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THE ULTIMATEPortable Espresso Machine1

ProUser espresso Portable EspressoMachine ensures all the coffee loverscan experience true espressofreedom by making and enjoying theirfavorite espresso grind whenever andwherever they are.ProUser espresso is the first and onlycordless portable espresso machinethat can have energy efficient waterboiling which is powered by aremovable tailored designed toolslithium battery, operate from onebutton and automatically pump aswell as pour your espresso straightinto the detachable, BPA free andtransparent drinking cup (Tritan).Air vent water lid releasesair pressure whilst boilingComponents in directcontact water are made fromFDA food grade polymerHTIV-FWA with better heatdistortion stability andchemical resistance. Full metal water tank for quickand uniform distributed heating.Dual heating elements shortenthe heating time.Max. water level indicationAccessible water tank for easycleaningAC/DC adaptor input 12V/7AUSB-C input for charging 5V/2AOLED display indicatesbattery level and statusOptimum pump pressure:15barPowered by removablerechargeable tools lithium batteryOne Button ControlPress and hold for 2 sec. to boilPress and hold for 5 sec. topour boiled water/iced waterH: 253mm X D: 78mm X W: 83mmAbout 0.89kgCapsule: Compatible with genuineNepresso, L’OR, Maccona andcorresponding size and shape capsuleVacuum seal capsule cap designedwith hand grip for easily tightening.Material HTIV-FWA have a betterheat distortion stability andchemical resistanceCoffee pours directly into BPA freedetachable transparent drinking cup1

Portable Espresso MachineCAA100ProUser espresso Portable Espresso Machine is the first automatic cordless portable espressomachine that employs tools battery and multi-heating elements to provide adequate, stable and efficientpower during your journey! So whether you are traveling, on an adventure, working or at home, youcan now enjoy a fresh, perfectly extracted espresso with a thick rich cream automatically made for youat the simple push of a button! Consistently produces a fresh espresso every useFully automated – operates from one button and automatically pumps for youCan boil water anywhere you go or directly pour water at any temperatureCordless – ultimate portabilityMake an espresso from every Nespresso capsule or your own espresso grind on your termsPours espresso directly into detachable drinking cupIncludes: ProUser espresso Portable Espresso Machine, 12V Car Charger and AC AdaptorCompatible ONLY with: genuine original Nespresso Coffee Capsules, L'OR Espresso AluminiumCapsules and SealPod reusable rubber capsules for your espresso grindOptimum Pump Pressure: 15 BarBoiling Cold Water: full charge makes 4 cups of coffee (continuously)Instantly Making Coffee (using boiled or iced water): full charge makes 100 cups of coffeeRemovable Lithium Battery: 28.47 WHCharges with: ProUser espresso AC Adaptor, ProUser espresso Car Charger and your USB Type-C(connected to a 5V 2A AC Adaptor)Unit Dimensions (HxDxW): 253mm X 78mm X 83mmUnit Weight: About 0.89kgPackage Dimensions (LxWxH): 160mm X135mm X 300mmShipping Weight: 1.5 kg.2

Capsules compatibility3

User friendlyFor the first useCoffee making preparation1. Unscrew the drinking cup andwater lid then clean the drinking cup,capsule cap and the water tank witha soft sponge, water and detergent.2. Put them back when they are dried.*Remove the sticker from the batterybefore you want to charge it.3. Turn the machine upside down andunscrew the drinking cup and capsule cap.4. Put a capsule into the capsule insert andpress it down until flat.5. Screw and tighten the capsule cap anddrinking cup.6. Turn the machine right side up thenunscrew the water lid.7. Pour water to the max level mark.8. Screw the water lid back onto the machine.It is now ready for you to make the coffee.Charging via AC ADAPTORConnect the AC adaptor with the machine andplug it into the mains powers supply, Chargingtime: Around 2-3 hours.Charging via 12V car chargerConnect the 12V charger with the machine andplug it into the cigar lighter, Charging time:Around 2-3 hours.Charging via USB-C charger (Charging only)Connect the charger with the machine and plugit into the mains power supply, Charging time:Around 6-8 hours.Making the coffee9. Room temperature water to be boiled:Hold the button for 2 seconds, indicator willflash with beep sound and heating logo wouldbe shown at the LED display.10. After a few minutes, you would enjoy thehot espresso with crema.4

DifferentiationProUser espressoFEATURE/BENEFITCOMPETITIONBRAND and VersionProUser espressoNowpressoHandpresso autoCapsuleHandpresso ReveluxNutriChefSTARESSOAvailable Online and/orRetail Brick and MortarBothBothBothBothBothBothOnline onlyOnline onlyOnline onlyBothREAL ESPRESSOYESYESYESYESNONOYESYESYESNOBoils waterYESYESYESYESNONOYESYESNONOYES 20-25YES 20-25NONONONOYES up to 50NONONOYES 4.5YES 8 TO 12YES 2 TO 5YES 2 TO 5NONOYES 10 TO 12minYES 7 TO 10NONODouble heating elementYESNONONONONONONONONOABS Food grade PlasticsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSpecial odorless food grade plastics 40% Glass FiberYESNONONONONONONONONOMetal WatertankYESNOYESNONONONONONONOAutomatic pumpingYESYESYESYESNONOYESYESYESNOCordless PortabilityYESYESNONOYESYESYESNONONOCompatible with Nespresso CapsulesYESYESNONOYESYESYESYESYESNOCompatible with L'or capsulesYESYESNONONONOYESNONONOCompatible with own Espresso GrindYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESPercolation time in sec.Boil time in min.Different colors availableSOONNONONONONONONONONOCoffee pours into detachable drinking cupYESYESNONOYESYESYESYESYESNOTritan transparent cupYESNONONONONONONONONOOLED displayYESNONONONONONONONONOOne button for all functionsYESYESYESYESNONOYESYESYESNOAir pump no pressure controlNONOYESYESYESYESNONONOYESSteam extraction no pressure controlNONONONONONONONONONOTrue espresso water pumpYESYESNONONONOYES?NOBoiling temp. ºC92-949090-9590-95NONO9090NONOPouring temp. ºC84-8782NONONONO7070NONOWater chamber ure15 Bar15 Bar16 Bar16 Bar8 Bar18 Bar15 Bar15 Bar12 Bar15-20 BarMax Pressure30 Bar30 Bar18 Bar16 Bar?18 Bar15 Bar15 Bar12 bar20 480gr453grRemovable Lithium BatteryYESYESNONONONOYESNONONO12V cigarette-lighter plugnonenoneRemovable Lithium Battery12V cigarette-lighterplugUSB cable only, nodevicenoneNo Power no coffeeNo power no coffeeNo real espressoPower SupplyRemovable Lithium Battery Removable Lithium Battery 12V cigarette-lighter plugIn PackageYES 12v Car ChargerYES 12v Car ChargerIn packageYES USB ChargerYES AC/DC power supplyOptionalAC/DC power supplyUSB ChargerREMARKCan make coffee on allpower sourcesCan make coffee on allpower sourcesYES USB ChargerOnly in car useOnly in car useNo pressure control No pressure controlNo battery charge nocoffeeThe highest-level performance & Full function5

Portable Espresso Machine4

Retail Packaging7

Inside the boxAC AdaptorUSB-C Charger12V Car ChargerEspresso MachinePod8

Espresso Machine Travel Bag and TripodProUser espresso Travel Bag keeps your Portable EspressoMachine protected and secure for wherever life takes you. Securely carries the Portable Espresso Machine plus 3capsules Removable and adjustable shoulder strapProUser espresso tripod allows you to effortlessly useyour own coffee cup when using the ProUser PortableEspresso Machine.It is perfect for the consistent stationary use of theProUser Portable Espresso Machine especially on yourtravels, in the office or at home.9

Welcome to join usLet’s work togetherWe believe there are many synergies for you to market/sell/work with ProUser espresso, please come and work together.

Portable Espresso Machine 2 CAA100 ProUser espresso Portable Espresso Machine is the first automatic cordless portable espresso machine that employs tools battery and multi -heating elements to provide adequate, stable and efficient power during your journey! Sowhether you are traveling, on an adventure, working or at home, you

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Espresso Machine 2 Preparing your espresso machine . for the first time 8 Using your espresso machine - Ground coffee 9 Inserting a capsule adaptor 12 Using your espresso machine - Capsule 13 Guide to milk texturing 14 Advanced Programming 15 Care and cleaning 20 Coffee thermobl

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