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Getting started with the Webex Board1 Camera2 Microphone array3 Home button4 Loudspeakers5 Magnetic pen holder6 Connector panel (at rear)Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Make a call1 Tap Call.2 Search for Webex Team user, Webex Device ordial and select by tapping.3 Tap the Call button.4 When you are ready to finish your call, tap(You may need to tap the screen to display).You can also initiate a call or join a Webex TeamsMeeting – while in proximity of the Webex Board.Hot Tip: When contacting other schools, just type in theschool name – it will be similar to their website nameSchools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Using the Webex whiteboard1 On the Webex Board, tap Whiteboard.2 Use the stylus or your finger to draw.Select a colour or the eraser by tapping thecorresponding dot.3 Create a new whiteboard by tapping.ORView all whiteboards by tapping.Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Sharing a computer screenWIRELESSLY1 Open the Webex Teams App on your device or computer.2 Click Connect to a device.3 Click Share.USING THE CABLE1 Connect the HDMI cable to the computer: Note some computers require an adaptor.Hot Tip: You must have your SOUND ON to share wirelessly– connection to the board is sonic (not Bluetooth).Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Webex Teams App Webex Teams is an app for continuous communication with video meetings, group messaging, filesharing and whiteboarding. You can download the app on any device - computer, mobile or tablet. Download it now to get started: Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Webex Teams AppMeetingsSometimes the best way to share information or havediscussions is during a meeting.ScheduleWebex Teams gives you several options for hostingmeetings, but, at its simplest, you can either schedule ameeting for later or start a meeting right away.CallingWant to talk to someone face to face? Youcan jump on a call with someone in CiscoWebex Teams.Make a CallTo schedule a meeting, go to the activity menu ,choose Meetings , and then select Create MeetingTo start a meeting right away, go to the activity menu ,choose CallIf you just know someone'sphone number, the simplest wayto call them is to go to , enterthe number in the keypad, andselect Call . After you callsomeone, they'll show up onyour Calls list.After you've talked to someone,you can then just select theirname from the Calls list andselect Call .JoinWhen it’s time for your scheduled meeting or call to start,just anywhere in the meeting notification.You can also call someone from the activity menudirect message.Turn off Video and AudioYour video will be on when your meeting starts, butclickto turn it off. You can tell video is turned off whenthe icon is blue. To mute your audio, just select Mute . Ifyou’re hearing too much background noise from others, youcan mute them or other devices connected to the meetingtoo.Answer a CallWhen someone calls you, youcan answer or decline the call fromthe notification pop-up that appears.If you're on your desktop app andyou're busy but want to send amessage to the caller, you can dothat too.Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Boardin a

What is a team? What is a space? A team is a virtual place intended for long term use. A team can beuseful for managing large numbers of people, e.g. all staff at a school,all students at a school and then each Year Level. You could alsopotentially have a team for the whole school community - all staff,students and parents. People from a team can be put into a space to work on a project, eventor a group assignment. So a team could be all Erinsborough High students and a space canbe created for ‘Year 7A English 2018’ or ‘School Band’. For school staff, a space could be ‘Year 9 Camp’ or ‘2018 Graduation’. A ‘space’ enables ongoing collaboration with one or more people – youcan send messages, make calls, video conference, share files, andwhiteboard. Open a space to access files, make a call, start or resume awhiteboard.Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Open a spaceOpen a Space to access files, make a call, start or resume awhiteboard.1 When you are in proximity to a Webex Board, open the space onyour device (mobile phone, computer or tablet).Activity menu2 Click on the Activity menu in the top right corner of the screen.3 Click on Open on board, to open the space on the board.4 The space is now open on the Webex Board. You may savewhiteboards to the space as well as retrieve whiteboards,images and files previously stores.Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex BoardOpen on Webex Board

Annotate1 Share your laptop screen either wirelessly from the Cisco WebexTeams app, or through an HDMI cable. [See sharing a Computer Screen]2 Tap the annotate iconthat appears in the top left corner of theCisco Webex Board screen to start annotation. If it is not visible,tap the screen once. Note: Opening the drawing function may takea couple of seconds.3 Draw on the shared screen with the four available colours.You can use the eraser to remove what you don’t wish to keep.Tapto remove the last step.When in a call, others can follow the presentation with annotation from theirpaired Cisco Webex Teams app.When you have finished making your annotation, tap Resume to return to thepresentation.Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Annotate continued 4. When you're done with working on the presentation, tap either Done orSave. Done: Ends the annotation and returns you to the original presentation.The image is stored temporarily. You can view the file, but you can’tcontinue working on it. The file is deleted when the board goes to sleep.Tapping ‘Done’ ends the drawing, and returns you to the presentation. Save Your Work: (only available when working on a local presentationwhen you’re not in a call). This creates a space and saves a snapshot ofthe presentation as a .png-file to that space. The space is opened on theboard as you create it and includes everyone who is in proximity at thetime it is created. In the App, add and remove people from the spaceafter it is created.Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Where to get help Webex Teams -us/ghmde9 Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board

Schools Virtual Conferencing Getting started with the Webex Board Make a call 1 Tap Call. 2 Search for Webex Team user, Webex Device or dial and select by tapping. 3 Tap the Call button. 4 When you are ready to finish your call, tap (You may need to tap the screen to display). You can also initiate a call or join a Webex Teams

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How to download WebEx Productivity Tools from WebEx Portal State of Illinois WebEx Portal 1. Log in to or 2. Click “Downloads” from the

The Webex Work bundle provides Webex Teams messaging, Webex Meetings (Webex Meetings Center 1000), and Webex Calling (VAR or SP) on a single subscription for an affordable price. The Webex Work . Webex Work bundle is billed on a per-user basis with the ability to commit to a

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Some examples of the improved experience using Webex meetings devices together include: Using the Webex Meetings or Teams apps to effortlessly pair with, start or end a meeting, or wirelessly share content on a Webex device (such as Webex Board, Room Kits or DX80). 1 Using your Webex device to dial into a Webex Meetings or Teams

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- Double-click the WebEx One-Click icon on your desktop. - Go to Start Programs WebEx Productivity Tools WebEx One-Click. 2 In the One-Click Panel, click Edit WebEx Settings. The WebEx Settings dialog box appears. To open the WebEx Settings dialog box from the One-Clic

Collaboration Transitions - Meetings: Transitioning from Cisco Meeting Server to Webex 17 Meetings: Transitioning from CMS to Webex Webex Cloud Meetings Call Flow Expressway. Media travels to the VMNs. 1. with a cascade to Webex OR Without VMN, media travels directly from endpoints to Webex via the Expressway-C / Expressway-E. 1. TMS /

Cisco Webex Share is a palm-sized device that plugs into the HDMI port on your display, to turn it into a wireless presentation screen with the Webex Teams or Webex Meetings app. Connect wirelessly to a monitor, display, or TV STEP 01 Open the Cisco Webex Teams app on your l

Getting Started 5 Download the App 5 Sign In for the First Time 6 Windows and Mac 6 Single Sign-On (SSO) 6 Webex Authentication 7 Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android) 8 The Webex App 8 Webex for Windows and Mac 8 Webex for iPhone 9 Webex for Android 9 Help 10 Spaces 10 Navigation Menu 10 Profile and Preferences 10 Status 10 Presence of .

WebEx Hosts and Presenters . Getting Started Guide for. Scheduling a Meeting in Outlook . First, install the WebEx Productivity Tools . Then you can schedule your online Meeting using Outlook just like you schedule an in-person appointment. To schedule a meeting using Outlook: 1. Open Micros

Getting Started with Cisco WebEx Meeting Applications Revised: September, 2010, OL-21352-01 Contents Modifying Your Provisioned Cisco WebEx Account, page 6-1 † Setting Proxy Permissions, page 6-5 † Productivity Toolbars and Menus, page 6-9 † Where to Go Next, page 6-11 Modifying Your Provisioned Cisco WebEx Account

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Using Webex Meetings for iOS . Installing Cisco Webex Meetings on your iOS device: 1. On your iOS device, bring up the App Store: 2. Click Search, then type . Cisco Webex Meetings. in the search field. 3. Select Cis

WebEx Recording Editor: You can use WebEx Recording Editor to edit any recording (.wrf) that was made using WebEx Recorder. You can also use it to convert your .wrf WebEx recordings to .wmv format for import into other programs, such as Camtasia or upload into our Kaltura Streaming Media serv

source. If you have not used Webex before it will ask you to download a temporary file. Once the file downloads open the file and it will open the Webex menu. Using WebEx in your course 8 . A separate WebEx window will open. Before officia

Join a meeting from the Webex desktop app Step 1 Open the Webex desktop app and clickJoin next to the meeting you . Have one audio source If you and your colleagues are planning to join a Webex meeting from the same meeting room, it’s best . By just typing Webex

Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users 4 How to join Webex using the Webex desktop application 1. Launch your Webex client on your computer. 1. When launch for the first time, you will see the screen below. Click . 2. You will be prompted to enter your information. (This information wi

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