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GETTING STARTED WITH FOREX TRADINGwritten by Cynthia MacyProfessional Forex Trader since 2004 and author of several MT4 color-codedtrading systems since 2010.Thank you for purchasing my Green Tomatoes For Newbies trading systemwhich will teach you how to get started trading forex!I know you’re going to love the journey to your new life skill!Green Tomatoes For Newbies toes-For-Newbies/1

The first thing as an aspiring forex trader is that you decide on a MT4 broker tocreate a demo account and download the MT4 trading platform. Below is myrecommendation.I’ve been trading with FXChoice for several years now with no funding or withdrawal hassles. Funding and withdrawal options are limited, no credit cards areallowed to fund or withdraw to, and if choosing to bank wire transfer, you mustinitiate the funds in Euros or Pounds, which get converted into USD in your liveaccount, if you so desire. I recommend vLoad or Bitcoin for deposit amountsunder 3,000 and bank wire transfer for amounts over 3,000. You can use theLive Chat on the website or in your backoffice if you have questions.TRUSTED FOREX MT4 BROKERS:FXChoice takes worldwide and Canadian traders, but no longer takes UStraders, and you can get 200:1 leverage and hedging and non-FIFO: r worldwide traders except US traders)Hugos Way is still taking US traders, and you can get up to 500:1 leverage andtrade CFD’s and fund and withdraw via vLoad or Bitcoin, or bank wire transfer ifyou send Euros (not ay-for-US-traders2

LESSON #1CREATE A MT4 DEMO ACCOUNT & DOWNLOAD THE MT4 TRADING PLATFORMFXChoice and HugosWay are my preferred trading platforms since they allow worldwide traders (and there aren’t many now that accept U.S. traders!) and they offer you200:1 leverage. Also I’ve never had any trouble withdrawing my earnings.Most European brokers only offer 30:1 leverage and all U.S. brokers offer only 50:1leverage. I prefer a minimum of 100:1 leverage and ideally, 200:1 leverage. It makesthe cost of each trade less expensive. However, I avoid brokers that offer up to1000:1 leverage because they tend to be scam brokers. Choosing a reputable andtrustworthy broker is of the utmost importance.Since I’ve traded with FXChoice for the longest time (many years!), I’m going to showyou how to download the MT4 demo trading platform from their website and how toget it ready for trading.3

Please click the link below and follow along with me in my video AND DO WHATI DO as I create a new account and download the demo MT4 trading platform from theFXChoice hoice(for worldwide traders)Watch my video: #2:TWEAKING THE MT4 PLATFORM TO GET IT READY FOR TRADING, AND BASICTRADING TIPS:Watch my video, VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL TRADERS: MT4 Tips if you purchase any of the Green Tomatoe modules:First, when running the exe installer programs, you must bepatient and give them time to fully can take a few minutes.this is alarge program with many many files, especially the Xtra Advanced program. Afterrunning the installer program from an update, and your MT4 opens, shut it down andre-open it so the changes in the program can take effect.The Xtra Advanced Profiles have many more charts than the Advancedprogram and it can cause problems for MT4 if your computer doesn't have a strongRAM memory.Also, when the MT4 is starting up and/or Profiles are loading, you must wait until theMT4 is finished loading before clicking on anything in the platform. clicking onsomething in the platform while MT4 OR Profiles are loading will cause the platform tolock up. MT4 is finicky in this way and you must be patient and let the Profiles haveenough time to load.If you experience your MT4 locking up at any time, it’s because of the Xtra AdvancedProfiles for your computer, it means there are too many charts in the SessionProfiles. You’ll need to delete a few of the lowest ADR charts in the London or USSession Profiles, one at a time, until your MT4 unlocks, then re-save that Profile withthe same name. Then shut down and re-open your MT4.4

LESSON #3Cynthia’s trading systems are created using color-coded trend and momentumindicators.Every book dealing with the subject of technical analysis devotes at least a couple ofchapters discussing both momentum and the relative strength index (RSI).Momentum IndicatorsMomentum is the measurement of the speed or velocity of price changes.Momentum measures the rate of the rise or fall in prices. From the standpoint of trending, momentum is a very useful indicator of strength or weakness in the issue's price.Here are some of the momentum indicators used in Cynthia’s Green TomatoesFor Newbies trading system:1. RSI or Relative Strength IndexOn a chart, it shows overbought or oversold values of the prices. Settingsof 70 and 30 are considered standards that serve as clear warnings of,respectively, overbought and oversold assets.A trader may choose to reset the indicators' parameters to 80 and 20. Thishelps the trader to be sure when making the decision to buy or sell anissue and not pull the trigger too fast. The RSI forecasts sooner than almostanything else an upcoming reversal of a trend, either up or down. The upperarea of 70-80 % level lines represent overbought price and the lower area of20-30% level lines represent oversold price.In Cynthia’s Green Tomatoes For Newbies, she recommends actually pullingthe trigger and buying or selling around the 50% RSI level. This ensures thatmomentum is on our side.Here’s a picture of the colored RSI line and the 80/50/20 levels in GreenTomatoes For Newbies green is showing more buying pressure andtomatoe red is showing more selling pressure:5

Multiple confirmation of entry and exit points gives traders a better understanding ofwhether or not they are getting in or out at the right time. And timing is everythingin this game.To achieve multiple confirmation, Cynthia’s Green Tomatoes For Newbies usesanother momentum indicator based on MACD:2. Moving Average Convergence DivergenceThe moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a technicalmomentum indicator, calculated for use with a variety of exponential movingaverages (EMAs) and used to assess the power of price movement in amarket.Cynthia’s coder has created a proprietary multi time frame (MTF) ZeroLagMACD indicator that shows when price is trending with the main direction ofthe H4 time frame trend or away from the H4 time frame trend.Here’s a picture of Cynthia’s proprietary multi time frame (MTF) ZeroLagMACD indicator that shows when price is trending in the main direction of theH4 time frame. This window is a multi time frame MACD indicator for thehigher time frame H4 trend, which is a major trend direction.When the yellow line H4 crosses above the 0 purple line, it’s a buy signal. If theyellow H4 line crosses below the 0 purple line, it’s a sell signal.If the yellow and purple lines are flat together, the H4 higher time frame is a flat trendand there is no strong major trend. Trades should not be initiated until there is a clearstrong trend in the bottom window.Paying attention to this indicator will keep you trading with the major trend in thehigher time frame H4 direction, which is very important.While both the RSI and MACD are considered momentum indicators, the MACDmeasures the relationship between two EMAs, while the RSI measures price changein relation to recent price highs and lows. These two indicators are often used togetherto provide day traders a more complete technical picture of a market.6

Here’s a picture of the two windows in Cynthia’s Basic Green Tomatoes ForNewbies, showing how perfectly these two indicators work together to give usgreat buy and sell signals:I’ve manually drawn a red sell line and a green buy line when the two indicatorsagree. When the two indicators agree, which means the RSI green line is above50% or red line is below 50%, and the yellow MTF ZLAG is above or below thepurple line, it’s signaling a complete trend reversal. These trade setups work inany time frame but are more reliable and yield more pips in the higher timeframes of M30 or above.To complete the multiple confirmation of entry and exit points, on the next page is apicture of the total chart for the Basic Green Tomatoes For Newbies:A color-coded smoothed trend candle, along with a color-coded trend line,And a color-coded SAR dot indicator for moving your stop from dot to dot.The SAR dot color trend change gives a popup audio alert as does the colored trendcandle and Entry Arrow. Multiple confirmations and multiple alerts.See how everything co-incides and gives multiple confirmation of entries. A new trendis established in the H1 chart when the yellow MTF MACD line crosses the 0 purpleline in the bottom window.7

When the colored RSI line is around the 50% level and the indicators in the uppermain window agree and you get a popup audio trade alert from the SAR dotindicator, then you can enter a new trade with confidence of having multiple trend andmomentum indicators showing you the relative strength of the new trend, whichincreases your probability of success.Here’s a short video of how Cynthia trades with this system: with color is the easiest way to see the trends and get the best entriesand exits.If you’re going to be a successful trader, the trading system you use needs togive you an ‘edge’ meaning there needs to be something that gives you anunfair advantage.The ‘edge’ for Green Tomatoes For Newbies is the color coding and themulti-time frame indicator in the bottom window.TRAINING LESSONS FOR THE 4 MODULESHOW TO TRADE USING THE GREEN TOMATOES BASIC, ADVANCED, XTRAADVANCED AND PRO TRADING MODULES.Please watch ALL the BASIC videos below before watching the more advanced videos.8

1.TRAINING FOR THE BASIC MODULE:A. to Basic Indicators52 minB. to Basic Indicators 232 minC. Trading Out of ProfilesD. QaMBasic Trading in Asian Session 25 minE. TT2Zd0Trading NFP with Basic System 1:08 hrF. Red News EventsHow to Change Filter for Forex Factory10 minLink to Forex Factory Calendar:https://forexfactory.com96 min

2. TRAINING FOR THE ADVANCED MODULE:A. to Advanced Indicators19 minB. eaNNcThe Trade Button & Preset files41 minC. Trade Button Features57 minD. Sessions with Profiles29 minE. esHOQ7xECurrency Strength Meter25 minAdditional CSM pdfAdditional Trendline Training (8 min):

Here’s a screenshot of the white X’s which show flat price (consolidation, whichalways occurs after a big price move), and in the bottom MTF window, the orange line is the Daily trend.In this screenshot, I’ve removed the green buy line that was in the middle of thechart, since the bottom window MTF Daily orange line is below the purple line .so even though the yellow H4 line is above the purple line, the main Daily trendis still down and we don’t trade against that.We want only the best trades with the most potential, and to do that we wait fortrades where both the yellow and orange lines are either above or below thepurple line, confirming the H4 and Daily trend are the same and the coloredRSI line in the middle window is crossing the 50% line, and in the main window,we don’t have any white X’s.A major trend change is when the Daily orange line crosses the purple line, andif the yellow H4 line is doing something different, then the price is in a temporary retracement or pullback, and we wait for the major trend to resume when itis also above or below the purple line, in conformance with the yellow H4 line.11

When volatility picks up again, the arrow will give a popup alert, as will the SARdot and candle when they change color. 3 alerts to catch your attention thatprice is on the move again.The Xtra Advanced system looks basically the same as the Advanced but it hasa special alert system that recognizes when all indicators are aligned with theDaily and H4 Multi Time Frame and gives an audio alert when everything isaligned. All other alerts as in the Advanced system are dis-abled.This is a high quality alert and you’ll get it as long as everything is aligned in thetime frame you are trading in. If you are in a 5 min chart, you’ll get an alertevery 5 min as long as everything is aligned .but it could be annoying, and arenot the highest quality, since a 5 min chart is essentially just the noise and not along term trend usually. So if you are in a slower higher time frame, you’ll getless alerts and they will be higher quality with a better outcome.You still have to check the chart to make sure you won’t be selling at thebottom of the RSI level (below the 20% level) or buying at the top of the RSI level(above the 80% level).You also get the special CFD preset files for the Trade Button and the specialhand-picked CFD charts in the Profiles.3. TRAINING FOR THE XTRA ADVANCED MODULE:A. & Preset Files & Trade Button 14 minB. Trade Button FeaturesC. Index & Profile Training Intro 20 minD. Index Training Part 1E. wgUntYCFD Index Training Part 224 minF. Index Training Part 322 min57 min1 hrAll CFD indexes are tradeable during all trading sessions, and react well to redeconomic news events you can find in the Forex Factory you canplan your trading week ahead of time.these indexes move so well during rednews events that you don't need to trade currencies and you don't need to spendhours at your charts to find trade opportunities.hint, hint.if you want to controlyour trading hours, learn how to trade the CFD's.12

My favorites are the US30 and the US500 Index.I trade them at 9:35 - 9:45 amEST, approximately 5-15 minutes after the US stock market opens. I watch thetrend in M30 but get the best entry in M5-M15 at 9:35 to 9:45 am EST. don't tryto get in earlier, you might get whipsawed.Price action can be explosive at 9:30 am EST when the US Stock Market opens,but sometimes the explosion is short-lived. Plan to exit about 10:30-11 am EST.Each CFD Index comes with an individual set file, which has different maximum spreads, and a fixed manual lot size of .02 micro lots, ATR support andresistance, and trailing stop settings which has individual settings to manageyour trade hands-free. Price action can sometimes be really quick and forceful,and the Trailing Stop can react faster and better than you ever could.this isemotion-free, hands-free trading at it's best!Using the default preset file for Gold and for each individual CFD is veryimportant and you have no idea how valuable these settings are, it has taken me6 months to fine-tune them. Once you start trading the CFDs, you'll understandand thank me!Gold will react to the US Stock Market open in the first 15 minutes, so I findthis is the best time to trade Gold. If the USD and US stock market and USCFDs head lower, Gold will head higher, and vice versa. Same price actionprinciple with the US Dollar. if the USD in the CSM goes down, Gold willgo up, and vice versa.Watch the USD on the Currency Strength Meter for strength vs weaknesswhen trading Gold or any of the US Indices.If trading the Japan Index, you’ll need to watch the JPY on the CurrencyStrength Meter. when the JPY is weak, the Japan Index will go up . whenthe JPY is strong, the Japan Index will go down.IMPORTANT NOTE: You absolutely must first demo trade the CFDs and learnabout the different margin requirements. Each trade costs more than a normalcurrency trade and your lot sizes must be smaller and in some cases youraccount may be too small to safely trade CFDs.CFDs use more margin than normal currencies, so pay attention. if your risk %is too high and/or your lot sizes are too large, you must reduce the risk % orfixed lot size to lower your lot size and margin usage.13

If you use a US or UK broker with lower leverage (30:1 or 50:1), it is critical thatyou lower your risk % and/or lot size. The smallest lot size is .01 in a microaccount and if your account is too small, then even this smallest lot size might bedangerous if you have reduced leverage and not enough equity .so demo testfirst to see if you can even trade CFDs. The margin requirement for a trade isyour biggest risk when trading CFDs.When you click the Trade Button smiley face and then click ‘Load’ to selectyour scalp or swing trade preset file for the CFD you are trading, the TradeButton in the Xtra Advanced system CFD presets all have a default settingof manual lot size of .02. Please use this to determine if your account isbig enough to safely trade CFDs. You can adjust this lot size once youdetermine how large a lot size you can safely use for your leverage andbalance.You MUST get excellent entries and not let a trade go against you!INTRODUCING THE XTRA ADVANCED PROGREEN TOMATOES SYSTEM!THIS IS FOREX TRADING WITH THE BIG BOYS!TRADE LIKE A SHARK WITH THE MOST COMPLETE PACKAGEOF MOMENTUM AND TREND INDICATORS IN CYBERSPACE!This PRO template is for experienced traders only, notnewbies, since this is a counter trend trade method.IN ADDITION to all the basic, advanced and xtra advanced indicators andprofiles, I’ve also added a couple of PRO indicators that will help you withtrend direction and entry based on oversold/overbought supply anddemand areas or zones of price action.With these additional indicators, you can COUNTER TREND TRADEextreme early reversal areas of supply and demand (support/resistance)which the market makers create, which are highly accurate early reversalareas. By counter trend trading early reversals you get the absolute bestand earliest entries for gaining the most pips!14

Plus you can trend trade starting at the middle ‘golden mean line’ which is½ way thru the distance from red overbought upper double trend lines andgreen oversold bottom double trend lines.So if you don’t catch the extreme early reversals, you can trade thecontinuation trade from the ‘golden mean line’ when price is trendingwithin the double channel lines.BECOME A PRO SUPPLY AND DEMAND TRADER!Here’s a chart showing you the red overbought demand zone and blueoversold supply zone and the double trend line channel with the ‘goldenmean’ middle line:You also get an early reversal alert popup arrow that comes usually 2-3bars before the entry arrow. These are the aqua and gold arrows thatalways precede the green and red entry arrows.Included is my divergence indicator in the RSI window that gives you leading up or down arrows when it detects divergence. Divergence is a leadingindicator that compares price action with momentum and momentumalways leads price. You can also see occasional double top/double bottomarrows with the divergence RSI arrows.15

And I’ve included my Triangle Breakout alert indicator that detects a triangle pattern, draws it automatically on your chart, and gives you a popupalert when price breaks thru either the upper resistance trend line (UTL) orthe lower support trend line (LTL). It also draws the green buy and red selltarget lines on your chart.SELL AT THE TOP OF THE TREND CHANNEL OVERBOUGHT REDDEMAND ZONE AND BUY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TREND CHANNELOVERSOLD BLUE SUPPLY ZONE.NEVER AGAIN BUY AT THE TOP OR SELL AT THE BOTTOM OF A MAJORTREND!If you’ve had trouble finding entries and exits, now it’s easier than ever!SELL WHEN THE BIG BOYS SELL AT THE TOP AND BUY WHEN THE BIGBOYS BUY AT THE BOTTOM!16

TRADE LIKE THE BIG BOY SHARKS AND GET RICH!Here’s a short 7 min intro video about the Xtra Advanced PRO template:’ve tightened up some of the indicator values so that the candles and dots andwhite X’s are a little less lagging this was necessary so that we can get thebest entries for the counter trend trades at the bottom and top of thereversal areas.4. TRAINING FOR THE XTRA ADVANCED PRO MODULE:A. YMIntro Training 115 minB. 242minC. PRO Training54 min17

You can trade with this template in any time frame, any currency pair orCFD or Oil or Gold. Your trading session Profiles have this template.The Supply and Demand zones are actually best used in the higherslower time frames. In the slower higher time frames they representmajor support and resistance in the faster lower time frames theyrepresent minor support and resistance. Always check the Daily and H4chart first to see where the price is for major support and resistance.The best days to trade for the bigger trends are on Monday, Tuesday, andWednesday. Thursday & Friday I scalp only. I especially do NOT lettrades stay open over the weekend, anything can happen.Here's how to program your MT4 to send you email and SMS text alerts: JKrMDownload Jing to send me a screenshot url or post in the m happy to offer support and assistance if you need help with any technical issues or if you have trading system questions. Please visit the help desk andsubmit a ticket and include your question and Jing screenshot For-Newbies/customer-support-helpdesk/You have this PDF because you purchased the basic system. When you areready to advance further in your forex training, the Advanced system is readyfor you.The trading system versions are progressive and you cannot skip ahead, youmust buy them in order. The last and most inclusive is the PRO version.18

Here are two short intro videos to the Advanced Green .be/hsP8kghxx0cOnce you are ready to order the Advanced Green Tomatoes For Newbies, pleasevisit your Basic Thank You webpage (which you should have bookmarked) thelink to purchase the Advanced system is beneath the Welcome/Thank You videotowards the bottom.After you purchase the Advanced Green Tomatoes For Newbies, you’ll beoffered to purchase the Xtra Advanced system. Here’s a short video about it: link to purchase the Xtra Advanced is beneath the Welcome/Thank Youvideo towards the bottom of your Advanced Thank You page.After you purchase the Xtra Advanced Green Tomatoes For Newbies, you’ll beoffered to purchase the Xtra Advanced PRO system.Here’s a 7 min intro video about it: link to purchase the Xtra Advanced PRO is beneath the Welcome/Thank Youvideo towards the bottom of your Xtra Advanced Thank You page.NOTE: All trading systems are a high quality instant digital download and can't bereturned. All sales are final and non-refundable. You must agree to this sales conditionbefore you purchase. Paypal will honor and uphold our sales/refund policy. All refundrequests will be denied. If you file a refund claim or dispute with Paypal, not only will theydeny you, but you’ll be forever banned with us!19

It's best to use a Gmail email address as your primary email in your Paypal profile forpurchases, in order to ensure easy delivery of your Thank You email afterpurchase. Always look in your spam!IMPORTANT NOTE:The entire Green Tomatoes For Newbies trading system is the proprietary intellectualproperty of Day Trade Forex, LLC and must not be shared for free OR illegallyre-sold on any website without the legally registered Day Trade Forex JVZoo buybutton, subject to international copyright laws and DMCA penalties. PLEASE RESPECTMY WORK! Please do not share my eBook or trading systems with any other person,please do not give away my 22 years of trading experience for free, please do notillegally re-sell my systems, I am trusting you, I appreciate your respect andcooperation!Visit Cynthia’s Private Facebook Forex Education Groupto request admittance you MUST answer all the questions to ithForexSuccess/This FB group is designed to help us increase our forex trading knowledgetogether!Ask any forex related trading questions but please don’t spam!(Spammers will be removed immediately!)20

Download Jing to post a screenshot url in ttps:// Support for technical es-For-Newbies/customer-support-help-desk/About Cynthia of Day Trade ForexVisit Cynthia’s websites and social co-created a guided meditation video for traders . visit and access a 3 min snippet ifyou need mental/emotional help with your ion-successful-trading/Visit my main website to see all of my MT4 color coded trading systems:https://day-trade-forex.com21

Visit my Facebook page and give me a trategies/Visit my YouTube channels and give them a big ‘LIKE’ and com/nutsforforexIf you’d like to become an affiliate for the Green Tomatoes System, please sendme an email and tell me about yourself and tell me how you would d to your trading success!CynthiaTrading Forex since 2002 and From the Beaches ofMexico since 2010. You can too!22

LEGAL DISCLAIMERS AND DISCLOSURE:Disclaimer: Futures, forex, stocks and options trading are not appropriate for all traders. There is asubstantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system ormethodology has ever been developed that can ensure returns or against losses. No representation orimplication is being made that using any of these methodologies or systems will generate returns orensure against losses. Information, charts or examples contained in this report is forillustration andeducational purposes only.It should not be considered as advice or an endorsement to purchase or sell any security or financialinstrument. We do not and cannot give any kind of financial advice. On certain occasions, we have amaterial link to the product or service mentioned in this report or other email we send or website we recommend. This may be in the form of compensation or remuneration.Earnings Disclaimer: Results shown are not typical. To achieve these results requires discipline, practice, and dedication. Depending on the individual trader, it may take weeks andmonths of practice to achieve these results. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Forex is a legitfinancial vehicle. With a proper system and strategy, you can build your portfolio. Please do notbelieve that you can become a millionaire in the next day, or week, or month. It’s not going tohappen.23

In reading this report, or visiting a website link, or signing up for or buying and tradingsystem or service or joining the closed Facebook group, you agree to hold harmlessany and all principles, entities, affiliates and/or associates from any financial or otherresponsibility.Disclaimer continued:Day Trade Forex, LLC or Cynthia is not giving advice nor is qualified or licensed to providefinancial advice. You must seek guidance from your personal advisers before acting on thisinformation.Trading can result in losses. We will accept no responsibility for any losses you mayincur, from trading or other. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.Forex Trading is a fascinating vocation and can be highly profitable. Your success is in yourhands and no one else’s. Trading in forex is a business and succeeding is directlyproportionate to your ability to learn the rules, have the necessary mental and emotionaldiscipline and patience, and use the proper tools and strategies of this business, and spendthe necessary many hours of study and practice.Forex trading is not a science, it is more of an art form, a learned experience where there arecertain things you need to see and experience. You MUST have the necessary mental andemotional discipline and patience to increase your chances of success. Take your time todevelop your personal trading style and methodology.This PDF and the entire Green Tomatoes For Newbies trading system is the proprietaryintellectual property of Day Trade Forex, LLC and must not be shared for free ORillegally re-sold on eBay or any discounted websites or by email for a discount, subjectto international copyright laws and DMCA penalties.24

GETTING STARTED WITH FOREX TRADING written by Cynthia Macy Professional Forex Trader since 2004 and author of several MT4 color-coded trading systems since 2010. . Link to Forex Factory Calendar: 10 2. TRAINING FOR THE ADVANCED MODULE:

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