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PBS FOR GREATERLOS ANGELES ANDSOUTHERN CALIFORNIAThe top-rated public television station in the region 1, PBS SoCal, andlargest independent public station, KCET serve 18 million people 2across six Southern California counties, with distinctive PBS programsand local productions that invigorate the West Coast voice.More than a television station, PBS SoCal and KCET bringeducational and culturally diverse content and experiences intocommunities, in partnership with organizations and schools.SOURCES:1. 2017 The Nielsen Company2. U.S. Census Bureau July 2016 Population Estimates

CONTENT THATEDUCATES,INSPIRES ANDCONNECTSWINNING THEHEARTS ANDMINDS OF FANSPAYS DIVIDENDSWITH HIGHLYENGAGEDAUDIENCESCLUTTER-FREEENVIRONMENTKEEPS VIEWERSENGAGEDVIEWERS HOLD SPONSORS IN HIGH REGARDFOR THEIR SUPPORT OF A NOBLE CAUSEBy virtue of supporting PBS SoCal and KCET, theconnection you build with viewers instills a halo effect thatpredisposes their desire to do business with you.71%agree that PBS sponsors providea valuable public service ¹68%believe PBS sponsors have a commitmentto quality and excellence ¹55%view PBS sponsorsas industry leaders ¹54%visit a PBS sponsor’swebsite to learn more ²EDUCATEDThey prioritize education and lifelong learningfor themselves and their familiesINFLUENTIALThey drive trends through word of mouth andinfluence corporate and social networksCULTURALPassionate about the arts, they relish music, theater and museumsCOMMUNITY-MINDEDThey care about the future of Southern California, participatein local initiatives and are highly active in the community59%pay more attention to sponsor messagesthan ads on commercial networks ²QUALITY PRODUCTION OF SPONSORMESSAGES MIRRORS PROGRAMMINGHype-free sponsor messages delivered in a directstyle win viewer appreciation and make the most ofPBS SoCal and KCET’s credible environment66%feel PBS sponsorship is more trustworthythan the advertising on other networks ²SOURCES:1. Commercialism Research, City Square Associates, January-February 20162. PBS Sponsorship Study: Audience Attitudes and Behaviors, City Square Associates, 2015

TRUSTED.VALUED.ESSENTIAL.HIGH QUALITY CONTENTEDUCATES, INSPIRES AND CONNECTSPBS SOCAL AND KCET ARE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S LARGESTSTAGE, LARGEST CLASSROOM AND WINDOW TO THE WORLDLARGEST STAGEBringing the worlds of music, theater, dance and art alive to Southern CaliforniaAmerican MastersMASTERPIECEGreat PerformancesLive From Lincoln CenterAustin City LimitsLAaRTVariety Studio: Actors on ActorsPBS Fall Arts FestivalArtboundMust See MoviesLARGEST CLASSROOMMaking a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based entertainment Educational content and outreach programs help prepare millions of children for successWINDOW TO THE WORLDAddressing important issues for both children and adults, Americans rank PBS #1 in trustPBS NewsHourFRONTLINEWashington WeekIndependent LensPOVBBC World NewsBBC World News AmericaSoCal ConnectedNHK NewslineSOURCE: Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. (M&RR), January 2019PHOTO CREDIT: Sherlock Holmes (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH)Courtesy of Hartswood Films and MASTERPIECE

THE PBS EXPERIENCE PERSONIFIEDPBS SOCAL AND KCET AMPLIFY THE POWER OF ITS CONTENTIN-PERSON, VIA LIVE EVENTS AND SOCIAL IMPACT INITIATIVESTHAT EDUCATE AND SPARK CIVIL DIALOGUELIVE Community Screenings: Exhibiting primetimeprograms, forums, panel discussions andExecutive Producer presentations Engagement Events: Partnering with localorganizations for community events that enhanceand support the mission of PBS SoCal and KCETSOCIAL IMPACT American Graduate: PBS SoCal’slocal public awareness campaign andoutreach to raise graduation rates Ready to Learn: Closing the achievementgap through local education and earlylearning engagement initiatives To Foster Change: A public media intitiativeaimed at fostering change in the realities and lifeoutcomes for Southern California’s foster youthPHOTO CREDIT: 2016 Fall Arts Festival PBS SoCal

SOUTHERNCALIFORNIA’SWINDOW TOTHE WORLDRANKED #1 IN TRUST, PBS ISA LEADER IN ADDRESSINGIMPORTANT ISSUESFor more than 40 years, millions of Americansand citizens of the world have turned to the PBSNewsHour for reliable reporting that has made itone of the most trusted news programs in television.Delivering coverage and analysis of internationalevents and issues with a fresh perspective,BBC World News America connects the dotsbetween the United States and the world.The longest running primetime news and public affairsprogram on television, Washington Week hasdelivered the most interesting conversation of the weekfor more than 50 years. Journalists from various newsorganizations participate in roundtable discussion ofmajor news events in politics, policy and government.BBC World News provides the latest global newsfrom the world’s largest news broadcaster. Newscastscontain the most up-to-date news, interviews,analysis, business reports and world sports news.FRONTLINE is investigative journalism that questions,explains and changes the world. Since 1983, itsinvestigations have helped breathe new life into terrorismcold cases, freed innocent people from jail, promptedU.N. resolutions, and spurred policy and social change.Now in its 8th season, award-winning SoCalConnected offers viewers in-depth stories that imapactAngelenos — from the environment, health, socialand community issues, local history and more.Independent Lens and POV documentaries examinetopics that don’t often make mainstream news.SOURCE: Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. (M&RR), January 2019PHOTO CREDIT: Anchored by managing editor Judy Woodruff, PBS NEWSHOUR provides in-depthanalysis of current events with a team of seasoned and highly regarded journalists PBS

VIEWERS OF PBS NEWSAND PUBLIC AFFAIRS AREEDUCATED30%more likely to hold apost-graduate degreeINFLUENTIAL77%more likely to be a member ofany group that tries to influencepublic policy or governmentCULTURAL107%85%more likely to attend classicalmusic / opera performancesmore likely to attendart galleries / showsPBS ranks 4thamong television networksOpinion Leaders watchedin the past week.PBS NewsHour and NOVA are inthe Top 10 programs watched.Opinion Leaders rate:PBS NewsHour#1 most credible program,and Independent Lens,NOVA and FRONTLINEwithin the Top 5.PBS NewsHourCOMMUNITYMINDED#1 most objective program,42%more likely to visit museums42%more likely to attend live theater79%more likely to participate inenvironmental groups / causes87%more likely to be amember of a civic cluband NOVA, FRONTLINE andWashington Weekwithin the Top 10.SOURCE: 2018 Erdos & MorganOpinion Leaders StudySOURCE: 2019 Doublebase GfK MRIPHOTO CREDIT: STICKY RICE ! by joey zanotti Flickr Creative Commons

SHARINGTHE WONDEROF SCIENCEAND NATURENOVA is the highest-rated science series on televisionand one of the most acclaimed, having won every majortelevision award, most of them many times over. Its approach,applied for more than 40 years, demystifies science indocumentaries and resources that are equally informativeand entertaining. Covering the latest breakthroughs intechnology to the deepest mysteries of the natural world,NOVA shows the human story behind the science story.Celebrating more than 35 seasons, Nature delivers thebest in original natural history films and is considered thebenchmark of natural history programs on American television.The series has won more than 600 honors from the televisionindustry, the international wildlife film community, parentgroups and environmental organizations — including 10Emmy Awards, three George Foster Peabody Awards andthe first honor ever given to a program by the Sierra Club.Tending Nature shines a light on the environmentalknowledge of indigenous peoples across California byexploring how they have actively shaped and tended the landfor millennia, examining how humans are necessary to live inbalance with nature and how traditional practices can inspirea new generation of Californians to tend their environment.Co-produced by the Thomson Reuters Foundation,Earth Focus travels to far-flung parts of the globe,including Sierra Leone, Madagascar and Morocco, aswell as cities in the U.S. including New Orleans, LosAngeles and San Francisco to provide audiences withurgent local and global environmental coverage.PHOTO CREDIT: #superbloom at California’s Walker Canyon by Beau Rogers Flickr Creative Commons

VIEWERS OF PBS SCIENCEAND NATURE AREEDUCATED14%more likely to hold apost-graduate degree*INFLUENTIAL30%more likely to be a member ofany group that tries to influencepublic policy or governmentCULTURAL75%more likely to attend classicalmusic / opera performances54%more likely to attend artgalleries / shows42%more likely to visit museums50%more likely to participate inenvironmental groups / causes44%more likely to serve acharitable organizationCOMMUNITYMINDEDSOURCE: 2019 Doublebase GfK MRI, *NOVA viewersPHOTO CREDIT: NOVA-SolarEclipseImage courtesy of NASA/SDO

SOUTHERNCALIFORNIA’SLARGEST STAGEEach year, PBS offers more than 500 hours of Arts andCultural programming, ensuring the worlds of music,theater, dance and art remain available to all.From Broadway to Rock, GREAT PERFORMANCES — the longestrunning anthology program featuring the performing arts — exposes theAmerican public to many forms of music, dance and entertainment fromaround the world that they would never have had the opportunity to see.Since its premiere in 1986, American Masters has been committedto developing and producing comprehensive film biographiesabout the characters that comprise our cultural history.The longest running music series in the country, Austin City Limitspresents popular music legends and innovators from all genresin uninterrupted full concerts recorded live in Austin, Texas.The PBS Arts Fall Festival showcases all forms of art across thecountry. With great star power and fantastic performances, theseshows resonate with audiences who seek out classic performances,cutting edge music and some of the greatest artists of all time.Intelligent, diverse and at times surprising, LAaRT shares aninsider’s look into the creative process of the people and eventsinvolved in Arts and Culture in Southern California and beyond.PBS SoCal and Variety co-produce Variety Studio: Actorson Actors, a series of one-hour specials that go inside theyear’s biggest television programs and movies through candidconversations between some of today’s most acclaimed actors.Emmy award-winning Artbound examines the lives,works and creative processes of arts and culture innovatorsmaking an impact on Southern California.Must See Movies provides a weekly destination forviewers of all ages to watch legendary stars in timelessmovies from Hollywood’s most iconic filmmakers.PHOTO CREDIT: Austin City Limits Paul Simon courtesy of Scott Newton/KLRU

VIEWERS OFPBS ARTS AREEDUCATED44%more likely to hold apost-graduate degreeINFLUENTIAL72%more likely to serve as an officerfor a club / organizationCULTURAL207%more likely to attend classicalmusic / opera performances122%more likely to attend artgalleries / shows101%more likely to attend live theaterCOMMUNITYMINDED63%more likely to visit museums81%more likely to attenddance performances152%58%more likely to serve acharitable organizationmore likely to participate inenvironmental groups / causesSOURCE: 2019 Doublebase GfK MRIPHOTO CREDIT: Sumi Ink Club Visits UF by crol373 Flickr Creative Commons

PBSDRAMASUPERB STORYTELLINGAND FIRST CLASS ACTINGMASTERPIECE, America’s longest running primetime dramaanthology series, presents beloved classics and mysteries.Captivating characters and storylines immerse viewers ingeographies and bygone eras with lavish detail.Favorites have included:Classic Downton Abbey, Victoria, PoldarkMystery Sherlock, Grantchester, EndeavourContemporary WorrickerCall the Midwife, based on the best-selling memoirs of the lateJennifer Worth, tells colorful stories of midwifery and families inLondon’s East End. Call the Midwife follows the nurses, midwivesand nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers ofPoplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care.Based on the crime-novel series by author Caroline Graham, MidsomerMurders follows the efforts of Detective Chief Inspector John Barnabyto solve crimes that occur in the wealthy, isolated English county ofMidsomer, a picturesque and peaceful place on the outside, but onefilled with amoral and snobbish eccentrics with a variety of vices.In Doc Martin, Dr. Martin Ellingham’s truculence and tactlessness causemayhem in a small Cornish community. The series details the trialsand tribulations of the brash Ellingham, a celebrated London surgeonwho is forced to quit his job after developing a blood phobia and findswork as a general practitioner in the sleepy village of Portwenn.Death in Paradise, set on the tiny island of Saint-Marie,follows Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman as he setsout to solve the shocking murder of his predecessor. Withdischeveled British charm and razor-sharp insight, DI Humphreywins his team over to solve more mystifying murders.Based on G.K. Chesterton’s short stories, Father Brown follows a kindlycleric as he solves crimes in his community, using his history of hearingparishoner’s confessions to understand the workings of the criminal mind.PHOTO CREDIT: MASTERPIECE Poldark courtesy of Robert Viglasky: Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE

VIEWERS OFPBS DRAMA AREEDUCATED29%more likely to hold apost-graduate degreeINFLUENTIAL80%more likely to serve as an officerfor a club / organizationCULTURAL198%more likely to attend classicalmusic / opera performances125%more likely to attend artgalleries / shows60%more likely to visit museums109%COMMUNITYMINDEDmore likely to attend live theater75%more likely to serve acharitable organization78%more likely to participate inenvironmental groups / causesSOURCE: 2019 Doublebase GfK MRIPHOTO CREDIT: Los Angeles, CA 2017 by [DV8] DavidPatrick Valera 3 Flickr Creative Commons

HISTORYSTORIES THAT SHARE THE PASTAND SHAPE THE PRESENTAMERICAN EXPERIENCE, TV’s most watchedhistory series, is acclaimed by viewers and criticsalike. AMERICAN EXPERIENCE documentaries havebeen honored with every major broadcast award,including 14 George Foster Peabody Awards, fourduPont-Columbia Awards and 30 Emmy Awards.Documentaries by award-winning filmmaker KENBURNS enable viewers to experience America throughthe eyes of those who built it. The documentarian hasdissected historical events like war, prohibition andthe dust bowl; the history of iconic America includingbaseball, national parks and country music; andvisionaries including presidents, inventors and authors.FINDING YOUR ROOTS WITH HENRY LOUISGATES, JR. explores the mysteries, surprises andrevelations hidden in the family trees of popularfigures including Aziz Ansari, Scarlett Johansson,Ted Danson, Larry David, Ava DuVernay, BryantGumbel, Garrison Keillor, William H. Macy,Suzanne Malveaux, Ana Navarro, Amy Schumer,Mary Steenburgen and Christopher Walken.Applying different interpretive frameworks to thebroad sweep of Southern California history, andre-centering it at the junction of the Pacific Rimand the Spanish borderlands, Lost LA investigateshow image-making and reinvention fueled theregion’s explosive and surprising growth, erasing ormarginalizing parts of its identiy along the way.Huell Howser travels the state to share California’s richhistory, cultural diversity, natural wonders and amazingdenizens. Whether road-tripping on a Californiahighway, exploring downtown Los Angeles or visitingstate parks and fairs, Huell’s travel shows, includingCalifornia’s Gold and Visiting, all have one thing incommon: showing what makes the Golden State unique.PHOTO CREDIT: Rachel Carson 1955 courtesy of Martha Freeman

VIEWERS OFPBS HISTORY AREEDUCATED54%more likely to hold apost-graduate degreeINFLUENTIAL30%more likely to have a roleas president at workCULTURAL140%more likely to attend classicalmusic / opera performances118%more likely to attend artgalleries / shows96%more likely to visit museums200%more likely to be a memberof a civic club108%more likely to serve acharitable organizationCOMMUNITYMINDEDSOURCE: 2019 Doublebase GfK MRIPHOTO CREDIT: Man Walking By Batman Vs Supermanby joey zanotti Flickr Creative Commons

MISSIONTo foster a love of learning, culture and community using the power of public media.REPRESENTATIVESCentury City Costa Mesa Los Angeles sponsorpbssocal.orgPHOTO CREDITS: Huntington Beach, California by Alex Beattie (cover); Getty Center and Griffith Observatory by Diego Maia Flickr Creative Commons

BBC World News provides the latest global news from the world's largest news broadcaster. Newscasts contain the most up-to-date news, interviews, analysis, business reports and world sports news. Now in its 8th season, award-winning SoCal Connected offers viewers in-depth stories that imapact Angelenos — from the environment, health, social

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4. How does Denver react to Beloved’s arrival? Denver feels a familiarity with Beloved. Unlike Paul D, Beloved was someone that Denver knew, even though she herself is not quite sure about the connection between the baby ghost and the new girl in the house. 5. Why does Beloved like sugar so much? She is still like a baby. 6.

Beloved, I’m coming close to you Beloved, I’ve lost my heart to you Beloved, I’m coming close, I have come close Beloved, I’ve lost my heart to you Sue Rinaldi / Caroline Bonnett 2013 soundtravels (Adm. Song Solutions CCLI# 7038966 COVER ME I lay down by the quiet waters where I rest my troubled soul

TONI MORRISON Beloved I will call them my people, which were not my people; And her beloved, which was not beloved. ROMANS 9:25 ONE 124 WAS SPITEFUL. Full of a baby’s venom. The women in the house knew it and so did the children. For years each put up with the spite in his own way, but by 1873 Sethe and her daughter Denver were its only victims.

Beloved Perspectives Activity One Connecting Feminism and the Author 1. Pose the following question to the class: “Is Toni Morrison a feminist author?” 2. Copy and distribute the handout: Beloved Feminist Activity One: The Feminine Identity in Beloved. 3. Divide the class into four groups, or a number of groups divisible by four. 4.

This paper aims to interpret Toni Morrison's novel Beloved and examine the subjectivity of the controversial character Beloved in the framework of Lacanian subject theory, revealing her subjectivity is not shaped by Morrison in Cartesian . Morrison through Beloved, her unspeakable sufferings mirroring miseries and tortures

becoming beloved to all the brothers and sisters. Imitating the values of saints, each of us needs to become beloved to our own brothers' others. Becoming beloved means cherishing the closeness, vocation, and bringing glory to God constantly on earth. Let us celebrate Mary and other saints and become

Beloved the reader comes across this optimistic prophetic epigraph from Romans 9:25, which seems to forecast an improved future for the black slaves: I will call them my people, Which were not my people; And her beloved, who was not beloved. (1) ut Morrison’s use of Biblical allusions is unclear.

Slavery and Motherhood in Toni Morrison's "Beloved" Author(s): Terry Paul Caesar . Morrison's six novels are full of violence. Part of the price of her canonical status . the feminist text in her work, or to neglect how this text is enriched by the study of her work. Mothers as Slaves Speaking of Beloved in her recent book, The Mother .