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Products and PropertiesDesmodur /Desmophen for CoatingsCommercial Products

Desmodur /Desmophen This brochure provides an overview of the commercialproducts from our Desmodur /Desmophen range withtheir key technical data and applications.The information covers aliphatic and aromatic polyisocyanates (Desmodur ), polyacrylate, polyester andpolyether polyols (Desmophen ) as co-reactants forpolyisocyanates in 2K-PUR systems, the productsfrom the Desmocap , Desmolac and Desmotherm families, and specialities.In addition to the Desmodur /Desmophen products,Bayer MaterialScience markets the Bayhydrol /Bayhydur and Roskydal ranges. Bayer MaterialScience – one of the world’s leading producers of coating raw materials – therefore possesses a comprehensive portfolio of high-grade building blocks forpolyurethane coating systems.Coating raw materials from Bayer MaterialScience meetthe many requirements of the coatings industry and areused in a wide variety of applications. These includeautomotive OEM finishing, transportation coating,automotive refinishing, industrial coating, plasticscoating, corrosion protection, wood and furniturefinishing, structural protection, floor coatings and roofmembranes.2

Overview4Basic principles6Desmodur – TDI-based8Desmodur – MDI-based10Desmodur – HDI-based12Desmodur – IPDI-based12Desmodur – blocked grades14–16Desmophen – polyesters16Desmophen – reactive thinners18Desmophen – acrylates18Desmophen – polyethers20Desmodur and Desmophen combinations22Desmotherm 22Desmolac 24Desmocap 24Specialities26Legend3

Desmodur /Desmophen Basic chemical reactionsFilm formation in classic two-pack coatings islargely the result of addition reactionsbetween the isocyanate groups of the polyisocyanate and the hydroxyl groups of thepolyol compound to form substitutedpolyurethanes.This reaction occurs if the base products aremultifunctional, i.e. each molecule containsat least two isocyanate or hydroxyl groups.For a film to form, wich requires three-dimensional crosslinking, at least one of the coreactants should have three or more functional groups in the molecule.Isocyanate groups may also react in a similarway with other compounds containingreactive hydrogen atoms, e.g. with amino andimino compounds, carboxyl groups or, simplestof all, water.H[1]R–N C O R’–OH Ô R–N–C OIIO–R’In the case of moisture-curing one-packsystems, the polyisocyanates cure throughthe reaction of free isocyanates with water inthe form of atmospheric humidity. This reaction produces primary amino groups via un-R–N C O H2O––Ô R–NH2 CO2–Ô[2a][2b]stable carbamic acid and splits off carbon dioxide. The amino groups react directly withisocyanates to form urea, as shown by theformulae below:R–NH2 R–N C O ––Ô R–N–C–N–RI II IH OHPU coatings nearly always dry in the presence of atmospheric moisture. This is why, toa lesser extent, the crosslinking reactionsNCO/OH ratio4shown in the formulae above also occur intwo-pack systems.Eqivalent weightThe reactions between Desmodur andDesmophen or any other hydroxyl-bearingcompound is a chemical reaction. The mixingratio is thus calculated from the number offuntional groups in the co-reactants.A simple way of calculating the equivalentamounts of Desmodur and Desmophen is touse the equivalent weights given for the supply forms being used. These can be found inthe relevant product information sheets or canbe calculated in the following way:Desmodur :Desmophen :42x 100% NCO17x 100% OH

Basic principlesThe stoichiometric relationship of NCO/OH 1:1 is established when 1 equivalent ofDesmodur is combined with 1 equivalent of ahydroxyl-bearing product, for example: Desmodur L 75 NCO equivalent weight approx. 324, Desmophen 1100 OH equivalent weight approx. 262,In other words, the stoichiometric (100%)crosslinking of 262 g Desmophen 1100requires 324 g Desmodur L 75 .Desmodur The equivalent weight is a guide value. Thequantity of Desmodur required to provideoptimum results in a given application is bestdeterminated by trials. In practice, therefore,more or less is used than the quantities calculated from the equivalent weights. These differences are expressed by the NCO/OH ratio ofthe co-reactants used. The ratio for anyDesmodur /Desmophen combination canbe calculated as shown below:NCO/OH ratioor pbw. Desmodur x 17 x % NCOpbw. Desmophen x 42 x %OHNCO/OH ratio pbw. Desmodur x equivalent weight Desmophen pbw. Desmophen x equivalent weigh Desmodur The wide range of Desmodur products isbased on a comparatively small number ofmonomeric isocyanates wich can be manufactured on an industrial scale.Abbreviations and Bayer code numbers for diisocyanatesTypeAbbreviationCode number*Toluene diisocyanateTDI1Diphenylmethane diisocyanateMDI2Hexamethylene diisocyanateHDI3Isophorone diisocyanateIPDI4Fully hydrogenated MDIH12MDI5With the exception of MDI, the base monomers listet in the table cannot be used directly in the formulation of coatings because theirhigh vapour pressure does not allow safeapplication in the context of industrialhygiene.Various methods can be used to manufactureproducts with a higher molecular weight andlower vapour pressure wich are safe to handle.For example, polyols can be added to formprepolymers, biurets can be formed or the diisocyanates can be trimerized to form polyisocyanurates.* first number in the Desmodur nomenclature5

Desmodur Desmodur – TDI-basedTypeSupply form% NCO(supply form)EquivalentweightIsocyanateTDIAdduct75% in EA13.3315L67 MPA/XTDIAdduct67% in MPA/X, 1:111.9350L 67 BATDIAdduct67% in BA11.9350L 1470TDIAdduct70% in EA9.8429IL BATDIIsocyanurate51% in BA8525IL EATDIIsocyanurate51% in EA8525IL 1351TDIIsocyanurate51% in BA8525IL 1451TDIIsocyanurate51% in BA7.4570HL BATDI/HDIIsocyanurate60% in BA10.5400HL EATDI/HDIIsocyanurate60% in EA10.5400E 1160TDIPrepolymer60% inMPA/X, 1:15.4780E 1240TDIPrepolymer40% inMPA/X, 1.9:13.41,235E 1361 MPA/XTDIPrepolymer61% inMPA/X, 1:16.8620E 1361 BATDIPrepolymer61% in BA6.8620E 1660TDIPrepolymer60% in BA5.3792E 1750 PRTDIPrepolymer50% inMPA/X, 1:3.55.3792E 14TDIPrepolymerSolvent-free3.31,270E 15TDIPrepolymerSolvent-free4.4950Desmodur L 756The values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in theproduct information sheets.

TDI-basedVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·sProperties and applications1,6001,600600Standard crosslinker with broad range of applications, e.g. chemicallyresistant coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, industrial coatings, woodand furniture finishes, concrete coatings1,9202,000700Very hard and very fast-drying coatings for wood, furniture and paper1,600250Like Desmodur IL 1351 but with improved compatibility2,200Very fast-drying coatings for wood, furniture, metal, plastic and paper withbetter elasticity than Desmodur IL and better lightfastness1,100550Elastic wood coatings, e.g. for parquet160Fast-drying parquet coatings500Fast-drying parquet coatings, anti-corrosion coatings2501,600375Combination resin for very fast-drying parquet coatingsFast-drying parquet coatings6,800For the flexibilization of other Desmodur E grades, elastic coatings andmembranes7,0007

Desmodur Desmodur – MDI-basedIsocyanateTypeSupply form% NCO(supply ee31.5133VL 50MDIPolyisocyanateSolvent-free32.5129VL 51MDIPolyisocyanateSolvent-free32.5130VL R 10MDIPolyisocyanateSolvent-free31.5132VL R 20MDIPolyisocyanateSolvent-free31.5132VL R 21MDIPolyisocyanateSolvent-free31.5132VH 20MDIModified MDISolvent-free24.5173E 21MDIPrepolymerSolvent-free16263E 22MDIPrepolymerSolvent-free8.6489E 23MDIPrepolymerSolvent-free15.4273E 29MDIPrepolymerSolvent-free24175E 20100MDIPrepolymerSolvent-free15.9268Desmodur The values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in the product information sheets.8

MDI-basedVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s90*23*21*Properties and applicationsCrosslinker for solvent-free coatings, sealants and membranesVery low viscosity; same applications as Desmodur VL but bettercompatibility with polyethers and lower reactivity; raw material forpolyisocyanate prepolymers120*Higher reactivity than Desmodur VL; for solvent-free spray coatingsand membranes200*200*Lower reactivity than Desmodur VL R 20;for solvent-free coatings and membranes230*Crosslinker for very tough, elastic 2K coatings5,400*Binder for coatings (e.g. for concrete and steel) and adhesives2,800Binder for elastic aggregates (e.g. rubber granules); flexibilizing componentfor other MDI-based Desmodur grades1,800Low-viscosity binder for coatings (e.g. for concrete and steel) and adhesives220Binder for solvent-free and low-solvent coatings for structural andcorrosion protection1,100Injection resin for sealing water-conveying cracks in structures above andbelow ground*Visc. at 25 C/approx. mPa·s9

Desmodur Desmodur – HDI-basedIsocyanateTypeSupply form% NCO(supply form)EquivalentweightN 100HDIBiuretSolvent-free22191N 75 MPA/XHDIBiuret75% inMPA/X, 1:116.5255N 75 MPAHDIBiuret75% in MPA16.5255N 75 BAHDIBiuret75% in BA16.5255N 3200HDIBiuretSolvent-free23183N 3300HDIIsocyanurateSolvent-free21.8193N 3390 BA/SNHDIIsocyanurate90% inBA/SN, 1:119.6216N 3390 BAHDIIsocyanurate90% in BA19.6216N 3400HDIUretdioneSolvent-free21.8193N 3600HDIIsocyanurateSolvent-free23183N 3790 BAHDIIsocyanurate90% in BA17.8236N ocyanateSolvent-free20210E 3265HDIPrepolymer65% inMPA/SN, 6:2910.4400E 3370HDIPrepolymer70% inMPA/SN, 6:2410420XP 2410HDIIsocyanurateSolvent-free24175Desmodur NZ 110The values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in theproduct information sheets.

HDI-basedVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·sProperties and applications10,000250250Outstanding weather stability and gloss retention, no yellowing; for air- andforce-drying automotive, wood, furniture, industrial and plastics coatings,anti-corrosion coatings and chemically resistant coatings1602,500Lower viscosity than Desmodur N 100; especially for weather-stable andnon-yellowing high-solids coatings, structural coatings and topcoats3,000550Outstanding weather stability and gloss retention, non-yellowing; for automotive OEM,automotive refinish, plastics and industrial coatings, structural coatings and topcoats500150Low-viscosity crosslinker for waterborne and solventborne 2K-PUR coatings;also for moisture-curing 1K-PUR systems, for structural coatings and topcoats1,200Low-viscosity crosslinker for weather-stable and non-yellowing high-solids and waterborne coatings forautomotive refinishing, automotive OEM and industrial applications; also for structural coatings and topcoats1,800Highly functional crosslinker for fast-drying, weather-stable and non-yellowing 2K-PURcoatings for automotive refinishing, automotive OEM and industrial applications6,000For highly elastic coatings with resistance to accelerated and outdoor weathering; combinationwith suitable polyisocyanates allows variation of the elasticity using the same polyol mill base3,000Solvent-free crosslinker for lightfast 2K-PUR systems; as a binder forsolvent-free decorative floor coatings1,200Binder for weather-stable moisture-curing 1K-PUR coatings1,200700Low-viscosity crosslinker for lightfast 2K-PUR coatings (high-solids/waterborne) forautomotive refinishing, automotive OEM, transportation and plastics finishing applications11

Desmodur Desmodur – IPDI-basedDesmodur IsocyanateTypeSupply form% NCO(supply form)EquivalentweightZ 4470 SNIPDIIsocyanurate70%, in SN11.9360Z 4470 MPA/XIPDIIsocyanurate70%, inMPA/X, 1:111.9360Z 4470 BAIPDIIsocyanurate70%, in BA11.9360TypeSupply form% NCO(supply form)EquivalentweightDesmodur – blocked gradesDesmodur IsocyanateBL ed1,400BL 1265 MPA/XTDIBlockedpolyisocyanate65% inMPA/X, 1:1(4.8)blocked875BL 3175 SNHDIBlockedpolyisocyanate75% in SN(11.1)blocked378BL 3272 MPAHDIBlockedpolyisocyanate72% in MPA(10.2)blocked410BL 3370 MPAHDIBlockedpolyisocyanate70% in MPA(8.9)blocked470HDI/IPDIBlockedpolyisocyanate75% inBA/SN, 1:1(8.2)blocked510BL 4265 SNIPDIBlockedpolyisocyanate65% in SN(8.1)blocked519PL 340IPDIBlockedpolyisocyanate65% in MPA/SN, 1:160% in BA/SN, 18:22(7.3)blocked572BL 3475 BA/SNThe values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in the product information sheets.12

IPDI-based/blocked gradesVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·sProperties and applications2,0001,500Outstanding weather stability and gloss retention; compatible with aliphatic solvents;for automotive OEM and automotive refinishing; also as an additive in alkyd automotiverefinish systems and as a combination resin for 1K roof and balcony coatings600Visc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s43,000Properties and applicationsWith cycloaliphatic diamines at curing temperatures 150 C for high-build primers, stone-chipprotection and underbody protection (rubber-like) systems; also for coil-coating primers20,000For combination with Desmodur BL 1100: harder, resistant to low temperatures; in combination withDesmophen products: hard yet elastic for stone-chip primers, baking primers and coil-coating primers3,300In combination with Desmophen products for weather-stable, non-yellowing baking systems for industrialfinishing, coil coating and stone-chip primer surfacers; also as an additive to improve adhesion and elasticity2,700In combination with Desmophen products for weather-stable, non-yellowing baking systems – especiallyhigh-build systems – for industrial finishing and coil coating; also as an additive to improve adhesionand elasticity; good resistance to thermal yellowing3,800In combination with Desmophen products for reactive, weather-stable, non-yellowing baking systemsfor industrial finishing and coil and can coating; also as an additive to improve adhesion and elasticity1,000In combination with Desmophen products for very reactive, weather-stable,non-yellowing baking systems for industrial finishing, plastics and coil and can coating11,000In combination with Desmophen products for weather-stable, non-yellowingbaking systems for industrial finishing and coil and can coating600Crosslinker for weather-stable, lightfast and chemically resistant 1K-PUR baking coatings withminimal thermal yellowing, especially for automotive finishing but also for coil and can coating13

Desmophen Desmophen – polyesters IDesmophen TypeSupply form% OH(supply form)Equivalentweight650 MPABranched polyester polyol65% in MPA5.3320651 MPABranched polyester polyol65% in MPA5.5320651 MPA/XBranched polyester polyol5.5310670Slightly branched polyester polyol4.3395670 BASlightly branched polyester polyol80% in BA3.5485680 XBranched polyester polyol60% in X1.8945680 BABranched polyester polyol70% in BA2.2775690 MPABranched polyester polyol70% in MPA1.41,215800Highly branched polyester polyolSolvent-free,high viscosity8.6195800 BAHighly branched polyester polyol85% in BA7.3233800 MPAHighly branched polyester polyol85% in MPA7.5225850Linear polyester polyolSolvent-free,high viscosity8.52001100Branched polyester polyolSolvent-free6.52601145Branched polyester/polyether polyolSolvent-free7.12391150Branched polyester/polyether polyolSolvent-free4.73621155Polyester/polyether polyolSolvent-free53401200Slightly branched polyester polyolSolvent-free5340Solvent-free4.2540075% in BA3.253075% in X3.253075% in X3.253013001300 BA1300 X1300 CFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyol67% inMPA/X, 1:1Solvent-free,high viscosityThe values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in the product information sheets.14

Polyesters IVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s20,00014,50025,0002,200(80% in BA)2,8002,7503,00010,000Properties and applicationsFor weather-stable, colorfast and chemically resistant coatings, primarily fortransportation and aircraft applications and high-grade industrial finishingProperties largely comparable with Desmophen 650; better compatibilitywith other binders and aromatic solvents; for barrier coating of tropical woodsFor flexible, weather-stable and colorfast coatings, especially for plastics;for the flexibilization of hard Desmophen productsFor fast-drying, weather-stable coatings, especially for industrial andtransportation applicationsWeather-stable and colorfast special resin, e.g. to improve adhesion on PVC850(70% in MPA)11,000For air-drying 2K coatings yielding hard, chemically resistant films; high impact resistance,toughness and abrasion resistance; in combination with Desmophen 1100 for highlyabrasion-resistant floor coatings11,000410(at 75 C)400(70% in MPA)In combination with other Desmophen products for 2K-PUR coatingsMixed with highly branched Desmophen products and in combination withDesmodur L, HL, IL and N in 2K-PUR coatings for wood and various plastics2,950Polyol for coatings, membranes and synthetic resin mortars3,500Hydrophobic universal polyol for medium-hard coatings for concrete, steel and anti-corrosion applications425300(70% in MPA)3,600(75% in X)1,0003,450Flexibilizing reactive thinner for Desmophen 1145, 1150, etc.Mixed with highly branched Desmophen products and in combination withDesmodur L, HL, IL or N in 2K-PUR coatings for wood and various plasticsFor fast-drying 2K coatings for wood, chipboard and fiberboard; for clear andpigmented primers, primer surfacers and topcoats3,45015

Desmophen Desmophen – polyesters IIDesmophen 1300 PR1400 PRTypeFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolSupply form% OH(supply form)Equivalentweight75% in X3.154875% in t-free1.71,000Solvent-free1.71,00060% in X2.763075% in X/EA3.351570% in X2.568075% in X/MEK3.351575% in BA3.746075% in MPA3.746075% in X3.746075% in X3.64721652Linear polyester polyol1700Linear polyester polyol1800Slightly branched polyester polyolC 1200RD 181 PRLinear aliphaticpolycarbonate/polyester polyolLinear aliphaticpolycarbonate-diolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolFatty acid-modified,branched polyester polyolT 1665Saturated polyester polyol65% in SN:IB,31.5:3.51.71,000T 1775 SNSaturated polyester polyol75% in SN2850Supply form% OH(supply form)EquivalentweightSolvent-free–276–282C 2200PL 300PL 302/9PL 800PL 817RD 181 BARD 181 MPARD 181 XSolvent-free,medium viscositySolvent-free,medium viscosityDesmophen – reactive thinnersDesmophen NH 142016TypeAminofunctional reactive thinnerThe values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in theproduct information sheets.

Polyesters II/reactive thinnersVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·sProperties and applications7,250For fast-drying 2K coatings for wood, chipboard and fiberboard; for clear andpigmented primers, primer surfacers and topcoats13,000For highly reactive wood coatings with good matting properties and high film hardness11,000Polyol for flexible sealants and membranes; also for plastics coatings incl. soft-touch17,50021,50015,0002,050*Flexibilizing resin for Desmophen /Desmodur combinations to improvetoughness, durability and abrasion resistance of furniture, floor and parquet coatingsFor highly elastic coatings for rubber and plastic articles; also for elastichigh-build, textile and hose coatingsPrimarily for roof and balcony coatings, membranes and sealants, plasticscoatings incl. soft-touch; formerly Desmophen VP LS 2391PUR raw material for PUR dispersions, TPU, casting elastomers, textile coating and adhesives,high resistance to hydrolysis and hot air, lightfast – successor product to Desmophen XP 25165,350For hard and highly reactive wood coatings with long pot life5,000For highly transparent and reactive wood coatings with low application viscosity1,50010,000For flexible wood coatings with good pigment wetting properties, highresistance to yellowing and low applicationFor highly reactive wood coatings; for combinationwith highly condensed polyols to increase solids content4,5007,9007,500For 2K-PUR coatings for wood, e.g. boats and parquet; also for industrialapplications and architectural topcoats; flexible and chemically resistant withgood pigment wetting properties and high resistance to yellowing12,5002,700Combination resin for baking primers, automotive primer surfacers, coil andcan coatings and industrial coatings with very good weather stability3,700Co-reactant for blocked polyisocyanates for coil and can coatingsat 75 CVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s900–2,000Properties and applicationsAs a co-reactant for Desmodur N products in the formulation oftough yet flexible, lightfast 2K-PUR floor coatings17

Desmophen Desmophen – acrylatesSupply form% OH(supply form)EquivalentweightHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate60% in X1.61,060A 160 SNHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate60% in SN1.61,060A 165 BA/XHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate65% in BA/X, 1:11.71,000A 170 BAHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate70% in BA1.8945A 265 BAHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate65% in BA2850A 365 BA/XHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate65% in BA/X, 3:12.9585A 450 MPA/XHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate50% in MPA/X, 1:111,700A 450 BA/XHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate50% in BA/X, 1:111,700A 450 BAHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate50% in BA11,700A 565 XHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate65% in X2.6655A 575 XHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate75% in X2.8605A 665 BA/XHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate65% in BA/X, 3:13567A 665 BAHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate70% in BA3.2531A 870 BAHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate70% in BA3575A 960 SNHydroxyl-bearing polyacrylate60% in SN0.82,180Desmophen TypeA 160 XDesmophen – polyethersDesmophen TypeSupply form% OH(supply form)Equivalentweight1730 EDShort-chain polyetherSolvent-free22771380 BTBranched polyetherSolvent-free11.71455028 GTBranched dispersion polyetherSolvent-free0.861,98018The values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in theproduct information sheets.

Acrylates/polyethersVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·sProperties and applications1,8002,8004,300For weather-stable and colorfast industrial and anti-corrosion coatings andcoatings for mineral substrates3,7502,300For weather-stable and colorfast coatings, especially for industrial and transportation applications3,000Weather-stable and colorfast universal resin with good pigment wettingproperties for wood, industrial, transportation and anti-corrosion coatings5,0004,500Fast-drying universal resin with good resistance to NC and CAB fornon-yellowing wood/furniture, industrial and automotive refinish coatings4,0001,000For flexible, weather-stable and colorfast coatings, especially for automotiverefinishing and plastics; co-reactant for Desmodur Z 44703,500For flexible, weather-stable and colorfast coatings, especially for plastics2,4008,5003,5004,500Visc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s506003,600For weather-stable and colorfast coatings with high QUV stability (UV-B) andgood pigment wetting properties, primarily for automotive topcoatsFor high-gloss 2K-PUR coatings with good lightfastness and chalkingresistance for automotive refinishing, transportation and industrial applicationsFor inexpensive high-gloss 2K-PUR coatings with good lightfastness and chalkingresistance for industrial applicationsProperties and applicationsTo improve the mechanical properties of solvent-free coatings,sealants and membranes; formerly Desmophen 250 UFor solvent-free coatings with good chemical resistance; formerlyDesmophen 550 UFor elastic coatings and surface membranes; formerly Desmophen 1920 D19

Desmodur /Desmophen 68069080085011001145115012001300165217001800RD 181A 160/A 165/A 170A 265A 365A 450lllllwlwlwllwlwlwlwlllllwlwlwllllwlwlwlwlllA 565A 575A 665A 8701380 BT20lwllllllwllllDesmodur N 3200lllllllwDesmodur N 75llwlwlwDesmodur N 100llwllwlllwlwllwDesmodur HLllwllwlllwlwllwlwDesmodur VH 20Desmodur IL 1451Desmodur VL 50670lwlwlwlwlDesmodur VL650/651Desmodur IL 1351Desmophen Desmodur LPossible combinations with key Desmophen productslllllllllllllllllwllllllllllwllllllllll

llllwlwllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllDesmodur NZ 1lllllDesmodur Z 4470Desmodur BL 4265lllllDesmodur BL 3475lwlllDesmodur BL 3370llTheoretical possibilities that may be of interest for special requirementsDesmodur BL 3272lwlllwDesmodur BL 3165/3175llDesmodur BL 1265llwDesmodur N 3790lwlStandard combinationsDesmodur N 3600lwlDesmodur N 3400Desmodur N 3390Desmodur N 3300llwllllllll21

Desmotherm /Desmolac Desmotherm for PUR - baking coatingsDesmotherm Isocyanate2170MDITypeSelf-crosslinkingbaking urethane resinSupply form70% inBA/SN/IB, 13:12:5% NCO(supply form)blockedDesmolac Desmolac TypeSupply form% OH(supply form)2100Non-reactive linear polyurethane based on MDISolvent-free–4125 IP/T/MPANon-reactive linear polyurethane based on IPDI25% in IP/T/MPA,37.5:28.5:9–4340 X/IBNon-reactive linear polyurethane based on IPDI40% in X/IB, 51:9–The values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in the product information sheets.22

EquivalentweightVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s–2,000EquivalentweightVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s–800(30% in MEK)–12,000Alone or in combination with polyisocyanates for primers or finishes forflexible substrates–7,500Alone or in combination with polyisocyanates for primers or finishes forflexible substrates; lower viscosity than Desmolac 4125Properties and applicationsFor 1K-PUR baking coatings (primers and primer surfacers)Properties and applicationsFor primers or finishes for flexible substrates23

Desmocap /SpecialitiesDesmocap Desmocap Isocyanate11TDI1180TDI1190TDI12TDITypeSupply form% NCO(supply form)Branched prepolymer withblocked isocyanate groupsSolvent-free(2.4)blocked80% inDisflamoll TOF(1.9)blocked90% inAdimoll DO(2.2)blockedLinear prepolymer withblocked isocyanate groupsSolvent-free(1.6)blockedTypeSupply formFunctionalityBranched prepolymer withblocked isocyanate groupsin plasticizerBranched prepolymer withblocked isocyanate groupsin plasticizerSpecialitiesIsocyanateDesmodur LDHDIIsocyanate of low functionalitySolvent-free- NCO 11.8%Desmodur MTMDIPrepolymerSolvent-free- NCO 16.8%Hardener DT–DiamineSolvent-free- NHHardener OZ–Urethane bisoxazolidineSolvent-free- NH/OHHardenerVP LS 2959–Urethane bisoxazolidineSolvent-free- NH/OHSoft Resin P 65–Non-reactive polyester65% in MPA–The values given are non-binding average values. Valid supply tolerances are given in the product information sheets.2424

EquivalentweightVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s930100,000For elastic coatings and sealants; for the flexibilization of epoxy resins1,16013,000For elastic coatings and sealants; for the flexibilization of epoxy resins1,03030,000For elastic coatings and sealants; for the flexibilization of epoxy resins1,50040,000For elastic coatings and sealants; for the flexibilization of epoxy resins;stronger flexibilizing effect than Desmocap 11EquivalentweightVisc. at 23 Capprox. mPa·s36075Improves the storage stability of pigmented, moisture-curing aliphatic1K-PUR coatings250900Improves the storage stability of pigmented, moisture-curing aliphatic1K-PUR coatings90200For solvent-free coatings122–2447,500With selected Desmodur products for 1K coatings150–3003,500With selected Desmodur products for 1K coatings–1,100In the formulation of color pastes for 1K- and 2K-PUR coatingsProperties and applicationsProperties and applications2525

LegendExplanation of the abbreviations used in this brochureBAButyl acetateEAEthyl acetateDBEDibasic esterHDIHexamethylene e diisocyanateMDIDiphenylmethane diisocyanateMEKMethyl ethyl ketoneMIBKMethyl isobutyl ketoneMPA1-Methoxypropylacetate-2SNSolvent naphthaTTolueneTDIToluene diisocyanateXXyleneVP LS.TrialproductsXP.26


www.bayercoatings.comBayer MaterialScience AGCoatings, Adhesives & Sealants51368 bayercoatings.comThis information and our technical advice – whether verbal,in writing or by way of trials – are given in good faith butwithout warranty, and this also applies where proprietaryrights of third parties are involved.Our advice does not release you from the obligation to verifythe information currently provided – especially that contained in our safety data and technical information sheets –and to test our products as to their suitability for the intendedprocesses and uses. The application, use and processing ofour products and the products manufactured by you on thebasis of our technical advice are beyond our control and,therefore, entirely your own responsibility. Our products aresold in accordance with the current version of our GeneralConditions of Sale and Delivery.Order No: MS004735Edition: 2005-07 E

VL R 20 MDI Polyisocyanate Solvent-free 31.5 132 VL R 21 MDI Polyisocyanate Solvent-free 31.5 132 VH 20 MDI Modified MDI Solvent-free 24.5 173 E 21 MDI Prepolymer Solvent-free 16 263 E 22 MDI Prepolymer Solvent-free 8.6 489 E 23 MDI Prepolymer Solvent-free 15.4 273 E 29 MDI Prepolymer Solvent-free 24 175 E 20100 MDI Prepolymer Solvent-free 15.9 268

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SAFETY DATA SHEET COVER SHEET Desmodur RFE SDS cover sheet Issued: 27/1/2017 Version: 1 Page 1 of 1 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE PRODUCT AND OF THE SUPPLIER Product Name DESMODUR RFE Hazard Statement Classified as Hazardous according to HSNO in New Zealand .

10 tips och tricks för att lyckas med ert sap-projekt 20 SAPSANYTT 2/2015 De flesta projektledare känner säkert till Cobb’s paradox. Martin Cobb verkade som CIO för sekretariatet för Treasury Board of Canada 1995 då han ställde frågan

service i Norge och Finland drivs inom ramen för ett enskilt företag (NRK. 1 och Yleisradio), fin ns det i Sverige tre: Ett för tv (Sveriges Television , SVT ), ett för radio (Sveriges Radio , SR ) och ett för utbildnings program (Sveriges Utbildningsradio, UR, vilket till följd av sin begränsade storlek inte återfinns bland de 25 största

Hotell För hotell anges de tre klasserna A/B, C och D. Det betyder att den "normala" standarden C är acceptabel men att motiven för en högre standard är starka. Ljudklass C motsvarar de tidigare normkraven för hotell, ljudklass A/B motsvarar kraven för moderna hotell med hög standard och ljudklass D kan användas vid

LÄS NOGGRANT FÖLJANDE VILLKOR FÖR APPLE DEVELOPER PROGRAM LICENCE . Apple Developer Program License Agreement Syfte Du vill använda Apple-mjukvara (enligt definitionen nedan) för att utveckla en eller flera Applikationer (enligt definitionen nedan) för Apple-märkta produkter. . Applikationer som utvecklas för iOS-produkter, Apple .

VANSIL W is an excellent extender pigment for powder coatings as well as solvent-thinned and latex paints. VANSIL W-50 disperses to a to egman fineness at three pounds per gallon. This grade is suitable for liquid industrial and corrosion resistant coatings, powder coatings, and semi-gloss architectural coatings. n powder coatings, this grade

Anne Harris Sara Kirby Cari Malcolm Linda Maynard Renee McCulloch Maria McGill Jayne Grant Debbie McGirr Katrina McNamara Lis Meates Tendayi Moyo Sue Neilson Jayne Price Claire Quinn Duncan Randall Rachel Setter Katie Stevens Janet Sutherland Katie Warburton CPCet uK and ireland aCtion grouP members. CPCET Education Standard Framework 4 v1.0.07.20 The UK All-Party Parliament Group on children .