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SET QUICKER LAP TIMESFOR YOUR PULSESNow you can stay wild at heart while looking sporty.The new ŠKODA KODIAQ SPORTLINE gives everyadventure a refined makeover.The car conceals its SUV character with its sculpteddesign lines, further embellished by racy details thatgive it an elegant attitude. Its 4x4 capabilities take onany terrain with effortless ease. And being the ŠKODAthat it is, plenty of Simply Clever solutions, generousspace and modern connectivity features ensure thatyou can explore your world in total comfort.The KODIAQ SPORTLINE is yet another example of ourphilosophy of making beautifully designed cars that are asmuch a joy to drive now as they were back when we started.That’s Simply Clever. That’s ŠKODA.

SPORTY DRESSFOR ANY OCCASIONThe dynamic and emotive nature of the KODIAQ is bestemphasised by the SportLine version. The car offers anaesthetic experience as well as pure driving pleasure,making the everyday even more exceptional.REAR VIEWThe narrow silver coloured trimintegrated in the lower part of therear bumper lends visual lightnessto the robust rear. The exhaustpipe end pieces in chrome finishare a perfect match with the blackprotective cover. The rear lightswith crystalline elements andfamiliar C-shaped illumination arealways equipped with LEDs.FRONT VIEWThe black features, such asexternal side-view mirrorcovers, front grille frame andspoiler on the front bumper,give the car a unique lookcombining the ferociousexpression of the KODIAQ withthe individualistic traits of theSportLine version.SIDE VIEWThe black strips around the side windowsas well as roof railings, which are optional,are a perfect match for the black featureson the front. The protective side trims of theSportLine version are the colour of the body.The sports styling of this car is underlinedwith original 19" alloy wheels, which comeas standard. To further enhance the overallimpression and your driving pleasure, youcan opt for 20" alloy wheels.

HEADLAMPS AND FOG LAMPSThe characteristic fog lamps of theKODIAQ have been incorporated in theSportLine version too. The locationof the fog lamps at the height of theradiator grille, where they are protectedfrom damage, clearly shows the car’soff-road ambitions. The main headlampsboast an eye-catching integrated stripof LED daytime running lights. The topend option is all about LED technology.DOOR SILL STRIPSYou will find the KODIAQinscription on the front andrear decorative door sill strips.LOGOThe car featuresthe originalSportLine badgeon both frontmudguards.4X4 BADGEThe car in the four-wheel driveversion carries the 4x4 badge.

LOOKS RACY EVENWHEN STANDING STILLEvery bit of the interior is designed to give yousporty thrills while keeping you enclosed inabsolute comfort and top-class technologies.STYLISH DETAILSThe dashboard features the original SportLine logoand remarkable carbon décor.STYLISH COMFORTThe multifunctional sports leather steeringwheel lets you control the radio, phoneand alternatively DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox).Your feeling of comfort is complemented bythe noble steel foot pedal covers.STYLISH FUNCTIONALITYThe upholstery comes in a combination of blackAlcantara and leather with silver stitching. The frontsports seats and black ceiling enhance the interior sportsstyle. The electrically-adjustable driver seat with built-inmemory is supplied as standard. Nocturnal creatureswill appreciate the LED ambient lighting offering tencolour options and running along the inside of the car.STYLE AND HIGH-TECHAlcantara , which stands out with itsdistinctiveness and excels with its durability,is also incorporated in the door panelling.Stylish details are accompanied with stylishtechnologies. The Canton Sound Systemwith ten speakers and total power outputof 575 Watts comes as standard.

DIG SOME CLAWSINTO THE TERRAINDYNAMIC CHASSIS CONTROLYour car can be equipped withDynamic Chassis Control (DCC),which continuously evaluatesand responds to various drivingsituations (braking, acceleration,turning), adapting the dampingand steering characteristics.DCC always comes in combinationwith Driving Mode Select andallows you to choose Comfort,Normal or Sport mode.No matter what the terrain, the KODIAQ SPORTLINE takesthe rough with the smooth. Intelligent technologies ensurethat you stick to the road on all surfaces and in any weather.ALL-WHEEL DRIVEThe 4x4 drive is provided by an inter-axle electronically controlledmulti-plate clutch. The coupling of the rear axle is automatic, so undernormal conditions the car can utilise the advantages of front-wheel drive,and under extreme conditions the excellent traction of the 4x4 drive.DSG AND 4X4Whatever the conditions throw at you,enjoy absolute comfort and fuel efficiencywith 4x4 drive and automatic 7-speed or6-speed DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox).SNOW MODEActivated with the mode button on thecentre console, Driving Mode Selectfor the 4x4 version offers not onlyEco, Comfort (with DCC exclusively),Normal, Sport and Individual modes, butalso Snow mode, which ensures goodhandling even on low-grip surfaces.OFF-ROAD MODEWith the intelligent Off-Road mode system,which operates at speeds of up to 30 km/h,you can handle even extreme terrain. It isdesigned to adjust the characteristics of theengine, electronic assistants and stabilitycontrol systems. The activated functions areshown on the infotainment display.

MOON WHITE METALLICCOLOURSWHEELSUPHOLSTERYThe sporty 19" TRIGLAV anthracite alloywheels come as a standard.BRILLIANT SILVER METALLICSTEEL GREY UNIBUSINESS GREY METALLICVELVET RED METALLICQUARTZ GREY METALLICMAGIC BLACK METALLICThe upholstery in a combination of Alcantara /leather in black provides maximum comfortwhile driving on any kind of terrain.You can underline your car’s distinctive lookwith 20" VEGA anthracite alloy wheels.

FURTHER SPECIFICATIONS1.4 TSI / 110 kWACTTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSTurbocharged petrolengine, directinjection system1.4 TSI / 110 kW4x4 ACTTurbocharged petrolengine, directinjection system1.4 TSI / 110 kW4x4Turbocharged petrolengine, directinjection system2.0 TSI / 132 kW4x4Turbocharged petrolengine, directinjection system2.0 TDI / 110 kW4x42.0 TDI / 110 kWTurbochargeddiesel engine withcommon rail systemTurbochargeddiesel engine withcommon rail system2.0 TDI / 110 kW4x4Turbochargeddiesel engine withcommon rail system2.0 TDI / 140 kW4x4Turbochargeddiesel engine withcommon rail systemENGINECylinders/Cubic capacity 9684/1,968Max. performance/Revs 00–4,000110/3,500–4,000140/3,500–4,000Max. torque/Revs 50–3,000340/1,750–3,000400/1,750–3,250Air pollution ol, RON min. 95Petrol, RON min. 95Petrol, RON min. 95Petrol, RON min. 95DieselDieselDieselDieselMaximum speed (km/h)198 (197)197 (196)194 (192)207 (205)199 (198)197 (195)194 (192)210 (209)Acceleration 0–100 km/h (s)9.6 (9.7)9.8 (9.9)9.9 (10.1)8.0 (8.2)10.1 (10.3)9.7 (9.9)9.9 (10.1)8.6 (8.8)– .3* (6.5/6.4*)6.8/6.7*6.6– *4.8/4.7* (4.9/4.8*)5.2/5.1*5.3– 4/5.3* (5.5/5.4*)5.7/5.6*5.7CO2 emissions (g/km)143/141*155/153* (156/154*)163/161*170/168*131/129*141/139* (144/142*)149/147*150 (151)Turning circle diameter Exterior dimensionsType5/7-seater, 5-door, 2-compartmentLength/width (mm)4,697/1,882Drag coefficient CW0.323–0.334 (0.324–0.341) according to engine versionHeight (mm)1,676Wheel base (mm)2,791ChassisFront axleMcPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabiliserTrack front /rear (mm)1,586/1,576Rear axleMulti-element axle, with longitudinal and transverse links, with torsion stabiliserClearance (mm)187 (189)Braking systemHydraulic dual-diagonal circuit braking system vacuum assisted with Dual RateInterior dimensions– front brakesDisc brakes with inner cooling and with single-piston floating calliperLateral room front/rear (mm)1,527/1,510 (1,527/1,511/1,270)– rear brakesDisc brakesEffective head room front/rear (mm)1,020/1,014 (1,020/1,015/905)SteeringDirect rack-and-pinion steering with electro-mechanical power steeringLuggage storage space (max. l)Wheels7.0J x 17"Without spare tyre, with rear seat backrests –Tyres215/65 R17upright /down720/ 2,065 (270/2,005)Fuel consumption 99/100 (l/100 km)Front-wheel drive4x44x44x4ClutchTwin coaxial e-disc clutchTwin coaxial clutch,electro-hydraulicallyoperatedTwin coaxial clutch,electro-hydraulicallyoperatedTwin coaxial e-disc clutchTwin coaxial clutch,electro-hydraulicallyoperatedTwin coaxial tomatic 6-speedDSGAutomatic 6-speedDSGAutomatic 7-speedDSGAutomatic 7-speedDSGAutomatic 7-speedDSGAutomatic 7-speedDSGManual 6-speedManual 1,695 (1,738)1,667 (1,710)1,705 (1,748)1,740 (1,783)1,752 (1,795)Payload – incl. a driver and extraequipment (kg)650 (746)675 (762)675 (761)675 (762)655 (752)675 (710)675 (768)675 (767)Total weight (kg)2,136 (2,314)2,215 (2,373)2,230 (2,388)2,295 (2,463)2,247 (2,425)2,305 (2,383)2,340 (2,498)2,352 (2,510)Trailer load without brakes (max. kg)750750750750750750 (–)750750Trailer load with brakes – 12% (max. kg)1,8002,0002,0002,200 (2,000)2,0002,000 (–)2,500 (2,000)2,500 (2,000)Tank capacityy (l)5860606058606060All engines feature the Start-Stop systemand energy recovery functionality.The listed values apply to the standardKODIAQ model without extra equipment.1,0219.1 1,6831,5801,5702,0871,882wheels.The technical drawings apply to car with 20" wheels16.2 ** Compliance with the EU6 emission standard is achievedby SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction), which injectsAdBlue to reduce mono-nitrogen oxides (NOx). Tank of AdBlue has volume of 13 l and touring range of 13,000 km.270 l4778982,7914,6991,0111,3791,630 (1,673)1,2701,615 (1,658)9051,561 (1,604)0Kerb weight – in standard versionwith a 75kg driver (kg)1,0157-SEATERSVERSIONSOWEIGHT( )Applies to the 7-seater version.–The towing device is not available.ACTActive Cylinder management Technology.* Applies to vehicle with tyres with low rolling l drive16.4 Type720 l1,16519.1 POWERTRANSMISSION1,0141,6851,0205-SEATER5SEATER VERSION

IMAGE DISCLAIMERThe images presented in this catalogue (brochure) are usedfor illustrative purposes only and are not intended to form partof any contract or warranty. They display pre-series cars andcertain illustrations, features, parts and equipment may differfrom the actual production cars and from country to country.To get the exact specification of features, parts and equipment,please get in touch with your nearest local ŠKODA dealer.MyŠKODA AppGet very your own personal digital companion.Download MyŠKODA featuring PAUL, aninteractive assistant who’s there to help you,not only with watching over your car, but alsowith managing your day.ŠKODA Connect AppEnjoy full control of your car. DownloadŠKODA Connect and access all necessaryfeatures anytime, whether it’s drivingdata, fuel range, planning a route or evenwhere you last parked.IF YOU’ VE ENJOYED READING ABOUT IT― IMAGINE DRIVING ITK10320 09/17CALL US TO ARRANGE A TEST DRIVEYour ŠKODA partner:

Transmission Automatic 6-speed DSG Manual 6-speed Automatic 6-speed DSG Automatic 7-speed DSG Automatic 7-speed DSG Manual 6-speed Automatic 7-speed DSG Automatic 7-speed DSG WEIGHT Kerb weight - in standard version with a 75kg driver (kg) 1,561 (1,604) 1,615 (1,658) 1,630 (1,673) 1,695 (1,738) 1,667 (1,710) 1,705 (1,748) 1,740 (1,783) 1,752 .

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