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Partner toEmpower2022

2Brookfield Properties shoppingcenters present consumers withopportunities that digital platformssimply cannot match — five-sensemoments that provide the benefit oftouching, tasting, and feelingproducts in real time, the ability toexplore a new brand in person, andthe chance to become immersed inunforgettable moments. We call thisr-commerce: real commerce.

3We’re revolutionizing retailWe’re an experience, a community, an environment that creates engaging destinations for our guests andtenants — a retail operating system. Our expansive portfolio comprises more than 170 locations across 43states and represents over 150 million square feet of retail space — ranking us among the largest high-qualityretail real estate companies in the United States.We’re focused on curating high-profile retailers, eclectic culinary options, and celebrated cultural conceptsthat are true to the neighborhoods we serve — developing hubs that cater to the unique needs of consumers,support national and local brands, execute advanced sustainability initiatives, and strengthen communities.We are transforming our centers into destinations for the next generation. And we’re not stopping there.Join us. Together, we’ll revolutionize retail.Learn more

Brookfield Properties is committed to partnering with, empowering, andproviding resources for Black- and minority-owned businesses.Partner to Empower is a program dedicated to addressing and breakingdown the systemic racial barriers that members of our communities face.We will invest 25 million through 2025 to help Black and minoritybusiness owners open brick-and-mortar stores in our malls, as well asprovide them with one-on-one guidance and an invitation to participatein a tailored Retail Workshop packed with resources and networkingopportunities. It is our mission to bring more diversity to our shoppingcenters and help support equity within our industry.Business planningand guidanceView the websiteFinancial supportfor storeconstructionNetworkingopportunities withcommunity expertsA free, four-weekRetail Workshop ledby industry insidersinnovation4Partner to EmpowerPartner to Empower

innovation5Partner to EmpowerProgram offeringsMonetary investmentNetworking, resources, and guidanceBrookfield Properties will work with businesses tofund their build-out and construction expensesassociated with opening a store within one or moreof our centers.Additionally, we will provide a support system of business and industryexpertise as well as host a Retail Workshop for accepted applicants tolearn more about growing a business and opening retail stores. We will dothis through a mix of our internal expertise and that of external partners.Support topics§ Business banking§ Marketing, branding, and PR§ Business law, leases, andrisk management§ Market selection andexpansion strategies§ Developing business models§ POS systems andinventory management§ Franchising§ Funding§ HR and staffing§ Leadership and peoplemanagement§ Store operations§ Store design andmerchandising

6Participating propertiesPartner to Empower will be accepting applications for theseproperties from February 16 to March 18. Application windowsfor additional properties within our U.S. portfolio will openthroughout 2022.Alabama1. Riverchase GalleriaArkansas1. Pinnacle Hills PromenadeIllinois1. Market Place Shopping Center2. Northbrook Court3. Oakbrook Center4. Water Tower PlaceLouisiana1. Mall of Louisiana2. Oakwood Center3. Pecanland MallSee the propertiesMinnesota1. Apache Mall2. Crossroads Center3. Ridgedale CenterTexas1. Columbia Mall2. Plaza Frontenac3. St. Louis Galleria1. Baybrook Mall2. Deerbrook Mall3. First Colony Mall4. Hulen Mall5. North Star Mall6. Stonebriar Centre7. The Parks Mall at Arlington8. The Shops at La Cantera9. The Woodlands Mall10. Town East Mall11. Willowbrook MallOklahomaWisconsinMississippi1. The Mall at Barnes CrossingMissouri1. Quail Springs Mall2. Sooner Mall1. Fox River Mall2. Mayfair3. Oakwood Mall

7U.S. Retail Portfolio MapSee the properties

8U.S. Locations by State

9Partner to EmpowerLong-term visionOur vision through 2025Launch the Partner to Empower program, expanding Black- and minorityowned businesses across our retail properties.§§§§Open 250 new stores with Black or minority ownership across our portfolio by EOY 2025Expand the program nationally by EOY 2023Invest 25M for the construction and build-out of stores in our mallsAssist in the creation of jobs, with the potential of 750 jobs created via store openingsBe a new conduit for businesses and business community partners towork together.01§§§Establish a Retail Workshop of training and tools to better equip businesses for successBuild partnerships with organizations with appropriate business expertise and connections(i.e.: banks, accounting firms, franchises, publications, legal firms, andother community organizations)Cultivate the network of our current/future Black-owned businesses and our partnersthrough the Retail Workshop and other services shared, creating an ecosystem of support

10Partner to EmpowerMarketing PlanWe promote the Partner to Empower programand application periods via our BrookfieldProperties-owned channels and incollaboration with our partners and friends.

Enable Our EmployeesProvide our employee base with theinformation and resources needed totalk to current tenants and newbusinesses about the program, asthey have critical connections. Internal communication Talking points Sharable print and digital toolsPartner OpportunitiesCollaborate with our partners andconnections to cast a wide net topromote the program. Partner publications, emails,communication channels Official partnership opportunitiesand campaigns Other cross-promotionalopportunitiesOwned ChannelsBrookfield Properties Official websiteinnovation11Partner to EmpowerMarketing plan Social media and ad campaigns SEM/Google campaigns PR/media outreachLocal Mall Website homepage modules Social media and ad campaigns In-mall signage

Session 1ApplicationLaunchFebruary 16 – March 18Session 2ApplicationLaunchApril 4 – April 29TBD 2022ApplicationLiveApplicationLive Session 3ApplicationLaunchApplicationLive Q1Q2Q3Q42022202220222022Session 2Retail WorkshopJune 6 – June 30Session 1Retail WorkshopMay 2 – May 25Store Build-outs and Store Opening Marketing Supportinnovation12Partner to EmpowerTimeline Q12023Session 3Retail WorkshopEarly 2023

13Partner to EmpowerLend yourexpertiseBlack- and minority-ownedbusinesses currently make up asmall fraction of business ownersin the U.S. We are committed tochange that. Please join us.Retail WorkshopBe a part of the knowledge series toBrookfield Properties can advertiseproducts and services to businesses thatto business and growth success. There areare part of this program. Support aopportunities to run a training session,business's success by offering free orprovide 1:1 consultation, or lend resourcesdiscounted services for them such as:or tips and tricks, allowing you to promoteyourself and your business in return.Potential knowledge sharing we arelooking for: Accountingwith resources and information Business banking Business model creationinitiative will be set up for even HR strategy and staffinggreater success. Together we can Inventory and supply chaingrow businesses and strengthen our Legal advice/contractscommunities. Marketing and PR POS systems and business technologyfeel that those selected for thisService Membershipseducate on a variety of topics that are keyBy providing retail expertise alongimperative for growing a business, we Free initial consultations Ongoing mentorship Discounted service rates ormemberships Additional services

Let’s spread the word about Partner to Empower.§Promotion of the application on your website ormarketing channels§Connection to other organizations or businessesthat would be interested in the program§Mutually beneficial cross-promotional opportunitiescollaboration14Partner to EmpowerHelp get theword out

15Partner to EmpowerCross-promotionalopportunitiesThe below opportunities are available dependent on the level ofpartnership; however, we are open to customized ideas as well.Feature logo on promotional pieces: Program website inclusions Program's digital/print materials such as one-sheeters and brochures Collaboration on advertising campaigns such as social mediacampaigns and in-mall signageRetail Workshop: Visibility and potential features within the Retail Workshop:customized webinar and speaking opportunities Inclusion on course syllabus, resource handouts, and othercommunications sent to business owner participantsNeeded from our partners in orderto feature your company withinthis program: Company logo Company bio Website link (as well as anyother additional links we shoulduse as CTAs) Headshots and bios of speakers(if applicable) Contact information

16FAQs01How do you define a Blackor minority-owned business?We define a Black- or minority-owned business as afor-profit small business concern where sociallydisadvantaged* individuals own a significant interest(e.g., majority ownership) and also controlmanagement and daily business operations.*African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian-PacificAmericans, and Subcontinent Asian Americans are presumed tobe socially disadvantaged. Other individuals can also qualify associally disadvantaged on a case-by-case basis.02What businesses are right for this program?We are passionate about finding businesses that want to open their firstbrick-and-mortar store or expand their portfolio of existing locations. We’relooking for Black- or minority-owned businesses that are:§ Interested in opening a store within the Brookfield Properties U.S.mall portfolio.§ At a point in their growth to be able to open a brick-and-mortar store. Thisincludes having the correct funding to support their business operationsand inventory outside of the funding that the program provides for storebuildout expenses.§ Ready for the commitment to sign a license agreement, ideally for aminimum of two years, in which both parties agree on factors such as rentprice and store design.§ Specifically selling merchandise or providing a service that we are lookingfor. Each mall has a unique category mix to which we do not want to overindex, as the key to a successful shopping center is to have adifferentiated offering of retailers and services.

17FAQs03How does Partner to Empower fundingwork and what can it be used for?Partner to Empower funding is specifically for the expensesassociated with building out physical stores within a BrookfieldProperties mall. Other important aspects of running a store such aspurchasing inventory, staffing, and operations are not covered byour funding. The funds provided through this program are uniqueto each business and will align with what is required for thespecific buildout.0504What are the details of theRetail Workshop?We’ve built a network of support through partnering withnational and local organizations, banks, businesses, and retailleaders to break down the many barriers in building andexpanding a successful business. This culminates in a four-weekRetail Workshop hosted by Brookfield Properties, which will befacilitated by our friends at Global Core Strategies & Consulting.Topics covered include building business plans, businessbanking, marketing, staffing, store operations, leadership, andmore. And yes, the Retail Workshop is free for those acceptedinto the Partner to Empower program — it is our commitment totheir success.How is this program being marketed and are there cross-promotional opportunities?We have a robust marketing plan to drive awareness of this program through our media channels and our marketing opportunities ateach of our shopping centers in our focus regions. There are opportunities in all our materials and communication to include the logos,communications, etc., of our partners.

18Partner to EmpowerThank youThank you for your time and interest. Feel free to reach outwith any additional questions regarding the program or howto partner with us. We look forward to working with you!Bringing diverseretailers togetherto strengthen ourcommunitiespartnertoempower.coMichelle IsabelFacebook@BrookfieldPropertiesRetailVP, Partner to roprtl678-385-1441LinkedInBrookfield PropertiesMarcella BrysInstagramPartner to Empower Marketing brookfieldproperties.popup

Partner to Empower 18 Thank you for your time and interest. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions regarding the program or how to partner with us. We look forward to working with you! Michelle Isabel VP, Partner to Empower 678-385-1441 Marcella Brys Partner to Empower Marketing Lead marcella.brys .

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