Drive Forward With CCH Accountants' Suite

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Drive forward withCCH Accountants’ Suite

C CH AC COU NTANTS’ SU ITEINTEGRATED.INTELLIGENT.Fast forward your practice withtechnology that’s beyond the bestImagine a practice so advanced that every processand system optimizes efficiency, streamlines costsand drives tighter collaboration. Wolters Kluwer hasbeen envisioning such a practice since we launchedin 1946. Today, that vision is a reality, driven fastforward by CCH Accountants’ Suite – integrated,intelligent technology that’s simply beyond the best.What does beyond the best look like?Turn the page and see for yourself.

TABLE OF CONTENTS2One Powerful Solution4Research & Development6That's Wolters KluwerP ROD U C T S8Taxprep 17CCH Scan20CCH Portal23CCH Document26CCH KnowledgeConnect28ProSystem fx PracticeManagement30CCH Workflow - Powered by XCM32CCH Engagement35CCH Protfit Driver38CCH Site Builder41ProSystem fx Tax43Tax and Accounting Research45Financial PlanningT RAI N I N G48Meet Our Trainers50Essential Learning52 Enhanced Learning Options54 What is True Content Management?55 Ten Tips for Making the Moveto PaperlessTaxprep and Window on Canadian Tax are registered trademarks of Wolters KluwerLimited. FP Solutions is a trademark owned by Wolters Kluwer Limited. Adobe andAcrobat are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Microsoft Office,Excel, Outlook and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.CaseWare Working Papers is a trademark of CaseWare International Inc. All otherproduct names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.I

CCH EngagementCCH Accountants’ SuiteINTELLIGENTWORKFLO W OVERVIEWCCH Accountants’ Suite workflow is built around a powerful core: Taxprep,Canada’s most advanced line of tax preparation software.Tax and Accounting Research Accurate and relevantresearch is always rightat your fingertipsContext-sensitive linksfrom Taxprep to relevantinformation provideimmediate answers to taxpreparation questionsCCHDocumentOutlookPDFExcelWordCaseWare CCHDocument Centralized, secure nativefile management systemSave time – find files fastEnhance collaborationEnjoy anytime-anywhereaccess to client filesCCHScanCCHPortalCCHPortal Digital workflowreduces data entryand paper filemanagement costsPublish PDF filesSecure and convenientdocument exchangeregardless of file sizeEasy and effectivecollaboration with clientsReduce hard costs and improvefile managementT3GICCHEngagement Paperless working papersapplication that reduces costsand promotes collaborationamong staffDynalink transfer of GIFIbetween Corporate Taxprepand CCH Engagement furtherstreamlines processesRobust security featuresprotect important data andhelp ensure file integrityProsystem fx Practice Management IICapture more billable hoursPuts you in control of who does whatand the progression of each projectProduces standard reports andDashboards to improve yourmanagement decisionsCCEnCCHWorkflow - Powered by XCM Standardize and track all work processesfrom a central, web-based locationEnsure every task in your workflow is executedTake it with you – CCH Workflow is availablein a mobile versionProsystem fxPractice Management

Tax andAccounting ResearchCCHSite Builder An easy-to-use websitecreation tool withinstantly accessible taxarticles and contentExpand your marketingstrategy and enhancecustomer relationshipsCreate a website in lessthan 30 minutesCCHSite BuildersProSystem fx Tax ProSystem fxTax T1Taxprep T2Financial PlanningThe most comprehensivetax software in the market Unmatched reliability Maximized accuracy Industry-leading support Expert trainingU.S. tax forms and guides,including those used byCanadian tax preparersPay-per-return option forlower volume users FinancialPlanning IFIFinancial planning educationfor accountantsFP Solutions FinancialPlanning Software:four levels of financialplanning powerOneSource:financial plannner'ssearch engineCCHKnowledgeConnect CCHKnowledgeConnectCHngagement CCHProfit DriverCCHProfit Driver InvoicesPerformancereportsFacilitates collaborationacross your firmAsk questions, search andpublish information in onesingle locationSearch & access yourTax & Accounting Researchdirectly from withinCCH KnowledgeConnectIntegrates with MS Outlook Tap into new revenuestreams by offering newclient servicesAnalyze the strengths andweaknesses of a client’sbusiness and offer soundstrategic advice

INTEGRATED. INTELLIGENT.One Powerful gagementCCHProfit DriverCCHPortalFinancialPlanningCCHDocument2Tax &AccountingResearchCCHScanTaxprep ProSystem fx TaxCCHSite Builder

Everything you need in one powerful solutionThrough a single comprehensive platform, CCH Accountants’Suite delivers intelligent solutions that help you boost efficiencyand bring greater value to clients. These solutions streamline andconnect functions across your practice, and enable you to expandyour services.Seamless integration with TaxprepMost CCH Accountants’ Suite works seamlessly with the program at thecentre of it all: Taxprep, Canada’s most advanced line of professional taxpreparation software, used by 29 of the country’s top 30 accounting firms.Cost efficiencies at every turnFrom reducing paper use to optimizing employees’ time and skills,CCH Accountants’ Suite significantly cuts down on your operational costs.Industry-leading support, service and trainingWhen you implement CCH Accountants’ Suite, you get best-in-class taxand technical support and service. You also get access to industry-leadingtraining delivered by phone, webinars, in-class sessions and conferences.Technology that’s in sync with the times – and your teamCCH Accountants’ Suite engages today’s multi-generational practiceswith digital age technology that lets everyone work more efficiently andcollaboratively. It continues to evolve, with innovations you’ll soon seein the mobile space.Globally recognized as the best in CanadaNo other tax software provider in Canada can boast the globallyrecognized Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 2certification of excellence, granted by the prestigious CarnegieMellon Software Engineering Institute.Always striving to be beyond the bestWe continue to innovate through our R&D team and throughiSolutions, our new incubator lab where we develop proofs of conceptbased on ideas that we get straight from our customers, productmanagers and development partners.All these from one company – Wolters KluwerA leading global information services and solutions company,Wolters Kluwer is your end-to-end technology and professionalservice partner, with a comprehensive range of products and servicesthat integrate for an intelligent professional environment. Since 1946,we have been producing the latest research, application and operationalproducts in the areas of tax regulations, accounting, law, financialplanning and human resources.3

INNOVATIVE. INTREPID.Research & DevelopmentTo ensure that our innovations align with the real needsof tax accountants, we've also forged partnerships withover 80 Wolters Kluwer customers in Canada who workwith us to develop new ideas, products and services. ForWolters Kluwer, iSolutions provides a pathway to ourfuture as we push into exciting frontiers of technology.For you, it means a constant stream of breakthroughsolutions to meet your ever-changing needs.CCH Accountants’ Suite is the product of inventivethinking combined with an entrepreneurial drive toturn brilliant ideas into innovation. Today, WoltersKluwer continues to drive innovation through iSolutions,a program launched in 2012 that allows our developersto freely pursue potentially game-changing projectsof their choice while we support them with the time,equipment, software and training they need to explorecutting-edge technologies.For more information or to become a memberof our Development Partners Group, visit“Being part of the Development Partners Groupdefinitely helps me have a deeper, higher regardfor the work and organization of Wolters Kluwer.I have been so impressed by the professionalism ofthe internal team. They have such dedication andcommitment to high level quality products andto making sure the products are designed for theneeds of their clients. It's been a pleasure to workwith them."Debra DowdellDirector of OperationsTrowbridge Professional Corporation4

Inventive thinking combined with anentrepreneurial drive to turn brilliantideas into innovation.5

INCREDIBLE?That's Wolters KluwerBehind the great products in CCH Accountants’ Suiteis a great company with deep roots in Canada anda global history that goes back almost 180 years.Formerly operated under CCH Canadian Limited,Wolters Kluwer has been Canada’s premier providerof authoritative tax, accounting, legal, business andaudit compliance tools since 1946. Wolters Kluweris part of Wolters Kluwer Ltd., a market-leadingglobal information services company founded in theNetherlands in 1836.When you have to be right,we're right hereDid you know that more than 210,000 tax andaccounting firms in over 150 countries aroundthe world count on technology developed byWolters Kluwer? That’s more than 40 million taxreturns processed each year with our solutions.Our customers depend on our in-depth tax andaccounting expertise and on the sophisticatedfeatures in our technology to streamline theirworkflows and ensure accuracy. We know that youhave to be right with every return and transaction.That’s why we’re here, empowering you with theintelligent, integrated solutions you’ll find in everyproduct within CCH Accountants’ Suite.6

CCH Accountants’ SuiteProfessional Applications:The integrated, intelligent lineup Taxprep Tax preparation software that drives greater profitability andvalue-added client service during tax season and beyondAdvanced applicationsfor forward thinkingprofessionalsFrom digitizing paper receiptsand keeping projects on trackto managing productivity andconsulting engagements,the intelligent applications inCCH Accountants’ Suite help youmanage your practice more effectivelyand optimize the advantages ofa paperless workflow. And as yourbusiness moves forward, so doour solutions. CCH ScanStreamline your tax preparation workflow and reduceyour data entry and paper file management costs CCH PortalSecure file exchange and storage of confidentialdocuments of all sizes CCH DocumentCentralized, secure file management for all of your firm’selectronic documents CCH KnowledgeConnectCaptures and centralizes your firm’s intellectual assetsin one place that is accessible anytime, anywhere ProSystem fx Practice ManagementManage your projects and practice to improve profitability CCH Workflow – Powered by XCMAutomate and standardize your entire workflow processwith this intuitive web-based application CCH EngagementPaperless workflow, enhanced collaboration and increasedefficiency in your enegagements CCH Profit DriverTurning historical financial data into intelligent business strategy CCH Site BuilderAn easy-to-use website solution with instantly accessibletax articles and content ProSystem fx TaxU.S. tax preparation software: complete and efficient Tax and Accounting ResearchAccurate, relevant and authoritative tax researchright at your fingertips Financial PlanningComprehensive resources for accounting professionals —a perfect complement to CCH Accountants’ Suite77

Drive profits and value-added servicesall year longTaxprep Taxprep is Canada’s most advanced line of professional taxpreparation software, used by 29 of the country’s top30 accounting firms. Supported by industry-leading customerservice, tax and technical support professionals, Taxprepgives you the tools you need to increase profitability and offerclients value-added services — during tax season and beyond.Seamless integration leads to streamlined workflowTaxprep integrates withCCH Accountants’ Suite for streamlinedworkflow and increased efficiencythat results from information that isleveraged across your entire practice.Taxprep is comprised offour key products:Personal TaxprepCorporate TaxprepTaxprep for TrustsTaxprep Forms8“Taxprep was incredibly easyto install and it took myemployees about a week toget used to. And if we hadany issues, it was easy to getsomeone on the phone whowas able to help us throughit. I especially like the onethat allows you to EFILEboth federal and provincialtaxes. I have moved mypractice ahead in thetechnological world, whichhas helped me to attract,maintain and grow my clientbase and my employee base. ”Nicole Misura-Leitch, CGAPresident of Misura Professional Corporation,Calgary, AB

Why Taxprep?Because Taxprep delivers:Unmatched reliability with industry-leadingtax and technical supportFully integrated with Wolters Kluwer taxresearch resources and CCH Accountants' SuiteMarket-leading innovations; every year, existingfeatures are enhanced and new ones are addedExpert training in a format that accommodatesyour scheduleGet the edge:For even greater efficiency, use thebatch-publishing feature in Taxprepto post multiple files to CCH Portal.See page 20 for details.

TaxOffice SuitesTaxprep Product OfferChoose from the four TaxOffice Suite optionsto find the combination of products that is right for youBuilding a high-performance practice starts with ensuring that your team has timely access to theright resources. This is why Wolters Kluwer created TaxOffice Suites — integrated portfolios built withall the components and functions of Taxprep products your practice needs, including unlimited efilingand Corporation Internet Filing. With TaxOffice, working through a mountain of returns and clientdocumentations is easier than ever.TaxOfficeSILVERTaxOfficeSingle License only Personal Taxprep T1 Corporate Taxprep T2/CO17 Taxprep for Trusts T3 Taxprep Archives Corporation Internet Filing ModuleSite License Personal Taxprep T1 Corporate Taxprep T2/CO17 Taxprep for Trusts T3 Taxprep Archives Corporation Internet Filing ModuleSingle License only for Québec residentsSite License for Québec residents Personal Taxprep T1/P1Corporate Taxprep T2/CO17Taxprep for Trusts T3/TP646Taxprep ArchivesCorporation Internet Filing Module Personal Taxprep T1/P1Corporate Taxprep T2/CO17Taxprep for Trusts T3/TP646Taxprep ArchivesCorporation Internet Filing ModuleAll TaxOffices include CD ROM & download capabilityDo even more — with Taxprep FormsAs a TaxOffice customer, you get a special price when you subscribe to Taxprep Forms Silveror Taxprep Forms Gold. Add even more power to your practice with forms that share the sameplatform as the T1/TP1, T2 or T3 products in your TaxOffice Suite.Conditions apply. For more information, please contact Taxprep Customer Service at 1.800.268.4522.GOLD

TaxOffice PLATINUMPersonal Taxprep T1Corporate Taxprep T2/CO17Taxprep for Trusts T3/TP646Taxprep ArchivesPersonal Taxprep — TP1 ModuleSpecialized Information ModuleCorporation Internet Filing ModulePersonal Taxprep T1/TP1Corporate Taxprep T2/CO17Taxprep for Trusts T3/TP646Taxprep ArchivesSpecialized Information ModuleCorporation Internet Filing ModuleTaxOffice Personal Taxprep T1 Personal Taxprep T1/TP1TITANIUMCorporate Taxprep T2/CO17Taxprep for Trusts T3/TP646Taxprep ArchivesPersonal Taxprep — TP1 ModuleSpecialized Information ModuleCorporation Internet Filing ModuleT1/TP1 Advanced Network ModuleT2 Advanced Network ModuleT3 Advanced Network ModuleCorporate Taxprep T2/CO17Taxprep for Trusts T3/TP646Taxprep ArchivesCorporation Internet Filing ModuleT1/TP1 Advanced Network ModuleT2 Advanced Network ModuleT3 Advanced Network ModuleGain control, save time withTaxprep Advanced Network ModuleThe ultimate in network administrationfunctionality, Taxprep Advanced Network Modulelets you deploy Taxprep updates for all computerson your network, simultaneously from a singlelocation. Updates take place in the backgroundwhile you work — so there's no workflow disruption— and computers don’t need to be active on thenetwork to receive the update.

TaxprepPersonal TaxprepTaxprep Product LineupAccurate, optimized returnsPersonal Taxprep supports efficient personal tax return preparationand review, and contains unique features that help you manage returnpreparation status and workflow.How can Personal Taxprep fast forward my practice?Advanced optimizationsdeliver the best resultsPersonal Taxprep arms you with the mostsophisticated T1 and TP1 optimizationsavailable, including capital loss carryforwards, medical expenses, dividend taxcredits between spouses, split-pensionincome and more.Diagnostics minimize errorsand save timeExtensive edit checks and diagnosticsalert preparers to potential discrepanciesand errors. Diagnostics are easy todetect and respond to.Client Managerstreamlines processesPersonal Taxprep’s Client Managerhelps you manage the entire tax returnpreparation process. With ClientManager you can easily find, sort or filterreturns based on any data in the return.Enhance the benefits ofPersonal Taxprep by combiningit with other Wolters Kluwerapplications and tools.Integration with CCH Scan speeds updata entry and supports automatic dataextraction and import. CCH Scan savesthe time and money associated withpaper file management.12Pre-defined filters allow for quick accessto common reports so that you can getquick updates on return status withouthaving to open files.Taxprep Xpressspeeds up data entryTaxprep Xpress increases data entryspeed and makes it easier to review foromissions or errors by allowing side-byside comparison of data from the currentand prior years.Automatic T1-ADJ meansquick calculationsTaxprep’s Automatic T1-ADJ featureautomatically calculates the overallimpact of changes made to a returnafter filing. Quickly and easily amendtax returns that have already been filedand accepted.Summaries provide insightand perspectivePersonal Taxprep contains moresummaries than any other T1 software,providing preparers and reviewers with aconcise overview of returns.Paperless review and archivingTaxprep lets you generate anyform or an entire return as a standardPDF. Emailing PDF files to staff orclients saves time and improvesworkflow efficiency.

TaxprepConnectTaxprep Product LineupA breakthrough technology for moreaccurate, compliant returnsDeveloped by Wolters Kluwer, TaxprepConnect bridgesPersonal Taxprep with the Client Summary information inthe Canada Revenue Agency’s Represent a Client service.With TaxprepConnect, you can access your clients’ informationsecurely, compare it to existing information in the return andmake necessary updates automatically.How can TaxprepConnect fast forward my practice?Faster process,faster client serviceEnhanced accuracyand complianceDirect access toRevenu QuébecTaxprepConnect automatically populatesthe return with data from CRA, reducingtime spent manually finding andverifying client information. Updatesto match tax return information withCRA records happen quickly – with asingle click.Reduce the risk of post-assessmentadjustments. With TaxprepConnect,it’s easy to compare carryover amounts –such as RRSP numbers and capital gains– rolled forward into returns. Diagnosticsindicate any differences between CRAdata and Taxprep amounts.TaxprepConnect also provides access tothe Revenu Québec Tax Data Downloadservice for your TP1 returns. Slips aredownloaded with rolled forward issuernames for year-to-year comparisons.TaxprepConnect automatically populates thereturn with data from CRA — with a single click.13

TaxprepCorporate TaxprepTaxprep Product LineupComprehensive resources that let you do moreWhen it comes to preparing corporate tax returns, Corporate Taxprephas the most comprehensive collection of corporate tax forms as wellas tools designed to address complex T2 preparation requirements.How can Corporate Taxprep fast forward my practice?Accelerated process withT2 Data ConnectionRetain and attract more clientswith value-added servicesReduce up to half the time youspend preparing returns for relatedand associated corporations. T2 DataConnection optimizes allocationsand simplifies the review process bykeeping all information synchronizedwithin the group.Corporate Taxprep helps you delivervalue-added client services withfeatures such as the Tax Rates Table, atax planning aid that lets you quicklycalculate the impact of proposed taxrate changes. Simply display the relevantfederal and provincial tax rates, and thenoverride them as needed. CorporateTaxprep also provides a Five-YearSummary feature — another valuabletax planning tool that gives your clientsa snapshot of their federal and provincialreturns from the last five years.Less repetitive tasks with datatransfers to multiple tax formsWith Corporate Taxprep, you cantransfer more than 750 different itemsfrom the General Index of FinancialInformation (GIFI) into different taxforms, saving time and minimizingdata entry errors.Specialized Information Modulemakes compliance easierThis module contains forms andcalculations for the special complianceneeds of the resource industry, creditunions, nonprofit corporations orfinancial institutions (sold separately).14Do even more withCorporate Taxprep;take advantage of integrationwith other products inCCH Accountants’ SuiteWolters Kluwer Tax and AccountingResearch puts authoritative tax researchresources — such as Wolters Kluwer’s“Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns ”— right at your fingertips. One clicktakes you to the information you need,without ever leaving the return you'reworking on (sold separately, see page 44for details).CCH Engagement minimizes repetitivetasks. Dynalink enables real-timetransfer of GIFI financial databetween Corporate Taxprep andCCH Engagement. Switch betweenthese two products to see the sourcevalues in the trial balance and theirdestination cells in the tax return.CCH Portal enhances customerservice by letting your clients viewtheir returns on a secure online portal.This web-based solution lets yousecurely share files of any size.Integrating CCH Portal with Taxprepalso makes it easier for your teamto collaborate on a client file.

TaxprepTaxprep for TrustsTaxprep Product LineupSimplify trust returns preparationwith Taxprep for TrustsDeveloped in association with Canada’s major trust companies,Taxprep for Trusts simplifies the preparation of trust returns.How can Taxprep for Trusts fast forward my practice?Faster process and improvedresultsExpert help from the“Assistant”Instant access tovital informationTo determine the net amount thatcan be allocated to beneficiaries,Taxprep for Trusts instantly matchestrust income and expenses based on thetype of income earned. This results in anoptimized tax position for both the trustand its beneficiaries.Speed up the preparation of trust returnswith the Taxprep for Trusts Assistant,which lets you group data entry intoeight steps and provides direct accessto applicable entry screens.Integrate Taxprep for Trusts with WoltersKluwer tax research products and geta direct link to Wolters Kluwer taxresearch resources (sold separately, seepage 44 for details). One click takes you tothe information you need, without everleaving the return you’re working on.Easier filingBuilt-in features help you navigatethe complex T3 filing process so thatyou don’t overlook required forms andsummaries.Taxprep FormsStreamline further with theCCH Accountants’ SuiteIntegration points removeredundancies in your workflow andlet you access common data frommultiple applications.Taxprep Product LineupThe right resources at your fingertipsExperience the convenience of Taxprep Forms, Canada’s mostcomprehensive library of electronic tax forms with up to 600stored forms.Learn how to install,implement and use TaxprepWolters Kluwer offers enhancedlearning options for Taxprep users.See page 52 for details.How can Taxprep Forms fast forward my practice?Specialized ReturnsGet the tools you need, whenyou need themWith Taxprep Forms, there’s no needto search the Internet or contactgovernment offices for a specific form.Other time-saving features include quicksearch, built-in calculations, data-savingand convenient print options.Roll data forward with easeWith Taxprep Forms, permanent data iseasily retained and rolled forward to thefollowing year.T-slip preparation made easyFor T-slip preparers, the Slip Navigatorfeature provides easy access to dataentered for recipients as well as varioussorting capabilities.Taxprep Forms has theforms and calculations youneed to prepare charity andpartnership returns.Taxprep Forms supports formT5013 that reflects the latestCRA rules regarding PartnershipInformation Returns.15

TaxprepTA X P R EP S U C C E S S S TO RYMPC sharpens its competitive edge with TaxprepIt takes fast-forward thinking andleading-edge technology to stay aheadin the market. Nicole Misura-Leitchknew this when she founded MisuraProfessional Corporation (MPC), aCalgary-based accounting firm thatprocesses more than 1,000 personal,corporate and estate returns each year.It was also what she had in mind in2007, when she asked her tax softwareprovider to come in and talk to her teamabout how its products might fit withMPC's long-term strategy. The providerrefused, so Misura-Leitch decided toplace a call to Wolters Kluwer."Wolters Kluwer was phenomenal,"she recalls. "Not only did they send apresenter, he came in with his manager,and the presentation was held on site."Misura-Leitch was immediatelyimpressed by Taxprep. She liked thatit integrates with other Wolters Kluwerproducts and viewed it as a product thatwould evolve as her firm grew. She wasalso impressed with Wolters Kluwer’scommitment to customer service.MPC switched to Taxprep soon after,installing Personal Taxprep, Corporate16Taxprep, Taxprep for Trusts and TaxprepForms. In the years that followed, MPCadded other CCH Accountants’ Suiteproducts, including CCH Profit Driverand CCH Site Builder. In 2009, MPCbecame the first firm in Canada tostart using CCH Portal.Having CCH Accountants’ Suite hasallowed MPC to strengthen its marketposition, says Misura-Leitch. AdvancedTaxprep features, such as provincial andfederal tax e-filing, have helped MPCimprove its services and enhance itscompetitive edge.“I have moved my practice ahead inthe technology world, which has helpedme to attract, maintain and grow myclient base and my employee base,”says Misura-Leitch.At the same time, the seamlessintegration between Taxprep andother CCH Accountants’ Suite productshas allowed the firm to further boostefficiencies. Implementing CCH Portal,for one, allowed MPC to reduce storagespace by 70 per cent and printing supplycosts by 30 per cent.“I love the fact that you can push abutton and it uploads returns fromTaxprep to CCH Portal,” says MisuraLeitch. “In fact, that is all we aregoing to do with our personal taxclients next year. They will be able toprint off whatever they like or save itto their computer.”MPC recently purchased a publicpractice. Having CCH Accountants’Suite products made it easy for the firmto handle the additional tax returns.Misura-Leitch says that she intendsto add more CCH Accountants’ Suiteproducts to her practice.

Build your paperless workflowCCHScanFrom start to finish and beyond, CCH Scan transforms your T1workflow into a highly efficient, paperless process, with reduced dataentry, greater productivity and much less paper to print and store.It’s the critical foundation on which to build a paperless practice.How can CCH Scan fast forward my practice?Reduced storage costsElectronic filing of all client documentstranslates to reduced storage costs andopportunities to use your space andhuman resources more effectively.Maximized productivityLet designated staff take care ofscanning so that preparers can focuson tax returns.Time savings during tax seasonand beyondCCH Scan’s Autoflow Technologyand integration with Personal Taxprepsignificantly reduces manual data entry.Just scan your clients’ T1 documents andAutoFlow will automatically populatethe return. CCH Scan also saves youtime after tax season by making iteasier to retrieve document for postassessment reviews.Faster response time toCRA requestsGetting more document requests fromthe CRA in the wake of mandatorye-filing? Just click on the scannedreceipts and slips in the PDF returnfile to select and send to the CRA.With CCH Scan, you can even recordCRA transaction numbers right onthe relevant slips in the PDF.Less work, more flow“It's April 30 and we've been sitting in the office celebrating fora few hours now. Taxprep and CCH Scan have enabled us toreinvent the way tax returns are prepared.”David Straughan, CPA, CAPartner, MacGillivray Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

CCH ScanDo more with CCH Scan by using it alongsideother Wolters Kluwer accounting applicationsAutoFlow Technology is available to CCH Scan customers foran additional charge. AutoFlow Technology automaticallyextracts data from 23 federal slips — including T5013 — andcorresponding Quebec slips. This data can then be importeddirectly into the return in Personal Taxprep.Personal Taxprep can attach organized, bookmarkedPDFs to the appropriate return in Personal Taxprep,reducing the time preparers spend locating andreferring to paper files.CCH Document is a document management system that canstore all client files and allow them to be accessed in theirnative formats, as well as set access and retention policies.PDFlyer is an optional add-on that lets you add commentsto a PDF, an intelligent complement to the paperless process.Instead of using paper, place digital notes or flags within ascanned document to ensure that important annotationsare captured electronically during preparation and review.Remote Validation Service enables you to boost productivity andaccuracy. Simply log in to a secure Canadian server and submityour scanned slips to our processing centre. Within two hours,our professionals will extract and validate the slip values a

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