Refractive Index And Extinction Coefficient Of Materials

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Refractive index and extinction coefficient of materialsNote:The exctinction coefficient is related to the absorption coefficient byα 4 π k / λ 0 , where αis the absorption coefficient, k is the extinction coefficient, and λ0 is the wavelength in vacuum.AcrylicWavelength λ 0860 E. F. Schubert, 2004Refractive index n 1.48581.485631.485461.48531.485151.4851.484851

4Ag (Silver) (note that there are two consecutive sets of data)Wavelength λ (nm)Refractive index n 72.04442.7857.04459.1852.04 E. F. Schubert, 20042 λ 4590.38094619.89999Extinction coefficient k 52.4322.582.7442.923.0933.2843.4983.7093.9294.177 E. F. Schubert, 20043

5.0345.3815.7726.266.7697.3698.1189.001Ag (Silver)Data from “Handbook of Optical Constant of Solids” by Edward Palik (1985)Measurements of the reflectivity of evaporated Ag films by Hong Luo and Yun-Li Li revealed thatthe Palik data gave the best agreement with experimental results.Wavelength λ (nm)Refractive Index n 144476.90.132495.90.130516.60.130539.10.129 E. F. Schubert, 20044

450.1630.1980.2260.2510.329Wavelength λ 59.2476.9495.9516.6539.1563.6Refractive Index k 1.671.811.952.112.262.402.562.722.883.073.253.45 E. F. Schubert, 20045

78.49Al (Aluminum)Wavelength λ 5561549.751771.143Refractive index n .261.441.77Wavelength λ 19476.85495.92516.58539.04563.55590.38Extinction coefficient k .857.15 E. F. Schubert, 20046

218.578.68.318.218.951211.212.5141618.3Al10Ga90As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ 0.0652.6688.9Refractive index n 8763.8203.7753.716 E. F. Schubert, 20047

4103.3953.3833.3743.366Wavelength λ 0.0652.6688.9729.4775.0826.7Extinction coefficient k 1990.1710.1270.0990.0820.0590 E. F. Schubert, 20048

0000000Al20Ga80As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ 0.0652.6688.9729.4775.0826.7885.7Refractive index n 8153.7593.7003.6623.6353.5363.4573.465 E. F. Schubert, 20049

4013.3793.3613.3463.3343.3243.316Wavelength λ Extinction coefficient k 1650.1180.0940.0820.0200.00200000 E. F. Schubert, 200410

12401377.815501771.42066.700000Al2O3 (Alumina)Wavelength λ 9001033Refractive index n 1.7591.7581.7581.755Wavelength λ xtinction coefficient k (-)000000000000000 E. F. Schubert, 200411

090010330000000000000000000Al30Ga70N (AlGaN)Wavelength λ ive index n (-)2.5572.362. λ 6.671240.0Extinction coefficient k (-)0.41260.3450.2890.007000000Al32Ga68As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ 43.1248.0253.1258.3263.8Refractive index n 8782.1982.6843.1963.669 E. F. Schubert, 200412

633.254Wavelength λ 43.1248.0253.1258.3263.8270.0275.6281.8Extinction coefficient k 6043.8453.9573.8813.6173.1772.7332.393 E. F. Schubert, 200413

670.1450.1110.008000000000000Al42Ga58As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ efractive index n 9262.2342.6953.2003.7334.0544.1034.0143.8973.794 E. F. Schubert, 200414

063.198Wavelength λ 02.4310317.9Extinction coefficient k 9711.9361.924 E. F. Schubert, 200415

.1000.0590.0030000000000000Al49Ga51As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ 02.4310317.9326.3335.1Refractive index n 7303.6883.6713.6803.724 E. F. Schubert, 200416

.1663.157Wavelength λ 0317.9326.3335.1344.4354.3364.7Extinction coefficient k 1.9451.9331.9421.9692.0172.0491.922 E. F. Schubert, 200417

000000Al59Ga41As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ ractive index n 7583.7293.7253.7503.8223.9774.2244.4294.6654.649 E. F. Schubert, 200418

.1123.103Wavelength λ 413.3427.6Extinction coefficient k 7540.5840.468 E. F. Schubert, 200419

30.005000000000000000Al70Ga30As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ 413.3427.6442.9Refractive index n 3254.1964.0843.987 E. F. Schubert, 200420

83.0753.0643.0543.046Wavelength λ 413.3427.6442.9459.3476.9496Extinction coefficient k 5740.4600.3740.3070.2450.1840.129 E. F. Schubert, 200421

0690.00200000000000000000Al80Ga20As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ 413.3427.6442.9459.3476.9496516.7539.1Refractive index n 1554.0503.9613.8723.7873.7383.6353.5193.440 E. F. Schubert, 200422

0353.0223.0123.0032.995Wavelength λ 0.0Extinction coefficient k 4370.3530.2760.2050.1610.1040.0130.0040.003000 E. F. Schubert, 200423

01377.815501771.42066.700000000000000Al90Ga10As (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ 5501771.42066.7Refractive index n 9672.9592.951Wavelength λ ion coefficient k (-)000000000000000000 E. F. Schubert, 200424

1377.815501771.42066.70000AlAs (AlAs)Wavelength λ efractive index n 9872.9742.9642.9552.947Wavelength λ xtinction coefficient k (-)00000000000000AlCu (AlCu)Wavelength λ 00410420Refractive index n 31.319.336.371.378.39 E. F. Schubert, 200425

81.5881.357Wavelength λ (nm)250260270280290300310320330340Extinction coefficient k 243 E. F. Schubert, 200426

GaAs (AlGaAs)Wavelength λ (nm)200.82Refractive index n (-)1.25457489490509 E. F. Schubert, 200427

4.62692.82 E. F. Schubert, 782528

05139Wavelength λ 332.02340.22348.42Extinction coefficient k 80933 E. F. Schubert, 200429

2.22840.42 E. F. Schubert, 514157E-0230

43411.04118594899774E-021.02832932025194E-02AlN (AlN)Wavelength λ 6.671240.0Refractive index n length λ 0.0826.671240.0Extinction coefficient k (-)0.06560.0269000000000AlON (AlON)Wavelength λ 063.8Refractive index n (-)1.8121.8061.7921.7931.7781.7761.7761.7751.774 E. F. Schubert, 200431

th λ 063.810871111.11136.41219.5Extinction coefficient k (-)0000000000000AlSb (AlSb)Wavelength λ ractive index n 49013.44473.4044Wavelength λ 19476.85495.92Extinction coefficient k 00.63000.4600 E. F. Schubert, 200432

20.00010.00000.0000APEXEWavelength λ 8608809009209409609801000102010401060Refractive index n 991.5006037191.499826036 E. F. Schubert, 200433

Wavelength λ 100010251050107511001125115011751200Extinction coefficient k DUVWavelength λ ive index n 011.609468751.599758661.5919432761.585580755 E. F. Schubert, 200434

.54807529Au (Gold)Wavelength λ tive index n .7421.7761.8121.831.84 E. F. Schubert, 200435

1.205Wavelength λ (nm)189.97854Extinction coefficient k (-)1.135 E. F. Schubert, 200436

1408.863611441.627881475.952351511.95119 E. F. Schubert, 98.778.969.159.369.5837

14.9988715.2491115.5AZ1518Wavelength λ 100010251050Refractive index n 51.603 E. F. Schubert, 200438

60091.6006AZ6112Wavelength λ 100010251050107511001125115011751200Refractive index n 10BWavelength λ (nm)200225250275Refractive index n (-)2.15811.99961.89921.832 E. F. Schubert, 200439

ngth λ 75600625650Refractive index n 6231.62021.6178 E. F. Schubert, 200440

.5995AZ7510Wavelength λ 100010251050Refractive index n 051.6 E. F. Schubert, 200441

5981.5977AZ7700Wavelength λ 100010251050107511001125115011751200Refractive index n Wavelength λ (nm)200225250275Refractive index n (-)2.13251.97311.87411.8088 E. F. Schubert, 200442


Note: The exctinction coefficient is related to the absorption coefficient by α 4 πk / λ0 , where α is the absorption coefficient, k is the extinction coefficient, and λ 0 is the wavelength in vacuum. Acrylic Wavelength λ (nm) Refractive index n (-) 370 1.51259 380 1.51066 390 1.50891 400 1.50731 410 1.50584 420 1.50449 430 1.50324

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