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DETOXReduce dietary toxinsImprove detox capacityNeutralise free radicalsEliminate waste products

Why Detox Detoxification is a natural metabolic process whereby theenvironmental and dietary toxins we are exposed to arechanged into less harmful substances, and subsequentlyexcreted from the body. Detoxification program aims to address dietary and lifestylefactors to reduce the burden placed on your detoxificationsystem, whilst simultaneously supporting the capacity of yourkey detox organs Our bodies are designed to be able to process and removetoxins via our digestive system, liver and kidneys. A ‘toxin’ refers to any substance that has the potential tointerfere with cellular function and both our short term andlong term health.

Individual variations may be due to: TOXIN BURDEN: This represents your level of exposureto various toxins, ie; dietary allergens such as gluten,food additives, and preservatives; as well asoccupational, environmental or lifestyle related toxinssuch as cigarette smoking or exposure to chemicals Toxins can be created internally as part of normal,healthy metabolic processes, or by bacteria in thedigestive tract, or from recirculation of waste from thebowel. TOXIC RESISTENCE: This describes your ability toprocess and eliminate toxins effectively and refer tothe impact they may have on your health.

Symptoms of a need to detox Morning fatigueSluggish physicallyJoint painsDigestive problemsWeight increase around the midlineHeadachesBowel problemsGum diseaseBlood sugar issuesFoggy thinkingAgeing prematurelyMood problemsIrritability and depressionSkin problemsDark circles under the eyesHormonal problems

Tongues with toxin overload

Toxin overload

Toxin overload

Toxin overload

Toxin overload

Toxic overload

How are your stools

The importance of probiotics Friendly bacteria or probiotics lives in your digestion.Intestines contain over 400 species of different bacteria.10 bacteria cells to 1 cell.Symbiotic relationship with them, we give them somewhere toreside and in return they keep our digestive system healthy.Probiotics control the quality of your gut flora.They help us digest our food.They make certain nutrients for us.They maintain our immunityWhat we eat in our diet controls the quality of our friendlybacteria.Colonics rob the colon of all the probiotics that we accumulatefrom birth.

Body shapes with toxins

Detox diet principlesPlant based diet – Encourages liberal amounts of fresh and raw greens, freshvegetables, fruits and spices, legumes, nuts and seeds and moderate whole grains.Low saturated diet – Diets that are high in fats have found to encourage the circulationof harmful bacteria from the digestive system into the blood stream.Gluten free and dairy free – Two of the most common allergens are gluten and dairy,which increase inflammation and the production of free radicals.Low fructose diet – With the exception of fresh fruit, a detox diet discourages intake offoods sweetened with fructose or high fructose corn syrup.Organic – Use organic foods choices wherever possible, to reduce your exposure tochemicals used in growing. They contain higher levels of phytonutrients, beneficial forcellular health.Wholefood diet – Eliminates refined, processed or packaged foods, which tend to behigh in additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavors. Refinedcarbohydrates can also negatively impact the balance of the bowel flora.Alkalizing diet – Diets high in refined grains and animal protein, and low in freshvegetables and greens, can be quite acidic.

The Detox dietPROTEINS TO EATServing size: 1 palm sized portion permeal. Organic where possible Chicken Eggs Fresh fish (3-4 serves per week) Calamari Kangaroo Tempeh Tofu Turkey Consume roughly two palmed portionsper meal.PROTEINS TO AVOID All mince Beef Duck Fish – tuna, salmon, mackeral, marlin,swordfish and shark. Lamb Pork Sausages Shellfish – Prawns, oysters, mussels,crab. Cured meats and deli meats * Tinned meat and fish Veal * these foods are high in Nitrates

The Detox dietNUTS AND SEEDS TO EATServing size: 1 small handful of raw,natural nuts daily, organic where possible. Almonds Brazil nuts Chia seeds Coconut Hazelnuts Linseeds/ flaxseeds Macadamia Pecans Pepitas Pine nuts Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds walnutsNUTS AND SEEDS TO AVOID Peanuts Roasted and/or salted nuts Cashew nuts

The Detox dietBEANS AND LEGUMES TO EATServing size: limit to 1-2 serves per day Alfalfa sprouts & bean sprouts Adzuki beans Black beans Borlotti beans Broad beans Chickpeas or garbanzos Kidney beans Lentils Lima beans Navy beansBEANS AND LEGUMES TO AVOID Flavoured, salted or canned beans Those containing additives andpreservatives

The Detox dietVEGETABLES TO EATVEGETABLES TO AVOIDServing size: Minimum of 4 handfuls ofsalad and 3 handfuls of vegetables perday. Organic where possible Enjoy all fresh vegetables Homemade or organic fermentedvegetables such as kimchi andsauerkraut. CannedDriedDehydratedFrozenpickled

The Detox dietFRUITS TO EATServing size: limit to 3 serves per day dueto high sugar content. 1 serve 1 piece. Enjoy all fresh fruits Fruits dehydrated permitted if done athome without additives Berries frozen with no additives andpreferably organicFRUITS TO AVOID Canned fruit due to addedpreservatives and sugar Crystallised and candied fruits Dried fruits due to high sulphites

The Detox dietDAIRY / DAIRY SUBSTITUTES TO EATDAIRY / DAIRY SUBSTITUES TO AVOID Goats milk products ** Organic unsweetened nut milk Organic unsweetened rice milk Organic unsweetened soy milk ** Plain coconut yogurt and milk Sheep milk products **** some individuals are sensitive to theseproducts. Avoid all dairy products made fromcows milk; Yogurt Milk Cheese Ice cream

The Detox dietGRAINS & GRAIN ALTERNATIVES TO EAT Almond meal Amaranth Brown rice Buckwheat Coconut flour Corn Gluten free flour, rice cakes & crackersGRAINS TO AVOID Barley Oats Rye Spelt Triticale Wheat Avoid processed wheat/glutencontaining grain products.

The Detox dietOILS TO EAT Use cold pressed organic oils wherepossible Coconut oil Flaxseed oil Macadamia oil Olive oil Rice bran oil Sesame oil Walnut oilOILD TO AVOID Butter Canola oil Duck fat Fried foods Ghee Margarine Peanut oil Vegetable oils

The Detox dietDRESSINGS, CONDIMENTS TO EAT All herbs and spices Garlic Homemade dressing and sauces Homemade dips and spreads Lemon juice Apple cider vinegar Organic tamari Salt – Celtic, sea or Himalayan SteviaDRESSING, CONDIMENTS TO AVOID Additives (MSG) Artificial colours Preservatives Sugar, honey, coconut sugar and ricebran syrup. Aspartame & saccharine Commercially made sauces andcondiments Bottled salad dressings Wasabi

The Detox dietBEVERAGES TO DRINKServing size: Consume 2-3L of pure waterevery day. Choose organic teas where possible Herbal teas and green tea – notsweetened or flavoured. Juices made from fresh fruits andvegetables Unflavoured sparkling mineral water. Pure filtered water ( can be flavouredwith fresh lemon, orange, ginger,cucumber, mint etc)BEVERAGES TO AVOID AlcoholBlack teaCaffeinated soft drinksCoffeeFruit drinks and cordialsReconstituted fruit juiceSoft drinks and carbonated beverages

Cooking methods suitable for DetoxIDEAL COOKING METHODSAVOID THESE COOKING METHODS Overcooking and losing nutrients inwater Boiling High temperature cooking Baking (if food becomes browned orcrisped) Barbecuing Frying Grilling Stir-frying with oil wingStir-frying with water

Detox weekly diet planBreakfastDay oneDay twoDay threeDay fourBerrysmoothie orvege juicePoachedeggs andtomatoesHomemade Fresh berrybaked beans and quinoaandporridgemushrooms**Day fiveVegetableommeleteSnacks****LunchGardensalad with aproteinCalamariand saladFish andsaladGardensalad andproteinDetox saladwith andboiled eggsnackshummuswith carrot,celery stickshandful ofmixed rawnutsHummusand ricecrackers (4)Guacamolewith carrot,celery sticksTahini banana withrice crackersDinnerFrittata withvegesFresh fishMasalaand vege stir chicken fryveges brown riceTofu andvegetablestir fryZucchinifritters andsalad

Detox weekly snacksDay oneSnacksFruit saladand coconutyogurtsnacksGarlic andtamarichickendrum sticksDay twoDay threeDetoxsmoothiewith kale,pineapple,ginger,celery, andparsleyBananabread withalmondmealRice cakesand nutspreadDay fourDay fiveSmoothiewith berriesand almondmilk mayadd riceprotein orsuperfoodsMixed seeds Rice papertoasted inspring rolltamarisauce

3 day juice fastDay oneDay twoDay three5 kale leavesI cucumber3 celery sticks1 medium green apple1.5 inch of fresh ginger1 bunch of parsley1 cucumber3 leaves of kaleHandful of mint*****************************************3 leaves of Chinesecabbage1 medium appleBunch of English spinach3 stalks of celery1 bulb of beetroot*********************1 bunch of wheatgrass1 dessert spoon of greentea3 leaves of kale3 sprigs of asparagus1 cup of coconut water3 tomatoes1 pinch of cayenne pepper1 handful of spinach leaves1 lime2 bananas3 pieces of pineapple1 cup of almond milkHalf a teaspoon ofcinnamon

Smoothies for Detox

Beetroot juice Beetroot an excellent liver detox, aids the kuffer cellsto clean the blood. Antioxidant to protect liver cells. Good as a blood tonic – increasing red blood cells andimproving the quality of your blood. Alkalising so helps to increase the pH in your body. Juice one bulb of beetroot with two stems of celerywhich is important to clean the kidneys. Celery also removes Uric acid from your joints andkidneys.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice

Lemon juice Lemon juice and water is wonderful for getting yourdigestion moving first thing in the morning. Sour foods are the foods for the liver in Chinesemedicine, so one of the foods that breaks down fat inyour body is lemon. Putting fresh lemon in the water you drink will keepyour Lymphatic system flowing. Lemon juice and warmwater removes all the “brown” fat (cellulite) from yourlymph system. Putting fresh lemon on your meals, especially when itis higher in fat and / or rich will help the Gallbladdercope with the fats in the small intestines.

Detox drink

Detox drink One small bulb of fresh gingerTwo stems of celeryHandful of KaleOne small cup of coconut waterOne piece of pineappleOne capsule of probiotics1 tsp of apple cider vinegarThis drink is great for the digestion, liver and bowels.When taken daily it will help speed up the detoxprocess of toxins from the blood.

Detox drinks

Detox drinks

Detox drinks


Functions of the liver Metabolizes carbohydrates from glucose into ATP. Metabolizes protein from amino acids into ATP Metabolizes fats (cholesterol) into steroidhormones and anti- inflammatories. Detoxifies the blood by removing toxins, worn outred blood cells, fungi and alcohols. Involved in protein digestion in the small intestine Produces bile for the gallbladder to store for lipiddigestion. Recycles red blood cells and removes excessbilirubin in the stools.

Symptoms of a poor liver function High cholesterolHigh blood pressureDigestive problemsMorning fatigueIrritability especially in the morningsNail problemsEczema and rashesHeadaches and migrainesEye problemsOverheated and sweating easily4pm fatigueHeat in the palmsWeight around the midline

Liver enzymes

Liver and the five elements

Liver smoothie

Liver smoothie 3 sticks of celery1 handful of wheatgrass1 cucumberHalf a bulb of gingerLime juice1 small bunch of parsley1 flower of broccoliPinch of tumeric (optional)

Liver smoothie

Liver smoothie 3 leaves of Kale 1 pinch of cayenne pepper 2 handfuls of berries (blueberries, cherries, raspberries,strawberries) 1 cup of coconut water 2 scoops of Thermophase detox – a rice protein formulafor the liver and digestion. Almond milk, 1 cup (optional) 1 bulb of ginger Handful of spinach 3 organic dates 2 carrots

Drinks to detox

Drinks to detox

Drinks to detox

Herbs important for detoxing St Mary’s thistleDandelionGlobe emonCalendulaGreen teaRed cloverNettleAsparagusSpirulinaChlorella

Why should I detox?

Why should I detox?

Healthy cells

Cancer cells

Detox diet principles Plant based diet - Encourages liberal amounts of fresh and raw greens, fresh vegetables, fruits and spices, legumes, nuts and seeds and moderate whole grains. Low saturated diet - Diets that are high in fats have found to encourage the circulation of harmful bacteria from the digestive system into the blood stream.

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Most people relate detox to juicing, fasting, or eating lots of cruciferous vegetables and drinking lots of lemon water. There is definitely a food com-ponent to detox. I talk extensively about how to do a detox diet right within my book The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. Sure, it's taking out sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine.

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