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WELCOME SOURCEBOOKWELCOMEAIB GlobalBroadcastingSourcebookTHE WORLDWIDE ELECTRONIC MEDIA DIRECTORY TV RADIO CABLE SATELLITE IPTV MOBILE 2009 EDITIONIn the people-centric world of broadcasting,accurate information is one of the pillarsthat the industry is built on.Information on the information providersthemselves – broadcasters as well as themyriad other delivery platforms – is to acertain extent available in the publicdomain. But it is disparate, not necessarilycorrect or complete, and the context ismissing.The Global BroadcastingSourcebook is thedirectory ofinternational TV andradio broadcasters,together with leadingcable, satellite, IPTVand mobile operators,researched by AIB, theAssociation forInternationalBroadcasting, andBroadband TV NewsMIDDLE EAST/AFRICARichie EbrahimT 971 4 391 4718M 971 50 849 0169E richie@avspecialist.tvEUROPEAIBPO Box 141Cranbrook, TN17 9AJ, UKT 44 (0) 20 7993 EXECUTIVESimon SpanswickThe views and opinionsexpressed in the AIBGlobal BroadcastingSourcebook are notnecessarily those of AIB.The publisher accepts noresponsibility for errors,omissions or theconsequences thereofEDITORGunda CannonCopyright 2009Association forInternational OFFICERAlison Briel, JulianClover, Chris Dziadul,Jonathan Marks, LaidZaghlamiDATABASE ADVICEPat Bensky, CatbaseADVERTISINGUKSteve ForsdickT 44 (0) 20 7878 2334E beaudT 33 1 4730 7180M 33 6 1103 9652E earchambeaud@wanadoo.frReproduction in whole orin part by any meanswithout writtenpermission of thepublisher is strictlyforbidden“The AIB isin constantcontact withbroadcastersand mediacompanies allover the world”The AIB Global Broadcasting Sourcebookfills this gap by providing an intelligentframework based on expert research. It is atool that gets you quickly to what you arelooking for. This media directory builds onthe AIB's heritage of more than 16 years ofclose involvement in internationalbroadcasting. As the global knowledgenetwork on the international broadcastingindustry, the AIB has over the yearsdeveloped an extensive contacts databaseand is regarded as a unique centre ofinformation on TV, radio and emergingplatforms. We are in constant contact withbroadcasters and media companies all overthe world and our new partnership withBroadband TV News, the Cambridge-basedprovider of global intelligence about TV,cable and satellite, makes this edition evenmore comprehensive.Over many months, thousands of companiesin the broadcasting and related industriesworldwide will repeatedly look up informationin this new edition of the AIB GlobalBroadcasting Sourcebook, and I hope theywill find the Sourcebook a useful referencetool. The fast pace of change is a sign of ourtimes, and it affects the broadcastingindustry with new technologies emerging,new players coming onto the scene,executives changing jobs. If you noticeanything that has changed since this editionof the AIB Global Broadcasting Sourcebookwent to print, please let us know – thank you.GUNDA CANNON EDITORGLOBAL BROADCASTING SOURCEBOOK 2009-10 3

SOURCEBOOK CONTENTSANALYSIS AND CONTEXTGermanyHungaryIrelandItalyNetherlandsAdding value - Radio Netherlands WorldwidePolandEuropean subscriber data: digital cableEuropean subscriber data: IPTVEuropean subscriber data: digital satelliteCEE digital cableThe NordicsPrepared to deliver - euronewsUKProject CanvasThere’ll be another word next year - MicrosoftRussiaFrom TV to web, easily - VizrtHD in EuropeLatin AmericaArab WorldThere is a hunger - Al Jazeera EnglishWe can win with the quality - France 24Redefining TV news - Al ArabiyaAsiaAfricaLifeline mobile - SafaricomTelling Africa's story - Voice of NigeriaThe life of kids - Al Jazeera Children’s 4042444648505254565962COUNTRY DATAAfghanistan66GMT 4.5Languages Dari, PashtuAlbania67GMT 2Languages Albanian, GreekAlgeria69GMT 1Languages Arabic, French, Berber dialectsAndorra69GMT 2Languages Catalán, French, Castilian, PortugueseAngola70GMT 1Languages Portuguese, Bantu and other African languagesAntigua and Barbuda71GMT -4Languages English, local dialectsArgentina71GMT -3Languages Spanish, English, Italian, German, FrenchArmenia74GMT 5Languages Armenian, Yezidi, RussianAustralia75GMT 9 (ACT/NSW/Vic); GMT 10 (QLD); GMT 8.5 (NT); GMT 8 (WA)Languages English, native and other languagesAustria81GMT 2Languages German, Slovene, Croatian, HungarianAzerbaijan82GMT 5Languages Azeri, Russian, ArmenianBahamas84GMT -5Languages English, CreoleBahrain84GMT 3Languages Arabic, English, Farsi, UrduBangladesh85GMT 5.5Languages Bangla, EnglishBarbados86GMT -5Languages EnglishBelarus86GMT 3Languages Belorussian, RussianBelgium87GMT 2Languages Dutch (Flemish), French, GermanBenin91GMT 1Languages French, Fon, Yoruba, tribal languagesBhutan92GMT 6Languages Dzongkha, Tibetan and Nepalese dialectsBolivia93GMT -4Languages Spanish, Quechua, AymaraBosnia & Herzegovina93GMT 2Languages Bosnian, Croatian, SerbianBotswana94GMT 2Languages English, Setswana, Kalanga, SekgalagadiBrazil95GMT -3Languages Portuguese, Spanish, English, FrenchBrunei99GMT 8Languages Malay, English, ChineseBulgaria99GMT 3Languages Bulgarian, Turkish, RomaBurkina Faso101GMTLanguages French, native African languagesBurundi102GMT 3Languages Kirundi and French, SwahiliCambodia102GMT 7Languages Khmer, French, EnglishCameroon103GMT 1Languages French, English, and local languagesCanada103GMT -4 (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto); GMT -7 (Vancouver)Languages English, FrenchCayman Islands108GMT -5Languages EnglishCentral African Republic108GMT 1Languages French, Sangho, tribal languagesChad109GMT 1Languages French, Arabic, Sara, over 120 languages and dialectsChile109GMT -3Languages SpanishChina111GMT 8Languages Mandarin/Putonghua, Yue, Wu, Minbei, Minnan, Xiang, Gan,Hakka dialectsColombia115GMT -5Languages SpanishCongo, Democratic Republic of116GMT 1Languages French, Lingala, Kingwana, Ki kongo, Tshiluba

CONTENTS SOURCEBOOKCosta Rica117GMT -6Languages Spanish, EnglishCôte d'Ivoire117GMTLanguages French, African languages (Dioula)Croatia118GMT 2Languages Croatian, other including Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, GermanCuba119GMT -4Languages SpanishCyprus119GMT 2Languages Greek, Turkish, EnglishCzech Republic121GMT 2Languages CzechDenmark124GMT 2Languages Danish, Faroese, Greenlandic (Inuit dialect), German,English is the predominant second languageDjibouti126GMT 3Languages French and Arabic, Somali, AfarDominican Republic127GMT -4Languages SpanishEast Timor (Timor-Leste)127GMT 9Languages Tetum, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, English, otherindigenous languagesEcuador128GMT -5Languages Spanish, Quechua, other Amerindian languagesEgypt129GMT 2Languages Arabic, English and French understoodEl Salvador130GMT -6Languages Spanish, NahuaEquatorial Guinea131GMT 1Languages Spanish, French, pidgin English, Fang, Bubi, IboEstonia131GMT 3Languages Estonian, RussianEthiopia132GMT 3Languages Amharic, Tigrigna, Orominga, Guaragigna, Somali, Arabic,English, over 70 othersFaroe Islands133GMTLanguages Faroese, EnglishFiji133GMT 11Languages English, Fijian, HindustaniFinland134GMT 3Languages Finnish, Swedish, Sami- (Lapp) and Russian-speakingminoritiesFrance136GMT 2Languages French, regional dialects (Provençal, Breton, Alsatian,Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Flemish)Gabon145GMT 1Languages French, Fang, Myene, Nzebi, Bapounou/Eschira, BandjabiGambia145GMT 1Languages English, Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, other indigenousGeorgia146GMT 5Languages Georgian, Russian, Armenian, AzerbaijaniGermany147GMT 2Languages GermanGhana156GMT 1Languages English, African languagesGibraltar158GMT 2Languages English, SpanishGreece158GMT 3Languages Greek, English, FrenchGrenada161GMT -5Languages English, French patoisGuatemala161GMT -6Languages Spanish, Amerindian languagesGuinea162GMTLanguages French, native tongues (Malinké, Susu, Fulani)Guyana162GMT -5Languages English, Amerindian dialects, Creole, Hindi, UrduHaiti163GMTLanguages French, CreoleHong Kong163GMT 8Languages Cantonese, English, MandarinHungary167GMT 2Languages HungarianIceland169GMTLanguages Icelandic, English, Nordic languages, GermanIndia170GMT 5.5Languages Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Malayalam,Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Assamese,Sanskrit, Sindhi, plus many dialectsIndonesia179GMT 7 (Jakarta)Languages Bahasa Indonesia, English, Dutch, Javanese, plus manyother languages and dialectsIran181GMT 3.5Languages Persian and Persian dialects, Turkic and Turkic dialects,Kurdish, Luri, Balochi, Arabic, TurkishIraq182GMT 4Languages Arabic, Kurdish, Assyrian, ArmenianIreland183GMT 1Languages English, Irish (Gaelic)Israel185GMT 3Languages Hebrew, Arabic, EnglishItaly187GMT 2Languages Italian; German-, French-, and Slovene-speaking minoritiesJamaica190GMT -5Languages English, Jamaican CreoleJapan191GMT 9Languages JapaneseJordan193GMT 3Languages Arabic, EnglishKazakhstan194GMT 6Languages Kazak, Russian

SOURCEBOOK CONTENTSKenya195GMT 3Languages English, Swahili, and numerous indigenous languagesKorea (North)196GMT 9Languages KoreanKorea (South)197GMT 9Languages Korean, EnglishKosovo200GMT 1Languages Albanian, SerbianKuwait200GMT 3Languages Arabic, EnglishKyrgyzstan201GMT 6Languages Kyrgyz, RussianLaos202GMT 7Languages Lao, French, English, various ethnic languagesLatvia203GMT 3Languages Latvian, Russian, LithuanianLebanon204GMT 2Languages Arabic, French, English, ArmenianLesotho205GMT 3Languages English, Sesotho, Zulu, XhosaLiberia206GMTLanguages English, some 20 ethnic-group languagesLibya206GMT 2Languages Arabic, Italian, and English widely understood in majorcitiesLiechtenstein206GMT 2Languages German, Alemannic dialectLithuania207GMT 3Languages Lithuanian, Russian, PolishLuxembourg208GMT 2Languages Luxermbourgish French, GermanMacau209GMT 8Languages Cantonese, PortugueseMacedonia210GMT 2Languages Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Roma, SerbianMalawi211GMT 2Languages Chichewa, Chinyanja, Chiyao, Chitumbuka, Chisena,Chilomwe, ChitongaMalaysia212GMT 8Languages Bahasa Melayu (Malay), English, Chinese dialects(Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil,Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai; several indigenous languagesMaldives214GMT 5Languages Maldivian Dhivehi, English spoken by most government officialsMali214GMTLanguages French, Bambara, numerous African languagesMalta215GMT 2Languages Maltese, EnglishMauritania216GMTLanguages Hassaniya Arabic, Pulaar, Soninke, French, WolofMauritius217GMT 4Languages English, Creole, Bojpoori, FrenchMexico217GMT -5 (Mexico City)Languages Spanish, various Mayan, Nahuatl, and other regionalindigenous languagesMoldova220GMT 3Languages Moldovan, Russian, Gagauz (a Turkish dialect)Monaco221GMT 2Languages French, English, Italian, MonégasqueMongolia221GMT 10Languages Mongolian, also Turkic and RussianMontenegro222GMT 1Languages Serbian/MontenegrinMorocco223GMTLanguages Arabic, Berber dialects, French often used for business,government, and diplomacyMozambique225GMT 2Languages Portuguese, Emakhuwa, Xichangana, Elomwe, Cisena,Echuwabo, other Mozambican languagesMyanmar226GMT 6.5Languages BurmeseNamibia226GMT 1Languages English, Afri kaans, German, indigenous languagesNepal227GMT 5.75Languages Nepali, Maithali, Bhojpuri, Tharu, TamangNetherlands228GMT 2Languages Dutch, FrisianNew Zealand235GMT 12Languages English, MaoriNiger Republic237GMT 1Languages French, Hausa, DjermaNigeria238GMT 1Languages English, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, Fulani, and more than 200 othersNorway240GMT 2Languages Norwegian, small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minoritiesOman242GMT 4Languages Arabic, English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialectsPakistan243GMT 5Languages Urdu, English, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sirai ki, Pashtu, Balochi,Hindko, Brahui, and othersPapua New Guinea247GMT 10Languages Tok Pisin (Melanesian Pidgin, the lingua franca), Hiri Motu,English, many indigenous languagesPeru247GMT -5Languages Spanish, Quéchua, Aymara, minor Amazonian languagesPhilippines248GMT 8Languages Filipino, English; eight major dialectsPoland251GMT 2Languages PolishPortugal254GMT 1Languages Portuguese, Mirandese

CONTENTS SOURCEBOOKQatar255GMT 3Languages Arabic, English a common second languageReunion258GMT 4Languages French, Creole RéunionnaisRomania258GMT 2Languages Romanian, Hungarian, GermanRussia262GMT 4 (Moscow)Languages RussianRwanda267GMT 3Languages Kinyarwanda, French, English, KiswahiliSan Marino267GMT 1Languages ItalianSaudi Arabia268GMT 3Languages ArabicSenegal269GMTLanguages French, Wolof, Pulaar, Jola, MandinkaSerbia270GMT 2Languages Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, AlbanianSeychelles272GMT 4Languages Seselwa Creole, English, FrenchSierra Leone272GMTLanguages English, Mende, Temne, KrioSingapore273GMT 8Languages Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew,Tamil, other Chinese dialectsSlovak Republic277GMT 2Languages Slovak, Hungarian, Roma, UkrainianSlovenia278GMT 2Languages Slovenian, Serbo-CroatianSomalia280GMT 3Languages Somali, Arabic, English, ItalianSouth Africa280GMT 2Languages IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Afri kaans, Sepedi, English, Setswana,Sesotho, Xitsonga, otherSpain284GMT 2Languages Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Galician, BasqueSri Lanka290GMT 5.5Languages Sinhala, Tamil, other; English used and widely understoodSt Kitts & Nevis291GMT -4Languages EnglishSt Vincent and the Grenadines292GMT -4Languages English, French patoisSudan292GMT 3Languages Arabic, Nubian, Ta Bedawie, diverse dialects, EnglishSwaziland293GMT 2Languages English, siSwatiSweden293GMT 2Languages Swedish, Sami- and Finnish-speaking minoritiesSwitzerland297GMT 2Languages German, French, Italian, RomanschSyria300GMT 3Languages Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic, CircassianTaiwan300GMT 8Languages Chinese (Mandarin), Taiwanese (Min), Hakka dialectsTaji kistan302GMT 5Languages Taji k, Russian widely used in government and businessTanzania303GMT 3Languages Swahili, English, Arabic, many local languagesThailand304GMT 7Languages Thai (Siamese), English, ethnic and regional dialectsTogo306GMTLanguages French, Ewé, Mina, Kabyé, Dagomba, many dialectsTrinidad and Tobago306GMT -4Languages English, Hindi, French, Spanish, ChineseTunisia307GMT 1Languages Arabic, FrenchTurkey308GMT 3Languages Turkish, Kurdish, Dimli, Azeri, KabardianUganda312GMT 3Languages English, Ganda or Luganda, other Niger-Congo languages,Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili, ArabicUkraine313GMT 3Languages Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, HungarianUnited Arab Emirates317GMT 4Languages Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi, UrduUnited Kingdom321GMT 1Languages English, Welsh, Scots GaelicUnited States of America343GMT -4 (New York/Washington); GMT -7 (Los Angeles/San Francisco)Languages English, SpanishUruguay359GMT -3Languages Spanish, Portunol, or BrazileroUzbekistan360GMT 5Languages Uzbek, Russian, Taji k, otherVatican City361GMT 2Languages Italian, Latin, FrenchVenezuela361GMT -4Languages Spanish, numerous indigenous dialectsVietnam363GMT 7Languages Vietnamese, English (as second language), some French,Chinese, KhmerYemen364GMT 3Languages ArabicZambia364GMT 2Languages English, major vernaculars: Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda,Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, about 70 other indigenous languagesZimbabwe365GMT 2Languages English, Shona, Ndebele (Sindebele), tribal dialectsABOUT THE AIB366INDEX OF COMPANIES372

LATIN AMERICAIn the last few years, thepolitical landscape of the LatinAmerican region has changed.A new political movement hasemerged and many LatinAmerican countries have beenquick to adopt it. The leader ofthis political movement is thepresident of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez,who refers to this tide as “Bolivariansocialism.” Populism and socialismare the pillars of this new ideology.Many consider Bolivarian socialismthe response to neo-liberalgovernments in the region which havefailed to solve crucial problems, suchas unemployment, poverty andcorruption.Bolivarian socialism is becomingthe dominant political force in LatinAmerica, although the region remainsdivided. Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentinaand Nicaragua have adopted this newform of government. Brazil, Paraguay,Guatemala and El Salvador haveexpressed their sympathy to this newideology but do not considerthemselves part of the Bolivarianrevolution. Peru, Colombia, Mexico,Panama and Honduras do not approveof Bolivarian socialism; they supporta neo-liberal type of government.To understand the mediaenvironment in Latin America, it isimportant to analyze the movement’scharacteristics. Bolivarian socialismassumes an authoritative governmentwhich uses ‘democratic’ methods tomaintain control of the country.Referendums are constantly used tomake changes in the political and“Pressfreedom islimitedandjournalistsand mediagroups areseen asenemies40 GLOBAL BROADCASTING SOURCEBOOK 2009”economic system, which thenstrengthen the power of thepresident.In line with this, Bolivariansocialism promotes the absence of aconstitutional guarantee of freedom ofexpression. Press freedom is limited;journalists and media groups areconstantly threatened by thegovernment and its political allies.Bolivarian socialists perceive themedia as their enemies and attemptto use different mechanisms tocontrol it. For instance, since May2007, the Venezuelan government hasclosed one television channel andabout 40 radio stations. In Ecuador,the president is threatening theopposition TV channel, Teleamazonas,and the newspaper, El Universo, withlegal action. In Argentina, thepresident is trying to influencecongress to approve a controversialbill that will give the governmentcontrol of the media.On the other hand, countries thatdo not follow Bolivarian socialismsupport the media and the pressfreedom. In Peru, Chile and Colombia,the media play the role ofgovernment watchdogs. They analyzethe president’s every step anddenounce any irregularity related tothe government administration. Forinstance, earlier this year, a PeruvianTV channel broadcast the audiorecordings of Peru Petro. VicePresident Alberto Quimper andRomulo León, a well-known memberof Garcia’s Aprista party, negotiatedunder-the-table payments withDiscover Petroleum regarding oilexploration concessions. The audiorecordings rocked President AlanGarcia’s administration.Even though these governmentsapprove the work of the media andsupport the work of journalists,internal conflicts, especially inColombia, Mexico and Peru, have ledto a high degree of self censorshipamong local media. Reporters withoutFrontiers states Colombia and Mexicoare the most dangerous countries forjournalists.USE OF MEDIAThe majority of households in LatinAmerica use traditional media, suchas television and radio. Approximately98 percent of households in urbancities in Latin America own atelevision. Television has become themost important asset in a typical LatinAmerican household. Radioownership is not as high as televisionownership—about 93 percent ofurban Latin American householdsown a radio.Television is by far considered themost important source of informationand is the most-used medium inLatin America. About nine in 10 urbanLatin Americans watch televisiondaily; close to 97 percent watchtelevision weekly to get news andinformation. In most countries,national private TV channels are themost-watched channels. Internationaltelevision is popular in countrieswhere cable penetration is high.Even though cable plans are

DENMARK SOURCEBOOKBroadcaster: TVDiscovery Networks NordicHead of Programme Planning and SchedulingMr Allan ØstbjergHead, AcquisitionsMs Tina MoretonHead, Distribution and MarketingMr Christian HøyerHead, Production and StudiosMs Dorthe GudeBredgrade 61260 CopenhagenT 45 70 202 707F 45 70 202 708General Manager, NordicMr Jan AndreassenBroadcaster: TVDK4Broadcaster: TVRadmandsgade 552200 CopenhagenT 45 70 25 35 35www.dk4.dkManaging DirectorMr Stig Holboll HasnerHead of BroadcastingEivind JacobsenHead, ProductionMr Flemming RosenkrantzNordisk Film & TVMosedalvej 142500 ValbyCopenhagenT 45 36 188 200F 45 36 18 93 00Managing DirectorMr Kenneth WibergBroadcaster: RadioSBS RadioMagstræde 10DK-1204 CopenhagenT 45 33 37 66 66Senior Vice PresidentMr Eric HansenBroadcaster: TVSBS TVMileparken 20ADK-2740 SkovlundeT 45 70 10 10 10F 45 44 52 29 39www.sbstv.dkManaging DirectorMr Henri k RavnProgramme DirectorMr Anne Engdal Stig ChristensenProjects DirectorMr Anders AntonsenDistribution ManagerMr Kim FalkenhardHead of EntertainmentMs Maria ThastumHead of FactualMr Lars EllegaardHead of Kanal 5Mr Thomas MygindMereteEldrupTV2Rugaardsvej 255100 Odense CT 45 65 91 91 91F 45 65 91 33 22www.tv2.dkManaging DirectorMrs Merete EldrupCFOMr Peter NormannChief Content OfficerMr Palle Strom DamgaardChief Officer of ContentMr Palle StromCommissioning Editor- EntertainmentMr Martin BengtssonContent Manager, TV2 InteractiveMr Endre KjerstadHead of EntertainmentMs Gitte MadsenHead of Factual EntertainmentMr Sune Roland JensenHead of InteractiveMr Rune BechHead of Programme DepartmentMr Keld ReinickeHead of Programmes, Acquisitions andProduction-TV2 NetworksMs Mai ken WexoAcquisitions Executive, Feature Films,DocumentariesMr Anders LeiferHead of SportsMr Morten Stig ChristensenHead of Technical DepartmentMr Lars Esben HansenHead, News and Current AffairsMr Michael DyrbyHead, Press and CommunicationsMs Anne Mette Bro JöhnckeManaging Editor Programmes AcquisitionMs Bente TroensePlanning AssistantMs Ann OverbeckProduction ChiefMs Winnie FoldagerProject DirectorMr Michael JensenGLOBAL BROADCASTING SOURCEBOOK 2009-10 125

SOURCEBOOK FIJI - FINLANDBroadcaster: TVKen ClarkBroadcaster: TVFiji Television20 Gorrie StreetPost Office Box 2442Government BuildingsSuvaT 679 3305 100F 679 3305 CEOMr Tarun PatelGeneral Manager - CommercialMr Ken ClarkActing Manager, Pay-TVMs Tamarisi DigitakiManager, ICTMr David EyreManager, News, Current Affairs and SportMs Merana KitioneFinlandPopulation 5,250,275GDP ( ) 195.2bnGDP per capita ( ) 37,200Mobile phone subscriptions 6.08mPress freedom ranking 2Broadcaster: TVMai TVGarden City RaiwalSuvaT 679 327 5050F 679 327 DirectorMr Richard BroadbridgeDirector, NewsMr Stanley SimpsonPirjoAiraksinenChannel FourPO Box 350Tehtaankatu 27-29 D00151 HelsinkiT 358 9 4545 1F 358 9 45 4 5 412www.nelonen.fiPresidentMr Hans EdinSenior Vice President, News and Current AffairsMr Eero HyvönenSenior Vice President, ProgrammingMs Pirjo AiraksinenSVP, Free TVMs Kristiina WernerAutioHead of OnlineMr Kai Taka-AhoHead of Programming, International AcquisitionsMs Tina KaroHead of SportsMr Jorma PaakkariFinnish CommunicationsRegulatory AuthorityPO Box 313Itämerenkatu 3A00181 HelsinkiT 358 9 69661www.ficora.fiHead of Communications Services SupervisionMerja SaariSenior AdviserMr Harri RasilainenBroadcaster: TVJormaSairanen134 GLOBAL BROADCASTING SOURCEBOOK 2009-10MTV3Ilmalantori 200033 MTV3HelsinkiT 358 10 300 300F 358 9 622 4176www.mtv3.fiPresident and Chief ExecutiveMr Pekka KarhuvaaraExecutive VP and COOMr Mi kko RäisänenSenior Vice President ProgrammingMr Jorma SairanenVice PresidentMr Jaakko PaavelaVice President, ProductionMr Paul Keskinen

SOURCEBOOK INDEX OF COMPANIES100%NL24 TV Dinami k Radyo TV2M Maroc2STV Senegal2x2 Television Moscow3 TV Network AG365 Media Iceland3FM4 Shbab TV4! CHANNEL STORY TV Hungary567 Cape Talk6 News7 TV Sports Channel702 Talk Radio8TV8TV Malaysia94.7 Highveld Stereo97.7 Energy Radio98.7 WFMTA-ONE TVA&E Television NetworksA&E Television Networks Latin AmericaA1 TelevizionA1 TVA24AABTVAAJ TelevisionABCABCABC Associated Broadcasting CompanyABC PLUS MEDIA SAABC Radio BangladeshAbril BrazilABS CBN Broadcasting CorporationABS CBN Middle EastABS TVAbsolute RadioABU - Asia-Pacific Broadcasting UnionAbu Dhabi Media CompanyACQ KBN Sonshine TVAdlabs RadioAdventist World RadioAETNAETN All Asia NetworksAfghan TVAfrica Media GroupAfrica No 1Africable MaliAfroFM 105 3Aftonbladet TVAgencia Latinoamericana de InformacionAIBAichi Television BroadcastingAirwaves MediaAjman TV UAEAkadoAl Aan TelevisionAl Alam News NetworkAl Aqariya TV372 GLOBAL BROADCASTING SOURCEBOOK 3361373191243317262317181317Al Arabiya News Channel317Al Dana TV318Al Ghad TV193Al Hiwar TV321Al Jadeed TV204Al Jamahirya TV206Al Jazeera Documentary Channel256Al Jazeera Children’s Channel255Al Jazeera English195, 256, 321Al Jazeera Network256Al Jazeera Sport Channel257Al Majd TV318Al SAT TV67Al Sumaria TV204Al Watan TV200Al-Rai TV200Aldawari Alkass Sport Channel257Algoa FM280Aljazeera Media Training Centre257All India Radio170Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting183Almanar TV204Alpha TV158Alsat-M Television210Alsumaria Television182Alter Channel158Alternativna Televizija93America One Sports TV344America TV71American Forces Network344Amrita TV170ANATEL95Animal Planet International322ANS TV82ANTENA 1258Antena 3 Television284Antena Latina Canal 7127Antenna TV158Antenna TV119Antenne A116Antenne A DRC108Antenne AC147Antenne Réunion258AOL344APNA Radio243APNA TV243APTN322AR Radio Intercontinental74Arab Media Group318Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)307Arabian Radio Network318Aragón Televisión284ARD Das Erste147Ariana TV Network318ARIRANG TV197Armenia TV74Arna Media194ART Arab Radio & Television129, 193, 204, 268Art Television Sri Lanka290

INDEX OF COMPANIES SOURCEBOOKarte136Arte Belgium87Artear Channel 1371Arts Channel137Arts Channel New Zealand235Arts Network344ARTV109ARTV103ARY Digital Network318Ary TV243Asia Broadcast Satellite163Asia Center201Asia Plus Radio Taji kistan302Asia Television Limited163Asian Food Channel273Asianet TV171Association for International Broadcasting - AIB 322Astral Media103ASTRO All Asia Networks212AT Media Poland251AT5228ATB Red Nacional Canal 993Athens International Radio159Atlas TV Podgorica222ATN Bangla85ATV308ATV243ATV Andorra Television69ATV Canal 9247ATV Jordan United TV Broadcast Company193ATV Privat TV81AUB African Union of Broadcasting269Austar Entertainment76Austereo76Australia Network76Australian Radio Network76Austria 9 TV81Auto Radio201Avenues TV Nepal227Avila TV361AVRO228AXN Central Europe167Aygun TV82Azad Azerbaijan (ATV)82Azerbaijan National Televisionand Radio Council (NTRC)82Azerbaijan TV82B Net Communications214B1 News Television258BAG Films and Media171Bahrain Radio and TV Corporation84Baltijos TV207Bangkok Broadcasting and TV Company304Bangkok Entertainment304Bangla TV, London322Bangladesh Betar85Bangladesh Television85Bauer Media322, 323Bayerischer Rundfunk147BBC323, 344BBC America344BBC Future Media and Technology324BBC Global News324BBC World News324BBC World Service324BBC World Service Trust325BBC Worldwide325Beat 102 103 FM183Bebo & People Networks325Beeaty TV Network268Beijing Radio, Film and TV Censoring Centre 111Beijing Television111Belarusian TV and Radio86Belgacom Skynet87Bell TV103BelSat TV251Best FM Turkey308BET344BeTV SA87BHRT - Radio and Television ofBosnia and Herzegovina93Bhutan Broadcasting Service92Blanquita Walsh Cullum345Blinkx325, 344blip tv344Bloomberg Asia273Bloomberg Television345Bloomberg Television Europe326BNN229BNR Nieuwsradio229BNT - Bulgarian National Television99Bombo Radyo Philippines249Botswana Department of Broadcasting Services 94Boxer TV Denmark124Boxer TV Sweden293Brava TV258BRF87Brila FM Nigeria238Broadcasting Standards Authority235Broadcasting Agency of Montenegro222Broadcasting Board of Governors345Broadcasting Commission of Ireland183Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas84Broadcasting Service of theKingdom of Saudi Arabia268BSkyB326BT Vision327BTV Balkan News Corporation99Buddu Broadcasting Services312Buena Vista International Television327Bulgarian Balkan TV100Bulgarian National Radio100Business Plus TV243Cable News and Sport190Cable Norway240Cablecom297Cablenet Communication Systems Limited119Cableuropa Spain284GLOBAL BROADCASTING SOURCEBOOK 2009-10 373

SOURCEBOOK INDEX OF COMPANIESCablevisión72Cablevision Mexico217Cabovisao, SA254Cadena Cope Radio284Cairo News Company129Cameroon Radio Television103Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) 103Canal 10359Canal 12359Canal 12130Canal 13109Canal 13115Canal 2 Cameroon103Canal 22 Mexico217Canal 3161Canal 3101Canal 391Canal 493Canal 772Canal 993Canal 972Canal Digital Denmark124Canal Digital Norge240Canal Extremadura284Canal France International137Canal Futura95Canal Info News269Canal RCN115Canal Rural Brazil95Canal 293Canal Cyfrowy251Canal Group137Canal Réunion258Canaldigitaal229CanWest MediaWorks104Capital FM Malawi211Capital FM Nairobi195Capital Maharaia Organization Limited290Capital Radio159Capital Radio Uganda312Caracol TV115Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation86Caribbean Communications Network306Caribbean New Media Group306Cartoon Network and TCM Turkey309Cartoon Network Europe327Cartoon Network Korea197CASBAA - Cable & Satellite BroadcastingAssociation of Asia163Cayman Islands Television108CBC104CBS345CBS News327CBS Radio345CCRTV Serveis Generals284CCTV111Centennial Radio92Center TV262Central European Media Enterprises Group 121, 327374 GLOBAL BROADCASTING SOURCEBOOK 2009-10Changzhou TV112Channel 10185Channel 11304Channel 2 News185Channel 4 Television Corporation327Channel 5304Channel 5 Kyrgyzstan201Channel 5 TV St Petersburg262Channel 6 Ireland183Channel 729 FZ318Channel Four134Channel News Asia273Channel One Bangladesh85Channel One Russia262Channel S197Channel Television328Channel Ukraine TV313Channels Television238Chello Central Europe167Chellomedia328Chell

Languages English, Amerindian dialects, Creole, Hindi, Urdu Haiti 163 GMT Languages French, Creole Hong Kong 163 GMT 8 Languages Cantonese, English, Mandarin Hungary 167 . Jamaica 190 GMT -5 Languages English, Jamaican Creole Japan 191 GMT 9 Languages Japanese Jordan 193 GMT 3 Languages Arabic, English Kazakhstan 194 GMT 6

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AIB Banking App means an AIB application which can be downloaded from a software application distributor(s) and which . AIB Card means all AIB Corporate and Business Cards as well as all AIB Purchasing Cards or any other corporate or business card made available by AIB to you from time to time. .

AIB Opening a Bank Account for a Second Level Student AIB/F500U 0121 3 of 6 Product Information (Required Information – To be completed if aged 12-15 years) AIB may like to contact you occasionally, as part of our custom

4 Industry Attitudes towards Multicultural Broadcasting 43 4.1 What is Multicultural Broadcasting? 43 4.2 Multicultural Broadcasting Now 51 4.3 The Issue of Programme Genre 61 4.4 Multiculturalism:Guidelines and Policies 68 4.5 Employment and Multiculturalism 74 4.6 The Future of Multicultural Broadcasting: Industry Views 86

Current Accounts are usually personal payment accounts. @ AIB Personal Current Account Application Form - Joint AIB/F514 0122 3 of 8 Personal Details - Applicant 2 *Title Mrs Mr Miss Other State here *First Name *Surname *Address *County *Country Gender Female Male Marital Status Married/Civil Partner Single Divorced Widowed Other .

BROADCASTING CORPORATION THIS DEED is made the 7 November 2016 BETWEEN: HER MAJESTY’S SECRETARY OF STATE FOR CULTURE, MEDIA AND SPORT (“the Secretary of State”) and THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION whose chief office is at Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA (“the BBC”). BACKGROUND (1) The BBC was first incorporated, for a limited period of time, by a Royal Charter .

broadcasting to minority language development what role does Scottish Government see for Gaelic in public service broadcasting? The Chairman welcomed Margaret Mary Murray, BBC ALBA, and Donald Campbell, MG ALBA, to address the conference. 5 R eport from Gaelic Broadcasting Conference, Edinburgh, 15 March 2016 Donald Campbell MG ALBA and BBC ALBA were delighted to hear people’s views. MG ALBA .

1) Technical aspects on the introduction of digital terrestrial and multimedia broadcasting. 2) Information on standardized broadcasting systems in digital terrestrial and multimedia broadcasting networks, and some guidance on their implementation. 3) References to normative documents (standards, technical specifications, reports, recommendations

Counselling Micro Skills Chapter 1 - Introduction In this course you will briefly consider the core communication skills of counselling: those fundamental skills that alone or together can help a client to access their deepest thoughts or clarify their future dreams. The skills we will examine here are attending skills, basic questioning skills, confrontation, focusing, reflection of meaning .