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1-Cif)/ 4BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN'SSARDAR PATEL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING(A Government Aided Autonomous Institute)Munshi Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai — 400058.End Semester ExaminationMay 2016Duration: 3 HrsQ. P. Code:Maximum Marks: 100Semester: IVClass: S.Y. B. Tech. (Mechanical)Program: B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)Name of the Course: Mechanical Engineering MeasurementsCourse Code: BTM404Instructions:1. Attempt any live questions.e oks2. Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary.3. Assume suitable data if necessary.Max. CO ModQ. No.Mark No. uleNo1.(a)(b)(c)A Mcleod gauge has volume of bulb and measuring capillary equal to110x10-6 m3 and measuring capillary diameter of 1.1 mm.r ) Calculate the pressure indicated when the reading of measuringcapillary is 28 mm in case approximate formula is used.(ii) What is the error if the exact formula is used for pressure measurement?With neat sketch explain working of eddy current drag-cup tachometerA system is given by differential equation05350510 21dy 4— 8y 8xdtd2td2y2 (a)(b)-output and x input. Determine transfer function, undampedwhere ynatural frequency, damped frequency, damping ratio, peak time, settelingtime, rise time, maximum peak overshoot for unit step input.Explain generalized measurement system with neat schematic diagram.Further map the different constituents of generalized measurement systemwith the physical elements of peizo-electric accelerometer.The discharge coefficient Cd of an orifice can be found by collecting thewater that flows through during a time interval when it is under a constanthead h. The formula isCd 110102tpAV2ghFind Cd and its possible error if: W 390 0.25 kg, t 600 2 s, d 12 0.03mm,nd2/4, h 3.6 0.03 m, 9.81 0.1% m/s2p 1050 0.1% kg/m3;Page 1 of 32

A3 (a)(b)(c)4 (a)(b)5 (a)(b)I With neat sketches explain the following terms with respect to themeasurement system:(i) Accuracy (ii) Hysteresis (iii) Resolution (iv) Span and Range (v) Drift(vi) Dead zone (vii) PrecisionWhat are "Desired", "Modifying", and "Interfering" inputs for aninstrumentation system? Draw block diagram for showing their influenceon the output.With neat sketch explain working of thermal conductivity gaugeFollowing table list the measuring instruments (left hand side column of thetable) for measuring mechanical properties (right hand side column of thetable) of the system. Students shall match the measuring instrument withthe corresponding mechanical property.Measuring InstrumentsProperties, Radiation pyrometerTemperaturePirani gaugeLiquid LevelRotameterPressureFloat GaugesFlow rateFurther student shall explain only the working principle of themeasurement instrument listed on left hand side column of the table withneat sketch.A bubbler or purge method is used to measure the water level. Aircompressor having pressure range of 0-5 bar is used for the measurement ofthe water level. Air tube with opening at the bottom of the tank is used topurge the air in the water tank. Operator initially purge the 3 bar pressure inthe air tube and no air bubbles are observed. The pressure is varied tomaximum rating of 5 bar although no air bubble is observed. In fact at thesetting of 5 bar pressure the water rises into the air tube up to 5 metersmeasured from bottom of the tank. Estimate the water level in the tankfrom the different observations provided.Following is the calibration data of a pressure transducer:gi( Mpa)go (increasing) ( 3.7543.98070820535, 6,70431204731012535go (decreasing) (Mpa)5052.352.73Find out: (i) The equation for the best-linear fit.(ii) The standard deviation of input qi, output q0, slope and intercept. (ii) qiif the instrument reads q0 25.35 after calibration.A diaphragm pressure gauge is constructed of spring steel to measuredifferential of 7 MN/m2. The diameter of diaphragm is 12.5 mm. Calculatethe thickness of diaphragm, if the maximum deflection is 0.333 ofthickness. Also calculate the natural frequency of diaphragm. Given:Young's modulus 200 GN/m2, Poisson's ratio-0.28 and density ofsteel 7800 k /m34Page 2 of 3

(c)b(a)6 (b)7While measuring speed of a steam turbine with stroboscope single lineimages were observed for stroboscope setting of 3000, 4000 and 5250 rpm.Calculate the speed of the turbine.An orifice meter with orifice diameter 15 cm is inserted in a pipe of 30 cmdiameter, the pressure difference measured by a mercury oil differentialmanometer on the two sides of the orifice meter gives a reading of 50 cmmercury. Find the rate of oil of specific gravity 0.9 when the coefficient ofdischarge of the meter 0.64.Draw only self explanatory neat sketches of the following measurement, devices (i) Laser doppler anemometer (ii) Optical pyrometer (iii) LVDTWith a neat sketch explain working of (i) Ionization gauge (ii) Hot wireanemometer (iii) Thermocouple (iv) Psychrometer510371032036, 7,35, 6,7Page 3 of 3


a.Chi Gx)p?-1-0GBharatiya Vidya Mayan'sSardar Patel College of Engineer'(A Government Aided Autonomous Institute)Munshi Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai — 400058.End Semester ExamMay 2016Max. Marks: 100 marksSemester: Fourth (4th)Class: S.Y.B.Tech.Name of the Course: Mechanical EngineeringDuration: 3 hoursProgram: Manufacturing Science HCourse Code : BTM 405(s Ven,Instructions:1.Question No 1 is compulsory.2.Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.3.Draw neat schematic diagrams wherever is necessary, highlight important points of answer.4.Assume suitable data if necessary and mention it.le Max.MarkExplain different design principles for location purpose of workpiece with 5 Mneat schematic sketch?CONo.2ModuleNo.1B)i)For drilling hole in material like plastic or rubber helix angle (K2) of 5 Mdrill tool flute should be in the range ofFor drilling hole in cast iron and rubber material with the help of drill toolland tool2 having different helix angle (Oh 02 ) respectively. Which of thefollowing condition is true for efficient drilling operation; Justify theanswer in one/two pointb) 01 02a) ni si2ii) Write in brief different type of clearance provided on drill tool? (2M)14C)A shell has height (h) of 45 mm and diameter (d) 45 mm, corner radius is 2 10 Mmm, thickness is 1 mm, work piece material is medium carbon steel(having yield strength of 3600kg/cm2). Assume radius of punch is equal tothickness, radius of die is twice the thickness, clearance is 1.09 timesthickness of stock, value of constant k' for drawing pressure of material is0.65, force of friction and blank holder force required is one third ofdrawing force.Calculate- Blank diameter (with trimming allowance), number of drawpasses required and percentage reduction during each pass, Punch and dieradius, clearance between them, drawing force, blank holder and frictionalforce, Press capacity required? (Refer table 1)37Q.NoQ1A)

Table 1Drawratioe---- (hid)0.750.75-1.51.5-3No.reductionpasses123of % reduction1St.404040Draw2nd2525Draw3rddraw4th Draw15Q2.A)Explain working principle of strain gauge type 2D grinding dynamometer 5 Mwith the help of neat schematic sketch?B)Explain following terms with reference to sheet metal shearing operation 5 Malong with detailed schematic sketch of punched hole and slug?a)Roll over depth, b) Burnished dimensions and depth, c) Dishing of blank3C)An '1112 CR steel' strip 250 mm wide & 30 mm thick is rolled to 22.2246 10 Mmm thickness in one pass. Roll radius is 300 mm and roll rotates at 75 rpm.Calculate the roll forces and power required to run individual rolls and rollmill? Draw necessary sketch of rolling operation and show the differentparameters like forces and dimensions on it. Neglect the spreadingphenomenon of sheet?(Refer Figure 1 last page)**2Q3.A)State Necessity of Drill Jig bush element. Write a note on slip type jig bush 5 Mwith necessary schematic sketch?1B)With the help of neat schematic sketch explain in brief the following; i) 5 MFeed engagement, ii) Back engagement, iii) undeformed chip thickness, iv)relationship between uncut chip thickness and feed engagement?32C)During machining of D3 material using single point cutting tool whose 10 Mgeometry defined in ORS system as: 00 - 14 - 50- 5 - 100 - 80 — 1.5mm.Calculate back rake 73, , side rake yx, front clearance ay, side clearance axangle of tool. Draw tool geometry in ASA system and ORS system.34Q4.A)Explain different regimes of lubrication with schematic sketch? Explain 5 Mcharacteristics of efficient lubricant in metal cutting?,23B)Explain 'geometric considerations' and 'spreading' phenomenon in flat 5 Mrolling process with the help of neat schematic sketch?1C)A seamless tubing (material Mild steel) having outer diameter (0.D) 90 10 Mmm is turned orthogonally on lathe with single point cutting tool havingrake angle of 25 . Cutting speed is 5 meter/min, feed 0.25 mm/rev, depth ofcut 0.6mm, length of continuous chip in one revolution is 141.371, cuttingforce (Fc) 275 kg, feed force (FT) 90 kg. Draw neat sketch showing forcecomponents and chip feature.Calculate- Coefficient of friction, Shear plane angle, and velocity of chipalong tool face, chip thickness, shear strain, shear stress, and shear energy?32

Q5.A)B)Enlist different design requirement of tool force dynamometer4M13Explain Mechanism of chip formation during machining of Ductile 5 Mmaterials with the help of neat schematic sketch? Also give significance ofprimary deformation and secondary deformation zone with sketch?22C)Write short note on tool cutting edge angle (approach angle), its effect on 6 Mlength to diameter ratio of workpiece and relative magnitude of feed forceand passive force with necessary sketch? (4M)Draw neat schematic sketch of single point cutting tool to show differentparameters of normal rake system (NRS) with proper nomenclature? (2M)34D)Write short note on following terms i) Elongation, ii) Yield-point 5 Melongation in a sheet-metal specimen with necessary sketch?27Q6.A)Write short note on i) Oyogentc machining, ii) Dry (minimum quantity 5Mlubrication) machining along with their specific application?1)Explain Tandem rolling mill, Cluster rolling Mills with the help of neat 5 Mschematic sketch along with their specific application?i) Sketch and design punch and die size, ii) punch length and die block size 10 Miii) Suggest material selection criteria for punch, iv) press capacity?for manufacturing of hard steel washer having outer diameter 25mm, innerdiameter 15 mm, thickness 2.1 mm. Ultimate shear strength of material is32 kg/mm2. Assume efficiency of press 65%, shrinkage and expansionallowance 0.055 mm, and clearance for hard steel washer material is 4% ofstock thickness.Table 2Die block thickness (in Total perimeter of washer to be sheared offmm)(in mm)1575 mm2575-250 mm30For larger perimeter values'E' Young modulus of elasticity for punch material 2.1 X 103 ton/cm2.Q7.A)Write short note on different type of die buttons and state their specific 5 Mproduct application? Along with their necessary schematic sketch?B)With the help of neat schematic sketch explain in brief spring back, spring 5 Mback factor, spring back estimation. Draw and explain in brief graph of"spring back factor versus fraction of radius of bend to the thickness ofblank"?CDesign and sketch jig plate, jig bush system and other miscellaneous 10 Melements for manufacturing of component shown in figure 2. Draw theassembly view of jig plate, jig bush and workpiece component forperforming final drilling operation. State probable accuracy of jig platesurfaces and jig bush surfaces to be maintained (geometric tolerance). Alsostate sequence of machining process (machine tool used, cutting tool used1-3 I-

and accuracy maintained in brief)?Raw material (Mild steel) size 4)200 mm X 42 mm, batch size required is800 nos.1t1—Counter and tap for MS throngli. P4,4507:0.1. Equispaced 6 nos04)(10. PCD100 0.1. EqUK pacect 6 nos0CS(N,j:13A19illt1i-A-11 1111 ItY1 0.11Ct1*Kt (Meet) dowelhole PCD100nun. tan OSnos etptcpaced—.vF1' ure 2.FIGURE ES t. True stress—true strain curves in tension at room temperature forvarious metals. The curves start at a fmite level of stress: The elastic regions haVCtoo steep a slope to be shown in this figure, and so each curve starts at the yieI4stress, Y, of the material.180104 Stainless steel160I70-30 rass, a s reeledfi650 Stee1401201200!BAillOr 1 112 CR Steel00040'Stee1000111170-30 Brass, annealed„.-411.- 1020Steel800'E. 100Copper annealed - 60080 111101111r.["460ao20T 7/2024r4,r 0 A4001100-0 AlJIf2006061-0 Al—ell01111‘11004(14 Ali06 08 10020.4012 14True strain (e)120

)06 312-nBharatiya Vidya Bhavan'sSardar Patel College of Engineering(A Government Aided Autonomous Institute)Munshi Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai -400058.End Semester Examination, May 2016S.Y.B.Tech., Sem-IVB.Tech. in Mechanical EngineeringCourse: FLUID MECHANICS (BTM 403)Mqs)-er f-13E—irafion:-3-FloursMii-C.Marks: 100Instructions: Answer any FIVE from seven questions. Answers to all sub questions should be grouped together Make suitable assumption if needed with proper reasoning Figures on right in square bracket shows maximum marks for a particular sub-question. Figure on the extreme right shows course outcome number and module number respectivelyas per the syllabus of the course.1.2.3.e(A) 'Boundary layer is a natural feature of a flow.' Discuss it. Explain its significance [12]with illustration?Derive Von Karmon Momentum Integral equation for flow over flat plate with zeropressure gradients. List salient features of this approach.(B) Determine the viscous drag torque and power absorbed on one surface of a collar [08]bearing of 0.2 m ID and 0.3 m OD with an oil film thickness of 1 mm and a viscosity of0.03 Ns/m if it rotates at 500 rpm.3,61,111011,2[1012,4[10](A) What is turbulence? Write about its characteristic features. Characterize turbulentveloCityptofite-A-rid-eRptain folloWing terms in this context:—a) Law of wallb) Universal velocity profilec) Power law profile(B) Define metacentre and metacentric height.[10]State the conditions for the stability of floating bodies. Support your answer withsufficient illustration.3,5(A) What is hydrostatic equation? Derive a generalized hydrostatic equation wherefluid body is at an uniform accelerated condition. Provide few examples where suchcondition exists.(B) Water enters into a two-dimensional, squarechannel of constant width, h 75.5 mm, withVmaxuniform velocity, U. The channel makes a 90 bend that distorts the flow to produce the linearvelocity profile shown at the exit, with Vmax 2V1m. Evaluate Vmm, if U 7.5 m/s. UseReynolds transport equation with selection ofappropriate control volume.-u—:Specify any assumption if made.1,2

4.(A) What is Hagen Poiseulle flow? Derive an equation for velocity profile using first [10]principle and determine expression for following quantitiesa. Maximum and average velocity,b. Volume flow ratec. Wall shear stress(B) Derive following area-velocity relation for one dimensional compressible flow. [10]Sate the assumption made.dA dP dV r i m2]JApV 2 LVLAll variables carries their usual meaning.Interpret the relation for a CD nozzle.1,45.(A) Derive Bernoulli's equation along a streamline starting from N-S equation. Briefly [101discuss the conditions for its validity.(B) Consider the cylindrical weir of diameter 3 m and length[10]6 m. If the fluid on the left has a specific gravity of 1.6, andon the right has a specific gravity of 0.8, find the magnitudeand direction of the resultant force.2,46.(A) What is Mach Number? State its significance in compressible flow analysis? [10]Classify flow based on it. Develop an expression for stagnation temperature as afunction of Mach Number.(B) Assuming linear velocity variation in the boundary layer and using Von Karmon's 1101linear momentum integral equation, determine the thickness of the boundary layer. Alsodetermine the friction coefficient and the displacement and momentum thicknesses.1,7(A) Explain following:—a,---Laminar and -turbulent flowb. Developing and developed flowc. Lift and Dragd. Major and minor lossese. Concept of hydraulic diameter.[1011,5(B) For a certain incompressible 2D flow field the velocity field in the y direction is [10]given by the equation v x2 2xy. Determine velocity component in the x-direction.1,37.2,72,5

9—e-1 fl tolBharatiya Vidya Bhavan'sSardar Patel College of Engineering(A Government Aided Autonomous Institute)Munshi Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai —400058.End Semester ExamMay 2016Max. Marks: 50Semester: IVClass: SY. B. TechName of the Course: Presentation and communication techniquesDuration: 02 HoursProgram: Mech/ElectCourse code : BTM406,: BTE232Instruction: Candidates should read carefully the instructions printed on the questionpaper and on the cover of the Answer Book, which is for their use.1) Question No. 1 is compulsory.2) Out of remaining questions, attempt any 43) In all 5 questions to be attempted.4) Answer to each new question to be started on a fresh page.cts )-tr cri e ,5) Figures in brackets on the right hand side indicate full marks.6) Assume suitable data if necessary.7) Please write answers to the point. Vague answers will not get marksQues 1tion 1No IQ1. I Answer any 2 questions out of 4:Describe types of reports briefly with a flow chart.A. IiExplain the difference between a Boss and a Leader.B.C.I Mod I' Maxim 1 Coursem Marks I! Outcome ule! Number 1 No.(10)1, 2, 5,4,6,7—What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking telephonicinterview.D.Q2Q.3.What are the principles of writing a Resume'Imagine you are the sales manager of the Mumbai branch of a 1 (10)company that manufactures a soft drink. In the last 3 months,sales in Mumbai have increased only by 3 % in spite of it beingsummer. The managing Director at the company headquarters inPune has asked you to investigate the causes of poor sales andoffer recommendations. Write a letter report taking intoconsideration consumer reactions, advertising and publicity,corn etition from other companies and cost, health issuesBeing assertive at a group discussion is good; being aggressive is (03)1, 2,53,4,407

bad. Comment. Describe the characteristics required by acandidate to emerge as a leader in the discussion.B. Your manager has gone abroad to meet a client, and he has (05)assigned you the responsibility of managing the team for the nexttwo months. He has made the announcement to the entire team.Your manager expects the work in India to go on smoothly, andhe needs some support with information while he is on tour.There are some critical deadlines during the two months when heis away. However, your team members refuse to cooperate withyou and are taking things lightly. How will you handle thesituation and ensure that the deadlines are met?Q.4. "Management is doing right things, and leadership is doing the (10)things right". Elaborate the above statement and explain the threestyles of leadership along with its advantages and disadvantages.(10)Q.5. State whether the following statements are true or false:a. A questionnaire is the most effective method of collectingdateb. Feasibility reports give information about the progress of aparticular project or schemec. The book form is preferred for short reportsd. The appendix is a list of visual aids and graphics used in thereportse. The length of an abstract is generally 2 to 5 % of that of the ,entire report.f. Teamwork is the concept of people working togethercooperatively with diverse goals.g. A resume is your mouth piece written for a prospectiveemployer.h. Some people are born in with good manners.i. A business card should be presented to another person at thebeginning of the introduction.A.Q.6.Q.7.J. Procrastination is one of the time waste of time managementImagine that you are the secretary in attendance at the 7th (10)meeting of the management committee of Bombay departmentstores held on May 25th 2016. Draft the notice and minutes of thismeeting assuming the agenda to be as follows:a. Confirmation of minutes of the previous meetingb. Appointment of sales womenc. Proposal for delivery vansd. Complains regarding the quality of dairy productse. Any other matter with the permission of Chairmanf. Date for the next meetingYou are required to appear for an interview for the position of (10)management trainee (your preferred specialization) at XYZLimited. What consideration will you keep in mind before andduring the interview?,2, 101,03,02,5.03,01061, 2, 3, 4, 1,2,35., 4, 5,1,2024, 507

f0. QJI-JA-7iBharatiya Vidya Bhavan'sSardar Patel College of Engineering(A Government Aided Autonomous Institute)Munshi Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai —400058.End Semester ExaminationMay 2016Duration: 3 hourProgram: Mechanical EngineeringCourse Code : BTM401.r1c131-0, çfMaximum Marks: 100Semester: IVClass: S.Y.B.TechIVMathematicsName of the Course: AppliedIn Attempt any FIVE questions out of SEVEN questions.Answers to all sub questions should be grouped together.Marks CO Module'Q1(a)The regression lines of a sample are x 6y 6, 3x 2y 10. 6(b)Find x,y and r.In a random sample of size 500, the mean is found to be 20. In 6another independent sample of size 400, the mean is 15. Couldthe sample have been drawn from the same population with(c)S.D 4?A tightly stretched string of length 1 and fixed at both ends is111483661262 5plucked at x — and assumes initially the shape of a triangle2after the string isof height h. Find the displacement y (x, t)released from rest2 (a)If the mean of the following probability distribution is 16, findm, n & variance18112XP(X) 1 1// 6(b)(c)16120y41 241y12Find Fourier series of the functions f (x) x, — 2 x 2A manufacturer produces medicine bottles of which 2% are 8defective. The . bottles are packed in boxes containing 300bottles. A drug manufacturer buys 1000 boxes. Using Poissondistribution find how many will contain (i) two defectivebottles (ii) at least two defective bottles.13111

3 (a)Calculate the correlation coefficient between x and y from thefollowing data n .io , Ex 140 ,E y 150 ,61621E (x-10)2 180, 1(y-15)2 215,(x-10)(y-15) 60.Obtain complex form of Fourier series forf (x) , x E (-3,3)Let X be a continuous random variable with probabilityce -3x , x 0f(x) density functionx 00Find (i) c (ii) P (1 X4 (a)(b)2) (iii) mean (iv) variance5Obtain Half Range Fourier Cosine Series for the functionkx, 0 x —2f (x) 1k(1—x),2Two independent samples from normal population with equal 6variance gave the following resultsSample1(c)8 1 2Size16124S.D2.51 2.8Mean23.424.9Is the difference between the mean significant?a 2u. au kFind the solution of the differential equation —axatsubject to the conditions.u not infinite for t — cc,(I)au— 0 for x 0 and x 1,(ii)axu lx — x 2 for t 0, between x 0 and x 1,(iii)2,83

5 (a)The probability that the pen manufactured by a company will6136111be defective is — . If 12 such pens are manufactured, find the10probability that (i) exactly two will be defective (ii) at leasttwo will be defective (iii) none will be defective(b)Following Table shows the respective heights x and y ( ininches) of a sample of 10 father and their sons. Calculate rankcorrelation coefficients1XIiY65 I 63 1 67 1 64 1 68 62 1 70168 66 68 1 65 69 1 66 1 6866 68 1 7165 1 71 1 70(c)Find Fourier series of the functions f (x) x cos x, x E 0,27r]8256(a)It is claimed that a random sample of 1000 tyres, with a mean 6life of 15629 kms, is drawn from a population of tyres whichhas a mean life of 15200 kms and a standard deviation of 1248kms. Test the validity of claim at 5% level of significance14rI sin x,625lines 8the.byboundedisplatesquareAx 0, y 0,x 10 and y 10. Its faces are insulated. Thetemperature along the upper horizontal edge is given byu (x,10) x (10 — x), when 0 x 10, while other three edges37(b)Express the function .f(x) 0. .xgas a Fourierx 71'0,Sine Integral(c)are kept at zero temperature. Find the steady state temperaturein the plate.7(a)Obtain all possible solutions of one dimensional heat equation(b)If the probability that an individual suffers a bad reaction froma particular injection is 0.001, determine the probability thatout of 2000 individuals (i) exactly three, (ii) more than twoindividuals will suffer a bad reaction361

(c)From the following data, find the equation of line of regressionof y on x and estimate the most probable value of y when x 9IX11Yij64I.) 16 1 5 1411I13 ,63 1 5i 3 12II,47511 4i81

Appendix CAreasunder theStandardNormal Curvefrom 0 to 4452.4554.4641.47132.

Appendix DPercentile Values (tp)forStudent's t Distributionwith v Degrees of 34.688.533.687.533.686.532.686.532.532 . 56.855 1.331.33 11.32 .291.28t.95t.97512.716.314.302.923.182.352.13 j 41.702.041.702.021.682.001.671.981.661.961 36 I 723.062.683.012.652.982.622.952.602.922.58, e: R. A. Fisher and F. Yates, Statistical Tables for Biological, Agricultural andMedical Research, published by Longman Group Ltd., London k previously published by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh), and by permission of the authors andpublishers.346

Appendix EaPercentile Values ()for theChi-Square Distributionwith r Degrees of FreedomP2X.012X.0052X.0202X.002 1X.102X.252X.502X.202'X.75oc1.32 2.71.0000 .0002 .0010 .0039 .0158 .102 .4554.612.772 .0100 .0201 .0606 .103 .211 .575 1.394.11 6.253 .0717 .115 .216 I .352 .584 1.21 2.377.785.394 .207 .297 .484 .711 1.06 1.92 3.366.63 9.244.355 .412 .554 .831 1.15 1.61 2.677.84 10.62.20 3.45 5.356 .676 .872 1.24 1.649.04 .492.732.181.658 1.3414.711.48.345.904.173.332.709 1.73 2.0916.012.59.346.744.873.943.2510 2.16 2.5617.313.710.37.585.584.573.05 3.8211 2.60jj18.514.811.38.446.303.57 4.40 5.2312 3.0719.816.012.313 1 3.57 4.11 5.01 5.89 7.04 9.3021.117.114 4.07 4.66 5.63 6.57 7.79 10.2 13.37.26 8.55 11.0 14.3 I 18.2 22.35.23 6.2615 4.6023.519.45.81 6.91 7.96 9.31 11.9 15.316 5.1420.5 24.86.41 7.56 8.67 10.1 12.8 16.317 5.7026.021.67.01 8.23 9.39 10.9 13.7 17.318 6.2622.7 27.27.63 8.91 10.1 11.7 14.6 1 18.319 6.8423.8 28.420 7.43 8.26 9.59 10.9 12.4 15.5 19.324.9 29.621 8.03 8.90 10.3 11.6 13.2 16.3 20.326.0 30.89.54 11.0 12.3 14.0 17.2 21.322 8.6427.1 32.023 9.26 10.2 11.7 13.1 14.8 18.1 j 22.328.2 33.224 9.89 10.9 12.4 13.8 15.7 19.0 23.329.3 34.425 10.5 11.5 13.1 14.6 16.5 19.9 24.330.4 I 35.626 11.2 12.2 13.8 15.4 17.3 20.8 25.318.1I21.726.331.5 36.716.212.914.627 11.837.932.622.727.328 12.5 13.6 15.3 16.9 18.9 133.739.129 13.1 14.3 16.0 17.7 19.8 23.6 28.340.334.830 13.8 15.0 16.8 18.5 20.6 24.5 29.345.6 51.829

State Necessity of Drill Jig bush element. Write a note on slip type jig bush with necessary schematic sketch? 5 M 1 B) With the help of neat schematic sketch explain in brief the following; i) Feed engagement, ii) Back engagement, iii) undeformed chip thickness, iv) relationship between uncut chip thickness and feed engagement? 5 M 3 2

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