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MARYLANDInsurance AdministrationLicensing Information BulletinEffective as of October 1, 2020Published by PrometricProviding License Examinations for the State ofMarylandCopyright 2020 Prometric LLCRev. 09242020REVISED 07102018i

ContentsIntroduction1Military Service Members . 2Maryland Licensing Requirements2Types of Licenses . 4Scheduling Your Exam6Exam Restriction . 6Register and Schedule .By Phone . 7Reschedule and Cancellation . 7Testing Accommodations . 8Preparing for Your Exam9Content Outlines Overview . 9Study Materials . 9Practice Exams. 9Taking Your Exam10The Testing Process . 10Testing Regulations . 11Personal Items . 11Misconduct . 11Question Types . 11Experimental Questions . 12Exam Results .102Appeals Process . 12Apply for Your License13Submit Your Application . 13Schools List .14Maintaining Your License . 15Exam Content Outlines16Exam Registration Form and Fees17Credit Card Payment Form19Waiver Form20

IntroductionThis bulletin provides information about the examination and licensing process forobtaining a resident insurance license. You should read this Licensing InformationBulletin, including the examination content outlines, prior to taking an exam. Ifinterested in applying for a nonresident license, you can apply online via NIPR or an NIPR authorized business partner.For non-reciprocal Title and Public Adjuster lines, this information below would beapplicable to you. Please confirm if your state is included for the Title or PublicAdjuster non-reciprocal list.Overview of Licensing ProcessFollow these main steps if you are interested in obtaining an insurancelicense.1Read the information on the Maryland Insurance Administration’s website forthe type of license you desire to make sure you meet all the er/Pages/default.aspx2Review this bulletin to determine which exam(s) you need to pass, if any, forthe type(s) of license you require. Prepare for your exam, using this bulletin andmaterials from other sources. The content outlines at the back of this guide arethe basis for the exams.3 Complete Pre-licensing education through a Maryland-approved provider isrequired for applicants. Your education provider will provide your eligibility toPrometric upon successful completion of the course requirements. Aftercompleting your pre-licensing education, you have up to six months to passyour exam.4Register and schedule your exam after your provider has submitted yourfile to Prometric. Note, if Prometric does not have record of your coursecompletion, you must contact your education provider.5Bring the required identification to the appointment and take the exam(s).You will receive your results immediately after the exam.6You must pass both the MD General and the MD State portions of thesame exam then apply for your license at you fail one portion of the two-part exam, you must retake and passONLY that failed portion. If you fail any portion of the exam, you mustwait four (4) days before retaking that exam portion.Note Passing an exam does not guarantee that you will receive a license. If you take an exam unnecessarily or are found unqualified, the exam fee will NOT berefunded.To get answers not provided in this bulletinMaryland Insurance AdministrationPhone: 410-468-2411;1-800-492-6116 (toll free)E-mail: producerlicensing.mia@maryland.govWebsite: ult.aspx1

Military Service Members & Their FamiliesExam Fee Reimbursement Program Veterans who sit for certain Maryland insurance examinations can be reimbursedup to 2,000 for each exam under the GI Bill. The GI Bill education benefits are available through the U.S. Department ofVeterans Affairs (VA). Dependents of totally disabled veterans or veterans who died in service mayalso use this service under certain conditions. Reimbursements are only paid directly to the veteran or other eligible personafter submitting proof of payment.Other fees connected with obtaining a license such as insurance license applicationprocessing fees or costs for classes to prepare for the insurance licensing examsare not reimbursable under the GI Bill . Veterans can be reimbursed under the GIBill regardless of the number of insurance agent licensing exams they take orthe number of times they take an exam.For questions about insurance licensing examination reimbursement, visit theVeterans Affairs website or call 888-GIBILL-1 (888-442-4551).Maryland Licensing RequirementsLicensees must remain aware of changes in law, code and Administration policiesthat affect their activities.The Administration grants licenses specifying one or more lines of authority.Types ofLicensesFirst Time Test TakersExam NamePrometricExam CodeCostPublic Adjuster General2001 60Public Adjuster State2002Health Producer General2003Health Producer State2004Title Producer General2005Title Producer State2006Casualty Producer General2007Casualty Producer State2008Life Producer General2009Life Producer State2010Adviser Life and Health General2011Adviser Life and Health State2012Personal Lines General2013Personal Lines State20142 60 60 60 60 60 60

Life and Health Producer Combo General2015Life and Health Producer Combo State2016Property Producer General2017Property Producer State2018Property Casualty Producer Combo General2019Property Casualty Producer Combo State2020Adviser Property Casualty General2021Adviser Property Casualty State2022 60 60 60 60Retake of the two-part examExam NamePrometricExam CodeCostPublic Adjuster General2001 60Public Adjuster State2002 60Health Producer General2003 60Health Producer State2004 60Title Producer General2005 60Title Producer State2006 60Casualty Producer General2007 60Casualty Producer State2008 60Life Producer General2009 60Life Producer State2010 60Adviser Life and Health General2011 60Adviser Life and Health State2012 60Personal Lines General2013 60Personal Lines State2014 60Life and Health Producer Combo General2015 60Life and Health Producer Combo State2016 60Property Producer General2017 60Property Producer State2018 60Property Casualty Producer Combo General2019 60Property Casualty Producer Combo State2020 60Adviser Property Casualty General2021 60Adviser Property Casualty State2022 603

Pre-licensingRequirementsGuide forEducationalRequirementsAdditional InformationMust meet requirementsofEITHER #1 or #2 below:Pre-licensing is not required of a candidate who holds one of thedesignations listed below:ExaminationLife ProducerExaminationHealth ProducerExamination1. Satisfactory completionof a 20-hour study coursegiven by an approvedschool or course provider.2. Regular employment byan insurer, producer, oragency as described on thepre-licensing educationwaiver form contained inthis bulletin. Must sendthe waiver to MIA forapproval prior to theexamination registrationprocess.LIFE1. Life Underwriter (CLU)Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS)Fellow of the Society of ActuariesChartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)Certified Financial Planner (CFP)Fellow Life Mgmt. Institute (FLMI)Life Underwriter Training Council (LUTCF)HEALTH1.2.3.4.Registered Health Underwriter (RHU)Health Insurance Associate (HIA)Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS)Registered Employee Benefit ConsultantLIFE / HEALTH EDUCATION WAIVERVariableMust have license for Life.Property ProducerExaminationMust meet requirementsof EITHER #1 or #2 below:Casualty ProducerExamination1. Satisfactory completionof a 20-hour study coursegiven by an approvedschool or course provider.2. Regular employment byan insurer, producer, oragency as described on thepre-licensing educationwaiver form contained inthis bulletin. Must sendthe waiver to MIA forapproval prior to theexamination registrationprocess.Personal Lines ProducerExaminationMust meet requirementsof EITHER #1 or #2 below:The pre-licensing education waiver form should be submitted for approval.Applicants must have an active FINRA registration and have completed FINRAseries 6, 7, or 63 examination(s). Applicants must successfully complete theappropriate securities exams and register with FINRA.Pre-licensing is not required of a candidate who holds one of thedesignations listed below:PROPERTY / CASUALTY1.2.3.4.Accredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI)Associate in Risk Management (ARM)Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)Chartered Property/Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)PROPERTY / CASUALTY EDUCATION WAIVERThe pre-licensing education waiver form may be found on MIA website andshould be submitted for approval.An applicant must take the Personal Lines examination only if he/she doesnot currently hold the Property and Casualty Lines of Insurance or has notpassed the Property and Casualty exams within the last year.1. Satisfactory completionof a 20-hour study coursegiven by an approvedschool or course provider.2. Regular employment byan insurer, producer, oragency as described on thepre-licensing educationwaiver form contained inthis bulletin. Must sendthe waiver to MIA forapproval prior to theexamination registrationprocess.4

of the examinationregistration process.Title ExaminationMust meet requirementsofEITHER #1 or #2 below:Attorneys admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of the State ofMaryland are exempt from taking the examination.1. Satisfactory completionof a 20-hour study coursegiven by an approvedschool or course provider.2. Regular employment byan insurer, producer, oragency as described on thepre-licensing educationwaiver form contained inthis bulletin. Must sendthe waiver to MIA forapproval prior to theexamination registrationprocess.CreditTravelNone requiredNone requiredPublic AdjusterNone requiredMaryland issues licenses to individuals and business entities to act as PublicAdjusters.Maryland does not license staff or independent adjusters (i.e. individualswho are employed by and adjust losses for an insurer).Adviser Life & HealthExaminationNone requiredNo examination is required of a person who:1. is a member in good standing of the Society of Actuaries; or2. has been conferred the C.L.U. designation and is a member in goodstanding of the “American Society of Chartered Life Underwriters andChartered Financial Consultants”; or3. has been conferred the Certified Employee Benefit Specialistsdesignation; and is a member in good standing of the International Society ofCertified Employee Specialists; or4. has been conferred the Certified Financial Planner designation and whosedesignation is current and in good standing with the Certified FinancialPlanners Board of Standards; or5. has been conferred the Certified Insurance Counselor designation by theSociety of Certified Insurance Counselors (L&H) and is a member in goodstanding.Adviser Property &Casualty ExaminationAdviser Variable LifeNone requiredMust have license forAdviser Life and HealthIndividuals requesting the Adviser Life/Health authority who actively holdone or more of the appropriate designations above must submit a paperapplication found on the MIA website along with the Certificate of GoodStanding from the above designating body.No examination is required of a person who:1. is a member in good standing of the Casualty Actuarial Society; or2. has been conferred the C.P.C.U. designation by The American Institute forChartered Property and Casualty Underwriters and is a member in goodstanding of The Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters; or3. has been conferred the Certified Insurance Counselor designation by theSociety of Certified Insurance Counselors and is a member in good standing.Individuals requesting the Adviser Property/Casualty authority who activelyhold one or more of the appropriate designations above must submit a paperapplication found on the MIA website along with the Certificate of GoodStanding from the above designating body.Individuals requesting the Adviser Variable Life authority who actively holdAdviser Life and Health license and is registered as an Investment Adviser onFINRA must submit a paper application found on the MIA website.5

Scheduling Your ExamExamRestrictionIf you fail the examination, you will need to retake the exam. If you fail oneportion of a two-part exam, you must retake and pass ONLY that failed portion.The retake must occur within six months of passing the first portion. If you fail anexam, you can’t take that same exam for four days.Once you complete your required course to sit for the Maryland Insurance Exam,your education provider will provide you with an eligibility number. You will needthis eligibility number to schedule for your Maryland Insurance exam. The sameeligibility number will be used for your initial exam.Note: Examination fees are not refundable or transferable.Testing Accommodations. If you require an Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) accommodation(s) or English as Second Language (ESL) additional time,see the “Testing Accommodations” Section below before scheduling yourexam.Register andScheduleThe Maryland Insurance Administration and Prometric are pleased to announce theability to schedule your Maryland Insurance exams in two ways, either in aphysical test center or in a remotely proctored testing location using Prometric’sProProctor application. You may take the exam at any Prometric testcenter in the United States or in a remotely proctored location.*ProProctor –ProProctor gives you greater flexibility to choose where to test,when to test and how to test. It is a reliable, convenient – yet secure – testingexperience.For a ProProctor exam you must provide a computer (tablets prohibited) with acamera, microphone and an internet connection. To confirm your computer willallow you to test through ProProctor please perform a system check prior toscheduling your ProProctor exam.You can reference our User Guide and our website for additional technical andenvironmental requirements.ProProctor System RequirementsLaptop/PC Power SourcePlease plug your device directly into a power source, unattached from a dockingstation.Screen Resolution1024 x 768 is the minimum resolution requiredOperating SystemWindows 7 or higher MacOS 10.13 or higherWeb BrowserCurrent version of Google ChromeInternet Connection Speed0.5 mbps or greaterWi-Fi ConnectionPlease position your device where you can receive the strongest signal. Forthe best experience, please use an ethernet cable to connect directly to therouter6

Register and schedule online—it saves time and it’s easy!You can easily register and schedule your exam in a physical test centeror remotely proctored exam online at any time by going ote Proctoring – ProProctor gives you greater flexibility to choosewhere to test, when to test and how to test. It is a reliable, convenient –yet secure – testing experience.By phoneIf you are unable to schedule online, you may schedule the examinationby calling 800-610-1174 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Time),Monday through Friday, and between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Time),Saturday and Sunday. Please have your exam information and credit cardinformation for payment available.By fax or mailYou may fax the completed Exam Registration Form found at the end of thisbulletin to Prometric to (800) 347-9242. You must also include the completedCredit Card Payment Form (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Thecardholder’s signature must be on the Form.ORYou may mail the completed Exam Registration Form and the appropriateexam fee to the address on the form. When registering by mail, you may paythe exam fee by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, company check,cashier’s check or money order. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.If paying by credit card, you must also include the completed Credit Card PaymentForm (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). The cardholder’s signature must beon the Form.Reschedule and CancellationTo reschedule your existing exam appointment, you must contact Prometric 24hours prior to the exam appointment date in order to avoid forfeiting your exam fee.If you need to reschedule or confirm your remotely proctored exam appointment,please call 1 800-610-1174.If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before your exam or fail toappear for your appointment, you will forfeit your examination fee(s). Examregistration fees are not refundable or transferable.If Absent or Late for Your AppointmentIf you miss your appointment or arrive more than 30 minutes late and are notallowed to test, you will forfeit your exam fee(s).7

Holidays Testing generally does not occur on federal holidays. Additional stateholidays may be observed in the state where your schedule the exam appointment.TestingAccommodationsADA Accommodation. Reasonable testing accommodations are provided to allowcandidates with documented disabilities recognized under the ADA an opportunity todemonstrate their skills and knowledge. Prometric makes every effort to providereasonable testing accommodations that enable all test takers to take examinations.If you require testing accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA), please complete and submit a Testing Accommodation Request Form onlineat ing-accommodations,or contact Prometric at 1-800-967-1139 to obtain an Accommodation Request Form.Documentation of the disability must be submitted with the Accommodation RequestForm to aid Prometric in determining the appropriate testing accommodations.Thirty days’ advance notice is required for all testing arrangements. There is noadditional charge for these accommodations.ESL Accommodation. All examinations are given in English. If English is notyour primary language, you may qualify for additional time for the test byrequesting an ESL Authorization from Prometric. To request an ESL authorization,please submit:A personal letter requesting the authorization; and a letter from the English instructoror sponsoring company (on company letterhead), certifying that English is not yourprimary language.Please fax documents to 800.347.9242 and allow three (3) days for processing.If your request is approved, Prometric may extend the time limit on yourexamination to time-and-one-half or 150% of the normal time limit. Prometric willinform you by mail whether your request for accommodation is approved. Youshould not schedule your exam until you have received the confirmation email.Exams scheduled before the ESL request has been approved will not include extratime.8

Preparing for Your ExamBeing well prepared can help you pass the exam and save time andpossibly money spent retaking it. This section offers: An overview of the exam content outlines. Information about study materials. An explanation of how to take a practice exam.ContentOutlinesOverviewThe license exam for each type of license consists of questions that test knowledgeof topical areas listed in the content outline for that exam. An overview of eachexam content outline appears at the end of this bulletin.Note: Do not schedule the exam until you are familiar with all subject areas inthe applicable content outline.StudyMaterialsThe Insurance Administration does not provide study materials, cannotrecommend any supplier for study materials and does not evaluate the quality ofany training course or study material. You are free to use the materials of yourchoice to prepare for the exam. Different publishers provide materials to assist youin preparing for insurance licensing exams. These materials take differentapproaches and you should choose one that meets your needs.General recommendations. You may obtain recommendations for study materialsand pre-licensing study courses from insurance companies, the company or agencyyou plan to work for, or local insurance and agents’ associations.Practice ExamsTo take a practice exam, select or copy link below to your ce-testWhile practice exams contain general, non-state specific insurance questions, theyare created in the same format and use the same question types as the actuallicensure exams. Practice exams are designed to help you become familiar with thecomputer-based testing process.During the practice exam, you will get immediate feedback to correct and incorrectresponses as well as overall feedback at the end of the session just as you wouldduring the actual exam. Practice exams are available for: (LIPA) Life Insurance Producer Practice Exam in English only(HIPA) Health Insurance Producer Practice Exam in English only(PIPA) Property & Casualty Insurance Producer Practice Exam in English onlyThere is no cost to take Prometric Practice Exams!9

Taking Your ExamKnowing what to expect when taking the exam may help you prepare for it. This sectioncontains: The TestingProcessAn overview of the testing process.Regulations that will be enforced at the testing center.Information about the types of questions on the exam.A guide to understanding the exam results.Information about appeals.The exam will be administered by computer; you are not required to have any computerexperience or typing skills to take the exam.Arrival. You should arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled examappointment. This allows time for you to sign in and for staff to verify youridentification and complete all security checks.Identification Required. You must present 1 form of identification.The candidate must present 1 non-expired, U.S. government-issued, photo- andsignature-bearing ID. If the primary ID does not include a photo or signature, then thecandidate must present a secondary ID that contains the missing information in order totest.Your identification must exactly match the name used to register for the exam and yourappointment confirmation.Important Failure to provide appropriate identification at the time of the exam isconsidered a missed appointment. As a result, you will be required to pay another fullexamination fee before making another appointment. If you cannot provide theidentification listed above, contact Prometric before scheduling the appointment toarrange an alternative way to meet this requirement.You do not need any computer experience or typing skills to take your exam. Afteryou schedule an appointment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, with: ProProctor User Guide (if you scheduled a ProProctor exam.)You should complete the system check, and installation of the ProProctor application inadvance of your test day. While you are not physically travelling to a test center, werecommend that you use the 30 minutes prior to your appointment to review the testingregulations and Environment Do’s and Don’ts and prepare to launch the Exam. The exammay not be launched more than 30 minutes prior to your appointment time and may not belaunched more than 30 minutes after your appointment time.If you cannot provide the identification listed above, contact Prometric before schedulingyour appointment to arrange an alternative way to meet this requirement.10

Testing RegulationsCopyrighted questions. All test questions are the property of Prometric and are protectedby copyright. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for theunauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted materials.TEST CENTER te/test-center-policiesREMOTE PROCTORING didateImportant: The Maryland Insurance exams do not have any scheduled breaks.However, you are allowed to take an unscheduled break. Your exam time will continueto count down while you are on break. You will also be required to go through thesecurity checks upon returning to your exam.Personal ItemsYou are required to clear your testing area of personal items. Note the following:Electronic devices of any type, including cellular / mobile phones, recording devices,electronic watches, cameras, pagers, laptop computers, tablet computers (e.g., iPads),music players (e.g., iPods), smart watches, radios, or electronic games are notpermitted in the testing area.Other personal items—briefcases, backpacks,purses, notebooks, reference or reading material, wallets, pens, pencils, other writingdevices, food, drinks, etc.—are not permitted in the testing area.Misconduct ordisruptivebehaviorCandidates who engage in any kind of misconduct or disruptive or offensive behavior maybe dismissed from the examination. Examples are giving or receiving help, sharingsupplies, taking part in an act of impersonation, removing test materials or notes from thetesting room, and/or using rude or offensive language and behavior that delays orinterrupts testing.Please note: Test center administrators are not allowed to answer any questionspertaining to the exam content. If you do not understand a question on theexamination, you should answer the question to the best of your ability.QuestionTypesQuestionFormats.The examination contains four-option multiple-choice questions. These questions aredesigned to be as clear and concise as possible while testing knowledge andcomprehension of insurance concepts as well as the application of the insuranceconcepts. The design of the exam ensures that those who possess the requiredknowledge of the specific insurance line of authority being tested should perform wellon the examination for which they prepared.Three different multiple-choice formats are used. Each format is shown in thefollowing examples. An asterisk (*) indicates the correct answer in each samplequestion.Format 1—DirectQuestion11

Which one of the following is a type of health insurance policy designed to replace the wages of aninsured that is unable to work due to an accident or sickness?* 2—IncompleteSentence3.4.Format 3—All of y Income Insurance PolicyEmployer-Sponsored Group Major Medical PolicyHospital Expense Insurance PolicySpecial Risk PolicyBenefits under workers’ compensation insurance are payable:1.For bodily injury that is accidental or intentional*2.Regardless of the liability of the employerUnless safety rules are violatedUp to a maximum of 30 percent of weekly wagesA life insurance policy may include provisions that do all of the following EXCEPT:1.Restrict coverage if death is caused by suicide2.Require evidence of insurability to reinstate coverage*3.Extend the contestable period beyond two yearsAdjust proceeds if the insured’s age is misstated on the applicationThe examination may include some experimental questions that will not be scored. Ifpresent, they are distributed throughout the examination and will not be identified as such.These are used to gather statistical information on the questions before they are added to theexamination as scored items. These experimental questions will not be counted for oragainst you in the final examination score.You will be helping us help future test takers by completing 5 experimental test questions inyour exam. We plan to use the experimental questions on future exams based on yourperformance.The questions will:ExamResults be randomly distributed within your test will not be counted in your final score time spent on the question will not be deducted from your test timeAt the end of your exam, you will see your exam results on the screen. In addition, you willreceive a score report via email. For questions regarding your exam, contact Prometric.Duplicate score reports, please use our electronic score report portal to download or printduplicate copies of your candidate score report when or as needed. Please visit . You will be required to enter the confirmationnumber of your exam and your last name to complete this task.AppealsProcessOur goal is to provide a quality exam and a pleasant testing experience for every candidate. Ifyou are dissatisfied with either and believe we can correct the problem, we would like to hearfrom you. We provide an opportunity for general comments at the end of your exam. Yourcomments will be reviewed by our personnel, but you will not receive a direct response.If you would like to submit an appeal concerning examination content, registration, schedulingor test administration (testing site procedures, equipment, personnel, etc.), please submit anappeal by visiting Appeals Committee will review your concern and send you a written response within 20business days of receipt.12

Apply for Your LicenseSubmit YourApplicationOnce you have passed your license exam (if an exam is required), you must submit yourlicense application along with any other required documents and your fee. Apply online . You must submit your complete NAIC Uniform Application, through the NIPRelectronic licensing system ( If you answer "Yes" to a background question on the application, submit yourwritten statement accompanied by corresponding court documents (printoutsfrom a court's web site are not acceptable) as part of your NIPR electronic licenseapplication using the Attachments Ware

3 Life and Health Producer Combo General 2015 60 Life and Health Producer Combo State 2016 Property Producer General 2017 60 Property Producer State 2018 Property Casualty Producer Combo General 2019 60 Property Casualty Producer Combo State 2020 Adviser Property Casualty General 2021 60 Adviser Property Casualty State 2022 Retake of the two-part exam

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If you cannot provide the identification listed above, contact Prometric before scheduling your appointment to arrange an alternative way to meet this requirement. Your exam will be given by computer at a Prometric test center using Prometric’s user-friendly, Microsoft Windows

Nebraska Department of Insurance P. O. Box 95087 Lincoln, NE 68509-5087 Tel. (402) 471-4913 Website: For questions about scheduling exams: Phone: 800.853.4753 Visit our website: . Nebraska Department of Insurance and Prometric are pleased to announce the

The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) is the state agency that regulates insurance in Maryland. The MIA: Licenses insurers and insurance producers (agents or brokers). Examines the business practices of licensees to ensure compliance. Monitors solvency of insurers. Reviews/approves insurance policy forms.

Life Insurance. 20 Series 14-25. 20 Vermont Producer's Examination for Accident, Health and HMO . 89 Main Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-3101 Phone: 802.828.3303 Web site: QUESTIONS ABOUT EXAMINATION OR PRELICENSING Prometric

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The Maryland Disability Determination Services . The Maryland Disability Determination Services (DDS) is ever mindful of its charge to bring accurate, timely answers to Maryland citizens who apply for the Social Security Administration's (SSA) two disability programs. These are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI),

4 Maryland Insurance Administration 800-492-6116 A CONSUMER GUIDE TO ANNUITIES rate may be higher or lower than the interest rate you would earn in a bank savings account . An equity index or fi xed index annuity is a variation of the fi xed annuity .

Lincoln, NE 68501-2089 Tel. (402) 471-4913 . test center or in a remotely proctored testing location using Prometric’s ProProctor application. You may take the exam at any Prometric test center in the United States or in a remotely proctored location. *ProProctor –ProProct