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Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZAAccessAccess National Agency Check with Inquiries (ANACI)AdjudicationAir Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)Automated Record Checks (ARC)The ability and opportunity to obtain knowledge ofnational security information. An individual may haveaccess to national security information by being in aplace where such information is kept, if the securitymeasures that are in force do not prevent the individualfrom gaining knowledge of such information.The evaluation of pertinent data in a backgroundinvestigation, as well as any other available informationthat is relevant and reliable, to determine whether acovered individual is: (1) suitable for governmentemployment; (2) eligible for logical and physical access;(3) eligible for access to classified; (4) eligible to hold asensitive position; or (5) fit to perform work for or onbehalf of the government as a federal employee,contractor, or non-appropriated fund employee (EO13467, as amended). For the purpose of this BDR, theadjudicative process begins when the agency receives theinvestigative product from the investigative serviceprovider and continues until the adjudicativedetermination is made, to include due process and appealactions.A method for requesting, collecting, and validatingelectronically accessible and adjudicative relevant datausing the most efficient and cost-effective technologyand means available.Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives(ATF)Back to TopBBackground Investigations (BI)Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS)Back to TopCCenter for Development of Security Excellence(CDSE)Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)Central Verification System (CVS)CohabitantA person with whom an individual resides and sharesbonds of affection, obligation, or other commitment, asopposed to a person with whom an individual resides withfor reasons of convenience (e.g., a roommate).

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryCCentral Intelligence Agency (CIA)ConfidentialConsolidated Adjudications Facility (CAF)Continuous Evaluation (CE)Continuous Vetting (CV)Controlled SubstanceControlled Unclassified Information (CUI)Counterintelligence (CI)Covered IndividualCredentialingCritical-sensitiveThe Department of Defense (DOD) ConsolidatedAdjudications Facility (CAF) is the sole authority todetermine security clearance eligibility of nonIntelligence.The process to review the background of an individualwho has been determined to be eligible for access toclassified information or to hold a sensitive position at anytime during the period of eligibility. The FederalInvestigative Standards state that CE is required for 5% ofindividuals cleared at the tier five level. CE leverages a setof automated record checks and business rules to assist inthe on-going assessment of an individual’s continuedeligibility (EO 13467, as amended). For the purpose ofthis BDR, the CE process begins once an initialadjudicative determination is made and continues until theindividual is no longer eligible for access to classifiedinformation or to hold a sensitive position.Reviewing the background of a covered individual at anytime to determine whether that individual continues tomeet applicable requirements.Any controlled substance as defined in 21 U.S.C. 802.Information that requires safeguarding or disseminationcontrols pursuant to and consistent with applicable law,regulations, and government-wide policies but is notclassified under Executive Order 13526 or the AtomicEnergy Act, as amended.Information gathered and activities conducted to identify,deceive, exploit, disrupt, or protect against espionage,other intelligence activities, sabotage, or assassinationsconducted by or on behalf of foreign powers,organizations, or persons, or their agents, or internationalterrorist organizations or activities.A person who performs, or who seeks to perform workfor or on behalf of the executive branch (e.g., federalemployee, military member, or contractor, or otherwiseinteracts with the executive branch such that theindividual must undergo vetting).The process of evaluating a background investigationagainst a set of standards to determine whether to issuean individual a physical artifact (such as a PIV card) or adata object (such as a digital certificate) for a lawfulgovernment purpose (physical and logical access toclassified information or material; physical and logicalaccess to controlled facilities, areas, or information; orfor a role as an official government representative in alaw enforcement, investigative, security, or otherdesignated function).

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryCustoms and Border Protection (CBP)Back to TopDDefense Central Index of Investigations (DCII)Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency(DCSA)Defense Information System for Security (DISS)Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA)Defense Security Service (DSS)Department of Defense (DOD)Department of Defense Manual (DODM)Department of Energy (DOE)Department/Agency (D/A)Department of Energy (DOE) L AccessDepartment of Energy (DOE) Q AccessDepartment of Health, Education and Welfare(DHEW)Department of Homeland Security (DHS)Department of Justice (DOJ)Department of State (DOS)Department of the Navy (DON)DCII is an automated central index that identifiesinvestigations conducted by DOD investigative agencies.Serves as an Investigative Service Provider, or ISP. Itconducts national security investigations for DOD andother federal agencies, works with other federal agenciesto determine investigative standards, and maintains interagency agreements.The DOD system of record for case management andadjudications for non-IC agencies. It is a secure, end-toend Information Technology system that reduces the DODnational security eligibility determinations, suitability, andHSPD-12 process cycle times by electronically collecting,reviewing, and sharing relevant data among appropriategovernment agencies.Any “executive agency” as defined in 5 U.S.C. §105,including the “military departments,” as defined in 5U.S.C. §102, and any other entity within the executivebranch that comes into possession of classifiedinformation or has positions designated as sensitive.Permits an individual to have access, on a “need toknow” basis, to Confidential Restricted Data, Secret andConfidential Formerly Restricted Data, or Secret andConfidential National Security Information, required inthe performance of duties, provided such information isnot designated “CRYPTO” (classified cryptographicinformation), other classified communications security(“COMSEC”) information, or intelligence information.Permits an individual to have access, on a “need toknow” basis, to Top Secret, Secret, and ConfidentialRestricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, NationalSecurity Information, or special nuclear material inCategory I or II quantities as required in the performanceof duties.

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryDerogatory InformationDirector of National Intelligence (DNI)Due ProcessEElectronic Application (e-App)Electronic Questionnaires for InvestigationsProcessing System (e-QIP)e-AdjudicationEligibilityEnhanced Subject Interview (ESI)Executive Order (E.O.)Information that reflects on the integrity or character ofan individual, or circumstances that suggests that theirability to safeguard national security information may beimpaired, that their access to classified or sensitiveinformation clearly may not be in the best interest ofnational security, or that their activity may be in conflictwith the personnel security standards or adjudicativeguidelines.An established administrative process designed toensure the fair and impartial adjudication of facts andcircumstances when an unfavorable national securityeligibility determination is being considered. Theprocess is offered to individuals before a finalunfavorable determination of national securityeligibility is made.Back to Tope-QIP is a web-based automated system designed tofacilitate the processing of standard investigativeforms used when conducting backgroundinvestigations for federal security, suitability, fitnessand credentialing purposes.Process consists of applying a set of business rules to theresults of national security investigations to identify casesthat contain derogatory information.A formal determination that a person meets thepersonnel security requirements for access to classifiedinformation, occupancy of a sensitive position,suitability or fitness for Government employment;eligibility for logical and physical access; or fitness toperform work for or on behalf of the Government as acontractor employee.An in-depth interview between a trained and certifiedinvestigator and the Subject to develop a fullunderstanding of the Subject's background as a requiredpart of an investigation and to offer the Subject anopportunity to explain, clarify, refute, or mitigate issuesor discrepant information. The ESI shall explore thepresence or absence of all potentially disqualifyingconditions and mitigating factors.An order issued by the President to create a policy andregulate its administration within the ExecutiveBranch.Expandable Focus Investigation (EFI)Tailored investigative leads conducted to develop andresolve identified issues and explore the potential forother pertinent issues sufficient to make an informeddecision when an application (whether electronic or hardcopy), investigation, or CE identifies potential issues.

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryBack to TopFFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Federal Employees and Contractors Only (FEDCON)Federal Investigative Standards (FIS)Federal Investigative Elements(FinCEN)FitnessForeign Intelligence Entity (FIE)Standards for background investigations to determineeligibility for logical and physical access, suitabilityfor Government employment, eligibility for access toclassified information, eligibility to hold a sensitiveposition.Specific checks that are required to be conducted based onthe type of investigation needed. The FIS define whenthese checks are required, ensuring high-qualityinvestigations that can be reciprocally accepted. Thesechecks can include: Citizenship/Legal Status,Credit/Financial History, Date and Place of Birth,Education, Employment, FBI Checks, Foreign Activities,Intelligence Indices Check, Local Law EnforcementAgency Checks, Prior/Current Investigative Records,Public Records, Selective Service Registration, SocialSecurity Number, Terrorist/Subversive Activities, U.S.Military Discharge, and Publicly Available ElectronicInformation.Financial Crimes Enforcement NetworkThe level of character and conduct determined necessaryfor an individual to perform work for or on behalf of aFederal agency as an employee in the excepted service(other than a position subject to suitability) or as acontractor.Known or suspected foreign state or non-stateorganizations or persons that conduct intelligenceactivities to acquire U.S. information, block orimpair U.S. intelligence collection, influence U.S.policy, or disrupt U.S. systems and programs. Theterm includes foreign intelligence and securityservices and international terrorists.Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)Back to TopGBack to TopHHomeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD12)Back to TopIImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)Information Technology (IT)

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryIIntelligence Community (IC)Intelligence Community Directive (ICD)Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG)Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act(IRTPA)InvestigationInternal Revenue Service (IRS)Investigative RecordInvestigative Service Provider (ISP)Collection and analysis of pertinent facts and data tosupport a determination of whether a coveredindividual is, and continues to be:a. eligible for access to classified informationb. eligible to hold a sensitive positionc. suitable or fit for Federal employmentd. fit to perform work for or on behalf of theFederal Government as a contractor or nonappropriated fund employee ore. authorized to be issued a Federal credentialThe official record of all data obtained on the Subjectfrom Trusted Information Providers, suitability and/orsecurity applications and questionnaires, and anyinvestigative activity conducted under these standards.An agency authorized by law, regulation, or designatedby the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) or theDirector of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM),in their role as Security or Suitability Executive Agent,respectively, to conduct personnel security investigationsof persons to ascertain whether such persons satisfy thecriteria for obtaining or retaining: (1) eligibility foraccess to classified information; (2) eligibility to hold asensitive position; (3) suitability or fitness forGovernment employment; (4) eligibility for logical andphysical access; or (5) fitness to perform work for or onbehalf of the Government as a contractor employee.Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS)Back to TopJJoint Verification System (JVS)Joint Worldwide Intelligence Community Systems(JWICS)Back to TopKBack to TopLLimited Access Authorization (LAA)Logical and Physical AccessAccess other than occasional or intermittent tofederally-controlled facilities or federally-controlled

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryLinformation systems.Back to TopMMerit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)Moderate-Risk Background Investigation (MBI)Back to TopNNational Agency Check (NAC)National Agency Check with Law and Credit(NACLC)National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB)National Background Investigation Services (NBIS)National Crime Information Center (NCIC)National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)National Industrial Security Program OperatingManual (NISPOM)National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)National Security Agency (NSA)National Security Background InvestigationNational Security EligibilityNational Security PositionThe collection and analysis of pertinent facts and data tosupport a determination of whether a covered individualis, and continues to be: (i) eligible for access to classifiedinformation; (ii) eligible to hold a sensitive position; (iii)suitable or fit for federal employment; (iv) fit to performwork for or on behalf of the Federal Government as acontractor or non-appropriated fund employee; or (v)authorized to be issued a federal credential (EO 13467,as amended). For the purpose of this BDR, thebackground investigation process begins once theinvestigative service provider obtains the informationneeded from the agency to begin the backgroundinvestigation and continues until the backgroundinvestigation is completed, according to federalinvestigative standards.Eligibility for access to classified information oreligibility to hold a sensitive position, to include access tosensitive compartmented information, restricted data, andcontrolled or special access program information.Positions that involve activities of the U.S. Governmentconcerned with the protection of the nation from foreignaggression or espionage, as defined under ExecutiveOrders 12968 and 5 CFR 1400. These include positionsinvolved with developing defense plans or policies;intelligence or counterintelligence activities; foreignrelations, and related activities concerned with preservingthe military strength of the United States; and positionsthat require regular use of, or access to, classifiedinformation.

Introduction to National Security itiveNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)Nuclear Command and Control-Extremely SensitiveInformation (NC2-ESI)Back to TopOOffice of Management and Budget (OMB)Office of Personnel Management (OPM)Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)Back to TopPPerformance Accountability Council (PAC)Periodic Reinvestigation (PR)Personally Identifiable Information (PII)Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)Personnel Security Appeal Board (PSAB)Personnel Security Program (PSP)Personnel Vetting (PV)Point of Contact (POC)Position DesignationProgram of Instruction (POI)Public Trust PositionQAn investigation conducted to update apreviously completed background investigationon a person occupying a public trust position, aposition requiring access to classifiedinformation, or occupying a sensitive position, todetermine whether that individual continues tomeet the requirements for the position.Program established to ensure that only loyal,trustworthy, and reliable individuals are granted access toclassified information or assignment to a sensitiveposition.The process of assessing the duties and responsibilitiesof a position to determine the degree of potentialdamage to the efficiency or integrity of the service frommisconduct of an incumbent of a position. Thisassessment also determines if a position’s duties andresponsibilities present the potential for positionincumbents to bring about a material adverse effect onthe national security, and the degree of that potentialeffect, which establishes the sensitivity level of aposition. The results of this assessment determine whatlevel of investigation should be conducted for aposition.Any position so designated under Title 5 CFR Part 731.Back to Top

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryBack to TopRReciprocityThe process of accepting background investigations andadjudications conducted by other authorized agenciesunless an agency determines that a particularbackground investigation or adjudication does notsufficiently address the standards used by that agency inaccordance with EO 13764.Reimbursable Suitability Investigation (RSI)Back to TopSScopeSecretSecurity Executive Agent (SecEA)Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD)Security/Suitability Investigations Index (SII)Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)Sensitive PositionSingle Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)Single Scope Background Investigation –Periodic Reinvestigation (SSBI-PR)Special Access Programs (SAPs)Special-sensitiveStandard Form (SF)Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)SuitabilityThe time period to be covered and the sources ofinformation to be contacted during the prescribedcourse of a national security investigation.SII is a centralized database used to record personalbackground investigations conducted by authorized ISPs.Any position within or in support of an agency in whichthe occupant could bring about, by virtue of the nature ofthe position, a material adverse effect on national securityregardless of whether the occupant has access to classifiedinformation and regardless of whether the occupant is anemployee, military service member, or contractor.A determination regarding a person’s identifiablecharacter traits or conduct sufficient to decide whetheran individual’s employment or continued employmentwould or would not protect the integrity or promote theefficiency of the service. Suitability has the meaning andcoverage provided in 5 CFR Part 731.Suitability Executive Agent (SuitEA)Back to Top

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryTTennessee Valley Authority (TVA)Tier 2 (T2)Tier 3 (T3)Tier 3R (T3R)Tier 4 (T4)Tier 5 (T5)Tier 5R (T5R)Top SecretTrusted Workforce 2.0 (TW 2.0)Tier 3 ReinvestigationTier 5 ReinvestigationBack to TopUU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS)U.S. Secret Service (USSS)Unauthorized DisclosureA communication, confirmation, acknowledgement, orphysical transfer of classified information, includingthe facilitation of, or actual giving, passing, selling,publishing, or in any way making such informationavailable to an unauthorized recipient.Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence andSecurity (USD(I&S))United States (U.S.)United States Agency for International Development(USAID)Back to TopVVettingProcess by which covered individuals undergoinvestigation, evaluation, and adjudication of whether theyare, and remain over time, suitable or fit for Federalemployment, eligible to occupy a sensitive position,eligible for access to classified information, eligible toserve as a non-appropriated fund employee or acontractor, eligible to serve in the military, or authorizedto be issued a Federal credential. Vetting includes all stepsin the end-to-end process, including determining need(appropriate position designation), validating need(existence of a current investigation or adjudication),collecting background information via standard forms,investigative activity, adjudication, providingadministrative due process or other procedural rights, andongoing assessments to ensure that individuals continue tomeet the applicable standards for the position for whichthey were favorably adjudicated.Back to Top

Introduction to National Security AdjudicationGlossaryWBack to TopXBack to TopYBack to TopZBack to Top

Glossary Back to Top D Defense Central Index of Investigations (DCII) DCII is an automated central index that identifies investigations conducted by DOD investigative agencies. Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) Serves as an Investigative Service Provider, or ISP. It conducts national security investigations for DOD and

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