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Detox diet tocleanses your BodyDr. Karuna Milind

Do you know that detoxificationhelps your body in a number ofways? Well, it not only strengthensyour immune system and helps yourbody function better but also aidsyou to get rid of toxins from thebody. However, what you shouldknow about this process is that thereis a fine line between detoxing yourbody and starving it.

What is the Detox diet?It is a particular type of dietwhich allows your body todetox on its own. It is lighteron your digestive system and iseasier for your body to copesince it gets time and energyto perform its regular healingand detox processes. Apartfrom that, an detox diet has acleansing effect on your entirebody.

Is it different for different people? On whatbasis is the diet decided?Yes, it is different for each person. There aretwo types of detox diet. One is a generaldetox diet which is common for everyone. Thesecond type, is a detox diet which iscustomized according to your body and itsneed. This type of diet is decided based onthe amount of toxins in your body/system.The factors usually looked upon are How much toxins a person has and whichorgan/system it has affected Type of constitution the person has - vata,kapha or pitta type Lastly, personality of the person

Why does one need to detox?We live in an environment where we areexposed to different types of toxins,frequent change in the weather anddifferent types of food. The pollutants,radiations and stress we experience on adaily basis causes accumulation of toxinsin the body.In fact, the detox process occurs in ourbody on a daily basis. However, this maynot happen effectively and sometimes(due to health complications) you may notbe able to flush toxins from the body. Thisis the reason, detoxification of your bodyis necessary.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, our bodies areexposed to a lot of toxins through air pollution,food and water. Use of preservatives inpackaged food, presence of pesticides invegetables all lead to toxins depositing in ourbody. Some of the harmful effects of thistoxicity are indigestion, headache, tiredness,skin problems, poor concentration, etc. It isimportant to go on a detox diet in order toflush the toxins out of our system.Detox diet is one which consists of food andherbs that eliminate toxins from the body. Itemphasises on foods which are high invitamins, minerals, antioxidants to preventdamage to the body and foods rich in fibre andwater to clear the system by increasing thefrequency of urination and stools.

When do you need a detox?The clear signs that you haveaccumulation of toxins andthus, need a detox are, whenyou experience – Digestive problems Sleep disturbances Skin problems Bloating Back pain Joint pain Hair loss Irritability Eye problems

How often should it be done?It usually depends on thetoxic load in your body.Some people might need todetox once in a year, whileother might required morefrequent detox cycles. Butaccording to experts, it isgood to plan a detox once inthree months.

Here is a sample diet:For the first three days, have fruits, fruitjuices, vegetables and vegetable juices. All thefruits and vegetables must be raw and haveproperties that help with detoxifying the body.Almost all fruits can be included and seasonalvegetables are optimal for this plan. The ruleis that these fruits and veggies must be easyto digest and light on the stomach

The best vegetables to detox your body Dark leafy greens like spinach and kaleare packed with the goodness ofvitamins A and C, but they also containchlorophyll that help cleanse the body. The humble cabbage promotes healthyliver function, helping the bodyeliminate waste from the body. The fibre in beets creates an antioxidantenzyme that helps cleanse the body. To get the most out of these vegetables,you need to eat them raw, roast, grate,add them in soups, toss them in yoursmoothie or combine them in your salad.

Below is a chart of foods that you shouldand shouldn’t have while on a detox diet.Foods to be included Fruits and nutsFruit juicesRaw veggiesVeggie juicesLemon juiceCoconut waterThin dalsButtermilkGreen teaFoods to be excludedGrainsMilk and milk productsMeat, fishChickenEggsRestaurant foodFried foodsSweet foods and dessertsProcessed and packagedfoods Tea, coffee and aerateddrinks

Here are a few benefits ofdetoxification: It helps improve digestion A detox diet will result in yourbody having more energy Your concentration will improve It cleanses your system whichmeans you will have clear skin Since your digestion is in place,you can sleep soundly You will feel light and refreshedafter a detox diet

Are there any after course precautions one should take?Yes, there are few things you need to focus on. It isalways a good idea to slowly go back to your old dietafter ten days. It makes sense to follow and stick to ahealthy diet pattern throughout. But if you cannot, thenwait for another session of detox to flush toxins from thebody. The rule of thumb while choosing healthy foods isto pick those foods that the body can absorb and digest.When you plan your meals, have foods which are local,seasonal, natural, freshly-cooked and organic.India is a country where we have fresh producethroughout the year; we do not have to rely on importedor tinned/canned foods. Also, our bodies are not made toabsorb nutrients from such foods as it leads to anaccumulation of undigested toxins. Flash freezing,canning, curing, etc — all process that are used topreserve foods — change the very composition of thefood and its internal nutrients.

8 foods that help you detox naturally!If you are not in favour of a detox-diet or goingon a liquid-only diet to free your body of toxicbuilt-up, there is an easy way for you. Consciouslychosen foods could help you detoxify naturally. Ifyou are wondering which foods can help you doso, here goes the list.1. Eggs: Do you have boiled, poached orscrambled eggs for breakfast? If yes, then youare already on the right track. Eggs are asource of first class protein packed with aminoacids. When consumed, they help neutralise thetoxins in the body and promote production ofantioxidants to reduce oxidative stress.

2. Oats: Apart from being a rich source ofantioxidant, oats are also rich in Beta glucan, asoluble fibre that helps in elimination of bile fromthe liver, improves immune functions andmetabolism thus, detoxifying naturally.3. Onions & garlic: They are a rich source of insulin,a probiotic which helps production of beneficialbacteria in the gut. These bacteria are responsiblefor overall immune function of the body by keepingyour gut healthy and eliminating toxins effectively.4. Cruciferous vegetable: Apart from having anticancer agents in them, they are also rich in fibrecontent, hence, having more of broccoli, cabbage,cauliflower help aid digestion and in consistentremoval of waste and toxins from your body. If youare worried about bloating, try boiling the vegetablesfirst before making a curry.

5. Foods rich in vitamin-B: Did you know thatfoods rich in Vitamin B aid in digestion,promote cell growth and improve metabolism?Good metabolism plays a key role in eliminatingtoxins from the body. Consume foods thatinclude all kinds of Vitamin Bs. Eat bananas forVitamin B6, poultry and fish for B12 and leafygreens for extra dose of Vitamin B.6. Lentils and beans: Lentils and beans are notjust good sources of protein but are also packedwith micro-nutrients like zinc and manganesethat boost metabolism of liver and in turn helpget rid of toxins by keeping your gut healthy.

7. Citrus fruits: Gorge on fruits likeoranges, sweet lime, lemons often. Thesefruits are packed with antioxidants whichhelp your body to detoxify naturally bypromoting production of certain enzymesthat help the body to get rid of toxicbuilt-up.8. Yogurt: Your gut would thank you if youincrease your intake of yogurt, which isrich in probiotics. This would boostproduction of good bacteria, which acts asthe first line of defence to the toxinspresent in GI tract and aids digestion andmetabolism to ensure naturaldetoxification.

Points to remember You can opt for a 3-day detox diet everymonth. On the first day, you might feel hungerpangs and tiredness but you will overcome thison the second and third day. Pregnant and lactating women should avoidgoing on a detox programme. Go for 30 minutes walk every day. Do not stop or reduce medication dosageduring this diet. If detox diet does not suit you, stop itimmediately. After the diet, get back to normal food slowly.Do not over eat. Introduce grains, milk andfoods slowly and one at a time. Along with the diet, you can take enema forclearing the digestive system

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What is the Detox diet? It is a particular type of diet which allows your body to detox on its own. It is lighter on your digestive system and is easier for your body to cope since it gets time and energy to perform its regular healing and detox processes. Apart from that, an detox diet has a cleansing effect on your entire body.

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