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Lalit Narayan Mithila UniversityKameshwarnagar, DarbhangaPRT - 2015TEMPLETE OF THE PROFORMA FOR UPLOADING DATA REGARDING Ph.D. ScholarSl.No.FacultyDepartmentName of the supervisorName of the Ph.D. Scholar with Mode of Ph.D. (Full RegistrationDate ofAadhar Number/Photo ryDr. Bibekanand JhaShilpi JhaFull TimePage 1 of 1006/200729.11.2007 Structural StudiesResearch Topic

Lalit Narayan Mithila UniversityKameshwarnagar, DarbhangaPRT - 2016TEMPLETE OF THE PROFORMA FOR UPLOADING DATA REGARDING Ph.D. ScholarSl.No.FacultyDepartmentName of the supervisorName of the Ph.D. Scholar with Mode of Ph.D. (Full RegistrationDate ofAadhar Number/Photo IDTime/Part-Time)NumberRegistrationResearch Topic1SCIENCEBIODR. BIJAYENDRA JHATECHNOLOGY2SCIENCEBIODR. ARUN KUMARTECHNOLOGY SINHASMT. PRIYANKAFULL TIME04/201104.04.20113SCIENCEBIODR. (Mrs.) SANDHYATECHNOLOGY JHASMT. SWATI KUMARIFULL TIME03/201015.06.20104ScienceBotanyDr. I. N. MishraSudhir Chandra VermaFull Time08/200802.06.20085ScienceBotanyDr. Abhay KumarSatya Narain SharmaFull Time03/201027.06.2010 Ecological Studies of Eiver Ganga Near Barauni (Bihar)6ScienceBotanyDr. K. K. SahuManoj Kumar GuptaFull Time07/2008Comparative study of Cyanobacterial population associated11.06.2008 with field soil and rhizosphere of tobacco grown in Saraisaregion and its adjoining area7ScienceBotanyDr. Anand Mohan JhaLalit Kumar GhoshFull Time02/200531.08.2005Exploring the genotixicity of soil contaminants by employingplant chromosomal abberration assay8SCIENCECHEMISTRYDR. BIBEKA NAND JHA MUNNA KUMAR ROYFULL TIME03/200826.02.2008Structural Studies of the complexes of First series transitionmetal complexes with substituted Hydroxamic acid9SCIENCECHEMISTRYDR. PREM MOHANMISHRAMANOJ KUMAR JHAFULL TIME02/200610SCIENCECHEMISTRYDR. S. N. THAKURPRAVIN KUMAR SINHAFULL TIME10/201011SCIENCECHEMISTRYDR. S. R. KUMARBABLEE JYOTIFULL TIME03/201114.02.201112SCIENCEPHYSICSDR. AMRESH JHAKUNDAN KUMARFULL TIME10/200711.12.2007 Electromagnetic analysis of Meta-Materials13SCIENCEPHYSICSDR. H. N. MISHRASHYAM KUMAR SAPHIFULL TIME02/201025.01.2010 Study of Smart Antennas for Broad Band Applications14SCIENCEPHYSICSDR. ASHOK KUMARRASHMI REKHAFULL TIME01/201315.01.2013Ultra Wide Band (UWB) techniques for early stage BreastTumour Detection15ScienceZoologyDr. K. P. SinhaRachana KumariFull Time17/200715.12.2007Studies on The limnology of Some Water Reservoirs ofDarbhanga Town (North Bihar)16ScienceZoologyDr. A. K. VermaRashmi KiranFull Time04/201113.01.2011Analysis of Differential Optical Absorption Spectoscopy(DOAS) for Air Pollution MeasurementVANDANA KUMARIFULL TIME04/201009.04.2010Page 2 of 10Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Compounds in OcimumSanctum L.(Lamiaceae) through genome doublingAssessment of microbial and chemical contamination ofgroundwater around unsewered area (pit latrines) in somevillages around Samastipur townFunctional validation of genes responsibnle for abiotic andbiotic stress tolerance in tobaccoInvestigation in Medical properties of species of Trainsthemaof family AizoaceacSynthesis and Structural Ilucidation of Co (II), Ni(II) and Cu(II)02.05.2006 complexes with schiff's base (Like Hydrazone, Semicarbazoneand Thiosemicarbazone)Critical Studies on the Spectoscopic and Chemical Properties22.05.2010of some Quinazolones and Condensed QuinazolonesStudies on the synthesis and characterization of somequinoxalines

17ScienceZoologyDr. H. K. SinghManoj Kumar PathakFull Time22/2009Studies on Sublethal Effects of Pesticides, Detergents, Heavy05.02.2009 metal and Petroleum Products in Differents products inDifferent combination in some fresh water fishes.18ScienceZoologyProf. N. K. DubeyJyoti Kumar JhaFull Time03/201002.05.2010Studies on the toxic stress of Nickel on Indian Catfish, Clariasbatrachus (Lin)19ScienceZoologyDr. Shishir KumarVermaKumari RupamFull Time09/201004.03.2010Eutrophication of ponds and its impact on freshwateraquaculture20ScienceZoologyDr. H. K. SinghShrividyaFull Time18/200715.12.2007Metal Induced changes in some Hemato Biochemicalparameters of cat fish Heteropneustes fossils21ScienceZoologyDr. A. K. SinhaFarhat PraveenFull Time01/201202.12.2012Studies on the effect of antibiotics on the Intra-cytoplasmicMicro-organisms of P.perpusila and Sitophilus oryazae in Vitro22ScienceZoologyDr. H. K. SinghAnshu BhawanaFull Time19/200923ScienceZoologyDr. M. RahamtullahShakeba FarnazFull Time15/200824ScienceZoologyDr. R. P. SinhaNayan Kumar PrasadFull Time16/200804.07.2008Effects of Prolonged food deprivation on some other organs ofan air-breathing teleost clarias batrachus25ScienceZoologyDr. R. P. SinhaKumari ShachiFull Time02/201205.03.2012Studies on some aspects of ecology of two ponds of L.N.M.U.Campus Darbhanga26ScienceZoologyDr. Madan Mohan JhaNutan SharmaFull Time02/201127.05.2011Mutagenic effects of certain pesticides mixture on fresh waterfish-Heteropneustes fossils27ScienceZoologyDr. O. P. SharmaAmrita MallickFull Time18/2009Evaluation of Genotxic Effects & Changes in Protein Profile in11.06.2009 Muscle Tissue of Freshwater Fish Channa Punctatus Exposedto HerbicidesPage 3 of 10Studies on chromium induced changes in some biochemical05.02.2009 parameters of fresh water cat fishes - Mystus vittatus andClarias batrachusPhysico-Chemical Evaluation of quality confined water in29.02.2008relation to fish production in Darbhanga City, Bihar

Lalit Narayan Mithila UniversityKameshwarnagar, DarbhangaPRT - 2017TEMPLETE OF THE PROFORMA FOR UPLOADING DATA REGARDING Ph.D. ScholarSl.No.Faculty1ScienceBiotechnology Dr. Anand Mohan JhaAlpana KumariFull Time06/20112ScienceBiotechnology Dr. Amar KumarAmit KumarFull Time05/20113ScienceBiotechnology Dr. K. P. SinhaNaz Perween AlamFull Time07/20114ScienceBotanyDr. Indra Nath Mishra Raghvendra Mohan MishraFull Time04/200907.05.20095ScienceBotanyDr. K. K. MishraPriti KumariFull Time01/201329.08.20136ScienceBotanyDr. S. N. ChoudharySwetaFull Time03/20087ScienceBotanyDr. Amar KumarRakesh Kumar JhaFull Time05/201028.08.2010Ecotoxicological studies of Toxigenic Aeromy coflora ofDharbhanga District8ScienceBotanyDr. Sunila DasSharmistha KumariFull Time04/201015.06.2010Physiological Studies of Mycotoxins Production by VariousPathogens on Capsicu annuum L.9ScienceBotanyDr. S. N. ChoudharyAishwarya AttreyFull Time06/200916.12.2009Physiological and Biochemical Studies on some minor milletsgrowing in North - Bihar10ScienceBotanyProf. Vidyanath JhRachana ShaliniFull Time05/200911ScienceBotanyDr. Anand MohanMishraSindhu KumariFull Time04/201112ScienceBotanyDr. Sudhir Kant RoySmita KumariFull Time02/201213ScienceBotanyDr. Sunila DasAbha JhaFull Time02/201014ScienceBotanyDr. K. K. SahuManoj Kumar GuptaFull Time07/200815ScienceChemistryDr. KapileshwarMishraAnjani Kumar ChoudharyFull Time07/200902.06.2009Equilibrium Studies on transition Metal Complexes withSchiff's bases containing Nitrogen and Oxygen as donor atoms16ScienceChemistryProf. P. K. JhaArun KumarFull Time16/201008.06.2010Study of Stability Constants of Lanthanide (III) metalcomplexes with some monobasic bidentate Ligands17ScienceChemistryDr. Sachidanand Singh Lalita KumariFull Time01/201115.03.2011Structural Determination of Some Novel Metal Complexes withLigands with Noo Syustem.18ScienceChemistryDr. BhupendraNarayanFull Time08/201828.06.2008Studies on Unsymmetrical Cyanine Synthesis, UBV absorptionMaxima and response to some pathogenic microbesDepartmentName of the supervisorName of the Ph.D. Scholar with Mode of Ph.D. (Full RegistrationDate ofAadhar Number/Photo IDTime/Part-Time)NumberRegistrationPankaj KumarPage 4 of 10Research TopicIsolation, Purification and Characterization of GlobulinProteins from Coconut (COCOS nucifera Dndosperm)Study of The Biochemistry of Intercellular Adhesion in Plant03.06.2011Tissue CultureEffect of Ethanol and nicotine on rapideye movement sleep31.05.2011and learning memory23.03.2011Investigations on the effect of coal fly Ash released fromBarauni Thermal Power Station on pulses of Begusarai (Bihar)Mutagenic Studies of Some Selected Blue-Green Algae by usingchromium and parathionEthenobotanical and Morphogenic studies on some plants of28.09.2008Medicinal value growing in North BiharInvestigations on sustainable livelihood practices in10.06.2009 floodplains of north Bihar - A reference to aquaphytes inmadhubani districtScreening of Medicinal plants to test their Antifungal efficacy25.05.2011 aganst the commercial fungicides on some pathogens ofcertain vegetables of family cucurbitaceaeStudies on the water quality of Devkhal Chour of Samastipur01.09.2012 and their effect on distribution of algal communities of twoconsecutiveInvestigation on micropropagation of Dendrocalamus16.04.2010 hamiltonii by in vitro culture of shoots & rjozp,es & study oftheir growth pattern in the soilComparative study of Cyanobacterial population associated11.06.2008 with field soil and rhizosphere of tobacco grown in Saraisaregion and its adjoining area

ScienceChemistryDr. Ashok Kumar JhaSudhir Kumar MishraFull Time05/201120ScienceChemistryDr. A. Samad AnsariMd. Wayzul HaqueFull Time07/200721ScienceChemistryDr. Bipin KumarGautam Kumar RoyFull Time02/201322ScienceChemistryDr. P. N. JhaAditya Nath JhaFull Time15/201025.03.2010 Spectro Scopic Studies of DNA Bases23ScienceChemistryDr. Babu NandChoudharySuman Kumar JhaFull Time06/201124.05.201124ScienceChemistryDr. Kailash SahuNiraj KumarFull Time02/201216.08.2012 Schiff Base Metal Chelates and Other Related Compounds25ScienceChemistryDr. Sachidanand Singh Ganga DasFull Time14/201008.04.2010Studies on Hemicyanine Dyes (Synthesis and U. V. Absorptionmaxima)26ScienceChemistryDr. Ratan KumarChoudharySunanda SinghFull Time06/200929.12.2009Study on thermogravimetrical aspects of some complexes ofdivalent metal27ScienceChemistryDr. Surendra PrasadKamakhya Kumar KarnFull Time09/2008Complexing behavior of ligands 2, 6-diacetylpyridine bis (S15.03.2008 alkylisothiosemicarbazone) with some 4d & 5d transitionmetal ions.28ScienceMathematics Dr. Hiteshwar SinghGopal Ji MishraFull Time01/201312.03.2013 On Complex Irreducible representation of Quaternion Groups29ScienceMathematics Dr. M. AnsariDayanathFull Time08/200912.10.200930ScienceMathematics Dr. Ramawatar Prasad Ram Lakhan SahFull Time03/201119.01.2011 Some Contributions to fuzzy functions31ScienceMathematics Dr. Deo Chandra JhaBirendra Kumar JhaFull Time06/201023.08.201032SciencePhysicsDr. Subodh YadavSanjay KumarFull Time48/9833SciencePhysicsDR. S. C. JhaSony KumariFull Time04/201203.05.201234SciencePhysicsDr. Amaresh JhaNavin Kumar SinghFull Time06/200711.12.2007 Electromagnetic radiation from pulse excited radiators35SciencePhysicsDr. Ajit KumarChoudharyRaj Kumar ChoudharyFull Time07/200807.11.2008 Analysis of Microwave scatering from composite materials36SciencePhysicsDr. S. S. P. SinghOm PrakashFull Time03/201201.02.2012Study of Dynamical Characteristics of Carbon Nanotubes in AcFields37SciencePhysicsDr. R. N. MandalUmesh PrasadFull Time03/201206.07.2011Prediction of Attenuation Characteristics of E.M. Wave in Built Up urban Areas38SciencePhysicsDr. N. N. ChoudharyShimpy KumariFull Time03/201023.12.2010 Study of Scattering and Radiation by Isorefractive Bodies39SciencePhysicsDr. Arun Kumar Singh Ranjeet KumarFull Time12/200908.05.2009 Study of Magneto Resistance and their applicationsPage 5 of 1009.09.2011Study of Transition Metal Complexes As Potential TherapeuticAgents19Synthetic approaches to some substituted Asycyanine14.12.2007 colorants, impact of Functional Additives and chain elongationon electronic spectraStudies and development of the Hydrocarbon uel from wasteLDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE type of Polyethylene by23.12.2013Hydropyrolysis process and their physical and chemicalcharacterization.Attachment of Organic Dyes to Silica Surface by Meijer-TypeHydrogen BondingSome Important Role of Harmonic Co-ordinates in GeneralTheory of RelativitySome Contributions to Cyclotomic Difference Sets and Abeliandifference Sets.10.01.1998 Study of Properties of PolymersTheoretical Analysis of Absorption Spectra for Metal ColloidalNano - Particles

40SciencePhysicsDr. M. C. MishraAnil Kumar JhaFull Time06/201022.12.2010Design and analysis of a slotted Microstrip Antenna forWireless Communication41ScienceZoologyDr. H. K. SinghShrividyaFull Time18/200715.12.2007Metal Induced Changes in Some Hemato BiochemicalParameters of cat fish Heteropneustes fossillis42ScienceZoologyDr. H. K. SinghAnshumitaFull Time09/2008Studies on the effect of heavy metal on Biochemical17.01.2008 parameters of fresh water cat-fishes - Heteropneustes fossilis& Clarias batrachus43ScienceZoologyDr. Bhupendra Bhatta Arun KumarFull Time11/201031.05.2010Limnological Investigation of Holi Pokher (Bhirha) ofSamastipur with Special Reference of its teleost Fish Fauna44ScienceZoologyDr. Swapna Choudhary Mukesh KumarFull Time11/200528.03.2007Reproductive Biology of Certain Fishes of Kaula Chaur inBegusarai District (Bihar)45ScienceZoologyDr. A. C. JhaChandan Kumar PoddarFull Time02/2012Studies on the effects of 'Rogor' on the Haematological21.12.2012 Parameters, Blood Biochemistry and Histology of Liver andKidney of Mus muscules (Linn.)46ScienceZoologyProf., (Dr.) K. P. SinhaLakshmi ChoudharyFull Time21/200909.06.200947ScienceZoologyDr. R. P. SinhaPushpa KumariFull Time13/2010Studies on Biochemical Alterations In An Air Breathing fish 27.01.2010 Anabas testudineus Due to Heavy Metal Toxicity - CadmiumChloride48ScienceZoologyDr. Shashi BhushanShashiKumari AnjanaFull Time17/200826.07.2008Biological diversity and effect on Ecosystem of a Fish culturepond of sunderpur area of district darbhanga49ScienceZoologyDr. RahamtullahDipa KumariFull Time20/200923.11.2009Studies on the Effects of Certain Herbal Drugs on the Body ofAlbino Rat50ScienceZoologyDr. Kalyani PandeyRicha BhartiFull Time19/2007Effect of Starvation on the Metabolism of Both the Sexes of28.12.2007 Rana Tigrina in Relation to the Cell Distribution inPeripheralBlood and Bone Marrow Ciculation.51ScienceZoologyProf., (Dr.) A. C. JhaRaniFull Time12/201031.05.201052ScienceZoologyDr. D. N. MishraSushma RaniFull Time03/2012Health Status of women inhabiting indonepal Border with28.02.2012 reference to occupation, Nutrition, Sanitaton andReproductive fitness : A Population Genetic study53ScienceZoologyDr. Renuka KumariPawan Kumar OjhaFull Time10/201004.09.2010Page 6 of 10Studies on Some Aspects of Ecology and Epidemiology of SoilTransmittd Helminthes inKoshi Region of North BiharStudies on the Effect of Commonly used OrganochlorinePesticide on Certain Carp of Fresh Water habitalIntegrated management of Helicoverpa armigera Hubner onchickpea by using bio-control agents and synthetic insecticides

Lalit Narayan Mithila UniversityKameshwarnagar, DarbhangaPRT - 2018TEMPLETE OF THE PROFORMA FOR UPLOADING DATA REGARDING Ph.D. ScholarSl.No.FacultyDepartmentMode of Ph.D. (FullTime/Part-Time)RegistrationNumberDate ofRegistration1ScienceZoologyDr. O. P. SharmaRekha KumariFull Time05/201201.12.20122ScienceZoologyDr. B. S. JhaPoonam ChoudharyFull Time14/20103ScienceMd. Shamshad HussainFull Time12/200912.10.2009Contribution to fixed point theorems in metric and probabilisticmetric spaces4ScienceZoologyDr. U. N. SinghRadha RajaneeFull Time16/201023.06.2010A study of fish reproduction with refecence to temperatureanomalies5ScienceChemistryDr. A. Samsad AnsariYasir SajjadFull Time21/20106ScienceChemistryProf. (Dr.) RatanKumar ChoudharyS. Mobarak Nazir AzmiFull Time11/20087ScienceZoologyDr. S. B. ShashiDipti KumariFull Time21/20088ScienceZoologyDr. Deo Narayan RoyPriti KumariFull Time24/20099SciencePhysicsDr. Mithilesh KumarJhaBhanu Pratap SinghFull Time04/201310SciencePhysicsDr. N. K. SinghKanhaiya RoyFull Time07/201015.07.201011ScienceZoologyDr. Shishir KumarVermaPrakash KumarFull Time17/201004.03.2010 Fish Biodiversity in the Tarai Plain of eastern nepal12ScienceShyam Binod JhaFull Time08/201114.03.201113ScienceBiotechnologyDr. Shishir KumarVermaAbhinavFull Time04/201314ScienceChemistryDr. Ramanand JhaManiruddin AnsarFull Time08/201115SciencePhysicsDr. U. K. DasBijendra MohanFull Time07/201216.08.201216SciencePhysicsDr. Ashok Kumar JhaRoshan Kumar ChoudharyFull Time04/200604.05.2006 Study of Scattering from dielectric rough surfaces17ScienceBiotechnology Prof. (Dr.) Sunila DasJyoti JyotsnaFull Time05/201022.11.2010Floristic Studies of medicinal Plants growing in Darbhangawith reference to bio-technological applications18ScienceBiotechnology Dr. Anand Mohan JhaRuby KumariFull Time02/201211.08.2012Effect of Aqueous Extract of Selaginella bryopteris on alloxantreated Diabetic Swiss Albino MiceName of the supervisorMathematics Dr. A. AhmadMathematics Dr. Deo Chandra JhaName of the Ph.D. Scholar withAadhar Number/Photo IDPage 7 of 10Research TopicEcological Studies of the Deokhal chaur of Samastipur (Bihar0with special reference to fish fauna and fisheriesHistopathological changes in the freshwater fish channa punctatus22.06.2010[Bl.] under chronic stress of house hold detergentsStudies on Chromophoric Chain B Substituted Asycyanine24.06.2010 colorants and effects of Substituents on Visible AbsorptionSpectraStructural and Thermal Studies of some transition metal28.08.2008complees of Schiff bases22.06.2008 Limnilogica Evaluation of A fish culture pond of MadhuhaniStudies on the toxic effects of a heavy metal cadmium on16.09.2009 certain tissues and blood parameters of air breathing fishHeteropneustes fossilsStudy of some typical problems in general theory of relativity13.12.2013using numerical analysisStudy of Broadband Dipoles in Close Proximity to an EBGGround PlaneSome Contribution of the scope and development of HindumathematicsDNA damage and enzyme dysfunction in arsenic induced22.03.2013 animal model : A correlation with arsenic accumulation inIndo-Gangetic Plain of BiharMagnetic and Spectral studies of some metal Chelates of Macro26.05.2011Organic LigandsComparative study of Single-mode and Multimode fiber in LANEnvironment

Dr. Avinash KumarMishraMd. AlamFull Time04/201319.03.2013ChemistryDr. Prem MohanMishraGovind SinghFull Time09/2012Study of Stability constant and related thermodynamics of28.05.2012 Chelation of some divalent transition metals with amino cid asligandsScienceBotanyProf. (Dr.) AbhayKumarSweta SinhaFull Time07/200909.11.2009 Studies on the biochemical profile of some blue-green algae22ScienceMathematicsDr. Avinash KumarMishraMd. AlamFull Time04/201319.03.2013Application of Differential Equation in Different disciplines asa Mathematical Model23ScienceZoologyDr. Binay Kumar JhaShweta SinghFull Time08/201124.12.2011Studies on Limnological aspects of some rural area fish cultureponds of Darbhanga24ScienceChemistryDr. Aditya Kumar LalDasAnupam KumariFull Time08/201207.11.2012Synthesis of some Azaquinazolones starting from carbonylcompounds and amines25ScienceZoologyDr. S. B. ShashiRam Pratap YadavFull Time20/200828.02.2008Pollution Study of a Dharmapur Pond of District Darbhanga(Bihar)26ScienceChemistryProf. (Dr.) SanjayKumar ChoudharyAsit Kumar SinhaFull Time09/201114.02.2011Study of N-Methyl-6-Hydroxy quinolinium into theSpectroscopy and Excited State Proton transfer27ScienceBioTechnologyProf. (Dr.) Ajay KumarRahul MehtaSinghaFull Time05/201304.12.2013Evaluation of Medicinal Properties of Mushroom and Study itsGrowth Potential28ScienceMathematics Dr. Y. N. MishraPratap Kumar RoyFull Time06/201301.02.2013 A Comparative Study of Meta Recursive Sets and Fuzzy Sets29SciencePhysicsDr. B. S. L. DasRama Raman AcharyaFull Time03/201411.01.2014 Electromagnetic Response of Composite Metamaterial Media30SciencePhysicsDr. Surendra KumarAmit Kumar KarnFull Time13/200917.05.2009Analysis of one-dimensional Scattering and inverse scatteringin an Isotropic Medium31ScienceZoologyProf (Dr.) KedarPrasad SinhaAlka AnandFull Time10/201218.11.2012Studies in Relation to Helminth parastites of some birds nDarbhanga region of North Bihar32ScienceBotanyDr. K. K. SahuPriti Kumar

27 Science Zoology Dr. O. P. Sharma Amrita Mallick Full Time 18/2009 11.06.2009 Evaluation of Genotxic Effects & Changes in Protein Profile in Muscle Tissue of Freshwater Fish Channa Punctatus Exposed to Herbicides Page 3 of 10. Sl. No. Faculty Department Name of the supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhar Number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. (Full Time/Part-Time) Registration Number Date of .

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Dr. Ankit Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Department of Botany Marwari College Lalit Narayan Mithila University Darbhanga Note: Figures are taken from the A text book of Botany by Singh, Pandey, Jain (Fifth edition ) and internet source.

Dr. Ankit Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Department of Botany Marwari College Lalit Narayan Mithila University Darbhanga Note: Figures are taken from the A text book of Botany by Singh, Pandey,

14. Although Narayan worked in RGT's California office, the great majority ofRGT's senior executives live and work in Dallas. Narayan regularly traveled to the Dallas area to meet with them. He also met with his clients in the Dallas area. From 2013-15, he made at least 15 Sec v. Narayan, et al. Complaint Page 4 of24

245276 DIVYA KUMARI VINOD KUMAR SINGH 01/01/2001 FEMALE BC Y N 001 P. G. Deptt., LNMU Campus, Darbhanga Botany 2 60 ScienceH BC Confirm 227494 KAJAL KIRAN SANJAY KUMAR SINGH 13/02/2000 FEMALE BC Y N

23 d2122/ps/0833 adwikk pandey brijesh kumar pandey 24 d2122/ps/1756 krishvi singh swarn singh 25 d2122/ps/1222 mahin pankaj malwe pankaj narendra malwe 26 d2122/ps/1870 lalit baniwal lalit baniwal 27 d2122/ps/1921 varenya shri sunil kumar 28 d2122/ps/1948 atharv singh anil kumar singh 29 d2122/ps/0597

Sree Lalita Sahasra Nama Stotram – English Script Author: v āgdev ī oṃ asya śrī lalit ā divya sahasran āma stotra mah āmantrasya, va śiny ādi v āgdevat ā ṛṣayaḥ, anu ṣṭup chanda ḥ, śrī lalit ā par ābha ṭṭārik ā mah ā tr

34991 Shri Nagaraj Garla F ICMS, Nariman Point,Mumbai 32140 Shri Lalit Kumar Bhandari E S.Sarani,Kolkata 34169 Shri Rabi Narayan Mishra E Corporate Centre, Mumbai 618594 Shri Godfrey I. Gonsalves D CG Road,Ahmedabad 32913 Smt. Deepali Dattatraya Kulkarni B Vidyavihar, Mumbai 33

and STM32F103xx advanced ARM-based 32-bit MCUs Introduction This reference manual targets application developers. It provides complete information on how to use the low-, medium- and high-density STM32F101xx, STM32F102xx and STM32F103xx microcontroller memory and peripherals. The low-, medium- and high-density STM32F101xx, STM32F102xx and STM32F103xx will be referred to as STM32F10xxx .