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Nintendo Presents:New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward1Important InformationBasic Information2About amiibo3Information Sharing4Online Features5Parental ControlsGetting Started6About the Game7Controls8Starting the Game9Saving and Deleting DataFilling the City with Fashion10Beaumonde City11My Shop

12Serving your Customers13The Various Fashion Images14My Apartment15Phone16Stocking your Shop17Fashion Shows18About your Various Jobs19My Brand Designs20Using amiiboCreating Rooms21Caprice Chalet22Chalet23Decorating Screen24How to Decorate25Swap Rooms

The Wider World26Go Out27Contests28Joining Contests29Hosting Contests30StreetPass31SpotPass32Add-on ItemsSupport Information33How to Contact Us

1Important InformationPlease read this manual carefullybefore using this software. If thesoftware is to be used by youngchildren, the manual should be readand explained to them by an adult. Unless stated otherwise, anyreferences to "Nintendo 3DS" inthis manual apply to all systems inthe Nintendo 3DS family. When playing on a Nintendo2DS system, features whichrequire closing the Nintendo 3DSsystem can be simulated by usingthe sleep switch.IMPORTANTImportant information about yourhealth and safety is available in theHealth and Safety Informationapplication on the HOME Menu.You should also thoroughly read theOperations Manual, especially the"Health and Safety Information"section, before using Nintendo 3DSsoftware.Language SelectionThe in-game language depends onthe one that is set on the system.This title supports five differentlanguages: English, German, French,Spanish and Italian.If your Nintendo 3DS systemlanguage is set to one of these, thesame language will be displayed in

the software. If your Nintendo 3DSsystem is set to another language,the in-game default language will beEnglish.For instructions about how to changethe system language, please refer tothe System Settings electronicmanual.Age Rating InformationFor age rating information for thisand other software, please consultthe relevant website for the agerating system in your region.PEGI (Europe):www.pegi.infoUSK (Germany):www.usk.deClassification Operations Branch(Australia) (New 4 883AdvisoriesThis software (including any digitalcontent or documentation youdownload or use in connection withthis software) is licensed byNintendo only for personal andnon-commercial use on yourNintendo 3DS system. Your use ofany network services of this

software is subj ect to theNintendo 3DS Service UserAgreement and Privacy Policy,which includes the Nintendo 3DSCode of Conduct.Unauthorised reproduction or use isprohibited.This software contains copyprotection technology to preventreproduction and copying ofcontent.Your Nintendo 3DS system andsoftware are not designed for usewith any existing or futureunauthorised technical modificationof the hardware or software or theuse of any unauthorised device inconnection with your Nintendo 3DSsystem.After the Nintendo 3DS system orany software is updated, anyexisting or future unauthorisedtechnical modification of thehardware or software of yourNintendo 3DS system, or the use ofany unauthorised device inconnection with your Nintendo 3DSsystem, may render yourNintendo 3DS system permanentlyunplayable. Content deriving fromthe unauthorised technicalmodification of the hardware orsoftware of your Nintendo 3DSsystem may be removed.This software, instruction manualand other written materialsaccompanying the software are

protected by domestic andinternational intellectual propertylaws. 2015 Nintendo Co., Ltd. / synSophiaTrademarks are property of theirrespective owners. Nintendo 3DS isa trademark of Nintendo.This product uses the LC Fontby Sharp Corporation. LCFONT,LC Font and the LC logo mark aretrademarks of Sharp Corporation."QR Code reader" includes softwaredeliverables of Information SystemProducts Co., Ltd. and Institute ofSuper Compression Technologies,Inc.QR Code is a registered trademark ofDENSO WAVE INCORPORATED inJAPAN and other countries.CTR-P-ECDP-00

2About amiiboThis software support s.You can use compatible amiibo accessories by touching them to theTouch Screen of a NewNintendo 3DS/3DS XL system.Your amiibo aren't j ust for show. Youcan use NFC (near-fieldcommunication) to connect them tocompatible software and play withthem in the game. For moreinformation, visit: An amiibo can be read by multiplecompatible software titles. If the data on your amiibobecomes corrupted and cannot berestored, go to the HOME Menu amiibo Settings andreset the data.T he Nint e nd o 3D S NF C Re ad er/W rit e r is re qu ired t o u se ami ibowit h a N int e nd o 3D S/ 3DS XL/2DS system.

IMPORTANTA light touch on the Touch Screen isenough for the system to detectyour amiibo. Do not press the amiibointo the screen or forcefully drag itacross the screen.

3Information SharingUser-generated content, or UGC, iscontent created by users, such asmessages, Mii characters, images,photos, video, audio, QR Code patterns, etc.Exchanging UGCThese are general precautions forexchanging UGC with other users.The extent of UGC exchangedepends on the software. Uploaded content may be seen byother users. It may also becopied, modified and redistributedby third parties.Once sent, you cannot deletesuch content or limit its usage, sobe careful. Any uploaded content may beremoved without notice. Nintendomay also remove or hide contentwhich is considered to beunsuitable. When uploading content orcreating content for upload.- Do not include any informationthat can be used to identify youor a third party personally, suchas your or a third party's name,email address, address ortelephone number.- Do not include anything whichcould be damaging or offensiveto another person, or make

someone uncomfortable.- Do not infringe on the rights ofothers. Do not use contentowned by a third party or thatdisplays a third party (photos,images, videos) without theirpermission.- Do not include illegal content orany content which aids illegalactivity.- Do not include any content whichviolates public morality.

4Online FeaturesThis software allows you to use thefollowing online features: Swap Rooms (p. 25) View and participate incontests (p. 27) Purchase items (p. 32) For information about connectingyour Nintendo 3DS system to theinternet, refer to the OperationsManual. To use Miiverse features, youmust have already launchedMiiverse and completed the initialsetup.T hi s s oft ware s u pp ort s N int e nd oNetwork .Nin te nd o Ne t work is an o nl in es e rvic e wh ic h al l ows yo u t o p l ayw it h o t he r pl aye rs al l o ve r t hew orl d , down l o ad n ew ad d-oncontent and much more!Online Precautions If you post, send or otherwisemake available any information orcontent through wirelesscommunication please make surenot to include any information thatcan be used to identify you

personally, such as your name,email address, your address oryour telephone number, as othersmay be allowed to see suchinformation and content. Inparticular, when choosing a username or nickname for your Miicharacters, please do not useyour real name as others may beable to view your user name andthe nicknames of your Miicharacters when using wirelesscommunication. Friend codes are a part of asystem that allows you toestablish a friendship with otherusers, so that you can play,communicate and interact withpeople you know. If you exchangefriend codes with strangers, thereis a risk that you could receiveinformation or messages withoffensive language orinappropriate content and thatstrangers may see informationabout you that you do not wantstrangers to see. We thereforerecommend that you do not giveyour friend codes to people youdon’t know. Do not engage in harmful, illegal,offensive or otherwiseinappropriate activity that mightcause problems for other users. Inparticular, do not post, send orotherwise make available anyinformation or content thatthreatens, abuses or harasses

other persons, infringes on therights of others (such ascopyrights, portrait rights, privacyrights, rights of publicity ortrademarks) or that may makeother people feel uncomfortable.In particular, when sending,posting or making availablephotos, images or videosdisplaying other people, makesure to obtain their permissionbeforehand. If inappropriateconduct is reported or confirmed,you may be subj ect to penaltiessuch as being banned from theNintendo 3DS Services. Please note that Nintendo serversmay become temporarilyunavailable without prior noticedue to maintenance following anyproblems, and online services forcertain software may bediscontinued.

5Parental ControlsYou can use the following ParentalControls to restrict certain featuresof this software. For more information aboutParental Controls, refer to theOperations Manual. Nintendo 3DS Shopping ServicesRestricts the purchase ofdownloadable content. MiiverseRestricts participating in contestsand viewing other players' contestentries. It is possible to restrictparticipation only, or to restrictboth participating and viewing. Sharing Images/Audio/Video/LongText DataRestricts swapping rooms andexchanging profiles viaStreetPass , swapping rooms viathe internet, travelling via LocalPlay, and participating in onlinecontests or viewing online contestentries. Online InteractionRestricts participating in contestsand viewing other players' contestentries, and swapping rooms viathe internet. StreetPassRestricts swapping rooms andexchanging profiles via StreetPass.

6About the GameYou've j ust arrived in a placecalled Beaumonde City. Youbecome the manager of a boutiquethat sells clothing and accessories,and have to fill the local area withfashion!Create and Swap RoomsDecorate with your favouritefurniture and accessories to createa room unique to you at CapriceChalet! You can then share it withother players using wirelesscommunication.Hair, Mak e-u p, an d D es ig n ingtoo!As well as running your ownboutique, you'll also be able towork as a hair stylist, a make-upartist, and a fashion designer.You'll even be able to model infashion shows too!

7ControlsFor most controls, you can useeither the stylus or the buttons. There are some controls forwhich you must use one or theother.Menu ControlsDisplay/move thecursor Confirm Cancel Switch between menu / screensSkip forwardOther Co ntrolsContinue conversation Use your phone Take a photo Vary/change point of / viewDressing Room C ont rols

Zoom / Rotate / Check order sheet(p. 12)

8Starting the GameThe first time you play, select"New Game". The next time youplay, you can select "Continue".OtherHere you can select "ManageData", "SpotPass", or "WatchMovies". As you proceed through thegame, more options will becomeavailable.Add-on ItemsUsing the internet, you can obtainadditional items (p. 32).

Warning W h en yo u s t art p l ay in g yo uwi l l be as k ed t o in pu t an ame . Sin ce ot h er p l ay erswill be ab le to see this named urin g wi rel e ssc ommu ni cat ion , pl e as e d on ot in cl ude any t hing wh ic hc ou l d b e d amag in g o ro ffe nsiv e t o ano t h er p erson ,o r mak e s ome on euncomfortabl e. As yo u pro ce ed t hro ug hthe g ame, you wil l be abl et o c hang e y o urprofil e (p. 22). S easo ns an d t h e o t he rc hara ct e rs' c l ot h es wil lc hang e; e ve nt s wil l t ak ep l ace in acc ord an ce wit hreal -wo rl d t ime. Al t ering t hei n-g ame d at e or t ime wil lt e mpo raril y s t op th es eevents from taking pl ace.

9Saving and Deleting DataSaving DataTouch, or press to use yourphone. Select "Save" to save yourprogress. You will be asked to save whenyou have finished putting a roomtogether.Content Saved t o the SD C ardThe following data willautomatically be saved to an SDCard: Photos taken Notifications and posters you'vereceived Add-on Items you'vedownloadedDelet ing Dat aFrom the Title Menu select "Other",then "Manage Data", and then"Delete Save File" to delete yoursave data for this software. Deleted data cannot berecovered, so be careful whendeleting data.

D o no t t urn t he po wer o ff,re se t t he sy s t em o r re mov eGame C ard s/ SD C ards whil esav ing . Make sure not to g etd irt in t he t e rmin al s . Thes eact i on s c ou l d re su l t inpermanent data l oss. D o no t us e e x t ernalacc e ss orie s or s oft ware t omo dif y y our s ave dat a, ast h is can l e ad t o a n inab il it yt o prog res s or l o ss of s av ed at a. An y mo dific at ion ispermanent, so be careful .

10Beaumonde CityThe city is presented as a stage.As you spread more fashion aroundthe city, you will be able to visitmore places.Tal kSelect a charact eron the Touc hScreen, the nselect "Talk" t otalk to them.

An important event will takeplace when you talk to thesecharacters.Characters that you'veserved before or havepreviously come to yourshop as a customer, and arelikely to return in the future.These characters might havea miniature to give you,invite you on an outing, orhave something nice to tellyou.These characters have acolour hint to tellyou (p. 15).These characters are hopingto rent a room (p. 21) atyour Chalet.Characters with Special JobsRainbow the colourcoordinator (p. 15).This icon will appear byNoor the hair stylist andArabella the make-up artistwhen they are in their shops.Magda the fortune teller.What will happen if youanswer her questions ?

11My ShopThe boutique you manage. Allkinds of customers wanting tobecome more fashionable will comehere.121 C ust omers Inside t he ShopYou can talk to and servethese customers.2 C ust omers Out side the ShopThese customers areinterested in yourmannequin's outfit.Other Things You Can Do

ManagePerform variousmanagement taskssuch asremodelling theboutique orchanging themusic.1FDesign your brandof clothes (p. 19).Mii GuestsF riends t hat yo u h av ereg is t ere d on yo ur F rien d L is tor Mii ch aract e rs f ro m MiiMake r may ap pe ar ascharacters for you t o play with. F emal e ch aract e rs w il l bemade base d o n t h e Miicharacter. F o r d e t a il e d in f o r m a t io n o ny ou r Frie nd Lis t , pl easec he ck t he Op erat ion sManual.

12Serving your CustomersFind something that matches yourcustomer's style and budget.123451 TypeSwitch between the displayeditem types.2 I tems3 Scroll BarThis can be moved by sliding, or touchingand.

4 I tem SearchSimplify your search for itemswith various filters such asimage or colour. You can search with morethan one filter by ticking.multiple boxesRemoving FiltersTo uc hont he drawers t or e m o v e f il t e r sf ro m y o u rsearch.5 Order SheetCheck your customer's orderand budget, repeat theirorder, hide the order sheet,or select "Sorry." to declineserving the customer.RecommendationsThere are two ways to recommendan item to customers.

Try It On!A recommendation with confidence.If the customer likes it, they'll bevery pleased. If the recommended item is notwhat the customer requested,they may leave withoutpurchasing anything. However,some customers may stillpurchase items even if they aredifferent to what they hadoriginally requested.Take A Look!Let the customer think about arecommendation before trying iton. Even if you get the orderwrong at first, you will get up totwo more chances to get it right.

13The Various Fashion ImagesCustomers will have differentfavourite images. They are all listedbelow.LivelyBright and colourfu lclothes that will chee ranyone up.East ernEastern-inspired ,traditional items andmodern recreations.BasicSimple items that will g owith anything.GirlyClothes with a cute an ddainty flavour.Psychedel icIntense colours for anindividualistic flair.

Boho-ChicBohemian, natural styl ewith folksy designs.GothicNoble fashions for thedarkly-inclined.SportyComfortable clothes th atare easy to move aroun din.Baby Dol lSweet designs covered infrills and lace.Bol dA cool, flashy style.RockMetal and leather accentsmark this edgy style.

ChicA grown-up style wit hhigh-end products.FeminineA lady-like style withgraceful designs.PreppySmart designs that wil lmake you top of theclass.

14My ApartmentGo to My Apartment to changeyour clothes and make-up, checkyour Designer Collection, save anoutfit or choose a previously savedoutfit from your FashionScrapbook, or change the unit ofcurrency used in the save your game Touc hand return to the title menu.WardrobeChange into any of the clothes inyour wardrobe.Fashion ScrapbookSave your favourite outfits t oquickly change into later. Touchthen select "Save".Make-upThere are two ways to choose yourmake-up.

Make-UpSetUse a make-up set(p. 18) to select acomplete look.CustomMake-UpChoose your ownmake-up piece bypiece.Designer C oll ect ionOrganise the designs other peoplehave made. Items that you have designedcan be checked in the Studio onthe first floor of your boutique.I f o t her c haract e rs o r pl aye rshav e Min iat ureMann equ in s ( p . 24) i n t h eirrooms, yo u can b uy t he ou t fit sdisplayed on them.

15PhoneTouchphone.or press to use yourSaveSaves your progress.Al bumLook at the photos you have taken.MessagesLook at the messages you havereceived from other characters inthe city.Schedul eAny plans you've made with othercharacters will be listed here.or press or to Touc hswitch between pages.Profil esLook at information on thecharacters you've met. shows the other playersyou've met via StreetPass, andMii customers.

Colour Palet teCheck the coloursyou've found an dthe names o fcolours you areyet to find.S earching for New ColoursTh ere is a c ol o urc oord inat or n ame dRain bo w in P rimros ePa rk. S ho win g he rph ot o s mi g ht j u s tin cre as e t h e amou ntof col ours y ou can u se for h airand make-up.ConnectYou can participate in the wirelesscommunication modes here.Swap RoomsExchange rooms(p. 25) withother players.ContestsLook at andparticipate incontests (p. 27)via Miiverse.Go OutPlay with nearbyfriends (p. 26).

AR Phot osTake photos using AR Cards. Youcan adj ust the picture using thefollowing icons.CharacterPosePositionAbout AR C ardsTh e s e a r e t h e c a r d st hat came p ack ag edwit h yo urNin t en do 3DS s y st e m.F or more de t ail edin format ion , pl e as e c h ec k t h eAR Games electronic manual.amiiboScan amiibo to invite special gueststo your boutique (p. 20).Other FeaturesOpen Fashion 101.Open this electronic manual.

16Stocking your ShopGo to the Exhibition Hall in TaylorArcade to buy stock for yourboutique. The available stockchanges daily.Exhibit ion HallBy touching th evarious bran dnames, you canshop at theirstalls. Touc hor press or toswitch between floors.How to Buy St ock❶ Select the itemyou want to buyand touc hto add it t oyour cart.This item is already in yourshop.You have the same item inyour apartment.This item has been placedin your cart.

❷ When you have finished.selecting items, touch❸ Us ean dto chang ethe amount o feach item yo uwish t opurchase, thentouc hto complete thetransaction. If you want to remove an itemfrom your cart, select that.item and touchAbout Buying St ockAnything you purchase for yours ho p wil l al s o b e ma deavail abl e in W ardro be at MyApart ment. You' ll soon be ab let o c hang e y our c lo the s fo r anysit uat ion.

17Fashion ShowsBeaumonde Arena is also in TaylorArcade. Get an audience togetherand put on a fashion show!Gat hering an AudienceBy do ing you r day-t o-day j obsand mak ing cu st o mers happ y,yo u w il l in cre as e i nt e re s t inyo ur f as hio n s ho w an d y ou rc us t ome rs wi l l st art fil l i ng u pthe seats.Beaumonde ArenaOpen the Fashion ShowYou will b eable to selec tthis once th earena is full .Put togetheran outfit thatmatches the show's theme andwalk out on stage!

As yo u p rog res s t h rou g h th eg ame, yo u wil l t hen be abl e t oc ho o s e be t we en variou sthemes and venues.Choose a ThemeHere you can check or change theshow's theme.Choose a VenueChoose a venue you would like foryour show here.View Ticket Sal esCheck how many seats have beenfilled.

18About your Various JobsAs you progress through the game,you'll unlock various positions inaddition to managing yourboutique.Boutique Manag erListen to what your customerwants, and coordinate an outfit forthem with your clothes andaccessories.Hair StylistListen to wh atyour customerwants, the ngive them acut and colour.About C hoosing C oloursAs yo u o bt ain n ew co l ou rs inyour col our pal ett e (p. 15), t henu mbe r of c ol o urs yo u c anchoose from for hair and makeup will increase.

Make-up Art istMatch thecustomer' smake-up to t hephoto the yshow you. Touc h, then "Memo" tobring up a hint.New Make-up Set sOnce yo u h av ereceived a special it emfrom o ne of t h ech aract ers in t he cit y ,you' ll be abl e t o meetTarqu in i n t h eBea utic ian' s. May be he' l l makeyou some new make-up sets?ModelPerform infashion sho wsand receiv erequests t omodel inpostercampaigns.

Desig nerDesign your own clothing andaccessories line. Collaborate withvarious other brands and makedesigns for your own brand too!

19My Brand DesignsWork as adesigner at thefirst floorStudio in yo urboutique.CommissionsDesign new items to matchrequests from existing brands. Y ou can re ce iv e o rd ers att h e De si g n er L oun g e inTaylor Arcade. O nc e y ou h ave ful fi l l ed are qu es t , yo u wi l l rec ei ve al i mit ed nu mbe r of it e ms fo ryour boutique.Free Desig nDesign items the way you want.You can change into any of thedesigns you have created by goingto your apartment.My Portfol ioHere you can manage the itemsyou have designed.

Design an Embl emDraw an emblem for your brand.Although you can redraw it asoften as you like, you can onlysave one emblem at a time. If you do redraw your emblem,any existing items carrying youremblem will also be changed.3121 Editing Icons4

Change the shape of youremblem.Some of the tools you canuse are listed below.:Change the thickness ofthe pencil stroke:Draw a line:Draw a circle:Draw a square:Fill an area with colour:Paint the entire canvasone colourUndo your last action. You can cancel the undowit h.Display grid lines.2 Zoom3 Palette4 C hang e the ToneHere you can change thetone of colours available foryour emblem.How to Desig n❶ Select the type of item you wantto make, then choose thepattern and colour.

❷ By touching t heicons, you canchange thefollowin gthings:The item's shapeThe patternThe base colour of thepatternThe second pattern colourThe base colour of the item❸ If the design is being made inFree Design you can attach yourEmblem and decide the price ofthe item. You can then name theitem.

20Using amiiboScan an amiibo and a customer willcome to your shop and may giveyou a special item. For more information aboutamiibo, visit This software does not write anydata to the amiibo. amiibo canbe used with this softwarewithout having to delete anydata used for other software.amiibo V isit ing y o urBoutiq ue❶ Select "amiibo" from your phonemenu.❷ Touch an amiibo to the NFCarea on the lower screen of yourNew Nintendo 3DS or to yourNintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer.❸ A Mii customer will come to yourshop.❹ If you make the customer happy,they will give you a special itemthat they are wearing.

Y ou can p l ay wit h t he sameamiib o mu l t ip l e t ime s t o g e tdifferent col ou r va riation s oft he item. T he cu st o mer t h at c ome si nt o t he s ho p wi l l be bas edo n t h e Mii o f t he ami iboo wner.

21Caprice ChaletCaprice Chalet is a place whereyou can create rooms to yourliking. As well as the characters ofthe city coming to your rooms, youcan also exchange these roomswith other players via wirelesscommunication.121 C hal et (p. 22)Here you can create roomsand manage the Chalet.2 ShowroomsGo into the rooms to play. If a room is being rentedby someone, it will displaythis symbol .Thing s Yo u C an Do atCaprice Chale tGo Shopping

In either of t hebelow rooms,you can buyfurniture andaccessorie sthat you like. Evie's Room Rooms received from otherplayers via wirelesscommunication (p. 25)Take Phot osBy selecting"For Fun" atthe Phot oStudio, youcan tak ephotos in yourfavourite rooms.Rent to CustomersIf you make a nice room,customers may ask you if they canrent it for a time. If you say yes,you will later receive rent money.

22ChaletDoll shouseHere you can make a new room, orplace one you've received into theDollshouse.121 Empty Room2 Decorated Room Rooms that are beingrented will display this. You cannotsymbo lredecorate a room while itis being rented.Spare Ro omsRooms that youhave created orreceived arestored here. Youcan select eac hroom to chang etheir individual settings.

Room currently beingdisplayed.When you communicate withsomeone via StreetPass, thisroom will be sent to them asa present. You do not lose the room.Favourite room.Room received via wirelesscommunication or from acharacter in-game.Ext erio rChange the exterior of the Chalet.No. of RoomsChange the number of rooms.Profil eThis will be sentvia StreetPass .Select "Change "to edit it. There are some sections thatcannot be changed.

23Decorating ScreenPlace miniature furniture andaccessories on the floor and walls.2131 FloorPlace your various items onan dspots.theDepending on the size of thefurniture, several spots maybe used at once.2 Wall sFurnishspots withminiatures such as windowsand lights.

Miniature PostersBy se l ec t ing " C rea t e a Pos t er"at D ol l s ho us e Mi niat ure s y ouc an mak e a Mini at u re Po st e rout of o ne of yo ur ph o tos . Youc an t he n han g t hi s Min iat urePoster on the wall in ro oms youcreate in the Chal et .3 Miniature BoxTake your miniatures out ofhere. Touchin g ,spotsorwill also open yourMiniature Box.

24How to DecoratePlace Obj ects❶ Touc h.,or❷ Select theobj ect you wantto place andtouch "Ok".or❸ Slide th eto theposition youlike, then touch"Place".

More Decorating Tips T ou ch ingan dorpressing and wil l rot at et he sel ect ed o bj put Sl ide an obj ect toit away. S l ide an ob j ec t t oif y o uneed to put it to one side fora moment .an dc an be A l t ho ug hp l ac ed ne xt t o o ne ano t he r,t h ere are ob j ec t s t h at n ee da small g ap between them.Placing Bits & BobsCertain small objects can be placedon top of tables and otherminiature furniture items.or❶ Selec tand touch "Bit s& Bobs".❷ Select theand th eminiature youwant to place,then touch"Ok".

Placing ClothesClothes can be placed onminiatures such as busts andclothes racks. The directions arethe same as for Placing Bits &Bobs.Miniature MannequinsTh ere are sp ec ialmann equ in s t h at c anbe dre ss e d wit h t hec l ot hes yo u o wn a ndt he it ems y ou havede sig ne d. W he n us edwit h wire l es s c o mmu ni cat ion ,c l ot hes on th es e Miniat ureMann equ in s c an be bo ug ht b yanyone.

25Swap RoomsS wap Ro o ms(Online Play)Connect to the internet and sharerooms with other far away players.Select "Connect" from your phonemenu and then "Swap Rooms".Share Ro omUpload rooms that you havecreated to the internet to beshared with other players.❶ After selecting a room, you cancheck it before selecting "Ok".❷ When a room is uploaded, theRoom Address will be displayed.Room AddressGiv e t h is t o o th er p eo pl e andt he y w il l be abl e t o do wnl oadyour room. T he ro om addre ss is u niq uet o ea ch Nin t en do 3 DSsys tem. It can be checked iny ou r pro fil e ( p. 22 ) un de rOnline Exhibit. R oo ms c an be up l oade d a so ft en as you l ike.

Downl oad RoomReceive rooms from other players.You will need to know their roomaddress.❶ Enter the room address, checkit, and touch "Ok".❷ Rooms you receive will be savedto your Spare Rooms (p. 22).Shopping in Other Player'sRoomsRo oms yo u re ce iv e c an bepl aced in t he Dol l shous e in th eC h al e t . I f yo u g o in t o t h es eroo ms a ft erw ard s y ou wil l b eable to buy things from them.Shared RoomsHere you can check the rooms thatyou've uploaded via Share Room,as well as cancel sharing it byselecting "End Exhibit".

26Go OutGo Out (Local Play)If you and a friend each have yourown copy of the game, you cantravel to each other's cities for funand adventure. You can then dothings together such as takephotos and visit the Caprice Chalet.You Will Need: One Nintendo 3DS system perplayer One copy of Nintendo Presents:New Style Boutique 2 Fashion Forward per playerDirections for Going OutSelect "Connect" and then "GoOut" from the phone menu.Invite❶ Your friend's name will bedisplayed, touch their name andselect "Ok".❷ Choose either "Go on a trip" or"Open showroom".Go visitingSelect your friend's name and

touch "Ok". Your friend will thenchoose where to go. Touchto refresh the list.Go On a TripGo on tripsaround the citywith yourfriend's ingamecharacter andtake photos together.❶ The host player will choose thelocation.❷ Select whether you want tochange your outfit to match thelocation or not.❸ Decide on a pose and select"Ok".Open S howro omItems such as clothes, miniatures,hairstyles, and make-up sets canbe purchased from the hostingplayer's Caprice Chalet. Items that get sold to anotherplayer won't be lost.

Hosting Pl ayerAfter your friend has selected anitem, decide on a price. Then yourfriend can buy the item. You can also recommend itemsto your friend.Joining PlayerSelect an item you're interested inbuying, your friend will decide aprice. Check the price they'reoffering and decide whether or notyou want to buy it.Hmm, I' m not convinced. .Se l ec t t hi s if y ou we re ho pi ngfor a sl ig h t l y l o we r pric e. I fyour friend choo ses t his , woul dyo u l et t hem have it fo r a l itt l eless?

27ContestsContests (Online Play)Connect to the internet and

New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward 1 Important Information Basic Information 2 About amiibo 3 Information Sharing 4 Online Features 5 Parental Controls Getting Started . artist, and a fashion designer. You'll even be able to model in fashion shows too! too! Hair, Make-up, and Designing Create and Swap Rooms. 7 Controls

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Players may use any system in the Nintendo DS family of systems during the competition. This includes the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite , Nintendo DSi , Nintendo DSi XL , Nintendo 3DS , and the Nintendo 3DS XL . Players are responsible for bringing a charger that is compatible with their system. 2. Team Restrictions

In this manual, the term “Nintendo DSi system” also refers to the Nintendo DSi XL system. Preparations Using Software Adjusting System Settings Troubleshooting Nintendo may automatically update your New Nintendo 3DS / New Nintendo 3DS XL system from time to time, so the information provided in this manual may become outdated.

The Nintendo 3DS XL system can use software designed for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi. Ensure that the power of your Nintendo 3DS XL system is turned off, or that the HOME Menu is displayed and no software is currently suspended, before inserting or removing a Game Card. Start the software

Nintendo DSi Browser Instruction Manual The instruction manual for the Nintendo DSi Browser is included in the application and can be read on-screen. Refer to this manual for complete instructions on using the Nintendo DSi Browser. Opening the Instruction Manual On the Nintendo DSi Menu, tap the icon of the Nintendo DSi Browser.

as well as Nintendo DS , Nintendo DSi , Nintendo DSi XL , Game Boy , Game Boy Advance , Super NES , Nintendo 64 , Nintendo GameCube , Wii and Wii U systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario , Donkey Kong , Metroid , Zelda and Pokémon .

The Nintendo 3DS XL system can use software designed for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi. Ensure that the power of your Nintendo 3DS XL system is turned off, or that the HOME Menu is displayed and no software is currently suspended, before inserting or removing a Game Card. Start the software

the Nintendo DS adhered to the IEEE 802.11 standard. The Nintendo DS might utilize the more widely accepted variants 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g, but it is also possible that the DS could exploit the newer variants such as 802.11b or 802.11e. There is also the possibility that Nintendo strayed from the IEEE standards entirely and developed a

Nintendo Entertainment System Abadox - The Deadly Inner War (USA) Shoot-'Em-Up Nintendo Entertainment System Action 52 (USA) (Rev A) (Unl) Miscellaneous Nintendo Entertainment System Addams Family, The (USA) Platform Nintendo Entertainment System Addams Family, The - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (USA) Platform

Nintendo DSi XL AC adapter included with Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite You can also use the AC adapter included . If this is the case, disable the 3D feature. Please refrain from using the 3D feature while travelling as a passe

Nintendo gets to access with their games. Nintendo has never sold more individual titles of games for a console than the number of units sold for the console itself. For example, Tetris is the best selling game on the Nintendo Gameboy, due in part because it was bundled with the Gameboy, but it sold only 30

nintendo GameCube, and more recently the nintendo Wii _ personal computers _ mobile, handheld devices, eg nintendo GameBoy, and more recently the nintendo DS, Sony pSp (playStation portable), mobile phones and tablets. Digital games-based learning experiences will be defined as based on activities that:

Versus Fighter for Nintendo DS: Champion 1 . popularity during the mid-90s with the release of "Street Fighter 2" on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Nintendo DS is fully capable of reproducing games exceeding SNES quality. Despite the device's capability there is a dearth of fighting games for the system.

59994A If you would like to order Nintendo parts, please visit our online store at or call 1-800-255-3700. This Nintendo product is not designed for

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Super Mario Brothers took the world by storm. Since then there have been countless sequels to the original hit on the Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit), Super Nintendo (16-bit), and Nintendo 64 (64-bit). While the sequels have introduced new characters and new worlds, the original

Super Nintendo Entertainment System College Football USA '97 - The Road to New Orleans (USA) Sports Super Nintendo Entertainment System College Slam (USA) Sports/Basketball. Super Nintendo Entertainment System Combatribes, The (USA) Action

releases such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As of the end of that month, the Wii was the best-selling home video game console produced by Nintendo with sales of over 67 million units, surpassing that of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. As of June 30, 2011, Nintendo has sold

The Nintendo DSi XL can emit radio waves that can affect the operation of nearby electronics, including cardiac pacemakers. Do not operate the Nintendo DSi XL within 9 inches of a pacemaker .