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JENNAIR BUILT-IN COFFEE SYSTEMMACHINE À ESPRESSO ENCASTRÉE JENNAIR Use & Care GuideFor questions about features, operation/performance, parts, accessories, or service in the U.S.A., call:1-800-JENNAIR (1-800-536-6247) or visit our website at Canada, call: 1-800-JENNAIR (1-800-536-6247) or visit our website at d’utilisation et d’entretienPour des questions à propos des caractéristiques, du fonctionnement/rendement, des pièces, accessoires ou dépannage,composer le :1-800-JENNAIR (1-800-536-6247) ou visitez notre site Web au Canada, composer le 1 800 JENNAIR (1 800 536-6247) ou visiter notre site Web au

TABLE OF CONTENTSTABLE DES MATIÈRESCOFFEE SYSTEM SAFETY .3PARTS AND FEATURES.4BEFORE USING THE COFFEE SYSTEM.6COFFEE SYSTEM USE.7Settings.7Selecting Coffee Strength.10Making Coffee or Espresso Using Coffee Beans.10Selecting the Coffee Size.11Adjusting the Coffee Mill.11Making Coffee using Pre-Ground Coffee.12Making Milk-Based Hot Drinks.12Delivering Hot Water.14Steam Delivery.14COFFEE SYSTEM CARE.14General Cleaning.14TROUBLESHOOTING.17ASSISTANCE OR SERVICE.22In the U.S.A.22In Canada.22WARRANTY.23SÉCURITÉ DE LA MACHINE À ESPRESSO .24PIÈCES ET CARACTÉRISTIQUES.25AVANT D’UTILISER LA MACHINE À ESPRESSO.27UTILISATION DE LA MACHINE À ESPRESSO.28Settings (réglages).28Sélection de l’intensité du café.32Préparer une boisson ou un expresso en utilisantdes grains de café.32Sélection de la taille de la tasse de café.33Réglage du moulin à café.33Préparer une boisson en utilisant du café déjà moulu.33Préparer une boisson à base de lait.34Verser de l’eau chaude.35Préparation de vapeur.35ENTRETIEN DE LA MACHINE À ESPRESSO.36Nettoyage général.36DÉPANNAGE.39ASSISTANCE OU DÉPANNAGE.44Aux É.-U.44Au Canada.44GARANTIE.452

COFFEE SYSTEM SAFETYYour safety and the safety of others are very important.We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safetymessages.This is the safety alert symbol.This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others.All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word “DANGER” or “WARNING.”These words mean:DANGERWARNINGYou can be killed or seriously injured if you don't immediatelyfollow instructions.You can be killed or seriously injured if you don't followinstructions.All safety messages will tell you what the potential hazard is, tell you how to reduce the chance of injury, and tell you what canhappen if the instructions are not followed.WARNING:IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSTo reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using the appliance, follow basic precautions,including the following: Read all instructions before using the appliance.Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.To protect against fire, electric shock and personal injurydo not immerse cord, plugs, or appliance in water or otherliquids.The appliance is not intended for use by young children orinfirm persons without supervision.Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning.Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts, andbefore cleaning.Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord orplug, or after appliance malfunctions or has beendamaged in any manner. Return the appliance to thenearest authorized service center for examination, repair oradjustment. The use of accessory attachments not recommended bythe appliance manufacturer may result in fire, electricshock, or personal injury.Do not use outdoors.Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter, ortouch hot surfaces.Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in aheated oven.Always switch the appliance off, then plug cord into thewall outlet. To disconnect, turn the appliance off, thenremove plug from wall outlet.Do not use appliance for other than intended use.Use extreme caution when using hot steam.Check hopper for presence of foreign objects before using.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS3

PARTS AND FEATURESThis manual covers several models. The coffee system you have purchased may have some or all of the items listed. The locations andappearances of the features shown here may not match those of your model.Coffee System:CBSATDHGFERWUVQPUSHPIL MNJOKA.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.L.4Beans container lidPre-ground doorGrinding adjustment dialBeans containerGround coffee funnelInfuserCoffee guideService doorCup holder trayCoffee grounds containerDrip trayCoffee spouts (adjustable height)M. Lights to illuminate cupN. Hot water/steam connection nozzleO. Water tankP. Storage trayQ. Main ON/OFF switchR. Measure holderS. Cup warming ledgeT. Power cordU. Lighting to illuminate interiorcompartmentV. Control panelW. On/standby button

Accessories:DACEBA. "Total Hardness Test" indicator paperB. Ground coffee measureC. Cleaning brushD. Hot water/steam spoutE. Connection nozzle coverMilk and Accessories Container:GFAEBDCA. Froth adjustment and CLEANfunction dialB. Lid release buttonsC. Thermal casingD.E.F.G.Milk containerMilk intake tubeAdjustable frothed milk spoutLid with milk frother*Water filter not available on this model.5

BEFORE USING THE COFFEE SYSTEMNOTE: This product is intended for household use only.Coffee has been used to factory test the machine. It is completelynormal for there to be traces of coffee in the mill.Customize water hardness as soon as possible. See “WaterHardness” in the “Settings” section.IMPORTANT: Complete the following steps before the coffeesystem is used for the first time.1. INSERT WATER OUTLET: Check that the hot water/steamspout is inserted on the connection nozzle.5. Place a container with a minimum capacity of 1/2 cup (100 mL)underneath.WATER CIRCUIT EMPTY PRESS OK TO START FILLINGPROCESS will show on display. PressOK to confirm.AB6. The coffee system will deliver fresh water from the spout thenturns off automatically. The coffee system is now ready fornormal use.NOTES: When first using the coffee system, you need to makeA. Hot water and steam nozzleB. Hot water spout4-5 cappuccinos before the coffee system gives good results. Before turning the coffee system on, make sure the main2. Turn on the coffee system.3. To select a language, press or until the flagcorresponding to the required language appears on thedisplay, then press the flag.4. FILL WATER TANK WITH FRESH WATER: Remove the watertank, open the lid and fill to the MAX line with fresh water.Replace water tank.AA. Water tank6switch is turned on. Each time the coffee system is turned on,it performs an automatic preheat and rinse cycle which cannotbe interrupted. The coffee system is ready for use only afterthe cycle is complete.

COFFEE SYSTEM USECBAEDFG00:00MYMYStrengthMYKUser 2SizeHJEspressoIA.B.C.D.E.F.CoffeeMenu to customize beverages settingsAppliance settings menuSelected strengthClockSelected sizeStrength selectionCappuccinoLattemacchiatoG. Size selectionH. Right scroll arrowI. Selectable drinks (press on the scrollingarrows to see all the drinks)J. Left scroll arrowK. Customizable profiles (see “MemorizingYour Personal Profile”)SettingsYou can control several settings through the Settings Menu:Rinsing, Beep, Statistics, Cup Warmer, Water Hardness, Auto-Off,Coffee Temperature, Descaling, Auto-Start, Set Language, SetTime, Cup Lighting, Drink Settings, Energy Saving, Background,Demo Mode and Default Values.To access the Settings Menu, press MENU. To exit the SettingsMenu, press ESC.RinsingUse this function to rinse the coffee spouts and preheat thebrewing unit. Place a container with a minimum capacity of1/2 cup (100 mL) under the coffee and hot water spouts.1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display showsRINSING.3. Pressto start rinsing.4. After a few seconds, hot water will come out of the coffeespout and RINSING HOT WATER RUNNING will be displayed.5. To stop the rinsing cycle, pressSTOP or wait for rinsing tostop automatically.IMPORTANT: Do not leave the coffee system unattended whilehot water is being delivered.NOTES:BeepThis function will enable or disable tones that sound when an iconis pressed or an accessory is inserted/removed.1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display showsBEEP.3. Pressto enableor disablethe soundnotification. PressESC to return to the home page.StatisticsThis function displays statistical data relating to the coffeesystem.1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display showsSTATISTICS.3. Press. It is possible to check all the available statistics bypressing or . PressESC to return to the home page.Cup Warmer If the coffee system is not used for more than 3-4 days, weUse to warm cups before making coffee.1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display shows After rinsing, it is normal for some water to remain in the3. Presswarmer.strongly recommend doing 2-3 rinse cycles before use.grounds container.4. Pressto activeor deactivateCUP WARMER.the cupESC to return to the home page.7

Water HardnessDescalingNOTE: The water hardness level is factory set at level 4. Thecoffee system can be programmed according to the hardness ofyour fresh water so the coffee system can be descaled less.1. Remove the "Total hardness test" indicator paper providedfrom the packaging.2. Immerse the paper completely in a glass of fresh water forabout a second.3. Remove the paper and shake lightly. After a minute, 1, 2, 3, or4 squares will form. Each square corresponds to one level.4. Pressto enter the menu. Press or until the displayshowsWATER HARDNESS.5. To change the level selected, press the symbol itself until therequired level is displayed (Level 1 soft water, Level 4 veryhard water). PressESC to return to the home page.IMPORTANT: Before using, read the instructions and labels onthe descaler packaging.Descale the appliance when the display shows DESCALINGNEEDED PRESS OK TO START ( 45 min). To descaleOK and follow the steps.immediately, press1. "REMOVE WATER FILTER" will show on the display (ifpresent). Remove the water filter (if present) and empty thewater tank. Press NEXT .2. ADD DESCALER (UP TO LEVEL A) AND FRESH WATER (UPTO LEVEL B): Pour the descaler into the tank up to level Amarked inside the water tank. This is equal to one 100 mLpacket. Add 1 L (1 qt) fresh water up to level B and replacetank. Press NEXT .Auto-OffAuto-off can be set so the coffee system turns off after 15 or 30minutes, as well as 1-3 hours of no use.1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display showsAUTO-OFF togetherwith the current selection (15 or 30 minutes, 1, 2 or 3 hours).3. Pressto select the required value; then pressreturn to the homepage.AESC toCoffee Temperature1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display shows COFFEETEMPERATURE together with the current selection (LOW,MEDIUM, HIGH, or MAX).3. Pressto select the required temperature.4. PressESC to return to the home page.*Water filter not available on this model.8A. Water tank3. EMPTY GROUND CONTAINER AND DRIP TRAY: Remove,empty and replace drip tray and the grounds container.4. PLACE 2.5 L (3 qt) CONTAINER UNDER OUTLET, PRESS OKTO START DESCALING: Place an empty 2.5 L (3 qt) or largercontainer under the hot water/steam spout and coffee spout.OK to confirm that descaling solution has been5. Pressadded. The display will show DESCALING PLEASE WAIT,which means the program has been started.6. Descaler will come out of the hot water/steam and coffeespouts. A series of rinses and pauses is automatically carriedout to remove all scale residue from the inside the coffeemaker.7. After approx. 25 minutes, descaling will stop; RINSE ANDFILL WATER TANK UP TO MAX LEVEL will display. Empty thecontainer used for descaler solution and place back under thespouts. Remove water tank, empty, rinse and refill to the MAXOK .level and replace tank. Press

8. Display will show RINSING PLEASE WAIT and hot water willempty from the spouts.9. When the fresh water has run out, empty the container usedto collect the fresh water from the spouts.10. INSERT FILTER INTO ITS HOUSING will be displayed.Press NEXT and remove the water tank. Reinsert the waterfilter if it had been removed previously.NOTE: Water filter not available on this model.11. RINSE AND FILL WATER TANK UP TO MAX LEVEL willdisplay. Fill tank up to MAX level with fresh water. Next,INSERT WATER TANK will be displayed. Place the water tankback into the coffee system.12. PLACE 2.5 L (3 qt) CONTAINER UNDER OUTLET PRESSOK TO START RINSING: Place the empty container used tocollect the descaling solution under the spouts andOK . Hot water is dispensed and RINSING PLEASEpressWAIT is displayed.13. EMPTY DRIP TRAY: At the end of the rinsing cycle, remove,empty and replace the drip tray, along with the groundscontainer. Replace and press NEXT .14. For a few seconds, DESCALE COMPLETE PRESS OK will bedisplayed, then the coffee system will turn off. The descalingprocess is complete.NOTE: If you would like to postpone the descaling process untila later time, presssymbol willESC . On the display theremain as a reminder.To access the descaling menu when ready:1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display showsDESCALE. Pressto start the descaling cycle. Follow the instructions on thedisplay until cycle is complete.Auto-StartThe auto-start time can be set to have the coffee maker ready ata certain time.NOTE: To enable this function, the time must be set correctly. Toset the time, see "Setting the Clock."1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Press or until the display showsAUTO-START .Select the function by pressing. The time setting panelwill be displayed.3. Press or corresponding to the hours and minutes until therequired auto-start time is displayed. Pressorto enable or disable auto-start.OK . To cancel and return to the home4. To confirm, presspage, pressESC twice.The auto-start is now set and the symbol will be displayednext to the time to indicate that the function has beenenabled.NOTE: When the coffee system is turned off using the mainswitch, the auto-start setting will be lost if it had been enabled.2. Pressto enter the menu.oruntil the display showsHolaBonjourCiaoSET LANGUAGE.3. Press. Press or until the flag corresponding to theESC twicerequired language is shown and select it. Pressto return to the home page.HolaBonjourCiao1. Press2. Press3. Pressto enter the menu.or until the display showsSET TIME. The time setting panel will appear.4. Press or corresponding to the hours and minutes until theOK . To cancel,current time is displayed. To confirm, presspressESC , then press again to return to the home page.Cup Lighting1. Pressto enter the menu.2. Pressor3. PressPressESCuntil the display showsCUP enableor disableto return to the home page.the lights.Drink SettingsIn this section, you can consult your customized settings andreset the default values for each beverage.1. Pressto enter the menu. PressSETTINGS appears on the display.oruntilDRINK2. The reference user profile is highlighted on the display. Thevalues are shown on the vertical bars. The manufacturerdefault value is indicated by the symbolwhile the currentset value is highlighted by the filled part of the vertical bar.ESC . To scroll and3. To go back to the settings menu, pressdisplay the beverages, press NEXT . To return to the defaultmanufacturer values for the beverage shown on the display,pressRESET. CONFIRM RESET will be displayed. ToOK . To cancel, pressconfirm, pressESC .OK .4. RETURN TO FACTORY will display. PressThe beverage has been reset to the default values. Continuewith the other beverage, or go back to the settings menu.NOTE: To change the beverages for another profile, go backto the homepage, select the required profile and repeat theprocedure.To reset all the beverages in the profile to the default values, seethe "Default Values" section.Energy SavingUse this function to enable or disable energy saving mode. Whenenabled, the function guarantees reduced energy consumption.When it is disabled, warming time is reduced.1. Pressto enter the menu. PressSAVING appears on the display.2. PressPressto enableoror disableuntilENERGYenergy saving.ESC to go back to the homepage.Demo ModeBy using this setting, the main functions of the coffee system areshown on the display.Set Language1. PressSet Time1. Pressshowsto enter the menu. Press or until the displayDEMO MODE. Pressto start the demo.2. To exit DEMO MODE, first turn the coffee system off bypressing the. Press theagain to go back to thehomepage.9

Selecting Coffee StrengthDefault ValuesThis resets all menu settings and programmed quantities backto the default values (with the exception of the language whichremains as set).1. Pressshowsto enter the menu. Press or until the displayDEFAULT VALUES. Press.2. PressRESET ALL to reset all profiles to the originalparameters, otherwise select the required profile (e.g. User 1).3. RETURN TO FACTORY SETTINGS? RESET ALL will display.OK to confirm orESC to leave settings unaltered.Press4. FACTORY SETTINGS SET. PressOK to confirm.Customizing BeveragesThe strength and size of drinks can be customized.1. The profile that is needed to be customized needs to beactive. A maximum of six profiles are available on the unit. Youcan only select one profile to set at a time.2. From the homepage, press MY . Choose the beverage youwish to customize in order to access the customizing screen,The relative accessories must be inserted.3. (Beverages with coffee only) CHOOSE COFFEE STRENGTHLEVEL will display. Select the required strength by pressingOK .orand press4. CUSTOMIZING COFFEE (OR FRESH WATER) SIZE, PRESSSTOP TO SAVE will display. Preparation begins and the coffeesystem displays the size customizing screen in the form of avertical bar. The star alongside the bar represents the currentsize set.Select the required strength from the homepage by pressingSTRENGTH.(See “Making Coffee usingPre-Ground Coffee”)MYEXTRA LIGHT STRENGTHMYLIGHT STRENGTHMYMEDIUM STRENGTHMYSTRONG STRENGTHMYEXTRA STRONG STRENGTHMYCUSTOM STRENGTH (if programmed) /STANDARD STRENGTHAfter delivering the beverage, the strength setting is reset to theMY value.Making Coffee or Espresso UsingCoffee BeansIMPORTANT: Do not use green, caramelized or candied coffeebeans as they could stick to the coffee mill and make it unusable.1. Fill the beans container with coffee beans. Place a cup underthe coffee spout.2. Lower the spout so that it is as near as possible to the cup.This helps achieve a better cream.5. When the amount reaches the minimum size you can set, thedisplay showsSTOP when the requiredSTOP . Pressquantity in the cup is reached. SAVE NEW SETTINGS? willdisplay. Press YES or NO.6. The application confirms if the values have been saved orOK . Thenot (depending on the previous selection). Presscoffee system goes back to the home page.NOTE: Milk based drinks; the coffee strength is saved first,followed by the quantity of milk, then coffee.AMemorizing Your Personal ProfileThe coffee system allows you to memorize six different profiles,each associated with a different icon. In every profile thecustomized MY beverages STRENGTH and SIZE values aresaved and the order in which all beverages are displayed is basedon the frequency of selection.To select or enter a profile, press on the profile currently in use,press or until the required profile is displayed, then press onthe profile.NOTE: ProfileGUEST: Select this profile to deliver beverageswith the default settings. The MY function is not active.10A. Coffee spout3. Press or until the required coffee selection is displayed.Then select your required coffee from the home page:Espresso, Doppio , Coffee, Long, X2 Espresso or Americano.4. Preparation begins and the display shows the image ofthe selected beverage together with a progress bar whichgradually fills as preparation proceeds.

NOTE: It is possible to prepare two cups of espresso coffee atthe same time.1. Press 2during preparation of one espresso.2. While the machine is making coffee, delivery can beinterrupted at any time by pressingSTOP .Selecting the Coffee SizeFrom the home page, select the required size of coffee in the cupby pressingSIZE.3. As soon as delivery has ended, to increase the quantity ofcoffee in the cup, press EXTRA . Once the desired quantity isreached, pressSTOP .4. Once the coffee has been made, the appliance is ready tomake the next beverage.NOTE: Various messages may be displayed while using theappliance (FILL TANK, EMPTY GROUNDS CONTAINER, etc.).Their meanings are explained in section "Displayed messages."MYSMALL SIZEMYMEDIUM SIZEMYLARGE SIZEMYEXTRA LARGE SIZE For hotter coffee, see "Tips for Hotter Coffee" section.MYCUSTOM SIZE (if programmed) /STANDARD SIZE If the coffee comes out in drops, too weak and not creamyenough or too cold, see the "Adjusting the Coffee Mill" and"Troubleshooting" sections. If "Energy Saving" mode is active, the first coffee may take afew seconds before it is delivered.To Clean:After every 14 cups of coffee made, the drip tray needs to becleaned and the coffee grounds container emptied.1. Open the service door on the front by pulling the coffee spout.After delivering the beverage, the size setting is reset to theMY value.Adjusting the Coffee MillThe coffee mill is factory-set and should not require adjustment.However, if after making the first few coffees you find that thecoffee is either too weak and not creamy enough, or delivery istoo slow (a drop at a time), this can be corrected by adjusting thegrinding adjustment dial.APUSHA. Grinding coarseness adjustment knob2. Remove the drip tray and clean it.NOTE: When cleaning the coffee system, always fully removethe drip tray.PUSHNOTE: The grinding adjustment dial must only be turned whenthe coffee mill is in operation during the initial phase of coffeepreparation.1. If the coffee comes out too slowly or does not come out atall, a message will be shown GROUND TOO FINE. ADJUSTGRIND LEVEL, turn the coffee mill dial one or two clicksclockwise.2. For fuller bodied creamier coffee, turn one click counterclockwise towards one. (Do not turn more than one click at atime. Otherwise the coffee could come out one drop at atime.)AABA. Coffee grounds containerB. Drip tray3. Empty the coffee grounds container and replace it.NOTE: Every time the drip tray is removed, the coffee groundscontainer must be emptied. Failure to do so may clog thecoffee system.4. Replace the drip tray and close the service door.BA. Counterclockwise for finer grindB. Clockwise for coarser grindThe effect of these adjustments will only be evident after at leasttwo cups of coffee have been delivered. If this adjustment doesnot obtain the desired result, repeat the correction by turning thedial another click.11

Making Coffee using Pre-GroundCoffeeMaking Milk-Based Hot Drinks1. Remove the lid of the milk container.IMPORTANT: Never add pre-ground coffee when the coffee maker is off inorder to avoid it spreading through the inside of the coffeemaker and making it dirty. This could damage the appliance. Never use more than one level measure or it could dirty theinside of the coffee maker or block the funnel.1. PressSTRENGTH until the display shows(preground).2. Open the cover and the pre-ground door.3. Make sure the funnel is not blocked, then add one levelmeasure of pre-ground coffee.A2. Fill the container with approximately 1/2 cup (100 mL) of milkfor each cappuccino you want to make. Do not fill above theMAX line on the milk container. For a denser or more evenfroth, use cold skim or partially skim milk.3. Make sure the milk intake tube is correctly inserted in thebottom of the milk container lid and place the lid back ontothe container.A. Center funnel4. Place a cup under the coffee spouts, then select your requiredcoffee from the home page.5. Preparation begins and the image of the selected beverageappears on the display, together with a progress bar whichgradually fills as preparation progresses.ANOTES:B If you use pre-ground coffee, you can only make one cup ofcoffee at a time. While the coffee maker is making coffee, delivery can beinterrupted at any time by pressingSTOP . As soon as delivery has ended, to increase the quantity ofcoffee in the cup, press EXTRA . Once the desired quantity isreached, pressSTOP . Once the coffee has been made, the appliance is ready tomake the next beverage.12A. Milk intake tubeB. Rubber washer

4. Remove the hot water/steam spout.Adjusting the Amount of FrothTurn the froth adjustment dial on the milk container to adjust theamount of froth on the milk delivered while making the drinks. Seetable below.DIALPOSITIONABDESCRIPTIONRECOMMENDED FOR.No frothCAFFE LATTE / MILK (hot milk)Min. frothLATTE MACCHIATOMax. frothCAPPUCCINO / MILK (frothedmilk)Making Milk-Based Drinks AutomaticallyA. Hot water and steam nozzleB. Hot water spout5. Attach the milk container to the nozzle by pushing the bottomof the container. A tone will sound if the sound notification isenabled.AB1. Fill the milk container and attach it as described above.2. Select the required beverage from the home page:Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Hot Milk,Cappuccino , Espresso Macchiato, Flat White or CappuccinoMix.3. On the display the coffee maker recommends turning thefoam adjustment dial based on the foam requirements for theoriginal recipe. Turn the dial on top of the milk container lidOK .and confirm the selection by pressing4. After a few seconds, preparation begins automaticallyand an image of the selected beverage appears on thedisplay, together with a progress bar which gradually fills aspreparation progresses.5. Once the coffee has been made, the coffee maker is ready tomake the next beverage.NOTES: If "Energy Saving" mode is enabled, there may be a fewseconds delay before the beverage is delivered. PressESC to interrupt preparation completely and go backto the home page.STOP to interrupt milk or coffee delivery and move onto the next delivery (if applicable) to complete the beverage. PressA. Hot water and steam nozzleB. Milk container6. Place a large cup under the coffee spouts and frothed milkspout. To move the spout nearer to the cup, simply pull itdownward. At the end of delivery, to increase the quantity of coffee in thecup, pressEXTRA . Preparation of each milk based drink can be customized.See "Customizing Beverages" and Memorizing Your PersonalProfile" sections. Do not leave the milk container out of the refrigerator for morethan 15 minutes. The quality of the foam will decrease thelonger the container is out.ABCA. Coffee spoutsB. Milk spoutC. Cup13

To Clean Hot Water/Steam Spout:Always clean the hot water/steam spout after use to avoid thebuild-up of milk residues and prevent it from clogging.1. Place a container under the hot water/steam spout and let alittle fresh water out. See "Delivering Hot Water" section. Stopdelivery by pressingSTOP .2. Wait a few minutes for the hot water/steam spout to cooldown. When cool, remove the spout. Hold the spout steadywith one hand and with the other, turn and detach thecappuccino maker, pulling it downwards.Delivering Hot Water1. Make sure the hot water/steam spout is attached correctly tothe hot water/steam connection nozzle.2. Place a container under the spout as close as possible toavoid splashes.3. SelectHOT WATER from the home page. Thecorresponding image appears on the display, together with aprogress bar which fills gradually as preparation proceeds.4. The machine delivers hot water, then the delivery stopsautomatically. To interrupt hot water delivery manually,pressSTOP .NOTES: If "Energy Saving" mode is active, there may be a few secon

MACHINE À ESPRESSO ENCASTRÉE JENNAIR W11325607B Use & Care Guide For questions about features, operation/performance, parts, accessories, or service in the U.S.A., call: 1-800-JENNAIR (1-800-536-6247) or visit our website at In Canada, call: 1-800-JENNAIR (1-800-536-6247) or visit our website at

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