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BUDGET ENTRYOverviewSchoolsOVERVIEWOn the week before Spring Break of the current fiscal year, each school loca on will be requested tocomplete a Budget Entry regarding next fiscal year’s budget. This allows each loca on to allocatetheir next fiscal year’s budget to the budget unit / account numbers according to their individualneeds.To assist you in comple ng the budget entry, you should have received a memo from the Instruc onDepartment advising you of your Instruc onal Budget Alloca on. You should have also received amemo from the Business Office advising you when to enter your budget, deadlines and any excepons.The following pages include instruc ons to enter your budget into eFinance Plus.There are three steps for you to follow to successfully complete your budget alloca on: Use the Budget Excel Worksheet provided. This Excel worksheet is a tool to assist you with thealloca on of your Instruc onal budget. Using your Budget Excel Worksheet as a guide, enter your budget into the eFinance Plus BudgetPrepara on System. A er budget is entered at the Rogers Center, print two copies of the Departmental Budget Work-sheet, which will show your budget for next year. Keep one copy of the budget for your records The Principal will be asked to sign and date one copy of the budget to be collected and kept bythe Business Office.FYIConnie Bergeson (Instruc on Department) will budget the following: Professional DevelopmentVoca onal—Regular & SpecialTravel Conference—Teachers & PrincipalsAuto AllowanceArt & Music & PE (Elementary only)PostageTextbooks & E‐Books1

BUDGET ENTRYeFinance Plus EntryeFinance Plus ENTRYFrom the eFinance Plus Main Menu, select the following:Budget Prepara on Budget Entry2

BUDGET ENTRYeFinance Plus EntryThe “Budget Entry” window will appear on your screen. Select the Requested bu on locatedin the Expenditure column.The “Expenditure Budget Process—Requested” window will appear on your screen.Enter “2000” in the Fund box. (Belle Point should enter “ 2275”)Select the Find bu on to process your request.3

BUDGET ENTRYeFinance Plus EntryThe bo om por on of the “Expenditure Budget Process” window will be accessible on yourscreen. You are now ready to enter your budget for next fiscal year.Enter the amount you want to allocate for your next fiscal year’s budget in the RequestedBase field next to the appropriate budget unit / account number.Note: Do not change any field other than the Requested Base.Before you select the Back bu on, make sure you select the OK bu on.If you do not do this, your changes will not be processed and you willhave to re‐enter your budget.A er selec ng Ok, you can scroll to the bo om of the column to checkyour total (it should match the amount noted in the memo you receivedfrom Instruc on).4

BUDGET ENTRYPrint WorksheetPRINT WORKSHEETFrom the eFinance Plus Main Menu, select the following;Budget Prepara on Reports under the Expenditure tab click on Requested Worksheet5

BUDGET ENTRYPrint Worksheet(cont.)The “Expenditure Worksheet” window will appear on your screen. Enter “2000” in the Fundbox. (Belle Point should enter “2275”.) Select the OK bu on to process your request.Select Department Expenditure Budget as the Report Type. Select the OK bu on to processyour request. Print the report to your screen before prin ng to hard copy.1. Print two copies of the Departmental Budget Worksheet.2. Keep one copy for yourself and give one signed copy to Bryan (Business Office).3. Once you have submi ed your Departmental Budget Worksheet to Bryan, please do notmake any changes to your budget. If you need a change made, contact Bryan immediately.6

eFinance Plus Entry The boom poron of the "Expendi ture Budget Process" window will be accessible on your screen. You are now ready to enter your budget for next fiscal year. Enter the amount you want to allocate for your next fiscal year's budget in the Requested

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