BES860 Fresca Espresso Machina Programmable Espresso Machine With Grinder

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Getting to Know your MachineBES860 Fresca Espresso Machina Programmable Espresso Machine with Grinder

INTRODUCING THE BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina The quality of freshly ground coffee used inespresso is one of the four most importantfactors in the preparation of coffee. Thisattribute is often referred as one of the ‘fourhands’ in espresso preparation. The othersare the grinder, the espresso machine andthe barista.While the degree and the selection of roastis a personal preference, correctly roastedand rested coffee beans produce espressowith much more taste, flavour and body thancoffee that is pre-ground.Pre-ground coffee deteriorates rapidly andover time produces thin flat coffee that hasa light and small amount of crema.Jason ChanMelbourne Barista of the Year 2005With this in mind the Breville Fresca EspressoMachina was developed with an integrated,dosing grinder. By dosing only the requiredamount of coffee, instantly after being ground,the Fresca Espresso Machina ensuresall grounds are fresh, for a richer, creamierespresso.

CONTENTSCongratulations on the purchase of your new BrevilleProfessional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina Getting to Know your Machine 5Breville Recommends Safety First7Features of your Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina 12Know your Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina 15Before First Use16Assembling your Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina 18Coffees to Try22Recipe Inspirations

BREVILLE RECOMMENDS SAFETY FIRSTAt Breville we are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with the safety of you, our valued customer foremost in mind. Inaddition we ask that you exercise a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following precautions:Important safeguards for your Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina Carefully read all instructions before operatingand save for future reference. The appliance is not intended to be operatedby means of an external timer or separateremote control system. Do not move the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina whilst in operation. Do not use attachments other than thoseprovided with the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina . Do not leave the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina unattended when in use. To eliminate a choking hazard for youngchildren, remove and safely discard theprotective cover fitted to the power plug of thisappliance. Do not attempt to operate the BrevilleProfessional 800 Collection Fresca EspressoMachina by any method other than thosedescribed in this book. Do not touch hot surfaces. Allow the BrevilleProfessional 800 Collection FrescaEspresso Machina to cool down beforemoving or cleaning any parts. Do not place the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina nearthe edge of a bench or table during operation.Ensure the surface is level, clean and free ofwater and other substances. Do not operate the grinder without the hopperlid in position. Keep fingers, hands, hair,clothing and utensils away from the hopperduring operation. Do not place anything, other than cups forwarming, on top of the Breville Professional800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina . Remove safely discard any packaging materialand promotional labels or stickers before usingthe Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina for the first time. Do not use the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina on asink drain board. Do not place the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina onor near a hot gas or electric burner, or where itcould touch a heated oven. Always ensure the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina is properly assembled before connectingto power outlet and operating. Follow theinstructions provided in this book. Use only cold, tap water in the water tank. Dono use any other liquid. Never use the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina without water in the water tank. Ensure the portafilter is firmly inserted andsecured into the brewing head before usingthe machine. Never remove the portafilter during thebrewing operation as the machine is underpressure. Always switch off the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina bypressing the POWER button to ‘Off’, switchoff at the power outlet and unplug if applianceis to be left unattended, if not in use, beforecleaning, before attempting to move theappliance, disassembling, assembling andwhen storing the appliance. Keep the appliance and accessories clean.Follow the cleaning instructions provided inthis book.

BREVILLE RECOMMENDS SAFETY FIRST (continued)IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS FOR ALL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Unwind the power cord fully before use. Do not let the power cord hang over the edgeof a bench or table, touch hot surfaces, orbecome knotted. To protect against electric shock do notimmerse power cord, power plug orappliance in water or any other substance. This appliance is not intended for use bypersons (including children) with reducedphysical, sensory or mental capabilities, orlack of experience or knowledge, unless theyhave been given supervision or instructionconcerning use of the appliance by a personresponsible for their safety. This appliance is recommended forhousehold use only. Do not use this appliancefor anything other than its intended use. Donot use in moving vehicles or boats. Do notuse outdoors. Misuse may cause injury. The installation of a residual current device(safety switch) is recommended to provideadditional safety protection when usingelectrical appliances. It is advisable that asafety switch with a rated residual operatingcurrent not exceeding 30mA be installed inthe electrical circuit supplying the appliance.See your electrician for professional advice. Children should be supervised to ensure theydo not play with the appliance. It is recommended to regularly inspect theappliance. Do not use the appliance if powercord, power plug or appliance becomesdamaged in anyway. Return the entireappliance to the nearest authorised BrevilleService Centre for examination and/or repair. Any maintenance other than cleaning shouldbe performed at an authorised BrevilleService Centre.WARNING: UNWIND THE CORD FULLYBEFORE USE.

FEATURES OF YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina Integrated Conical Burr GrinderAdjustable Grind SizeThe integrated conical burr grinder allowseach espresso produced from the FrescaEspresso Machina to be created using freshlyground beans - the key to achieving your idealespresso.The GRIND SIZE selector allows the fineness/coarseness of the coffee grind to be accuratelyadjusted for optimal espresso extraction.The grinder has been specially designed tocombine with the other key features of theFresca Espresso Machina .The GRIND SIZE selector adjusts the grindingburrs to either move closer together for a finergrind or further apart for a coarser grind.Refer to ‘A Lifetime of Experimentation’on page 34.Preset Grind Dosing – Single orDouble cup doseThe preset grind dosing feature automaticallydispenses the required amount of ground coffeefor either a single or double dose. Accuratelyadjust the dose quantity to suit the fineness orcoarseness of the grind.The single or double grind doses can be easilyincreased or decreased by the user to suitpersonal preference.Refer to ‘A Lifetime of Experimentation’on page 34.

FEATURES OF YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina (continued)Hands Free, Direct Grinding toPortafilterThe Fresca Espresso Machina features anintegrated grinding cradle which fully supportsthe portafilter located below the integratedconical burr grinder. The ‘hands free’ grindingfeature allows you to continue with otherpreparations while the portafilter is being evenlyfilled with the selected dose of freshly groundcoffee.Portafilter inserted into grinding cradle An integrated micro switch allows the start andstop of the grind function with a simple push onthe portafilter.Place the portafilter into the cradle and simplypush the portafilter toward the machine lightly toactivate the grind function.Tamper on boardTamper ‘On Board’The ‘on board’ tamper assists the user to evenlyand accurately tamp freshly ground coffee intothe filter basket. The tamper is convenientlylocated ‘on board’ the machine and can beused both in the ‘on board’ position or whilstremoved depending on your preference.Tamper on its own

FEATURES OF YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina (continued)Accurate Temperature ControlProgrammable FunctionIdeal Espresso ZoneBreville digital technology provides accuratetemperature control for a full flavoured espresso.This espresso machine offers a convenientchoice between the Manual Operation or theintelligent Programmable Function that can bepersonalised with the user’s favourite espressosetting.The gauge needle, when positioned within themiddle zone during pouring, indicates that theespresso will be produced at the ideal pressure.The brewed espresso should have a generouslayer of fine textured and evenly coloured,golden crema.Dry Puck FeatureThe ‘Dry Puck’ feature uses an electronicvalve to remove excess water from the groundcoffee in the filter basket. This takes place afterespresso extraction, whilst the Portafilter islocked into the group head. This results in adesirable ‘dry coffee puck’ which can then bedisposed of easily and cleanly.Espresso Pressure GaugeThe espresso pressure gauge assists inobtaining the most favourable extractionpressure, guiding the user to create their idealespresso. This is achieved by measuring thepressure at which the water is being forcedthrough the ground coffee in the portafilter.

FEATURES OF YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina (continued)10Under Extracted ZoneOver Extracted ZoneCommercial Style Steam WandThe gauge needle when positioned within thelower zone during pouring indicates that theespresso will be produced with insufficientpressure resulting in an ‘under extracted’espresso. This occurs when the water flowthrough the ground coffee in the filter is toofast. As a result the optimal flavour will not beextracted and the coffee will be watery and lackthick crema on the top. Possible other causesfor under extraction are: coffee grind is toocoarse and/or insufficient coffee in filter and/orunder tamping.The gauge needle when positioned withinthe upper zone during pouring will indicatethat the espresso will be produced with toomuch pressure resulting in an ‘over extracted’espresso. This occurs when the water flowthrough the ground coffee in the filter is tooslow. As a result the coffee will be very darkand bitter, with a mottled and uneven crema ontop. Possible other causes for over extractionare: ground coffee is too fine and/or too muchground coffee in filter and/or over tamping.The swivel-action steam wand with stainlesssteel frothing attachment, easily adjusts to theperfect position for texturing milk. The wand hasa commercial style 360 ball joint.

FEATURES OF YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina (continued)Advanced Dual Wall CrEma SystemFilters - ‘A minute to learn’Single Wall Filters – ‘A lifetime ofexperimentation’Advanced Dual Wall Crema System FilterBaskets (one and two cup) are supplied withthe Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina . The AdvancedDual Wall Crema System Filters are designedto intentionally slow the water flow rate duringbrewing, allowing you to easily extract yourespresso at the ideal pressure, for the enhancedcrema. The filters are suited to both pre-groundvacuum packed coffee and freshly groundcoffee on the DUAL WALL setting.Single Wall Filters (one and two cup) aresupplied with the Breville Professional 800Collection Fresca Espresso Machina .The single wall filter baskets are designed tobe used with freshly ground coffee only. Thesefilters provide no additional slowing of the waterflow rate, hence experimentation with the grindsize and volume, along with the tamp force, isrequired to achieve the desired results.Once the use of these filter baskets hasbeen mastered, they offer a ‘A lifetime ofexperimentation’ with different grind size,dose amounts and tamping forces to create avariety of espresso styles.Energy Saving FeaturesThe Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina will enter the‘Power Save Mode’ if not used for 30 minutes,and will automatically switch off if not used for afurther two hours. The ‘Power Save Mode’ uses50% less power than when the machine is in‘Stand by’ Mode.During ‘Power Save Mode’ only the POWERbutton surround will flash slowly. All other buttonlight surrounds will not be illuminated.To re-activate the machine during ‘Power SaveMode’ simply press any button except POWER.The POWER button surround will then illuminateand flash while the machine quickly reheatsto operational temperature. When the correcttemperature has been reached, all the buttonsurrounds on the control panel will illuminate.To switch off the espresso machine whilst it is in‘Power Save Mode’, simply press the POWERbutton once.11

KNOW YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina DOSE buttonselect between SINGLE or DOUBLE dose cupCup warming traySTEAM lightilluminates to indicate that the steamSingle and Double dose lightsilluminates to indicate whether a singleor double dose is selectedGRIND SIZE selectorfunction is selectedCLEAN ME lightindicates when a cleaning cycleis requiredchoose from fine for single wall filter baskets tocoarse coffee grind for dual wall filter basketsPOWER buttonsurround illuminates when the button isGroup headfor easy fitment of the portafilterpressed to ‘On’DOSE ADJUST dialcontrol the amount of fresh ground coffeeExtra-tall cup height forcoffee mugsdosed into the filter basketIntegrated / Removable TAMPERfor expert tamping controlGrinding CradleRemovable Wet and Dry CoffeeSeparator Drip Traypush portafilter into cradle for direct groundcoffee fill into filter and grind on demand12Drip tray full indicator

KNOW YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina (continued)Removable 2 litre water tankEspresso pressure gaugefilled from the top of the water tankmonitors extraction pressure, guidingyou towards the ideal espressoBean Hopper: 230g capacityhopper locking system allows removal ofhopper without removing beansProgram buttonintelligent programmable function thatcan be personalised with your favouriteespresso settingIntegrated conical burr grinderadjustable to achieve your perfect grindSteam Dialselector control for steamProgrammable feature1 cup button and 2 cup buttonFEATURESCustom designed accessories:Forged portafiltercommercial style with extended outletsStainless Steel frothing jugMeasuring / tamping spoonQuick Start GuideSingle wall filter basketsfor ‘a lifetime of experimentation’Advanced dual wall crema systemfor ‘a minute to learn’ and enhanced cremaCleaning accessories:Cleaning tool / brush2 Cleaning tabletsCleaning cycle diskAllen keyCleaning GuideSwivel steam wand and stainlesssteel frothing attachmenteasily adjusts to perfect positioning forsteaming and frothing milkNOT SHOWNCord storagelocated under the water tankStorage traylocated behind the drip tray for storageof accessoriesWater filterlocated in the water tank13

KNOW YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina (continued)ADDITIONAL FEATURES15 bar pumpItalian-designed and madeAccurate temperature controlBreville digital technology provides accuratetemperature control for a full flavoured espressoThermocoil heating system withintegrated stainless steel water coilensures accurately controlled water temperaturePre-brew functionfor optimal extraction and distribution ofwater through the coffee puckAuto purge functionfor optimal coffee extraction temperatureControl Dry Puck featureremoves excess water from the filter basketafter coffee extractionFlat shower headfor even distribution of water through thecoffee puck14

BEFORE FIRST USEYour Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina has the drip tray,water tank and storage tray in place when youunpack it from the box. The drip tray is locatedin the base of the machine towards the front ofthe machine. The water tank is located in theback of the machine. The water filter is locatedinside the water tank. It needs to be removedbefore washing the water tank. The storage trayis located at the base of the machine behind thedrip tray. The drip tray, water tank and storagetray slide in and out for easy access.Wipe the outer housing, bean hopper and driptray with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly.Do not immerse the outer housing, power cordor power plug in water or any other liquid.The bean hopper is located on top of the driptray when the machine is first unpacked.Ensure you have removed all parts andaccessories before discarding the packaging.Remove the water tank and wash in warm,soapy water using a non-abrasive washingliquid. Rinse and dry thoroughly.NOTE: Do not clean any of the parts oraccessories in the dishwasher.15

ASSEMBLING YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina STEP 1STEP 2STEP 3Insert the storage tray into the base of themachine and slide towards the back wall. Thestorage tray conveniently stores the cleaningtool, cleaning brush, allen key, two cleaningtablets, stainless steel filters, measuring/tampingspoon, Cleaning Guide and Quick Start Guidewhen not in use, so they are not misplaced.Insert the ‘Empty Me!’ full indicator into thedrip tray and place the drip tray cover on top.Then place grill on top. Slide the drip tray intoposition in the base of the machine in front ofthe storage tray.Before installing the water filter, remove the filterfrom the plastic bag, and soak in a cup of waterfor 5 minutes.Rinse the filter under cold running water for 5seconds.Wash the stainless steel mesh in the plastic filtercompartment with water and assemble.Set the date dial to 2 months ahead.Insert the filter into the empty water tank andpush to lock into place.NOTE: Please refer to Care and Cleaningon page 45, ‘Installing the Filter inthe Water Tank’16

ASSEMBLING YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina (continued)STEP 4Insert the Hopper into position and turn thehopper dial clockwise 90 to lock.NOTE: Before each use it is recommendedto complete a water flushingoperation, without ground coffee,to ensure that the machine hasbeen preheated. Refer to Step 5 of‘A MINUTE TO LEARN’ on page 3117


COFFEES TO TRYESPRESSO LONG BLACKFLAT WHITEIntense and aromatic, an espresso or shortblack as it’s also known uses about 8g ofground coffee. It is served in a small cup orglass to a level of approximately 30ml.A long black is generally a single or double shotof espresso with hot water added to taste.A single dose of espresso in a cup filled withsteamed milk and topped with a skin of silkysmooth foam.19

COFFEES TO TRY (continued)20CLASSIC CAFÉ LATTéCAPPUCCINOMACCHIATOTraditionally the morning coffee of Italy andFrance, taken with pain au chocolate or sweetbiscotti. This blend of 1 3 espresso to 2 3 milk ismade with a single shot of espresso. Top withsteamed milk, poured down the inside rim of theglass to give a creamy consistency and perfectlayer of froth.The real thing is served very light and luke warmwith 1 3 espresso to 1 3 steamed milk and agenerous final 1 3 of creamy froth.A shot of espresso served short in a 70mldemitasse and stained with a dash of finelytextured milk.For added finesse, hold a piece of card overone half of the cappuccino before dusting withchocolate.

COFFEES TO TRY (continued)CAFÉ MOCHAESPRESSO AFFOGATOCON PANNAA glass of textured milk laced with melted cocoaor chocolate syrup and an espresso shot. Topsprinkled with dark chocolate shavings.Totally irresistible, this sweet temptation issimply a single scoop of premium vanilla beanice cream, drenched in espresso and if desired,your favourite liqueur. To create a sense ofoccasion, serve ice cream in a martini glass withshots on the side.Meaning ‘with cream’ this heart warmer is achic variation on old-fashioned Vienna Coffee.In a 90-120ml cup, dress a double shot ofespresso with a dollop of fresh cream, whippeduntil glossy. Dust with cinnamon and serveimmediately.21


DESSERTSBaked Custards with Fresh Raspberry and CoffeeFloatTiramisuMakes 4Serves 611 2 cups mascarpone750ml cream11 4 cups cream 4 cup caster sugar32 vanilla beans, cut lengthways1 tablespoon gelatine1 punnet fresh raspberries1 tablespoon caster sugar, extra 4 cup strong espresso coffee, cooled31. Combine the cream, caster sugar and vanilla beans in a saucepan. Stirover medium heat until just boiling. Remove the vanilla beans.2. Add the gelatine and stir constantly with a wooden spoon untildissolved. Remove from heat. Allow the custard to cool.3. Pour custard evenly into 6x150ml glasses. Refrigerate for minimum 3hours or until set.4. Place the raspberries into a medium sized bowl, sprinkle with sugar andcrush lightly with a fork.5. Fold the cooled coffee through the crushed raspberries. Cover and chillin the refrigerator.21 2 tablespoons icing sugar 2 cup strong espresso coffee, cooled1 2 cup Tia Maria or coffee liqueur116 sponge fingersCocoa powder, for dusting1. Combine mascarpone, cream and icing sugar in a large bowl. Whisklightly until soft peaks form. Set aside.2. Combine coffee and liqueur in bowl. Dip the sponge fingers into thecoffee mixture a few at a time. Ensure all the coffee mixture is absorbedevenly by the sponge fingers.3. Layer half the sponge fingers evenly into the base of 4 dessert bowls orglasses. Spread the layered sponge fingers with half of the creammixture. Repeat the layers with remaining sponge fingers and creammixture.4. Dust evenly with cocoa powder and refrigerate until required.5. Serve with fresh fruits and freshly brewed espresso coffee.6. To serve, top the custards, when set, with the raspberries and coffeemixture.7. Serve immediately with freshly brewed coffee.23

DESSERTS (continued)Coffee, Cinnamon and Walnut MuffinsRich Coffee IcingMakes 122 cups icing sugar, sifted21 2 cups/375g plain flour1 tablespoon butter, softened2 teaspoons baking powder11 teaspoon ground cinnamon 4 cup caster sugar31 cup sour cream2 x 60g eggs1 teaspoon finely grated lemon rind 3 cup olive oil1 4 cup strong espresso coffee, cooled31 cup roughly chopped walnuts1. Sift flour, baking powder and cinnamon into a large bowl and stir insugar.2. Place sour cream, eggs, lemon rind, oil and espresso coffee into amedium bowl, stir until well combined.3. Fold creamed mixture and walnuts into the sifted ingredients, do notover mix.4. Spoon the mixture evenly into 12 lightly greased and base lined muffinpans until two-thirds full.5. Place into a preheated oven 180 C for 12-15 minutes or until cookedwhen tested.8. Serve warm, or cooled and spread with Rich Coffee Icing. Delicious witha Cappuccino or Café Latté.24 4 cup strong espresso coffee, warm1. Combine icing sugar, butter and half the coffee in a bowl, stir well andgradually add remaining coffee until a spreadable consistency isachieved.

Using Your MachineBES860 Fresca Espresso Machina Programmable Espresso Machine with Grinder


INTRODUCING THE BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION Fresca Espresso Machina At Breville, we know that coffee loverswill go to great lengths to refine the artof making coffee. They will experimentwith flavours and adjust the grind of thebeans and the tamp in search for theperfect espresso. And now with the FrescaEspresso Machina and its integratedcoffee grinder, making that perfect freshespresso has never been simpler.Why is freshly ground coffee best? It’s allabout the flavour. Once ground, coffeeremains fresh for only a few short minutesand is therefore best to grind just beforeextracting. With the Fresca EspressoMachina you can be the barista andexplore the art of espresso at home.Enjoy!27

CONTENTSUsing Your MachineOperating your Breville Professional 800 Collection Fresca Espresso Machina 30A minute to learn34A lifetime of experimentation41The Art of Texturing Milk43Coffee Making Tips44Care and Cleaning51Storage52TroubleshootingPlease refer to pages 5 and 6 for full safety instructions28


A MINUTE TO LEARNThe Fresca Espresso Machina is supplied with single cup and double cup dual wall filter baskets. These filter baskets are designed to intentionally slowthe water flow rate during brewing, resulting in an espresso that has been extracted at the correct pressure, and leading to a rich, golden crema. Dualwall filters are suited to both pre-ground vacuum packed coffee and freshly ground coffee. The inclusion of these filter baskets allow the user to quicklyand easily achieve great espresso results with minimum CEMENT DUESoak 5 MinutesWash Water TankAssembleSet Date 2 KMAXLOCKCOFFBEANEES320001500Rinse Filter & Mesh500250Install Filter in Tank30MIN1250Fill Water TankEMPTYTPOWER DOSE ADJUSTPlace Water TankPlace HopperDOSEIO PEMPTYLock HopperFill Hopper with Beans

A MINUTE TO LEARN (continued)42000MAX1500POWERDOSE ADJUSTHopper Full?5Water Tank Full?Power OnDUGRIND SIZEFINE COARSEDOSE ADJUSTSet to Dual WallLOCKLock into MachineRun Hot Water to Heat PortafilterAL WALLDULESSA L WALLPlace into PortafilterMOREDUINSERTLOCKLL6Heat UpAL WAChoose 1 Cup or 2 Cup Filter BasketMakingCoffee45 SECINSERTAL hUseSet Dose AdjustDOSESINGLESelect DoseCLICK!DOUBLEAuto Start/StopTamp Coffee to LineWipe Excess Grinds31

A MINUTE TO LEARN ffee(continued)Insert PortafilterPlace 1 Cup to Extract 1 Cup of Espresso7or Place 2 Cups to Extract 2 Cups of EspressoOFFOuch!½32OFF4 oCFrothingMilk65oCYour Espresso is Done!Install AttachmentHalf Fill JugWipe CleanPour CarefullySet JugSwitch Steam OnStop When HotSwitch Steam Off

A MINUTE TO LEARN (continued)INSERTLOCK?If coffee does notcome out, go to theCleaning Guide orInstruction Book fortips to get it working.Not Hot Enough?AL WALLDUNo Coffee? If your coffee is tooweak, try the 2 Cupfilter to extract asingle cup.AL WALLDUREMOMoreTroubleShootingIf your coffee is nothot enough, tryheating the cupsfirst, or heating themilk longer.LESSTroubleShootingAustraliaStill Too Weak?Our friendly Breville1300 139 798 Customer ServiceNew ZealandCentre is always0800 273 845 there to help.HEDOSE ADJUSTCoffee Too Weak?If your coffee is stilltoo weak, turn theDose Adjust to getMORE grind.LP!Customer Service Centre33

A LIFETIME OF EXPERIMENTATIONThe Fresca Espresso Machina is suppliedwith single cup and double cup ‘single wall’filter baskets. These filter baskets provide noadditional slowing to the water flow rate duringbrewing hence experimentation with the grindsize and volume, along with the tamp force, isrequired to achieve the desired results. Singlewall filters are suited to freshly ground coffeeonly and once the use of these filters has beenmastered, they expose the user to a ‘lifetime ofexperimentation’ with different grind settings,tamping forces and coffee styles.A great coffee is a balance of main flavourelements: Acidity, aroma, bitterness, body,nuttiness, and sharpness. By using the SingleWall Filters you are free to explore the world ofespresso by to adjusting grind, dose and tampto extract a rich variety of flavours.OVER EXTRACTEDBITTER ASTRINGENTBALANCEDUNDER EXTRACTEDWEAK WATERYGRINDDOSETAMPFLOWTOO FINETOO MUCHTOO HEAVYOVER 30 SECMEDIUM8g PER CUP10-15kg20-30 SECTOO COARSETOO LITTLETOO LIGHTUNDER 20 SECSTEP 1 – FILLING THE WATER TANKThis will help maintain the coffee’s optimaltemperature when brewed into the cups. The Cup Warming Plate will start to warm asthe machine heats. Run hot water from the group head withoutthe portafilter inserted by holding down theone cup button and place the cups on thewarming tray. Ensure the water filter is securely fitted insidethe tank. Refer to ‘Care and Cleaning’ formore details on page 45. Fill the water tank with cold, tap water tothe maximum mark on the side of the tankand slide the water tank carefully back intoposition at the back of the machine. Plug the power cord into a 230/240V poweroutlet and switch on at power point. Press the POWER button to ‘On’, thePOWER button surround will flash whilethe machine is heating. When the correcttemperature has been reached, all the buttonsurrounds on the control panel will illuminate.34STEP 2 - PRE-WARMING THE CUPSNOTE: Check the water level before useand replace the water daily. Thewater tank should be refilled withfresh, cold tap water before eachuse. Do not use mineral or distilledwater or any other liquid.

A LIFETIME OF EXPERIMENTATION (continued)STEP 3 – PREPARING THE SINGLE WALLFILTER BASKETSSTEP 4 – GRINDING THE COFFEE Place the one or two cup SINGLE WALL filterbaskets into the portafilter (use the smallerfilter for 1 cup and the larger filter for 2 cups).When brewing for a mug of coffee always usethe 2 cup filter and only extract 60ml. If yourequire a larger coffee, add the hot water firstand then extract the coffee. Preheat the portafilter by placing underneaththe group head. Rinse with hot water from thegroup head using the manual pour function.Dry the portafilter thoroughly before use. Place the portafilter into the grinding cradle Fill the hopper with fresh coffee beans Press the DOSE button to select your desiredgrind dose (single or double) For a sin

This espresso machine offers a convenient choice between the Manual Operation or thetemperature intelligent Programmable Function that can be personalised with the user's favourite espresso setting. FEATURES OF YOUR BREVILLE PROFESSIONAL 800 COLLECTION FRESCA ESPRESSO MACHINA (continued)

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art or a novice to espresso and just want to relax and enjoy a perfect espresso drink, the brim 19 Bar Espresso Maker delivers! Consistency is key when it comes to a good shot of espresso. Optimal espresso flavoris achieved as the brewing temperature in maintained. Grounds are pre-infused with low, steady water pressure before extraction.

Taste Budd's ESPRESSO DRINKS: Any espresso drink may come hot or iced; regular or decaf. AMERICANO: Fill cup one-half to two-thirds with water.Add desired number of shots of espresso to water (usually 1 or 2). Always add espresso after water. BERRY BERRY MOCHA: A café mocha with raspberry syrup CAFÉ LATTE: One or two shots of espresso and steamed milk.

9.8 manual dosing 9.9 tamping the ground coffee 9.10 trimming the dose 10 pre-programmed shot volume - 1 cup 11 pre-programmed shot volume - 2 cup 11.1 programming single espresso 11.2 programming double espresso 12 resetting default volumes 13 manual espresso volume 14 espresso pressure gauge 14.1 ideal espresso zone: 14.2 under extracted .

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