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ENGLISHTable of contentsSafety informationProduct descriptionDaily useHelpful hints and tipsMaintenance and cleaningWhat to do if44788910Safety InformationYour safety and the safety ofothers are very important.This manual and the applianceitself provide important safetymessages, to be read andobserved at all times.This is the safety alertsymbol, pertaining to safety,which alerts users to potentialhazards to themselves andothers.All safety messages will followthe safety alert symbol andeither the terms:DANGER Indicates ahazardous situation which, ifnot avoided, will cause seriousinjury.WARNING Indicates ahazardous situation which, ifnot avoided, could cause seriousinjury.All Safety messages will tell youwhat the potential hazard is, tellyou how to reduce the chance ofinjury, and tell you whatcan happen if the instructions arenot followed.The appliance must bedisconnected from the powerInjector tableTechnical DataInstallationEnvironmental concernsIKEA GUARANTEE1112121818supply before carrying out anyinstallation work.Installation and maintenancemust be carried out by aqualified technician, incompliance with themanufacturer’s instructions andlocal safety regulations to therelevant gas standard. Only useoriginal spare parts. Do notrepair or replace any part of theappliance unless specificallystated in the user manual.WARNING If the informationin this manual is not followedexactly, a fire or explosion mayresult causing property damageor injury.-- Do not store or use gasoline orother flammable vapors andliquids in the vicinity of thisappliance.What to do if you smell gas:-- Do not try to light anyappliance.-- Do not touch any electricalswitch.-- Do not use any phone in yourbuilding.-- Immediately call your gas

ENGLISH-------------supplier from a neighbor’sphone. Follow the gassupplier’s instructions.If you cannot reach yourgas supplier, call the firedepartment.Installation and service mustbe performed by a qualifiedinstaller, service agency orthe gas supplier or authorisedperson.Use appliance in wellventilated rooms only.The electrical and gasconnections must comply withlocal regulations.When the hob is installed,provide a multi-pole circuitbreaker with a contactseparation of at least 3mm, that provides fulldisconnection.Regulations require that theappliance is grounded.The power cable must be longenough for connecting theappliance, once fitted in itshousing, to the power supplyUse only rigid metal hose forgas connection.If necessary, the electricalpower cable must bereplaced exclusively with apower cable having identicalcharacteristics to the originalsupplied by manufacturer(type H05V2V2-F 90 C orH05RR-F). This operation must5-------------be performed by a qualifiedelectrician.The manufacturer cannotbe held responsible for anyinjury to persons or animals ordamage to property arisingfrom failure to comply withthese requirements.Do not use multiple plugadapters or extension cords.Do not pull the power cableto disconnect it from theelectrical supply.The electrical componentsmust not be accessible to theuser after installation.Do not touch the appliancewith any wet part of the bodyand do not operate it whenbarefoot.This hob (class 3) is designedsolely for private householduse for cooking food. Do notuse this appliance as a spaceheater to heat or warm theroom. Doing so may result incarbon monoxide poisoningand overheating of the hob.The Manufacturer declinesall responsibility forinappropriate use or incorrectsetting of the controls.The appliance and itsaccessible parts becomehot during use. Care shouldbe taken to avoid touchingheating elements. Children lessthan 8 years of age shall be

ENGLISH-----------kept away unless continuouslysupervised. This appliancecan be used by children agedfrom 8 years and above andpersons with reduced physical,sensory or mental capabilitiesor lack of experience andknowledge if they havebeen given supervision orinstruction concerning use ofthe appliance in a safe wayand understand the hazardsinvolved. They shall not playwith the appliance.The use of a gas applianceproduces heat and humidity inthe room. Make sure the roomis well-ventilated, or install anextractor hood with exhaustduct.Domestic animals shouldbe keptaway from theappliance.In case of prolonged use,additional ventilation maybe necessary (by openinga window or increasing thehood extraction speed).After use, make sure the knobsare in off position and closethe main gas supply cock orthe gas cylinder valve.Overheated oils and fats catchfire easily. Always remainvigilant when cooking foodsrich in fat, oil or alcohol (e.g.rum, cognac, wine).Unattended cooking on a6hob with fat or oil can bedangerous and may result infire. NEVER try to extinguish afire with water, but switch offthe appliance and then coverflame e.g. with a lid or a fireblanket.Danger of fire: do not storeitems on the cooking surfaces.-- Keep the packaging materialsout of the reach of children.-- Before cleaning ormaintenance wait for hob tocool down.WARNING When using withLPG: Where this appliancesis installed in a marine craft or incaravans, it shall not be used asa space heater.WARNING Do not use orstore flammable materials inthe appliance storage drawer ornear this applianceWARNING Do not sprayaerosols in the vicinity of thisappliance while it is in operationWARNING Do not modify thisapplianceSave these instructions

ENGLISH7Product description135246123456Removable panstand gridsSemirapid burnerSemirapid burnerPower burnerAuxiliary burnerPower burner control knob7 Semirapid burner control knob8 Semirapid burner control knob9 Auxiliary burner control knobSymbolsSolid discTap closedLarge flameand starMaximumopening/deliveryand electricignitionSmall flameMinimum openingor reduceddelivery789

ENGLISH8Daily useDo not let the burner flame extendbeyond the edge of the pan.Important: when the hob is in use, the entirehob area may become hot.-- To ignite one of the burners, turn therelative knob anti-clockwise to themaximum flame setting.-- Press the knob against the control panelto ignite the burner.-- After the burner has ignited, keep theknob pressed for about 5-10 seconds toallow proper device operation.This burner safety device shuts off the gassupply to the burner if the flame goes outaccidentally (because of sudden draught, aninterruption in the gas delivery, boiling overof liquids, etc.).-- The knob must not be pressed formore than 15 sec. If, after that time haselapsed, the burner does not remain lit,wait at least one minute before trying tolight it again.NOTE: should particular local conditionsof the delivered gas make the ignition ofburner difficult, it is advisable to repeatthe operation with the knob turned to smallflame setting.The burner might go out when the knob isreleased. This means that the safety devicehas not warmed up enough. In thiscase, repeat the operations describedabove.Helpful hints and tipsThis hob has burners of different diameters.For better burner performance, please stickto the following rules:-- Use pots and pans with bottoms thesame width as that of the burners orslightly larger (see following table).-- Only use flat-bottomed pots and pans.-- Use the correct amount of waterfor cooking foods and keep the potcovered.-- Make sure pots on the grates do notprotrude beyond the edge of the hob.IMPORTANT: improper use of the grids canresult in damage to the hob: do not positionthe grids upside down or slide them acrossthe hob. Do not use:-- Cast iron griddles, ollar stones,terracotta pots and pans.-- Heat diffusers such as metal mesh, orany other types.-- Two burners simultaneously for onereceptacle (e.g. fish kettle).BurnerPot ØPower burnerfrom 24 to 26 cmSemi-rapidfrom 16 to 24 cmAuxiliaryfrom 8 to 14 cm

ENGLISH9Maintenance and cleaningDisconnect power before servicing.-- All the enamelled and glass partsshould be cleaned with warm water andneutral solution.-- Stainless steel surfaces may be stainedby calcareous water or aggressivedetergents if left in contact for too long.Any food spills (water, sauce, coffee, etc.)should be wiped away before they dry.-- Clean with warm water and neutraldetergent, and then dry with a softcloth or chamois. Remove baked-on dirtwith specific cleaners for stainless steelsurfaces.NOTE: clean stainless steel only with softcloth or sponge.-- Do not use abrasive or corrosiveproducts, chlorine-based cleaners orpan scourers.-- Do not use steam cleaning appliances.-- Do not use flammable products.-- Do not leave acid or alkaline substances,such as vinegar, mustard, salt, sugar orlemon juice on the hob.CLEANING THE HOB PARTS-- Grids, burner caps and burners can beremoved to be cleaned. Do not washthem in the dishwasher.-- Clean them by hand with warm waterand non-abrasive detergent, removingany food residues and checking thatnone of the burner openings is clogged.-- Rinse and dry-- Refit burners and burner caps correctlyin the respective housings.-- When replacing the grids, make surethat the panstand area is aligned withthe burner.-- Models equipped with electricalignition plugs and safety device requirethorough cleaning of the plug end inorder to ensure correct operation.Check these items frequently, and ifnecessary, clean them with a dampcloth. Any baked-on food should beremoved with a toothpick or needle.NOTE: to avoid damaging the electricignition device, do not use it when theburners are not in their housing.To ensure your appliance is always workingcorrectly, check all functions on the productperiodically (eg. every 12 months), that itis operating correctly, and if there appearsto be any abnormalities please contact theservice call centre for advice. For furtherdetails please refer to the warranty termsand conditions provided inside the backof the user manual. Regular care andmaintenance ensures correct operation andhigh performance. To maintain your hob inperfect condition, clean it after every use,removing any food spills.

ENGLISH10What to do if .ProblemPossible causeSolutionThe electric ignition does notworkThere is no electricalsupplyCheck the unit is plugged inand the electrical supply isswitched on.The burner fails to igniteThe gas tap could beclosedCheck that the gas tap isopenThe gas ring burns unevenlyBurner crown maybe occluded by foodresiduesClean the burner crownaccording to cleaninginstructions to make sure thatthe burner crown is clear offood residues.Before calling the After-Sales Service:1. Check “Troubleshooting guide” to see ifyou can eliminate the problem yourself2. Turn the hob on again to check if correctoperation has been restored.3. If the problem persists, contact the Aftersales Service.Give the following information: type of fault; hob model; service number (i.e. the number after theword SERVICE on the dataplate underthe hob and on the warranty certificate); your full address; your telephone number.If any repairs are required, contact anauthorised service centre, indicated in thewarranty.In the unlikely event that an operation orrepair is carried out by an unauthorisedtechnician, always request certificationof the work carried out and insist on the useof original spare parts.Failure to comply with these instructionsmay compromise the safety and quality ofthe product.

ENGLISH11Injector tableModel HBT L80SGas TypeBurnerNATURAL @ 1.00 kPa(test point pressure)PROPANE @ 2.75 kPa(inlet pressure)Nominal GasConsumption (MJ/h)Nominal InjectorSize (mm)Nominal GasConsumption (MJ/h)Nominal InjectorSize 3Wok13.61.6813.01.03Electric Power: 220 - 240 V 50/60 Hz

ENGLISH12Technical dataProduct DimensionsWidth (mm)580Height (mm)40Length (mm)510Voltage (V)220 - 240The technical information are situated in therating plate on the bottom side of theappliance.Note: A duplicate Data Plate provided with theappliances should be affixed adjacent to theappliance nearby on a cabinet or area where itis easily accessible for reference.Before installing the hotplate consider the locationof the gas supply and routing the gas line.ELECTRICALCONNECTION POINTGAS CONNECTIONPOINTInstallationAfter unpacking the hob, make sure that ithas not been damaged during transport. Inthe event of problems, contact the dealer oryour nearest After-sales Service.Technical information for the installer-- This product can be embedded in aworktop 20 to 50 mm thick.-- If there is no oven beneath the hob,insert a separator panel that has asurface at least equal to the openingin the work surface. This panel must bepositioned in no case less than 20 mmfrom the bottom of the hob.-- Before installation, make sure that:-- the local gas delivery conditions (natureand pressure) are compatible with thesettings of the hob (see the rating plateand injector table);-- the outer surfaces of the furniture orappliances adjacent to the hob are heatresistant according to local regulations;

ENGLISH13-- This appliance is not connected to afume exhaust device. It shall be installedin accordance with current installationregulations. Particular attention shallbe given to the relevant requirementregarding ventilation.-- Combustion products are dischargedoutdoors through specific hoods or walland/or window mounted electrical fans.Gas connectionThis operation must be performed by aqualified technician or authorisedperson.The gas supply system and installation mustcomply with local regulations to the currentrelevant gas standard (AS/NZS 5601 currentedition).-- You can find specific local regulations forsome countries in the paragraph-- “Reference to Local Regulations”. If noinformation concerning your Country isgiven, please ask details to a qualifiedtechnician or authorised person.-- The connection of the hob to the gaspipe network or gas cylinder must bemade by means of a rigid copper orsteel pipe with fittings complying withlocal regulations.-- Connect elbow (A) or (B) supplied withto the hob inlet main pipe and interposethe washer (C) supplied, in compliancewith EN 549.-- Washer (D) not supplied with theproduct.WARNING: THIS PRODUCT IS NOTSUITABLE FOR A FLEXIBLE HOSECONNECTION.-- After connection to the gas supply, checkfor leaks with soapy water. Light up theburners and turn the knobs from maxpositionto minimum positiontocheck flame stability-- For LPG / PROPANE models thegas supply for the hotplate must beregulated to a pressure of 2.75kPa.The gas inlet connection fitting is½” tapered B.S.P male thread (incompliance with ISO 7 thread).-- For NG models the gas supply isconnected to a regulator which issupplied. The inlet connection has ½”B.S.P male thread. It is essential that theelbow on the appliance be held firmlywith a spanner. do not over tighten. Theregulated pressure for NG is 1.00kPa.

ENGLISH14Electrical connectionWARNING-- This operation must be performed bya qualified technician or authorisedperson.-- The electrical connections must complywith local regulations.-- The earthing of this appliance iscompulsory by law.LEarth(yellow/green)N-- Do not use an extension cord.-- IMPORTANT: the data relevant to thevoltage and power absorption areindicated on the rating plate.AssemblyAfter having cleaned the perimeter surface,apply the supplied gasket to the hob.Position the hob in the worktop openingmade respecting the dimensions indicatedin the Instruction.NOTE: the power supply cable must be longenough to permit its upward extraction.To secure the hob, use the brackets providedwith it. Fit the brackets into the relevantbores shown by the arrow and fasten themby means of their screws in accordance withthe thickness of the worktop.Make sure that the outlet is near the productto install. So, if the cable that came with theproduct is not long enough, you will need toreplace it with another one having the samefeatures but with the right length.Adjustment to different type of gasWARNING-- This operation must be performed bya qualified technician or authorisedperson.If the appliance is intended to operate witha different gas from the gas type stated onthe rating plate and information label onthe top of the hob, change the injectors.Remove the information label and keep itwith the instructions booklet.Use pressure regulators suitable for the gaspressure indicated in the Instruction.Ensure to remove the natural gas regulardevice and replace with the propane / lpgtest point adaptor.-- The gas nozzles must be changedby After Sales Service or a qualifiedtechnician or authorised person.-- Nozzles not supplied with the appliancemust be ordered from After SalesService.-- Adjust the minimum setting of the taps.NOTE: when liquid petroleum gas is used(eg. G30/G31), the minimum gas settingscrew must be tightened as far as it will go,or until the flame is small and stable enoughto keep it alive.IMPORTANT: should you experiencedifficulty in turning the burners knobs,please contact the After Sales Service forthe replacement of the burner tap if found tobe faulty.Replacing the injectors (see paragraph“injector table”)-- Remove grids (A).-- Extract burners (B).-- Using a socket spanner of theappropriate size unscrew the injector(C), unscrew the injector to be replaced.-- Replace it with the injector suitable forthe new type of gas.-- Re-assemble the injector in (D).Before installing the hob, remember to affixthe gas calibration plate supplied withthe injectors in such a way that it coversthe existing information relating to gascalibration.

ENGLISH15DCABAdjusting minimum gas setting of tapsTo ensure that the minimum setting iscorrectly adjusted, remove the knob (E) andproceed as follows:-- tighten screw to reduce the flame height(-);-- loosen screw to increase the flame height( ).The adjustment must be performed with thetap in minimum gas setting position (smallflame ) .-- The primary air of the burners does notneed to be adjusted.-- At this stage, light up the burners andturn the knobs from max positionto minimum positionto check flamestability.Upon completion of adjustment, resealthe work surface using sealing wax or anequivalent material.Replacement of the gas injectorWOK ADAPTERE

ENGLISHSERVICE INSTRUCTIONSService and maintenance only to be carriedout by an authorised person.To replace parts such as burners, valveand electric components, the hotplatemust be removed from the bench top byreleasing the attachment hooks, looseningthe attachment screws of each burner,unscrewing the hotplate attachments nutswhich are visible at the bottom of thesurface, removing the hotplate top, takingcare to remove lid taps and screws underthem, and finally replacing the defectiveparts.Note: If the valves must be replaced, firstdisassemble the chain of ignition switches.It is recommended to replace the valvegaskets each time the valve is replaced, thusensuring a perfect seal between the bodyand the gas train.WARNING: Do not modify this appliance.16

ENGLISH17KNOBS REPLACEMENTBe sure that your hob is switched-off!All knobs must be in closed position.Push each of knob on the valve shaft untilyou feel the end of sliding (sparking mayoccur).Pull upwards each knob of the cooktop andstore together after removal.Make sure that all the knobs are in the rightposition.Verify correct installation by switching eachburner separately.Take the kit with new knobs, which is locatedin upper part of packaging and remove thenew knobs from the plastic bag.

ENGLISH18Environmental concernsPacking-- The packing materials are 100%recyclable and marked with therecycling symbol ( ).IKEA GUARANTEEHow long is the IKEA guarantee valid?This guarantee is valid for five (5) yearsfrom the original date of purchase of yourappliance at IKEA, unless the appliance isnamed LAGAN in which case two (2) yearsof guarantee apply. The original salesreceipt, is required as proof of purchase. Ifservice work is carried out under guarantee,this will not extend the guarantee period forthe appliance.Which appliances are not covered by theIKEA five (5) years guarantee?The range of appliances named LAGAN .Who will execute the service?IKEA has appointed Whirlpool (Australia)Pty Ltd as the authorised service networkpartner. If you encounter any trouble with theappliance and wish to register a callwith Whirlpool, please call:Australia contact centre:1300 363 344.What does this guarantee cover?The guarantee covers applicable faultsof the appliance, as per the terms andconditions, from the date of purchase fromIKEA. This guarantee applies to domesticuse only. The exceptions are specified underthe headline “What is not covered under thisguarantee?” Within the guarantee period,the costs to remedy the fault e.g. repairs,parts, labour and travel will be covered,provided that the appliance is accessiblefor repair without special expenditure.Replaced parts become the property ofIKEA.The services will be in-home service fordomestic appliances, and must to be doneby official Whirlpool service network.Goods presented for repair may bereplaced by refurbished goods of the sametype rather than being repaired.Refurbished parts may be used to repair thegoods.If the authorized service agent requestsyou to deliver the product directly to them,please ensure that the appliance is suitablypackaged to prevent any damage duringtransportation.What will IKEA do to correct the problem?IKEA appointed service provider willexamine the product and decide, at itssole discretion, if it is covered under thisguarantee. If considered covered, IKEAservice provider or its authorized servicepartner through its own service operations,will then, at its sole discretion, either repairthe defective product or replace it with thesame or a comparable product.What is not covered under this guarantee? Normal wear and tear. Deliberate or negligent damage,damage caused by failure to observeoperating and maintenance instructions,incorrect installation or by connectionto the wrong voltage, damage causedby chemical or electrochemical reaction,rust, abrasion or scratching, corrosion orwater damage including but not limitedto damage caused by excessive lime in

ENGLISH the water supply, damage caused byabnormal environmental conditions.Damage caused from the use of theappliance in a manner other thanthe use for which it was specificallydesigned.Damage caused by power outages,electrical power surge or impropersupply voltage via connection to SupplyAuthority mains or alternative supplysystems.Consumable parts including batteriesand lamps, removable wire, glass andplastic trays and other accessories.Internal or external damage as a resultof excessive use of cleaning products orcleaning agents.Non-functional and decorative partswhich do not affect normal use of theappliance, including any scratches andpossible color differences.Accidental damage or blockages causedby foreign objects, eg. coins, underwires,nails, buttons or jewellery, or substancesand cleaning or unblocking of filters,drainage systems or soap drawersDamage caused by vermin, insects orpets.Note – internal or external cabinettransport damage must be reportedwithin 7 days of purchase date.Damage to the following parts: ceramicglass, accessories, crockery and cutlerybaskets, feed and drainage pipes, seals,lamps and lamp covers, screens, knobs,casings and parts of casings. Unless suchdamages can be proved to have beencaused by production faults.Cases where no fault could be foundduring a technician’s visit.Any consequential loss due to appliancefailure.Repairs not carried out by ourappointed service providers and/or anauthorized service contractual partner19 or where non original parts have beenused.Repairs to parts or systems caused byunauthorized modifications made toappliance.Repairs caused by installation which isfaulty or not according to specification.Problems caused by incorrect orinadequate venting of the appliance.The use of the appliance in a nondomestic environment i.e. professionaluse.Transportation damages. If a customertransports the product to his home oranother address, IKEA is not liable forany damage that may occur duringtransport.However, if IKEA delivers the productto the customer’s delivery address, thendamage to the product that occursduring this delivery will be covered byIKEA.Cost for carrying out the initialinstallation of the IKEA appliance.However, if an IKEA appointedservice provider or its authorizedservice partner repairs or replacesthe appliance under the terms of thisguarantee, the appointed serviceprovider or its authorized servicepartner will reinstall the repairedappliance or install the replacement, ifnecessary.The benefits conferred by this expresswarranty are in addition to all otherconditions, warranties, guarantees,rights and remedies expressed orimplied by the Trade Practices Act andsimilar State and Territory laws and allother obligations and liabilities on thepart of the manufacturer or supplier andnothing contained herein shall restrict ormodify such rights, remedies, obligationsor liabilities.

ENGLISHHow country law applies?Our goods come with guarantees thatcannot be excluded under the AustralianConsumer Law.You are entitled to a replacement or refundfor a major failure and for compensation forany other reasonably foreseeable loss ordamage.You are also entitled to have the goodsrepaired or replaced if the goods fail to beof acceptable quality and the failure doesnot amount to a major failure.Area of validityThe IKEA guarantee applies only toproducts purchased and installed inAUSTRALIA .The dedicated AFTER SALES for IKEAappliancesPlease don’t hesitate to contact IKEAappointed After Sales Service Provider to: make a service request under thisguarantee; ask for clarifications on installation of theIKEA appliance in the dedicated IKEAkitchen furniture; ask for clarification on functions of IKEAappliances. Call our authorized service networkpartner Whirlpool on 1300 363 344(Australia).WARRANTY PROCEDUREPlease ensure that installation procedureentailed in the user manual has beenadhered to and in case of any doubtsplease refer to the trouble shooting guidethat has been supplied with the appliance. Please read the user guide to ensurethat you are aware of all the features &benefits of the appliance.How to reach if you need our serviceThe Whirlpool call centre team will assistyou on the phone with basic troubleshooting for your appliance at the time ofwarranty call registration.201300 363 344Please describe the problem that you arefacing with the appliance in detail alongwith your product model number, serialnumber, date of purchase at the time ofcall registration.Please also always refer to the IKEAarticle number (8 digit code) and 12 digitservice number placed on the rating plateof your appliance.SAVE THE SALES RECEIPT!Kindly keep all these details andoriginal invoice of purchase handyduring the service technician’s visit toenable him to carry out the job.Whirlpool reserves the right not toregister the call under warranty ifyou fail to provide these details atthe time of call registration.Do you need extra help?For any additional questions not relatedto After Sales of your appliances pleasecontact your nearest IKEA store call centre.We recommend you read the appliancedocumentation carefully before contactingus.For details on service agents locations, pleasevisit –

5019 600 00915 Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 201419069AA-1186004-1

rich in fat, oil or alcohol (e.g. rum, cognac, wine). - Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and may result in fire. NEVER try to extinguish a . 3 Semirapid burner 4 Power burner 5 Auxiliary burner 6 Power burner control knob 7 Semirapid burner control knob 8 Semirapid burner control knob 9 Auxiliary burner control knob.

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