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Designyour detoxBookletby Cate Stillman1

Disclaimer and CopyrightThe responsibility for the consequences of your use of any suggestion or proceduredescribed hereafter lies not with the authors, publisher or distributor of this booklet. Thisbooklet is not intended as medical or health advice. We recommend consulting with alicensed health professional before changing your diet.Except for personal use, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed inany form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise withoutprior written permission from the publisher.Ifyou enjoy theinformation with thisprogram, Yogahealer would liketo encourage you to show yoursupport by sharing your testimonialwith us, sharing our website with yourfriends and family, signing up for ourfree newsletter, or supporting ourcontinued work by considering ourother programs and products.Copyright 2012 by Yogahealer, L.L.C.The Yogidetox is a trademark ofYogahealer, L.L.C.All rights reserved.Published byYogahealer, L.L.C.5029 N. Highway 33Tetonia, ID 83452www.yogahealer.com2

entering Detox modeDetox mode is entirelydifferent than everyday life.The less we try to make the detox look likeeveryday life, the more successful we will be.Allow this time to be different. You will start tofeel different. You won’t be attracted to the samethings.Entering a detox can be difficult. Remind yourselfof your goals. Watch inspiring detox stories onYouTube. The first 3-5 days are usually the mostchallenging, as your body starts to shiftmetabolisms. Your metabolism shifts fromordinary metabolism into detox metabolism.These are 2 very different internal states.Most people think the detox is all aboutparticular foods. I’ve found that there are manyways to detox with dietary changes. I’m alwaysexperimenting to see what I’m attracted to see what works better.Based on this basic philosophy, I give you manyoptions of time-tested detox diets. I recommendyou pick one and stick with it. not switchingpart way through.The Yogidetox is much more than dietarychanges that support higher consciousness. It’sabout making a few weeks different. It’s aboutshifting not only your physical metabolism, butalso your mental and emotional metabolisms intodetox mode.Give yourself as much space as possible for thisprocess. That might mean keeping your schedulequiet open. It might mean having the freedom togo to bed as earlier as you desire. without thefeeling that you should be getting something elsedone.As far as this packet of information. You’ll findyou don’t need the entire packet, but justrelevant sections. You might skip entire sections.Just pay attention to what is useful for you rightnow.Keep the packet for later, when other recipes orpractices are appealing.- Cate StillmanWhat will I eat?What will I eat is the most common question. There are many ways to support the naturaldetox process. All have in common this basic principle: Take the pressure off digestion. All of ouroptions in the Yogidetox reflect this principle: Living Liquids CleanseLemonade DietLiving Foods DietFruit & Vegetable DetoxKitchari CleanseRead through the charts and the recipes. See which is most appealing to you right now.3

What will I eat?DetoxoptionDescriptionBenefitsLivingLiquidsThe Living Liquids Cleanse is designed for everyone whois interested in evolving the prana (life force energy) in his orher bodily tissue and isn’t interested in juice fasting. Learn howto shift your kitchen’s energy so it becomes more in tune withthe impulse to evolve your health. (juices,smoothies,soups,lemonade)Easy, fast, simple to prepare.Living Foods - high prana dietEasy to transition into and out of.Inexpensive without juicing.Expensive with juicing.oThe Living Liquids cleanse involves an upgrade in howyou use your kitchen in relation to the prana in food.You’ll find yourself doing some or all of the following:chopping, blending, juicing, and sprouting.o Kitchen equipment to beg, borrow or steal. Not essential,but very helpful.High powered blender (vitamix or k-tecoblender) or juicerLemonadeDetox(MasterCleanse)LivingFoodsThe Lemonade Diet is the master cleanse. It’s a simple way tomelt away the fat tissue of your body. It’s an easy detox for thosewith excess Kapha, or mass, to shed. The spicy lemonade will burnout any congestion in your body within a few days. Usually, it’s a 10day deep detox, with a few days of easing in and 5 days of easingout.Living Foods is for those who want to get a taste of a high Prana Diet,without the restrictions of liquids only, or fruit and vegetables only. Whentransitioning from cooked to raw food there is a tendency to overeat fats.To avoid this, increase your quantity of fruits and vegetables! Kitchari(Traditionalcooked)Fruits andVegetablesKitchari cleanse has more calories and sustenance, and is a goodchoice for those working outdoors or doing intense exercise. It ismore comfortable for those looking for a gentle cleanse. This is thetraditional ayurvedic cleansing food, but many find it constipating.This cleanse is referred to as a monodiet.You eat only kitchari ( 3meals a day), either the “living” or cooked versions.Fruit & Vegetable DetoxThe Fruit & Vegetable detox takes the Living Foods to a simplerlevel. Basically, we’re cutting out all overt fats (nuts, seeds, oil, avocados). It’sbased on Dr. Graham’s research that humans thrive on fruit primarily (80%of caloric intact) and 10% protein and 10% fat. The fat and protein isprimarily through vegetables, seeds, fatty fruits and nuts. The Yogidetoxversion is to simply eat as much fresh fruit and raw and cooked vegetablesas you desire for 21 days, and then add in 10% fat after the detox.You canalso do a pre-cleanse week of green smoothies and soups Easy, fast, simple to prepare.Guaranteed weight loss, of up to 2 lbs.a day.Detoxes mucus and congestion.After Day 3, easy to maintain.Inexpensive.Fun, experimental and creative toprepare.Changes how you use your kitchenand where you source your food.Inexpensive if you don’t usesuperfoods.Traditional Ayurvedic Detox.Prepare food once a day.Grounding and nourishingVery Inexpensive.Fast, easy to prepare.Changes how you think of nutrients.Fast weight loss.All you can eat :)No need for enemas or colonics.Expensive unless you live in the tropicsor have a garden and fruit trees.4

sample beginner detox optionsWeek 1Week 2LivingLiquidsSimple Whole FoodsDiet (any recipesfrom packet)5-10 days greensmoothies, juices andliving soupsLiving Foods Diet(any raw recipesfrom packet)listen to AngelaMonarch’s interviewLemonadeDetox(MasterCleanse)Simple Whole FoodsDiet (any recipesfrom packet)10 days of spicylemonadeSmoothies, juices andliving soupswatch “MasterCleanse” videos onYoutubeLiving Foods Living Foods Diet(any raw recipesfrom packet)5-10 days ofsmoothies, juices andliving soupsLiving Foods Diet(any raw recipesfrom packet)listen to ValyaBoutenko’s interviewKitchari(Traditionalcooked)Simple Whole FoodsDiet (any recipesfrom packet)5-10 days of Kitchari,including oleationand purgationSimple Whole FoodsDiet (any recipesfrom packet)listen to Mary JoCravatta’s interviewFruits andVegetablesEat as many andmuch as fruits andvegetables. Cookedvegetables as desired.Eat as many andmuch as fruits andvegetables. Cookedvegetables as desired.Eat as many andmuch as fruits andvegetables. Cookedvegetables as desired.listen to de)Design yourownnotes:herbs, enemas,bodywork,symptoms totrack, reading,practices.Week 3support toolslisten to AnnO’Brien’s interview Do enemas asneeded forcompleteelimination.ReceivemassageExercise gently,but daily.5

sample advanced detox optionsWeek 1Week 2Week 3supporttoolsLivingLiquidsGreen smoothies,juices and livingsoupsGreen smoothies,juices and livingsoupsGreen smoothies,juices and livingsoupslisten to AngelaMonarch’s interviewLemonadeDetox(MasterCleanse)Green smoothies,juices and livingsoups10 days of spicylemonadeGreen smoothies,juices and livingsoupswatch “MasterCleanse” videos onYoutubeLivingFoodsLiving Foods Diet(any raw recipesfrom packet)5-10 days of greensmoothies, juicesand living soupsLiving Foods Diet(any raw recipesfrom packet)listen to ed)KitchariKitchariKitcharilisten to Mary JoCravatta’s interviewFruits &VegetablesEat as many andmuch as fruits andvegetables. Cookedvegetables asdesired.Eat as many andmuch as fruits andvegetables. Cookedvegetables asdesired.Eat as many andmuch as fruits andvegetables. Cookedvegetables asdesired.listen to de)Designyour ownnotes:herbs, enemas,bodywork,symptoms totrack, reading,practices.listen to AnnO’Brien’s interviewSource plant foodslocally, and wildcraftwhen possible. Do enemasReceivemassageExercisegently, butdaily.6

prepping for your cleanseWhat is your starting point?This is an all-levels cleanse which means some of you: Eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) SAD includes everything you can buy in the grocery store. Eat whole foods (and a little SAD stuff on the side). Eat ayurvedically (vegetarian whole foods & local dairy) Eat vegan foods (with some SAD stuff on the side) Eat living foods with some whole foods on the side. Juice and eat some living foods on the side Eat wild foods, garden plants, with some cooked whole foods on theside.Of course, there are a myriad possibilities.The point is to uplevel the:1. prana (life force)2. enzymes3. nutrientsAll 3 contain consciousness. You’re going to increase the consciousness in the tissueof your body. As you amp up towards the cleanse, begin to notice which foodshave the most consciousness. You feel energized, light and clear aftereating them. This is what you’re after. Notice which foods make you feellethargic, heavy and dull. This is what you are eliminating.Which foods leave you feeling energized, light and clear?Which foods leave you feeling lethargic, heavy and dull?7

Visioning your DetoxWhat do you need right now. a cleanse or a rejuvenation?Are you over-scheduled? Overfed? Exhausted? Energized?design your cleanseHow have you been nourishing yourself? through food? through self-care?Do you need to lose weight? If so, how much?How clear do you want to feel? How many days can youcommit to a deep process (5--14)?During the deep cleanse would you rather have juice, soups,smoothies, kitchari, or just simply fruits and vegetables?What % of Living Foods/Juices and what % of Cooked foods doyou want to eat during:week 1week 2week 3Which are the best foods for my body right now, intuitively?Cleanse reducing Green is your new favorite food color atall meals Liquids are better than solids. Plan on afew days of just liquids Favor raw foods over cooked Use less or no fat.Rejuv building Add in practices instead of take out. Make simple one-pot meals, kitchari,soups or stews. Eat cooked or raw food, prepared warm Use more fat (ghee, avocados, coldpressed oils, soaked nuts).8

food optionsChoosing your cleanse:Take time to read through this packet. Watch the videos. Notice what you’re attracted to. Don’t second guessyourself - all of the detoxes are time-tested and work. Simply decide and begin. Here is a generalcategorization to help you decide:cleanse optionsHow do you want to feel in 21 days?Lighter, clear, & energized. Choose:Living liquidsLemonade detoxFruit and vegetables only detoxGrounded, nourished, and taking better care of myself. Choose:Kitchari monodietLiving foods cleanseHow much time to you want to spend preparing food?Almost none:Lemonade detoxLiving liquidsFruit and vegetables only detoxA lot: I love food prepartion!Kitchari monodietLiving foods cleanseI want to lose my sugar addiction:Living liquidsFruit and vegetables only detoxI want to clear out mucus faster than a speeding bullet!Lemonade detoxWhich detox am I most attracted to right now?Living liquidsLemonade detoxFruit and vegetables only detoxKitchari monodietLiving foods cleanseA mix!9

specific info on the Detoxes10

Lemonade CleanseThe Lemonade One serving2 tablespoons of lemon juice2 tablespoons of Grade B maplesyrup1/10 tablespoons of cayenne pepper10 oz of filtered waterYou should be able to consume from6 – 12 servings of lemonade a day. ISalt Water Flush Do DailySalt water flush: combine 1-2 tsp. seasalt in 1 qt. warm water. Drink firstthing in the morning. Expect tocompletely purge your digestive tractwithin an hour. Other days start theday with 2 c. hot water with lemonjuice Take a minimum of 6 cups a day.A minimum of 10 days isrecommended. Laxative Tea and Salt Water flush:Use a laxative tea ( I recommendcolon cleanse (from Yogahealer)as it doesn’t cause griping) beforebed and each morning to clearthe bowels with a Salt waterflush: combine 2 tsp. sea salt in 1qt. Warm water. Drink first thing . To break this fast: for 2 daysdrink 8 oz. servings of fresh (notpasteurized) orange juice asdesired, diluted with water. Onthe 3rd day have OJ in themorning, raw fruit for lunch, andfruit or raw salad at night.from: it WorksThe Lemonade Diet is bestfor those who want to lose a lot offat and congestion from their body,particularly their lymph system. Thisliquid monodiet of lemon juice, maplesyrup and cayenne taken as a teadissolves congestion in any part ofthe body, cleanses the kidneys and thedigestive system, purifies the glands,eliminates hardened waste in jointsand muscles, and builds healthyblood. Best done for 10 days. Includessalt water purging in the morning andenemas. This is a complete overhaulcleanse. 1 c. water, 2 T. fresh lemon orlime juice, 1-2 T. maple syrup,cayenne to tasteThe mixture of these ingredients must beconsumed for the next ten days withouttaking in any type of solid food.Youshould be able to drink around six totwelve glasses of the mixture every day.Pure water is also allowed in between, butyou should not drink less than theprescribed amount of the lemonademixture.Post Master CleanseThe first day of the Post Master Cleanseshould be composed of drinking freshorange juice. Mix two tablespoons ofmaple syrup to every liter of orangejuice. Orange juice helps your body getused to ordinary food. Also drink as muchpure water as you need.The second day is meant forconsuming fruit and vegetable juices.There are several fruits and vegetablesthat are ideal for this purpose.You canalso make vegetable soups for addedvariety.On the third day, eat fruits andvegetables. Continue drinking plenty ofwater to help your digestion. Fruits andvegetables will help your digestive systemadjust to a regular diet on the fourth dayonwards.On the fourth day and onwards, youshould slowly revert to a normal, regulardiet. During this stage, eat soft foods, suchas grains, at first – basically foods that areeasy on the stomach. Avoid meat anddairy products for a while since thesefoods can be harsh on your stomachduring this phase. Don’t be in a hurry toeat the foods you’ve grown fond of; takeyour time and slowly get back to yourregular diet.What it DoesThe Master Cleanse diet flushes out allthe toxins stuck in your large intestinewhile at the same time helps you burn offfat. This is because the specific mixture ofthe ingredients supplies very few caloriesthat the body ultimately uses its storedenergy in the form of fat. Hence, you arenot required to exercise during thiswhole process. In fact, it might benecessary for you to rest a bit in order tocope with the loss of daily solid foodconsumption.11

the kitchari monodietThe Kitchari Monodiet isthe traditional Ayurvedic cleanse withmung beans, rice, vegetable andspices. Eating the same food dailycreates the most stability for themind, and gently allows the body toremove ama (toxins). It is satisfying,easy and cleanses the palate alongwith deep tissue. With thismonodiet, you can change theproportions of carbs toprotein by changing theamount of rice to beans. Onthis diet you will deeply awaken yoursense of taste. Also advisable forthose making major life changes,including releasing addictions andchanging from processed foods towhole foods. Add cooked mung beansor lentils for more protein. Dailycooking required.(The Kitchari monodiet is the bestchoice for pregnancy and postpartumrejuvenations. During pregnancy, skipthe oleation. If you need extra protein,you can also soak 10 almonds per night,then peel them in the morning and addto soups or just eat them. ) If you needheavier food, add sweet potato,coconut flakes, almonds or rice to anyof the dishes; or add avocado andchopped roasted nuts to salads.Includes: 4 day pre-cleanse with internaloleation, 5 day cleanse Internal oleation processThe process of taking ghee oroils before a cleanse providesinternal lubrication, which enablesthe ama or toxins begin to comeback from the deep tissue to thegastrointestinal tract ofelimination. This creates deepinner lubrication. If you have highcholesterol, use flax seed oil instead.Eliminate all other fatintake on these days to enableyour body to fully metabolize theoils. Flavor foods instead withmiso soup broth, Bragg’s liquidaminos, vegetable broth, lemonjuice, maple syrup, etc. Chooserecipes from the recipe section,omitting any oil, ghee, nuts, oravocado. The easiest way to take ghee isto soak a small handful of raisinsin water over night. Drain in themorning, and blenderize themwith the ghee, a small amount ofhot water and a pinch ofcinnamon or ginger. Then drink.Many people enjoy the ghee thisway. Wait until a strong appetitereturns before eating breakfast. The amount of ghee/flaxoil to take each dayincreases:Take 2 tsp. 4 days before cleanse,4 tsp. 3 days before cleanse, 6tsp. 2 days before cleanse, 8 before cleanse. Include a beet a day in yourkitchari (golden or red) to helpbalance bile. Balance the amount of vegetablesin your kitchari to match yourneeds: more green vegetablesmakes it more cleansing. Take triphala or colon cleansebefore bed to help eliminatetoxins from your gi tract Options: liver cleanseListen toMary Jo Cravattaʼsinterview to: Get psyched for thisdetox Learn why we do theoleation Follow the kitchari recipe Sprouted mung bean kitchari ismore cleansing. Split mung bean kitchari is morenourishing.12

living liquids & living foodsLiving Liquids is designed for those who haveexperience cleansing seasonally, and have thediscipline and the desire for a deep cleanse. Helpfulfor weight loss, spring allergies, spring colds, sinusissues, lethargy or depression, or just want to lightenup. You will need to use water enemas if you don’teliminate on your own while juice fasting. Do a Salt Water flush on the morning of the firstday: combine 2 tsp. - 1 T. sea salt in 1 qt. Warmwater. Drink first thing. Other days start the daywith 2 c. hot water with lemon juice When you get hungry make 1 pint of GreenLemonade. Dilute with a little water. Have at least as much water as juice between juices.Experiment with juicing any of the foods from theSpring Equinox Cleanse or the other juice recipes. Have juice for breakfast lunch and dinner. The first2-3 days are the most challenging.Living Foods is designed for those who have experiencecleansing seasonally, and have the discipline and the desire for adeep cleanse. Helpful for weight loss, spring allergies, springcolds, sinus issues, lethargy or depression, or just want to lightenup. You will need to use water enemas if you don’t eliminate onyour own while juice fasting. Do a Salt Water flush on the morning of the first day: combine 2tsp. - 1 T. sea salt in 1 qt. Warm water. Drink first thing. Otherdays start the day with 2 c. hot water with lemon juice When you get hungry make 1 pint of Green Lemonade. Dilutewith a little water. Have at least as much water as juice between juices. Experimentwith juicing any of the foods from the Spring Equinox Cleanse orthe other juice recipes. Have juice for breakfast lunch and dinner. The first 2-3 days arethe most challenging. Juice or have alkaline broth for 5-10 days. Juice or have alkaline broth for 5-10 days.Coming off Juice FastingIf you’ve done a few days of water and/or juicefasting, you need to be careful when you begin to eatfood again. I recommend first using raw salads or asimple vegetable soup for a few meals, then going tosteamed vegetables and raw fruits. Then integratesprouted legumes and soaked grains in soup or stewfrom. If you have trouble digesting or absorbingnutrients, mix together the following spice powders,and take 1 tsp. in a few ounces of warm water:(ginger, cumin, fennel, black pepper, cardamom). Youcan take this spice mixture for a week before meals).13

Fruits & Vegetables detoxThe Fruits andVegetables detox isbased on a high raw vegan,high fruit-based diet. Theleading book on this way ofeating is Dr. Doug Graham’sThe 80-10-10 diet. The80-10-10 diet is based onthe concept that humansthrive on fruit primarily (80%of caloric intact) and 10%protein and 10% fat. The fatand protein is primarilythrough vegetables, seeds,fatty fruits and nuts.The Yogidetox detox versionof the 80-10-10 version is tosimply eat as much freshfruit and raw and cookedvegetables as you desire for21 days. Eat as much fruits and vegetablesas you want. Don’t worry about 3 meals a daywithout snacking. Simply satiateyour cravings with fruit andvegetables.fruits.vegetables.that is it.vegetables and water. Don’t addoils, nuts, seeds or avocados. Juice or have alkaline broth for5-10 days.More Information:Emerging from Fruitand Vegetables Detoxinto 80-10-10After only consuming fruits andvegetables for an extended periodof time, you’ll eventually be readyto integrate more fat. Choose thebest fats, which are higher inOmega 3 fatty acids, than Omega 6fatty acids flax seeds chia seeds avocadosEventually, you’ll diversify your overtfats with nuts and seeds that are less“healthy” but have more nutrients anddiverse tastes and textures. dietplan.htmlDonate a few bucks andreceive this cookbook:101 Frickin RawsomeRecipes pumpkin seeds brazil nuts Don’t use any overt fat or oils. Thismeans excluding avocados, nuts,seeds, and oils from your dietduring the detox time. almonds Make salad dressings out of sweetfruits and vegetables blended. Lookat 80-10-10 recipes.Pressed oils are best avoided as theirare more likely to oxidize and have lessintegrity (further from the originalform). and a wide range of other nuts andseeds. Start your day with greensmoothies, made out of fruit,14

Fruits & Vegetables detoxAdvice from Chris KendallSequential & Mono Eatingby Chris Kendall www.the-raw-advantage.comSequential eating breaks optimal digestion down one stepfurther toward the ideal, mono meals (one food at a timewhen hungry until full). As the name suggests, sequentialeating means eating foods one after another instead ofmixed together. By doing so digestive energy is freed up,digestion and assimilation become more efficient, while thefermentation and formation of toxins is avoided. Thinkabout it, every animal in nature eats this way at virtuallyevery meal when there is adequate food in supply. This canmost easily be practiced by making a point to eat the foodswith the highest water content first. For example, youcould eat watermelon then oranges and then nectarines, orpineapple then tomatoes followed by lettuce or a simplesalad. Another example would be eating grapes thenmangoes and then bananas, or pears then banana thendates and/or celery. Remember lettuce and celery digestwell with everything. Foods of completely differentcharacter are best eaten with some time elapsing, or atdifferent meals. For example I would not recommend eatinga bunch of pineapples right before a bunch of bananas ordates, nor a bunch of bananas and then avocados. It isbetter to eat foods similar in predominant taste and watercontent, with food combining in mind. One of the mainreasons for this is that food with higher water contentdigest the fastest, while denser foods take longer, and fattyfoods take the longest. Just as you wouldn’t send a turbotrain down the tracks minutes after a slow passenger car,you wouldn’t want to follow a slower digesting banana witha fast digesting orange. When this scenario happensfermentation,flatulence, irritability, formation of toxins and stomachupset is all too common, laying the road for more seriousconditions.Chris Kendall’s food combiningprinciples for high raw vegan:4. Lettuce and celery combine wellwith anythingOn Green SmoothiesFor a milder taste you can choosefrom romaine, spinach, celery, redleaf, green leaf, bib, boston, butterleaf, iceberg, celery, fennel, dill, cilantro, mint and manyothers all for different tastes and goodness. For a deepermore earthy taste try kale, chard, bok choy, baby bok choy,parsley, basil, arugula, lambs quarters, stinging nettle, etc.Different combinations of the above in each respective dishcan bring a limitless rangeof flavors.I personally enjoy the milder greens with more frequencyand volume than the deeper, liberally use herbs and on arare occasion the darker greens in stews. Have fun,experiment and find your own favorites. One huge tip,focus on the fresh, ripe, raw, foods and tastes that you enjoythe most, not the ingredients you think you need or “superfood” that yields the “highest” this or that. The body isalways smarter than the mind, tastes change in cycle tomeet your needs of the moment. Some people find greensto be hard to digest and are best served by increasing theirintake of green smoothies slowly.Remember to observe food combining, take your time and“chew” your smoothies. By progressively adding moregreens to your diet you will find your tastes andpreferences change making new favorites :)On TransitioningWhile in transition or beginning stages of eating raw it isnot uncommon for people to eat 4 - 5 meals a daywhile their digestive capacity expands. This can occur quitequickly as the stomachs elasticity is fast toaccommodate the room necessary for high water contentfoods. More often than not it’s the minds idea ofhow much is normal, or fears of eating too much food orfruit that must be overcome. It is nearly impossibleto overeat on fresh ripe raw fruits and vegetables, eat allyou care for with no restrictions.1. Do not mix sweet fruit with acid fruit, e.g. bananas andoranges, lemons and dates etc.2. Fatty foods do not mix well with sweet fruits, e.g. nuts oravocado with dates, raisins, bananas, etc.3. Acidic fruits combine all right with fats, e.g. tomato orcitrus with avocado or nuts.15

Food Guidelines for Energetic BodytypesEating seasonally is the highest priority foroptimal health - attune to nature’s rhythms.Secondarily, you want to attune to yourpersonal energetic design. This where eatingfor your body type comes in handy. Take aquiz to know more about who you are. Then,start to see if you’re on tract by following theguidelines for your type below, and notice howyou feel. If you feel more grounded and clear,you are on the right track.VatasPittaKaphaVatas are already light, dry, cold,sensitive, and have a dispersingenergy. Foods and eating habitsthat are intrinsically opposite thesequalities will optimize health forVata people and vata season.Pittas are already hot, oily, sharp,intense, and radiating. Foods andeating habits that are intrinsicallyopposite these qualities willoptimize health for Pitta peopleand Pitta season.Kaphas are already moist, cool,grounded, heavy, and have acondensing energy. Foods andeating habits that are intrinsicallyopposite these qualities willoptimize health for Kapha peopleand Kapha season.The Doshas, Living Foods Cleansing and planning your cleanse.We will experiment with integrating more living foods. Here are some of the guidelines for bodytypes.Vata types (light bodyweight, easily excitable mind)You may be drawn to begin your cleanse with juice cleansing and move from there into soups. As you moveinto and out of deeper cleansing, eat heavier, oily foods such as avocados, soaked nuts and seeds, and addspice like ginger and cayenne. Use mostly soups during your cleanse, warmed and moderately spiced, orwarm your juices up. Combine dark leafy greens with avocados or soaked nuts.Pitta types: (medium bodyweight, intense mind)You may be drawn towards a deeply purifying juice cleanse or all living foods. In general, steer towards a mild,more bland diet with plenty of roots and greens, sweet fruits, mild spices, sprouted grains, coconuts andavocados, and plenty of fresh sprouts. After a deep cleanse, protein may be desired through almonds andsunflower seeds.Kapha types: (heavy bodyweight, fluid mind)You may be drawn strongly towards 1‐3 days of hot water fasting, and from there moving into some spicyjuices and spicy light soups. As you move into and out of deeper cleansing, eat something bitter first in themeal. Keep nuts and seeds minimal. Spice foods well, minimize salt, soak and sprout nuts and seeds. Enjoyapples and pears, lemon, ginger and parsley.16

make your listWhat you need to start preparing:Once you know your constitution (and that of those you feed), write a list of foodsthat will be optimal. Think in terms of categories. Make your list below. Leafy Greensroot vegetablesfresh fruitsseeds for sproutingseeds and nuts, fatty fruitsgrains & beans (mung beans, brown rice)seaweedsCondiments Oils (olive, sunflower, flax) Lemons & limes stevia leaf raw honey Superfoods to play with (maca, goji berries,cacoa nibs, etc.)17

ayThursdayFridaySaturdaynotes:herbs, enemas,bodywork, symptomsto track, reading,practices.18

practices to support your detox19

big 6 practices1. Sip hot water: Pour 1 liter of boiled water in a thermos. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon. Sipthroughout the day; every 15 minutes is optimal.2. Poop or do enemas daily. Having a complete bowel movement within an hour ofrising is opti

Living Foods - high prana diet Easy to transition into and out of. Inexpensive without juicing. Expensive with juicing. Lemonade Detox (Master Cleanse) The Lemonade Diet is the master cleanse. It's a simple way to melt away the fat tissue of your body. It's an easy detox for those with excess Kapha, or mass, to shed.

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What is the Detox diet? It is a particular type of diet which allows your body to detox on its own. It is lighter on your digestive system and is easier for your body to cope since it gets time and energy to perform its regular healing and detox processes. Apart from that, an detox diet has a cleansing effect on your entire body.

Most people relate detox to juicing, fasting, or eating lots of cruciferous vegetables and drinking lots of lemon water. There is definitely a food com-ponent to detox. I talk extensively about how to do a detox diet right within my book The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. Sure, it's taking out sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine.

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The NatMed Detox Diet reduces these harmful substances and is an easy to follow dietary program. The major principles of the NatMed Detox Diet are outlined in Table 1. Table One: The NatMed Detox Diet Principles Plant-based. Encourages liberal amounts of fresh and raw greens, fresh vegetables, fruits and

This strong detox /strong is more than tasty foods, you will be following a scientific based programme for cleansing, with focus on bowel and liver supporting foods and nutrients. The results from the last couple of online strong detox /strong Maev Creaven : The Metabolic strong Detox Guide /strong "8

Everyone is different and The Ion Detox Foot Spa can be adjusted to accommodate 99.5% of the population. Please follow the instructions carefully to derive optimum results. The Ion Detox Foot Spa is intended to support herbal, homeopathic and vitamin detoxifica-tion protocols and procedures. Used properly, the Ion Detox Foot Spa provides a comfort-File Size: 786KBPage Count: 10

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