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UNIFORM CIVIL RULES 2020SOUTH AUSTRALIAThe Uniform Civil Rules 2020 that came into operation on 18 May 2020 (SouthAustralian Government Gazette 18 May 2020, page 1392) have been varied by UniformCivil Amending Rules:No.12345Date3 August 202029 September 202017 December 202016 February 202110 June 2021Gazette13 August 2020, p. 42828 October 2020, p. 481324 December 2020, p. 615825 February 2021, p. 65424 June 2021, p. 2382Date of operation17 August 202012 October 20201 January 20211 March 20211 July 2021By virtue and in pursuance of the Supreme Court Act 1935, the District Court Act 1991 andthe Magistrates Court Act 1991, and all other enabling powers, we, the Chief Justice of theSupreme Court, the Chief Judge of the District Court and the Chief Magistrate of theMagistrates Court, make the following Uniform Civil Rules 2020.Uniform Civil Rules 2020Current to 1 July 2021 - Uniform Civil (No 5) Amending Rules 2021

iiMADE UNDER THE:SUPREME COURT ACT 1935DISTRICT COURT ACT 1991MAGISTRATES COURT ACT 1991Uniform Civil Rules 2020Current to 1 July 2021 - Uniform Civil (No 5) Amending Rules 2021

iiiTable of Contents—Note—The numbering convention adopted in these Rules provides for a gap in the numbering of rulesbetween chapters. The rule numbering in each chapter begins with a new factor of ten. Forexample, the last rule in Chapter 1 is rule 4 but the first rule in Chapter 2 is rule 11.Chapter 1—General. 1Part 1—Introduction . 11.1—Title. 11.2—Commencement . 11.3—Repeal . 11.4—Transition . 11.5—Object. 21.6—Application of Rules . 2Part 2—Interpretation . 32.1—Definitions . 32.2—Calculation of time . 102.3—Interpretation. 102.4—Statutory equivalent language . 11Part 3—Overarching obligations of parties and lawyers . 113.1—Overarching obligations . 113.2—Breach of obligations . 12Part 4—Power of Chief Judicial Officer to vary rules . 124.1—Emergency power . 12Chapter 2—The Court . 14Part 1—Jurisdiction . 1411.1—Original jurisdiction—Supreme Court . 1411.2—Original jurisdiction—District Court . 1511.3—Original jurisdiction—Magistrates Court . 1511.4—Exercise of jurisdiction . 1611.5—Allocation of jurisdiction . 17Part 2—Judicial powers . 1712.1—General powers . 1712.2—Regard to object of Rules . 18Part 3—Administration. 18Division 1—General .1813.1—Chief Judicial Officer. 1813.2—Registrar. 1913.3—Registrar may seek directions . 2013.4—Review of exercise of function by Registrar . 20Division 2—Electronic court management system .2113.5—Establishment and operation . 2113.6—Registered users . 2213.7—Originals of documents uploaded into Electronic System . 2213.8—Official record of the Court. 22Division 3—Registry .22Uniform Civil Rules 2020Current to 1 July 2021 - Uniform Civil (No 5) Amending Rules 2021

iv13.9—Registry hours . 22Division 4—Access to court documents .2313.10—Document access . 23Division 5—Court fees .2313.11—Remission or reduction . 23Part 4—Divisions . 2314.1—Supreme Court . 2314.2—District Court . 2314.3—Magistrates Court. 23Part 5—Hearings . 24Division 1—Hearings .2415.1—Determination without hearing . 2415.2—Hearings ordinarily in presence of parties . 2415.3—Hearings ordinarily in court in public . 2415.4—Appearance by audio visual link or telephone . 2515.5—Recording events in court . 2515.6—Electronic communications in court . 2515.7—Attire . 2615.8—Facilities in court . 26Division 2—Listing of hearings .2615.9—Listing practices . 26Part 6—Communication with Court . 2716.1—Email and telephone communications . 27Chapter 3—Parties and representation . 28Part 1—Parties . 28Division 1—Type .2821.1—Party types . 28Division 2—Capacity .2921.2—Party in particular capacity . 29Division 3—Multiple parties .3021.3—Multiple applicants . 3021.4—Multiple respondents. 3021.5—Multiple interested parties . 31Part 2—Change of parties . 31Division 1—Joinder and disjoinder .3122.1—Joinder of parties. 3122.2—Substitution or addition of parties . 3122.3—Removal of parties . 3222.4—Errors . 32Division 2—Death of party .3222.5—Death of party . 32Part 3—Particular parties. 32Division 1—Partnerships and unincorporated associations .32Uniform Civil Rules 2020Current to 1 July 2021 - Uniform Civil (No 5) Amending Rules 2021

v23.1—Introduction. 3223.2—Partnership name . 3323.3—Unincorporated association name . 3323.4—Disclosure of members . 3423.5—Dispute about identity of members . 34Division 2—Persons under legal incapacity .3423.6—Definitions . 3423.7—Eligibility to be litigation guardian . 3523.8—Proceeding by person under legal incapacity . 3523.9—Proceeding against or naming person under legal incapacity . 3623.10—Constitution and conduct of proceeding . 3623.11—Failure to appoint litigation guardian . 37Part 4—Representative parties. 37Division 1—Introduction .3724.1—Definitions . 37Division 2—Parties with common interest .3724.2—Bringing proceeding . 3724.3—Defending or participating in proceeding . 38Division 3—Parties with common question .3824.4—Bringing action . 3824.5—Process to opt out or opt in . 39Division 4—Beneficiaries etc .3924.6—Appointment of representative . 39Division 5—General .4024.7—Constitution of proceeding . 4024.8—Conduct of proceeding . 4024.9—Effect of orders and judgments on represented parties . 4024.10—Costs . 4024.11—Costs of representative party . 40Part 5—Representation . 41Division 1—Lawyers .4125.1—Right of representation of parties . 4125.2—Law firm acting for party . 4125.3—Responsible solicitor acting for party . 4225.4—Counsel for party . 4325.5—Party bound by conduct of lawyer . 43Division 2—Non-lawyers .4325.6—No right of representation by non-lawyer . 43Division 3—Co-parties .4425.7—Authority . 44Chapter 4—Documents . 45Part 1—Document form and content . 45Division 1—General .4531.1—Definitions . 4531.2—Prescribed formats and layout of filed documents . 45Uniform Civil Rules 2020Current to 1 July 2021 - Uniform Civil (No 5) Amending Rules 2021

vi31.3—Prescribed forms . 4531.4—Publication of prescribed requirements. 4631.5—Compliance with prescribed requirements . 4631.6—Document settled by counsel . 46Division 2—Affidavits and statutory declarations .4631.7—Form and content . 4631.8—Composition. 4831.9—Attesting witness . 48Part 2—Filing of documents . 4932.1—Filing of documents . 4932.2—Filing of documents on restricted access basis . 5032.3—Rejection of document for filing . 5032.4—Directions by Court. 51Part 3—Amendment of filed documents. 5133.1—Entitlement to amend filed documents. 5133.2—Manner of amendment . 5333.3—Costs of amendment. 53Part 4—Strike out of filed documents . 5334.1—Strike out of filed documents . 53Part 5—Issue of court documents . 5335.1—Issue of court documents . 53Chapter 5—Service . 55Part 1—Service obligations . 5541.1—Service of filed documents on other parties . 5541.2—Provision of document referred to in filed document . 5541.3—Ineffective service . 5541.4—Service by sheriff . 55Part 2—Types of service. 5642.1—Personal service . 5642.2—Email service . 5742.3—Post service . 5842.4—Solicitor service . 5942.5—Agent service . 5942.6—Agreed service . 5942.7—Substituted service . 6042.8—Deemed service . 6042.9—Original service . 6042.10—Time of service . 60Part 3—Service requirements. 6043.1—Originating process . 6043.2—Subpoenas . 6043.3—Enforcement process . 6143.4—Other documents . 61Part 4—Address for service . 61Division 1—Obligation to provide address for service .6144.1—Address for service . 6144.2—Change of address for service . 62Uniform Civil Rules 2020Current to 1 July 2021 - Uniform Civil (No 5) Amending Rules 2021

viiDivision 2—Service at address for service .6244.3—Service at address for service . 6244.4—Issue by Court of documents to address for service . 63Part 5—Proof of service . 6345.1—Method of proof of service . 6345.2—Requirements for affidavit of proof of service. 6345.3—Personal service . 6445.4—Email service . 6545.5—Post service . 6545.6—Solicitor and agent service . 6645.7—Agreed Service. 6645.8—Substituted service . 6745.9—Service at address for service . 67Chapter 6—Constitution of proceedings . 68Part 1—Types of proceedings . 6851.1—Types . 6851.2—Claims . 6851.3—Originating applications . 6851.4—Proceeding instituted in incorrect form . 69Part 2—Types of claims . 6952.1—Types of claims . 69Part 3—Consolidation and division of proceedings . 6953.1—Consolidation . 6953.2—Division . 70Chapter 7—Claims . 71Part 1—Pre-action steps . 71Division 1—Preliminary .7161.1—Objects . 7161.2—Definitions . 7161

By virtue and in pursuance of the Supreme Court Act 1935, the District Court Act 1991 and the Magistrates Court Act 1991, and all other enabling powers, we, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Chief Judge of the District Court and the Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates Court, make the following Uniform Civil Rules 2020.

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