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0.00The Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club NewsletterNovember 2020GPMCTODAY11.1.20Visit our Website at 35 Issue 11Next Mustang MeetingWednesday, November 4Pro Bike Run @ North Park9999 Kummer Rd, Allison Park, PA 15101President’s Greeting To All MembersHello All,Welcome to fall everyone! The daylight hours are definitely getting shorter and it is getting darker earlier. By the time ofour next meeting we will have had our time change and it will be dark before 6pm. Gone for now are the warm nights ofsummer and here now are the cool nights of fall. It’s time to get out our winter clothes and layer up. Football season,everything pumpkin and fall foliage is here. We had a very, very nice cruise to Kinzua Skywalk with our own tour guide.It was a long but fun day and ended with a fantastic dinner with friends. Thank You Barb for planning our day!We will have our November meeting to nominate members for our December yearly elections. Anyone can run for anyposition. If you are interested please come to the meeting on November 4th.We are also collecting toys for the Toys for Tots program. Please bring an unwrapped toy for a child in need. Witheverything going on this year I am sure it will be much needed.We will have our November and December meeting at Pro Bike & Run, 9999 Kummer Rd, Allison Park, PA, 15101.At the December meeting we can discuss future winter meetings. At this point we do not know what is going to happenwith Covid and the flu that may restrict meetings or may not.Hope to see you all on November 4th.Danielle LanePresident, GPMCDon’t forget, when in doubt, check the Club Website at before going to meetings, events or cruises, for anyannouncements regarding inclement weather delays or cancellations.

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Our Membership Coordinator Betsy Bedel says:It’s time to renew your membership in The Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club for2021. It should be another exciting year full of opportunities to get out there inyour Mustang and have fun with fellow enthusiasts.Make your check for 20.00 payable to: Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club andmail it to me at the address below, or hand it to me at a meeting.Please review your membership information in the GPMC Membership andCar Directory and make any necessary changes or corrections by sending mean e-mail or sending them in with your payment. Ifyou are an MCA member, and if you haven’t already done so, please let meknow what your membership number is and when it expires. If you havequestions, I may be reached at 412-889-3847.The deadline for renewing is December 31, 2020. Don’t put it off. Do it nowto avoid forgetting during the hectic upcoming holidays.Betsy Bedel, Membership CoordinatorGreater Pittsburgh Mustang Club5950 Ridge RdGibsonia, PA 15044November 2020Page 2 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Upcoming Events and ActivitiesOur GPMC Activities are listed in Bold Print. Some dates and events are subject to change, so please check thewebsite at for the most current information such as weather postponements and cancellations.Meeting Dates and LocationsNovember 4 - Pro Bike Run at North ParkDecember 2 - Pro Bike Run at North ParkDirections for these meetings are listed on our website. gpmc.orgOther Events:OctoberOct 24 & 25 – Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Fall Car Show at Pitt RaceOfficers, Directors, and Other Points of ContactPresident **Danielle Lanepresident@gpmc.orgMCA Director **Bill Rossmannvrossmann@comcast.netActivities CoordinatorBarb Cherwatyactivities@gpmc.orgVice President **Robert Allisonvicepresident@gpmc.orgWebmasterRich Frickewebmaster@gpmc.orgMerchandise CoordinatorOPENxxxxxxxxxxxxxSecretary **OPENsecretary@gpmc.orgNewsletter EditorJohn Reisznewsletter@gpmc.orgTreasurer **Jason Uhlergt350man@verizon.netMembership CoordinatorBetsy Bedelmembership@gpmc.orgDirectors at Large *Mark Bedel1958cyclist@gmail.comJerry** Officer and Director* DirectorNew Member Director at Large *OPENxxxxxxxxxxxxxWelcome New MembersJames Beau, 1995 Mustang 5.0 H.O. (Cobra), Yellow/Black & GrayJean and Doug McDade, 1965 Mustang, Red/BlackJim Harshberger, 1984 Mustang GT, Blue/BlackThom SpagnolNovember 2020Page 3 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020General Meeting MinutesGreater Pittsburgh Mustang Club – October 7, 2020VP Robert called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at Pro-Bike & Run in Allison Park.There were 24 members present and no new members. Theresa sold the 50/50 for Denny who was absent.Announcements: This starts the beginning of toy donations to Toys for Tots. Please bring a donation toour upcoming meetings.Guests: None.Prior Meeting Minutes: Mark Bedel made a motion to accept. Tim S. seconded it. Motion carried.Treasurer’s Report: INCOME received were from dues, donations to Orange Belt Tour and the ShultsAnnual contribution. EXPENSES were donations to Orange Belt from individuals to PVGP, All Ford Carshow trophies, wipes, gloves & start-up money. PENDING income from food vendor. PENDING expensesof donation to charity from ALL Ford Show.Darrell made a motion to except the report. Lisa seconded it. Motion carried. Jason also reported thatPVGP is still taking donations. Our club is in 3rd place for donations.Jason thanked everyone for being there for his family in memory of Jacquie.Membership: Betsy reported there are 5 new members, 3 from the car show, 1 renewal, for a total of 117memberships. It is now time to renew for the next year.Newsletter: John thanked everyone for contributions and also Mark Bedel’s contributions. Keep themcoming. Deadline is the 20th.Merchandise: No report.Webmaster: Rich asked anyone with pictures to put them on Google Drive to send to him. He will puthow-to instructions online.MCA: Absent, no report.Activities: Absent, no report. Robert asked anyone interested in going to upcoming Fall Cruise on the 10thto rsvp if haven’t already.Old Business: We had 136 cars in attendance at the All Ford Show. After discussion was made regardingthe amount of donation to the charity chosen, Darrell made a motion that we donate 2500. Tom secondedit. Motion carried.Old Business: Lisa suggested that we possibly have a Spring Stampede party or Mustang Day since theChristmas party has been cancelled. It could possibly be outdoors in May. Mark B. also recommendeddoing it at the Bike shop indoor or outdoor. It could also be done as a Membership Drive before the cruisingseason, instead of after. Discussion will continue regarding it.Other: 50/50 winner was Theresa.Nominations for board openings will be accepted at next month’s meeting. It will be at Pro Bike Run again.Barb P. made a motion to adjourn. Joanne seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.Respectfully submitted, Charlyn Mulkey, Secretary subNovember 2020Page 4 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Upcoming MCA events scheduled so farMCA NATIONAL SHOWS2021July 23 – July 25, 2021Follow the Yellow Brick RoadMCA National ShowMustang Club of Greater Kansas CityKansas City, KansasREGISTRATION LINKHOST CLUB LINKSeptember 3 – September 5, 2021The Great Mustang RoundupMCA National ShowOklahoma Mustang ClubMustang, OklahomaHOST CLUB LINKIf you are an MCA member and have not done so already please send your MCA number andexpiration date to Betsy Bedel our membership coordinator at* * * * * * * * *If you are wondering what alternatives there are to sending emails of photos for use in theNewsletter or for posting on our website Rich Fricke, our Webmaster provides instructions belowfor sharing photos that reside on Google Drive1. your computer, go to the folder you want to shareClick ShareUnder "People," type the email address or Google Group you want to share withTo choose how a person can use the folder, click the Down arrowClick SendIf you still have trouble, try going to "" and type in "how to share files on google drive".It will give you more information and videos on how to do it.*November 2020********Page 5 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Mark Bedel reports on the Penn’s Cave Cruise held September 26.A few Saturdays back, we did a wonderful cruise out to Penn's Cave just beyond State College. We had elevenMustangs and close to 30 club members made the trip. We all met at Dick's Diner on Route 22 before starting the tripat 10:00 am.We made a couple of stops for petrol, refreshments and other necessities along the way. Upon arrival, the Penn'sCave staff had provided a "special" Mustang Club only parking area. Two boats took us all on a tour of theunderground cavern as well as Lake Nittany. We finished the afternoon off with dinner at the US Hotel inHollidaysburg and then departed heading for home.Special thanks to Jerry and Pat Smith and Tim and Theresa Senich for planning and doing a reconnaissance trip. Agood time was had by all!November 2020Page 6 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020* * * * * * * * *A First Person Report from your newsletter editorYour Newsletter Editor was in Charlotte in September as a participant in the GT350 Track Attack programconducted by Ford Performance Racing School and facilitated by professional instructors with several yearsof racing involvement.The program is a high-performance driving experience free of charge to owners of new Shelby GT350 and 350RMustangs, with classroom and on-track instruction to leverage the cars’ full track capability. The program, scheduledthroughout the year was previously held in Salt Lake City, Utah but beginning this year was held at Charlotte MotorSpeedway venues including the speedway oval, the infield road track and Zmax Dragway. I was originally scheduledfor early May but I was pushed to September due to NASCAR taking over the speedway for the month leading up toone of their racing events. I had chosen the complimentary 1 day program, and paid a fee to bring my wife along as anon-driving guest. Other options included bringing a driving guest, and a day 2 program, both options requiring theuse of Mustang GTs.November 2020Page 7 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19 the Welcome Reception event scheduled for the evening prior was cancelledso we started right in with classes and driving the following morning. Some of the major points we discussed werevehicle dynamics including traction, understeer/oversteer, weight transfer and managing tire contact patches. Alsodiscussed was braking including defining the braking zone, straight line braking, pedal pressure and heel-toetechnique, and cornering including turn-in, apex, corner exit speed and use of all of the track. These classes wereinterspersed with significant in-car track sessions to apply and experience first-hand what we learned.The school assigned us GT350s that were basically stock with the exception of a rollbar and racing harness. We wereissued racing suits, full face racing helmets with a headset, and a HANS “head and neck support” device to attach tothe helmet and secure under the shoulder straps. Somewhat restrictive but you cannot compromise safety, especiallyif you spin out and hit the wall when going over 110 mph!My first in-car session involved using the shutdown area and return road of Zmax for the braking exercises like pedalpressures and ABS tolerance, and to practice the heel-toe throttle blip downshifting technique. This was not easy byany means. Next I moved on to the Skid Car, an everyday sedan with an outrigger contraption with small tires at eachcorner that the instructor can through remote control raise and lower the outrigger wheels which lower and raise howmuch car is in contact with the pavement to give me the sense of oversteer and understeer. Unintentionally, I did acouple 360s, no lie!Moving on, I was back in the yellow/black striped #2 GT350 to experience on a slalom course the differences of the3 out of the 5 selectable driving modes: Normal, Sport, and Track (Weather and Drag Strip were not utilized). Eachmode has preselected settings for suspension, steering and exhaust. After lunch I spent the afternoon in severalsessions driving the speedway oval/infield road track circuit. This was arranged as a lead/follow, the instructor wasalone in the front of my group of 3 cars following him. We began with a casual drive around the entire circuit tobecome somewhat familiar with the course. Driving at a rather slow speed when on the speedway turns with bankingof 24% is quite unnerving, I had the sensation that I was going to fall out the window. My wife was with me for the “getto know the course” drive and let me say she got to know me!My group pulled into the Xfinity garage paddock area so I could let my wife out and we then reentered the infield trackto begin our first session. We began moving quite quickly to warm up the Michelins then the instructor energeticallypicked up the pace. We drove through the first segment of the road course then out onto the speedway oval justbefore the first turn and let ’er rip. We would pass through turn #2 and come full throttle down the backstretch beforehard braking deep and throttle blip downshift to make the short deviation down off the straight and back up on to it. Ithink they put this piece in to keep us from losing control at a very high speed and killing ourselves. At least I boughtthe extra car damage insurance for 220 to limit my out of pocket expense to 7,000!Next we headed into turn #3, and on subsequent laps here is where our group of followers would reorder our positionsto allow each driver to have an opportunity to be behind the instructor. This provides an opportunity not only for theinstructor to assess your performance but if you think he should pick up the pace you could in effect “push him” byclosing your distance. To execute the reorder the first position driver would reduce speed a bit and drop down to thetrack edge while the others increase speed and pull up to fill in the empty spots. By then you have increased yourspeed to their pace and pulled into the end of the line. The reorder has to be completed by the end of turn #4 prior tothe group dropping down off the oval again to head back into the infield road course. This was repeated in each 20minute session, 3 sessions in all. In between sessions we relaxed in the garage area while receiving driving pointers,and at one break they topped of the gas tanks. After the track sessions were over the instructors were providing ridea-longs to all guests and drivers .hang on for dear life!!!!!Afterwards, we drove slowly back to the school building using the access roads that are throughout the back of therace complex. At the building we had an informal graduation ceremony, receiving a certificate of completion, a jumpdrive of our cars in action, a Track Attack T-shirt, a personalized metallic “trophy” that resembles the front fender areawhere the heat extractor resides and a few tchotchkes. I had a really great time and learned a lot. Thank you Ford forthe fantastic program.November 2020Page 8 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020* * * * * * * * *November 2020Page 9 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Classified AdsFOR SALE8.8 inch 2.73 ring and pinion, OEM from a 94 Mustang GT,Used only 5,000 miles, new condition, never abused 75.Contact Lanny Liggett 412-264-5856PARTS HELP WANTEDI’m requesting help to find parts or replacement transmissions for my 1978 Mustang King Cobra with a V-8engine. The V-8 is an important factor as a different transmission was used in the 4 and 6 cylinder models!Please contact me if you have any information about suppliers/shops/junkyards thatyou may have used or recommend I contact for:-new replacement transmissions/brackets/shifters- used transmissions I can rebuild-used transmission partsMy existing T-4 aluminum transmission needs an output shaft. Existing one is badly worn/damaged.Contact Rich King richkingpin@gmail.comNovember 2020Page 10 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Support Our SponsorSupport our AdvertisersADVERTISING POLICYFree Member Classified Ads:“"For Sale"" and ""Wanted"" cars and parts only.Cars/parts for sale must be personal property of themember (not the property of the member's businessor that of a non-member friend or businessassociate).Limited to three consecutive months, fifty words orless; photos will be cropped to fit as space allows.Business Ads: Must be for a one-year period, can berenewed annually. No changes in content until up forrenewal.Must be copy-ready. Business card sized ads in theGPMC newsletter and on the GPMC website are 50per year, 50 for both (Not Each). Please contact thenewsletter editor for prices on other size ads.*** special pricing for GPMC ber 2020Page 11 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Support our AdvertisersNovember 2020Page 12 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Support our AdvertisersSherrard, German & Kelly, mber 2020Page 13 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020Links to other Mustang and car Websites:ClubsLake Erie Mustang Owners Club (LEMOC): Valley Mustangs (MVM): Classic Mustang Club (NCMC): Ohio Mustang Club (NEOMC): Club of Central PA (MCCPA): Club of America (MCA): 6 Association: American Automobile Club (SAAC): Forums: Shelby: 302 Forum: Registry: Mustang Registry: Mustang Registry: Mustang Registry: Museum of America (Alabama): Owner’s Museum (Charlotte): us up to date and current!Let us know when your address changes (email and home), add or change phone numbers, or you add or remove acar from your stable. (Hope you add rather than remove).Please contact us, we want to keep our records as current as possible. Besides those addresses, we have a photosection on the website that depicts our Mustangs, project cars and other vehicles of interest for sharing, so send thoseto Rich – Webmaster - too.Send emails to or use the USPS to:Membership Coordinator: Betsy Bedel - Snail Mail: 5950 Ridge Rd, Gibsonia, PA 15044Webmaster: Rich Fricke - webmaster@gpmc.orgNewsletter Editor: John Reisz - Snail Mail: 111 Buck Run Dr, Harrison City, PA 15636CORRECTIONS, ERRORS & OMISSIONSPlease send corrections & omissions to the editor, newsletter@GPMC.orgNovember 2020Page 14 of 15

GPMC NEWS – November 2020GREATERPITTSBURGHMUSTANG CLUBJohn ReiszNewsletter Editor111 Buck Run DrHarrison City, PA 15636TO:newsletter@gpmc.orgNewsletter SubmissionsNext MeetingWednesday, November 4, 2020Pro Bike Run9999 Kummer RdAllison Park, PA 15101Board Mtg. 7:00 pmGeneral Mtg. 7:30 pmPlease share your pictures and short stories with thenewsletter and the website; however, large quantities ofphotos are better shared with the webmaster, while shortstories accompanied by one or two shots are better suitedfor the newsletter. The Newsletter will share with thewebmaster!The deadline for the next newsletter is:November 20, 2020November 2020Page 15 of 15

MCA events scheduled so far Upcoming MCA NATIONAL SHOWS 2021 July 23 - July 25, 2021 Follow the Yellow Brick Road MCA National Show Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City Kansas City, Kansas REGISTRATION LINK HOST CLUB LINK September 3 - September 5, 2021 The Great Mustang Roundup MCA National Show

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