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In this issue.367 Years of Gracious Chennai5The Group Annual Report: A GlimpseQueen of Denmark Honours N Sankar with KnighthoodFirst Class8Chemplast Sanmar LimitedLending a Helping Hand309BS&B Safety Systems (India) LimitedSilver Jubilee Celebrations31Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional ChildrenDisability Assessment Camp31Philip Kotler in Chennai32Employees’ CornerA Day at the Paris Office33Legends from the SouthTiruvalluvar35Group Annual Day10The Sanmar Brand Equity Contest23N Kumar:An Ambassador Forging Institutional Partnerships24Sri Sankara Vidyashramam Wins Awards Galore26Awards for Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School27Sanmar Speciality Chemicals LimitedTie-up with GalápagosProCitius Research Lab at TICEL Bio Park2829Cover photograph: A view of NSC Bose Road, in George Town, from ‘Madras - Its past and its present’.Matrix can be viewed at www.sanmargroup.comDesigned and edited by Kalamkriya Limited, 9, Cathedral Road, Chennai 600 086. Ph: 91 44 2812 8051/ 52For Private Circulation Only.3

4One of the most beautiful avenues of Madras, Moubrays Road which is TTK Road today.

367 Years of GraciousChennaiPhotographs in this feature and on the cover have been reproduced from the book, “Madras Its past and its present”. Our sincere thanks to S Muthiah, D Krishnan and G Vijayanand the publishers, Affiliated East-West Press (P) Ltd.Madras Day is an event to focus on thecity, its history, its past and its present.The effort behind this celebrationis to motivate people, associationsand communities in the city to hostevents that celebrate the city. Heritagewalks, exhibitions, quiz programmes,competitions, photography contests,lectures, talks, audio visual presentations,discover Chennai tours were some of theevents that Madras Week offered to theChennai public.An interesting feature this yearwas the live telecast or webcastof the “spirit of Chennai” fromthe Marina beach and Kapalitemple, Mylapore. People fromanywhere in the world couldview life in the city at thesetwo places on Madras Day. Aspecial competition for schoolstitled the Chennai City LivingSri Kapaleeswarar Temple at Mylapore in Chennai.5Courtesy: Madan SriramanMadras Week (20-27 August 2006)commemorated the 367th anniversaryof the founding of the city. S Muthiah,Vincent D’Souza and Sashi Nair decidedtwo years ago to celebrate Madras Dayevery year on 22 August, the day thatAndrew Cogan, representing the BritishEast India Company, Francis Day andBeri Thimmappa, struck a deal withthe local Nayaks, the rulers at the time.Land was granted by the rulers wherethe Fort St George stands today. Out ofthe old fort grew settlements and thenvillages around it. Gradually the old andthe new towns merged into a city, verydifferent from what we see today.

The headquarters of The Madras andSouthern Mahratta Railway, predecessor ofthe Southern Railway.The Napier Bridge at a time when the trafficwas not so heavy.6Heritage Projects was organised inassociation with INTACH, ChennaiChapter.For the first time, Madras Musings, afortnightly that focuses on heritage,environment and civic issues, organiseda series of talks, all well attended.Lakshmi Viswanathan set the ballrolling with a lecture on ‘An urbansetting for an ancient dance’; Dr A RVenkatachalapathy described ‘Songstersof the Crossroads: Popular literature incolonial Madras’; V Ramnarayan dwelton ‘Cricket in Chennai’; V Sriram talkedon ‘Music in South India’; K Hariharanhighlighted ‘Cinema in Chennai’;K Kalpana, explained the backgroundof the restoration of the Senate House;Theodore Bhaskaran spoke about‘History from below; the Roja MuthiahLibrary of Chennai’; and Kanimozhion ‘Poetry in Chennai’. Outside thisseries of talks, Badri Seshadri spokeabout ‘The last five Test matches inChepauk’ at the ShanmughasundaramHall in Karpagambal Nagar. AndRandor Guy presented an illustratedtalk on ‘Madras in Old Movies’ atthe Sri Dakshinamurthy Auditorium,P S High School, Mylapore.Organisations and people involved inthe celebrations included the UnwindCenter, Masquerade, Quiz Foundationof India (Chennai), PRSI (ChennaiChapter), Vintage Heritage, Carnatica,I N TAC H , Ma d r a s B o o k C l u b,Madras Musings, Mylapore Times,Archaeological Survey of India, ArmyPostal Services, Nizhal, All India Radioand Doordarshan, apart from schoolsincluding Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, KK Nagar, Guru Nanak School, Velachery,Sri Sankara Vidyashramam School,Tiruvanmiyur, Avvai Kalai Kazhagamand P S Educational Society.

The man whostarted it allBeri Thimmappa, a local merchant,brokered a tripartite deal that led tothe founding of Madras city. It wasThimmappa’s fluency in English andthe vernacular that caught the attentionof Francis Day and Cogan. Originallyfrom Palacole, near Machilipatnamin Andhra Pradesh, Thimmappa andhis grandson traded in indigo andtextiles before working for the EastIndia Company.Beri Thimmappa built two temples,one of Vishnu and the other of Shiva,in Devaraja Mudali Street in GeorgeTown – the Chennakesavaperumaland Chennamalleswara temples.Thimmappa held a seat in the Counciland a salute of five guns was firedwhenever he paid a visit to the Agentor Governor of Madras on Pongaldays. He was presented with six yardsof superfine scarlet on that occasion.I n 1 6 7 8 , C h i n n a Ve n k a t a d r i ,Thimmappa’s younger brother, acquiredthe Guindy Lodge and later sold it to theEast India Company. Now we know itas the Raj Bhavan.T h e Ba s h y a m Na i d u Pa r k , o f fTaylor’s Road in Kilpauk is namedafter a fourth-generation descendantThimmappa Bashyam Naidu. Thereis also a Narayanappah Pharmacy atNungambakkam named after KettyNarayanappah, another descendant.Present day representatives of thefamily include Urmila Satyanarayana,a Bharatanatyam dancer, Dr PraveenGodey and Ketty Bobji.One person who distinguished himselfin the Thimmappa family was KettyVenkataswamy Naidu. Venkataswamybecame Minister of Hindu ReligiousEndowments in the state cabinet in 1952.As President of the Tirumala TirupatiDevasthanam Committee, he initiated anumber of useful and popular schemes.In 1927, he, along with S DuraiswamiIyer and N Krishnamachari, filed asuit in the High Court of Madras andsecured admission for Harijans in theeducational institutions managed bythe Pachaiyappa’s Charities. He wasresponsible for the foundation of thenew Pachaiyappa’s College buildingsat Chetput.In 1928, Venkataswami became aCouncillor of the Corporation ofMadras and continued in that posttill 1952. He joined the IndianNational Congress in November1936. He contested the generalelections the following year andtopped the polls in the MadrasCity Constituency. He was electedDeputy President of the MadrasLegislative Council, became Mayorof the Corporation during 1938-39.He preached against war and wassentenced to the Trichy Jail for sixmonths imprisonment.By Sashi NairA glimpse of the Mount Road of the past. The building here is where the Bata showroom is now and to the left stands the ‘Anna’ statue today.7

The Group Annual Report:A GlimpseThe Sanmar Group Annual Report2005-06 stepped off the beaten trackto take a thematic approach. This year’stheme was Sanmar, as a responsiblecorporate citizen, aptly titled “CitizenSanmar”. The water-colour treatmentgives the entire report an artistic feeland the cover image sporting four-leavesis symbolic of the Group’s establishedfour core businesses. The report alongwith the business briefings of theGroup during the period under review,also details the various corporate socialresponsibility measures by its individualbusinesses. The Chairman’s Statementhighlights Sanmar’s proactive efforts inenvironment protection that are way8ahead of statutory requirements and alsothrows light on the freshness of youthinduced in its organisational structure,paving the way for its onward journey.In the words of N Sankar, Chairman, “AtThe Sanmar Group, one of our proudestachievements over the last few decadeshas been our deeply felt and assiduouslycultivated sense of ethical mooring. Onearea in which our ethical commitmentis reflected in tangible achievement isenvironment management.” The reportalso features Deputy Chairman VijaySankar’s overview of the businesses andforward-looking projections and plansfor the Group.

Queen of DenmarkHonours N Sankar withKnighthood First ClassN Sankar, Honorary Consul Generalof Denmark for southern India, washonoured with the Order of theDannebrog Knight First Class by theQueen of Denmark in recognitionof his valuable services as the ConsulGeneral. Sankar, who has been headingthe Danish consular interests in southIndia for the past 18 years, joins the elitelist of persons who are life-holders of themost ancient decoration of Denmark,bestowed by the Sovereign. He is thefirst Indian citizen to be conferred thehonour of Knighthood First Class.Michael Sternberg, Danish Ambassadorin India, handed over the award toSankar at a function held in Chennaion 4 July 2006.A Silver Cross with a red border,surmounted by a royal crown overthe reigning sovereign’s monogramwith a silver badge and ribbon withrosette formed part of the decoration.The Order of the Dannebrog was firstinstituted in 1671 by Christian V andwas awarded for the first time on 2 July1671. The recognition is for Danish andforeign citizens for rendering meritoriouscivil or military service, for a particularcontribution to the arts, sciences orbusiness life, or for working for Danishinterests. The reigning monarch headsthe Order.Michael Sternberg, Danish Ambassador inIndia, handing over the award to N Sankar.9The decoration that waspresented.


10-12 August 2006GroupAnnualDayThe Group Annual Day celebrated at Sanmar was repletewith edutainment and fanfare. This was the day that broughtto the spotlight the top performers at The Sanmar Group.At the locations, performance excellence by employees waslauded and senior management interacted with the peoplesending out positive messages.At Chennai, the two day sessions featured an array ofspeakers and presentations. The management presentationsdelivered by the MDs of the businesses focussed on thestrategies that would springboard the businesses on to anaccelerated growth path in the years ahead. The DeputyChairman spelt out his vision of making Sanmar aone billion dollar group in the next five years.11

PresentationsR GopalakrishnanExecutive Director,Tata Sons LtdR Gopalakrishnan presented a unique concept in decision making, ‘The Roleof Intuition and Analysis in Management Decisions’. According to him,intuition and analysis play complementary roles in decision-making. At asuitable point in time the baton is passed on from analysis to intuition. Thekey to a manager’s challenge in making right decisions is to morph analysisinto intuition at a suitable time.Raju V KanoriaChairman & Managing Director,Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd.Raju V Kanoria’s presentation rang a familiar chord as he talked about thechallenges of running a family-owned business and the conscious focus onprofessional management. He dealt with change to a productive culture froma family culture without sacrificing oneness in the organisation. He recountedthe evolution of his business, the strategies that worked, the ideologies thatkept his organisation’s DNA intact.Adil ZainulbhaiManaging Director,McKinsey & Co, India‘Opportunities in Manufacturing in India – Getting to World Class’. AdilZainulbhai’s presentation analysed the manufacturing opportunities in India andhighlighted the actual reasons for the manufacturing success in China – that ofstrong fundamentals, sound economic policies, activity and scale, huge domesticdemand resulting in a great price advantage combined with high productivityand investments. To make it to being world class, companies must build a cultureof continuous improvement by creating a system, whereby every year you growon what you’ve achieved.12

Marti SubrahmanyamProfessor-Finance & Economics,New York UniversityMarti Subrahmanyam talked about ‘Venturing Abroad - Issues of Globalisationof Indian Companies’. His presentation covered the challenges of globalisation,the need for globalisation in today’s competitive environment, characteristicsof global companies, the India advantage and the India-China comparison.Anita RamachandranChief Executiveve Officer,Cerebrus ConsultantsAnita Ramachandran touched upon HR’s ‘Challenges of Managing in aHigh Growth Environment’ and what organisations can do in such anenvironment. In managing these challenges and the issue of attrition,organisations should go beyond the compensation structure and take a relook into management style, the role of a leader and work towards emotionalbonding of employees.P S JayaramanManaging Director,Chemplast SanmarSafety and Health is not a one-stopactivity. You can’t just put hardware intoit. It has to be continuously monitored.We have plant level teams to monitor ona day to day basis.13The theme of P S Jayaraman’s presentation was Safety Health &Environment (SHE). He took the audience through the varioushierarchical levels of dedicated personnel managing SHE activitiesand his direct involvement in these on a daily basis. Chemplast ismoving towards conversion to membrane-based technology andhas OHSAS initiatives at various stages of completion across itsfacilities. Efforts are on to develop the Vedaranyam Bird Sanctuaryin association with an NGO, the Bombay Natural History Society.The community building activities in education and health continuewith several public health camps managed by dedicated companydoctors. Chemplast is focussed on its aim to be the first chemicalcompany to achieve zero discharge at all its facilities and continuesits journey with the motto “Care for the Environment.”

P NatarajanManaging Director,Sanmar Engineering Corporation (SEC)‘Operational Excellence through Total EmployeeInvolvement’The presentation by P Natarajan highlightedthe huge growth opportunities and the need todevelop execution excellence to capitalise on thisopportunity. SEC has launched several initiativesto streamline operations and improve customerservice levels. Among the several initiatives at SECtowards excellence the highlight was the ‘ServiceBlitz’ initiative driven all across SEC. Service Blitzis ‘accelerated service’ to customers by a team ofsales, service and application engineers who identifyand rectify the hidden pain areas of the customer.5S, Lean and Six Sigma are being driven acrossSEC with full involvement at all levels. Among theemployee involvement initiatives an interesting onewas the outbound learning sessions which helpedcreate stretch goals to take employees to a new highin involvement.India is getting increasingly important to allinternational companies including our JV partners.As a result of this, strong JV engagement is takingplace across the organisation. The challenge of themanagement is to orchestrate this in such a way thatthere is open and free interaction without creatingany misunderstanding.Murli RamachandranManaging Director,Sanmar Speciality Chemicals (SSCL)Murli Ramachandran’s presentation focussed on innovationacross the various divisions. The business heads explainedthe complexities and nuances of their divisions, of beingopen to failure and learning from them. The SSCL businessincludes organic and phytochemicals, speciality polymers,API – bulk drugs for pharmaceuticals, contract research(with special focus on the pharma and healthcare industry)and biotechnology. The presentations by Vivek Save, Dr BD Gupta and Dr Uday Bhapat brought out the chemistryand biological structure of the business and the role ofinnovation in its success.Amidst our disparate divisions, thecommon thread is innovation.14

P ViswanathanManaging Director,Sanmar ShippingViswanathan’s presentation enumerated the trials and travailsdue to the capricious nature of the shipping business, thepeculiarities in the economics of this line and the challenges ofkeeping the floating staff engaged. The presentation broughtto light the intricacies in S & P of ships in the backdrop ofthe wry humour of Churchill’s quotes.Cycles are true (in the shipping business).The challenge is in estimating theduration of these cycles.V NarayananSome of the GroupCorporate Boardmembers presentat the sessionsPreety KumarP N KapadiaAdit Jain15

of the Sanmar growth momentum areour 4 1 Ps-Vijay SankarProcessDeputy Chairman,The Sanmar GroupPlace – the advantage of being able tocompete globally out of a strong basein IndiaVijay Sankar’s presentation on the 2ndday of the Group Annual Day programprojected the road ahead for Sanmar inthe next 5 years and the challenges andopportunities in getting there.The year 2005-06 was a good year andthe group did well by maintaining focuson profitability. The group is poised foraccelerated growth in the next 5 years.There are no constraints for strongorganic growth rates as the group ispositioned to leverage the large capitalinvestments from the past and those thatare underway. The growth will comefrom newer allied areas and expansionof all its businesses.As for the readiness for spearheading andmanaging this growth, there are severalfactors that are in our favour. Ourstrong leadership bandwidth, technologyplatforms, strong financial fundamentalsand the ability to react quickly willfacilitate a lot of this growth. Moreimportantly, our reputation in financialand employee markets and our strongbindings with our JV partners will fuelthe growth. Factors essentially in favour“At Sanmar, we do notrest on assumptions; wealways question them.We need to percolate thisline of questioning downthe organisation. Theway the world is evolving,assumptions on businessconditions change rapidlyand we need to constantlyask ourselves, are we doingthe right thing ”16– our strong processorientationProduct – The niche product rangeand added price advantageProfitability– The focus onprofitabilityPeople– The most important ‘P’factor, the people strength and leadershipto take the growth forwardCruising along this growth trajectory,we would have to clear the path ofchallenges and hurdles to keep up themomentum. Externally the market isvibrant, but internally, our execution willbe dramatically challenged. Continuousimprovement is essential for operationalexcellence. There has to be a strongcommitment to growth with a total buyin from the people of the organisation whowill make it happen. A change in mindsettowards the changing marketplace withbusinesses getting far more global willplace Sanmar well on overdrive andreaching the 1 billion dollar mark withinfive years is an easily achievable target.

N SankarChairmanI’ m convinced that ultimatelygood management is basicallycommon sense rigorously andproperly implemented.M N RadhakrishnanDirector - Co-ordination and ReviewFor an organisation to besuccessful, it has to buildtrust and faith amongstits stakeholders, buildmeaningful relationships.B NatrajDirector - Corporateconducting the interactive sessionsVarious groupsdrawing upaction plans.17

Group Annual Day RecognitionsEmployees of the Year2006One of the major highlights of GroupAnnual Day (10-12 August 2006),was the ceremonial recognition ofperformance excellence by Sanmaremployees across the group. Employeesof the Year and Exceptional PerformanceAwardees received their awards amidstthe usual fanfare and reading of citationsdetailing their accomplishments.J Sridhar, Chemplast SanmarAt the PVC Plantin Mettur, Sridharhas successfullyimplemented heatrecover y projectsand temperaturecontrol system forEDC Stripper. Hisinitiatives have resulted in huge savingsin steam consumption and substantialsavings in variable cost.R Rajini, ProCitius ResearchRajini is a promisingresearcher in ourProCitius team.She is a valuable assetto our service delivery,which she almostsingle handedly manages at ProCitius.Her research capabilities and projectmanagement skills have won heraccolades from our customers.Vijay Nambiar, Flowserve SanmarV i j a y Na m b i a r ’scontribution toFlowserve at Suratis a result of hissingle minded focuson project activitiesand subsequent18MRO sales. He lead the co-ordinationadmirably between the project office ofthe EPC contractor/ customer, the sitelocation and the OEM branch to achievethese results. He is a fine example ofcross-functional working, throughhis support to the customer and theengineering team.Jacob John, Tyco SanmarJacob John at Tycois responsible for thesignificant growthin order bookingand market share.Hi s r e l a t i o n s h i pmanagement skillshave helped Tyco tomake inroads with major customersin OEM and MRO segments. Hisleadership skills came to the fore when hewas deputed to Reliance, Jamnagar, forhandling the major shutdown activity.As a Sanmar resource, he was responsiblefor co-ordination for all products.S Venkatesan, Chemplast SanmarS Venkatesan ofKaraikal, played asignificant role inensuring effectiveco-ordination withthe Project Teamsat Chennai andKaraikal for successfulimplementation and commissioning ofthe Caustic Soda expansion programme.He was instrumental in operating theplant slightly at a higher current densityof the electrolysers, which resulted inrealising additional Caustic production.His disaster management skills camethrough in his effective handling of thenatural calamities that occurred in recent

years. He has also played a major roleon the PR front and has contributed tothe environment protection measuresat to reduce lead-time, revampedthe vendor outsourcing system for fasterturnaround times and reduced the overallprocessing times for the foundry.Deepak Dave, Intec PolymersB Pankaja Shankhavaram, BPODeepak Daveensured the smoothintegration of IntecPolymers, Dadra, intoThe Sanmar Group.He was entrusted therole of the BusinessManager and the keyissues he tackled creditably were, thepressure to grow profitably, integrationof Intec into Sanmar and managementof some ethics issues that surfaced. Thisaward is in recognition of Deepak’scontribution to the business and to theorganisation.Pankaja has, in a shorttime, gained prowessin the techniques ofaccounting in SAP. Hercontributions helpedfinalise tax audit ofSanmar Engineeringcompanies in July/August 2005 inrecord time and also in the preparationof the consolidated accounts of SEC.She set up a system for retrieval ofquick and reliable data from SAP andindependently handled statutory auditof Sanmar Speciality Chemicals fromthe BPO side to complete audit beforethe end of April 2006.K Manikantan, Fisher SanmarManikantan is nowre n owned for hiscrisis management atthe Reliance plant inJamnagar. This wasrecognised by theReliance team andhe extended similar support for theReliance Hazira plant shut down. Mani’scommitment and efforts played a majorrole in ensuring continued confidenceof Reliance on Fisher Sanmar productsand thus winning new JERP business.His knowledge of the refinery processand control valve requirements is agreat asset to the new refinery project atJamnagar and he is currently workingwith Bechtel and Reliance on thisimportant project.M Raja, Sanmar FoundriesM Raja broughtabout a dramaticturnaround in the areaof fettling which wasa major bottleneckin the sand foundry.He streamlined the19Shankar Sinha, Flowserve SanmarS h a n k a r S i n h a’smastery in engineeringof mechanical sealsand auxiliary systemsis a great asset toFlowserve. Hisdistinctive speedand quality of response are now wellrecognised by customers and one ofthe major OEMs, Sulzer has openlyacknowledged that Shankar has changedtheir perception of response time.N Narayanan, Sanmar CorporateDivn.Narayanan isresponsible for IncomeTax across the Group.Among other keyassignments, hisc o n t r i b u t i o n s a resignificant in the tax assessments ofcertain group companies that had gonethrough a process of restructuring and itis due to his expert handling of appealsthat significant tax gains came by forthe Group.

S Sankaran, Chief Executive - Finance(Accounting), was the seniormostSanmar employee to receive theEmployee of the Year award this year.We reproduce below the text of TheSanmar Group Chairman N Sankar’sspeech at the Group Annual Dayfunction.Sankaran has been with the group forclose to 20 years. He joined us to headChemplast’s Sales Accounting, and hiscareer progressed steadily through greaterresponsibility in Chemplast, to runningthe over all accounting functions ofthe chemical business, and finally toController for the whole group.Sankaran is a quiet, low-key personality,not given to excessive demonstrations orstrong outbursts. He does what has to bedone quietly and without fuss. The bigplus point with him is it does not matterhow much ‘what has to be done’, expands- he just takes it in stride and does it withno drop in efficiency. He is the classiccharacterisation of ‘Mr Dependable’ - somuch in fact that he often tends to betaken for granted. The extraordinary andquiet competence with which he carriesout his functions, the lack of fuss, meansthat not much attention is drawn to him.In fact the only time when we think ofhim is when an unexpected problemcrops up or we need some special analysisor something out of the way.Another importantfacet is that thefigures givenby Sankaran arenever questioned.Confidence levelis very high. Thisis particularlyimportant whenone realises that the figures he churnsout have a great impact on the ‘flexing’of earnings of our employees. Some ofhis special achievements, just in the lastfew years are:1. Introduction of SAP across thewhole Group. This was one of thesmoothest introductions and whilewe took it for granted, when we hearof some of the horror stories at othercompanies, we realise the extent ofhis achievement.2. Setting up an internal BPO, againwith the least amount of fuss. Thishas led to a very smooth processingof routine accounts. and moreimportant, has enabled quick andabsolute standardisation of processesand policies across all business.3. IT outsourcing to WIPRO. Thisagain was a difficult task and againwas put through with the usersnot noticing any change – totallyseamlessly.For all these reasons, and for continuingGiven Sanmar’s stress on Corporate to be an ideal, responsible corporateGovernance, detailed financial analysis, citizen, I am delighted to recognisestandardisation of accounts and MIS, S Sankaran as an ‘Employee of the Year’.and number credibility, are crucial. Onthis count Sanmar comesthrough with flying colourswith Sankaran at the helm.Completing statutory auditsfor over 12 legal entitiesand giving us the results in1 1 / 2 months is again achallenge, that is doneregularly, without fussand in fact has beenS Sankaran receiving the “Employee of the Year” award frominstitutionalised.N Sankar.20

Exceptional PerformanceAwardeesHead OfficeMetturKaraikal21

Long Service AwardeesHead OfficeSenior Management22

The Sanmar Brand EquityContestThe Sanmar Brand Equity Contest thrown open to employees across the Group was thefirst of its kind.5 August 2006The point of debate at the Sanmar BrandEquity Contest: Should we aggressivelypromote the Sanmar brand?Ajoy Govindan Nair,V Shankar Ganesh and VikasGopinath Panicker.It was a day of excitement andentertainment at the grand finale of theBrand Equity Contest. The semi-finalistswere short listed based on the writtendocument the various teams presented.Except for one team, all others presentedin favour of building the Sanmar brand.The teams came up with many creativeoptions and the interesting presentationskept the audience enthralled throughthe day.The team that came first gave a breezyand enjoyable presentation ending witha song sung by the team members withfull gusto! The team that stood secondtook the audience through a talk showcomplete with a ‘commercial break’ thathad a mock audiovisual advertisement.The only team to present a contrarianview bagged the third place.K Deepesh Nanda,Mallika Sriraman andRamkumar Shankar.J Srinivasan,B Sriram andR Venkatasubramani.P Viswanathan, S Venkatesan, A H Kesari Prasad and Sarada Jagan.23

N Kumar:An Ambassador ForgingInstitutional PartnershipsHe has invested a great deal of his time, generating goodwill for the Group. He is our ambassador, subtly nudging the outsideworld to the presence of Sanmar. Listening to him, you are humbled by his charisma and drawn to his amiable nature. This,in essence, is N Kumar, Vice-Chairman and Member of The Sanmar Group Corporate Board. He has no ace up his sleeve,he simply does what is to be done towards building institutional partnerships and he does it in his inimitable style. Kumaris at the forefront giving momentum to the India-Singapore relationship, under the auspices of the International EnterpriseSingapore and the Confederation of Indian Industry. His account of the India-Singapore partnership:Institutionalising Partnerships:International Enterprise (IE), Singapore(formerly known as Trade DevelopmentBoard) needed a base to promote theIndia-Singapore partnership. In 1992,I was appointed Honorary BusinessRepresentative for South India for theIE, a government body that promotestrade and commerce. Two years ago, IEdecided, for the first time, to convertthe individual-based representation toan institutionalised partnership andset up the India Advisory Panel(IAP).Today, the IAP is seven-member strongwith eminent industry stalwarts likeK V Kamath, Sunil Mittal, MukeshAmbani, Kiran Mazumdar Shah,S Ramadurai, Ashok Soota, Tarun Dasand M S Banga on the panel. It playsa recommend

Sanmar Foundries Ltd Tyco Sanmar Ltd Vishay Sanmar Ltd Xomox Sanmar Ltd Chemplast Sanmar Ltd Cabot Sanmar Ltd Sanmar Shipping Ltd . Cover photograph: A view of NSC Bose Road, in George Town, from 'Madras - Its past and its present'. 367 Years of Gracious Chennai 5 The Group Annual Report: A Glimpse 8 Queen of Denmark Honours N Sankar with .

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SHIPPING INDUSTRY Institutional shareholders currently investing 1,200 in shipping companies listed in the US 49 Shipping companies currently listed in the US 35 Analysts who follow shipping industry 20.5B Total Market Cap in the Shipping Industry 13.8B Held by institutional and retail shareholders 2 Shipping Industry Overview

1 Advanced Engineering Mathematics C. Ray Wylie, Louis C. Barrett McGraw-Hill Book Co 6th Edition, 1995 2 Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis S. S. Sastry Prentice Hall of India 4th Edition 2010 3 Higher Engineering Mathematics B.V. Ramana McGraw-Hill 11th Edition,2010 4 A Text Book of Engineering Mathematics N. P. Baliand ManishGoyal