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June/July 20211212 Minneapolis Ave.Gladstone, MI fice@firstlutheran-gladstone.orgor check us out on facebook.comWorship –10:30 AMOffice Hours – Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM andFriday1:00 PM – 4:00 PM9:00 AM - 12:00 PMRev. Tommy Richter, Administrative Interim PastorPastor.TommyRichter@gmail.com

What’s Inside .Introducing Pastor Tommy RichterUpcoming ScripturesWorship ScheduleCircle NewMask/Food Policy2021 GraduatesFortune LakeHope at the InnDrive by ShowerStewardshipSpecial Giving EnvelopeFaithful StewardshipGifts to the CongregationBirthday’s & AnniversariesHomebound MemberseGivingMission of HopeCouncil HighlightsServing UsContact UsOur Mission Statement .First Lutheran Church is God’s people inviting,involving equipping and empowering to serve, that allmay know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 9Page 9Page 10Page 11Page 11Page 11Page 12Page 14Page 15Page 15Page 16Page 16Page 17

Introducing Our NewAdministrative Interim,Pastor Tommy RichterPastor Tommy Richter is a philosopher, poet, drummer, and avid walkingenthusiast. He has a BA in Philosophy and Religion from Ursinus College,2007, and an MDiv from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia,2013. Ordained in 2016, his first call was to the remote Alaskan Nativevillage of Shishmaref—the northern-most Lutheran Church in the ELCA, justten miles south of the arctic circle. His second call was at a large suburbancongregation in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota just south of the TwinCities. And now he is a Yooper serving Zion Lutheran in Manistique; wherehe lives with his wife and they are expecting their first child in July.1.

Upcoming Scripture ReadingsJune 6th – Second Sunday after PentecostGenesis 3:8-15, Psalm 130, 2 Corinthians 4:13--5:1,Mark 3:20-35June 13th – Third Sunday after PentecostEzekiel 17:22-24, Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15, 2 Corinthians 5:6-10[11-13]14-17, Mark 4:26-34June 20th – Fourth Sunday after PentecostJob 38:1-11, Psalm 107:1-3, 23-32, 2 Corinthians 6:1-13, Mark 4:35-41June 27th - Fifth Sunday after PentecostLamenations 3:22-23, Psalm 30, 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, Mark 5:21-43July 4th – Sixth Sunday after PentecostEzekiel 2:1-5, Psalm 123, 2 Corinthians 12:2-10, Mark 6:1-13July 11th - Seventh Sunday after PentecostAmos 7:7-15, Psalm 85:8-13, Ephesians 1:3-14, Mark 6:14-29July 18th - Eighth Sunday after PentecostJeremiah 23:1-6, Psalm 23, Ephesians 2:11-22, Mark 6:30-34, 53-56July 25th – Ninth Sunday after Pentecost2 Kings 4:42-44, Psalm 145:10-18, Ephesians 3:14-21, John 6:1-212.

Worship ScheduleSunday June 6th10:30 am Pastor Tom SkrenesSunday June 13th10:30 am Lisa Bouche, LLMSunday June 20th10:30 am Lisa Bouche, LLMSunday June 27th10:30 am Pastor Dave VanKleySunday July 4th10:30 am TBASunday July 11th10:30 am TBASunday July 18th10:30 am TBASunday July 25th10:30 am TBAWorship is open to those who feel safe attending. The livestream willcontinue for those who wish to attend from home. The council is assessing thepandemic and the safety of gathering each month during their monthlymeetings.Worship NotesAfter further consideration, with difficulty ofgetting supply pastors early in the day, thecouncil decided to keep worship at 10:30 AMFor the months of June, July & August3.

Bible StudyMeets on Wednesday’s at 9:30 am in the YouthRoom.Grace CircleGrace Circle will not be meeting until the COVID restrictions are lifted.Love CircleLove circle will meet on the third Thursday of each month, 9:30am at FirstLutheran Church. Study material will be in the narthex. Every woman isinvited. Please call 428-1696 for more information.Faith CircleFaith circle will meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm.Sewing CircleThe sewing circle ministry can always use gently usedsheets, pillow cases, towels, t-shirts, sweat shirts andmaterial and thread. Yarn is used for making babysweaters and hats. If you have any of these items,please drop them at church.Christian EdUnfortunatley there will not be a Bible Camp this summer due to lack ofinterested participants.Call CommitteeThe call committee announced the pastoral candidate withdrew.GeraniumsThank you to all who ordered geraniums for PentecostSunday. We haven’t had that many in years and it reallyadded beauty to the church for our confirmation youthand graduates. If you ordered geraniums, please pick themup.4.

FIRST LUTHERANMASK/FOOD POLICYIn Christian love, we strive to secure thehealth and welfare of all God’s children.Given the contagious nature of COVID19 and to protect each other, it is thepolicy of 1st Lutheran Church thatpeople wear a mask and social distancewhile inside the building for worship orother activities. For additionalprotection, we do not sanction theserving or consumption of food andbeverages within the building and askgroups to sanitize the spaces they usewhen they are finished. Council willrevisit this policy when the State ofMichigan allows restaurants to return tonormal business-as-usual.5.

Congratulations to our .High School Graduates Class of2021Alaina Marie Trudeau“I will be graduating from Gladstone High School. Inthe fall, I will be going to Bay College to study PrePharmacy, while also playing women's basketball atBay. I will go to Bay College for 1-2 years and thentransfer to Ferris State University to pursue andfinish a degree in Pharmacy.”Megan Marie RobinsonGraduating from Gladstone High SchoolMegan will be attending Bay College in the Fall. Shewill be enrolled in the nursing program. Megan plans ongetting her RN from Bay College and then transferringto NMU or GVSU to get her BSN. After completing herBachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing she wouldlike to continue her education to become a Physician’sAssistant and specialize in Pediatrics.High School Graduates not pictured:Dragan Graham & Danny Knapp6.Congratulations to our .

College GraduatesClass of 2021Jenna Faith Steinhoff"I graduated from Alma College on May 1st, 2021magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Sciencedegree. I majored in biology and minored inchemistry with focus on a Pre-Vet path. I playedsoftball all four years at Alma College where Ibecame a member of the National College AthleteHonor Society my senior year. I was also awardedthe President's Cup Award my freshman year. I planon working at a veterinary clinic as a veterinaryassistant to gain experience before applying to a doctorate of veterinarymedicine program. It has always been my dream to become a veterinarian. Iwould like to extend a thank you to the congregation for your prayersupport."Fortune Lake NewsWe are heading into high gear in preparation forsummer camp, and we couldn't be more excited!!!There are a few things that we'd like to update you on.End of Summer Worship ServiceAfter the overwhelming gratitude you showed for theEpiphany worship service, we have decided to offer another one to ourassociation congregations and friends. The 30–40-minute service isintended for the weekend of August 14-15. It will be available to preview onour YouTube channel by Friday, August 13. It can also be sent via a directlink for those who wish to download it directly. The worship service willinclude Bible readings from the lectionary texts, prayers, worship songs, anda sermon, all done camp-style, featuring summer campers and staff.7.

e service will be a great way to celebrate what God has done through thesummer camp ministry of Fortune Lake, while providing an opportunity toworship together, and maybe even giving your tech team a week off!Camper UpdateWe are so excited for the long list of campers who are preparing to join usthis summer! There is still limited room in Youth Camp (sorry. Vagabondprograms are all full!), with additional availability in Intergenerational Campand Staff Supported Rentals. Please encourage your congregation andcommunity members to register soon. We have waiting lists for fullprograms in the event that some campers need to cancel unexpectedly.Staffing UpdateOur 2021 Summer Staff is shaping up to be a fantastic team! We are almostdone hiring, but we have four more positions we'd like to fill: 2 male CabinLeaders and 2 female Cabin Leaders. Please encourage the young adults inyour community to consider joining us! Must be at least 18 years old andavailable June 13-July 30. No experience necessary, as we have a stronggroup of returning staff ready to pass on the torch.Camper Fees and Camperships due by June 1Here's your gentle reminder that all camper payments are due to theFortune Lake office by June 1, including camperships offered bycongregations. Those who are not paid in full by that dates will forfeit theirearly bird discount.If you have any questions, please reach out to Deborah atofficemanager@fortunelake.orgPastors and Youth Workers WelcomeAlthough our public stance on visitors and guests is different this year due toCOVID precautions, we want our pastors and youth workers to know thatyou are still welcome at camp this summer! We have private lodgingavailable, and you'd be encouraged to plug in to camp life in safe wayshowever you feel called. Please let me know if you would like to schedule aday, overnight, or week-long stay at Fortune Lake! Youth Camps run June27-July 23. Vaccination is encouraged prior to arrival, and COVIDprecautions will be followed.Grace & Peace,Amanda Rasner (she/her/hers), Camp Director8.

Hope at The InnSort bottles & cans on Wednesdaysat Salvation Army,3001 Fifth Ave. S., EscanabaWe are now accepting 10-cent returnable bottles andcans at The Salvation Army, 3001 Fifth Ave. South,Escanaba.We need people to help sort them. Please go towww.hopeattheinn.org to sign up for a shift or two . or you can sign upby calling/texting Lisa at 420-1311 or emailing her athopeattheinndelta@gmail.com.Shifts are set up to accommodate up to 4 people at a time. If you have alarger group, contact Lisa. If you must cancel yourself off a shift, pleasemake every effort to do so the day before.If the weather is really nasty, we will cancel.Grace and Peace, Rhonda Husbye and Pat CasteelWe have the privilege of sponsoring a “Drive-By-Shower’ for the familyof Aaron and Amanda Kippola. Aaron is our tech person here at Firstand he and his wife Amanda have recently adopted four children ages3-7, brothers and sisters. As you can imagine, their needs are great.Monetary donations or gift cards are encouraged.Sunday, June 6thWe will serve a sloppy joe bag lunch, sponsored by Thrivent, after ourchurch service. For more information call 428-16969.

StewardshipCAN WE TALK?We can be good stewards of the many gifts entrusted to us by a graciousGod by what we say as well as what we do. Granted, actions speak louderthan words, but words can have profound consequences.While “walking the talk” is vital if we are going to love our neighbors as Jesuscommanded us, but what we say to one another is often not translated intoaction. Sometimes the words we speak have to stand alone. This should giveus pause as we speak with our neighbors.Since Christ taught that we should love ALL of our neighbors, which includeALL, that’s a tall order. In this highly polarized environment, showing loveby what we say to others with whom we have major disagreements on manyissues, is very difficult-at least without help. As if it’s not difficult enough,social media has greatly magnified this challenge.It’s easy to show love by what we say to those who think like we do. There’snot much help needed here. The HUGE rub comes we get “tongue tied”when speaking with those with whom we don’t see eye to eye. A really goodfriend of mine quotes his beloved mother when he observes situationsfraught with disagreement, rancor and harsh differences of opinion. Sheused to calmly say, “I don’t see Christ in this situation”. I’m sure my memoryfails to recall her EXACT words, but it’s close. This speaks volumes aboutwhat we, as both saints and sinners, need, desperately, as we talk to eachother.Thank God we are not in this alone. Christ is always “waiting in the wings” tojoin us in the dialogues we have with others. We just have to ask Jesus tohelp us listen and hear one another.I like the quote, “before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is ittrue?” and I would add, is it Christ centered?This advice will be considered simplistic and naïve, by some, and that’s O.K.There is no perfect answer here—except for the Christ part. The constantsearch for speaking loving, Christ-centered words to one another is awonderful act of stewardship.In Christ, Dirk Manson, Stewardship Chair10.

Special Giving EnvelopeThis month’s Special Giving will go towardsMission of HopePlease help provide funds to Mission of Hope and help struggling familiesin our community at the Mission of Hope event in August.Giving Statements will be available for pick up after July 5thLast Month’sGiving Faithful Stewardship 2.21April: In houseOn Line Views8:00 am 1018:00 am 287Year-to-DateOver/(Under)79,254.008,888.2110:30 am no service10:30 am no serviceAs of April 30st, 2021Gifts to the Congregation have been given In Memory of Lois McPherson’s BirthdayFor Undesignated MemorialsJames McPhersonIn Memory of Beverly LindquistFor Undesignated MemorialsAndy & Jolane Nelson11.

June BirthdaysWeek 1:Paul BialikJennifer WalkerGayla LouisAlex WellsSandy BoutilierErika RomanWeek 2:Patty GeikenLauren MarshallClaire SodermanJoshua MironTim RybickiPaul HammondWeek 3:Pam BrownKelsey GustafsonChristina HansonPatrick ZiemsMegan RobinsonWeek 4:Jean HelmanBraylin CarterBraden SundquistChad WalkerSusan KloetCarole WedellEmily ClementAdam HongistoJim PardonWeek 5:Tom GobertDon SeeleyTim JohnsonJulie SanvilleBonnie DeMayKari NordinAlison RoseRachel KarsJune AnniversariesMichael & Deanna CoyneRaino & Maxine MakiRay & Pam ChouinardTom & Alice VermullenPaul & Judy HammondDennis & Diane HansonDirk & Sue MansonDon & Carol SeeleyDavid & Mya Nivison2 years38 years49 years50 years53 years53 years59 years61 years69 years12.

July BirthdaysWeek 1:Jodi TianenGerald EbbesenSarah HansonRuth JohnsonDotti FordKendall DahlkeJohn Roman Jr.Scot RoseRay ChouinardWeek 2:Violet RoseAnn ChristiansenAlaina TrudeauHadley WiltziusJohn Roman IIIMacy TrudeauDavid EllisonMakenna TaavolaNora SmithWeek 3:Eileen DemeuseErik SodermanKali DykesMonica BostwickAlexis ColemanRylee GerowPeter DeMayGriffyn VerbeekMorgan GerowScott HansonChristine MineauJay BostwichWeek 4:Kathleen ShineJuly AnniversariesBarb Karas & Patrick ClevelandJessica & Mike GroleauDavid & Alyssa EllisonSteve Bolek & Ann ChristiansenRon & Kelly RobinsonDavid & Jodi TianenBruce & Cheryl DykesWayne & Vickie MarshallDavid & Mary CowenGeorge & Ruth BotbylKen & Bonnie GrohDale & Donna SchlemmerGordon & Lisa ZuehlkePaul & Carole Wedell Sr.4 years4 years11 years22 years28 years33 years33 years36 years38 years44 years44 years45 years47 years59 Years(If we’ve missed your birthday or anniversary, please let us know)13.

Homebound MembersChristian ParkBishop NoaRuth JohnsonHelen Ruth SeppalaMarilyn StadeBetty EricksonJoyce CretenMarie HirnPinecrest, PowersSunny ViewJeannie KenneyJean SchmidtYvonne SepicMarv KaskiLakeviewLaila WhitfieldMurray’s Country ViewPat ShampoCarroll WedellAt HomeArla PearsonMary KossowLorraine MoreauPaul Wedell is currently living in Suamico, Wisconsin with his daughter.Please contact the church office if you wish to send a greeting.14.

eGivingHELP US GROW THOURGH EGIVINGElectronic giving is a convenient, easy way to support First LutheranChurch.By Giving electronically, you can: Give anywhere, anytime from yourcomputer, smartphone or tablet. Donate to one of our special project funds. Set up recurring payments and never worryabout bringing your checkbook, cash or envelopeagain.Get started today! Visit our donations page to set up your onlinecontribution: www.firstlutheran-gladstone.orgFirst Lutheran has participated with Mission of Hopethe past couple of years. This is the third year Missionof Hope has been in Delta County and they areplanning the 2021 event.Representatives like YOU are needed to help organizeand participate in this spritual event.The next scheduled meeting is June 13th at 5 p.m at Ludington Park,Escanaba.The Main EventSunday, August 8that Ludington Parkfeaturing an acrobatic motorcycle riding group and a chrisitian musicband.Contact Pastor Paul Culbertson at906-241-6061 or paul@wellspring906.comto get involved or for more information15.

Council HighlightsThe Congregation Council met on May 17th withKathy Gobert presiding. At this meeting thecouncil: Meet the new administrative interimPastor Tommy Richter. Discussed planting theoutdoor planters, decided to apply for a NGLSGrant to help support Mission of Hope and tocontinue mask wearing in the building. It wasalso decided, until restaurants are fully open there will be no distribution offood or beverage in the building. Dirk Manson is the new chair of thePersonnel Committee.The next regularly scheduled Council meeting will be on Tuesday, June 8th at7:00 pm via Zoom.Serving Us in June & JulyReadersJune 6June 13June 20June 27July 4July 11July 18July 258:00 amNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service10:30 amPam DurbinCindy SjoquistNora SmithEllen SwensonLynn ThomasPeggy AustinPam BialikAnn ChristiansenThank you for volunteering to read. We understand if you do not wish toread during the pandemic. If you are unable to read, please contact theoffice at 428-4565. Worship will be at 10:30 am. The live stream will beavailable at that time and will remain online for later viewing.Altar GuildJuneJan GustafsonAmber SodermanJulyAmy MironMarty Nelson16.

Contact Us:First Lutheran Church1212 Minneapolis Ave.Gladstone, MI 49837906-428-4565www.firstlutheran-gladstone.org or find us on facebook.comRev. Tommy Richter, PastorPastor.TommyRichter@gmail.comOffice: 906-341-5427 Home: 906-286-4383Office Manager: Rhonda Husbyeoffice@firstlutheran-gladstone.orgSecretary: Reyna Roseoffice@firstlutheran-gladstone.orgDirector of Music: Ray Miller (temporary volunteer)Musicians: Ray Miller, Paul RajalaChristian Ed Coordinator: Cindy Sjoquist (temporary volunteer)Custodian: Warren EichnerCongregation Council:Kathy Gobert, PresidentLynn Thomas, Vice PresidentCindy Sjoquist, SecretaryBill Ehrhardt, TreasurerSteve BolekKen GrohJeff GudwerHoward HaulotteDirk MansonRay MillerChris MineauA congregation of the Northern Great Lakes Synodof the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America17.

First Lutheran Church1212 Minneapolis AvenueGladstone, Michigan 49837Address Service RequestedNon-Profit OrganizationUS Postage PaidGladstone, MI 49837Permit No. 6

Worship Schedule Sunday June 6th 10:30 am Pastor Tom Skrenes Sunday June 13th 10:30 am Lisa Bouche, LLM Sunday June 20th 10:30 am Lisa Bouche, LLM Sunday June 27th 10:30 am Pastor Dave VanKley Sunday July 4th 10:30 am TBA Sunday July 11th 10:30 am TBA Sunday July 18th 10:30 am TBA Sunday July 25th 10:30 am TBA Worship is open to those who feel safe attending.

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