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THE NARCOTIC DRUGS AND PSYCHOTROPICSUBSTANCES RULES, 1985Ir:5",:ol rhe powers,co.nferred.section 9, readwithsection 76 of the Narcotic.WIrrugs -.1: and Psychotroptc Substqnces Act, 19gS (61 of 19gS), the Cmtrai Gm)ernmenthereby makzs thefollowing rules, namely:CHAPTERt.shorr dtte and7""--":lt:t:rnt"tilr*"rules may becalled theNarcotic Druts and psychotropic Substances'Rules, 19St:- -'(2) They shall come into force on thedate2 of their publication in the officiar Gazette.2.Definitions.-lnthese rules, unless the context otherwise requires,(a) "the Act,', meansthe Narcotic Drugs and psychotropic SubstancesAct, 1985 (61 of 1985);(b) "Appellate Authority,, means any authority to whom anappeal maylie under any provision of thesJ rules;-r[(c) "ChemicalExaminer- means the Chemical Examiner orDeputyChief Chemist or Shifto. a""i"t""t-Ciluinical Examiner,ChemistGovernment Opium and Alkaloid Works, Nee*""no., as the casemay be, Ghazipurl(d) "Chief Controller of Factories,, means the ChielController ofGovemment Opium and Alkaloid Factorie;; -.*'a[(da) "Controllerof Drugs,, means the officer appointed as the controllinsauthority bv the St-ate Govemment undei'rule 50ofC os-metics irules, 19451940 (23 ot 1,940);l""i' c*-etics Act,(e) "crop year" means the.period beginning on and fromthe 1st Octoberof any year to the 30th Septemb-er of ihe fotto*ir,f 'y"u.;a[(ea)"Firm" means a *T.iTy,j ,body corporate, proliretorstripfirm,.firm,parhership firm, Iimited liabilitypartnershipassocration ofpersonsl-"dt;;";;;-irrii,ili ;il]1i5{[[(eb) "Form,,(0(g)means a Form oppended to these Rulesl"General Manager,,the General Manager, coveinmentopium and Alaaloid19-angWorks, N"";;;-;.;';'r*hl'Ghazipur;"issuing authority,, means the. Ngcgticofficer who may be authori*dt. %de G.S.R. 837(E), dated t4th Novempt.rtsec.3(t, dated14rh Novembe.,,'l;;1t"t'aybu,or any other-Commissionerh ;;"*;;;;i"'rryIi,J c""o"rPublished in the Gazette of lndia, Extra.,into force on 14-11-1985.dated 14th February 1995, for claus (c) (w.e f25 2-1995).Ins. by C.S.R. 3s9(E), dated 5th Mai, 2Ol5 (w.e.f.2. Came3."a""Subs. G.S.R. 82,5 5 2015).

Sl.611985The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act'Sch.lIntemational non-ProPrietaryNo.Other -N-p-dimethvlPhenethvlaminef";L,i,;,f;1,p,k& Jfiii,i:xit'i,'.iil]i::*;,ff:nstereochemical Pyran-ulvarianlrBUPRENORPHINL92Chemical namervrmes2l'cy( loProPyl-7-F-[{S)l-hvdro\y- c i( lnorpseudo- ( )-(i)-r-l(R)l-aminoethyll benzyl alcoholePhedrireALLOBARBITAL NiTFSNOREX s,5diallybarbituric acid-s;riAMrrral\arNgN-ethylamPhetamine N'ethyl-F-methylPhenethylamin 'N- thvl-3-phenly-2-norbomanmineFENCAMEFAMIN,A. riNlnononsxarninol!'.Ht;-,*""'nti'n*ethv)irt{:i ctrtoroproPlt)-a-methylPhenethy-99. MEFENOREXr0o.101.MTDA'.LAM.EMoLTNEtO2, pyROvAERoNEi0;. iii:'suiAsanstreL104. VINYLBITALrutobaibital105.1ll05A. ETRypTAMINE'r,iii. "-i;iii",; ,io?l'*f-'""t4-methyl-2--( barbituric acid5-(1-methylbutyl)-5vinylbarbituric acid5-butyl-5-;thylbarbituric acidl(3-(2-;minobutyl) ,indole)iz-imethvlamino)-r .",i,,u"tnunol)snorrzoreriosr.lt;t 1**t*R:il" tl-N-henvrerbamovr)108.l{Je.GHi (r-HyAroxyt'utyrictof;u",{i;o#ti-"',ii,,-.,4-lvfl A (;t MethYI- ePtanoicKETAMNE(methvr anino):;ilf,l"1t 31"iil-t'tll0B. MEPHEDRoNE vlPhenyl)ProPan-r-onel4-methYlePhedrone6[111.] Salts and preparahons of above'1.2.3.H'"#"'a".9,;;E i:.:f i'lf /,H"?di:i'" ,.'ir,"F.iit;fi.**Ifr "Eirrtr#?il,.u*"u2ndranuary,2004

Rule2lThe Narcotic Drugs and psychotropic Substances Butes,tgAS63Covernment for issuing a licence under Chapter V of these rules orllguing an import certificate or export authorisation under ChapterVI of these rules in respect of narcotic drugs or psychotropicsubstances;(h)"licence" means a licence issued under these rules;r[(ha) "Licenced chemist" mean:i a person who has obtaineda licence topossess, sell, exhibit or offel for sale or distribution bv retail.essential narcotic drugs under these rulesJl[(hb) "Licenced dealer" mears a person whopossess, sell, exhibithas obtained a licence toor offer for sale or distribution bv wholesale.essential narcotic drugs under these rulesJl[(hc) "medical institution"means a hospital, dispensary, clinic or aninstitution by whatever name called that offeis services or facilitiesrequiring diagnosis, treatment or care of illness, disease, iniury,deformity or abnormality, established and administered ormaintained by the Govemment or Municipal Corporation orMunicipal Council or Zila parishad or any person or body ofpersonsJt[(hd) "patent or proprietarymedicine,, shall have the same meaning asdefined in the Drug and Cosmetics Act, 1940 (23 of 19 e;lr[(he) "prescription" means a prescription givenby a registered medicalpracfitioner for the supply of any of the essential naicotic drugs to apatient for medical use in accordance with these rules;l(i) "Proper Officer,,, in relation to any function to be pertormed underthese rules, means the officer of Narcotics Dejartment who isassigned those functions by the Narcotics Commiisioner;l[(ia) "recognised medical institution,, meansa medical institutionrecognised as such under these rulesJ1(ib) "registered medical practitioner,, meansany person registered as amedical practitioner under the Indian Vediial CounJil Act, 1956(102 of 1956) or under any law for tlre registration of medicalpractitioner for the time being in force, or re-gistered as a dentistunder the Dentists Act, l94g (1,6 of 1948) or uider any law for theregistration of dentists for the time being in force and his undergonetraining in pain relief and palliative cari for prescriDtion of esseitialfor pain relief and pa iative cire or rraining in opioidl1,l::.I".9r"C,"substitution-therapyfor prescription of espential narcotiidrugs fortreatment of opioid dependmceJ() 'fthedule" means a Schedule annexed to these rules;(k) words and-expressiors used herein and not defined, but defined inrne Act shall have the meanints respectively assigned to themin theACt.'1. lns. by G.S.R.359(E),dated 5th May,2015 (w.e.i 5-5 2015).

64The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules,1985lRule 2COMMENTSArticle(s) seized in comection with an offence may be sent for chemical analysis toany laboratory in the country, which is permitted to do such analysis; Rnm Dayal v.Centrol Narcotics Bureau, (1993\ 3 Crimes 818 (MP) (FB).CHAPTERIIPOWERS OF OFFICERS3. Delegation of powers.-Subject to such directions as may be givenby theCentral Govemment, the Narcotics Commissioner appointed by the CentralGovemment under sub-section (1) of section 5 of the Act, may authorise anyofficer subordinate to him, to exercise all or any of his powers under these rules.4. Narcotics Commissioner and other officers to exercise the powers oftheir subordinates.-The Narcotics Commissioner and such other officer as maybe appointed by the Central Govemment under sub-section (1) of section 5 of theAct may perforrn all or any of the functions, or exercise any of the powers,assigned under these rules to the officers subordinate to them.CHAPTER UIOPIUM POPPY CULTIVATION AND PRODUCTION OFOPIUM AND POPPY STRAW5, Opium poppy cultivation and production of opium or poppy straw.The opium poppy for production of opium or poppy straw shall not becultivated save on account of the Central Govemment and in the tracts notifiedby it from time to time and in accordance with the conditions of a licence issuedby the District Opium Officer under rule 8.6. Fee for grant of licence.--The licence of cultivation of opium poppy maybe granted by the District Opium Officer on payment of a fee of l[rupees twenty-fivel.7. Form of licence for cultivation of the opium poppy,-The licence forcultivation of opium poppy for the production of opium or poppy straw shall beissued in Form No. 1 appended to these rules.8. Issue of licence.-Subject to the general conditions relating to grant oflicence notified by the Central Government*, the District Opium Officer mayissue licence to any person for a crop year for cultivation of the opium poppy forproduction of opium or poppy straw on receipt of an application made by thatperson in Form No.2 appended to these rules.9. Licence to specify the ar a, etc.-The licence for cultivation of opiumpoppy issued under rule 8 shall specily the area aid designate the Plots to becultivated with opium poppy.10. Designating of Lambardar.-The District OPium Officer may designateone of the cultivators of opium poppy as Lambardar in each village where opium1.'Subs. by G.S.R. 543, dated 24th October, 1994 (w.e.l 5-11-194).The Central Govemment has notiJied the general conditions for Srant of licence for cultivationof opium poppy on account of the Central Goverrment during the Opiurn Crop Yearcornmencing on the lst day of October, 2005 and ending with the 30th day of SePtember, 2006Published in this Volume).

Rule141The Narcotic Drugs and psychotropic Substances Rutes,lgES65poppy cultivation is permitted, who shall perform such functions andon such-fromgrms and conditions as rnay be specifiedtime to time by the NarcoticsComrnissioner.tl; *llT:tiing. or canceltation of ticence.-{l) An officer higher in rank.thT. th"Opium Officer map forsufficient reasons to be"recorded in?:Fgtwnnng, wtthholdor cancel a licence already issued.order shall be passed under sub-rule (1) unless the cultivator has been. (2) Not:i:9Toleof showing cause against the said order or isfl::lnearo ?ln person, it ,opportuniryheso desrres.(3) Where opium poppy has been cultivated undera licence which issubsequently withheld, or cincelled, the standin! iion, if ,"y,sf,un Ue destroyeJunder the supervision of the proper officer in ,i"f, ,ii".".'",may be specifiedby the Narcotics Commissioner.PT:"9:t".with regard to m asur ment of land cultivated with opiurrpoppy.-{l) All prots of land cultivated.with opium-- 11.poppy in accordance withthe licence issued under these rutes, shalt be measuredin metres by the prooerofficer in the presence of rhe cultivator .;.;;;J';;J;;"t;ilil;;.#fi"village and the concemed curti'ator and tr,e L.mua.aaiot-th-e village sha'attestthe entdes made in the recorrls to te mairrtairrJlytf,r" Llrntarai.,"11"specif ied by the Narcotics Commissioner in this".b;haU; ,r.J". tnet signature/dare, in token of h""i"s ,-;fi"fiJ4; "elves regardins*:Tl:lf:::-l.withtne correcbless of themeasurement.(2) The measurement conducted by the properofficershall be subject to suchfurther checks bv such officers as may 'Ue specifiedby the NarcoticsComrnissioner in this behalf. .I3. Procedur with regard to. preliminary weighment. (t) The cultivatorshall, during the course of f,arvesting, producedaily"before ' the Lambardar, eachday's collection of opium rrom hts irdp(2) The Lambardar shall make arrangementsio weigh such opium and makenecessary entdes in the records to.be maintainedby hi ir as may.be specifiJbythe Narcotics Commissioner in this behalf.(3) The cultivator and the Lanbardarshall attest the entries made in such"i"t"recordsr-i;"1gil;i.under their simature/thu-b-ir"pi";ri;;-,iii"-showing thequantity of opium weighid on a particular day.Th.e proper officer shall conduct check weighmentof the opium collected,by ,(4)the cultivators with reference to the entriesiri*,"i".t"ra"r,srecord andindicate his finding rherein which shaltb;;G&;; h"";;d the Lambardarunder their signatire with dare.(5) The variations between the qr.rantityof opium produced by the cultivatorindicated in the Lambardar's record andis founa bi the ;r;;er officer duringIt:1""t, "trutt be inquired into by the pi.p"i.ffi.i. i" Jr'# ,o *"".,"* ,h"liabilityof the cultivator for punisirment' uni", ,."ii"" fS?;"of oqiu.m-produced.-- All opium, the produce of land "t.cultivated ,,."t1. ?-'1fi""rywlm oprum poppy, shall be delivered by thecultivatlrs to the oistrict Opium

66The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules'1985[Bule14Officer or any other officer duly authorised in this behalf, by the NarcoticsCommissionei at a place as may be specified by such officer'15. Opium to be weighed, examined and classified'-All opium.deliveredhv the culiivators to the District Opium Officer or any other officer authorised asaioresaid, shall, in the presence of the concemed cultivator or any Personu"tt o.ir"i by him and the Lambardar of the village, be weighed, examined andDishictclassified aciording to its quality and consistence and forwarded by oium Officerspecified by the Narcotics Commissioner.16. Procedure where cultivator is dissatisfied with classification ofopi.m.-et v cultivator who may be dissatisfied with the classification of histhe officer referrei to in rule 15 may have it forwarded by sucha"."iu'Govemment"lirOpium Factory seParately, after having it properlytheoifi.". tor"ut"a itt his presence and ir the presence of the concemed Lambardar'17, Procedure for sending opium suspected to be adulterated'- Whenopium delivered by a cultivatoi to'the Distriat Opium Officer or any otherofficerin this'behalf, is suspected of being adulterated with any foreign"itfroti""ar"Utiu".", it shall be forwarded io the Govemment Opium Factory seParatel,uit".'it ir'p.op"rly sealed in the presence of the cultivator and the concernedLambardar.Drawing of samples from opium sent to Govemment OPium Factoryunder rule 16 oir rule u:-The sealed opium received separately in accordanceihe*ith .,t" 16 or rule 17, shall be opened and sample drawn hesocultivator,Dresence of theand ti-e in this behalf, shall be sent well in advance'19. Fixation of price of opium.-(1) The Central Covemment shall' frommarmertime to time, fix the price of opium, to be paid to the cultivators' in suchas it may deem fit.(2) Such price shall be fixed per kilogram of opium of a standard consistence'20. Provisional payment of price'{l) The District Opium Officer shall'having regard to the weight and consistence of opium delivered by. individual.rftitlt"ii work out the ileight of such opium at the standard consistence anddetermine provisionally the total price Payable to such cultlvators'to the cultivators, ninety Per cent' of the price(2) The said officer, shall, pay'sublectto adjustment -against the final priced"i".-i""a which shall be"opayable to the cultivators to be determined as provided hereinafter'Opium21. Weighment and examination of the opium at the--Govemmentreceived'beshallFactorv,-Tfie opium forwarded by the Dishicl Opium Officerthe Govemment Opium Factory under the-"iJla, "*a-ii't"a, and classified"inr""il""i." the 6eneral Manager in such manner as may be specified by the"tNircotics Commissioner.separately22, Confiscation of adulterated oPium'-All such opium receivedChemicalthebyit, if found to be adulterated on examinationby theconfiscationtoliablebe""d;;-;[p*amir,er in the Govemrnent Opium Factory may18.General Manager.

Rufe281The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Bules,23. Adjudicationofconfiscationof198567adulterated opium.-No suchconJiscation shall be ordered by the General Manager unless the concemedcultivator is given a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against theproposed order and is heard in persory if he so desires.24. Detemination of final price of opium.{l) Subfect to rule 21, the finalprice of opium payable to the cultivator shall, having regard to the price fixed bythe Central Govemment under rule 19, be determined by the General Manageranalysis report of the Chemical Examiner 1[***l andcommunicated to the concemed District Opium Officet.(2) The price payable in respect of any opium which is delivered to dreDishict Opium Officer or any other officer authorised in this behalf under rule14 and is not initiallv suspected to be adulterated but found to be adulterated onexamination in the Goveinment Opium Factory, shall be subject to reduction atsuch rates as may be specified by the Central Govemrnent.25. Adjustment of cultivators' account and recovery of dues ftom thecultivators.-The accounts of the cultivators for a particular cropvear shall be-ticincesadjusted by the Dstrict Opium Officer at lhe time of issuing offor thesubsequent crop year and any balance that may remain due from the cultivatorsshall be recovered and any amount due to them be paid.26. Weights and scales.-The weights and scales to be used for weighing theopium at the weighment centres and the Govemment Opium Factory shall becaused to be examined at the appropriate tirne by the Deputy NarcoticsCommissioner or the General Manager, as the cas may be.27. Cultivation of opium poppy for exclusive production of poppy straw.The Central Goverrment may, if it considers it expedient so to do, permitcultivation of the opium poppy for the exclusive production of poppy shaw inaccordance with a licence issued under rule 8 in such tracts and sublect to suchconditions as may be specified by it, by notification in the Official Gazette in thison the basis ofbehalf:Provided that the poppy straw produced by the cultivators or a result of thecultivation of opium poppy for production of opium, shall be deemed to havebeen produced under a valid licence issued under rule 8.2E. Appeals to the Deputy Narcotics Commissioner and NarcoticsCommissioner.-(1)(a) Any person aggrieved by any decision or order made orpassed under these rules relating to refusal, withholding or cancellation of alicence for opium poppy cultivation by an officer of the Narcotics Department,lower in rank than the Deputy Narcotics Commissioner, may appeal to theDeputy Narcotics Commissioner within thirty days from the date of thecommunication to him of such decision or order.O) Notwithstanding anything contained i4 clause (a), if the decision or orderregarding withholding or cancellation of licence for opium poppy cultivation ispassed by dre Deputy Narcotics Commissioner, such appeal shall lie to theNarcotics Cornmissioner:Provided that the Deputy Narcotics Commissioner or, as the case may be, theNarcotics Commissioner may, if he is satisfied that the appellant was prevented1. Omitted by C.S.R.82, dated 14th February, 1995 (w.e.f. 25-2-1995).

68The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substanc s Rules,1985lRule 28from submitting his appeal within the time limit specified in clause (a) due toreasons beyond his control, allow such appeal to be presented within a furthera period of thirty days.(2) Every appeal under this rule shall be accompanied by a copy of thedecision or order appealed against and shall be in such form and in such amarmer as may be specified by the Narcotics Commissioner in this behalf.29. Appeals to the Chief Conholler of Factories,-{1) Any person aggrievedby any decision or order made or passed under rule 21 or rule 23 by the GeneralManager may appeal to the Chief Controller of Factories within thirty days fromthe date of the communication to him of such decision or order:Provided that the Chief Controller of Factories mav. if he is satisfied that theappellant was prevented from submitting his appeal wiUrin the said time Iimitdue to reasons beyond his control, allow such appeal to be presented within afurther period of thirty days.(2) Every appeal under this rule shall be accompanied by a copy of thedecision or order appealed against and shall be in such form and in such manneras may be specified by the Narcotics Commissioner.30. Procedure for appeal,-(l) The Appellate Authority shall give anopportunity to appellant to be heard, if he so desires.(2) The Appellate Authority may, at the hearing of an appeal, allow theappellant to go into any ground of appeal not specified in the grounds of appeal,if the Appellate Authority is satisfied that omission of that ground from thegrounds of appeal was not wilful or unreasonable.(3) The Appellate Authority may, after making such further inquiry as rnaybe necessary, pass such orders as he thinks fit confirming modifying orannulling the decision or order appealed against:Provided that any order relating to the quantum of adulterated opium to beconfiscated in addition to the opium already confiscated under rule 23 shall notbe passed unless the appellant has been given a reasonable opportunity ofshowing cause against the proposed order.(4) The order of the Appellate ,{uthority disposing of the appeal under thisrule shall be in writing and shall state the points.for determination, the decisionthereon and the reasons for the decision.(5) On the disposal of the appeal, the Appellate Authority shall communicatethe order passed by him to the appellant and the officer who passed the orderor made the decision appealed against.(6) No further appeal or revision shall lie against the order passed by theAppellate Authority under this rule.CHAPTER IVMANUFACTUR4 SALE AND E)(PORT OF OPIUM31, Manufacture of opiun.--Opium shall not be manufactured save by theCentral Goverrunent Opium Factories at Ghazipur and Neemuch:Provided that opium mixtures may be manufach:red from opium lawfullypossessed by a person authorised under the rules made by the State Govemmentfor the said purpose.

Rule351The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules,19856932, Export of opium.-The export of opium is prohibited save when theexport is on behalf of the Central Govemment.33, Sale to State Govemments or manufacturing chenists.-r[(1) The sale ofopium to the State Govemments or manufacturing chemists or the person orentity who has been granted licence under sub-section (2A) of rule 36, as the casemay be, shall be only from the Govemment Opium Factories, located atNeemuch and Ghazipur;(2) The sale of opium from the Govemment Opium Factory at Neemuch andGhazipur to manufacturing chemists or the person or entity who has beengranted licence under sub-rule (2A) of rule 35, as the case may be, shall be onlyunder a permit granted by or under the orders of the State Govemment withinwhose jurisdiction the chemist or the person or entity resides or has his place ofbusiness in the forms prescribed by that Govemmentl(3) The permit referred to in sub-rule (2) shall be issued, in quadruplicate.ano,-(a)ft)the quadruplicate copy shall be retained by the issuing authority andthe remaining copiei forwarded to the 2[Goveriment SiumFactories at Neemuch and Ghazipurl;the said factory shall retain the duplicate copy for record, send theoriginal copy with the consignment of opium and retum thetriplicate copy to the issuing authorify after endorsing thereon thequantity actually supplied and the date of despatch.3133A. Sale of opium derivativesfrom the Government Opium Factories,(1) The Govemrnent Opium Factories may sell the opium derivatives only if thebuyer produces a valid quota allocation under rule 678.of a opium derivative under sub-rule (1), shall provide.information. (2) Everyto buyerthe Chief Controller of Factories regarding its utilization or anyother related matter in such form and within such time as may be indicated bythe Chief Controller of Factories.lFixation of sales price of opium.-The price to be charged for opium. .34.sold under this Chapter shall be fixed, from lime to time, by the CentralGovernment in such manner as it mav deem fit.CHAPTER VMANUFACTURED DRUGS35. Gen ral prohibition.-The manufacture of crude cocaine, ecgonine andits salts and of diacetyl morphine and its salts is prohibited:a[Provided that nothingcontained in this rule shall apply in case the drugsare.manufactured by Govemment opium factory or by chemical staff employe-dunder the Central Board of Excise and Customs or any person authorised'by'thet.s*"2.b)'"4".95 (E), dated 4th February,2OO4, for sub-rules (1) and (2) (w.e.f, a-2-2/JJ4).for ,,GovemmentSubs. by g.S.R. 95 @), dated 4th February,2004,(w.e.1.4-2-2004).3. Ins. by S.O. 1651(E), dad 13th Jul, 2010 (w.e.t t3-7-2OtO).4. Iru. by c.S.R. 350 (E), dated 25th Jure, 1997 (w.e.f.274-19n.Opium Factory, chazipur,,

70The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules,1985[Rule 35Narcotics Commissioner by a special licence for purposes mentioned in ChapterVIIA:Provided further that the Narcotics Commissioner shall consult the DrugsController-General of India before issuhg a licence under this ChaPter.l36. Manufacture of natural manufactured drugs.-(l) The manufacture ofcocaine and its salts is prohibited save the manufacture of cocaine hydrochlorideby the chemical staff employed under the Central Board of Excise and Customsfrom confiscated cocaine.(2) The manufacture of morphine, codeine, dionine, thebaine, dihydrocodeinone, dihydrocodeine, acelyldihydrocodeine, acetyldihydrocodeinone,dihydromorphine, dihydromorphinone, dihydrohydroxycodehone, Pholocodineand their respective salts is prohibited save by the Govemrnent Opium Factory.1[(2A) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (2), the NarcoticsComrnissioner or such other officer as rnay be authorized by the CentralGovemment may, on and from the commencement of the Narcotic Drugs andPsychotropic Substances (Amendment) Rules, 2004 grant a licence in Form 3appended to these rules on such terms and conditions as may be specified in thelicence to any person or entity for manufacture of morphine, codeine, dionine,thebaine, dihydrocodeinone, dihydrocodeine, acetyldihydrocodeine, acetyldihydrocodeinone, dihydromorphine, dihydromorphino-ne, dihydrohydroxycodeinone, pholcodine and their respective salts 2[r[***1, -if the CentralGovemment determines that such licence is necessary in public interest and is inconsonance with hdia's obligations under Intemational treaties, conventions orprotocolsll4[(28) It in the opinion of the Cenhal Govemment, the licensee fails to fulfilthe purpose for which he is issued a licence under sub-rule (2A) or the terms andconditions of the licence, the Central Govemment may, after giving the licenseea reasonable opportunity of being heard, cancel the licence.l(3) The manufacture of medicinal hemp shall be under a licence Sxanted bythe State Govemment on pa)'rnent of such fees and in accordance with suchconditions as may be prescribed by that Govemment in this behalJ.4[35A. Manufacture of natural manufactured drugs from poppy straw.-(1)Notwithstanding anything contained in rule 36, if the Central Govemment is ofthe ophion that it is in public interest to do so, the Narcotics Commissioner orany other officer authorised by the Central Govemrnent in this behalf may issuea licence in Form No. 3A on such terms and conditions as may be specified inthe licence to manufacture PoPpy straw concentrate s[from poppy strawproduced from poppy cultivated under a licence issued under rule 8 of theserulesl.I. Ins. by G.S.R. 95(E), dated 4th FebrlJ ry,2004 (w,e.f, 4-2-2004\.Added by G 5 R. 736(E), dated 22nd December, 2005 (w,e,f, 22-12-2005),3. The words "from Indian opir.rm" ornitted by SO. 1561(E), dated 13th July,20102.13-72010).1ns. by S.O. 1661(E), dated 13th July, 2010 (w.e.f. 13-7-2010).5. Subs. by G.S.R. 359(E), dated 5th May,2015, for "ttom poPPyshaw" (w.ef(wef5-5-2015)'

Rule381The Narcotic Drugs and Psychottopic Subs ,nca,s Rules,19857'l(2) The licensee may also manufacture morphine, codeine, thebaine'dionine, dihydrocodeinone, dihydrocodone, ac-etyldihydrocodeine,acetyldihydrocodeinone, dihydromorphine, dihydromorphinone,dihridrohvdroxvcodeinone, pholcodeine and their resPective salts from thepofpy rtiu* concentrate manufactured under sub-rule (1)'(3) ff, in the opinion of the Central Govemrnent, the licensee fails to fulfil thepurpose for whicir he is issued a licence under sub-rule (1), or the terms andiottditio* of the licence, the Central Govemment, may after giving the licenseea reasonable oPportunity of being heard, cancel the licence.]r[37. Manufacture of synthetic manufactured drugs.-Subject to theprovisions of rule 36, the manufacture of manufacfured drugs notified underiub-clause (b) of clause (xi) of section 2 of the Act including the essential narcoticdrugs notified under clause (viiia) of section 2 of the Act (hereafter referred to asthe drug) but not including preparation containing any manufactured drug frommaterials which the maker is lawftrlly entitled to Possess is prohibited saveunder and in accordance with the conditions of a licence anted by theNarcotics Commissioner or such other officer as may be authorised by theCentral Government in this beha[ in Form No. 3 appended to these rules.Explanatinn.-For the removal of doube it is hereby clarified that the licenceto manufacture a preparation containing any manufactured drug and includingthe preparation notified as essential narcotic drugs under clause (viiia) of section2 of the Act shall be regulated under the rules made by the State Govemmentunder section 10 of the Act.l2[38, Application for licence.--(1) Every application for a licence or forrenewal thereof under the proviso to rule 35 or rule 35 or rule 37 shall be in suchform and manner as may be specified by the Narcotics Commissioner.(2) A fee of rupees five thousand shall be payable to the Central Govemrnentfor each licence issued under rule 37 or for renewal thereof.subs. by C.S.R. 359(E), dated 5th May, 2015, for lule 37 (w.e.t t12015). Earlier rule 37 wasamended by G.S.R. 95(E), dated 4th Febflrary, 2c[4 (w .e.t. 4-2-2N4); by S.O. [email protected]), dated 13thJuly, 2010 (w.e.f. 13-7-2010) and by C.S.R. 426(E), dated 1st Jult 2014 (w.e.f. 1-7-2014). Rule37, before substitution by G.S.R. 359(E) dated 5th May, 2015, stood as under:"37. Manufacture of synthetic taflufaclured dr!gs.-{l) Subject to the provisions of nrle 36,the manuJacture of manufacture

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