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BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage AESPRESSO MACHINEBreville Customer Service CentreUS CustomersCanada CustomersMail:2851 E. Las HermanasStreetRancho DominguezCA 90221-5507Mail:Phone:Customer Service:1(866) BREVILLEAnglo Canadian2555, Avenue del’aviationPointe-Claire(Montreal) QuebecH9P 2Z2EmailCustomer Serviceaskus@brevilleUSA.comPhone:Customer Service:1(866) BREVILLEEmailCustomer ville.comis a registered trademark of Breville Pty Ltd. A.B.N. 98 000 092 9282851 E. Las Hermanas Street, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221-5507 USATel 1866 BREVILLE2555, Avenue Aviation, Pointe-Claire (Montreal) Quebec, H9P 2Z2 CANADATel 1866 BREVILLEModel 800ESXLIssue 1/05 Copyright Breville Pty Ltd 2005Due to continual improvements in design or otherwise, the product you purchase may differ slightly from theone illustrated in this booklet.

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 2CONTENTSESPRESSO MACHINE4Congratulations5About your Breville Die Cast Series Espresso Machine6Breville recommends safety first8Know your Breville Die Cast Series Espresso Machine10Assembling your Breville Die Cast Series Espresso Machine13Operating your Breville Die Cast Series Espresso Machine17How to froth milk for a cappuccino or latté20Using the hot water function21Coffee making tips25Care and Cleaning28Trouble shooting guide32Coffee Variations37Recipes3

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 4Congratulationson the purchase of your new Breville Die Cast Series EspressoFrom its superbly crafted and sensitive temperaturecontrol through to its professionally styled casing, yourDie Cast Series Espresso Machine represents a perfectbalance of functionality, reliability and absolute style.In developing this booklet, our goal was to provide youwiththe fundamental point from which you can start todiscover the incredible versatility of your 800ESXL;the Espresso Machine that delivers simply superiorcoffee. Our hope is that with each page, you gainincreasing pleasure from your 800ESXL and its abilityto help you create a wonderfully broad range offlavour-rich coffees.We would just like to say thank you, congratulationsand 5

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 6BREVILLE RECOMMENDS SAFETY FIRSTIMPORTANT SAFEGUARDSWe at Breville are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with the safety of you, our valued customerforemost in mind. In addition we ask that you exercise a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the Carefully read all instructions beforeoperating and save for future reference. To protect against fire, electrical shockand injury to persons do not immerse theappliance, cord or plug in water or anyother liquid. This appliance is for household use only. Do not use this appliance for anythingother than its intended use. The use of accessory attachments notrecommended by Breville may cause arisk of injury to persons, fire or electricshock. Strictly follow cleaning and careinstructions. Young children should be supervised toensure that they do not play with theappliance. Do not use this appliance for anythingother than its intended use. Do not usein moving vehicles or boats. Do not useoutdoors. Do not leave the appliance unattendedwhen in use. Carefully read all instructions beforeoperating and save for future reference. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles. Always switch the appliance to ‘OFF’, andthen remove plug from the power outletwhen the appliance is not being used andbefore cleaning. Always use the appliance on a dry, levelsurface. To disconnect, turn all controls to ‘OFF’,then remove plug from power outlet. Do not place this appliance on or near ahot gas or electric burner, or where itcould touch a heated oven.6 Do not let the cord hang over the edgeof a table or counter, touch hot surfacesor become knotted.BREVILLE RECOMMENDS SAFETY FIRSTappliance for any damage. If founddamaged in any way, immediately ceaseuse of the appliance and call BrevilleCustomer Service at 1-866-BREVILLE. For any maintenance other than cleaning,call Breville Customer Service at 1-866BREVILLE.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOUSEHOLD USENOTE:Your Breville applianceONLYcomes with the uniqueAssist Plug, convenientlydesigned with a finger holein the power plug, for easyand safe removal from theoutlet. For safety reasonsit is recommended you plugyour Breville appliancedirectly into the poweroutlet. Use in conjunctionwith a power strip orELECTRIC CORD STATEMENTYour Die Cast Series Espresso Machine hasa short cord as a safety precaution toprevent personal injury or property damageresulting from pulling, tripping or becomingentangled with the cord. Do not allowchildren to be near or use this appliancewithout close adult supervision. If youmust use a longer cord or an extensioncord when using the appliance, the cordmust be arranged so it will not drape orhang over the edge of a countertop,tabletop or surface area where it can bepulled on by young children or trippedover. To prevent electric shock, personalinjury or fire, the electrical rating of theextension cord if you must use one mustbe the same or more than the wattage ofthe appliance (wattage is marked on theunderside of the appliance). An extension cord is not recommended,however, if one is needed, the extensioncord should be a grounded type and itselectrical rating must be the same ormore wattage as the appliance. Regularlyinspect the supply cord, plug and actualBREVILLE RECOMMENDS SAFETY FIRST7

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 8KNOW YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINEExtra large cup warming plateHot water buttonpress while the Selector Control isturned to ‘Steam’ to utilise hotwater functionPower On/Off buttonsurround illuminates whenthe button is pressedHeating lightilluminates in red when the PowerOn/Off button is pressed to ‘On’15 bar pumpItalian designed and madeSteam buttonwill illuminate to indicate that thesteam function is selectedChromed/brass filter holderwith solid phenolic handleand silicon burn guardBrew Headfor easy fit of the filter holderRemovable 1.06 quart (1 liter)drip tray and gridCord storage8KNOW YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINESelector Control – for EspressoStandby ( ) and Steam,Advanced dual wall crema systemfor the perfect cremaCommercial swivel steam wand withstainless steel frothing attachmentRemovable 2.32 quart (2.2 liter)water tankuse insert handle to remove from thefront of the machine or water tankfiller button to fill from the rear of themachineExtra large cup height for coffee mugsThermoblock heating systemensures coffee is extractedat the correct temperatureExternal viewing back-lit water window2 dual wall stainless steel filters(1 cup filter and 2 cup filter)Pre-brew function:for optimum coffee extractionpressureDrip tray full indicatorIntegrated accessory drawerAccessories (not shown in picture)Custom designed stainless steelfrothing jugCustom designed measuring/tampingspoonCustom designed cleaning toolAuto purge function:ensures that coffee is extracted atthe correct temperature and notburntKNOW YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE9

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 10ASSEMBLING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINEYour Die Cast Series Espresso machine willhave the Drip Tray and Water Tank in placewhen you unpack it from the box.Before first use: It is recommended tocomplete a water brewing operationwithout groundcoffee before brewing your first espressocoffee to ensure that all internal piping hasbeen preheated (follow Steps 1 and 4 inOperating your Breville Die Cast SeriesEspresso Machine – Pages 13 and 15).The Storage Tray, 2 stainless steel Filters,Cleaning Tool and Measuring/tampingSpoon will be packed in a plastic sleeve.The Filter Holder and Frothing Jug will bepacked inside the foam packaging. Ensureyou have located all parts and accessoriesbefore throwing out the packaging.Remove the Drip Tray and Water Tank andwash all parts and accessories in warm,soapy water using a non-abrasive washingliquid. Rinse and dry thoroughly.NOTE:Do not clean any of theparts or accessories in the10ASSEMBLING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINETO REASSEMBLE: STEP 1Insert the Storage Tray into the base ofthe machine and slide in towards the backwall.This is a convenient location to store theCleaning Tool, stainless steel Filters andMeasuring/tamping Spoon when not in use,STEP 2Slide the Drip Tray, with the Drip Tray FullIndicator and Grid in place, into the base ofthe machine and in front of the StorageTray.STEP 3Slide the Water Tank over the Drip Trayandinto the front opening of the machine andinto position above the Storage Tray.Ensure the Water Tank aligns flush withthe sides ofthe machine.ASSEMBLING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CLASS SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE11

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 12OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE Remove the Filter Holder if locked intothe Brew Head and move the SteamWand to the side of the machine. Remove the Water Tank by pulling withthe handle insert in the front of theEspresso Machine. When the Water Tank is removed, a blacktube slides and extends out from theWater Tank storage area. Do not touchor try to remove this tube, it willautomatically slide back into positionwhen the Water Tank is reinserted. Fill the Water Tank with cold water tothe maximum mark on the WaterWindow and slide the Water Tankcarefully back into position in themachine.STEP 1 – FILLING THE WATER TANK Ensure the Power On/Off button is ‘Off’andthe Selector Control is set to the ‘ ’Standby position.Operating Turn the machine off at the power outletand unplug the power cord.NOTE: Check the water levelbefore use and replace thewater daily.The water tank should berefilled with fresh coldwater before each use.Do not use mineral or Alternatively the Water Tank can beaccessed from the rear of the machine.Press the button at the back of the CupWarming Plate and the Water Tank Fillerwill open. Ensure the Water Tank is fittedfirmly into position. Fill with cold waterto the maximum mark on the WaterWindow and close the Water Tank Filler.OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE13

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 14STEP 4 – PRIMING THE BREW HEAD(Refer to The Grind on Page 21).NOTE:THE FILTERS A R E HELD INPLACE FIRMLY T O ENSURET H A T THEY D O N O T GETEMPTIED INTO THE T R A S HSTEP 2 - PREPARING THE COFFEE Place the 1 or 2 cup filter into the FilterHolder (use the smaller filter for 1 cupand the larger filter for 2 cups). Use 1 level measure of ground espressocoffee for the 1 cup filter and 2 levelmeasures for the 2 cup filter. It isimportant to use the correct amount ofcoffee for each Filter as the filterperforations have been constructed toutilise the pressure in the machine toextract optimal flavor with each brewing.14OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINETIP: REMOVE THE FILTER USINGTHE INDENTS IN THE SIDE OFTHE FILTER HOLDER, IF THISPROVES DIFFICULT THE800ESXL C O M E S WITH 2FILTERS. USE THE EDGE OFSTEP 3 -THETAMPINGCOFFEEFREETHEFILTERAS A Distribute the coffee evenly in the FilterLEVERAGE AID TOand press down lightly with the tampingTHEspoonFILTERend of REMOVINGthe measuring(Refer toFITTED.Coffee THATMakingISTipson Page 21). Clean any excess coffee from the rim ofthe Filter holder to ensure a proper fitinto the Brew Head. Before placing the Filter Holder intoposition, it is recommended to run ashort flow of water through the BrewHead. Ensure the Selector Control is in the‘Standby’ position and plug the powercord into a 120V power outlet andswitch on. Press the Power On/Offbutton to ‘On’and theremainsbutton surroundNOTE:Themachinereadywill illuminate.The Steambuttonfor brewingand maintainsasurroundconstantwill also heatingilluminate.STEP 5 - PRE-WARMING THE CUPS The Cup Warming Plate will start towarm as the machine heats. Pre-warm the espresso cups by placingon the Cup Warming Plate. This will helpmaintain the coffee’s optimaltemperature when brewed into the cups.temperaturethe noise The machinewill makewhilea pumpingthen thePowerHeatingLight willilluminateOn/offbuttonis in red.When thetemperaturehas beenthecorrect‘On’ position.If thereached the light will cycle out.temperature lowers, thelightwill Place aheatingcontainerundertheilluminateBrew Head.and the Thermoblock Prime the Brew Head by quickly turningHeatingSystemwillthe SelectorControlto the‘Espresso’position until water flows then turn backto the ‘Standby’ position. A pumpingnoise will be heard in this operation.OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE15

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 16HOW TO FROTH MILK FOR A CAPPUCCINO OR LATTÉfelt, this will be at an approximate 90 angle to the machine.STEP 7 - BREWING THE COFFEE The red ‘Heating’ light cycles off whenthe machine has reached the correcttemperature for brewing. Ensure the Drip Tray and Grid are inplace. Place one or two pre-warmed cupsbeneath the Filter Holder outlet. Set the Selector Control to the‘Espresso’ position.PRE-BREW FUNCTION When the Selector Control is set to the‘Espresso’ position, the 15 bar pumppumps water momentarily, followed by apause, then continues to pump thewater through to the ground coffee inthe Filter Holder. This pre-brew functionis an advanced feature of the 800ESXL.The ground coffee is moistened by asmall amount of water before fullextraction. The ground coffee expandsand when greater pressure is built up,the brewed coffee is extracted with itsfull flavor.STEP 8 – EMPTYING THE FILTER HOLDER Remove the Filter Holder from the BrewHead by turning the Filter Holder to theleft until it releases. Turn the FilterHolder upside down to empty the usedcoffee (used coffee grounds should bethrown away and not put down the sinkwhich may block drains). Remove theFilter by using the indents on the side ofthe Filter Holder. Rinse the Filter andFilter Holder with water and allow to dry. After a few seconds, aromatic coffee willbegin to brew into the cups. A pumpingnoise will be heard in this operation.16OPERATING YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINEIf less froth is required, remove theFrothing Attachment and steam the milkusing the Steam Wand. To remove theFrothing Attachment, ensure it is cool thensimply pull down and remove. The FrothingAttachment can be stored in the StorageTray inside the machine if not usedregularly.To refit the Frothing Attachment ensure itis securely attached to the Steam Wand byinserting it, from either end opening, ontothe Wand and pushing firmly upwards ontothe rubber surround. Ensure the fine steamholes on either end of the FrothingAttachment are clean to achieve optimalfrothing. When sufficient coffee has flowed intothe cups, set the Selector Control to the‘Standby’ position. This will stop the flowof coffee.STEP 6 – INSERTING THE FILTER HOLDER Place the Filter Holder underneath theBrew Head so that the handle is alignedwith the insert graphic. Insert the FilterHolder up into the Brew Head and rotatethe handle to the right until resistance isThe Die Cast Series Espresso Machinecomes complete with a Commercial SwivelSteam Wand and Stainless Steel FrothingAttachment. When using the FrothingAttachment a large amount of froth iseasily created. If the steam function is not required,leave the Selector Control to the‘Standby’ position, unplug the powercord and allow the machine to cool. The first step in making a cappuccino orlatté is to make a short espresso. Referto “Operating your Breville Die CastSeries Espresso Machine” on Page 12.CAUTION: THE METAL PARTS OF THE FILTER HOLDER MIGHT STILLBE VERY HOT. COOL THESE PARTS IN COLD WATER. Then fill the stainless steel frothing jugHOW TO FROTH MILK FOR A CAPPUCCINO OR LATTÉ17

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp115/2/064:54 PM/3 full with cold fresh milk.NOTE: When the 800ESXL iscreating steam a pulsingnoise can be heard. This isthe normal operation of thePage 18light will start to flash indicating that theThermoblock Heating System is heatingand preparing to create steam. When the milk starts to increase involume, immerseFrothingNOTE:Always theensurethat theAttachmentdeeper Attachmentinto the jughasto heatFrothingthe milk.been firmly pushed onto theSteamand withconnects Hold thejug atWandan angleone handand placeyourhandsurround.on the outerwiththeotherrubberbase of the stainless frothing jug.For best results use cold When the red ‘Heating’ light stopsflashing, quickly insert the Steam Wandinto the jug of milk so that the FrothAttachment is just immersed into themilk.NOTE: If steam starts comingfromthe Steam Wand before it isimmersed in the milk, pausethe steam by turning theSelector Control back to the‘Standby’ position. Thiswill avoid the steampressure blowing milk out Turn the Selector Control to the ‘Steam’position and press the ‘Steam’ button.(Refer to information on Steam and HotWater buttons on Page 19.) The‘Heating’18HOW TO FROTH MILK FOR A CAPPUCCINO OR LATTÉ When thebasemilkof thetoofresh(lowjugfatbecomesmilk willhot to frothtouch,easier)set the. Selector Control tothe ‘Standby’ position, stopping theAlwayscleantheremovingSteam thesteamingfunctionbeforeandFrothingjug. A Wandpumpingnoisewill sound for ashort time.Attachment after every Hold the frothing jug at an angle so thatthe Frothing Attachment sits just belowthe surface of the heating milk and thesteam will move the milk around theinside of the jug in a circular motion.NOTE: The 800ESXL features aSwivel Steam Wandassembly sothe position of the SteamWand can be changed to a Pour the steamed milk into each cup offreshly brewed espresso coffee andspoon in the frothed milk, in thefollowing ratios: Cappuccino - 1 /3espresso, 1 /3 steamed milk,1 / frothed milk3Latté - 1 /3 espresso topped withsteamed milk and about 1cm of frothedmilk (traditionally served in a glass)STEAM BUTTON/HOT WATER BUTTON The Steam button surround willautomatically illuminate when themachine is switched ‘On’ with the PowerOn/Off button. The machine will always automaticallydefault to the Steam button when theappliance is first switched on. Both buttons cannot be operated at thesame time. To select steam: when the Steam buttonsurround is illuminated, just set theSelector Control to ‘Steam’ To select hot water: press the HotWater button and the surround willilluminate, then just set the SelectorControl to ‘Steam’. If the machine remains switched ‘On’,the last button function used (Steam orHot Water) will stay illuminated.CAUTION: DO NOT ALLOW MILK TO RUN OVER THE TOP OF THE FROTHING ATTACHMENT, OTHERWISE ITWILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY.TO AVOID SPLATTERING OF HOT MILK, DO NOT LIFT THE END OF THE FROTHING ATTACHMENTABOVE THE SURFACE OF THE MILK WHILE FROTHING.ENSURE THE SELECTOR CONTROL IS IN THE ‘STANDBY’ POSITION BEFORE REMOVING THEHOW TO FROTH MILK FOR A CAPPUCCINO OR LATTÉ19

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 20USING THE HOT WATER FUNCTIONAUTO PURGE FUNCTIONFor brewing more coffee immediately afterusing the steam function, the 800ESXLfeatures an auto-purge function. Thisensures that ground coffee will not beburnt by the initial water flow from thethermoblock that could be too hot. Insteadthis water is automatically releasedinternally into the Drip Tray ensuring thatthe internal thermostat is at optimaltemperature for extracting coffee. Yourcoffee will always be extracted at thisoptimal temperature ensuring only the bestflavored coffee is achieved.COFFEE MAKING TIPSThe 800ESXL features a separate HotWaterfunctionthatmachinecan be usedforNOTE:If theremainsmaking tea,hot chocolateandlastother warmswitched‘On’, thedrinks. Thehot wateris dispensedfrombuttonfunctionused willthe SteamWand.stayilluminated. To changeto HottheWatersteamfunction,function,To use theremove thepresstheFrothing simplyAttachmentfromtheSteamSteamWand. PressthesoHotWaterbuttonthatthebuttonsteamthenturn the SelectorControl to‘Steam’. Thelight surroundilluminatesHot Waterandbuttonsurroundwill illuminateturnthe Selectorwhen selected.Control to the ‘Steam’position.Refer to SteamPlace a jugor cup underneaththe SteamWand to collect the hot water.To turn the hot water off, turn theSelector Control to the ‘Standby’ position.Limit the extraction of hot water to 2quarts (2 liters) each use.The machine is not designed to makewhole pots of coffee and tea. The morethe amount of water is extracted thecooler it becomes.20USING THE HOT WATER FUNCTIONMaking a good cup of coffee is an art thatis simple to achieve. Here are some tips tohelp you make the perfect coffee.THE COFFEEPre-ground coffee can be used and shouldbe stored in an air-tight container, in acool, dry area. Pre-ground coffee shouldnot be kept for longer than 1 week asflavor will diminish. Do not refrigerate orfreeze.Whole coffee beans, freshly ground justbefore use, are recommended. Coffeebeans should be stored in an air-tightcontainer, in a cool, dry area but shouldnot be kept for longer than 1 month asflavor will diminish. Do not refrigerate orfreeze.WATER FLOWWhen brewing coffee, make sure the waterflows through the Coffee Filter at thecorrect rate.If the water flow is too slow the coffee willbe over extracted and will be very dark andbitter, with a mottled and uneven cremaon top.If the water flow is too fast, the coffee willbe under extracted – the optimal flavor willnot develop, the coffee will be watery andlack the thick crema on the top.The water flow can be adjusted by varyingthe pressure that the coffee is tamped(pressed down) in the Filter or by changingthe grind of the coffee.THE GRINDIf using a pre-ground coffee, ensure anespresso grind suitable forespresso/cappuccino machines ispurchased.If grinding coffee beans, the grind shouldbe fine but not too fine or powdery. Thegrind will affect the rate at which thewater flows through the coffee in the Filterand therefore the taste of the coffee.If the grind is too fine (looks like powderand feels like flour when rubbed betweenfingers), the water will not flow throughthe coffee even when under pressure. Theresulting coffee will be over extracted, toodark and bitter, with a mottled and unevencrema on top.If the grind is too coarse the water willflow through the coffee too quickly. Thiswill resultin an under-extracted coffee lacking inflavor and without the thick crema on thetop layerof coffee.COFFEE MAKING TIPS21

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMTAMPING THE COFFEEAfter measuring the ground coffee into theFilter it must be tamped (pressed down)using the flat end of the measuring spoon.The ground coffee should be tamped quitefirmly.If the coffee is not tamped firmly enough,the water will flow through the water tooquickly and the coffee will be underextracted. If the coffee is tamped toofirmly, however, the water will flow throughthe coffee too slowly and the coffee willbe over extracted.22COFFEE MAKING TIPSPage 22NOTE: The taste of your coffeewill, of course, depend onpersonal preference and onmany other factors such asthe type of coffee beanused, the coarseness orfineness of the grind andthe tamping pressure(pressed down). Werecommend experimentingby varying these factors to23

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 24CARE AND CLEANINGposition and press the Hot Water button.This will clear any remaining milk frominside the Steam Wand.Cleaning24CLEANING THE STEAM WAND ANDFROTHING ATTACHMENT The Steam Wand and FrothingAttachment should always be cleanedafter frothing milk. Ensure the Selector Control is in the‘Standby’ position. Press the ‘ON/OFF’button to ‘OFF’, switch off at the poweroutlet, unplug the power cord and allowthe machine to cool. Remove the Frothing Attachment andrinse in warm tap water. Ensure the twofine steam holes on either end of theFrothing Attachment are clear. Use thepin on the Cleaning Tool to unblockthese holes. If the Steam Wand remains blocked, usethe pin on the Cleaning Tool to clear theopening. Wipe the Steam Wand with a dampcloth, then with the Steam Wanddirected back into the drip tray, brieflyset the Selector Control to the ‘Steam’ If the Steam Wand continues to beblocked, the tip of the Steam Wand canbe removedby using the spanner in the middle of theCleaning Tool.CARE AND CLEANING25

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 26CLEANING THE OUTER HOUSING /CUP WARMING PLATE The outer housing and cup warmingplate can be cleaned with a soft, dampcloth (do not use abrasive cleansers,pads or cloths which can scratch thesurface). Soak the tip in hot water before usingthe pin on the Cleaning Tool to unblock.Replace the tip back onto the SteamWand and secure with the Cleaning Tool.CLEANING THE FILTERS, FILTER HOLDERAND BREWING HEAD The stainless steel Filters and FilterHolder should be rinsed under waterdirectly after use to remove all coffeeparticles. Should the fine holes in thefilters become blocked, the fine pin onthe Cleaning Tool can be used to clearthe holes.CLEANING THE DRIP TRAY The Drip Tray should be removed,emptied and cleaned at regular intervals,particularlywhenthe DripFullNOTE:Do notcleanany Trayof theIndicatoris showingfull.partsor accessoriesin the If further cleaning is required the fullindicator can be removed from the driptray by releasing the side snaps.CLEANING THE STORAGE TRAY The Storage Tray can be removed afterthe Drip Tray is removed then cleanedwith a soft, damp cloth (do not useabrasive cleansers, pads or cloths whichcan scratch the surface).26CARE AND CLEANING We advise decalcifying the machine on aregular basis (every 2-3 months) using aliquid decalcifying agent. Follow theinstructions provided, or use thefollowingas a guide:Diluted solution (for softer water) 1 part decalcifying agent 2 parts cold tap waterConcentrated solution (for harder water) 1 part decalcifying agent 1 part cold tap water The Brew Head interior should be wipedwith a damp cloth to remove any groundcoffee particles. Periodically run water through themachine with the Filter Holder in place,but without any ground coffee, to rinseout any residual coffee particles.DECALCIFYING After regular use, hard water can causemineral build up in and on many of theinner functioning components, reducingthe brewing flow, power of the machine,and affecting the quality of coffee. Remove the Drip Tray Full Indicator andGrid from the Drip Tray, wash with warmsoapy water, using a non-abrasivewashing liquid, rinse and dry thoroughly.CAUTION: DO NOT IMMERSE CORD, PLUG OR APPLIANCE IN WATEROR ANY OTHER LIQUID.THE WATER TANK SHOULD NEVER BE REMOVED ORCOMPLETELY EMPTIED DURING DECALCIFYING.NOTE:The stainless steel Filtersshould not come in contactwith any decalcifyingagents.Do not use powderedCARE AND CLEANING27

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxp15/2/064:54 PMPage 28TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDEPROBLEMPOSSIBLE CAUSESWHAT TO DOCoffee does not run throughonbutton is inMachine is not turned on or plugged inEnsure the machine is plugged in, switchedat the power outlet and the ‘ON/OFF’the ‘ON’ position.Water tank is emptyRefer to step 1 – Filling the water tank onPROBLEMCoffee runs out around the15.edge of the filter holderTurn the selector control to the ‘Espresso’Coffee grind is too fineEnsure you use a suitable espresso grind.‘The Grind’ on page 21.Too much coffee in the filterRefer to ‘Preparing the coffee’ on page 14.Coffee tamped too firmlyRefer to ‘Tamping the coffee’ on page 14.The filter is blockedUse the fine pin on the cleaning tool to clearholes. Please refer to ‘CleaningThe coffee grind is too coarseEnsure you use a suitable espresso grind.‘The Grind’ on page 21.thethe filters’ on page 2 6.Coffee runs out too quicklyRefer toFilter holder is not inserted in the brewRefer to ‘Inserting the filter holder’ on pagehead properlyThere are coffee grounds around the filter rimposition.Refer toWHAT TO DOfilterinto the brew 13.Selector Control not in ‘Espresso’ positionPOSSIBLE CAUSESToo much coffee in the filterRefer to ‘Preparing the coffee’ on page 14.Coffee has been tamped too firmlyRefer to ‘Tamping the coffee’ on page 14.Incorrect filter for amount of coffee usedEnsure you use the small filter for 1 cup ofand the large filter forThe water tank is empty or lowRefer to step 1 – Filling the water tank onCoffee grind is too fineEnsure you use a suitable espresso grind. Refer‘The Grind’ on page 21.Machine is blocked by mineral depositsDecalcify the machine; please refer toon Page 27.Water tank is emptyRefer to step 1 – Filling the water tank oncoffee2 cups of coffee.Coffee filters out in dropspage 13.from the filter holderto‘Decalcifying’Machine is too loudpage 13.28TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDEClean any excess coffee from the rim of theholder to ensure a proper fitTROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE29

BR6659 800ESXL Book US.qxpPROBLEMCoffee is too coldisthe correct15/2/064:54 PMPage 30POSSIBLE CAUSESWHAT TO DOMachine not preheatedEnsure the red ‘Heating’ light cycles off as thiswhen the machine has reachedtemperature.Cups not preheatedtheto ‘Pre-warming theMilk not heated enough(if making a cappuccino or latté)When the base of the jug becomes too hot totouch this is when the milk is heated at thecorrect temperature. Please refer to ‘How tomilk for a cappuccino orCoffee is not tamped firmly enoughRefer to ‘Tamping the coffee’ on page 14.Coffee grind is too coarseEnsure you use a suitable espresso grind. Refer‘The Grind’ on page 21.Ground Coffee is not freshPre-ground coffee should not be kept forfrothlatté on page 17.No cremaThe cup warming plate starts to warm up asmachine warms up. Please refercups’ on page 15.tolongerPROBLEMPOSSIBLE CAUSESWHAT TO DONo steam is generatedMachine is not turned onEnsure the machine is plugged in, switched onatthe power outlet and the ‘on/off’ button is in‘on’ position.theWater tank is emptyRefer to step 1 – Filling the water tank onSelector Control not in ‘Steam’ positionTurn the selector control to the ‘Steam’Ensure the steam‘Hot Water’ but

8 KNOW YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE 9 KNOW YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE KNOW YOUR BREVILLE DIE CAST SERIES ESPRESSO MACHINE Heating light illuminates in red when the Power On/Off button is pressed to 'On' Selector Control - for Espresso , Standby ( ) and Steam Commercial swivel steam wand with

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Portable Espresso Machine 2 CAA100 ProUser espresso Portable Espresso Machine is the first automatic cordless portable espresso machine that employs tools battery and multi -heating elements to provide adequate, stable and efficient power during your journey! Sowhether you are traveling, on an adventure, working or at home, you

art or a novice to espresso and just want to relax and enjoy a perfect espresso drink, the brim 19 Bar Espresso Maker delivers! Consistency is key when it comes to a good shot of espresso. Optimal espresso flavoris achieved as the brewing temperature in maintained. Grounds are pre-infused with low, steady water pressure before extraction.

art or a novice to espresso and just want to relax and enjoy a perfect espresso drink, the brim 19 Bar Espresso Maker delivers! Consistency is key when it comes to a good shot of espresso. Optimal espresso flavoris achieved as the brewing temperature in maintained. Grounds are pre-infused with low, steady water pressure before extraction.

Taste Budd's ESPRESSO DRINKS: Any espresso drink may come hot or iced; regular or decaf. AMERICANO: Fill cup one-half to two-thirds with water.Add desired number of shots of espresso to water (usually 1 or 2). Always add espresso after water. BERRY BERRY MOCHA: A café mocha with raspberry syrup CAFÉ LATTE: One or two shots of espresso and steamed milk.

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