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We SupportToday’s FleetTomorrow’s Fleetand the Fleet afterDepartment 60Naval Surface Warfare Center – Carderock DivisionDistribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.1

MissionProvide fundamental enabling technologies forenhanced ship integrity and performance.Conduct full spectrum research, development,testing, life- cycle management, and in-serviceengineering in the areas of:Distribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.2

VisionWe will be the Navy's premier provider in survivability, structures,materials and environmental knowledge enabling the fleet and it'swarfighters to perform all missions safely and effectively.Technical CapabilitiesCD 14: Surface, Undersea and Weapon Vehicle Materials and ManufacturingTechnologiesCD 15: Surface & Undersea Vehicle StructuresCD 16: Alternative Energy and Power Sources R&DCD 17: Liquid Waste Management, Science and SystemsCD 18: Solid Waste, Hazardous Supply & Radiation TechnologyManagement, Science and SystemsCD 20: Surface, Undersea and USMC Vehicle Vulnerability Reduction andProtectionCD 25: Radiation Detection Technology Research and ManagementDistribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.3

Materials & Manufacturing Division (Code 61) Welding, Processing & NDE–––– Advancing the AM scienceNavy Center of KnowledgeDeveloping certification processes for partsCoordinating SYSCOM and DoN effortsPropulsor Manufacturing Office––Navy lead for Virginia Class PropulsorconstructionDirect the design, development,manufacturing and acquisition of propulsorsPhysical Metallurgy and Fire–––––Acquisition and ISE supportRDT&E on welding, processes, NDE, hullhusbandry automation, and AM structuresAutomated underwater hull surveysExperts in welding consumable design anddevelopmentAdditive Manufacturing Project Office–––– Corrosion & Coatings Engineering––– RDT&E, S&T, and ISE services for naval alloysMetallurgical analyses and characterizationSupply failure analysesMagnetostrictive materialsEvaluating the fire performanceExperts in R&D, S&T, acquisition, and ISE fornaval and expeditionary environmentsDevelop mitigating technologiesExperts in biofouling and antifouling agentsNon-Metallic Mat’ls Research & Eng.––––RDT&E, S&T, acquisition, and ISE servicesExperts in high temperature ceramic applic.Experts in polymer processing applic.Fabricator of acoustic absorbing/reflectingtilesDistribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.4

Environmental and Energy Division (Code 63) Radiation Technology, EOSH, ShipAcquisition, and Systems Safety–––– Provide certified principle for safety servicesfor NAVSEA acquisition programsEvaluate environmental and radiation OSHtechnologies and processesDevelop radiation technical standardsIdentify radiation instruments for testing,evaluating, calibrating and fielding devicesWastewater Management––––Experts on EPA and international policiesand requirementsRDT&E for ballast, grey and blacktechnologies and processesSupport shore facilities and installationsAdvise acquisition programs on selection ofsystems Solid Waste, Pollution PreventionAfloat, & Hazardous SupplyManagement––– RDT&E for implementation of equipment,procedures, and processes of surface andsubmarine fleetProvide ISE services for submarinesSupport shore facilities and installationsAdvanced Power & Energy–––RDT&E, S&T, and acquisition support toNAVSEA programs and USMCExpert on energy storage (batteries)certification and safetyEngineering support of portable, hybrid,and fuel cells for forward deployedexpeditionary sitesDistribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.5

Structures and Composites Division (Code 65) Ship Structures––– RDT&E, S&T, acquisition, and ISE servicesValidate contractor designs to standards viaFEADevelop design methodologies andsoftware tools for surface ships andcomposite structures –––– RDT&E, S&T, acquisition, and ISE servicesValidate contractor designs to standardsDevelop design methodologies andsoftware tools for pressure hulls, compositestructures and propulors RDT&E, S&T, acquisition, and ISE servicesMeasure full and model scale test articles3D measurement capabilitiesRough water trials to validate design loadsCriteria and Assessment–––Submarine Structures & Propulsors–––Performance and EvaluationRDT&E, S&T, acquisition, and ISE servicesDevelop criteria to assess naval structuresUse analytical simulation models to quantifylifetime structural reliability and validatemeasure responsesAdvanced Materials and Structures–––RDT&E, S&T, acquisition, and ISE services forcomposite materialsDevelop and evaluate composite andlightweight design and evaluationsComposite patch repair of cracked alloysDistribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.6

Survivability and Weapons Effect Division(Code 66) Underwater Explosions R&D––– R&D and acquisition support servicesImproving methods and procedures forshock hardeningProvide advanced M&S services to predictdamaging effects of UNDEX on surface andsubmarine hullsDynamic Measurements & Testing––––RDT&E and acquisition support servicesMeasure dynamic pressure loads of shipand submarine structuresPreparing for the LCS-5 and-6 Full ShipShock trialsValidate analytical predictions Hull Response & Protection––– Vulnerability Assessment–– RDT&E, S&T, and acquisition servicesM&S of ships, subs, and USMC vehiclesresponses from weapons effectsDevelop structure, armor, and mitigationtechniques to improve survivabilityExperts in Live Fire Test & Evaluation andTotal Ship Survivability TrialsM&S to assess primary and secondarydamage and recoverability actionsSurvivability and Weapon Effects M&S––R&D and eventual acquisition servicesDeveloping new MS technologies foradvanced weapon effect simulationsDistribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.7

Overview of Active ContractsSAIC/LeidosThermo Eberline Inc,Thermo Eberline Inc. 6.8%1.6%6.8%Southwest ResearchInstituteExcet Inc.0.3%14.9%Triverus1.5%Canberra Industries1.2%Spectral Vision Point Systems16.7%Burke Industries Inc.0.2%Seemann Composites Inc17.0%Materials Sciences Corp8.3%SurviceEngineering1.6%T. Carroll Associates2.2%Weidlinger Associates1.3%BMT Designers andPlanners16.9%Pacific Instruments Inc.1.2%Thermo EberlineInc0.9%Distribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.8

Current Services/Supply ContractsMaterials & Manufacturing Division (C/61)Contract TitleU.S. Marine Corp Corrosion and Materials EngineeringServicesU.S. Navy Corrosion Control Assistance Team (CCAT)Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation (SBIR Phase III)Rubber Compound (NXAS126)Fire Test & Engineering Services for Fire Safety s(Qtr/FY) 49.2MSEAPORTVision Point SystemsQ3/ FY21 43.9M 24.5M 0.51M 0.98MSEAPORTExcet Inc.ServiceMaterials Sciences CorpSupplyBurke Industries Inc.SEAPORT Southwest Research InstituteQ2/FY21Q3/FY20Q4/FY19Q2/FY17Environmental and Energy Division (C/63)Contract TitleFull Spectrum Environmental Quality SystemsThermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Equipment8800 Reader MaintenanceAir Particle SamplerElectronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD) IDIQTool Contamination Monitor (Shore)Air Particle Detector (APD) ShipsAir Particle Detector (APD) ShoreFlight Deck Cleaning/Debris Removal TechnologyTool Contamination Monitor (Shipboard)TotalValue 49.8M 19.9M 2.6M 1.6M 4.6M 1.4M 20M 1.9M 4.3M 0.28MService/SupplyContractorSEAPORT BMT Designers and PlannersSupplyThermo Eberline Inc.ServiceThermo Eberline Inc.SupplySpectral LabsSupplyThermo Eberline Inc.SupplyCanberra IndustriesSupplySAIC/LeidosSupplyCanberra IndustriesSupplyTriverusSupplyCanberra tribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.9

Current Services/Supply ContractsStructures and Composites Division (C/65)Contract TitleComposite Systems for Marine Components(SBIR Phase r/FY) 49.9MServiceSeemann Composites des(Qtr/FY) 3.6M 6.6MServiceServicePacific Instruments Inc.T. Carroll AssociatesQ2/FY20Q3/FY18 3.7MServiceWeidlinger AssociatesQ4, FY16 4.6MServiceSurvice EngineeringQ4, FY16Survivability and Weapons Effect Division (C/66)Contract TitleData Recording Equipment and Calibration/RepairSurvivability Technical ServicesEngineering Services for Software Development andShock AssessmentsEngineering Services for Advanced SurvivabilityAssessment Program (ASAP)Distribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.10

Projected Services/Supply ContractsDivision Contract TitleEst. Value( N-Air Particle Detector 0.22SupplyQ3/FY1666Engineering Services for Advanced SurvivabilityAssessment Program (ASAP) 5.0ServiceQ3/FY1666Instrumentation Cable and Accelerometers in supportFSST cal Testing Services (IDIQ)High Shear Rotary Membrane SystemTritium Monitor (Hardware, Spare Parts & Training)Radiation Air Particle Detector (APD) ShipsWastewater Hauler Services (Annual Requirement)Fire Test and Engineering Services for Fire SafetyC-Bay Cooling Tower ReplacementEngineering and Technical ServicesIT/IA Engineering ServicesLarge Shipboard Incinerator Vibration & EMI TestingCommercial Solid Waste Compactors/Balers (LABEVAL)Modeling & Simulation Engineering Services 6.0 0.3 1.3 20.0 0.1 1.0 0.3 10.0 5.0 0.2 0.1 17Q2/FY17Q2/FY17Distribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.11

61 Fire Test and Engineering Services for Fire Safety 1.0 Service Q1/FY17 65 C-Bay Cooling Tower Replacement 0.3 Service Q1/FY17 60 Engineering and Technical Services 10.0 Service Q1/FY17 60 IT/IA Engineering Services 5.0 Service Q1/FY17 63 Large Shipboard Incinerator Vibration & EMI Testing 0.2 Service Q1/FY17

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