FOOD AND BEVERAGE Drives And Automation For Food And Beverage Industry .

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—FO O D A N D B E V E R AG EDrives and automation forfood and beverage industrySafety, Quality and Energy Efficiency

—ABB helps you build flexible, safe,cost-effective and sustainableproduction systems that promisetop quality and reduced downtime.ABB solutions are designed to helpmanage your risks and gain themost from today’s technology.

TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S3—Table of contents004One-stop solution005 F&B processes, from raw material handling topalletizing006  Drives and automation forfood and beverage industry007 Pump control for CIP(Clean In Place)008 Fan control for blower/evaporators009 Speed control solution for all conveyor systems010 Compression at maximum efficiency for refrigeration011Variable speed drives with precision control for mixer012 Precision control solution for separator013 A range of automation solutions for decanter014 Pick, pack & fill solution for all types of shapesand sizes015 Material handling & labelling system solution016 Cooling tower drive017 Drive-based functional safety018Service to match your needs019Drives Service021 Save time, ease troubleshooting and improve driveperformance with ABB smartphone apps022 ABB automation products

4D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—One-stop solutionIn India, growing urbanisation,changing demographics and asteady growth in retail, havepropelled the Food andBeverages industry. Alongsidethis increasing demand, there isalso a growing emphasis onfood safety, hygiene norms andprocessing methodologies.Food and beverage makers need to manageseveral complexities in parallel withuncompromising efficiency, traceability, hygieneand safety. Continuous and reliable operations inextreme temperatures and corrosiveenvironments with short product life cycles arejust a few of the multiple challenges.ABB drives are designed for the highest processuptime, uncompromising hygiene, maintenanceof unbroken cold chains, worker and machinesafety, and improved energy efficiency and wateroptimization.ABB solutions can help improve quality andproductivity, while staying ahead of the everincreasing expectations of customers withcompetitiveness and agility.Beverages /BreweriesKey industries servedABB Drives can run a variety of food andbeverage applications, from raw materialhandling, to processing and conveying, topacking and storage, without compromisingon the standards you demand.DairyCold StorageFood re &FeedsSugarProduct offerings Drives PLC HMI SCADA Motion Robotics

FOOD AND BE VER AGE5—F&B processes, from raw materialhandling to palletizingABB’s range of drives are designed to help run food andbeverage applications end-to-end, right from raw materialhandling, to processing and conveying, to packing and storage,while ensuring the best quality separator4Mixer, Blender5Picking,packing6Filling78Palletizing

6D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—Drives and automation forfood and beverage industryDrives are an important tool to deliver safety for food and beveragemachinery. ABB’s Variable Speed Drives (VSD) have been usedextensively for controlling the machinery used throughout the foodand beverage sector.—01 Micro and machinerydrives—02 A, B General purposedrivesABB drives help achieve precise process control and significantly improved energyefficiency. They also reduce system complexity and ensure compliance onrequired safety standards. Our drives can play an equally important role inensuring safe stopping of machinery. ABB VSDs are also used to ensure optimumspeed and torque while maintaining the required accuracy.—03 Industrial drivesABB drives for food and beverage industry:—01—02 A—02 B—03

FOOD AND BE VER AGE7—Pump control for CIP (Clean In Place)From irrigation systems to sanitation procedures, pumps are everywherein the industry. ABB drives feature flexible application macros that,together with advanced motor control, ensure accurate and fastresponse times to process flow demands.In case of a surge in demand, the applicationcontrol macro for pumps commands the drive tostart additional pumps in response to pressuredrops.ABB drives with IP66 protection are designed forapplications exposed to dust, moisture andcleaning chemicals and have several applicationsin food and beverage industry, particularly dairy.They are made of materials that prevent themfrom trapping bacteria and help withstandfrequent washing.The drive provides a per-pressurization forprocess start-ups. ABB low voltage drives can beintegrated with the process automation andprogrammable logic controllers fans (PLCs). Thedrives and PLCs communicate seamlessly, easilyintegrating the drives with the plant automation. Built-in pump protection functions such asmulti-pump control, pipe clean and fill functions Soft pipe filling for soft-start of the pump,enabling a smooth build-up of flow in pipeswhile increasing the life time of the pipe workand pumping system. Pump and Fan Control (PFC) for use whereseveral parallel pumps are operated together,and the required flow rate is variable Dedicated IP66 drives for CIP applications andothers

8D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—Fan control for blower/evaporatorsProcesses such as chilling, baking, drying, husk separation and storingrely heavily on air circulation and temperature control. They requireprecise fan control to maximize productivity and minimize energyconsumption, while improving the bottom line.Air systems designed for full-load conditionsresult in higher than necessary energyconsumption levels, increased overall costs, andunnecessary mechanical strain on the motor, evenwith average loads. ABB provides drives thatensure the fan-motor speed is continuallyoptimized to ensure the best combination ofconsumption, speed and noise.Drive’s features for fans: Powerful set of features that vary the drive’sperformance in response to changes in pressure, flow or other external data. Pump and fan control (PFC) feature modulatesthe speed of the main fan and brings any auxiliary fans on line as necessary.

FOOD AND BE VER AGE9—Speed control solution for allconveyor systemsThere are a number of different conveyor systems in use throughoutfood and beverage production. One thing that links them all is the needfor speed control at some point in their operational duty.Conveyors may be run continuously,intermittently or at variable speed, with a variablespeed conveyor motor and a variable speed drive.One of the most important benefits in using lowvoltage AC drives to control the speed ofconveyors is the smooth starting and stopping ofthe conveyor. This results in lower maintenancecosts by reducing mechanical stress on the gearsand belts. Less maintenance means increasedprocess uptime. AC drives also allow processesand machines to run at exactly the right speed,saving energy and cutting running costs. Byoffering more precise control of the productionprocess, variable speed can also result inenhanced quality of the end products.Drive’s features for conveyor built-in brakechopper provides precise control of conveyordeceleration rate(s), without the need ofadditional external hardware safe torque-off(SIL3) prevents unexpected movement of theconveyor.Sequence programming provides an easy way tocreate sequences of operations.Programmable control connections reduce theneed for external PLCs, timers and counters,resulting in less complex motor control systemsand reduced costs connectivity with plant controlsystems.

10D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—Compression at maximumefficiency for refrigerationOn most industrial siteswhether Fruit andVegetable cold storage /Meat & Seafood storage /Dairy Chillers / food parksor cold chain solutions, thedemand for compressedair or cold productionvaries according to thetime, the day or theseason.—CompressorABB drives are suitable torun all kinds of compressorand Motor types used forcompressing ammonium.Even high speed motorsare supported. By usingthe drive’s internalprogrammability,interlocking betweendifferent functions can bebuilt according to processneeds.If a compressor is not able to adjustcompression by varying the speed ofthe motor, the energy bill isunnecessarily high. Variable speedtechnology can change this. Our driveshelp you save energy duringconsumption under partial loads. Thedrives will vary the speed of thecompressor motor to correspond tothe actual demand.They also react quickly to changes indemand, so you do not have to keephigher discharge pressures in reserveto compensate. We offer a wideselection of PLCs, operator panels andlow voltage products, such as circuitbreakers, that can be easily integratedwith all of the ABB components. Byworking closely together with OEMs,ABB has developed an automationproduct offering that enables precise,dependable and energy-efficientcompressor operation.In an ammonium compressor coolingsystem, liquid loops are responsiblefor regulating the temperature. Toaccomplish this, a number ofapplications must work together:compressor, condenser, evaporator,chiller and pumps. All of these mustoperate motors as efficiently andsimply as possible. ABB drive can helpin getting better efficiency for varioussections. ABB drives offer, optionalpressure Vs temperature table forvarious refrigerants & part loadmechanism configuration

FOOD AND BE VER AGE11—Variable speed drives with precisioncontrol for mixerMixing, the most common process in food and beverage, requiresprecise control to ensure the best quality end products. High startingtorque and different mixing speeds are often needed from start tofinish, often within the same batch.Whether mixing in batches or in a continuousstream, mixing solids or liquids, the ability tocontrol the mixer’s speed and torque affects bothproduction speed and process up-time.Our variable frequency drives provide accuratespeed and torque control to adapt to your mixingload. Even complex ingredient blends aremanageable with scalable PLCs and a selection ofoperator panels for increased precision control,reliability, and flexibility. For mixing dough, meat,dairy products or beverages, our automationproducts integrate with one another, offering anefficient solution for all your mixing needs.Drive’s features for mixers Eliminate the process interruptions and reducethe everyday mechanical stress on the mixer bysoft start function of the drive Improve operational safety within your mixingprocess with safe torque off (STO) function Reduce motor noise of a machine by adaptiveswitching frequency control High starting torque and accurate torquecontrol for mixing applications EMC filters and safety features for fulfillingdirectives, standards and legal requirements High protection class for harsh conditionsagainst dust and water

12D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—Precision control solutionfor separatorMeticulous control and precision are necessary for separating solidsfrom liquids. High end product quality and production speed requireaccurate rotation speeds.Our variable speed drives help overcome all thesechallenges. Separators also need to be reliable forconsistent food quality. Achieving continuouspeak performance depends on accurate speedand torque control, even if the rotational speedchanges with the weight of raw materials.Operating above nominal speed during thecleaning process is also a consideration.Drive’s features for separators: Separators have a high starting torque anddrives with direct torque control DTC enableextremely accurate torque control over thewhole speed range Variable speed regulation according to varyingair volume and particle size Short term overloading during cleaningsequence Safe torque off and other safety options to helpyou meet your machine safety requirements Resistor braking and regenerative braking,where braking energy is fed back into themains, thus lowering the consumption ofenergy. Flying start functionality means theseparator can be started while spinning,thus saving you time and reducing wear andtear on your equipment. Flexible PLC and HMIsthat scale to your control needs.

FOOD AND BE VER AGE13—A range of automation solutionsfor decanterWhether you are producing juice, wine, beer or edible oil, our extensiveportfolio of drives, motors and automation products are the perfectsolution for your decanter leading to precise speed difference andbalanced power control.ABB regenerative drives capture and reusebraking energy in any decanter application, fromfruit and vegetables, dairy, sugar to the edible oilindustriesABB low voltages drives will help manageapplication-specific operation sequences/patterns including prewashing, filling, washing,spinning, unloading, and final standstill.Drive’s features for decanters Direct torque control (DTC) drives give youextremely accurate decanter torque control,from high starting torque across the wholespeed range Capture and reuse braking energy with our regenerative drives for improved energysavingsSafe torque off and safety options give youflexibility to improve your machine safetyFlexible PLC range and HMIs scale to yourcontrol needsApplication-specific control program isdesigned to perform practical programmablesequences for conventional centrifuges and2-phase decantersContinuous load compensation functionprovides precise speed control, which has adirect impact on the process speed and qualityof the end productFlexible enclosure options for panel mount orwall mount installations

14D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—Pick, pack & fill solution for alltypes of shapes and sizesGetting new foods into production quickly and efficiently is imperative.This means flexible automation solutions that can handle unforeseenneeds and unusual shapes and sizes, with easy to use controls andminimal engineering requirements.ABB has a variety of solutions that can improvethe precision, agility, and speed of the mostdemanding picking and packaging processes.Our automation offering includes a widerange of variable speed drives, servo drives,scalable PLCs, and a selection of HMIs to meetyour control needs. With functional safetyoptions, from built-in safe torque off to safetyPLCs, you can easily implement your safetyrequirements.Features for pick, pack and fill Higher quality of final products through moreprecise control of machinery Increased level of automation leading to bettercontrol of the entire process Minimized energy consumption Installed applications from (1) to (16) axes Downloadable Automation Builder softwarewith sample applications to assist indevelopment Integrates easily with all major fieldbusprotocols for simple communications betweenmachines

FOOD AND BE VER AGE15—Material handling & labellingsystem solutionThere are many types of labelling systems, ranging from single label lowprecision/low speed ‘trigger and fire’ types to much larger multi-headcontact transfer systems that increase production throughput by applyingdifferent labels simultaneously to more than one area of a container-forexample, labels used for both sides as well as the neck of glass bottles.ABB’s motion controllers, servo drives,programmable logic controllers (PLC), and otherindustrial automation products are designed tomeet the demands of this application throughstraightforward product features andprogramming software. Features for material handling labellingsystems Dual encoder support allows connection of themain conveyor encoder to match speed andposition of product Scalable and modular architecture allows thesolution to be tailored to the applicationSpecific motion keyword for example “triggeron position” and “trigger compensation”developed to increase label machine speed Configuration wizards that simplify set-up Easy to program multitasking software,downloadable with sample code for fastdevelopment, including Pack ML One controller for all your labellingrequirements PLC based solutions areincreasingly popular in the packaging industry;the ABB AC500 PLC open motion functionalityis one of the most capable of all PLC vendors.

16D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—Cooling tower driveCooling towers are used in foodprocessing plants all over theworld. Maintenance and failureof the gearbox, and associatedcomponents, is oftenproblematic with traditionalsystems. The Baldor Reliance RPM AC direct drive coolingtower eliminates these problemsby coupling the motor directedto the fan and controlling it witha unique drive.Baldor-Reliance RPM AC cooling tower motorThe RPM AC cooling tower is a high torque directdrive motor for cooling tower applications withall the benefits of variable speed control, whileeliminating the cost and maintenance requiredfor traditional gearbox or belted solutions. Thefan couples directly to the motor and is controlledby a unique AC drive to provide optimal speedand performance that runs quieter with reducedenergy consumption.Benefits of direct drive motor: Eliminates the need for a gearbox, andassociated components, reducing maintenancetime and cost Reduces energy consumption Longer life as motors have up to 5x the lifeexpectancy of gearboxes Eliminates the alignment of mechanicalcomponents for quicker installation, reducedinstallation costs and increased systemefficiency.

FOOD AND BE VER AGE—Drive-based functional safetySafety is an important aspect of industrial applications involvingmotors, drives and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Byidentifying and reducing risks to an acceptable level, we can ensuregreater machine safety. An inherently safe design coupled with theapplication of risk-reducing protection measures, such as safetyfunctions, can help minimise risk.ABB has a wide range of safety devices and solutions that are easy to integrate inindustrial applications for improved safety, uptime and functionality. ABB drivesoffer functional safety solutions together with a wide range of safety devices forsmart machine design.Our LV AC drives have safe torque off (STO) built-in as a standard or offers it as anoptional safety function. STO in our drives together with additional safetyfunctions enhance application safety. ABB’s functional safety design tool helpssafety designers achieve the required safety solution for their machines. Ourdrive-based functional safety offering complies with the requirements ofinternational standards and requirements.17

18D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—Services to match your needsYour service needs depend on your operation, life cycle of yourequipment and business priorities. We have identified our customers’four most common needs and defined service options to satisfy them.What is your choice to keep your drives at peak performance? Isuptime your priority? Keep your drives running with precisely plannedand executed maintenance.Rapid responseOperational efficiencyIs uptime your priority?Is rapid response a keyconsideration?Keep your drives running with preciselyplanned and executed maintenance.If your drives require immediate action,our global network is at your service.Example services include: Life Cycle Assessment Installation and Commissioning Spare Parts Preventive Maintenance Reconditioning ABB Drive Care agreement Drive ExchangeExample services include: Technical Support On-site Repair Remote Support Response time agreements Training

FOOD AND BE VER AGE19—Drives serviceYour choice, your futureThe future of your drives depends on the serviceyou choose.Whatever you choose, it should be a well-informed decision.No guesswork. We have the expertise and experience to helpyou find and implement the right service for your driveequipment. You can start by asking yourself these twocritical questions:Your choice, your business efficiencyABB Drive Care agreement lets you focus on your corebusiness. A selection of predefined service optionsmatching your needs provides optimal, more reliableperformance, extended drive lifetime and improved costcontrol. So you can reduce the risk of unplanned downtimeand find it easier to budget for maintenance. Why should my drive be serviced? What would my optimal service options be?We can help you more by knowing where you are!Register your drive at for extendedwarranty options and other benefits.From here, you have our guidance and full support along thecourse you take, throughout the entire lifetime of yourdrives.Life cycle managementPerformance improvementNeed to extend yourassets’ lifetime?Is performance mostcritical to your operation?Maximize your drive’s lifetimewith our services.Get optimal performance out of yourmachinery and systems.Example services include: Life Cycle Assessment Upgrades, Retrofits and Modernization Replacement, Disposal and RecyclingExample services include: Advanced services Engineering and Consulting Inspection and Diagnostics Upgrades, Retrofits and Modernization Workshop Repair Tailored services

20D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—A lifetime of peak performanceNow it’s easy for you to see the exact service and maintenanceavailable for your drives.You’re in control of every life cycle phase of your drives. At the heart ofdrive services is a fourphase product life cycle management model.This model defines the services recommended and availablethroughout drives lifespan.ABB drives life cycle phases explained:ActiveClassicServicesProductFull range of life cycle services and supportLimitedObsoleteLimited range of life cycleservices and supportReplacement andend-of-life servicesProduct is inactive sales andmanufacturingphase.Serial production hasceased. Product may beavailable for plantextensions, as a sparepart or for installedbase renewal.Product is nolongeravailable.Product is no longeravailable.Full range of life cycleservices is available.Full range of life cycleservices is available.Limited range of lifecycle services isavailable.Replacement andend-of-life servicesare available.Product enhancementsmay be availablethrough upgrade andretrofit solutions.Keeping you informedWe notify you every step of the way using life cycle statusstatements and announcements.Your benefit is clear information about your drives’ statusand precise services available. It helps you plan thepreferred service actions ahead of time and make surethat continuous support is always available.Spare parts availabilityis limited to availablestock.Step 1Life Cycle Status AnnouncementProvides early information about the upcoming life cyclephase change and how it affects the availability of services.Step 2Life Cycle Status StatementProvides information about the drive's current life cyclestatus, availability of product and services, life cycle planand recommended actions.

FOOD AND BE VER AGE21—Save time, ease troubleshootingand improve drive performancewith ABB smartphone appsBetter connectivity and userexperience with DrivetuneServices and support on the gowith DrivebaseEasy and fast access to product information and supportSearch for support documents and contactsManage your drives and the processlines and machines they controlMaintain and service all your installeddrives on one or multiple sitesEasy access to cloud-based driveand process information fromanywhere via an online connectionStart up, commissionand tune your driveand applicationGet 6 months extra warrantyfor free by registering yourdrive with the Drivebase appSimplified user guidancewith instant access to drivestatus and configurationPerformance optimizationvia drive troubleshootingfeatures and fast supportAccess your drive’sdiagnostics dataAccess your product andservice information in thecloud from anywherePush notifications for criticalproduct and service updatesAccess information anywhereDownload the apps using the QR codes below or directly from the app storesDrivetune for commissioning and managing drivesDrivebase for ensured reliability and reduced downtime on production sites

22D R I V E S A N D A U T O M AT I O N F O R F & B I N D U S T R Y—ABB automation productsAC500ABB's powerful flagship PLC offeringprovides wide range of performancelevels and scalability within a singlesimple concept where most competitorsrequire multiple product ranges todeliver similar functionality.AC500-SA PLC based modular automationsolution that makes it easier than beforeto mix and match standard and safetyI/O modules to expertly meet your safetyrequirements in all functional safetyapplications. "Extreme conditions"version is also offered.ProgrammabilityAutomation Builder integrates theengineering and maintenance for PLC,drives, motion, HMI and robotics. Itcomplies with the IEC 61131-3 standardoffering all five IEC programminglanguages for PLC and driveconfiguration. Automation Buildersupports a number of languages andcomes with new libraries, FTPfunctions, SMTP, SNTP, smartdiagnostics and debuggingcapabilities.AC motorsABB’s low voltage AC motors aredesigned to save energy, reduceoperating costs and enable demandingmotor applications to perform reliablyand without unscheduled downtime.General performance motors combineconvenience and easy handlingseamlessly with ABB’s engineeringexpertise. Process performancemotors provide the mostcomprehensive, versatile set of motorsfor the process industries and heavyduty applications.AC500-eCoMeets the cost-effective demands ofthe small PLC market while offeringtotal inter-operability with the coreAC500 range. Web server, FTP serverand Modbus-TCP for all Ethernetversions. A Pulse Train output moduleis available for multi-axis positioning.AC500-XC“Extreme conditions” modules withextended operating temperature,immunity to vibration and hazardousgases, for use at high altitudes, inhumid conditions, etc. It replacesexpensive cabinets with its built-inprotection.Control panelsOur control panels offer a wide rangeof touchscreen graphical displays from3.5” up to 15”. They are provided withuser-friendly configuration softwarethat enables tailor made customizedHMI solutions. Rich sets of graphicalsymbols and the relevant drivers forABB automation products areprovided. Control panels forvisualization of AC500 web serverapplications are available.All-compatible drives portfolioThe all-compatible drives share thesame architecture; software platform,tools, user interfaces and options.Yet, there is an optimal drive from thesmallest water pump to the biggestcement kiln, and everything in thebetween. When you have learned to useone drive it is easy use the other drivesin the portfolio.Jokab safety productsABB Jokab Safety offers an extensiverange of innovative products andsolutions for machine safety systems.It is represented in standardizationorganizations for machine safety andworks daily with the practicalapplication of safety requirements incombination with productionrequirements.

—ABB India LimitedPlot No. 4A, 5 & 6, 2nd PhasePeenya Industrial AreaBengaluru – 560 058, India Copyright 2018 ABB. All rights reserved.Specifications subject to change without notice.December,

ABB drives for food and beverage industry: — 01 Micro and machinery drives — 02 A, B General purpose drives — 03 Industrial drives — Drives and automation for food and beverage industry — 01 — 02 A — 02 B Drives are an important tool to deliver safety for food and beverage machinery. ABB's Variable Speed Drives (VSD) have been used

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