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Blurb BookWright GuideWelcome! Nice to see you.Blurb’s new bookmaking tool, BookWright, was designedto be as intuitive to use as possible—but no two mindsthink alike. And everyone can use a little guidance alongthe way. Use this guide to get started with BookWrightand discover new features.If you have questions or feedback, please get in touch’s get started!Blurb BookWright Guide

Table of ContentsBookWright anatomyImporting photosCreating layoutsMoving and resizing image containersAdding photos to your pagesCropping and resizing imagesRotating imagesAdding textLinking text containersPage backgroundsDesigning a book coverQuick font tipsBlurb BookWright Guide

BookWright AnatomyDesign your coversEdit page layoutDesign your cover (or covers)and choose the paper typeEdit the layouts of your pages byadding image and text containersor using predesigned layoutsManage your pagesAdd and sort photosAdd, rearrange and deletepages using the thumbnailsBackgroundMake changes that will be appliedto all pages across your bookOpen the photo library to addphotos to your book projectand organize them so they areready to add to your pagesZoom sliderPreview your bookShow trim guidesKnow where the page is trimmedfor print booksShow guidesMovable guides to help align containersSee what it will look like printedor as an ebookReview errorsReview any warnings – like cut-off text orlos-res images – and our suggested fixesUpload your bookShow rulersChoose which formats (cover, sizes,ebook, etc.) to publishUse rulers to get precise design foryour layoutsZoom in and out of your pagesMain toolbarTogglle through the main optionsfor editing, review, and publishingyour bookMedia containersSafety guidesThe pink shaded regionshows where somecontent might gettrimmed off or lost ina print book’s gutterYou can drag photos orvideo onto boxes thatlook like thisText containersYou can type text intoboxes that look like thisTrim guidesThe dotted line showswhere your printed pagewill be trimmed. Bringcontent to the edge ofthe pink shaded area toensure a full bleed.Blurb BookWright Guide

Importing photosBefore you can start laying out photos onthe page, you need to import them intoBookWright.There are two ways to do this:Method 2: Drag and dropWherever your photos are on your computer,you can just click and drag to move them ontoa page.Method 1: Import1. Click on theicon in the main tool bar2. Click on theimage stripicon on the left of the3. Navigate to where you keep your photosImage StripHint: Sorting photosYou might want to sort your images inBookWright’s photo library. You can sort byname or date. The purple check means that theimage has been used in the book.4. Select your photos and click Open.They should now appear in the image strip.Blurb BookWright Guide

Creating layoutsLayouts are arrangements of image andtext containers. Some people prefer toadd images and text ad hoc to a page, andsome people prefer to create layouts firstto then fill with images and text.Image/VideoContainerTextContainerWe’ve included some predesigned layouts togive you easy access to professional-lookingdesigns such as photo-with-caption or a fullbleed page. You can drag and drop layouts ontoyour page from the Layout Strip.Layout StripMoving and resizing containersYou can create your own layouts by accessingthe layout tools under theicon in the maintoolbar and drawing image containers and textcontainers on your pages. To draw a containerfollow the steps below:1. Click on theicon in the main toolbar toaccess your layout tools.2. Now click on thevideo container or thecontainer.icon to draw an image/to draw a text3. Click and drag your mouse across the page todraw a new container.Blurb BookWright GuideAfter you’ve drawn an image container,you can:Move the container around on the page1. Position the cursor inside the container (nearan edge) until a cross arrows ( ) sign displays2. Click and drag to move the containerAdjust a container’s size and dimensions1. Hover your cursor over the little white boxeson the corners and edges of the container untila black arrow displays2. Click and drag to change the container

Adding images to your pagesTo add photos to your page:1. Open up your image sectionmain toolbarin the2. Then simply drag and drop the image onto apage or into an image container.Cropping and resizing imagesWhen you place an image on a page or inan image container, you can edit it in oneof three ways:1. Cropping an image by resizing the container2. Editing an image within a container3. Filling a container with an imageCropping an image by resizing the containerGrab onto the edges of a container and dragto resize it and change which part of the imageshows.To zoom in (or out) on your image:1. Click on the image2. Use the slider to zoom in and outBlurb BookWright GuideCropping an image by resizing the containerGrab onto the edges of a container and dragto resize it and change which part of the imageshows.Editing an image within a container1. Hover your cursor over the center of theimage container until you see a hand symbol2. Click and drag to move the image aroundwithin the containerFilling a container with an imageYou can also automatically fill the container withan image by clicking on the container and thenon thisicon in the popup image editing toolsTo zoom in (or out) on your image:1. Click on the image2. Use the slider to zoom in and out

Rotating imagesTo turn an image clockwise or counterclockwise:1. Click on the image to open the editing tools2. Click on the rotate tools to turn your imageAdding text to your pageAdding text is easy. Simply draw a textcontainer and start typing.1. Clickicon in the main toolbar to accessyour layout tools2. Clickicon to draw text containers3. Click and drag to move your container on thepage or to change its size4. Click into your container to open a textediting panel belowBlurb BookWright Guide

Linking text containersFlowing text from one text container toanother is helpful when you’re rearrangingor adding blocks of content that will spanmultiple containers or pages.Here’s how to do it:1. Draw two or more text containers2. Hover over the first containerto see the text flow button3. Click on the text flow button in the firstcontainer and then click into the secondcontainer4. Start typing or copy and paste into the firstcontainer then click “Update Text Flow” to flowtext into the second containerPage BackgroundsUse the Backgrounds function to addpage numbers, headers and footers,background colors, or other designfeatures on all pages of your book.Blurb BookWright GuideAccess Backgrounds by clicking on theicon at the top left of the main toolbarAdding or deleting page numbers1. Click on theicon2. Choose an option from the menu for whereyou’d like your page numbers to appear3. Click add4. Simply delete this container in order todelete page numbersNote: You may need to make the containerlarger in order to easily delete it.Add headers or footers1. Draw a text container on the Backgroundspage where you would like the header or footerto appear2. Type the content into the containerAdd a background colorUnder the main menu bar, find Apply Page Colorunder the Edit menu and select a backgroundcolor for the pages.

Designing a book coverCover design shares the same basicelements as page design: images, text,and background color.Access the cover by clicking theat the top left of the main toolbariconSetting spine widthBookWright is pretty clever; the width of yourspine will adjust automatically based on thenumber of pages in your book and the selectedpaper type.2. Click the button to draw a text containerWhen you select your paper weight inBookWright, you’re setting up a spine widthspecific to how thick your book will be, whichmeans your cover design will be accurate inyour printed book.3. Type the book’s title, a subtitle (if there isone), and any authors’ names. It’s important thatthis information matches everywhere that yourbook is displayed.How to select paper weightUse the drop down menu at the top left toselect the paper weight that you plan to use foryour book.4. Draw another text container on the spineof the book and enter the title and authorinformation there, as well. Use the rotate buttonto change the orientation of your text.A note about dust jacket flapsOnly dust jackets have flaps, so if you wantto use them to include an author bio, authorheadshot, plot synopsis, summary, etc., makesure that you design the Hardcover, Dust Jacketcover type.1. Use thebutton to work in layout mode(just like when you’re working on pages)5. Use photo containers and background colorto add any other visual design to your cover.Blurb BookWright Guide

Quick font tipsAll ebooks require special licensing for fonts. We’ve goneahead and licensed 50 ebook-compatible fonts for you to use.Ebooks: Adding audioand video to imagecontainersYou can add video andaudio to an ebook versionof your book. You addaudio and video the sameway you add photos. Clickhere to learn more abouthow to format audio andvideo for 397We’re here to help!Ebook-licensed fonts appear in yourfont picker. The first 50 fonts underthat are under Ebook Friendly arethe ones listed to the left. Any font iscompatible with print.Blurb BookWright GuideIf you run into any trouble,contact us at

3. Navigate to where you keep your photos 4. Select your photos and click Open. They should now appear in the image strip. Importing photos Method 2: Drag and drop Wherever your photos are on your computer, you can just click and drag to move them onto a page. Hint: Sorting photos You might want to sort your images in BookWright's photo library.

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