTER11213SCI1105C11Science in Society: C11Integrated Sci I w/Lab: C11Integrated Sci II w/Lab: SC1405/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFCRN# COURSE ID SECTIONCOURSE TITLECREDIT START DATEEND DATEBUILDINGROOMBEGINENDDAY(S)INSTRUCTOR11111 SOC 100111162 SOC 1001C11C21Intro to Sociology I : SS3Intro to Sociology I : LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11112 SOC 100211209 SOC 1002C11C21Intro to Sociology II: SS3Intro to Sociology II: LINECCCONLINESTAFFSTAFF11113 SOC 2031C11Sociology-Deviant 14 SPA 1011C11Spanish Language I505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11115 SPA 1012C11Spanish Language II505/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11116 SPA 2011C11Spanish Language III: AH4305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11117 SPA 2012C11Spanish Language IV: AH4305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFF11275 THE 1005C11Theatre Appreciation: AH1305/31/202208/06/2022CCCONLINESTAFFPage 19

C21 Intro PC Applications. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11127. CIS 1035. C11 Complete Word Processing. 3 05/31/2022. 08/06/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11030. CIS 1045. C21 Intro to Desktop Database. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11031. CIS 1055. C21 Complete Spreadsheets. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11208. CIS .

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National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia Statistics Department Skopje, 31 January 2023 Press Release Significant developments in interest rates of banks and savings houses1: . 12.2021 1.2022 2.2022 3.2022 4.2022 5.2022 6.2022 7.2022 8.2022 9.2022 10.2022 11.2022 12.2022 in % on annual level

CENTERPOINT ENERGY TEXAS PURCHASED GAS ADJUSTMENTS (PGA) OCTOBER 2022 Division Billing Month Residential Rate Schedule & PGA General Service-Small Rate Schedule & PGA General Service-Large Rate Schedule & PGA R-2098-I GRIP 2022 & R-2098-U GRIP 2022 GSS-2098-I GRIP 2022 & GSS-2098-U GRIP 2022 GSLV-629-I GRIP 2022 & GSLV-629-U GRIP 2022

Course Schedule: 2022-23/2 Semester [*This is a dynamic list. It will get updated as and when departments propose changes.] Page 3 of 62 23-Dec-22 1:02:44 PM S.No. Branch Course Name/Group Name Slot Name Units (Credits) Course Type Instructor Instructor Email Lecture Schedule Tutorial Schedule Practical Schedule 20 AE APPLIED COMPUTATIONAL

El Instituto Caro y Cuervo, al publicar este catálogo de Seudónimos de es-critores colombianos, quiere rendir homenaje a su autor, el esclarecido historiador, bibliotecario y bibliógrafo don Gustavo Otero Muñoz (1894-1957). El presente tra-bajo es fruto de las pesquisas adelantadas por el doctor Otero Muñoz en el curso de sus estudios sobre literatura colombiana; de su largo contacto

Beyond Food Access: . what Gerardo Otero calls the neoliberal diet (Otero 2018). Dollar stores have a reputation for only selling these kinds of foods. This, along with the ways in which the store negatively impacts . associated with shopping at Dollar General and that it preys on poor, generationally exploited people. Literature Review

General Information Technology Controls related to computer operations or GITC-CO are critical in ensuring the security, integrity, completeness, and reliability of accounting information. . 2018; GTAG 8, 2009; Otero, Tejay, Otero, & Ruiz, 2012). Business objectives, such as, reliability of the entitys financial reporting process .

A First Course in Scientific Computing Symbolic, Graphic, and Numeric Modeling Using Maple, Java, Mathematica, and Fortran90 Fortran Version RUBIN H. LANDAU Fortran Coauthors: KYLE AUGUSTSON SALLY D. HAERER PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS PRINCETON AND OXFORD