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IONAPREPARATORYSCHOOLCurriculum GuideRevised December 2017

Course OfferingsDepartment9th10th11thReligionReligion 1Religion 2Religion 3EnglishSTEP English 1English 1HEnglish 1Research Writing(STEP)Italian 1/2Spanish 1/2Mandarin 1Intro to Latin(STEP)STEP English 2English 2HEnglish 2AP English (Lang.)English 3HEnglish 3Italian 2/3Spanish 2/3Latin 2Mandarin 2Italian 3/4Spanish 3/4AP SpanishMandarin 3MathematicsGeometry HAlgebra HAlgebraAlgebra II/Trig HGeometry 2HGeometry 2Pre-Calculus HAlgebra II/Trig HAlgebra II/TrigMath 3ScienceBiology 1HBiology 1Chemistry HChemistryAP BiologyAP ChemistryAP PhysicsPhysics HPhysics 3Social StudiesAP World HistoryGlobal Studies 1HGlobal Studies 1AP Euro HistoryGlobal Studies 2HGlobal Studies 2AP US HistoryUS History 3HUS History 3Other OfferingsComp/ GrammarMS OfficeHealth 2Latin/GreekElements of EnglishArt 3Music 3Freshman ServicePhysical Ed 9Sophomore ServicePhysical Ed 10Junior ServicePhysical Ed 11LanguageH refers to honors coursesSTEP refers to advanced honors courses12thReligion 4Religion 4/LeadershipAP English (Liter.)English 4HEnglish 4Italian 4Spanish 4AP SpanishAP ItalianMandarin 4AP GermanAP Calculus ABAP Calculus BCCalculus HIntro to CalculusMath 4AP StatisticsAP BiologyAP ChemistryAP Physics 1AP PsychologyAnatomy&Physiology ogyIntro to EngineeringAP GovernmentEconomics/Gov HEconomics/GovMilitary HistoryAccountingArt ProjectsFilmAP Human GeoAP Computer SciencePrinciplesCreative WritingMusic 4Senior ServicePhysical Ed 12

College SelectionA Four-Year Plan“College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.”Frank Sachs–– Past President of National Associationfor College Admission CounselingGOALIona Prep will provide a process whereby students and families will be able to make suitable andappropriate choices for continuing the student’s education.OBJECTIVES1. Parents and students will become thoroughly familiar with the process of collegeadmissions.2. The School Counseling Department, in conjunction with the college counselors, willdesign a series of experiences to ensure this familiarity and will provide support andencouragement to families in making their college selections.ACTION PLANOver the course of four years at Iona Prep, students and their families will be provided witheducational experiences and services directed toward raising awareness regarding the demandsof college selection. The College Counseling Office will provide information and counseling thatwill assist in making knowledgeable choices during the college selection process.

FRESHMAN YEARThe primary developmental task to be accomplished in the first year is to instill a sense ofbelonging and adjustment to high school life. This is facilitated as school counselors assiststudents in their academic, personal and social development. Counselors will specificallyintroduce the value of a college education and its role will be presented through thefollowing activities: The role school counselors play in a student’s high school experienceThe importance of time management and organizational skillsHow to read a transcript and understand the important role of this document in thecollege admissions processThe critical components colleges identify in their selection process of high schoolstudentsTechniques to improve high school grades via study skills and capitalizing on learningstylesMid-Term and final exam preparation skills, schedules and planningFreshmen will take a battery of educational tests in October. The results highlight areasof strength and weakness in the basic skills of reading and math and provide anopportunity to assess a student’s placement.Freshmen will have the opportunity to speak to college reps visiting the campus.Freshmen will be introduced to the language unique to colleges and universities.Freshmen will be encouraged to select extra-curricular activities for enjoyment andenrichment.Freshmen will become familiar with the Common Application to understand the elementsconsidered by colleges for admission.In peer counseling groups, freshmen will have the opportunity to learn first-hand theexperiences of current juniors and seniors undergoing the college application process.Freshmen will be apprised of the appropriate SAT Subjects Tests.Freshmen will be encouraged to pursue summer activities that will expand theirexperiences and enhance their education.The school counseling staff will sponsor a College Readiness Night in the fall. Freshmanparents will be encouraged to attend to learn about the process of early college planning.The school counseling department will write a quarterly letter to freshman parentsregarding the freshman transition and school counseling issues.

SOPHOMORE YEARThe focus in the second year is to develop an awareness of self and career interests whilemaintaining an emphasis on academic performance. In group guidance classes counselorswill specifically introduce the value of a college education and its role will be presentedthrough the following activities: Students will utilize the Interest, Abilities and Values Surveys on the Naviance Program.The results of this survey will lead the students to explore possible careers and collegemajors.Students will conduct a career search to determine the kind of training necessary toaccomplish their career goals. They will research college programs that are associatedwith their goals.Students will determine the requirements needed to attend the school that matches theircareer interests.Students will take the PSAT in October. Counselors will discuss areas of strength andconcern with each student.Sophomores will have the opportunity to speak to college reps visiting the campus.Sophomores will have the opportunity to attend Alumni Career Night, sponsored everyother year by the Iona Prep Alumni Office, to help focus their attention on prospectiveareas of work.Counselors will discuss the importance of involvement in extra-curricular activities,keeping abreast of grade requirements and creating a list of colleges of interest.The school counseling staff will present a College Night for sophomore parents tohighlight the college process and key areas to work on: reading, major fields, location,cost and summer activities.Students will utilize the Internet in a college search and contact specified collegeselectronically to determine eligibility requirements.Sophomores will be advised as to appropriate SAT Subject Tests.Sophomores will be encouraged to pursue their interests with summer activities thatexpand their educational experience.The school counseling staff will sponsor a College Readiness Night in the fall.Sophomore parents will be encouraged to attend workshops of their choosing related tothe college process.

JUNIOR YEARJuniors will be engaged in an eighteen-month process which addresses the selection ofcolleges, matching interests, making the appropriate choices and applying to colleges. The Guidance & Counseling Department will communicate elements of the selectionprocess to students and families emphasizing that it is not a single event, but an ongoingenterprise that takes time and thought to accomplish.Students will complete survey questions to determine attitudes and interests aboutcollege.Counselors will introduce college terms for a clearer understanding of the process.Juniors will take the PSAT. The results of this test, as well as strategies for improvement,will be communicated to students and parents.The following categories of the selection process are introduced:o Major field of studyo Selectivity level of the collegeo Locationo Enrollmento Extra-curricular activities and special needso Cost and financial aidStudents will use the Naviance Program to generate a list of colleges for consideration.Juniors will have the opportunity to speak to college reps visiting the campus.Students will create autobiographies and resumes that highlight their abilities.Students will submit activity sheets which describe extracurricular activities.Counselors will profile colleges that fit the student’s criteria.Counselors will explain the SAT and its significance in the application process. SATpreparation information will be available for students to enhance their scores.Juniors will take the ACT/SAT exam either in May or June.Juniors and their parents will meet with the college counselor to outline the initial list ofschools and discuss the planning process. The college counselors are available duringJuly and August for family meetings.The school counseling staff will sponsor a College Readiness Night in the fall. Juniorparents will be encouraged to attend workshops of their choosing related to the collegeprocess.The school counseling staff will also sponsor a College Fair in the spring targeted forjunior students and parents.Each junior will write a draft of his college essay. In addition, he will be encouraged tovisit a college campus and take appropriate SAT Subject Tests.Juniors will pursue summer activities with the purpose of exploring career or educationalactivities.The School Counseling Department will publish a monthly letter to parents that outlinesschool counseling activities.

SENIOR YEARIn senior year students will identify reach, target and safety schools for admission. Eachstudent will apply to his primary choices and make decisions that match the student’s andhis family’s needs. The college counselors will meet with students and parents to help narrow the choices.The College Counseling Office will conduct essay writing boot camps in the summerprior to senior year.The College Counseling Office will present a College Night for senior parents.Iona Prep will provide opportunities for seniors to visit colleges to meet withrepresentatives.Seniors will be instructed in the completion of applications and the various modes ofcommunication available to them, i.e. electronic applications, Common Applications orpaper filing.Seniors will have opportunities to practice for college interviews with the guidance staffand admission representatives.Seniors will be exposed to college admissions representatives during the school day.Seniors and their families will be made aware of scholarship opportunities through ourmonthly newsletter.Seniors and their families will be made aware of the procedures involved in obtainingfinancial aid. The College Counseling Office will host a Financial Aid Workshop forparents.The college counselors will assist the student and his family throughout the decisionmaking process to offer information, advice and assistance in meeting procedural tasks.

Religious StudiesGRADE 9First Semester: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in ScriptureSecond Semester: Who is Jesus?Religion 1 is the entry-level course for all freshman students. It is the first year of a ReligionCurriculum for Grades 9-12 within the Archdiocese of NY that is based on the Unites StatesCatholic Conference of Bishops document: “Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework forthe Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age”. The overallgoal of this Curriculum throughout the student’s high school years is to teach and reinforce thecentral teaching of the Christian Faith which is that “Jesus Christ is the center of all we areand all we do” (Archdiocese of NY Theology Curriculum for Secondary Schools).The primary focus of the first semester is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” Students will learnthrough the study of Scripture and Tradition how God reveals Himself and why. Thisunderstanding of Divine Revelation culminates with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is God’sComplete Revelation. Students will become familiar with Sacred Scripture-both the Old andNew Testaments through study, interpretation and reflection. The student’s prayer life will beenriched through the introduction of Scriptural based prayer practices such as Liturgy of theHours and Lectio Divina.During the course of the second semester, students will examine the concept of faith as ourresponse to Divine Revelation. The qualities of faith and the relationship between faith andreligion will be discussed. The Mystery of Jesus’ Humanity and Divinity will be explored duringthis second semester course. The Divinity of Jesus is analyzed through study of the Trinity, whileJesus’ humanity is explored by an examination of Jesus’ life as a First Century Palestinian Jew.The study of the life of Jesus allows students to gain a better understanding of what it means tobe human. Through prayer, reflection and discussion of Scripture and Church documents,students will deepen and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Throughout the semester therewill be an ongoing discussion of what it means for Christians to be disciples of Jesus Christ intoday’s world.GRADE 10First Semester: The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)Second Semester: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the ChurchReligion 2, the second year of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Curriculumframework, builds on concepts and prayer practices introduced in Religion 1. Throughout theyear, students will be challenged to strengthen and deepen their faith through study, reflectionand prayer on the “Living Word of God”.

The primary focus of the first semester is to help students gain a deeper appreciation for all thatGod has done for humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ. Study of the Paschal Mystery willhelp students reflect and make sense of suffering and evil in the world. A survey of Scripturewill reveal how God promised to redeem His people from the very beginning of SalvationHistory and that the Gospels reveal Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of that promise. Students willsee that the Death and Resurrection of Jesus accomplishes our redemption and how we are calledto live life as disciples of Jesus Christ.In the second semester students will see how Jesus’ Mission lives on through the CatholicChurch. The Church as the “Living Body of Christ” will be the focus of study. Critical readingof selected Scripture passages will help the students see how Christ instituted the Church andhow the Holy Spirit inspires and guides throughout history. Students will come to understand theChurch’s role in the world today and how they contribute to the mission of the Church asdisciples of Jesus Christ.GRADE 11First Semester: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus ChristSecond Semester: Life in Jesus ChristReligion 3 is the third year of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Curriculumframework that involves the study of the Seven Sacraments and what it means to live life “as aDisciple of Jesus Christ”. In the First Semester, students will see how Jesus Christ isencountered in a special way through the Sacraments. The Matter, Form and proper dispositionof each Sacrament is studied. The Sacrament of the Eucharist will be studied in detail to showhow it is the “source and summit” of a Catholic Christian life.The knowledge of Jesus Christ’s presence throughout our lives via Sacraments and Liturgy is thestarting point for the second part of the course which deals with morality and the process ofmaking moral decisions. Morality as a subject deals with the rightness and wrongness of actions.This course helps each student to better understand the decision making process, especially interms of the root and motivation of his own choices. Timeless questions are addressed within aCatholic framework: What is good? Why do I do what I do? What consequences do my actionshave? What type of person do I want to be? How do I make informed decisions and choices?What can I do to live out my Christian calling?In discussing these questions, students are encouraged to speak freely and openly but in aconstructive way so that intellectual growth and spiritual/ethical maturation are actively takingplace.Students will explore Catholic Church teachings based on their understanding of Jesus’ teachingsfrom previous years of study. Ultimately the students’ study of what it means to “live a life inJesus Christ” will lead to the understanding that true happiness and peace comes from followingJesus Christ and His plan for us.

GRADE 12Religion 4:First Semester: Ecumenical and Interreligious issuesSecond Semester: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in SocietyOver the course of two semesters, students will be introduced to the major world religions andwill study in greater depth several key themes of Catholic Social Teachings. During the firstsemester, the major world religions will be examined in the light of the Second VaticanCouncil’s declaration that: “the Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in thesereligions and Christians should “acknowledge, preserve and encourage the spiritual and moraltruths found among non-Christians, as well as their social life and culture.” (NA, 2).In the second semester students will build on the basic concepts of Catholic Social Teachingtaught in Religion 3. As part of this Second Semester course students will review the roots ofCatholic Social Teaching along with Scriptural roots of Justice and the role of Catholic SocialTeaching in the Modern World. Students will explore in greater detail what it really means forthem as individuals and as members of a community to answer Christ’s call to serve others,especially the poor.Religion 4/Christian Leadership:First Semester: Responding to the Call of Jesus ChristSecond Semester: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in SocietyThis is an adapted Religion 4 course to include lessons on Christian leadership, service andadvocacy. In the first semester, students will be introduced to what it means to be a leader. Theywill learn about the qualities and characteristics of a good leader through a Christian lens. Topicscovered include Leadership Theory, Dynamics of Leadership, Moral decision making, properetiquette and resume writing. Students will gain practical leadership experience through thefacilitation of underclassmen retreats and creating presentations to develop underclassmenleaders at Iona Preparatory School.As a component of studying Leadership, students will explore in greater detail what it means forthem as individuals and as members of a community to answer Christ’s call to serve others,especially the poor. Students will come to understand that Catholic Social Teaching is not just aresponse to social problems but is rooted in the belief that we have a communal social nature andare made in the image of God which means we must all work to ensure all humans are treatedwith the dignity they deserve. During the first semester we will examine individual choices andsocietal choices that will best allow us to reflect/live Christ’s love for others, especially the poorand needy. Coursework will involve discussions not only on ways to best serve others but alsohow students can advocate to eliminate the root causes of poverty as students and adults later onin life.Enrolled students will have the option to be part of a mentorship program. In partnership with theIona Prep Advancement Office, students will be placed with members of the extended Iona PrepCommunity (alumni, current parents, etc.) in areas that reflect students’ interests giving themreal-world experience.

In the second semester, students will learn how important it is, especially for leaders, to follow avocation and live a life of service for all people. Students will come to understand that thereexists a common vocation of Holiness for all as well as each person’s personal vocation. Therewill be an examination of the four states of life that the Church recognizes as a way to live out apersonal vocation. The importance of prayer, reflection and discernment will be introduced asthe chief tools for recognizing and living out any particular vocation. Service is an importantcomponent of vocations and will be emphasized throughout the course.

EnglishGRADE 9English 1 - This introductory course focuses on world literature and emphasizes the structurefound in works of various genres. Students express their understanding of what they read throughclassroom discussion of plot, characterization and themes and through writing properlyconstructed essays. Students study vocabulary and become acquainted with the requirements ofthe New York State curriculum. Authors studied may include Homer, Shakespeare, Rostand, andCoelho.English 1 Honors - This course focuses on a variety of literature that offers viewpoints,ideologies, and teachings from around the world. To allow students a deeper understanding ofthe social structures that accompany various traditions, there will be an intense focus on bothhistory and culture. Students study vocabulary and become acquainted with the requirements ofthe New York State curriculum. Authors studied may include Homer, Shakespeare, Rostand, andCoelho. Students will hone literary skills through writing a variety of analytical and structuralessays, and through creative assignments and journal pieces that will be relative to the readingsof the class.Composition and Grammar - This is a separate half-year course at both the core and honorslevels that focuses specifically on the writing process and grammar study.STEP 1 - This is the most advanced English course offered to freshmen. Students develop higherlevel reading, writing, critical thinking and interpretative skills through reading multiculturalliterature. Students work independently, in small groups, and as a class in the consideration ofthe material studied, thereby building individual as well as leadership skills. Students also learnthe research process. Authors studied may include Shakespeare, Paton, Gandhi, Narayan.Introduction to Research and Writing – This is a first semester half year course intended fortalented and motivated students committed to serious learning and development of their researchand writing skills. As such, it is required for students in “S.T.E.P.” The students will begin with areview of essential aspects of English grammar. They will practice these elements by frequentshort, graded writing assignments. Students will also be introduced to the formal researchprocess, following MLA Style. The course will culminate in the research and writing of asubstantial research paper that will be due at the end of the semester and serve as the final exam.One-on-one conferencing with the teacher at various stages of the final research paper will play asignificant role in the process.GRADE 10English 2 - This course follows the British tradition in literature from the Anglo-Saxon periodthrough the Victorian period. Students will explore various genres, understand the ways in whichthe literature reflects British society and culture even as it addresses universal concerns, andformulate comparisons between the eras studied and our contemporary perspectives. In addition,

this course will continue the development of vocabulary, grammar, and oral and writtencommunication skills begun in freshman year. Authors studied may include Chaucer,Shakespeare, Shelley, and Shaw.English 2 Honors - This course follows the British tradition in literature from the Anglo-Saxonperiod through the Victorian period, and is conducted in a more in-depth and analytical way thanis the core level. Students will explore various genres, understand the ways in which theliterature reflects British society and culture even as it addresses universal concerns, andformulate comparisons between the eras studied and our contemporary perspectives. Studentswill continue to build vocabulary and oral communication skills. Emphasis is placed uponcomposing clear, sophisticated prose. In addition, this course will continue the development ofvocabulary, grammar, and oral and written communication skills begun in freshman year.Authors studied may include Chaucer, Shakespeare, Shelley, and Shaw.Latin and Greek Elements of English - This is a separate half-year course at both the core andhonors levels. The central purpose of this course is to increase and enhance students’ vocabularyby teaching the Latin and Greek roots of English words. The course will equip students with thenecessary tools for decoding the meaning of unfamiliar words, a skill that will prove useful inpreparation for the verbal portion of the SAT examination. In a more general way, the coursewill enable students to read with greater comprehension across the curriculum both in highschool and ultimately at the college level. In addition, students will explore several tales of gods,goddesses, and heroes from classical mythology.STEP 2 - This is the most advanced English course offered to sophomores, both in terms of thesophistication of the material studied and in the nature of the essays and projects assigned.Students consider the thinking that has brought about societal change as they study literature inits historical context as well as from a philosophical standpoint. Emphasis is placed on writingsophisticated, analytical prose. Students will also conduct research in order to form their ownresponses to the works studied. Authors studied may include Plato, Chaucer, Shakespeare,Johnson, Shelley, and Gardner.GRADE 11English 3 - This course familiarizes students with the ways in which events in American historyaffect literature and culture in the United States. Emphasis is placed on an understanding ofmajor American works and their authors and continued development of vocabulary, writing andoral communication skills with respect to the New York State curriculum. Authors studied mayinclude Miller, Emerson, Fitzgerald, Frost, and Salinger.English 3 Honors - This course familiarizes students with the ways in which events in Americanhistory affect literature and culture in the United States. It is conducted in a more in-depth andanalytical way than is the core level. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of major Americanworks and their authors, continued development of vocabulary and oral communication skillswith respect to the New York State curriculum, and the composition of sophisticated, analyticalprose. Authors studied may include Miller, Bradbury, Twain, Emerson, Fitzgerald, Frost, andSalinger.

Advanced Placement English Language and Composition – This course aligns to anintroductory college-level rhetoric and writing curriculum, which requires students to developevidence-based analytic and argumentative essays that proceed through several stages or drafts.Students evaluate, synthesize, and cite research to support their arguments. Throughout thecourse, students develop a personal style by making appropriate grammatical choices.Additionally, students read and analyze the rhetorical elements and their effects in non-fictiontexts, including graphic images as forms of text, from many disciplines and historical periods.This course follows the prescribed curriculum of the College Board and culminates with the APexam. Selected works: In Cold Blood, The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby. Students alsoread numerous short nonfiction pieces in keeping with the requirements of the AP exam.GRADE 12English 4 - This course is designed to develop and refine the students’ written and verbalexpression. Through assignments in reading and writing, students continue to enhance theircritical reading and writing skills, with an emphasis on organization and grammar. Students areresponsible for both short and long term reading and writing assignments. Students also readseveral poems, plays, and novels throughout the year. Authors studied may include Sophocles,Shakespeare, Thurber, Frost, and Wilson.English 4 Honors - This is a challenging course of study focusing on classic literature – drama,poetry, novels, and short stories. Students will refine their verbal expression through classdiscussion, develop their creative and critical thinking skills, and gain an appreciation of fineliterature. Students will also be expected to demonstrate mastery of literary analysis viaparticipation in a class-sponsored literary blog and through research-based power-pointpresentations. Authors studied may include Sophocles, Shakespeare, Thurber, Frost, andWilson. Finally, students will demonstrate superior writing skills via an assortment of literaryessays and a research paper.Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition – This course aligns to anintroductory college-level literary analysis course. The course engages students in the closereading and critical analysis of imaginative literature to deepen their understanding of the wayswriters use language to provide both meaning and pleasure. As they read, students consider awork’s structure, style, and themes, as well as its use of figurative language, imagery,symbolism, and tone. Writing assignments include expository, analytical, and argumentativeessays that require students to analyze and interpret literary works. This course follows theprescribed curriculum of the College Board and culminates with the AP exam. Selected works:As I Lay Dying, Crime and Punishment, Oedipus Rex, All the Pretty Horses, Hamlet, A Portraitof the Artist as a Young Man, Waiting for Godot, numerous short stories and poems.Creative Writing - This course is designed for students who have a strong interest in, andaptitude for, English Language Arts, and wish to supplement their required senior Englishcourse. Students will learn to identify specific techniques used by the authors of effectivefiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction, and then practice utilizing those techniques incomposing their own original, creative works. Students will have the opportunity to present andpublish their work throughout the year, thereby honing and refining their communication skills.

Foreign LanguagesGRADE 9Italian 1, Spanish 1, and Mandarin Chinese 1 - Basic introduction to the cultures, people,history, geography, and literatures of the target languages are examined. Bas

Curriculum Guide Revised December 2017. Course Offerings Department 9th 10th 11th 12th Religion Religion 1 Religion 2 Religion 3 Religion 4 Religion 4/ Leadership . Freshmen will become familiar with the Common Application to understand the elements considered by colleges for admission.

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