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Postgraduate Prospectus 2020

Trinity College Dublin,the University of Dublin isan international university,steeped in history witha reputation for excellencein education, researchand innovation.2Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

CONTENTSPostgraduate Courses Summary 2Welcome 6Why Choose Trinity? 8Location 9Accommodation 20Student Services 22International Students 26Postgraduate Research 28Fees & How to Apply 32Contact Us 33Full-Time Masters Programmes.34Part-time Postgraduate Diplomas,Certificates and Online

FULL-TIME MASTERS PROGRAMMESArts, Humanitiesand Social SciencesSchool of Business 33Digital Marketing Strategy (M.Sc.) 33Entrepreneurship (M.Sc.) 34Finance (M.Sc.) 34Financial Risk Management (M.Sc.) 35Human Resource Management (M.Sc.) 35International Management (M.Sc.) 36Management (M.Sc.) 36Marketing (M.Sc.) 37Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) 37Operations and Supply ChainManagement (M.Sc.) 38Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting 38School of Creative Arts(Drama, Film and Music) 39Film Studies - Theory History Practice (M.Phil.) 39Music Composition (M.Phil.) 40Playwriting (M.F.A.) 40Stage Design (M.F.A.) 41Theatre Directing (M.F.A.) 41Theatre and Performance (M.Phil.) 42School of Education 42Master in Education (M.Ed.) 43Professional Masters Education (P.M.E.) 43School of English 44Children’s Literature (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 44Creative Writing (M.Phil.) 45Irish Writing (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 45School of Histories and Humanities 46Art History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 46Classics (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 47Early Modern History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 47Environmental History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 48Gender and Women’s Studies (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 48International History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 49Medieval Studies (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 49Modern Irish History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 50Public History and Cultural Heritage (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 502Trinity College Dublin, The University of DublinSchool of Languages, Literaturesand Cultural Studies 51Comparative Literature (M.Phil.) 51Early Irish (M.Phil.) 52Identities and Cultures of Europe (M.Phil.) 52Literary Translation (M.Phil.) 53School of Law 53Intellectual Property and InformationTechnology Law (LL.M.) 54International and Comparative Law (LL.M.) 54International and European Business Law (LL.M.) 55Law and Finance (M.Sc.) 55Laws (LL.M.) 56School of Linguistic, Speechand Communication Sciences 56Applied Linguistics (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 57Chinese Studies (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 57Clinical Speech and Language Studies (M.Sc.) 58English Language Teaching (M.Phil. / P.GradDip.) 59Linguistics (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 59Speech and Language Processing (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 60School of Psychology 60Applied Behaviour Analysis (M.Sc.) 61Applied Psychology (M.Sc.) 62Clinical Psychology (D.Clin.Psych.) 62Counselling Psychology (D.Couns.Psych.) 63Psychoanalytic Studies (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 64Psychology (H.Dip.) - PsychologyConversion Course 64School of Religions, Peace Studiesand Theology 65Christian Theology (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 65Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 66Intercultural Theology and InterreligiousStudies (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 67International Peace Studies (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 67School of Social Sciences and Philosophy 68Comparative Social Change (M.Sc.) 68Economics (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 69International Politics (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 69Philosophy (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 70Race, Ethnicity, Conflict (M.Phil.) 70

School of Social Workand Social Policy 71School of Physics 84Energy Science (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 84Applied Social Research (M.Sc.) 71Social Work (M.S.W. / P.Grad.Dip.) 72Engineering,Mathematicsand ScienceSchool of Biochemistry and Immunology 72Immunology (M.Sc.) 73Immunotherapeutics (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 73School of Computer Scienceand Statistics 74Computer Science (M.Sc.) - Augmentedand Virtual Reality 74Computer Science (M.Sc.) - Data Science 75Computer Science (M.Sc.) - Future NetworkedSystems 75Computer Science (M.Sc.) - Intelligent Systems 76Interactive Digital Media (M.Sc.) 76School of Engineering 77Bioengineering (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 77Electronic Information Engineering (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 78Engineering (Environmental / Structural andGeotechnical / Transport) (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 79Engineering (Sustainable Energy) (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 79Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 80Music and Media Technologies (M.Phil.) 80HealthSciencesSchool of Dental Science 85Dental Surgery (D.Ch.Dent.) 85School of Medicine 88Genomic Medicine (M.Sc.) 88Global Health (M.Sc.) 89Healthcare Infection Management (M.Sc.) 89Implementation Science (M.Sc.) 90Molecular Medicine (M.Sc.) 90Neuroscience (M.Sc.) 91Sports and Exercise Medicine (M.Sc.) 91Translational Oncology (M.Sc.) 92School of Nursing and Midwifery 92Ageing Health & Wellbeing in Intellectual Disability(M.Sc.) 93Community Health (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 93Dementia (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 94Mental Health (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 94Midwifery (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 95Nursing (M.Sc.) 95Nursing - Child Health and Wellbeing (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 96School of Pharmacy andPharmaceutical Sciences 96Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 97School of Mathematics 81High Performance Computing (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 81School of Natural Sciences 82Biodiversity and Conservation (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 82Development Practice (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 83Environmental Sciences (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.)

PART-TIME MASTERS, ALL POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMAS,CERTIFICATES AND ONLINE COURSESArts, Humanitiesand Social SciencesSchool of BusinessMaster in Business Administration (M.B.A.) 99School of Creative Arts (Drama, Film and Music)Playwriting (M.F.A) 99Stage Design (M.F.A) 99Theatre Directing (M.F.A) 99School of Education21st Century Teaching and Learning (P.Grad.Cert.) 99Master in Education (M.Ed.) 99School of Histories and HumanitiesArt History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) Classics (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 99Early Modern History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 99Environmental History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 99Gender and Women’s Studies (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 99International History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 99Medieval Studies (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 99Modern Irish History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 99Public History and Cultural Heritage (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 99Laws (LL.M) 99School of Linguistic, Speechand Communication SciencesApplied Linguistics (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 100Clinical Speech and Language Studies (Dysphagia)(P.Grad.Dip.) 100Clinical Speech and Language Studies (M.Sc.) 100English Language Teaching (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 100Linguistics (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 100Speech and Language Processing (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 100School of PsychologyClinical Supervision (M.Sc.) / P.Grad.Dip.) 100Managing Risk and System Change (M.Sc.) 100Managing Risk and System Change (P.Grad.Dip.) 100Managing Risk and System Change (P.Grad.Cert.) 100Psychology (H.Dip.) - Psychology ConversionCourse 1004Trinity College Dublin, The University of DublinSchool of ReligionChristian Theology (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 100Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (M.Phil. /P.Grad.Dip.) 100Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies(P.Grad.Dip.) 100Divinity (B.D.) 101Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies(M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 101International Peace Studies (M.Phil. (Peace Studies) /P.Grad.Dip.) 101Master in Theology (M.Th.) 101School of Social Sciences and PhilosophyEconomics (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 101International Politics (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 101Philosophy (M.Phil.) 101School of Social Work and Social PolicyApplied Social Research (M.Sc.) 101Child Protection and Welfare (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 101Child Protection and Welfare (P.Grad.Dip.) 101Social Policy and Practice (Online) (P.Grad.Dip.) 101Social Work (M.S.W. / P.Grad.Dip.) 101Engineering, Mathematicsand ScienceSchool of Computer Science and StatisticsStatistics (P.Grad.Cert.) 102School of EngineeringApplied Building Repair and Conservation(P.Grad.Dip.) 102Construction Law and Contract Administration(P.Grad.Dip.) 102Engineering (Environmental / Structural andGeotechnical / Transport) (M.Sc/P.Grad.Dip.) 102Engineering (Sustainable Energy) (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 102Environmental Monitoring, Assessment andEngineering (P.Grad.Dip.) 102Fire Safety Practice (P.Grad.Dip.) 102Health and Safety in Construction (P.Grad.Dip.) 102Music and Media Technologies (M.Phil.) 102

Project Management (P.Grad.Dip.) 102Sustainable Energy (P.Grad.Dip.) 102Health SciencesSchool of Dental SciencesClinical Dental Technology (P.Grad.Dip.) 103Clinical Dentistry (M.Sc.) 103Dental Surgery (D.Ch.Dent.) 103School of MedicineAddiction Recovery (M.Sc./P.Grad.Dip.) 103Advanced Radiation Therapy Practice - ClinicalPractice (Online P.Grad.Cert. / P.Grad.Dip.) 103Advanced Radiation Therapy Practice - TreatmentPlanning (Online Masters) 103Biological Psychiatry (P.Grad.Cert.) 103Biomedical Sciences (Intercalated) (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 103Cardiology (M.Sc.) 103Clinical Chemistry (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 103Clinical Exercise (Online Certificate) 104Clinical Exercise (Online Diploma) 104Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (M.Sc.) 104Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy(P.Grad.Dip.) 104Diagnostic Radiography (M.Sc.) 104Global Health (M.Sc.) 104Health Services Management (M.Sc.) 104Healthcare Infection Management (M.Sc.) 104Healthcare Innovation (P.Grad.Dip.) 104Implementation Science (M.Sc.) 104Medical Imaging (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 104Medicine (P.Grad.Dip.) 104Molecular Medicine (M.Sc.) 104Molecular Medicine (P.Grad.Dip.) 105Neuroscience (M.Sc.) 105Occupational Therapy (M.Sc.) 105Pharmaceutical Medicine (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 105Population Health and Health Services Research(Online) 105Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 105Sports and Exercise Medicine (M.Sc.) of Nursing and MidwiferyAgeing Health & Wellbeing in Intellectual Disability(P.Grad.Cert.) (Online) 105Ageing Health & Wellbeing in Intellectual Disability(P.Grad.Dip.) 105Children’s Nursing (H.Dip.) 105Clinical Health Sciences Education (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.)Community Health (P.Grad.Dip / P.Grad. Cert.) 105Dementia (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 105Dementia (P. Grad. Cert.) (Online) 105Gerontological Nursing (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 106Mental Health (M.Sc. / P.Grad. Dip.) 106Midwifery (H.Dip.) 106Midwifery (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 106Nursing (M.Sc.) 106Nursing (Nursing/ Midwife Prescribing)(Certificate) 106Nursing (Specialist Nursing) (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 106Nursing - Advanced Practice (ANP) M.Sc./P.Grad.Dip.(and P.Grad.Cert.) 106Nursing - Child Health and Wellbeing (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.) 106Palliative Care (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 106Specialist Practice (P.Grad.Cert.) 106Specialist Practice - Cancer Care & Haematology(P.Grad.Cert.) 106Specialist Practice - Cardiovascular(P.Grad.Cert.) 106Specialist Practice - Emergency Department(P.Grad.Cert.) 106Specialist Practice - Gerontological Nursing(P.Grad.Cert.) 106Specialist Practice - Intensive Care (P.Grad.Cert.) 106Specialist Practice - Mental Health (P.Grad.Cert.) 107Specialist Practice - Mental Health PsychosocialInterventions (P.Grad.Cert.) 107Specialist Practice - Mental Health Child Adolescentand Family (P.Grad.Cert.) 107Specialist Practice - Orthopaedics (P.Grad.Cert.) 107Specialist Practice - Palliative Care (P.Grad.Cert.) 107Specialist Practice - Perioperative (P.Grad.Cert.) 107Specialist Practice - Renal (P.Grad.Cert.)School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesHospital Pharmacy (M.Sc.) 107Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology (M.Sc./P.Grad.Dip.) 107Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.) 1075

Ireland’s leadinguniversity.WELCOME FROM THEDEAN OF GRADUATE STUDIESTrinity College Dublin, the University of Dublinis Ireland’s leading university, ranked 108thin the world*. Our professors with whomyou will work are inspiring thought-leadersin their fields. Our facilities, both curricularand extra-curricular are second to none.Our postgraduate students, drawn fromnumerous different countries, continuallyamaze and inspire us with their brillianceand dedication. Our graduates areoutstanding, are held in high esteem byemployers and have made an enormousimpact in national and global life.We would be thrilled to welcome you intothis vibrant, scholarly community whereyou will be fulfilled both academically andpersonally in your postgraduate study.Professor Neville Cox, Dean of Graduate StudiesTrinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin* QS World University Rankings 20206Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

Why ChooseTrinity?World ClassEducationTrinity College Dublin, the Universityof Dublin is Ireland’s top ranked university,and ranked 108th in the world(QS World University Rankings 2020).InternationalReputation for Researchand Teaching ExcellenceTrinity is Ireland’s leading university,recognised internationally for excellencein education and research, and mostimportantly, our graduates are held inhigh esteem by employers worldwide.Trinity is a member of the League ofEuropean Research Universities (LERU),Europe’s leading network of researchintensive universities and brings togetherglobal experts across all disciplinesto offer an exceptional educationalexperience centred on a researchinspired curriculum.8Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

LocationTrinity is situated in the heart of Dublin’s citycentre, at the centre of the country’s transporthub, on a beautiful campus which contains awonderful mix of modern and historic facilities,including the country’s largest research library.InternationalReachTrinity is ranked as the 16th mostinternational university in the world(Times Higher Education Ranking2019). Trinity has students and stafffrom over 120 different nationalitieson campus, making it a truly diverseand international

Leader in Innovationand EntrepreneurshipTrinity is Ireland’s most innovativeuniversity (Reuters Most InnovativeUniversities 2019) and first in Europefor producing Entrepreneurs forthe fifth year in a row (PitchbookUniversities Report 2019).StudentSupportsSupports including GraduateStudents’ Union, a CareersService to support you in seekingemployment and an AlumniCareer Network to support youafter graduation. Find out more College Dublin, The University of Dublin

Student LifeTrinity offers students an unparalleled experience,with 120 societies and 50 sports clubs. Course specificsocial events are also arranged for you to get to knowyour new classmates.DistinguishedAlumniOver the past four centuries Trinity graduateshave played a leading role on the world stage;Nobel prize-winners and presidents of Irelandhave attended Trinity or taught

Located at the heartof Dublin’s tech industryLUASBUSSTATIONCITIBANKGRIVER IONLUAS12Trinity College Dublin, The University of DublinBICYCLESTATIONBUS

TRANSPORTTrinity’s central location makes it highlyaccessible for all forms of public transportwith tram, train and bus stations justminutes from the campus. Trinity hasits own LUAS (tram) station and there isa DART (Dublin’s suburban rail system)station opposite the campus.DUBLIN AIRPORTVIA PORT TUNNEL20 MINUTESMULTINATIONALSIreland is a hub for internationalemployers including Facebook, Twitter,Google, Linkedin, Accenture, PWC andAIG to name but a few. Forbes ranksIreland as the 11th best country in theworld for business.(Forbes, September

Collaborationwithin the classroomand community.14Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

Ana-Maria Murphy-Teixidor,M.Sc. Development Practice(from the U.S.A)WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE THING ABOUT TRINITY?My favourite part of Trinity is the community. Whetheryou are on campus, meeting students through differentsocieties and classes, or in the United States meetingTrinity alumni through the Trinity New York Alumniassociation, the Trinity bond is strong and continuallybrings people together forming communities in Dublinand beyond.WHAT WAS THE MOST ENJOYABLE PARTOF YOUR COURSE?Through my course, I did a research project for threemonths in Senegal. I was able to see classroom theoryapplied in a research project that examined water securityin the north of the country. It gave greater purpose to myin class studies, and I am excited to return this semesterwith this valuable experience.IN WHAT WAYS DID YOU AVAIL OF THE BENEFITSOF THE CITY-CENTRE CAMPUS?The city centre campus is great for food, transport linksand professional connections. Given that Trinity is inDublin, it allows programme directors to set up researchpositions in relevant organisations in Dublin, so you notonly get experience within the university, but also atpotential future employers.CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE LEVEL AND FEELING OFSAFETY AT TRINITY?I have never felt unsafe on the Trinity campus or aroundmy student accommodation at Kavanagh Court.WHAT MAKES TRINITY A GLOBAL CAMPUS?My programme is quite unique and provides one ofthe best global experiences on campus. In our firstyear, we meet with other master in developmentpractice students from 40 other campuses all over theworld over Skype. Moreover, during my summer fieldplacement my programme director put us in contactwith the programme director in Dakar, showing truly howinternational Trinity’s connections

Critical thinkingskills and discoveriesTrinity is Ireland’sleading and topranked university.Trinity is the 16thmost internationalUniversity in the world.(QS World UniversityRankings 2020).(Times Higher Education Ranking 2019)“As a Global Health Masters student, I am alwayschallenged everyday during the lectures to thinkoutside the box, especially since we come fromdiverse backgrounds.I have come to appreciate how culture shapesand influences our perceptions on how we viewthe world. Every moment is a brilliant learningopportunity.”Caroline Njoroge,M.Sc. Global Health Graduate(from Africa)Trinity is first inEurope for producingEntrepreneurs for thefifth year in a row.(Pitchbook UniversitiesReport 2019)16Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

“One of the best things about Trinityis that we have access to amazingresearchers through our courses. We getto know researchers who are leadingin their field which opens up a lot ofopportunities for us students and givesus insight into life after university.”Aneta Nerguti,M.Sc. Environmental ScienceIreland is the12th safest countryin the worldDublin is the37th best studentcity in the world.(Global Peace Index 2019)(QS Best Student Cities 2019)Trinity is ranked108th in the world.Trinity is Ireland’smost innovativeuniversity.(Reuters Most InnovativeUniversities 2019)(QS World University Rankings 2020)

Trinity GraduateAttributesStudents come to Trinity not onlyto acquire a certain set of facts orcompetences but because they havean understanding of the sort of personthey want to become.Building on the strong value placedon a solid disciplinary formation, wewanted to answer to the question ‘whatkind of person can I be?’ We distilledthis sense of transformation into fourTrinity graduate attributes listed below.1. To think independently2. To communicate effectively3. To develop continuously4. To act responsiblySerious abouttackling societalchallenges18Trinity College Dublin, The University of DublinTrinity is recognised as one of the world’sleading research-intensive universities andour research continues to address issues ofglobal societal and economic importance.Find out more at

We are peoplefocused andcelebrate ourtalented community“Dublin is very safe which is an importantthing when you move to live abroad in aplace that you don’t know, and makes youfeel less worried.People here are welcoming and friendly,so you probably won’t have a hard time onmaking friends.Beatriz de Moraes,M. Sc. Biodiversity and ConservationGraduate (from Brazil)People hereare welcomingand

Accommodationat TrinityMany postgraduate students findaccommodation in shared houses or selfcatering apartments. Houses and apartmentsvary in price, depending on size, facilities andlocation. The Students’ Union offers a usefulAccommodation Advisory Service limited number of students may be housedin University accommodation, includingresidences on-campus and at Kavanagh Courtlocated just a 15 minute walk to the University,see you are seeking accommodation, theearlier you begin your search and are ableto secure accommodation, the more choiceyou will get in each location and price range.20Trinity yUniversityofofDublinDublin

LearningSupportsIT SERVICESAs a student at Trinity, you are providedwith access to hundreds of computerslocated across campus, secure wifi, aTrinity gmail account and e-learningresources via the Blackboard Learnsystem, see’s library is the largest research library inIreland with six million printed volumes, nearly500,000 electronic books, 80,000 electronic journals,the country’s largest collection of maps and printedmusic, and an extensive collection of manuscripts,see was delighted to announce theopening of our new state-of-the-artBusiness School in summer 2019 andhas announced further expansion plansincluding a new Law School, StudentAccommodation and E3 innew facilities21

Student ServicesACADEMIC REGISTRYAcademic Registry providescentral academic administrativeservices to assist students withall queries regarding courseapplications/admission, fees,registration, timetables,examinations and assessments.E: academic.registry@tcd.ieT: 353 (0)1 896 4500.CAREERS SERVICEPlan your future beyond yourcurrent course of study withthe help of guidance software,skills workshops and personalconsultations, see HEALTH SERVICETrinity’s Health Service providesGP services for students. Studentconsultations are free of chargewith modest fees for additionalservices. All EU students shouldbring with them a European HealthInsurance Card issued in theircountry of origin.Non-EU students are not entitledto free national health services inIreland, and are advised to take outinsurance cover for hospitalisationor to extend private healthinsurance before leaving their homecountry. Private health insurancecover is also available in Irelandand the student health service canadvise you on your options, health.The best placefor entrepreneursin Europe22Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

DAY NURSERYThe day nursery caters for childrenaged three months to four and ahalf years old. There is a fee for thisservice, see SERVICEThe Student Disability Service worksclosely with academic staff, tutors,administrators and other supportservices to meet the supportrequirements of students with anydisability, see SERVICEThe Postgraduate Advisory Serviceoffers a comprehensive range ofacademic, pastoral, and professionalsupports dedicated to enhancingyour student experience, TUDENT COUNSELLING SERVICEStudent Counselling offers aconfidential, professional and free ofcharge service. There is also a PeerSupport Network which is confidentialand based on student-to-studentsupport, see STUDENTS’ UNIONThe Graduate Students’ Union servesto protect students’ interests and actsas a helpful meeting point. The Unionorganises a variety of events, receptionsand trips each year, see

“The past year studying as apostgraduate at Trinity has beenincredibly rewarding and enjoyable.The opportunity to explore a diverse range oftopics within my programme with professorswho are always approachable and helpful makeslearning very engaging. I have been lucky enoughto undertake a field course abroad and presentmy findings to my peers both in Trinity andfurther afield.A major part of studying at Trinity is being partof a diverse college community. The wealth ofbackgrounds and experience present in the classroomcreates discussion and debate and I learn from mypeers as well as from my professors every day.Studying right in the heart of the city means justby going to college you are exposed to all thehistory and culture of Dublin as a European capitalcity. I have had a fantastic time studying here andwould recommend it to anyone considering apostgraduate degree.”Andrew Neill,M.Sc. Development Practice24Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

InternationalStudentsTrinity College Dublin, the Universityof Dublin is an internationaluniversity attracting faculty, studentsand staff from over 120 countries.EMPLOYMENTTrinity students receive outstanding academicand personal support throughout their timehere. Trinity aims to ensure all our studentshave a positive experience as we educate themto be global citizens and we are proud thatpostgraduate students continue to come herein significant numbers from around the world.See further information at from countries within theEuropean Union (EU) are free to takeup employment under standard EU freemovement of labour regulations. However,mixing employment with study is not easy,and it is recommended that students donot arrive from elsewhere in the EU withoutpossessing the financial resources tocomplete their chosen course of study.26Trinity yUniversityofofDublinDublinNon-EU nationals who have permission toundertake postgraduate study in Irelandare entitled to take up casual employment,defined as up to 20 hours part-time workper week or full-time work during vacationperiods. In order to encourage talented,skilled graduates to pursue careers inIreland, non-EU nationals are permitted toremain in Ireland for an additional periodof 12-24 months after receipt of results oftheir final examinations as part of theThird Level Graduate Programme, .

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTSAll applicants whose first language is not English and who havenot been educated through the medium of English must presentone of the following qualifications in the English language: ELTS: Grade 6.5 overall TOEFL: 88 internet-based, 570 paper-based, 230 computer-based University of Cambridge: Proficiency Certificate, Grade Cor better (CEFR Level C1 or C2); Advanced Certificate, Grade Cor better (CEFR Level C1 or C2) Pearson Test of English (Academic) – PTE Academic: a minimumscore of 63 to be eligible (with no section score below 59)Full details available ostgraduate.VISA REQUIREMENTSIf you are a citizen of the European Union (EU),you do not need a visa to enter and live in Ireland.Some, but not all non-EU students require visasto enter Ireland, students from North America areamong those who do not require a visa. The list ofvisa-required countries can be found at the INISwebsite: It is important to notethat ALL non-EU students, whether visa-requiredor not, must register with the Irish Naturalisationand Immigration Service (INIS) for permission toremain in the state. Students must show theiroffer letter at airport immigration where they willreceive a temporary stamp in their passport. Theymust register with the INIS within the time limitspecified on their temporary stamp.Visa-required non-EU students should contact theirnearest Irish Embassy or Consulate for informationon visa requirements. Visas can take up to 8-10weeks to process, so please allow sufficient time.You should apply as early as possible, especially ifan Irish visa is required. For further arrival/visa-immigrations. All non-EU fee paying studentsmust pay their full tuition fees prior to

PostgraduateResearch at TrinityTrinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin isrecognised as one of the world’s leading researchintensive universities and its research continuesto address issues of global, societal and economicimportance.The University’s commitment to a research-lededucation means that our students are exposed toleaders in their discipline, to the latest knowledge andideas, and to an education that emphasises analyticalskills and creative thinking, and gives students anopportunity to develop a broad range of skills byengaging in personal research.Full details regarding Trinity’s research institutes, centresand themes are available at partnerships,collaborations& opportunities28Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

PostgraduateResearch StudentsHigher degrees by research are normally obtained bycarrying out a period of research within the university,under the supervision of a member of Trinity staff, withsubsequent submission of a thesis. All doctoral studentsare registered on a structured PhD and will attendmodules, workshops and/or master classes as advised bytheir supervisor or supervisory panel normally in the firstyear to eighteen months of registration.All students undertaking a research degree are assignedto a single supervisor, though for some students there mayalso be an additional advisor. Further details available postgraduate/research/az.php.Funding opportunities for research students are detailed

Medieval Studies (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 49 Modern Irish History (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 50 Public History and Cultural Heritage (M.Phil. / P.Grad.Dip.) 50 School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies 51 Comparative Literature (M.Phil.) 51 Early Irish (M.Phil.) 52 Identities and Cultures of Europe (M.Phil.) 52

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have made an enormous impact in national and global life. We would be thrilled to welcome you into this vibrant, scholarly community where you will be fulfilled both academically and personally in your postgraduate study. Professor Neville Cox, Dean of Graduate Studies Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Postgraduate Diploma Artificial Intelligence . Postgraduate Certificate Data Science . Applicable for all postgraduate students starting in 2020 . UVersion No. UDate UNotes – QA USE ONLY UAO 2020-21 v1 12 June 2020 New staged masters programme for a 2020/21 start. JP 2020-21 v1.1 6 October

Company offering shares to public shall publish a prospectus Contents of a prospectus Minimum amount required to be raised to be stated in prospectus Companies continuously offering shares to the public Offences relating to the issue of a prospectus Civil liability for mis-statements in prospectus

PROSPECTUS 2019 YEAR 11. Creating the future together. TABLE OF CONTENTS . . GENERAL INFORMATION . This prospectus has been designed to assist Year 10 students to make decisions about the future. It . University Prospectus are located in the VET office at the Collegeor you can access information

Trinity Presbyterian Church Rev. Tom Dunlap Pastor Onsite Trinity Worship Services Trinity is now worshiping on Sundays in the sanctuary. Session understands that not every-one will be comfortable returning to . The Good News from Trinity PC March 15, 2021. Page 2THE GOOD NEWS

Trinity is ranked 1st in Ireland and 101st in the world. Trinity also ranks in the top 100 in 18 subjects globally1. 1 QS World University Rankings 2021 Your Career Trinity is committed to preparing its students for the ever-changing challenges of the 21st century workplace. Trinity ranks 92nd in the World for graduate employability2.

Major Aquifer –Trinity Aquifer The northern Trinity Aquifer is composed of several individual aquifers contained within the Trinity Group. In the District, the northern Trinity Aquifer consists of the aquifers of the Paluxy and Twin Mountains formations separated by the predominantly confining Glen Rose Formation (Figure 3).

Defendant Trinity Highway Products, LLC (collectively referred to herein as "Defendant Trinity"). 11. Defendant Trinity refers to this product as the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal (the "ET Plus"). 12. Defendant Trinity is in the business of manufacturing and selling various highway safety and constructio