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Diet PillsWhat TheseCompanies DON’TWant You ToKnow!By: Nick Lopez, CPT 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 1

**FREE Gift: Go to the Last Page for 269 in FREE Gifts**Diet Pills Exposed!What these companies don’t want you toknow!By: Nick LopezACE Certified Personal TrainerDear Friend,Over the years, dieting has become a billion dollar a year industry. It’sestimated that over half of the U.S. population is overweight or obese and25% of Americans say that they’re currently on a diet.We all know that a sensible diet and regular exercise goes a long way whentrying to lose weight and prevent different diseases associated with obesity.However, some people turn to a different technique to try and lose weight bybuying diet pills. 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 2

I’m not going to sugar coat anything. Diet pills are a waste of money for anumber of reasons such as: lack of results the lack of research and regulation for safety they’re grossly expensiveI’ll go through these reasons one by one and then cover some of the morepopular pills that you may have heard of and tell you why they’re a waste ofmoney and what the diet pill companies want you to believe.Most diet pills try to work by suppressing your appetite, increasing yourmetabolism or lowering your cortisol levels (the stress hormone thatpromotes fat storage).The level to which these pills achieve this is highly debatable and there isvery little evidence that they are effective. If you were to see the fine printin their advertisements, they ALL say “Results not typical” or “Results shownwere subjects on a calorie-restricted diet and exercised regularly.”Hello!? THAT’S the reason why the person lost weight! Not because of thestupid pill.Most acute results of diet pills are initial weight loss due to loss of waterweight, not fat.You see, here’s the thing, often times people experience what’s called aplacebo effect with diet pills. Take this scenario for example: You just spent 100 on two month’s worth of diet pills ok? You obviously want a return onyour investment so you’re going to make sure you do everything possible toget the most out of your pills.This includes carefully monitoring your diet, even counting calories perhaps.You’re also going to work out five times a week, never missing one workout.After two months, you’ve lost 15 pounds! What a surprise, right? 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 3

See where I’m going with this? The person experiences a placebo effect withthe diet pill because they want to THINK it’s working, because it just has to,right? You didn’t spend 100 for nothing!When in reality, people can take away from their own hard work anddedication, and give the credit to the diet pills. I’m talking from personalexperience, I’ve dieted with and without the aid of a diet pill before, and Inoticed absolutely NO difference in the rate of my progress. It’s definitelyNOT worth the money OR the potential health risks.Which brings me to my next point, the FDA does not regulate the diet pillindustry!This means that these companies can pretty much make whatever theywant, so long as it’s labeled “natural” or some other crap like that. Justbecause it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe! You know what else is natural?The poison that some Amazon tribes use in their blowgun darts.I’ll spare you the extra reading, but just know that some popular brands ofdiet pills have gotten sued in the past after people started dying from theirproduct. Ok, I can’t resist, here is a link to one of the stories featuring thepopular Hydroxycut. Although this story is about three years old, the point isthat these new products haven’t been out long enough to see any sideeffects. You’re putting your health at risk no matter what the companies say.Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the studies for some of thesepills were conducted on rats or other animals. Now I’m not a biologist, butI’m very skeptical when they try to convince consumers that a human canattain similar results just because it may have worked a little on a rat.The truth is, there aren’t any long-term studies for almost all of these dietpills. This is simply because they haven’t been around that long. I’ll givetheir marketing teams credit though; they sure are good at their jobs. Withflashy labels and paid supermodels to endorse their products, I don’t blamethe uneducated for caving in and believing the product will work asadvertised.Don’t let them play into your emotions! They’re making you empty promises. 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 4

You work too hard for your money, don’t go and blow it on these diet pills,they’re not needed! Hell, even if I was rich, I still wouldn’t buy them. It’sjust not worth it. It’s honestly ridiculous how much these things sell for.Think of it this way: If there was a magic weight loss pill out there, why isn’teveryone ripped out of their minds? Go and use that money for somehealthy food instead.I’m only going to go over a couple examples of weight loss pills since they’reall a waste of time.HoodiaIf you’ve heard of Hoodia, you’ve probably heard that it’s some natural herbfound in a cactus-like plant in the desert. It supposedly works by increasingbrain energy and telling your body that you have enough fuel (so you stopeating).As I mentioned earlier, the FDA does not regulate diet pills. So what doesthis mean? It means you have absolutely NO idea how much of the Hoodiaingredient is in each pill. Take a closer look at the bottle, it will most likelysay “Proprietary Blend” and goes on to list the ingredients, but it doesn’t listHOW MUCH of each is actually in the pill.Most often, there is not nearly the amount needed to achieve the desiredresults as in the advertisements and in the studies. To make matters worse,a recent FDA investigation revealed that there were around 70 differentbrands of diet pills that also contained dangerous drugs in them.OrlistatThis one is actually approved by the FDA and it regulates how your bodydigests dietary fats (the fat that you eat). It basically stops your body fromabsorbing fat, thus you don’t absorb the calories from it. However, this alsomeans that if you eat an abundance of fat and abuse the pill, you will sufferfrom bloating, gas and diarrhea, nice huh? 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 5

To avoid this, less than 30% of your daily calories should come from fat.This is probably the most redundant “diet pill” because you shouldn’t beeating more than 30% of your calories from fat to begin with! Besides,eating fat doesn’t make you fat!In closing If you’re going to take just one thing away from this free report, just knowthat if you’ve struggled to stick to your diet in the past, you didn’t fail, thediet industry failed you!It’s really not your fault; you were doomed from the start due to those damninfomercials and other weight loss advertisements making outrageousclaims. It’s estimated that Americans spend around 14 BILLION everyyear in weight loss pills and other related products. I know they’re justtrying to make money like any other company, but 14 billion for gimmicksand other BS? That makes me sick to my stomach. Please, save yourmoney!Disclaimer:All material in this Ebook is provided for educational and informationalpurposes only and should never take the place of the advice and treatmentof your own physician or other qualified medical professional. I am not adoctor, pharmacist or dietitian and my opinions are my own.Always tell your physician and other qualified healthcare providers about thedietary supplements you are taking and exercises you are doing.Visitors to this Ebook should consult with their physician about theapplicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to theirsymptoms or medical conditions. If you have or suspect that you have amedical problem, contact your physician immediately.Copyright Info:You are free to share this Ebook with anyone as long as it is not altered inANY way, shape or form. 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 6

It’s Time to Take Action!Weapons 4 Weight Loss is a Dearborn personal training service dedicated to helping peoplereach the fitness goals they deserve, lose fat, tone up, feel great and look amazing - all ataffordable rates. I am also the only service that offers a LIFETIME guarantee! (Learn morehere: I won't try to sell you, in fact it’s the opposite of the typical local health club/gymsalesman type of personal trainerThere is no small print in my contracts and I’m up front about everythingI’ll show you what exercises to do and how to do them correctly so you'll lose fat andshape up at a rapid rateI’ll push you and help you give all you've got EVERY TIMEI put my heart and soul into the training because I truly care about you gettingresultsI know how to get you into shape, that's why I’m Dearborn’s most in demand personaltraining/bootcamp serviceI focus on helping people lose fat, tone up and look great and feel years younger!If you’d like to know more visit us at www.TheDearbornBootCamp.comOr just call 313-686-1989 for more information.Talk soon,Nick Lopez, CPTP.S. Check out the FREE gift I have for you. I really think they aresomething that you will thoroughly enjoy! 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 7

FREE GIFT: Complete Body Diagnosticsand 1 Free Week of Bootcamp 269 VALUEHere’s what you’ll get when if you take action within 3 days of receiving this report:1. 1 Week Free of Bootcamp Imagine this: no crowds, no intimidation, no interruption whatsoever. There’s no pressureand no obligation to join.2. Complete Body Diagnostics Body Fat Assessment Metabolism Evaluation Nutrition EvaluationPPS: You Only Have 3 Days to Cash In on This Deal! If you want results like you see below Just visit www.TheDearbornBootCamp.comorCall: (313) 686-1989 to schedule your Complete Body DiagnosticsWeapons 4 Weight Loss 2012 Nick Lopezwww.TheDearbornBootCamp.comPage 8

Most diet pills try to work by suppressing your appetite, increasing your metabolism or lowering your cortisol levels (the stress hormone that promotes fat storage). The level to which these pills achieve this is highly debatable and there is very little evidence that they are effective. If you were to see the fine print

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